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I’m Not a Mourning Person is Available Now

Hiya Gorgeous,

I’ve been waiting to write this to you for sooo long! 

My new book, I’m Not A Mourning Person: Braving Loss, Grief and the Big Messy Emotions That Happen When Life Falls Apart, is available NOW!

This book is the rawest, realest look at what it means to befriend your grief and cope with loss—no matter the reason.

It’s filled with my stories and advice for what to expect when you’re not expecting your life to fall apart. And it offers insights, strategies, and personal anecdotes that I believe will inspire and empower you on your own healing journey. 

But it doesn’t stop there because unfelt pain needs a whole lot of care.

It needs to be witnessed, not whispered. And most of all, it needs to be felt. Scary, I know. But we can do this (together). 

Big feelings (like grief) will do whatever they need to do to let all that big, feely energy out. They morph into anger, anxiety, hypervigilance, drive, procrastination, and copious amounts of wine. 

 And because many of us don’t know how to care for our own grief, it’s easy to mess things up when it comes to other people’s grief, too. We vanish. We say weird things. We pretend it’s not happening. Or we unintentionally make it all about us.

Here’s what can happen when we’re brave:

Our messy emotions teach us how to be free—not free from pain, but free from the fear of pain and the barrier it creates to joyful, fully alive living. 

When you order the book today, you’ll get a free ticket to my Picking Up the Pieces LIVE Mastermind! During this virtual experience, I’ll share guidance and practices to help you heal your heart. 

 If you’ve ever dealt with anything really messy and painful…

    • Divorce
    • Diagnosis 
    • Death (including pet loss)
    • Loss (job, relationships, even your own sense of self)
    • Financial issues
    • Unexpected, unwanted and completely disorienting change

And you’re still trying to live a beautiful life in the wake of that upheaval… this book is for you.

These are the conversations I want to share with you, my friend.

They’re authentic and very vulnerable. In fact, I’ve never been this candid in any of my writing—and I’ve shared a whole lot. (OMG, there are stories in this book that took ALL my courage to write!

My hope is that this book is a source of comfort for anyone who is going through a really tough time—but especially for those wrestling with that pain that comes from an illness or the death of a loved one.

With all my love,

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