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Your Happiest Home: Surprising ways to improve your space (and your day!)

Hiya Gorgeous!

I don’t know about you, but I love feathering my nest.

My home is my sanctuary. It’s easy on the eyes and the spirit. Neutral colors and coziness—everywhere. I relish a soft nook. Somewhere to curl up and unfurl at the same time.

While writing my book, I was a happy hermit. When I wasn’t writing, I was nesting—sprucing up the areas of our home we don’t normally use.

The front porch got a make-over—it’s now the perfect spot for a sunset mocktail or cocktail.

An old copper pot became a bonfire pit.

And the woods behind our house slowly turned into walking meditation trails.

It feels good to pour my energy into our world. My grandma used to do the same.

No matter where she lived, she always maximized what she had, making her environment elegant in her own way.

I’ll never forget when she moved into an assisted living center in her late 80’s. Before we knew it she had turned her coat closet into a bar “for entertaining”. And entertain, she did! Local friends, fellow seniors, even her priest would stop by for a sherry at my grandma’s speakeasy.

Here I am in a pair of her sunglasses from the seventies. I mean, swoon.

Grandma didn’t have money, but she lived large.

She always used her good china, silver and special candles. She didn’t save her favorite things for “someday.”

I do the same, I use the good stuff daily because “someday” isn’t promised and everyday is a celebration.

Feathering has taught me something else, too. We don’t always have to tackle healing head-on.

In fact, little salves penetrate, too. I go to therapy. I journal. I get support from friends and family.

BUT… I also rearrange my furniture, paint a wall, and recover a bench. The act of testing the swatches and picking the fabric soothes me. It’s creative—a reminder that life is now. And it can also be beautiful, especially when we take pride in caring for it.

So pal, if your pain feels too big to confront head on, or if you need a break from “processing,” consider a creative project.

Release and relief are two important things to build into your healing journey. You can find both by putting your hands to a new creative project.

It’s a softer way of letting all that emotion flow through you—and can be a welcome break from the more direct ways of grappling with what feels heavy.

So consider pouring a serving of your own wonderful energy into the nooks and crannies of your life.

You’d be amazed by how much hope for your own future can come by seeing a tiny corner of your home become beautiful again under your hands.

It’ll help you believe your life can, too.

If you do, send me a picture of the transformation so I can see your projects! I’d love that.

Now it’s your turn: What’s your favorite creative outlet? Share it in the comments.


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  1. Aura Carr says:

    My garden! ❤️🧚

  2. Cindy Browne says:

    I pre ordered on the first possible day. 😁 Would I automatically get the class? I did download the workbook.
    Thanks, Cindy

    • Kris Carr says:

      Heyyyy Cindy! You already have access to the masterclass inside Inner Circle Wellness! It’s one of my coachings from February of this year. Email my team if you aren’t able to locate it 💚

  3. Heather says:

    Re finishing furniture is the greatest! I love the process of turning something that often starts out ugly into a beautiful piece.

  4. Joy says:

    Oh my gosh, this post helped me so much today, Kris!! Thank you for encouraging a creative project–that’s what is missing for me right now and what I am craving on my healing journey. Just the salve I need. Change!! Freshening things up! It’s a fave creative outlet, a part of me–interior design and decorating–but I’ve been neglecting it, and really needing it, for a long time. Time to feather my nest and feed my soul! Thanks for the nudge. Sigh, you are such a gift!!! Thank youuuuuu! Much love to you, beauty!
    P. S. Can’t WAIT for “I’m Not a Mourning Person”… Purchased a copy for my bestie, too. xoxo

  5. Sylvia says:

    When I got diagnosed, I went into overdrive modifying my nest to align better with me. Old drapes from a previous owner got replaced with sleek automated shades, the entire interior got repainted with low VOC paint, I replaced all linens with organic materials, bedroom carpets that were wayyy past their sell by date (just gross!) turned into Brazilian hardwood cherry flooring, I created an outdoor shower oasis where I could bathe in nature off my main bath and my garage became a decadent art studio complete with all the accoutrements I could think of (even a ceramic kiln-yay).

    My honey said he wanted me to focus my energy on healing. I explained that being creative felt so life affirming for me and I needed that in a big way.

    I’m well on my way to healing…and…I love my cozy fresh nest.

    Thanks for shining so brightly Kris. You inspire me and I pass your info along often.

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