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How to Maintain Healthy Habits: My Top 5 Proven Tips

How to Maintain Healthy Habits |
Change Your Habits Video | Summary

Hiya Gorgeous!

Habits. This simple little word is just six letters long, but it holds oh-so-much meaning.

Many of us know what we want to do differently and the promise of a better way of living (and feeling!) can be so inspiring—there’s just something super energizing about the potential to experience more of our glorious lives. But sticking to wonderful practices that we know will help us accomplish our goals them can often prove difficult.

Goals need follow through support. So keep reading, my friend, because I’m giving you my top 5 proven tips for maintaining healthy habits.

How to Maintain Healthy Habits

1. Choose 3-5 Goals

Fewer goals will allow you to focus your attention and efforts more effectively. Start with 3 (and no more than 5!) healthy habit, self-loving goals per year. Limiting your goals to a manageable number also has a nice side benefit of boosting your stress management.

2. Get Clear About Motivation

When you are clear, you can visualize things better. Be clear about what you want (your goal) and why you want it (your motivation). This will help you stick with it! Write it down. Post it so you can see it. Allow it to fuel your intent. And also get clear on how you’re going to make it happen (your action plan). We may love to dream and manifest, but if we poop out on planning the supportive actions we need, we’ll fall short.

Know what you want, and clarify how you’ll get there before you begin. Clarity will help you visualize your healthier habits. Athletes use visualization as a tool, and studies confirm that visualization helps build the mindset needed to achieve short- and long-term goals. (Source) You don’t have to be an athlete to tap into this potent practice, you just have to get clear.

3. Find an Accountability Buddy

Creating healthy habits requires repetition and support. We need each other! There’s strength in numbers, so find a person or group of people who are interested in the same goal, and do it together. Gamify it! Turning goals into games that enhance support or competition has been shown to significantly increase you actually doing it. (Source

4. Plan Your Success

Meal plans. Scheduling self-care activities. When we make it a priority to set up for what’s ahead, we make it easier (and less stressful!) to succeed. Studies have shown that plans are effective in helping you start and maintain a goal, and even help build your capability for future goals! (Source) Remember, creating space to put in a little bit of prep and a little bit of planning ahead, will get you a big return. Self-care is part of your mental and physical health care, so plan your success!

5. Believe in Yourself

All the tips and hacks in the world won’t matter if you don’t believe you can do it. You can do anything you put your mind to. Any voice that says you can’t is false. And if you find that sometimes your inner voice is not your cheerleader, then you can believe me when I say It’s not your fault. You’re not lazy or uncommitted (or whatever you might say to yourself in those difficult moments) because this is not about willpower. You just need the right tools to keep those wonderful healthy habits alive!

🎯 Speaking of tools, my Wellness Tracker will help you set, monitor, and maintain healthy habits. Get your Tracker below for free!

Healthy Habit Overview

I’m so happy to help you delve into the heart of maintaining your healthy habits with these precious pearls of wisdom. Start by cherishing quality over quantity, 3-5 attainable goals annually to channel your energy effectively. Then, gather those dreams and make your intentions crystal clear, knowing your goals and motivations, and the action plan to light the path ahead.

Seek support from kindred spirits to bolster your journey, for accountability and celebration. Then plan. Prioritizing planning eases your way toward success. And above all, nurture unshakable self-belief. Your mindset shapes the narrative of your wellness journey. Be sure to believe the truth: You can do this!

Change Your Habits, Change Your Life

Remember: You can do anything you put your mind to.

The only question is, what do you want? Aim high and don’t be afraid to go BIG, sweetheart. And if you’re not sure that you can stick with it, then trust me instead. Because I know you can, and I’m so excited to see you succeed!

Now it’s your turn: Which one tip you will start this week to help you maintain your healthy habits? Let us know in the comments below. And if you have some healthy habits tips, please share!

Happy, healthy habits,

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  1. Dani B says:

    Dear Kris,
    Thanks for your work, first of all.
    I find it extremely refreshing how non-dogmatic and flexible you are! That’s the only way to stick to life changing plans otherwise you will set yourself to fail. And it seems like you’re the only one out there whose so forgiving for slips and not being perfect, so thank you!

    • Kris Carr says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words! Flexibility and self-compassion are indeed essential on the journey to wellness. Remember, progress, not perfection, is what truly matters. Keep up the amazing work! 🌟

  2. Tricia Legault says:

    Hi Kris We met at Hippocrates 18 years ago so nice to see you again*** This video is awesome. Thanks and “Simply Choose Health” Tricia

  3. Kathy Travy says:

    I definitely need to meal plan better and add in lunch leftovers or make ahead something else. I don’t do well with lunch which steers me off Healthy Habits.

    Thanks for all the tips!

  4. Lorraine M Hegi says:

    Love your tips Kris! Will keep them in mind. Thanks!

  5. classickitchensupplies says:

    You seem like such a genuinely beautiful person, thank you for all u do for others!! I will put these habits to practice!

  6. run 3 says:

    Thank you, for all of your love, and inspiration. I can’t do this, without you! do?

  7. I really enjoyed this. Nice!! These tips may help a lot. Thanks so much.

  8. Lisa says:

    Thank you Kris! Love this video, you are very inspirational, always love seeing your emails. You look glowing & fabulous ?

  9. I love to find a buddy sharing healthy habits but it’s really hard to have one. Back to one year ago, my friend and I decided go to the gym together and registered 6-month membership. After one month, because of our contrast schedule, we didn’t go to the gym together often then gradually, there was only me who went to workout. Then after a few months, we quitted. Although I love going to the gym a lot, I felt kinda alone and didn’t enjoy gym a lot by myself xD
    Anyway, thanks for your helpful tips!
    – Natalie Ellis

    • kris says:

      An accountability buddy really can make a huge difference. It certainly is tough when schedules get switched or life gets in the way and one person has to step away. Does your gym offer any classes? I’ve found that to be a great way to be around other people, get some exercise and even meet new potential buddies! And remember, you can always enjoy a nice walk or dance in your living room if you don’t feel like going to the gym—every little bit counts. 😉 xo, kc

  10. Leah Kotkes says:

    You are the best tonic for each day Kris. Thank you for this, I loved it. It was just what I needed to hear today. I am going to keep to those five habits for the next 12 months and report back to you. They are all winners and together combined they are super start habits to help me win each day snd help my four sons win too and anyone that knows me because I will share them as I go. Thank you. Continued blesings to you always.

    • kris says:

      Loving your energy, Leah! Can’t wait to hear back from you—and know that I’ll be rooting you on the whole time! xo, kc

  11. Chen-yi says:

    Dear Kris, thanks for the 5 tips. I am determined to stick to them. May I share a series for yoga that I am doing it everyday?
    There are different types for these series and most of them are within 30 minutes. 🙂 May be a good choice for exercising.

    Yoga with Adriene.

    • kris says:

      Thank you, Chen-yi! So glad you’ve found something that works for you and that you enjoy. Yoga with Adriene is great—I love the variety of videos she offers. Much love! xo, kc

  12. Susan Kutz says:

    I schedule weekly acupuncture and soak in thetube time.

  13. Alison W. says:

    Meal planning & believing in myself the most, but I honestly need it all! Thank you Kris!

  14. Alison W. says:

    Hi Kris! Great advice & tips! I need to meal plan & believe in myself the most, but need it all (to be honest!).

    • kris says:

      Hi Alison! So glad the tips resonated with you. Remember to take little steps and appreciate everything you’re doing along the way. We often forget to enjoy the process, but that’s part of the fun! Mwah! xo, kc

  15. Eva Georgiades says:

    Hi Kris, I am from Australia and love watching your videos. I am 67 and I am interested in health. I try to eat well (I eat mostly plant based foods with a little good quality meat i.e. organic or grassfed and wild caught fish) and a few treats now and again. I have followed your story and admire you so much. I love your vibrancy and optimism and I have to say you look gorgeous and so healthy. I wish you continued health for many years to come. Best Regards, Eva

    • kris says:

      Thank you for your comment, Eva—it made me smile! Thinking about what you’re eating is such an important step, and it sounds like you’re doing just that. You can find lots of inspiration for simple, healthy (and tasty!) meals in the recipe section of my site. Hope you’ll get it out. Big hugs! xo, kc

  16. linda says:

    oh boy ,,, meal planning … meal planning and me could turn into a bestseller … a comedy of course … in August of 2016 my husband came upstairs at 10:00 p.m. announced he was having a heart attack … I just looked at him and said no your not … just get in the car and we’ll go to the hospital … and the next morning at 8:00 a.m. he was getting a triple by-pass … he’s just fine now … it is a long happy/sad story … the point is , when I got home that night I went thru all cabinets and drawers and threw out all foods that were toxic … even beef jerky I found in his mancave … I went to the grocery store on the next day … and read every label on every food in the store … really, I was in the store for more than 6 hours … if I couldn’t find something, I would raise my hand until an store employee came to assist me … I became a well known shopper … when I was ready to check-out they even opened up a new a new register just for me … up until the triple-bass, my husband did most of the grocery shopping … so I did this for about 3 months, until I I felt he was himself again … now he will have some chicken or fish in moderation … now, thru this magical mystery tour of his , I was living on healthy smoothies and stuff like miso soup … I really do not like grocery shopping or cooking … this will be a huge challenge for me … funny side of this trip is makes himself a salad every night and asks me if I would like one too !!! … the reason I signed up for this 3 week course is because I really need to get back on track with a healthy daily routine … I need to recover from his surgery … MS can wreak havoc on fatigue … fatigue and cognitive are the issues I need to win the argument with … I have a lot of faith in what Kris is doing … now I need to get off my butt and move … I just crashed when my husband got better … and never really recovered … as, always with love !!!

    • kris says:

      I can relate to your story, Linda. I found myself in the grocery story after my diagnosis, too. It sounds like you have taken wonderful care of your husband and now it’s time to do the same for yourself. I’m so thrilled you’re joining us for Crazy Sexy You—can’t wait to get to know you! xo, kc

  17. Ginny Abate says:

    As always, you inspire me, Kris!!! With an adult special needs child, it’s nearly impossible, for me to find any time for myself. At night, I’m so tired, I just want to veg out, to old reruns. But…now, I’m making time, at least several nights a week, to journal, and I always do your night time meditation, in bed. It helps me sleep. Your voice, and your words, are so soothing. I’m eating no dairy, and vegan, most of the time now. I love veggie bowls!
    I’ll keep working, on adding more days and time, and I want to include your morning meditation!
    Thank you, for all of your love, and inspiration. I can’t do this, without you! do?

    • kris says:

      Hi Ginny! Wow, it sounds like you’re taking wonderful care of yourself. You’ve worked hard to create some fabulous practices—so make sure to thank yourself for that!

      You’ve got a great mindset. Just keep stringing those days together and tuning into how great it makes you feel. Sending you lots of love! xo, kc

  18. Linda Menard says:

    As a retiree in a 55+ community, I will make the time for myself. I may not find another person with the same commitments though.

    The supportive information you have given here will be helpful. I’ll tape a message to myself on the bathroom mirror. I will learn to meditate….have not yet, but will keep working on it. I will find time for “me time” and will plan my meals for success. That part will morph into me how much to prepare, etc. Thanks again!

    • kris says:

      I know making time for ourselves can be tough sometimes, Linda! It’s so wonderful that you’re making the conscious effort to do so—that’s the first step. And remember: Every little bit of progress counts, so give yourself a big “thank you” hug (and one from me, too!). xo, kc

  19. Doreen Driver says:

    Thank you for all the great reminders, Kriss. You are so good at encouraging people to do better, in such a kind and positive manner. Blessings to you. Doreen Driver.

  20. zaneta garratt says:

    lovely advise, thank you

  21. Barbara Meyer says:

    You seem like such a genuinely beautiful person, thank you for all u do for others!! I will put these habits to practice!

  22. Your Virgo buddy says:

    MsKris, you’re my favorite cheer leader. I dont always feel like being in the game, or honestly somedays even listening to it, but when the clouds roll in , as they always do, I count my blessings that you are still popping up in my inbox.
    Thankyou, thankyou!

  23. Magaly says:

    So needed to hear this morning. thank you so much Kris!

  24. Cecile says:

    Ah ah, trying to : keep up with my daily meditation, my 13 days old raw whole food plant based diet (kicking some RA and IBS out 😉 ), implement workout at home every other day, implement more body care… Of course it resonated 🙂 My take away will actually be to make a clear list of what I want to do and schedule !!

    • kris says:

      What a wonderful list of self-care habits, Cecile! Sounds like you’re tackling a lot, so don’t forget to be patient with yourself and focus on what makes you feel great. Sending you lots of love and support! xo, kc

  25. Sheila McVicar says:

    This video did resonate with me. My meal planning has been around “What is in the fridge/pantry/freezer?” By putting food in the fridge/pantry and freezer that is on your shopping list, and having new recipes to play with, hubby & I have the confidence to succeed. Thank you so much for sharing that!

    • kris says:

      Wow, Sheila! Sounds like you’re already kicking butt with your meal planning habit! Way to go and glad to hear the video gave you an extra boost. xo, kc

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