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5 Ways to Build Self-Confidence With Healthy Bragging

Hi Sweet Friends,

Do you shy away from celebrating your victories because you’re afraid people will think you’re full of yourself?

You’re not alone. It’s easy to feel awkward when you stand out and shine. “Will they accept me? Make fun of me? Think I’m a pompous jerk?” Those questions would make anyone draw inside the lines (carefully).

To fit in, we believe that it’s safer to bond over pain rather than triumph. Heck, we even outdo each other’s misery. “Oh, you think that’s bad, listen to THIS.” The more we dwell on the negative, the more negative energy we create. And the smaller we behave the smaller our world becomes.

Today I want to encourage you/us to bond over breakthroughs. Embody yourself fully. Full is fabulous. Big. Round. Ripe. Complete. Unique. Full is what the world needs. Not half empty.

Celebrate Your Success

A few months ago one of my girlfriends had a major win. She self-published a powerful book that took off overnight. Within a few days it was climbing the charts on Amazon and by the end of the week, she had landed herself a traditional book deal. That’s no small accomplishment. And it all happened because she was willing to do the work and put her courageous (and wise) self out there. The book: Jump and Your life Will Appear by Nancy Levin. When I heard the good news, I wanted to pop bubbly and take her dancing. But since Nancy lives on the west coast, and I’m a Woodstock gal, that wasn’t possible. So we did the next best thing–Skype!

Here’s the message I sent her: Do you have 5 minutes for us to brag about you?

Here’s her response: LOL! YES! THANK YOU!

We squealed, laughed, and even got teary. Most importantly, we paused and acknowledged her wonderful victory. And guess what? In that moment, I felt as special as she did.

When we authentically celebrate someone else’s achievement, we win with them.

After that call, I thought long and hard about how to elevate my own energy more consistently. Giving my girlfriend the opportunity to have a good healthy brag session helped me realized that I don’t give it to myself enough. So in the spirit of walking my talk, allow me to brag (it’s not headline worthy, but it means something to me)… A few weekends ago I learned how to use a wood chipper in order to help my husband clear our field. That’s huge for me, especially because I have a very active imagination. All I kept thinking about was that scene in the movie Fargo. If you saw the flick, you know exactly what I’m saying. Not pretty. Thankfully my limbs stayed attached to my body and at the end of the day, I felt like a badass, capable, sexy beast. I took pride in the sweat and dirt and I also got a terrific workout.

And that’s my brag. Wanna join me? Here’s how…

5 tips for building self-confidence with healthy bragging:

1. If you’ve been taught to put a lid on your victories, rip that sucker off. Do your own personal, invigorating end-zone dance. Bragging is just a way of showing your pride for hard work well done. If you win your personal super bowl (this can be a huge goal like launching your own business or something as simple as knitting a scarf), that’s damn exciting and share-worthy.

2. Align yourself with people who lift you up, not tear you down or want to bond through wallowing. It’s easy to get caught up in all that’s not working. But remember, manifesting our deepest desires is about having gratitude for what we have, the bravery to admit what we want, and the ability to hold optimistic space for all possibilities–even the ones we don’t have in focus. The next time your pals, co-workers or mastermind groups want to gather for a bitch fest, opt-out. You’ve got better things to do. Leave the drama to the reality TV shows and tune-in to a healthier channel.

3. Do it with class and share the stage. Granted, some people are buttholes about it. Don’t be that. This isn’t a one way conversation and you’re not the center of the universe. Let others shine as much as you do. Pass the mic, the talking stick, the unicorn saddle. Be present, hold space for the other person, and for the love of God, stop checking your cell phone and listen.

4. Stop comparing. It’s hard to honor your special brag if you’re constantly measuring against others. They’ve got their thing, you’ve got yours. There’s room for all kinds of crazy kink in the world. Rather than getting jealous, or feeling inferior, allow others’ success to remind you that everything is possible. If you feel icky, examine where it’s coming from. An old wound that needs mending? Desires that aren’t big enough? Perhaps you want what they got and you realize that you’re just not aiming high enough. Fantastic! Stretch your dreams.

5. Like attracts like—focus on the good! In her book, Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts, my friend Regena Thomashauer, (the Queen of teaching women how to have a healthy brag) says that “Bragging about the goodness in your life, especially your pleasurable accomplishments, unearths your desires and fans the flames of desire in other women. In talking about the good, more good can come your way.” PS. She also teaches us that women don’t brag nearly enough.

Your turn: In the comments below, I give you full permission to BRAG. Share one of your recent successes with me—big, small, it doesn’t matter. Go for it! I can’t wait to read every single one.

Peace & megaphones,

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  1. Well articulated, thanks for sharing your story. As a coach, I work 7 simple steps to build confidence and self-esteem, a holistic approach to put yourself together…

    1. Identify your uniqueness
    2. Identify major successes
    3. Display of symbol-of-achievements
    4. Controlling sensitive/ hyper-reactive nature
    5. Taking risks to boost self-confidence
    6. Keeping an assertive attitude
    7. Managing a healthy lifestyle

  2. Wonderwoman says:

    I made it thru my 3rd cancer surgery…
    I may have one big battle scar but I am a warrior, a fighter and get to begin a new life. I am more because of this experience.

  3. Amber says:

    I recently got up the courage to apply to Oxford University. I have dreamt of going there from the time I was a little girl, but I settled and went to easily attainable schools for both my BA and my MA dgrees. I decided not to settle anymore.

  4. Brian says:

    Kris, great blog post and I look forward to sharing this on our website. There are many people out there that need to read this and believe in themselves every day! Very inspirational for everybody…

  5. Irene says:

    Okay, two things! First off, I sent myself to night school to retake my maths exam. Never passed at school and felt a bit ashamed of that. Not any more – I passed!! Second, I recently gave in my notice at work. It disappointed people, but I went ahead anyway. I was amazed at myself as I usually put other people before myself but I honoured my feelings and that’s definitely something to brag about!

  6. Alixandrea says:

    I just signed a recording contract for a music single release that a/. has paid me handsomely, b/. could earn a lot more (money and recognition) in future if it surfs the wave at the right time, and c/. is going to be so fun to do! And all of this right at the moment when I though I’d have to give up my dream of being a full-time musician and go back to a desk job. 🙂

    Also, I was lamenting my lack of a printer/scanner at the print shop this morning when I went to print/sign/re-scan the contract. On the way home I found a printer/scanner outside someone’s door with a note saying, “free to good home, works” on it. Thanks so much, Universe!! 😀

  7. Emily says:

    Let’s see I don’t know if this is something to brag about, but 4 weeks ago today I ended a 20 year relationship that had gotten toxic. I didn’t feel lifted up or supported for some time but didn’t want to give up on what we had. Just yesterday I found out I’d been accepted to the apartment building I wanted where I will be living alone for the first time and in luxury like I deserve. I am a successful hairstylist and an aspiring health/wellness coach. I will make that happen within the next two years!!! This was so inspiring because I live a life of service lifting others up meanwhile shying away from my own greatness. Thank you Kris’s for shining the light on this topic and helping me find my bragging rights!

  8. Vicky Jeffries says:

    I want to have a mega brag….. Firstly I met Kris Carr in person (London, Hay House Ignite) the real all singing all shinning deal on Saturday. Kris you are so inspiring. Your words, energy and light are so powerful.
    My other brag is my dear friend Zoe (my brave unicorn) who has been so strong over the last few years as her dear daughter only aged 4 has been battling leukaemia….. She now has the all clear. I want to put a big brag out for having strong, wonderful friends who keep going no matter what is thrown at them. You go girls!!

  9. Donna says:

    I am happy with myself for leaving an abusive relationship in my earlier years and also surviving losing three full term babies.. Also, am proud that I became vegan and am sticking to it, 2 months now. We were in Woodstock yesterday, amazing time, went to garden cafe, also amazing God bless you and peace to you

  10. Melissa says:

    I’m 36 yrs old and I learned how to longboard yesterday. I am both shocked and impressed with myself! Age is just a number. I can’t wait to rip it up with my 15 yr old! Whoop! Whoop!

  11. Lara says:

    I met a lots of people who made their life isolated from the world, in this case how can they enjoy their victory or something else with friends as the broke themselves from the entire world.

  12. Rebekah says:

    I have been juice fasting for 6 days and feel AMAZING!!! Xxx

  13. Marie says:

    After school, my self esteem was in the trash since I had gained 50 pounds over the summer before college from an illness. I have been told I am beautiful, but never had the courage to believe it. I ignored many boys in my ignorance and self deprecation. I finally had the courage to step out and try dating after school. I posted a picture on a site online and in no time at all, I had gone out with 5 different guys on 7 individual in 10 days time. It was so much fun!

    Soon, my illness struck again and I was hit with another 50 pounds within months. I started to realize I still got attention. In the last decade, I have had 7 different men randomly propose to me out of nowhere. There was the Mexican janitor, the Italian business traveller on a train, the Pakistani coworker, the lonely guy at a blood drive……

    My beauty has been such a source of discouragement, yet for however I feel about myself, I can’t deny how guys have responded to me, American and otherwise. It is sort of intoxicating to think my feelings about my beauty could be wrong!

  14. Lisa says:

    Kris, thank you so much for this article, I love it! I have been so guilty of getting caught up in the negative and so worried about people thinking I’m erogant or egotistical if I share something positive. Thank you for holding this space. My most recent triumph I would like to celebrate today is my health coaching business. I’m new to business and I’ve finally got a solid plan mapped out for 2015 as of last night. This may seem very elementary to most business owners but it’s a big deal for me and I can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store! 🙂

  15. Tricia Picken says:

    I want to brag that I’m becoming a nude model and I feel good about me. Not all the time but more of the time than ever in my life. I also went to yoga school and became a teacher. I like my life!

  16. Joanne Phipps says:

    Hi Kris 🙂
    I went vegan 6 weeks ago and I feel so so happy and proud about it! 😀
    I’ve always had a passion for animals but I have finally put my money where my mouth is and as well as showing them compassion I am now showing them mercy. I only wish I’d done it sooner! X

  17. What fun!!! Thank you for encouraging us not to hide our light. I’m happy to say I have a historical novel, called The Bruges Tapestry, available on Amazon. I plan a series on textiles. Textiles have long been thought of as the art of women, hence devalued, so I want to celebrate all things textiles.

  18. Love this!! And needed it. I’ve been working behind the scenes for months on launching my business and am finally only weeks away from launching it. I’ve worked so hard, designed and built an entire website by myself, got myself up on different social media platforms, and learned tons along the way. (Not to mention, I built some incredibile relationships too!) Part of me wants to sweep all of that hard work under the rug and not talk about it…. but I feel like a rockstar. And I think my (nearly done) website is amazing. Thanks for letting me brag!! XO

  19. Bragging is so hard for me!! I tend to usually get embarrassed and brush it off as NBD. ok here goes…

    I am proud of myself for taking a step and joining Inspire Health Team. And already in the first week I
    have gone through a majority of the training.
    I was nominated at work for the Q3 VALUES award.
    I positively am working through my onrush of negative emotions that keep flooding in and out.
    AND I just graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and I enrolled in the Ambassador program.
    Last, I am proud for checking tasks off my to-do list to reach my career goals.


    Chelsea J

  20. Lovelyn says:

    I know this is an old post, but I have a brag to share. I recently joined Toastmasters to help me get over my fear of public speaking. I gave my first speech a few weeks ago and I was terrified but I made it through. That’s not the best part though. The best part was that people actually laughed at the funny parts and some people were wiping tears away from their eyes at the end. That means they got it and I was able to deliver it in an affective way despite my fear.

  21. Jivan says:

    To build confidence, I also believe it’s important to listen to inner voice and follow our body’s instincts.
    For more, read my article above on elephant journal!

  22. Samatha Overcashier says:

    Enjoyed this article very much! I surround myself with loving people, work hard for my accomplishments, and, yes, I brag! I, now, have a glow of happiness because of it. After every type of life struggle you can imagine, I enrolled in college at age 42. I have been placed on the Dean’s List for the 8th quarter in a row for my outstanding performance towards a Bachelor’s in Business Administration! Yes, the 8th, but I still get a tinkle of excitement when I get that letter and have to share that excitement with those that know me, and some that don’t. 🙂

  23. Mandy Saile says:

    What an awesome article ahhhh I LOVE it. It’s SO true, we do tend to bond over wallowing. I got so sick of certain friends in my life who only wanted me to build them up when they were tearing me down, I would actually physically dread our ‘meetings’. I finally got the courage to say ‘adios’ to a couple of those very negative people and I’ve felt lighter since. On celebrating successes…recently, I was published in a coloured pencil magazine, where I got to talk about two huge things for me, saving animals and how animals inspire my artwork, it was a 4 page spread, FOUR WHOLE PAGES JUST FOR ME. I am was so proud, I am SO proud, but I found myself hiding the magazine, only showing a small circle of people….because it hurt too much when I showed so called friends or family members who couldn’t even be bothered to hold the magazine or make the attempt to show enough interest to flip through it or even read a single word of what I wrote (which was a huge deal in itself because I am always nervous about my writing abilities AND I wrote this article & submitted it on the same day that one of our furry hearts died in my arms!). So with such lack luster response, I started putting myself down and saying ‘well it’s really not a big deal anyways…or well it didn’t bring me any new work so what was the point” but really if I admit it, I want to scream happily and dance around and say to the world ‘look, look, me and my art and our bunnies are in a magazine’. So thanks to your article beautiful Kris, I am going to start embracing my success again…thanks for the reminder, you rock as always:D XO.

  24. Not sure I’ve mastered the art of bragging just yet, so I’ll let the dogs of the world brag for me! I’m sure if they could talk they would woof with delight that I had the courage to start my own organic doggie treat company (even more so to come out with a frozen treat as half the dog owners of the world, I soon realized, had no idea dogs even liked ice cubes, let alone LOVE them!)….but four years later and many clapping paws, I must say I’m so glad I took that first step and just went for it. The success of my Freezy Pups treats has given me confidence I never knew I had and the rewards have far exceeded the trials. Ok, so I bragged a little 🙂 Thank you for giving us this forum, Kris!

  25. YES YES YES!!

    Keeping my eyes on my own paper has increased my confidence exponentially.

    I focus on the perspective of love and appreciation and I get tuned right up.

    Sharing what feels good keeps me on the right track 🙂

    Thanks for these tips Kris.

    With Love,

    Carla M. Holden
    Transformational Coach & Wellness Consultant

  26. Maureen! says:

    It’s 8 mos. since I had my double mastectomy and life is pretty sweet these days. My husband bought me a few earth boxes for Mother’s Day and I’m so proud to share that all my plants are still alive and thriving just like I am! 😉 I have all the Crazy Sexy books and they are scattered throughout the house…it’s fun to stop and just pick one up, read a few pages and continue to be reminded of how fabulous we all can be. Enjoy life today~ xoxo

  27. Stephanie Spotts says:

    Kris _ I am so grateful to have purchased your book, Crazy Sexy Diet. It has made a huge difference in my life. I believe I got the referral from a book by Gretchen Rubin..

    Anyway, as for something to brag about, this is odd: I have been diagnosed with diabetes, and I am trying extremely hard to follow the plan. I have already lost weight, and this is my focus for now. I am proud to be losing weight; not the way it has been forced on me, but maybe I needed that boost. I WILL be incorporating your super healthy meals into my diet. AND, I have ordered the book on reversing diabetes by your friend DR. Neal Barnard.
    After being sluggish about my health for years, I am now proud to say I am going to be in tip-top shape very soon, and healthier than ever.


  28. Osha Key says:

    So inspiring! Thank you for sharing. I’m also planning to write a book, and this is just a sign that you don’t have to be famous or well-know to do it! You just have to have a clear message that comes from your heart <3

  29. Wendie says:

    This is so awesome and so very, very, very, and unfortunately, true. Women don’t brag enough and somehow the word brag is negative. I love the word celebrate that you used. We were always taught growing up the being boastful, proud, or conceited was a sin worthy of social death. It’s high time we pull up our skirts and climb to the top of the hill and shout out to ourselves and each other that we are beautiful, powerful, capable human beings! You rock, Kris. And you know what???? I rock, too!!!

  30. Mariann says:

    Here it goes…I just completed 14 and half years of teaching children with Autism and special needs and was voted Teacher of the Year for my school. I will be celebrated (like a queen) next school year. I’m not an attention seeker and tend to fly under the radar which made the honor a complete surprise. I love my students and their families and am in awe with how my fellow teachers have rallied behind me. Next school year will be quite a blast!
    PS…It was a pleasure meeting you at the I Can Do It conference in Miami. 🙂

  31. Patricia says:

    I started a non-profit organization, which is a school-assembly program, that seeks to combat the often mean and vicious ways that girls bully one another! The assemblies are for middle school and high school girls and was started last year after I graduated from college. As females, I’m sure we have all experienced just how cruel girls can be to one another. Being a young woman myself I thought that the girls would relate to my assemblies and they have!! It has been SO rewarding! I took such a leap of faith but am so happy I did it 🙂 And the exciting news…I just got a book deal!
    Whoa, this bragging leeway is a tad uncomfortable but also very exhilarating to share with such a special audience. Thank you Kris for putting this conversation out there 🙂

  32. Matt Jager says:

    Kris, this article is so important.

    We often limit ourselves because of ‘normal’ social dynamics, and I see this tendency to focus on the negative in many of my own interactions…as well as a widespread cultural phenomenon.

    But this insight of yours is world shattering…”When we authentically celebrate someone else’s achievement, we win with them.”

    Imagine if we took that to the next level and realized that when we authentically want what’s best for humanity we all benefit from each other’s gains. It can be so difficult to shift from the scarcity to abundance, but so much is possible, so much abundance is available when other’s wins become our own.

    Fantastic article, thank you for sharing.

  33. Heading to Paris for a photo shoot with the incredible Carla Coulson (which I won), putting together my first e-book , moved country from Australia to Italy, renovated, helped kids settle into new life, going through B-School at my own pace and picking back up after a virus. Moving forward, and yes I love that line “To fit in, we believe that it’s safer to bond over pain rather than triumph.”

    I share on my blog or fb that something incredible has happened and don’t get the messages I get by the truck load when I say I’m sick. or not coping……I love that people care but I totally see your point and will watch that I’m not playing my life down…..brilliant xx
    ciao ciao

  34. Tracy says:

    I shared and celebrated with a young person who embraced her excitement and nervous energy after her presentation. It made me realise that there may be a calling for it.

  35. lacy j davis says:

    Okay! I’ll do it!

    I started my own health and wellness coaching business, and within a few months quit my job to go at it full force and harness the dream. Now I have a bunch of new clients, who I am helping to get in touch with their most awesome authentic selves. It feels like an amazingly big deal and a dream and its all happening because I put in a lot of work and bravery.

    Wow. That did feel good 🙂 Thanks.

  36. sangita says:

    ….i jiust ate the most wonderful muffin i baked with coconut flour!!!
    I enjoyed it utterly!…..and now i am sitting ,full of energy,doing nothing and enjoying looking at the greenery around .
    Life can be just so wonderful when i am open to it!!!
    Thank you for your bragging reminder! love. Sangita

  37. Robyn says:

    This xena warrior princess lady not only totally just survived a crazy year in cancerland and came out ON TOP, yesterday she got out of bed (yes!), made her green juice (what!), ca-leaned that juice machine, and after a little rest, totally mowed- with one of those like push-cutter no-motor lawn machines- and I’m talkin all by herself, a whole like quarter of the backyard garden jungle. I.AM.A.ROCKSTAR.

  38. Stephanie Bedwell says:

    Its hard to brag about your body without triggering insecurities in others. So thank you for this space. I was diagnosed with cancer, and I woke up. I developed the discipline necessary to change my diet and lifestyle, and maintain those changes. I lost 30 pounds, go to Pilates three times a week, and feed myself healthy juice and real food. I found my strong and capable body, and I found my self-discipline. I have what it takes to change and recharge my life.

  39. Bonnie says:

    I totally agree with this! I believe we are created to “Hold the Positive” for and about one another. (This does NOT mean we don’t deal with conflictual issues when they arise–oh contrare! Doing so in a graceful, loving manner helps us to stay in this place of grace with one another.)
    We are meant to CELEBRATE one another. It’s so BEAUTIFUL when we do.
    In celebration of you Kris, and sharing this “good stuff” with the world. Thank you.

  40. Hi Kris!
    Wow get out of my head already – this is exactly what I needed to read this morning xoxoxo
    So my Big Brag and no I haven’t really done it yet due to all the other crap going on in my business but here it goes!
    My cookbook is here! Gluten-Free gets Good!
    Yup all 154 pages, full colour with pictures for every recipe, bound in a hardcover- my gift and cooking tool for the world! (Its gluten-free, corn-free, dairy-free, soy-free and peanut -free – well basically it’s CRAP free cooking!) . I even opened my own publishing company-Choice Publishing- just so that I could have it done exactly how I needed it to be done! And then while cooking up a storm and developing recipes last year I jumped into the world of making fresh Almond milk, in my search for a NUT MILK bag which came up empty I designed and am making my branded get Real Bistro NUT MILK BAG- 100% nylon seamless of course so that no nut meal gets wedged in the seam and gets yuck! heck even though my packaging sucked I took my cookbook and Nut Milk bag into Planet Organic Edmonton, Ab South store on Tuesday – they are interested so I need to contact the New York head office woot woot! Can you imagine little ole me that grew in small town Saskatchewan Canada and all because my daughter needed food to eat that wouldn’t make her sick.
    Thank-you so much Kris for allowing me to Brag, I feel empowered once again- I think now that I sit here and look back at what has taken place over the last 24 months I can honestly say that holy crap I AM AMAZING!!!!!

  41. Abrianne says:

    Love the idea that when you talk about your accomplishments, it inspires others to step up:)

  42. Roxana Destefani says:

    Love you Kris!!! You are an inspiration to us! We hope one day you have your articles in Spanish.
    I just wanted to share this great news, my sister was told today that the tumor has reduced considerably and she is going to have surgery to remove what is left! Wonderful news!!! She was so happy and so we are! I will translate your article
    Peace y amor!

  43. Vanessa Belvedere says:

    I would like to start by saying I have done your 21-day cleanse more than once! I have written all of your affirmations and prayers on little pieces of paper and put them into a jar. I look at one every morning and say them as I do my salute to the sun. I never thought I could have such a calm mind and feel in control of my thoughts. I am very proud of myself for putting in the hard work and assessing all aspects of my life. Relationships, love, fear, anger, jealousy and improving every area, bit by bit. I’ve eliminated all toxic face and body products, gave dairy the boot and proudly talk to everyone about the health benefits of a vegan diet. I love you! You’ve helped my change my life xxx

  44. Anna Chilingarian says:

    I just finished my 2 hr Armenian Diaspora Exam! Feeling accomplished. Another 3 finals to go. (;

  45. Thank you for giving me the gift of sharing my successes. Here it goes: On my birthday, April 29th, I decided since it’s my “new year” I would focus on what I truly wanted….a body coach, and a long-term client in my new yearly program. By May 29th I had my body coach, Nancy Goodman, she wrote: It was Food vs. Me and I Won, and by June the 3rd I had my first session with my new “yearly” client.
    I AM so blessed and excited!
    Thank you, it feels good to share the good.
    Big, bright, beautiful blessings to you Kris, I appreciate all that you share.
    Much Aloha,

  46. Jennifer Mae Kelloway says:

    I didn’t realize until recently that it is ok , heck it’s more than ok to shine. I’ve recently found my passion and uncovered my unique ability (something you love to do so much that you would do it for free but would never have to because your so good at it people will pay you to do it) mine is speaking teaching, coaching and councelling. Last week I had the opportunity to teach my first full day seminar. I don’t know why but I was pretty worried. Worried I would go too fast, not have interesting enough content, maybe have to go to the bathroom in the middle of a learning. That sort of worry, but here I am. I made it through and got great feedback. Yay for me. Jennifer, ” you are awesome”

  47. For the past three years I’ve been dealing with Triple Negative Breast Cancer. So to bring awareness I became the First woman in history to bare her scares on the cover of a magazine, Enspire Magazine. I also bit the bullet and wrote my first book. My Last Breast, which because an Amazon Best Seller.

  48. Jennifer quance says:

    Hi Kris I ran in our annual 10 mile road race my time was 1:47 I was 5 mins faster than last year!!
    I trained for 4 months in really bad weather blizzard , really cold days -30 some days but I did it and I am very proud of myself now I am training for a half marathon

  49. Susan says:

    Wow, bragging fells indulgent and healthy! I love life, the beauty, sadness, losses, joys, triumphs and the challenges. I am happy that I have gratitude everyday. I am grateful to see your shining face Kris so full of light. I am grateful and looking forward to the retreats I am leading and sharing what I have learned and incorporated in life. This is my 7th year offering retreats and they are always fantastic.


  50. liz sutton says:

    I painted and finshed my first painting! I walked thru fear snd insecurity to paint it. I ve already given it away! Cant wait to paint this weekend. I wish I could send u a picture.!!! Liz

  51. After learning how to speak French and navigate the train system to go on my own tours, I moved back to the US and learned how to maintain my own car. I have been living on the poverty line but through reading tons of books on personal finance have managed to increase my savings exponentially. I went from being totally rejected by my romantic partner to now talking to him weekly for an hour about life and our dreams. For me, this kind of relationship-mending is huge. In the meantime, after wanting a stellar-quality album for over a year, I won a grant for $75,000 to record in the nation’s capital this year. As a side-job, I have been cultivating venues around my home-town where I can play every six month’s or so, which is part of my Musiculture practice— the permaculture of music. It feels good to toot this horn, as I have been getting very down on myself lately because sometimes I don’t feel fulfilled or I feel lonely.

  52. Clarisa Mompremier says:

    I have been working on becoming a yogi. May sound weird..but I resonate so much with the feeling of practicing yoga, meditation, living compassionate, being a free spirit…those things make me think yogi..

    I live in a very small town in Michigan where there are no yoga studios but I roll out my mat weekly and do my yoga and I practice meditation daily. I wear my mala beads and became a vegetarian this year. I talk about my lifestyle a lot with my coworkers….then they started asking me to teach them how to meditate.

    Yesterday I found the courage to share my practice…when we where done my coworker told me that to her I was a yogi, HER YOGI!!!

    I was so happy I gave everyone a high ten and began jumping up and down….I’m a yogi and to me that is something to BRAG ABOUT!!!

    Thank you for letting me share.

  53. Catherine says:

    I love this, thank you so much Kris. My mum and I speak to each other most days and it’s a free, safe space to brag about what we have done! I have started trying this out when people ask me ‘What I’ve been up to?’ instead of the expected moan about life/the world – and what a difference to the conversation. People often then reply with what they are proud of or something cool they’ve done… It changes the mood totally.

  54. CP says:

    Today my small department within a larger department won a $500 award for an accomplishment we were recognized for producing in 2013. There’s a ladder to the $500 prize and we were narrowed down to a pool of other winners leading up to the grand prize. and today i found out we won the grand prize! woot! Happy dance! and timely too because my car is up for her 60K checkup! yay me! go me! (im doing the running man dance now)

  55. Thank Kris!!!
    Real quick. Yesterday I mustered up the courage to walk into the office of a self made successful/mindful mega millionaire & pitched my business plan in 38 minutes. I was comfortable, confidant, and well received. Happy dance it achieving that! Yay me! 🙂

  56. Kari says:

    I drink green juice at least three times a week now! It may sound like a small feat and sometimes I do get a little too excited and use way too much ginger (LOL) but I’m happy you got me started, Kris. Now, I’m not only juicing but I’m working out too..woot! Doing a 30-day squat and crunches challenge and I’m so proud of myself 🙂

  57. Julaine Ziegert says:

    Woohoo! I’ve been married to the love-of-my-life for 47 years – TODAY!!!! I’m soooooo glad we said, “YES” to the possibilities and the commitment! It’s almost like I’ve been married to 4 different people – because of the growth we’ve shared – and yet the essence of LOVE has remained strong even as it has evolved! I applaud myself for keeping the commitment, for seeing the good, and for working side-by-side with Bill as we’ve raised 4 amazing sons and created the life of our dreams! Just when we think it’s as good as it can possibly be – it gets even better! HAPPY 47th ANNIVERSARY TO US! Love rocks!!!!

  58. Tracy says:

    I celebrated on FB on Monday with the heavier weights I was doing at my gym. I felt good about it. Then… people were liking & positively commenting, people stronger than I am. For some reason I didn’t feel like my accomplishments weren’t as good as theirs. It was hard not to compare myself. Why do we do this to ourselves? I have to tell myself daily to do my best, that I am improving even if it’s not as much as the other person.

  59. Linda Robertson says:

    After 4 months of heavy chemo and 30 days of radiation my pan coast tumor shrunk! I am on the road to recovery and did my morning rituals by myself today.
    I rejoice that I am on the road to more self-confidence and hope all of you are on the same road. Sisters we will walk together!
    Linda Robertson

  60. Maylin Ashe says:

    I put this on Facebook. I loved what you had to say. I have a brag that I want to share with the world. The Gabriel Method has changed my life and I went from wanting to give up and quit trying for a better life. I am 74 and was ready to just die. The Gabriel Method has completely changed my life and I am happier now than I have been in a long time. You want to know why? I have learned to quit dieting. Jon Gabriel has taught me how to nourish my body which I never knew how to do. I am now eating as organically as I can. I voluntarily quit all my medications because my blood pressure has gone down to the 120/70 area. (I see my doctor at the end of the month and I will tell her then.) I have a long way to go, but I have a certainty that it will be a (rest of my life) habit that I can embrace and enjoy. I have lost over 40 pounds since Feb. That is my brag!!

  61. Amber says:

    I just launched my first ebook, Effective Communication for Women in Business on Amazon.Com. It debuted at #33 and the comments we’re getting about really helping women use their voices powerfully is so exciting – and right in line with your post today!

  62. Susie Burns says:

    Hey Kris –

    I am no longer reacting to everyone and everything around me. I finally get that people’s comments and actions rarely have anything to do with me. I don’t take them personally anymore. Kindness is the answer!

    I’m proud to know you Kris Carr!

    P.S. I’m writing my first book too!

  63. Julli says:

    I’ve lost 60 pounds in the last 5 months! I almost posted that on Facebook today but stopped because I thought it would be too bragadocious of me. Lol! What a timely article! Thanks!!

  64. Chrysa says:

    After years of self doubt and worrying that I wasn’t smart enough, I finally enrolled in an online certification course to be a Health Coach. Everyone around me is super encouraging and I finally realized that I was the only one holding myself back. Sure is a nice boost to the self esteem!

  65. Danielle says:

    Kris, wow, this couldn’t have come at a better time for me, I am a yoga teacher and recently have had people tell me how great I am or how I have helped them have breakthroughs in their practice, and I am so honored , but also a part of me is uncomfortable with it, even writing it as a comment I feel like I am bragging, or I tend to think , why me?? why am I special,?? its something I struggle with daily, overall I think being humble is good quality, but you are right, when we live fully we continue to attract abundance and its from this place that we can continue to make the world a brighter place!

  66. Wow – this is a super heemeesheemee! (my word for anything serendipity related) I just launched my first DIY creative e-product this morning. I overcame procrastination, perfectionism and comparisonism (my word too – I like to make them up!) to just launch it with love into the world! I know I created it to serve people, so it’s coming from my heart and my highest self – but your invitation to brag about it is really helpful to step up and own how cool I think it is. I’ll be so bold as to add the link too. 😉 Here my “Create the Summer of Your Dreams: a do-it-yourself kit to help you dive in and experience a summer filled with creative satisfaction and fun!” Woot! Thanks so much Kris!!! You rock!

  67. I can bragg because I have hit my one year anniversary. Feel most Fortunate to be alive. My daughter says that I have real determination. And she is definitely right. Like some of the women with cancer (ovarian cancer) I have been to hell and back. My hair is beginning to grow back Yippee, but most of all I am now
    Yippee, but most of all I am now able to do for myself. I have gained about 15 pounds now, I weigh about 127 pounds. Thank you for all your juicing ideas. I can brag because I feel so much better. I am now working 6 to 7 hours a day.. I started out working about an hour a day. Through this disease I have met so many wonderful people. I brag because I am getting ready to have a birthday and look forward to many more. Thanks Julia

  68. Beth says:

    I just finished a plein aire painting course and plan to paint as much as possible this summer including taking a painting trip to Italy in July. This is a brag of accomplishment because I quit a church secretary job in February to pursue my lifelong passion of art. I have felt bathed in abundance ever since!!

  69. chris st.onge says:

    I am walking again after 3 years of chemo treatments! I have a 4 yr old daughter so finding the time is challenging. It feels so good to take a little time for me.

  70. Julia says:

    Hi Kris,

    Thank you so much!! This post was completely what I needed. I was just awarded three large awards recognizing my contribution to work and for my PhD thesis work but despite feeling like I wanted to jump and dance I felt like no one would want to hear me brag! So I’m taking this moment to say I’m thrilled!!! It is a massive success personally and I am doing a happy dance!!! Thanks for holding space.

  71. Donna says:

    I couldn’t have read this at a better time. After 15 years of being a stay-at-home mom, I’m taking the steps to get my nursing license back. Presently on on my lunch break from a continuing education class, sitting in my car, reading this valuable advice & encouragement from you. Thank you !

  72. Krista says:

    At 27, living in Columbus, Ohio, I left a secure job to lead a more fulfilled life, starting with my own personal 30 day challenge. After 26 days, I’ve realized that I want to bring the energy and inspiration of coaches in New York and California here to Ohio. I want to lead by example and day by day, I’m doing that. I’m also working with the first young woman who wants to go through my 30 day process! I’m a much happier me now, and I’m proud to be the example.

  73. Michelle says:

    I recently set some very strong limits in how I interact with a coworker. I had spent alot of years doing things for her in what I thought was a supportive relationship. Recent events and conversations showed me that was not the case, so I announced at a meeting that I was DONE! and I meant it. Have such a feeling of freedom and self respect…loving it!

  74. Robyn Kemp says:

    You are amazing! I love checking my email and finding another inspirational read!
    My brag is so exciting and will share but might take up too much comment space. I will send it later today! Thank you for reminding me to stay focused on the full glass. Looking forward to the day! Thanks for sharing.

  75. Dianne Jones says:

    Kris, I see your smiley face each morning as I have your Crazy Sexy Kitchen cookbook placed cheerfully in the cookbook stand!

    Your email was timely for me today! Just yesterday I received the first shipment of the book I have written, Stop Breathe Believe, Mindful Living One Thought at a Time. WE have been waiting, waiting, waiting….and then now all of our publicity isn’t quiet ready. Timing….Yes, and what a BLAST to have something so FUN to C*E*L*E*B*R*A*T*E! And yes, it is so intriguing the mixture of emotions that go on within us during the celebratory moments! What a gift that Roger, my husband, is a huge cheerleader for all that I do! Thanks for your wisdom, Kris! I love and share your enthusiasm for life!

  76. Audrey says:

    Next week I will be receiving a Masters degree. I am 48 and have a full time job a husband and two teenage boys. Lots of sacrifice and balancing of priorities to get this done. Took three years but I did it!

  77. Nancy Freedland says:

    Although I have a lot of difficulty getting around due to physical issues, I have managed to continue to get up early every morning to put my little seedlings out in the sun to get my next veggie garden going for this summer. Now I’m just waiting for the temps to stop diving down into the 30’s at night so everyone of those seedlings can go outside into their planters for their proper summer home.

    Although a small small thing to do, this is big for me.

  78. Steph says:

    I have recently been work in on quitting smoking with a few bumps in the road I am still working on it and know I will rock it soon. I do wish i would have known it would be so flipping hard to quit 20 some years ago when I started. I think I would have opted for coffee instead.

  79. Lyndsay says:

    I recently finished filming a short film in the drama thriller genre. I wrote and directed it and think I did an amazing job and can’t wait to share it with other people for them to enjoy and be entertained by 🙂

  80. I suffer from Chronic Lyme and several other conditions since I was 14 years old so despite trying a few times through the 10+ years I’ve been sick, unfortunately I just can’t work a ‘real life’ job. Being someone who has to be productive and wasn’t satisfied losing myself in reruns on television, I started my two Etsy jewelry businesses (handmade and vintage) and later on started a healthy living website that is slowly but surely growing! From all that I also started my own VA assistance business which is in the beginning stages but hopefully I will be able to grow it and make a living so I don’t have to worry about relying on the Social Security I’ve currently applied for.

    The internet seriously provides some amazing opportunities! 🙂

  81. Tami says:

    I am a fine art photographer and recently was accepted into a local gallery – my first since moving to California. I am so excited about the possibilities and doors this first step will open!

  82. Pam says:

    I can’t think of anything to brag about right this second (still working on this) but I do Love this post with a capital L!!

  83. Kelly says:

    I can always brag in my head, to myself, but actually speaking it and putting it out into the world has always been scary. It’s an odd thing for people to want to keep each other small to stay comfortable.

    Today, I brag that I’m very good at my job. I’m a great team member, a natural leader and I learn really quickly. I’m larger than the job I’m currently in and I recognize I have bigger talents than the role currently uses. I brag that I have big dreams and big desires and I brag that I am hard-working and keen and hopeful enough to make these happen. I brag that I am a sparkle in the world, a glittering dot in the universe of feist and love, who is here to make a difference in people’s lives.

  84. Kathleen says:

    I just published the 2nd edition of my book, Monday Motivation: 52 lessons for living the best year of your life. It will be available on on June 5th. Yahoooo!!! Thank you Kris for allowing me to celebrate. Toot, toot!!! xoxo

  85. I’m an Aussie artist and freelance editor. Shortly before my 62nd birthday I totally raised eyebrows by flying to India for two weeks to submerge myself in the world’s most spiritual dog shelter, the Arunachala Animal Sanctuary and Rescue Shelter – My heart just about burst with the love I saw there and I’m now writing a book about the miraculous against-all-odds creation of the shelter to raise much needed funds for them. This project has flooded my life with extraordinary purpose. I have never felt stronger or younger or more beautiful than now, as I give my heart to these raggedy, amazing homeless dogs and work on my book – which I hope heaps of people will support!

  86. Bethany says:

    Im a stage 4 cancer survivor and yesterday at yoga I did a straight leg pike lift headstand!! Only started yoga 6 months ago with no muscle strength and a thin tired body now I feel strong and vibrate!! 🙂

  87. Bethany says:

    Thank for the article Kris I just feeling this way yesterday. I have a huge two years of cancer treatment 3 major surgeries on andomen and one in chest as well as radiation and 12 month of chemo! My scans have been clear the last year album doing great but that’s not it! I wanted to brag about how much stronger and healthy my body has gotten in last 6 month of doing yoga! Yesterday I did a straight leg pike lift headstand and straddle leg head stand! I thought I may never be brave and strong enough to be able to achieve that! Haha that’s my brag

  88. Cez says:

    I was a battered and heavily abused wife for 11 years. It’s been four years since I left with my son. Now living with my parents and sister who are all financially supporting me as I needed tie to recover. It is this year that I finally stopped beating myself down and decided to review my mistakes as well as the past with objective compassion. I am passionate again about my work as a sculptor and painter. I am also taking stock of what I have and despite what I lost materially when I left my husband, I learned to live with so much less and find joy in the simplest of things while never losing sight of big dreams that I am realizing are not so big after all. So my miracle is that I am grateful (even for the crazy stuff I went through with my ex-husband and the strange justice system in the Philippines). My life steered itself towards a journey that made me experience my entirety as a human being and with this, I became more love-filled and peaceful.

  89. Don says:

    Way cool Kris! I have been following your work online and love your successes. This subject is needed, and looking at the comments on this, a lot of other people are feeling the same. It’s great you brought this out. My brag is that I am talking to people at my place of employment about good health, eating right, and have been for years. I have watched one individual go through the ups and downs of losing and gaining, becoming diabetic and having high blood pressure. I stuck by my guns, and with patience and persistence, he has come ’round to seeing things from a more correct perspective. he has lost weight, dropped all of his insulin and BP meds an dis getting healthier every week. Now, it looks like his wife will get on this track, too. There are other victories I have had with co-workers, but this is the biggest in physical health and and paradigms.
    I am also writing, plans to publish a series of books with the foundation of “Everything Follows Order”, focusing on many aspects of life and living and how it is so much easier when one begins to see that everything really does follow order.
    Thank you for your wonderful contributions to this world!

  90. Angy Braine says:

    I’m moving through some pretty awful anxiety at the moment. Back story – last year I required a hysterectomy due to a tubal ligation clip gone wild. After many arguments with doctors and then finally putting my foot down & demanding that I be cut open and investigated (properly!) I found a doctor who agreed and (thankfully) found the rogue clip which was causing the chaos. Unfortunately the pain medication messed with my mind (nasty stuff I tell ya!) and now I’m pushing through an anxiety challenge that has really flipped me upside down. I have a wonderful husband, an amazing son & a very supportive family. I also have amazing people like you & the other Hay House heroes to guide me and give me hope. I’m proud of me because I am finding out, first hand, what it means to “dig deep and keep the faith” – when the storm clouds come I’ve had to surrender and pray and meditate and accept. Just yesterday I listened to your interview from the Hay House Summit of 2013. When you talked about loving your “dis-ease” and accepting yourself as you are, well I cried and cried because I realised that although this ordeal has been pretty s**t at times – it is showing me EVERYDAY – the true meaning of love. Love for me, love for another, love for life and love for what IS.
    So my brag is simply this – I’m learning to love the unlovable and it’s ok to be the me that I am right now.
    Kris you are such an inspiration. Thank you for being a light … A sparkly, twinkly, crazy, sexy light!! 🙂 and congrats on the chipper victory – that’s no small feat mama!! Big love. Angy.

  91. Erin says:

    I am an attorney and started my own practice immediately out of law school (and after I passed the Bar exam – on the first try!), and I also have my own jewelry line (, and I write a blog about positive personal growth and other healthy yummies.

    Plus I saved myself from a bad relationship, and manage my mom and grandmother’s health care.

    Woo! That felt great! Thanks for the forum, Kris. I love your message and all that you give to the world.

  92. Before attending my first year of grad school, my soul sister and I are taking a rendezvous trip to Spain and Greece for one month this summer! (We’ll have to invest in a portable, travel-friendly juicer 😉

  93. Gertie says:

    After 3 months of unemployment I signed on the dotted line today with a company in my town. This means I cut out a significant commute and I moved to the private sector. Two important points which were on my wish list. By holding out and trusting in myself, I got what I wanted. I’m so proud of myself!

  94. Teresa says:

    I went back to school full-time at age 38, with three kids and a husband. Not only did I love my program, I ended up being the top student in my class and was nominated for a national award! I landed the perfect job for me, working at home and doing some freelance, and even though life is often crazy, I am so happy and grateful. Getting paid to do what I love (write and edit!) is a dream come true!

    Wow – that felt great! Can’t wait to read some other inspiring comments!

  95. Stephanie says:

    LOVE this!!! Kris, I hope you don’t mind that I tweaked a copy and with a few synonyms my 13 year old step-son would know so I could tape this to our fridge. (I left in ‘damn’ and ‘butthole’. He will love that and surely remember this very wise advice! I know my target audience! 😉
    I am super happy with my life and proud to be helping raise one great human kid and seven furry children in this crazy world.

  96. Sylvie says:

    I brought an old armoire back to life with elbow grease, sanding and paint color. It look like an old antique. I’m very proud of myself.
    Thank you for this opportunity.
    Have a beautiful day.
    Sylvie 🙂

  97. Caitlin Bebb says:

    Yes yes yes! You’re so right Kris.

    I am happy to say that after completing Erin Stutland’s SHRINK SESSION teacher training in March, I have been teaching my own classes and may I say KILLING IT! My students are so responsive + enthusiastic. I am so happy to be bringing this workout to Brooklyn. I feel like I’m stepping into my power + using my talents for Good.


  98. Lee-Rae says:

    Realised today that I’m not relying on the buzz from coffee this morning to wake up after fighting off a period of depression and happy to report that I’ve lost 31.5 kgs since I made the decision to turn my lifestyle around since 2007! 🙂

  99. Audrey A. says:

    I have never considered myself to have any entrepreneurial talents whatsoever, but I have recently embarked on the super scary adventure of starting my own business! I’ve become interested lately in simpler, healthier alternatives to cosmetics, and so have been experimenting with different homemade lip balm and lotion recipes. What began as a hobby has turned into the seed for a business (thanks to lots of faith and encouragement from my boyfriend!). I have secured a name and email address for my product line, and distributed samples to official “testers,” which have already given some good feedback. Over the summer I hope to experiment with soap-making and possibly sell at my first craft fair, which will be huge successes, but my biggest brag is simply that I realized I DO have an entrepreneurial spirit, and the resources to realize my dream of being a creator in this world–giving something good to my community.

  100. Katie says:

    I did a headstand without a wall : )

  101. Chelsea says:

    Share the unicorn saddle. I love the life and lightness that your messages carry, Kris!

  102. Teea Aarnio says:

    Hey there! Thank you for this and thank you for all that you are!

    Just today a short movie was published, Thin Ribbon, and I was in reaponsible of building the music score in it.

    I am so happy! The subject is an ultra athlete called Markku Saarinen, he’s thoughts about mental health combined to physical health. About being present, being in unity with the Universe.
    I learned so much from this and I am so grateful for this all, the team and the theme and how the music turned out. Wow. So grateful.

    Blessings to all!

    Light, love, peace,

    Teea Aarnio

  103. Kris, you always inspire and give us just what we need to hear. This post is soul-spiring! Ok, here’s my brag for today: In Bikram yoga today, I did my first toe stand, and went halfway back in Camel. This is huge for me, and especially after recovering from an injury. I felt strong, powerful, and graceful. And that’s my brag!

  104. What a great reminder, Kris, thank you! Love Mama Gena too. Her work has inspired (and she has been inspired by) one of the greatest loves of my life, The Nia Technique, which is a pleasure-based holistic movement form. Not only do I practice Nia, I also teach and earned my black belt last year!
    So there’s one and I hope it’s okay to do more than one brag! 😉
    A few days ago, my husband David and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary (we’ve been together for 14). Before him, the longest relationship I had was 2.5 years, so I never thought I’d be capable of this. As anyone in a loving, conscious-driven marriage knows, it’s not always rainbows and sunshine and it requires effort and courage to grow together, especially when one of us (usually me!) is being impatient and perhaps just a touch volatile. But this is a brag so I won’t dwell on that. hahaha One of the really fun things we did to celebrate was to don our wedding clothes and take a photo similar to the one from our wedding day. It’s so great to see them side by side! This time in place of my bouquet was an even more gorgeous “bouquet,” our vibrant 7.5 year old daughter, Olivia (remember the card she made for/gave you at the Ft Laud ICDI conference?).
    My marriage and my mothering are two of my greatest brags even if I don’t always remember how successful I am at both! <3

  105. Debbie says:

    I’m in the middle of chemo round 2 of 18 and last week my blood cells were low so I got the week off from chemo. Yippee! I drove around like a banana split, went to the gym to burn some tread, cleaned house and played, groomed, and loved my cat. Oh it was joyous to be nausea-free.

  106. Stacy Hall says:

    I finished my skirmish with cancer, woo-hoo! I got through all of it–diagnosis, horrific tests and biopsies, 2 major surgeries, all without support from family and with few friends to help. Now I feel fabulous–if I can survive all this, then I’m stronger than I thought. And now I’m back to running, swimming, biking and hiking…feeling like a wellness warrior, very proud! <3

  107. Sharon says:

    My brag is that I have 2 amazing, beautiful daughters that excel in school, sports, music, whatever they put their minds to. They are sometimes ridiculed for their abilities and successes. One has gone to the extreme of covering up her successes because she worries that some of her friends will be jealous. I worry that this will be a pattern that could continue. I want to share this blog with the girls as it reinforces points I have made to them. It is always good for them to hear things from someone else!

    Thanks Kris!

  108. Marj Lenox says:

    In retirement, I’ve found myself in a lot of volunteer leadership roles–book groups, exercise class,
    docent tours in a major botanical garden/conservatory. I celebrate that these events all go well and
    are much-appreciated by the participants. It’s a great feeling to be making a difference for people.

  109. Karen Malay says:

    I’ve beaten epilepsy and cancer (4 surgeries and a solid month of radiation while attending classes to (finally after 23 years) earn my bachelor’s degree.

  110. cindy ramirez says:

    Thank you Kris for this email, especially today, as I have finished my 30 day Bikram yoga challenge this morning! I always knew I could do it and I knew it would be hard! I also knew that those I love would be proud of me and that made me want to do it more, for them and for me! You always have great things to say and I am proud to know you are out there for us as well!

  111. Melanie says:

    I manifested a move to a new city through visualization and meditation!!

  112. Niki Mattioli says:

    Hi! I am so excited that I am an Ocean Ambassador with the Colorado Ocean Coalition (COCO) to educate, promote and collaborate with others for the preservation of our ocean and marine life.
    I graduated from COCO’s inagural Ocean Ambassador program in May 2014.

    People say that there is no ocean in Colorado, but we are all connected with the ocean. It is our collective responsibility to protect it, even in inland places. Our actions everywhere on the planet affect the health of the ocean and marine life.

    Thanks for reading!
    Niki Mattioli
    #COCO #Ocean Ambassador

    • Diane Carr says:

      Niki, I was trying to read all the brags but didn’t have much time. SO glad I scrolled down to see how many more were left and found yours!! Much clapping, appreciation and respect for you!

      You are completely RIGHT about the importance of our impact on the oceans, no matter where you live and how critical it is to educate. As much as I though I knew about ecology, recently got reconnected to George Cummings (Ocean Ambassador, World Federation Coral Reef Conservation, Mission Blue Project Partner, SDG 14 Ocean and Caribbean Ring Of Hope) He’s amazing resourceful, kind and dedicated to educating so I have had many eye opening revelations in the past 6 months.

      A local restaurant chain, Jack Allen’s Kitchen, is in process of adopting the OneLessStraw Campaign – only serving straws upon request and making sure they are Aardvark Paper Straws. Something I had a part in manifesting.

      Thanks for what you are doing!!

  113. Marijana says:

    Dear Kris, perfect timing!
    5 minutes before checking my email I was looking at my new diploma with the feeling “this is huge”, but it doesn’t feel like that. I didnt celebrate, I didnt brag.. I just picked it up at the school and blah..

    So this is my brag!!!! I graduated at Italian school of fashion. It is a 1 year training and I did ti along with my regular job at the university (which is by the way related to fashion- NOT) and is pretty demanding. So, I fulfilled my dream, I financed everything myself and now I can make whatever crazy sexy clothes i wish! 😀 Would you like a dress? Really!

    Wow, I feel better now 🙂 But it really takes practice to stop making yourself small. And to say wow I really did all this!
    Thank you again Kris!

    Love you and love your work!

  114. Tina Gray says:

    I have small brag. I have a big fear going to the Dentist. I usually end up getting a panic attack one day before my appointment and I cancel. I always feel bad afterwards Well today I didn’t cancel my dentist appointment, I faced my fears dead-on! I made it through my 45 minute appointment with no panic attack. Whoot, Whoot for me!!!!

  115. I definitely have an issue that people might perceive me as being preachy when I share my health wins/info with them. I am also a total in-person introvert (online extrovert for some reason) so I usually let others lead the conversation and just try to listen. People love to be heard and I’m usually fist bumping them for their wins 🙂

  116. Olive Harding says:

    Reading your message Kris makes me really feel very proud of my accomplishments. In January 2012 I was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was 34 weeks pregnant and with 2 children aged 3 and 6. That prompted me to take stock of my life and make changes that I wouldn’t have believed possible before the diagnosis. I quit my job that was making me deeply unhappy and now I’m writing a book about my experience to help others with my story. I became vegan which helped me get rid of the chronic fatigue that persisted for months after the chemo, surgery and radiation.
    Then last March, we were given the bad news that the cancer was now stage 4 having spread to my bones. After spending 5 days in mourning I decided that no way was anybody telling me that I had such an awful diagnosis. I spent 3 weeks on the Life Transformation Program in Hippocrates in Florida & I am now a 100% raw vegan in a place where nobody I know has even heard of such a thing! I see myself only as a healthy person and I have a wonderfully supportive husband. I have taken the decision to surround myself only with supportive people and I have become stronger in not involving myself in situations which I know will include negativity and bitching. Go me!! And the old me before my original diagnosis would NEVER have bragged like that. Yippee!!! 😀

    • Marijana says:

      Hi! This is really a huge accomplishment! Go you! 🙂

      I had a bad diagnosis 7 years ago (I’m 31), and I didnt let it define me, scare me or stop me in life either. However time passed, I got better and back in the everyday routines..settling..not bragging..
      Do you have any advice on how to get feisty again 🙂

      I brag that I changed my diet, started singing publicly, worked full time job all the way and graduated physics and later at Italian school of fashion. Oh, now I see, I need a vacation!

      Thank you Olive for sharing!

    • Joey S. says:

      Hello Olive,
      I am treating breast cancer with only alternative measures, diet and lifestyle. I wish I could afford to go to the Hippocrates Life Transformation Program or some other holistic treatment facility. Would it be possible for us to communicate about your Hippocrates experience? I am so glad you are doing well.

  117. Laurie says:

    Kris, thank you for introducing me to Nancy Levin’s work in this post. It’s spot-on what I need right now. I always get such nuggets from you! All the best and thanks again. Laurie
    P.S. Keep celebrating yourself!

  118. Pilar says:

    I brag that I have been moved to tears realizing how I have until now avoided any brag about my many accomplishments and challenges I overcame; and I have truly felt the warm glow of the accomplishments you have all listed here !
    Thank you Kris, such a simple advice, and SO POWERFUL, inspiring, life changing for the best !
    I promise to pass this forward to everyone I can !

  119. Carly Gutierrez says:

    This article could not have come at a better time. Just this past weekend I fit into a pair of jean shorts that I had not been able to fit into for the past 11 years. I am currently enrolled in IIN so I needed to start finding my voice and motivating others, so I took this victory to Facebook. I posted a picture of myself in the jeans and wrote, “It has been 11 years since I have fit in these shorts. Sharing progress is not bragging, there is no competition except for the ones we make with ourselves. To all my health conscious friends out there let’s motivate each other until we reach our goals.” It was so hard for me to keep this post online, I wanted to delete it but I know that I need to find my health coach voice somewhere and if others perceive me posting this to motivate others as bragging then maybe they do not need to be my “friend”. I got a lot of positive feedback and those who know me know that it came from a good place and was an encouragement for the others who are on a wellness path. It was both liberating and freeing to for the first time be able to just put it out there. I did overcome a victory that day and it was really nice to be able to do it for myself!

  120. Erin says:

    This was great! I have published 3 books- my favorite is The Anxiety Workbook for Girls, but I myself am so anxious about sounding like I am bragging that I never even tell anyone! If I had the courage I know I could get the word out and help more kiddos. It is just so hard to self promote without feeling like I am gloating! Thank you for this – it has really made me rethink things!

  121. I’m a newly published author!!!!! With Balboa Press – Hay House’s self publishing division!!!! My book is called “Lessons Learned:The Kindergarten Survival Guide For Parents”. I wrote this book as a gift to parents to help answer all of the questions that they have come their fears and ease their worries about their child beginning school. I am a teacher and a mother of four so I have written this book from the perspective has parent and teacher. I thought it would be geared towards parents with children ages zero through five but it seems that parents of all ages are picking it up and really enjoying it! Not only am I so happy with how it’s being received I’m so grateful for everything that I learned during the writing and publishing process- sometimes I can’t believe that I really did it!!! Xoxo thank you!

  122. Sarah says:

    I just quit my job and I will never again live someone else’s dream for my life. I am breaking fears’ chains and stepping out in faith unsure what my next step will be, but it will be MY step, no one else’s. The time is now and I am proud of myself regardless of how many people are questioning my sanity.

    • Forgot to mention Kris- that I met you last year at the Hay House Writers Workshop in NYC in June- you said you loved my Bic pen because it reminded you of high school- lol! Anyway it is because of that very workshop meeting you and listening to all of the speakers that day that I had the courage to sit down and finish my book. I also went to hear immaculae Ilbagezia speak and she encouraged me as well- what did you all had in common? Hay House authors! And so I proceeded with Balboa press as a result. The majority of my foreword is about you inspiring me to even attend that weekend and how everything fell into place after that. I would love to send you a complimentary copy for your reading pleasure. Would you be able to let me know the address to which I could send that? Thanks has always for your encouragement and positive thinking!

    • Marijana says:

      Like! 🙂

      • Catherine says:

        That takes such courage and what beautiful awareness you now have! I had a similar experience – and it was muddy and I felt like I had take a million steps back at times – but the thing that really helped me was the thought that you have to pull the catapult back to propel the object even further 🙂

  123. Justine Hoagland says:

    Hi Kris! I stopped working when I became pregnant with my first child over four years ago, then had another baby. My kids are now 3 1/2 years and 16 months. I made a huge move from NYC to the burbs of CT 1 year ago to the date. Whew that alone was a karmic wake-up. I’m ready to brag that I’m getting back ‘me’ in this very moment. I took a leap of faith 1 month ago to start my private health counseling practice. I am also launching a raw, cold-pressed, organic, yummy juice line next Saturday (CT Juice). 😉
    I found strength and courage to do these things from the incredible women around me, including your dear mother and my friend, Aura. Your books, blogs & journey have inspired me to get into gear, believe in myself and find the courage after not working to say ‘why not?!” It shows how we are all interconnected in some way- here to guild each other on this journey in life, whether we know each other or not. I hope to meet you one day in CT to give you a hug of thanks for your inspiration. Hugs ❤️

  124. Luna says:

    Last night I put a bunch of things on ebay that I’ve been meaning to do for MONTHS. I cleaned up my apartment, juiced, made a healthy dinner- WITH vegetables, AND took my fur kids for a walk. May not seem like much but last night was a huge success in doing some things I’ve been meaning to do. I RULE!

  125. Mary B says:

    I brag that I have a wonderful life filled with love, family, friends and inspiration.
    I brag that I am helping make the world a better place by helping people heal through hands on healing.
    I brag that I have almost made it to the empty nest (although I miss my chicks daily) raising four incredible children with whom I LOVE to spend time and who love to spend time with the family.
    I brag that I am 75% through my health coaching certificate with Institute of Integrative Nutrition.
    I brag that I started my health coaching practice yesterday.
    I brag that I am looking forward to the future daily.

  126. Elizabeth Heyenga says:

    At 60 I’m finding myself at a big turning point in life on so many levels. After a major Hashimotos “crash” I’m rebuilding my health, which is an amazing journey that teaches so much. It wasn’t until I finally had the courage to “leave” mainstream western medicine (which was slowly killing me after 25 years!) that I found a non-mainstream western doctor who is the partner in health and blessing I wished so hard to find. And of course Kris’ wisdom, juice and smoothie recipes are all part of my healing path.

    I have been working to start a new career (never too late) and thought it was to be doing energetic and holistic healing of animals, which is one of my gifts. But I kept hitting a wall somehow, and recently I had the “aha” that I am supposed to work with humans (something I’m much more afraid of than animals). Ironically I have an MPH in health education which has sat on the shelf for 20 years…. so here I am reclaiming that dormant piece and using my college education after all. I want to help people reduce stress and anxiety, and find their balance using vibroacoustic therapy, hypnosis and mindful breathing, coach folks on recovering from chronic illness and give classes on how to live a simpler and healthier life. Being chemical free has been very important to me and I’m developing a line of pure, fragrance free (but full of yummy natural infusions of herbs) soaps, lotions, infused oils and salves. So I get to marry my love of herbs and soap making with my main practice. All the pieces came together to make a beautiful picture. And I will still heal animals, but it will be my blessing that I give back with no $$ attached. People always accept my services for free, they don’t always want to pay, so this ensures I connect with animals in need.

    I still have a long way to go in overcoming fear. I appear to be a calm, strong, and capable person and I am, but fear has definitely kept me tamped down for many years (the deep hypothalamic dysfunction type, thank you Hashimotos!!) and I have sabotaged myself.

    My brag is this — I am holding a summer solstice LovingKindness Meditation gathering in my beautiful healing garden. For me this is big, I’ve never hosted something spiritual before but my dream for my health practice is to add the Spirit to the Mind-Body-Spirit connection, because with out that true healing can’t occur. I live in Silicon Valley and the spirit is woefully missing for many and they need it back. I’m getting out of my comfort zone and inviting some acquaintances I’d like to get to know better. Extending myself socially isn’t easy so I’m proud of myself. My dearest friend, also my deep soul friend, passed away 10 years ago and I’m doing this in honor of her, she wants this for me.

  127. Marye says:

    Thank you Kris for a great article! Last fall, I left my boyfriend, after 11 years spent together. We used to do a huge organic garden together, but this year, preparing the garden and everything that comes with it, by myself, felt like a mountain. He was doing all the hard work, and I was taking care of the plants. Well, I’ve kicked my butt and I’ve learned how to operate the tractor and some other tools (they are wild beasts to taim). And I asked for help when I needed it, something I found not so easy to do. I’m poud that I’ve rolled up my sleeves, didn’t get discouraged and that I am on my way to get a beautiful garden, maybe smaller scale, but that will get lots of love and care, and which will give me lots of veggies in return!

  128. Britt says:

    In the last year, I’ve lost a 7-year relationship, an 8-month relationship, and two grandparents who are very dear to me. During all this, I moved to a new city, got a new job, started grad school, lived by myself for the first time, vanquished my lingering depression and I’m so fucking proud of myself to be able to say, “Life has NEVER EVER been better!”

  129. This week I helped my client (78 years old!) launch her FIRST iPad app! It has been a journey filled with much learning, occasional angst, and many rewards. It feels incredible to help clients realize their dreams, and in doing so, I fulfill mine. You can check the iPad app out at – it’s a super cool app that helps people find their own intuitive, unique interior design style and then goes even further with photos, descriptions, guideposts and more.

    Thanks for this chance to share, Kris! You inspire.

  130. Andrea says:

    I’m halfway through my chemo treatments and I am handling it with grace and humor.

  131. I was diagnosed with cancer while my husband and I were both full-time college students (no money at all) and we had an infant. A few years later and all three of us are healthy, and just finished my bachelors degree.

  132. Diane Jones says:

    Despite being a poor swimmer with a fear of water, I decided a few months ago that I wanted to do a triathlon this summer. On Monday I was able to a full lap in the pool without a buoyancy belt. Yes, I was in the deep end!!!

  133. Diane Jones says:

    I am a poor swimmer with a fear of water, but decided a few months ago that I wanted to do a triathlon. On Monday I was able to do a full lap in the pool sans buoyancy belt. Yes, I was in the deep end!!!

    • Jean Marie says:

      Congrats! That is huge! Breaking through like this will help you in all of your exciting endeavors! Paddle on!

  134. Carla King says:

    Thank you Kris! With the help of you and Marie I was inspired to go ahead and launch my online self-publishing program to the world. It’s not perfect but it’s a start, and I’m getting ready to do my thing and help authors who want to self-publish by the holiday season 2014 to get it done right. I’ve done these programs in realtime but the effort to put it online to reach more authors around the world was phenomenal, and I can’t wait for it to start!

  135. Susanna says:

    At age 47, nine years ago, I joined with six partners, all men, to found a new management consulting firm. I chose to do this as my marriage fell apart and I divorced my husband. In retrospective, I’m thinking I was damn courageous! Then, just to keep things interesting, the economy crashed. While other firms shut their doors and had big layoffs, we survived and thrived. Other women partners and senior staff have come and gone from our firm, and more male partners have been added to the mix, and I’m still in there, the sole female voice, helping take us to ever new levels, bringing the voice of wisdom to our work, and modeling an integrated life. I don’t travel on my kids’ birthdays, I go to their sports matches and recitals, support our CSA and bring real food to our family, and stay connected to community. In short, I help the world see that women can and will do what needs to be done, and doing it on our terms benefits everyone!

  136. Susan Taylor says:

    I am battling breast cancer and have had some rough spots. However, I have made the decision to begin training for the Peachtree Road Race here in Atlanta on July 4th. I will be walking, not running, but this is huge for me. I just filmed an interview with one local station yesterday and will film with another station tomorrow. My main message is to get an annual mammogram (which is how my cancer was found), not to give up no matter what, and exercise will help the healing process. So much more I would like to get out there so I will be doing that in my 2nd book which I hope to have completed by the end of the year. Your Crazy Sexy Cancer books will of course be listed in the Appendix! You inspire me daily!

  137. Charlie says:

    I am working in this right now. I grew up in a family that chopped you down if you showed up. At fifty, I want to enjoy who I am and what I do well. I am starting to do this but realize that I have much anxiety around showing up. Am doing it anyway! Hurrah for me!! xoxoxo

  138. Julia U. says:

    I mastered cleaning and painting our very rough concrete patio and front porch. It was TOUGH hot sweaty work but looks AMAZING! You said it perfectly Kris, “I felt like a tough, capable, sexy beast”. LOL!!

  139. Melissa says:

    My brag: I’M PREGNANT!!!!
    My best friend shared the news with me that she was pregnant a few months ago. That got my husband and I talking and we both came to the realization that now was the time and we both wanted it at the same time (we’re both in our 30’s we’ve been married for 10 years and we’ve never been on the same page about children until now). Our first month trying we had success! We never thought it would happen that quick given our age and that I’ve been on Birth Control for 10 years, but it did! Must have been the right time, right?!

    This whole time I’ve been worried that people were going to think I was “copying” her (she’s about 11 weeks ahead of me). We work together so we know a lot of the same people. She decided to hold off telling people until she reached her 2nd trimester because she was worried about a miscarriage and if something did happen, she didn’t want to have to explain that to the world. I, on the other hand, don’t think the same way, so I told a handful of close people and family within a week of finding out. She started telling me that she’s hearing more people know about my pregnancy than hers. She doesn’t want us to be the crazy pregnant ladies and that maybe I should keep it on the DL for a while and that I should be careful. Guess what… I DON’T CARE! While I think her concern is legitamate and she is a more private person than I am, that doesn’t mean I have to follow the same rule of thumb! I’m super excited and I want people to know why I’m excited! I told the people I care about and I’m letting the rumor mill handle the rest. She thinks it’s better that not everyone knows… I personally don’t understand that. It’s an exciting time and people will want to know! I want to brag & celebrate!

    • Kris Carr says:

      Whoa, congrats Melissa! That’s awesome! And yeah, your brags are your own. Only you get to put a lid on them. x

  140. Nicole says:

    I’m applying for the new Dean of Students position at my school. I’m currently a teacher, so this is a big move for me. I’m feeling really good about it and know that I can serve students, teachers and parents in this role. I’m bragging like I’ve already nailed down the position. Yes!

  141. Nancy L. Briggs says:

    Starting over late in life can be daunting, but I chose to Shine On! ;o) In the midst of a residential move, I published a book with Balboa, and my photographic art work has just been delivered to the Holter Museum of Art for display and sale. Thanks for the opportunity and inspiration Kris! ;o) New beginnings only happen when you focus on what you want … not what you had or lost. It’s a much better energy investment! ;o) I’m grateful for your inspiration. Shine On!

  142. Christine says:

    Thanks, Kris! Your post was a great way to start my day. After having achieved success in a big male dominated career which I never properly bragged about, I later found myself out of work and alone with a small child, and as a recent cancer survivor. About a year ago I went from “I might die” to I might live!”. Since then I’ve been working toward a new more fun & creative career & life goals for me & my child. When naysayers try to throw shade on my plans I remind myself that I’ve proved those types wrong before. Positive people like you make that a lot easier!

  143. Tracey says:

    Hi Kris,
    I am so glad you posted this article. I was just thinking about this topic myself. I am an accomplished businesswoman-34 years owning a successful business, single mom, employer of 20 and rather high profile in my community. However, I am very humble and quiet about my accomplishments. I have a good friend who is always tooting her own horn, even if it’s about the greatest egg she just cooked. Despite the fact it drives me crazy sometimes, she gets a lot of attention and brings energy into a room. I don’t think it’s healthy to try and be someone else, but I think I need a good dose of bragging out loud. I am building a new space for my business and creating a new dimension to my business…. time to start bragging! thanks for your inspiration!

    • Kris Carr says:

      Ease in and start to celebrate yourself more Tracey, damn you’ve done a lot. I’m super inspired by what you wrote, so your brags could actually help someone else too. And of course you’ll be classy about it, I’m not worried about that!

  144. Robin says:

    Last night when my boyfriend said “I love you,” I said, “you know…I love myself too!” (And followed that right up with “and I really really love you ❤️”). I am finally giving myself the long overdue self-love that I truly need and deserve to be healthy and happy.

  145. Marie Bastas says:

    I recently gave up drinking double double coffee and have starting drinking it black on my vegan exploration.

  146. Leigh Anne Severson says:

    Wow this is timing ! I finish 5 1/2 weeks of radiation treatment for breast cancer today ! I never thought about celebrating and telling the world. But it is hasn’t been easy but I have done it. In fact I haven’t allowed myself credit for going threw 16 weeks of chemotherapy and then a double mastectomy. Thanks Kris ! …now it’s out there and I need to be proud of myself.

    • GailNHB says:

      Congrats on getting thru all of that. Kanswer sucks! I faced it myself about 18 months ago – chemo and a double mastectomy without reconstruction. Kris Carr helped and encouraged and motivated me with her awesome movie and books and green juice recipes. I don’t think I have ever felt happier or healthier than I do right now. I wish you ongoing health and wellness and joy.

  147. Darcy Fitch says:

    I recently took the time to try out GarageBand on my computer and recorded a beautiful song for my friend who has been going through the loss of a child. I have three different vocal tracks and think I sound pretty damn good. I like to listen to it and think about all of the awesome and generous ways I have helped her family in the last 15 months. The first time I listened to the song focusing on my good deeds the song ended before the list of things I had done! It makes me feel right in my soul about being a person that I would like to see more of in this world. I am definitely a rockin’ friend in more than one way!

    • Elizabeth Heyenga says:

      Truly being there for the long haul for someone who has lost a child is the work of angels. You enlarged my heart with this post 🙂

      • Darcy Fitch says:

        Thanks for your kind word, Elizabeth. All the hard work that has been accomplished over the last 15 months while her son battled cancer was very important. But being there for her now after everyone else fads away back into their lives is the sign of a true friend. I am up for the challenge!

  148. The first time I heard of healthy bragging was form Mama Gina and I must say that I have embraced the practice wholeheartedly! I also love to encouraged my clients to practice bragging: we need women to share their success & victories!

    My brag: I’ve just completed my most successful launch yet and enrolled the most amazing ladies in The Intuitive Leadership Academy & Mastermind

    Yay + Champagne! (Laurent Perrier Rosé please!)

    I love, love, love working with visionaries and women who want to awaken their (intuitive) leaders within to create a thriving business AND an extraordinary life.

    Thanks for the opportunity to brag Kris but most of all, to get inspired by everyone else’s brags!


  149. The hardest for me is giving up the idea that bragging is tacky. Doing it with class is what I will strife for. So here it is: My wellness coaching practice is only 2 years old and in that time, I’ve written and self-published 3 books, created 2 online programs (a weight loss program and a mind-body-spirit Detox course), gave my first TEDx talk and have appeared in countless traditional and online media outlets. And now, I’m working on producing my own TV show (yikes)! Thanks for opening this forum. Love ya!

    • Kris Carr says:

      I love tacky stuff. Good for you Jovanka!

    • Natasha Nicole says:

      Jovanka, you are amazing! I really believe that you should put all the good that you are doing out there so others like me, especially other latinas, can be inspired. There aren’t enough positive representations of women with similar cultural backgrounds. I love all people and find inspiration from everyone. There is a little something special when you can relate to someone who probably grew up eating arroz con pollo & platanos maduros. I can’t remember who said it but I read or heard someone say something like, “Your accomplishments are not just for yourself but are also for others to be encouraged and blessed by.” I loved your TEDx Talk and your story is so scarily similar to mine it blew my mind ( I went to NYU for a Masters in Music Business & Admin. I didn’t get as far as you did career wise but I see now that it was not the best path for me.)

      I brag that I have made the decision to stop being afraid of success and failure. I have also made the decision to create my own wellness practice that brings together mind, body, spirit and life coaching is an element to it as well. My goal is to specifically focus on working with women and men who have experience sexual trauma. This stems from my Anti-Human Trafficking advocacy work. I’m excited for the future and all the possibilities! Thanks for sharing the institute that you went to on your website. I’ve been looking at different ones and have not decided on which is best for me. This looks promising. Cheers!

  150. Jennifer says:

    I am an actor and artist/writer, and I have been writing my first feature film screenplay, designed business cards, purchased a domain name for my website, and have been reaching out to others in my industry with joy. One of my dear friends says, about acting, “Competition is a myth — there are enough opportunities for everyone at the table” and it’s so true!

  151. Wendy says:

    Hi Kris. I survived cancer diagnosis, chemo, radiation etcetera etc. I have three children under seven. Three under four while going through treatment. I only now acknowledge how immense this was xx

  152. I brag that I spent the weekend in NYC in Mama Gena’s mastery class and we graduate next month. I brag that on Sunday I wandered over to Cartier and tried on a $4 million ring. It was too big. I brag that I liked the $375,000 ring better 🙂
    I brag that afterward a sister goddess and I went to her NYC apartment and had wine and chocolate on her rooftop deck overlooking a beautiful unobstructed 360 degree view of the city.
    Yesterday, I brag that my 4 1/2 year old daughter sung to me while she played (in what sounded amazingly like French) while I read a book and soaked in some sun.
    I brag that my life is wonderful and magical!

  153. Bianka says:

    I am in the proces of reaching lots of wonderful developments I thought weren’t able to reach for me since I have been thinking, feeling and doing (TFD) negatively due to the way I’ve been raised. And guess what?! It is possible to think, feel and do positive, even after doing it different for 35 years! The core elements for me in this proces are >
    -I take responsibility for my TFD…only me, myself and I can change it!
    -I keep confidence, more confidence and most confidence! ( also at all the times I wasn’t TFD positive at all ;-))
    -I keep on going! On more by your inspirative site.
    Thank you and thank myself.
    I am very proud of us and many more sexy crazy do-ers!

  154. Colene E. says:

    I always say “Bump it with a Trumpet”! Don’t be cocky, but really, if you don’t believe in your success or celebrate your success, no one else will. I LOVE this post, because it’s something I believe in so much! Thanks, Kris for reading my mind!

    P.S. I just recorded a 30 min. feature piece for a show on my local PBS station to talk about my coaching business and why self-care is so important! I couldn’t be more excited and it’s really one more step to seeing my dreams become reality! 🙂

  155. maria paula says:

    I really love all your articles, this time I have to comment as well, recently I finished my second marathon 🙂 I ran in Cracow two weeks ago and as I visualized and planned things, finished up in the time I was expecting and had proposed to myself…. I felt a great satisfaction and was able to hold all the way through the race. And as it has been said by many runners, its not only your physical training that plays a big role but also your mental training, the mind can either be your best friend or your worst enemy.

  156. Hi Kris!
    I finished my Free Design Guide! It features two ways to choose art: How it makes you feel vs. How it looks. I learned how to use MailChimp and put a sign-up form on my art website and FB page! (so techie!) It is a big step in getting connected with my audience. Thank you for all of your inspiration over the years. I have my hard copy of Crazy Sexy Kitchen right here, the recipes that I have tried are delicious and you did such a good job on the design of it! Thank you for the permission to brag, be well. Ann
    Grab your free guide here:

  157. Chay says:

    Hi Kris & Readers!

    I recently launched a book called The Art of Mystery Dating, you can get it here: My husband wrote the book and I wrote commentary in it. It’s a super fun dating method to add surprise or novelty to regular date nights. It definitely adds a spark and a ton of laughter – we love them. Our friends who have started Mystery Dating with their boyfriends/girlfriends or husbands/wives think they are fabulous. There are different ways to create a Mystery Date and it’s outlined in the book – I do caution that only 1 person in the relationship read the book as there are over 100 different Mystery Date ideas and this way it will be kept a surprise. Kris – if you organize a Mystery Date with your husband – please let me know it goes! The book takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour to read! It’s a light, fun read with a lot of executable ideas. Oh yeah – I almost forgot a cute story that goes along with it…the book is PG 😉 and we recently let our 9 year old daughter read some of it and this is what she said, “Mom – i didn’t get some parts of the book but I will say this…when I get married, my husband is getting a copy!” I still chuckle when I think of this. I am quite good at marketing others successes but realize that when I put something out there that is 100% mine, I feel a lot less confident. Kris – your blog post came at a great time for me. Keep up your fabulous work!

    • Wende says:

      Great article. Chay, is there a paper edition of your book coming out? I was ready to order through Amazon but only saw the Kindle version.


      • Chay says:

        Hi Wende – thank you so much! Right now it’s only available for Kindle. I am in the process of figuring out if I can sell pdf through Amazon. I really appreciate your words of encouragement. I’ve only mentioned the book on here today and so far today is our biggest selling day by far! So if any of Kris Carr’s readers bought the book today – I am so appreciative and I hope to hear about your Mystery Dates 🙂

    • Candi says:

      Love this! Congratulations and thank you! My copy is downloading as we speak.

  158. I’ve always had in the back of my mind to write a book but just never put anything down on paper. Well…fast forward to today. I am co-authoring my first book which goes to the publisher tomorrow!!! My co-author, Riley Cote, AHL Assistant Coach for the Lehigh Valley Phantoms, and I are passionate about providing the athlete and everyone alike information towards eating clean and empowering you to make healthy choices.
    Quick question for you Kris…would you be willing to read our book and provide a quote for the back cover. It would mean the world to me.
    Thank you for any consideration!!
    Continue with your health, wellness and happiness!

  159. Wal Herring says:

    Great Article! I have also been recently been putting this into action, i learnt a good trick from Jack Canfields Success Principles – every night before you go do bed – go through all your wins in front of the mirror, then follow up with ‘i love you’. I have been doing this for a two weeks now and really feel it is helping me live is a better space. I would like to brag today that I am happy – true inside happiness. It rocks!

  160. Relatively new to my company and I have advanced EVERY month. I get to share with others and help empower women. I never knew it would be so much fun and so inspiring to help others reach their goals. My victories may be small right now, but they are opening the doors to more! I have so much more confidence now and always surround myself with positive as well as only share the positive. I love attracting like minded people and it just empowers me more. Perfect timing on this article and I’m still working on ME 😉

  161. For years I was caught up in the comparison trap, and I’ve thankfully reached a place where I am so happy with my life that I can truly be happy for others when amazing things happen to them. It’s such a great feeling!

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