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How to Heal Your Gut with Dr. Will Bulsiewicz

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If your gut had a spokesperson it would 100% be my incredible guest today! In this episode, we’re deep diving into the world of gut health with Dr. Will Bulsiewicz, a board-certified gastroenterologist, leading expert on the microbiome, and author of The Fiber Fueled Cookbook. He shares his valuable insights on why caring for your gut is so important for your overall well-being. 

We talk about all things related to poop and gut health, from how it affects your immune system and mood to the best and worst practices. Dr. Bulsiewicz also gives you practical advice on making small changes to your diet that lead to massive results. Your relationship with your gut is so crucial for thriving, and Dr. Bulsiewicz is here to inspire and empower you to nurture it!


– (7:27) Everything that’s possible when you have a healthy relationship with your gut

– (13:59) Advice for being empowered to talk to close-minded doctors 

– (15:55) The best practices for your gut and how to navigate the produce aisle 

– (25:03) The worst practices for your gut and the truth about alcohol 

– (31:45) Why the gut microbiome is an ecosystem that you need to nurture 

– (36:45) The supplements you should be taking for your gut

– (40:43) The importance of looking at your poop

– (48:34) How your emotion state relates to your gut 

– (54:29) Tips for starting to pay attention to your gut

Key Quotes From the Show

“95% of Americans are not consuming enough fiber. I would start there. Just simply add more plants.”

“We shouldn’t feel bad about talking about poop when it’s such an important part of describing what’s going on with our microbiome.”

“If we want to optimize brain health, our plan should include working on your gut. If we want to optimize gut health, our plan should include working on your brain and your emotional state. So we shouldn’t leave one alone, we should rise the tide on both.”

The Mighty Microbiome: Your Body’s Hidden Superpower

Did you know that the most important part of how we function as humans isn’t even human? Dr. Will breaks down the incredible partnership we have with the microorganisms in our gut and how they influence everything from our digestion to our mood. We explore the evolutionary journey of our gut microbiome and why diversity in your gut ecosystem is the key to resilience and health.

Kris and Dr. Will Bulsiewicz in Studio

Gut Health 101: What Does “Healthy” Look and Feel Like?

We demystify what it means to have a thriving gut. Dr. Will shares insights on the signs of a happy, healthy gut and how improved gut health can boost your energy and mental clarity. Spoiler alert: the benefits go way beyond digestion!

Ready to give your gut some love? Dr. Will’s top recommendations include:

  • Embracing the Power of Plants: Learn why fiber is your gut’s best friend and how to add more plant diversity to your diet.
  • Starting Low, Going Slow: Discover how to train your gut like a muscle, gradually increasing your fiber intake for long-term success.
  • Understanding Prebiotics, Probiotics, and Postbiotics: Unpack the “biotics” and learn which supplements might benefit your unique microbiome.

The Mind-Gut Connection: A Two-Way Street to Wellness

We dive into the fascinating brain-gut axis, exploring how stress and emotions can manifest as digestive issues. Dr. Will shares inspiring patient stories of transformation through gut healing, emphasizing the power of addressing both physical and emotional health for optimal wellbeing.

Poop Talk: Why It’s Time to Look in the Bowl

Get ready for some straight talk about… well, poop! Dr. Will explains why your bowel movements are a window into your gut health (yes, we go there!). Learn about the importance of transit time and what it can reveal about your overall health. Discover why looking in the bowl can be your first step in understanding your gut microbiome.

Your Next Steps: From Surviving to Thriving

We wrap up with actionable advice to help you start your gut health journey. Learn how to gradually increase fiber and plant diversity in your diet, understand the potential benefits of digestive enzymes, and discover where to find Dr. Will’s resources, including his books and new prebiotic supplement.

Remember, thriving isn’t about perfection – it’s about progress. By nurturing your gut health, you’re taking a powerful step towards feeling more energized, balanced, and truly alive. Are you ready to transform your health from the inside out? Let’s do this!

To a happy, healthy gut,


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