Change Your Habits, Change Your Life (video)

Hiya Gorgeous!

Today I want to chat about something that’s come up a lot lately: habits. This simple little word is just six letters long, but it holds oh-so-much meaning.

Many of us know where to begin with creating healthy habits. We know what we want to do differently and which practices will help us accomplish our goals. Plus, the promise of a better way of living (and feeling!) can be so inspiring—there’s just something super energizing about the potential to experience more of our glorious lives.

But what about sticking to those wonderful practices once we develop them?

When Healthy Habits Come… And Go…

This is often the biggest challenge that gets in the way of making our healthy habits stick. I’ve heard so many stories from people who commit to eating more veggies, going to the gym, meditating daily, etc., only to find themselves off track (and deflated) just a couple days later.

Oh boy, have I been there—and maybe you have, too. Many of us know what it’s like to be excited and proud of an awesome new routine. It fills us with hope. And that’s what makes it especially hard when the momentum slows down and we start beating ourselves up for not following through. Sometimes our inner voices are not our cheerleaders, ya know what I mean?

But here’s the thing: It’s not your fault. You’re not lazy or uncommitted (or whatever you might say to yourself in those difficult moments) because this is not about willpower. You just need the right tools to keep those wonderful healthy habits alive!

5 Tips for Making Healthy Habits Stick

In today’s video I’m sharing my five must-have tips to make your habits stick and lead to results. You might be surprised how easy it is keep up the momentum and achieve your goals once you’ve got these tricks in your back pocket.

Press play to watch now!

Remember: You can do anything you put your mind to. The only question is, what do you want? Aim high and don’t be afraid to go BIG, sweetheart. And if you’re not sure that you can stick with it, then trust me instead. Because I know you can, and I’m so excited to see you succeed!

Your turn: Did this video resonate with you? If so, which of these habits will you take for a spin or do you already do? Let us know in the comments below. And if you have some healthy habits tips, please share!

Peace and momentum,

Kris Carr

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