How to Make Meditation Super Easy (video)

Hiya Gorgeous!

Whenever I feel a little off or anxious, it’s usually a sign that I’ve neglected my inner life. Instead of searching for the next book, blog or trend, I know I just need to sit my tush on the cush and go inside.

The world will always make us feel like the answers are out there. But you and I both know that the opposite is true. Your ability to realign yourself by turning inward is your superpower, and helping you do that more is the goal of today’s video.

Meditation has been a grounding force in my life for over a decade. It calms my mind, soothes my nervous system and reduces stress. Meditation will do that for you and more, it will also empower you to follow your dreams, achieve your goals and feel your very best—no matter what life throws at you this glorious year!

Click play and let’s walk you through some easy practices to demystify meditation so that it’s both doable and enjoyable. No need to over think it, be intimidated by it or blow it off, yet again. Meditation is medicine, my friends. So let’s start feeling better, asap!

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • What meditation is really about (it may not be what you think!)
  • Proper posture and position
  • 4 simple techniques to ground and guide you
  • And why a regular practice will transform you

So make sure to watch the video and then talk to me. I want to hear from you and I’ve got a little challenge for ya, to help jump start your progress.

Your turn: In the next 24 hours, I want you to take 10 minutes and give one of these practices a try. Let me know you’re up for the challenge by dropping a comment below and saying, “I’m in”!

I love you and I want the best for you this year—body, mind and spirit. Let the meditation begin. xo!

Peace and deep breaths,

Kris Carr

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