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The Spotlight Crash Course

Catapult your inspired biz into the spotlight.

The Spotlight Crash Course is my exclusive bonus for all Crazy Sexy B-Schoolers who enrolled (by March 4, 2013) through my link AND complete Marie Forleo’s entire B-School program — an 8-week online training program that shows you, step-by-step, how to build a unique and profitable brand.

If you’d like to learn more about B-School, listen to my telemastermind call with Marie below. You can no longer get access to The Spotlight Crash Course, but if you’d like to be the first to know if I offer it again, enter your name and email above.

Your message matters. Take it to the next level with The Spotlight Crash Course.

The Spotlight Crash Course is a six-part lecture series offering invaluable advice and action steps from me and today’s top strategists, coaches, professionals and deal makers in the media and publishing industries. (You’ll get 6 downloadable audio files that you can listen to anytime, anywhere.)

You’ll learn how to connect, leverage and present yourself in the best possible way. I’m pulling back the curtain and sharing every drop of knowledge and experience I’ve gathered over the years because I want you to shine when you step into your own spotlight.

Kris Carr Dr Oz Oprah

Here’s a taste of what you’ll learn:

  • How to write and deliver a show-stopping keynote (and overcome your fear of public speaking).
  • The secrets to nailing that BIG interview whether it’s Oprah or your favorite blogger.
  • How to land a book deal & thrive in today’s publishing industry.
  • You got the deal, you wrote the book, now what? How to build a NY Times-worthy book launch campaign from the bottom up.
  • Your co-pilot for navigating the land of the stars (aka agents). What to expect from literary & TV agents, plus how to find them.
  • When is it time to work with a publicist and how to make the most of the experience.
  • And so much more …

Want in? Here’s how to get access:

b-school bonus

The Spotlight Crash Course is currently only available to those who enrolled in B-School by March 4, 2013 using the link in my newsletter or through my website.

B-School Enrollment and access to The Spotlight Crash Course is now CLOSED.

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If you’d like to learn more about B-School, listen to my call with Marie below.

What Crazy Sexy B-School Babes Are Sayin’


Jia Ni Teo, Holistic Health Coach

Before B-School, I was lost and unsure about where I was heading. Six months later, I now have my own holistic health and life coaching business. The comprehensive education that Marie imparts makes all this possible. Most importantly – I have a community of babes who truly understand and support me! I have even collaborated with people I once only admired from afar! Above all, I know that I’m living my soul’s purpose to empower others to live a happy healthy abundant life.


Mary Latham, Photographer

After completing B-School, my new marketing abilities totally changed my photography business. I have gotten more clients and booked weddings in the Dominican Republic, Cape Cod, and Martha’s Vineyard – all locations I’ve never traveled to nor photographed! The best takeaway from B-School for me was the amazing community I found. Everyone gave constructive feedback, inspired and supported each other.


Erin Telford, Acupuncturist

I was in my second year of my acupuncture practice in Manhattan when I signed up for B-School. By the end of the program I had doubled my income and went on to reach 6 figures by the end of 2012. B-School gave me laser clarity around knowing who I wanted to work with and which services I wanted to provide. Writing website copy for my ideal client became simple, and I started to attract people who were ready to co-create major changes with me. I dropped services that I didn’t love and maximized my experience of joy and purpose in my daily work.


Sarah Ives, Veggie Educator & Coach Extraordinaire

During Marie’s B-School, I was amazed at how simple, yet extremely powerful the lessons were. I’ve since launched my first sold-out cleanse, increased visitors to my site by over 300 times, and I’m soon launching an online product and my second business. I no longer worry about silly things like what to offer, who to serve or competition. I feel satisfied and excited – giddy even – teaching people about the things I love: health, wellness and true vitality.


Betsy Trapasso, End of Life Guide & Advocate

As an end of life guide I help people die peacefully and my mission is to change how we view and do death. Marie Forleo and her professional yet uniquely fun B-School taught me how to turn my dreams into reality. Currently, I am producing a documentary about cultures that do not fear death as a way to help others address their fears. I am grateful to Marie and my fellow babes for their continued inspiration as I work to help and advocate for the dying and their families.


Carla Golden, Happiness Facilitator

Before B-School I was poorly managing three sites and gaining no traction. Through B-School I merged the sites into one, expanded, rebranded and now have one beautiful site that I built & manage myself, a growing list of subscribers and more enthusiasm and clarity than I ever could have anticipated. I have a “real job” now as a mom-preneur writing about nutrition, as a relaxation massage therapist and as an advocate for alternative healthcare. My life & schedule are completely flexible to accommodate my first loves: husband, child, pets and home. I can not recommend B-School enough.


Elisa Rodriguez, RD, Registered Dietitian, Author & Social Entrepreneur

Financially committing to B-School not only resulted in improved outcomes, it also represented the turning point when I began taking myself seriously as a nutrition professional and an entrepreneur. Since enrolling in B-School I’ve gained the confidence to restructure my business, to author and publish my first book and to launch my first training product. I’m now spending my time and energy on tasks I enjoy. I owe these gains to my B-School experience and Kris’s inspiring example!


Hilarie Deverell, Solopreneur

Phase 1. Gang-busting Chicago MBA feminist aiming for the corporate stars.
Phase 2. Stay-at-home mother of three feeling completely disconnected from any concept of “career” as I understood it when I graduated.
Phase 3. Dealing with cancer … Even more insecurities.
Phase 4. Taking a leap of faith – thanks to Kris’ endorsement – with B-School, which was inspiring, educational and most of all, reintroduced me to Hilarie-who-can-do-anything-she-sets-her-mind-to.
Phase 5. Consulting to multiple (and growing) successful women-owned small businesses, building a website and blog and working on big plans for expanding online my talent for sharing leadership with and lending skills to women whose passion for their business is lost in a quagmire.
That’s what I call a B-School success story – one that’s just begun.


Jenna Dalton, Success Coach, Speaker & Author

Before B-School my dreams of changing the world were coming to a screeching halt. I was struggling to make money. I thought I just wasn’t good enough and had started to look for a “real job.” Now, I no longer have to chase prospective clients because they come to me. My business has grown, transformed and provided me with the opportunity to live my dream life. But it’s not just my business that changed. B-School changed my happiness, my life, and I’m so grateful.


Nancie Vito, MPH, CHES, Life Coach

B-School is a perfect combination of concrete steps in addition to receiving tons of support from fellow B-Schoolers. I have new friends, regular accountability partners and attend monthly meet-ups with local B-School “babes.” Fellow B-Schoolers from around the world are always there to offer ideas, support and feedback. I am grateful for Marie for sharing her gifts, wisdom and generosity, and most of all for sending a message to let our own uniqueness SHINE!