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What’s in my fridge?

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Hi Sweet Friends,

My refrigerator is powerful. In fact, it has a direct link to my overall well-being.

This week I’m opening my doors in order to give you an in-depth look at my plant-happy haul.

Disclaimer: My fridge isn’t always this shiny and clean (I dolled it up for you). And it’s not usually this packed (I wanted to show you my favorite goodies all at once), but I do stock it up with whole, plant-based, deliciousness each week.

Whether you’re reaching for one of your favorite cookbooks or just winging it, do your best to keep a well-stocked arsenal of healthy ingredients at your disposal. At the very least, you’ll always be ready to whip up a green juice or smoothie.


Here are some of my beloved refrigerator staples:

Smoothies & green juices:

My husband and I share the juice and smoothie making responsibilities at Chez Carr-Fassett. We make enough to have two 12-oz servings of green drink per day, whether it’s two juices or two smoothies. Our recipes are often guided by what’s available in the fridge. Tip: Keep your smoothies low-glycemic by always using a 3 to 1 ratio: 3 veggies for every 1 piece of fruit.

Ezekiel flax bread:

Ezekiel is one of the least processed breads out there. They offer a wide range of choices, including gluten-free, sodium-free and yeast-free varieties. I love that they use sprouted grains and whole food ingredients — no artificial junk! You’ll find their bread products (everything from wraps to English muffins to rolls) in the frozen section. One of my favorite ways to eat Ezekiel bread is toasted with mashed avocado, freshly ground pepper, sea salt and a squirt of lime. Perfect for breakfast or a midday snack.

Earth Balance vegan butter:

I’m a fan of the bad-better-best approach to eating. Earth Balance falls into the better category for me. Yes, it’s processed, but it’s also a great plant-based alternative to dairy butter; plus it’s non-GMO, casein-free and trans-fat-free. You can also choose their soy-free butter if you’re sensitive to soy. I also love their coconut spread on my toasted hemp or flax waffles in the morning.

BONUS mystery leftovers!

I’m a leftover junkie. As I mentioned in my meal planning blog, I’m a double batch kind o’ cook because it saves me time and money. There are lots of ways to dress up your leftovers — wrap ‘em up, pair them with a salad, drizzle a fresh dressing or sauce on top or just heat them up and enjoy their second day goodness. Leftovers are a lifesaver, period.

Raw sauerkrauts:

Gut health is the key to overall health. Remember, 60-70 percent of your immune system lives there, so it’s great to keep some probiotic buddies in your fridge. Raw sauerkraut is packed with good bacteria that populate your gut and help keep bad, pathogenic bacteria at bay. Make sure you avoid vinegar-based and/or pasteurized varieties, since good bacteria is killed when sauerkraut is made with these guys. Hawthorne Valley Farm is one of my favorite brands, but there are many more out there. I often add a scoop of sauerkraut as a side at dinner or on my famous tempeh reuben sandwiches.

Field Roast Apple Sage vegan sausages:

Holy protein! Just one link of these delicious grain sausages delivers 26 grams of plant-based protein. They’re also great in pasta sauces, casseroles and as a hearty salad topper. If you’re transitioning to a plant-based diet, these sausages will make your life much easier and tastier.


These little flavor bombs are pickled buds from the caper bush. I like to keep them on hand for my quick and easy Penne a la Vodka recipe or when I need to add a little salty kick to any Mediterranean dish.


What can’t you do with an avocado? Salads, desserts, smoothies, spreads, wraps and the list goes on. Yes, avocados are high in fat, but it’s the good, heart-healthy kind — monounsaturated and polyunsaturated. Avocados are rich in B vitamins, which also support your cardiovascular health. If you don’t use the whole avocado, wrap up the leftover half (don’t remove the pit) and eat the rest within 24 hours. The green flesh may brown a little, but just scrape off the top and you’re good to go!


I use it in some way, every day. Lemons are alkalizing and help balance the body’s pH. They also support your detox-happy liver, and are high in Vitamin C (immune booster!). I probably go through at least 10 lemons a week (green juice, salad dressing, a spritz in my water, etc.). Pucker your way to good health by adding more lemons to your diet.


Kale is queen in our home. We always have a couple bunches in our crisper. This dark leafy is especially good in smoothies, salads and sautes. Kale is also a great source of vitamin K, helping you maintain strong bones. Whip up your own tasty creation with the Crazy Sexy Kale Salad recipe at the end of this blog post. Bon Apetit!

Flax oil:

Flax oil (made from flax seeds) is high in omega-3’s, which promote healthy brain function. It’s also an anti-inflammatory food. Make sure you buy cold-pressed, organic flax oil in a dark bottle and store it in the fridge, since light and heat may turn the oil rancid. I like Barlean’s brand, but there are many other quality flax oils available. Since flax oil is sensitive to heat, I use it mostly in salad dressings and smoothies.


Using fresh herbs makes a world of difference in your meals — hello flavor! Parsley is a frequent visitor in my fridge. You’ll love the zing it adds to Crazy Sexy Kitchen’s Chickpea Crepes. Check out its guest appearance in the Crazy Sexy Kale Salad recipe below.

Organic Nectars Cacao powder:

Sometimes I need a pick-me-up in the afternoon, so instead of reaching for the coffee pot, I add a scoop of raw cacao to a green smoothie. Cacao is also perfect for creating delicious plant-based desserts. Chocolate Coconut Ice Cream, anyone?

There you have it, friends. An inside look at my fridge. I hope it gives you a clear understanding of a few of the foods I choose to support my health and tease my taste buds. Recognize any of your favorites in there?

Your turn: Let me know about your must-have fridge foods in the comments.

Peace & crispers,

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  1. Rachel says:

    Hi there, Please let me know what kind of fridge this is.

  2. Dear Kris,
    So excited to get your copy of Crazy sexy juice!!,
    I have a different system in that I have had my entire large intestine removed and have a J pouch ( years of ulcerative colitis) I see a naturopathic physician and am doing well but I have a delicate G I system and wondered what your thoughts were about this. I have juiced for years with some lapses in between… I also at age 53 am having hormonal fluctuations that are causing skin issues ( a type of rosacia) any suggestions??? Thanks and good luck with the new book

  3. nicol says:

    Hi Kris,
    What’s the best way to transition from a juice cleanse to eating healthy without putting on weight.
    Much Gratitude,

  4. Erin says:

    Hey Kris,
    LOVE your blog. I’m a college student and while I havn’t made the full transition to veganism yet, I absolutely love to cook and shop at my local farmers market as opposed to eating at the dining halls here at my university. For the past year I’ve religiously tracked my daily calories and macronutrients, always traying to stay under 1,400 calories and 50 grams of fat per day and I tend to avoid most starchy carbs like bread/pasta/rice. I’m interested in trying a week of completely vegan eating, but I’m pretty nervous since a lot of vegan recipes seem to go pretty heavy on the grains and fats. I look at you, however, and admire your figure (sorry…that sounds kind of creepy!) and your glowing skin so I would assume part of that is diet related. I just wanted to know if you do track your daily calories and macronutrients (protein, fats, carbs) and if so, if you have any estimate for what those numbers would be for you? Also, how often do you workout given your type of diet and daily activity?

  5. I am in love with this article! I wish that my fridge looked like yours. I don’t have enough time to clean it or to cook and to put in it so fresh and delicious food but this is going to be changed. For this year I promised to myself that I am going to be more responsible as regards what I am eating. So, thanks a lot for the inspiration!

  6. anuja says:

    thanks for sharing useful tips/info. I just wanted to add something about leftovers. while they may seem to be both a time and money saver, ayurveda strictly prohibits eating left overs for health deteriorating reasons. food, once cooked should be consumed within 2 hours and latest within the day. it must never be reheated.

  7. Sybil says:


    This kale salad recipe looks great except for the avocado. Is there something similar I can substitute?

  8. Mary Foran says:

    LOVE the visual fridge! Thank you for posting this!

  9. Sarah Zitin says:

    Dear Kris,

    I hope you have the opportunity to read these, as I am earnestly wanting to contact you about my documentary on cancer survivors. I know you have your own documentary, and I am going to interview survivors around the country and get their stories on how and why they are surviving, their treatment protocols and their journeys.
    My sister is a survivor of 3rd stage non-hodgkin’s lymphoma and did chemo and massive natural treatments, most of which people know nothing about.

    I am an Author/Chinese Herbalist/Holistic Practitioner desperately wanting to get the word out about survival.

    As I speak around the country, I am always surprised by how many people don’t know how to heal a common cold, and how little they know about their own bodies.

    So I am inviting you to participate if you are interested, because your own journey is so powerful, inspirational and extraordinary. And if you talk, people listen and you can make a huge difference in their lives!

    Thank you for listening and look forward to hearing from you…

    Love, more love and peace,
    Sarah Zitin

  10. April says:

    Hi Kris

    I am new to your site and learning a lot about juicing. I see in your fridge you have a stock of green juices. I was under the impression that it was only good if you juiced you needed to drink it right away. How long can a batch of green juice keep in the fridge? Also, is there a green juice on the market that would be a good choice in a pinch?


  11. cristina says:

    It was a nice blog i wish my fridge also look like your fridge. I like the way you should share your thoughts with us it was really a nice stuff. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Ilsa Wolfe says:

    Oasis Zero Fat Mediterranean Medley Hommus is the food I cannot live without!
    It takes the place of peanut butter, mayonnaise, butter and sour cream for me.
    It can even be thinned down for a soup base!
    I add red pepper flakes and some rice vinegar (or lemon juice) stir in and keep in the refrigerator.
    I know you will enjoy it as much as I do.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  13. Kara says:

    You suggest lemon in water first thing in the morning. I have never been crazy about lemon in water. Could I substitute with lime? Thanks so much for all you do.

  14. Angela Parsons says:


    I love your fridge, some interseting new things i am not even sure we get in Aussie….

    some things i always have are:
    ‘flaxseed’ , coconut and olive oil, baby spinach, along with almond milk and cold water, is my MUST HAVE!
    In the cupboard is a differnt story – i have so many jars full of super food powders, nuts and seeds and basmati rice…. loving my healthy life and i love following your ideas 🙂

    Stay safe x

  15. Michael Paddon says:

    Hello, I have been doing some research on Kale and have heard that it along with some nuts and grains are not the best thing for you if you are susceptible to kidney stones. Any opinions would be appreciated.

  16. Dianna Roberts says:

    YOU ARE THE BEST KRIS CARR!!!!! You always put a smile on my face!!! Your spunk is quite contagious, I love your books and your personality!!! oh and I love your emails and website and…..well all you do!!! Keep it up…YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

  17. Laura McClelland says:

    I have been on the juicing thing for a week now I’m trying to make it another 3days. . Is there a different way to dr it up. I’m using kale apples, carrots, celery, lemon. I hate cucumber and… beets and my husband adds that his. O m g. That is gross. Lol… Thank you. Laura from florida

  18. Kristen says:

    So you make juice and smoothies ahead of time and store them? I thought it was important to drink them right away? I see miso in your fridge, what are some good ways to use it? Thanks!

  19. Verda Colina says:

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  20. MAY says:

    Hi Kris, you’re my inspiration! I’m 31 years old and found out I have endometriosis. I wanna be a vegetarian, I’m trying! Can you list all the anti-inflammatory food? I want to clean my fridge and stock it with healthy stuff. Thank you so much!

  21. Ines says:

    I am really embarrassed to ask , do you mind sharing where the lovely horse blouse is from? Where do you find such beautiful adornments? I would like to be a more consciously aware dresser and move to cottons & silks and natural fabrics and just adore the way you dress. Any suggestions of special shops you like to recommend? Thank you.

  22. Shanon says:

    I love seeing what’s in people’s fridges. I too love having some of those veggie sausages on had for quick dinners. Thanks for sharing all your yummy ingredients! 🙂

  23. Liza says:

    I hope for my fridge to look this good someday. I got snippy on your Facebook page because some people are just so judgemental with their “I’m a better vegan” than you attitude. This is a great picture and I aspire to be a more “clean” eater. Thanks for sharing your fridge 🙂

  24. What’s in Kris Carr’s Refrigerator? –

  25. Emily says:

    I always try to pack my fridge with as much organic vegetables as I can. Being a salad person this then really helps if I have to improvise. Ah, and some fresh yoghurt for dressing. So simple but so delicious.
    Anything else just comes and goes….

    P.S. I just Love your “Bonus mistery leftovers” label, that one definitely made my day!

  26. I just got your new cookbook, I love it! Love your fridge, I need to get mine a bit more organized. You have inspired me!

  27. Heather says:

    HI Kris,
    My daughter, who is six, and I love you! She calls you “that funny lady”, b/c of your book tour video from Crazy Sexy Diet, she especially loved your shoes…I’ve seen your documentary, saw you on Oprah the first time you were there, then on Super Soul Sunday, and read all your books. I am still taking baby steps on the road to vegetable haven, but am making progress. You and your fridge look great. I have some of the stuff in there, but am working on the vegan sausage and juicing. I don’t have a juicer, and don’t want a veggie smoothie, so I have to get over that hurdle. I do love Earth Balance, sometimes even when I have the option to use butter, I go for the EB instead. That is saying a lot for me!

    I have to admit the first thing I thought of when I saw the pic though, was what an adorable shirt you are wearing! Sometimes it’s just fun to share the girlie stuff. You look fantastic! Thank you for cotinuing to do what you do for prevention, good health, and those of us on the path. You really make the world a better place.


  28. Chelsie says:

    Hi Kris! I have been looking for a good recipe for a vegan reuben – I saw here you wrote about your “famous tempeh reuben sandwich” and even went and bought your book in hopes of you publishing it in there… well, it wasn’t in the but the book is gorgeous and I am more than happy with it but I’m still on the search for a vegan reuben recipe. Would you mind either posting or sending yours to me? Thank you so much!


  29. MARY says:


  30. Love your fridge! Exactly how it is supposed to be. Filled with Power food that makes yous thrive.

  31. siri jostad says:


    This is a really cool newsletter/blog post. You can get it all from looking at the pictures and there were numerous good nuggets. When you grow up with the traditional American diet, you have a vision and understanding that the frig looks like yours as a child. It’s refreshing to see one that is ‘totally clean’–a standard to reach. I particularly loved seeing how you do your green juices in the morning and store them with lids for the day. That’s an idea i can copy. Many thanks for all your goodness you spread to the world. Keep on keepin’ on.

  32. Kimberley says:

    Your fridge is very impressive! I haven’t really put much effort into how i keep mine stocked – but I can now really see the importance of having all that fresh and healthy food at hand. Thanks for the Kale recipe. I haven’t actually tried kale, so I will give it a go!

  33. dimpu says:

    Hi Karr, I throughly enjoyed reading your blog and iam glad i did. Excellent information about the food and it’s nutritional value. For sure will try the kale salad recipie . You are my inspiration. Keep up the great work .God bless and best wishes to you and your hubby.

  34. Nimrod E. M Christ Nimrod, Ph.D. says:

    Kris, We went to Our Whole Foods store today and guess what? There you were!!! Well, actually there your books were in all their glory, standing around the top of the salad bar. At the moment Kris your great recipes are a little too time consuming for this bachelor. But We did leave with a pound of your CRAZY SEXY KALE SALAD KRIS!!!

    That is what is in Our fridge along with some frozen vegetables, Almond milk, apple juice, water, grapes and green tea which We mix with and dilute the apple juice, also adding a scoop of Whey or Soy Protein powder. We also eat quite a bit of no-salt Tuna salad w/onions, frozen vegetable and cayenne pepper, with a sprinkle of actual flax “seeds” which comes to 2-1/2 oz. of Tuna a day when We make it. (It last for two days usually. Maybe one day at times depending.) Yum, yum. That is some of what We eat Kris. We know there is plenty of room for improvement. And We always LOVE to improve in all that We do Kris.

    No doubt your CRAZY SEXY KALE SALAD will be delicious Kris. We have trained our Mind and Body to eat once a day, in the evening time, except on gym day when We eat as We leave for the gym and then eat again after Our intense workout. It is like a daily fast to get Our Mind closer to God Our father. We even pray in the gym Kris, around the muscle-heads, but not to the muscle heads. Just Our space, Our moments. We truly LOVE going to the gym. You could say that I AM small on the outside, but gigantic on the inside, in Our Spirit, where it truly counts Kris.

    So right now, on this non-gym day, the main thought in Our Mind is “Evening time hurry up and come!!!” Why? We want to eat you CRAZY SEXY KALE SALD KRIS!!! God is LOVE. God LOVES YOU as you know Kris. Peace & Happiness :o)

  35. Kim says:

    I cannot live without Almond Milk in my fridge!

  36. Carmen says:

    Ahhh this is so inspiring to me. I only have one jar of saurerkraut in my fridge. My staple food is hummus!

  37. Carol Milne says:

    Hi Kris,
    I do a fair bit of reading and I had been using kale in juices but I have recently read that cruciferous vegetables such as, broccoli,kale,cabbage,cauliflower,turnip,bok choy, brussell sprouts,among others if eaten raw block the production of thyroid hormone. So I don’t add these any more, I make sure that I eat them cooked.

  38. How great to look in your fridge …I am immediately getting on the green smoothie train…I love Kale, I always cook with a little olive oil and water, then toss with peanut sauce and raw almonds, its soooo yummy…can’t wait to try your recipe Kris Thanks for sharing.
    Peace, Wendy Griffin

  39. Julie Lawson says:

    I would love to make a batch of juice for a few days. But I thought you had to drink your juice immediately after juicing to get the benefits.

  40. jenny says:

    Awesome blog post! Chock full ‘o great info!

  41. KEALAILANI says:

    Aloha Kris!

    Thank You for sharing so many amazing tips and recipes! Love that you and the Hubby stock up and share the responsibility for the daily juicing… I wish I could get mine to do that!

    I’m still struggling to loose baby wight I gained during pregnancy… Our Son is 2 now… but I have to say your website & blog have been a great find for me… and have actually helped me to start shifting my diet… 30 more pounds to go and I’ll be a happy camper again!

    Where did you get that amazing shirt? We have 3 horses (2 rescue and one that is a retired rodeo horse)… and when we’re not playing at the beach with our toddler, then we spend all day loving up our furry friends… anyway… that shirt is just to awesome!


  42. Becky says:

    I like to melt 1/2 tablespoon of the coconut spread on my air popped popcorn. Delicious! Thanks for all you do!

  43. Libby says:

    I had no idea you were supposed to keep Apple Cider Vinegar in the refrigerator! I’ve been keeping mine in the cupboards for months. Any idea why it has to be refrigerated?

  44. Janet says:

    Hi Kris – LOVE this! My fridge is similar, but not quite so organized…. My new fav is my indoor kitchen garden. It used to host houseplants, but I cleaned it out and made it my indoor kitchen garden, filled with everything green: micro-greens, assorted lettuce, and bunches of herbs including parsley and cilantro. Every morning I take my little mesh colander and a pair of scissors and cut enough for my morning smoothie. What an awesome boost to start the day!

    My rowboat out back holds my kale, and other assorted greens:)

  45. Gena says:

    We have incredibly similar fridges! I’m particularly smitten with the Food for Life flax bread right now, too; I think it’s my favorite of their flavors/varieties. I’ve never thought about stocking capers, but they are very flavorful — something to keep in mind. Thanks for sharing with us 🙂

  46. Viosa says:

    Hi Kris,
    First of all thank you for sharing your story and giving courage to people that there is hope.
    My family and I started juicing few months ago and we love it. I feel guilty if I skip it even though sometimes I feel overwhelmed eating a balanced dinner and make the juice for the next day. My fridge has most of the items you have in a larger quantity and it is a mess in there. I was wondering if you can tell me exactly the brand of fridge you have because it seems just a perfect one for my kitchen.

    Thanks in advance!

  47. Felicia Sobonya says:

    Your fridge would not look like that if you were allergic or sensitive to soy.

  48. Earth Remedy says:

    Awesommmmmmmmmmmmmmme! Love seeing a fridge like mine! I don’t do the butter though.

  49. Daniella says:

    Hi Kris!
    Love this article, by the way! I notice that you have items in your fridge that I normally keep in the pantry, such as raw cacao, apple cider vinegar, honey, maple syrup, and hemp seed. Should I be moving these items to the fridge?

    Many Thanks!

  50. Mikie says:

    How long do the green smoothies keep for in the fridge? My roommates have been complaining about me using the blender in the early morning.


  51. Julie says:

    Hi Kris,

    I have a been a huge fan for years, following your blog, tv.v appearances, books, etc. I am confused about something, I was hoping you can clear up. I know you have commented on Gluten in the past(in blogs and in CSD). I know you have mentioned you eat Rye on occasion because it has less gluten, the sausages have gluten, and also the Ezekial bread has gluten. How much do you eat? Daily? A few times a week? There is so much info out there about how bad gluten is, just wondering what your approach is when putting it in your diet regime.



  52. Cassie says:

    I really want to start doing the juicing/smoothies. What is a good affordable machine to look at purchasing? Thanks!!!

    • Earth Remedy says:

      Get the Breville $99 juicer on Amazon! We got that for traveling and on the go – it’s smaller, easy to use and waaaaaaaay easier on the wallet. The one that stays on our counter was $350. But the $99 version you can find on Amazon.

  53. Dawn says:

    Two of my favourite things to have on hand are kale and avocado. I love using kale as a base for smoothies or to use in soup, to lightly steam and add to other dishes etc. I eat avacado almost every day! I love it in salads, I make awesome smoothies with dates, nuts and rice milk, I have it with tacos, as a garnish, you name it, I will find a way to use it!!

    If you like kale, check out Kris’s Cinnamon Sweet Potato & Kale Delight. It is so good, I made it two times this week. It has also inspired me to start a binder of “keeper” and favourite recipes to pull out anytime. Enjoy!!

    ps. For those of you using frozen kale, I think it would work fine for the recipe mentioned above. I am jealous as we don’t have frozen kale in Canada and sometimes it is almost impossible to find it at all!!

    • marie says:

      Hi Dawn,

      I’m from Canada and buy frozen kale from either Loblaws/ Super Store or a local organic health food store. The brand we buy is called Cookin Greens. You can even take what you need and reseal it. It’s great for adding to other foods like soups, stews, stir fries and even smoothies. There are other choices from them as well. It’s not organic but you use what you can.

      Good luck

  54. Rachel says:

    Love the article and the tips! very helpful. silly question…where did you get your shirt? I love it!

  55. Jen says:

    I see your green juices/smoothies are in mason jars. How far in advance do you prepare these? How long do they stay fresh?

  56. Steph says:

    I love this sneak peek into your fridge! I see lots of similarities between yours and mine 🙂 Have you done a post before on ways to save at the grocery store? I’d love to see more on that, especially because many specialty products are expensive. I love how you encourage us to use leftovers-I hate to waste food!

  57. Cindy Herrick says:

    Hi Kris

    Love your book and admire your strength and positive outlook dealing with life’s ups and downs.

    Just wondering if there is any benefit to having smoothies at night before bed rather than a jump start in the morning. Getting home from work and exercise class I am often drained and just want to do the simplest thing. It would be easier to digest in the night as well wouldn’t it? I tend to go to bed early, like by 9:00′ since I get up so early. Any thoughts?

    • Kris Carr says:

      Cindy — smoothies are terrific at night. As long as you’re getting enough nutrition through out the day, a smoothie is very easy to digest — which means it would give your body a rest while you sleep and repair.

  58. Therese says:

    my must have fridge foods: sun-dried tomatoes, olives, almond milk, roasted sweet potatoes, red pepper, cilantro, basil leaves, tomatoes, butternut squash and maple syrup! yummy! let the feast begin! 🙂

  59. Eve says:

    My fridge isn’t bad, but yours is better. Your lovely, smiley picture is going up on my fridge to inspire a bit of a step up! x

  60. Kandy says:

    When I make a green smoothie (mine are all veggies) and am ready to wash the container I fill it up with water and water my plants with it. They are green, lush; very happy and completely vegetarian!!!! I had a couple plants that I thought were gone for good and this mixture revived them.

  61. Rea Nolan says:

    Hey Kris:

    love your books and blog! And fan-fabulous website!
    How about giving us tips on growing your own organics as we’re approaching the seeding season!

    Thanks so much!

    ps — ever heard of Marion Woodman? wrote about her survival of uterine cancer in a book called “Bone – Dying Into Life”

    • Kris Carr says:

      Thank you Rea! I saved the link you posted, looking forward to watching it later. Love when my peeps turn me onto new things. 🙂

  62. Connie says:

    Love that! What kind of fridge do you have with no freezer? I need one like that for all my produce that I can’t find room for. Thanks for posting this, Kris. Love!

  63. kriya says:

    hi kris: i, too , am/was a huge raw kale fan.. use/d it as a staple.. however, i just read in donna gates’ “body ecology diet” that raw kale weakens the thyroid.. could you comment on this please.. ??
    you, rock, girlie!!! xo kriya
    ps your refrigerator is so NEAT!

  64. Patty Henrichsen says:

    Hi Kris,

    You are quite inspirational to me, and I want to thank you for sharing all of this wonderful, inspiring, information with us. Thank you! I love your fridge! It looks so familiar. 🙂

    I’m wondering, if you can make any suggestions on something I struggle with. When ever I lean towards juicing more (your Make Juice Not War juice is my favorite green go-to juice) I run in to this challenge where it’s hard to keep the massive quantities of veggies in the fridges if I want to shop on a weekly basis. Also, it feels a little overwhelming, and pressure, to have such a volume of fresh greens in the fridge. (You know juicing takes up so much more than when I’m eating and “smoothieing”). Do you have any ideas or suggestions, or can you share your method for always having enough fresh greens for your juices? Or is that why you alternate green juice with green smoothies, to keep it a little more feasible.

    Also, ok, this isn’t THAT important, BUT, where did you get that CUTE outfit?! I love it!! Even the jeans, they are solo cute. And, the shirt and boots….adorable!!

    Much love,

  65. Annette says:

    Kris your the bomb 🙂 hehe you make living healthy so easy, thanks again for all the great info. Wanted to adopt Enzo but he was taken yea!!!!!

  66. Just wanted to let you know how powerful you book was for me. Reading your story and the humor with which you tell it has made me unable to survive without a green juice once of twice a day, and when hungry snacking on almonds constantly…..I have not given up chocolate or coffee before a soul cycle class, but to crave veggies the way I do at nearly 50 is thanks to you…… I have been genetically very lucky, and most people think I am closer to 40 than 50 but barely eaten vegetables my whole life, but with the knowledge you have given me, and the sense of change I feel within myself will hopefully make my insides match my outside. I remember Salma Hayek personally trying to sell me her juice cleanse, having known he body from after pregnancy and seeing it transform into perfection afterwards, but even that did not change my eating patterns. So again know that your writing is powerful, the humor and direct approach resonated with me for sure……and the combination of Soul cycle instructors and eating healthy is making me a fitness fanatic. I also saw a lady reading your book on the subway this week, I mentioned I had read it too and she smiled and said how it was her fourth time reading it…..
    Thank you

  67. Stefanie says:

    I recognize all the products in your fridge except the gray container to the left of the coconut spread on the top left. Is that “sour cream” or “cream cheese”? Just strangely curious…

  68. Kelly says:

    Your fridge is so pretty! I just found your blog a couple of weeks ago and am finding all kinds of fun information. While I have not gone veg yet, my 11 year old daughter has and I am looking for ways to make sure she is getting the variety she needs in her diet. Thank you for the help your website has given me.

  69. Jess says:

    Hi Kris,
    Love your blogs, etc. and thanks for sharing your fridge with us, sooo intersting! I have many of the same things….love the coconut spread but worry because its not unrefined. Also, wondering about eating/juicing raw cruciferous vegies like Kale…….. I have heard a couple experts say that when raw they can disrupt the thyroid and I have Hashimoto’s so just wondering where to find the truth on that subject? I was at Bock Integrative last week but didn’t run into you, DRATS! 🙂 Best to you, Jessie

  70. Diane says:

    Wow this puts my fridge to shame. Definitely something to aspire to…

  71. Rebecca says:

    My refrigerator contents looks almost identical to yours. I use the same earth balance vegan spread, have smoothie and juicing veggies/ fruit , avocado, etc etc.

    But i’ve never tried Field Roast Apple Sage vegan sausages: …those look good. I’ll have to try Raw sauerkraut too. What a fun post. I loved seeing what you have in your fridge.

  72. Hi Kris,
    Your fridge looks wonderful. I love the size too!!
    Raising 4 teens on a vegan diet, it helped me to have lots of shredded veggies in there as well. Containers of red peppers, purple cabbage, lots of carrots and clean baby spinach or salad greens, helped me ramp up salads, sides and stir-fries. My boys used to reach in and add any number of these goodies when they were making sandwiches, omelets or even burritos. With a decent food processor, it only takes a few minutes a week, to have these at your fingertips.
    Keep up your amazing work!

  73. laurali says:

    I have added green juice in different variations and it’s helped me alot especially with a mineral difficientcy i was batteling due to extended and heavy bleeding during broke my ice chewing- a symptom of low iron.yea !!
    my husband cannot eat like this though-he is working hard in the constuction industry ten hours a can a man that works like that live on veggies,bread and juice?he needs strengh and a” mamby pamby” diet as he calls it, does not fill him or sustain him through out the day !

    • Eve says:

      My boyfriend is a builder – specialising in Rammed Earth. He’s got the hottest body, can outwork guys on his team who are half his age and no on can believe how old he is when they find out his real age. Plus he surfs and is a skateboarder. He is one ageless, handsome man – if that’s anything your beloved might like to be, then he might want to check out a vegan diet a little more 🙂

  74. Michèle Marttala says:

    Dear Kris,

    I’ve been wanting to right to you for a while, but did not have the words to express myself. After all, how do you tell someone you don’t know that they have saved your life! You are probably saying “What the F*&*?” Let me explain… I am a 44 year old woman fighting IBC stage IV (inflammatory breast cancer). I was told that this is a rare cancer, just like you, and that my chance of survival was 18 months to five years. In my town, I’m the second person to have this type of cancer in 15 years (the other woman passed within six months)! My first response was ” What the fuck?” My second reaction was to fire the oncologist that already chose to put an expiration date on MY life! To make a very, very long story short, I chose to do look for alterative therapy as well as continue with another oncologist that was a little more optimistic. Then I found you, my angel, my inspiration! How did I find you, you asked, since I’ve never met you… you book “Crazy sexy cancer tips” WOW! Good thing it was the first book I read on Cancer! At that point you became my coach, my garu (is that a word), my inspiration and also my friend! I have now been on this quest for two years and am doing amazing! Life has somewhat return to normal except for my food choices. Looking at your fridge is like looking at mine! Very interesting! I juice every day…I mean every day two to three times! I cannot live without my green juice! My staple at every meal is salads….who new how many different salads you can make in a year! But the truly inspiring thing is the influence I’ve had on others around me, six of my co-workers are juicing every day and many of them have change their eating habits because they see me go! They are now calling me the energizer bunny on green juice! Most of them cannot believe that I am a stage IV cancer survivor (and I say survivor because I truly believe I’ve cured myself with nutrition, meditation and alternative therapies). Don’t get me wrong, I still have cancer but I’m not giving it any power to do any more damage in my body! So all this to tell you THANK YOU for being you, for being my friend! Your greatest dream was to be on Oprah, mine would be to met you face to face, but for now, reading your blogs and following your journey has been my life line and I truly mean it when I say YOU HAVE SAVED MY LIFE!

  75. Rebecca says:

    Kris what a gorgeous fridge pic! Because I live on a cruise ship my must have list has become extremely prioritized: Almond butter, kombutcha, fresh juice when I can get it, date rolls and hummus!

  76. Susie says:

    Hi Chris,
    It’s so interesting seeing what other people keep in their fridges!. I love Parsley too, use it in juices, salads, on steam fry veggies and love eating it on its own, helps to keep my breath fresh! I always keep parsley, romaine lettuce, cucumber, apples, celery and lemon in my fridge so I have something available for a tasty refreshing juice and sprouted lentils are another favourite to throw in or on salads, veggies or again just by the handful if I need a pick me up snack!

  77. Susan Schiller says:

    The one thing I just started using and love it is Coconut Manna!!! I love it mixed into a green drink or smoothie, and it is good for you!!

  78. Julie says:

    All of your above (greens galore!) plus low sugar fruits like lemons, green apples and grapefruits, liquid chlorophyll, chia seeds, hummus, Tahini, Kombucha drinks and always some sort of creative raw cacao concoction!

  79. Amanda says:

    Earth balance vegan butter unfortunately has PALM OIL in it, making it a very poor choice from an environmental perspective, since the use of palm oil leads to deforestation and destruction of habitat for the rainforest and its inhabitants. They few that are still remaining due to PALM OIL crops in Indonesia, are fighting for their existence but the increasing demand for palm oil are leaving many of, them,especially the orangutang to face extinction….. Skip the Earth balance vegan butter, as long as they continue to use palm oil in their products!

  80. HeatherLeigh says:

    love how you broke this down! and thanks for the recommendation on the Ezekiel flax bread, i have been looking for a better bread option!

  81. What kind of fridge is that? Make/model? I love the shelves!!

  82. Lori says:

    I love it! I’m going to try Ezekiel bread instead of Udi’s. And your pink shirt! OMG gorgeous!

  83. Nancy Monteith says:

    Thank you Kris. I am new to your web site, and learning great things. I needed a boost in nutrition #101, and I am delighted with your generous help.

  84. Linda Nedderman-Eaton says:

    I have to say that my fridge looks much different than yours. No processed foods at all. Lots of salad greens, eggs, lots of fresh veggies, and a chicken. No fruit, no breads, no wheat, no gluten. No processed soy or grain based veggie proteins. No Flax oil. Instead I take fish and Black currant seed oils and some walnut oil

    Some whole organic quinoa, buckwheat, and brown rice in the second freezer which is also full of organic frozen veggies like broccolli, cabbage, kale, butternut squash asparagus, and more.

    I do make fresh veggie smoothies every day with pea or brown rice protein. No fruit in my smoothies at all. Cannot handle even that level of sugar. Just lots of fresh greens, plus organic frozen veggies, a bit of organic olive oil and some protein powder.

    I do do avocados though! Yum. No more than one avocado a week for me, however. Too allergic.

    There are many ways to eat healthy. Thanks for the blog. Teaching people to eat healthy is a passion of mine as well. Went back to school to study Nutrition, the sciences and herbalism to learn more.

  85. Jacqueline says:

    I have all of this stuff too!! Even the same brands…twinsies!

  86. John says:

    My concern is about vegan butter. Wouldn’t that clog your arteries the same way regular butter would?

  87. Farrell says:

    Interesting and informative article.

  88. You realize you’re in angel incarnate, Kris! I’m a 64+ year-old woman who has been vegetarian for 40 years (lacto-ovo, though, with too much chocolate and ice cream added in) and I’ve lost 20 lbs. of “unlosable” post-menopausal weight with your wonderful vegan smoothies and other delectables that make those loud, insatiable sugar demands very, very quiet. I have the good fortune to be a California gal and am truly spoiled and know it whenever I travel and try to find anything edible. LOVED your refrigerator and am over half-way there with those staples…unfortunately, it’ll never look THAT organized.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for tying up all that information that I’ve found in bits and pieces over the years into one, tidy little book. (I’ve sent it to everyone in my family and I generally don’t proselitize.)

  89. Erika says:

    Sorry for going deep into your fridge but what is the benefit of vegenaise? I try to stay away from condiments, except for mustard, and like to use like avocados instead, but I see vegenaise all the time in the store. Is this just for a less dry sandwich or are there hidden benefits?


  90. Jacqueline says:

    Great Blog Kris. It is a Great visual of what it should look like!

  91. lor says:

    Do you have a freezer?

    • kris carr says:

      Yup. 🙂 It’s under my kitchen island.

      • lor says:

        Oh I love that it is separate. What do you suggest on juicing- If I juice and bottle it to the fridge, how long will it last and still be good?


        • KatFer says:

          I would like to know that as well.

          I have been taking a smoothie to work every day since October 2010 but the problem is that I have to make it the night before, partly so that I don’t have to get up any earlier than the 5:45 a.m. I already get up at, and partly so I don’t wake others with the noise of making the smoothie and the clean up afterwards. I typically make my smoothie at 8 p.m., immediately put it in a stainless steel container and drink it the next morning around 9:00 a.m. So, I wonder if after 13 hours the nutrition has diminished to the point of it not being worth my bother, or if I should continue making smoothies in the evening. I’m inclined to think that not everything diminishes as there are non-fresh elements, such as hemp hearts and chia seeds in it.

          Anyone have any thoughts on this?

  92. Cate says:

    Ironically I just thought about what you put in your fridge this weekend!!! I’m trying to eat a cleaner, more earth-grown diet, and become more aware of what I buy, eat and feed my family. I laughed to myself when I saw ketchup in my fridge and said, “I bet Kris Carr doesn’t eat this.” I need a W.W.K.C.E (What Would Kris Carr Eat) tattoo on my head.

    Thanks for sharing all your goodies, and for making me a healthy-happy goddess!!!

  93. Deborah says:

    Coconut butter. YUM EEEEE!!! Love it on lightly toasted Ezekiel bread. Coconut oil is heavenly to cook a curry with. And coconut mylk of course. Again for that curry to make it a bit creamy. Anything you want to be a bit creamy would benefit from a shot of coconut mylk. Fresh is best but I’m afraid to open those dang Thai coconuts. If someone could invent a little coconut guillotine, I’d be first in line to buy it. Anyone?

  94. Valerie says:

    Hi Kris,

    We eat three beautiful, fresh, mostly plant-based meals day, in weighed and measured portions at my house. We don’t eat any flour or sugar (of any kind).

    However, we are still using a microwave to reheat food. What do you suggest for reheating leftovers?

    Love & Light,


  95. After discovering your Crazy Sexy online drink recipe book I downloaded it, purchased A BlendTec and became hooked on daily green smoothies. I lost six pounds of belly fat in two weeks. I am one happy girl with lots of new found energy and a refrigerator full of green veggies. Thank you Kris, for improving my life.

  96. Hi Kris,

    Thank you for being such an inspiration to me! We have pretty much all the same things in our fridge but I would love to hear more about your thoughts on soy in a blog post possibly? I have been reading conflicting information which makes me want to eliminate it from my diet.

    My husband and I went vegan about a year and a half ago and since then added more soy protein but with that I’ve noticed a few changes in my body and am starting to think there is a correlation.

    Would love to hear more about your thoughts 🙂


  97. Julie says:

    Loved seeing inside your fridge… but would also love to know what type of fridge it is. I love the dimensions. Please share the brand and model with us!

    • Kris Carr says:

      Subzero. It was the only fridge we could find that was narrow and fit into that space. We have a separate freezer under our island. Hope that helps!

  98. Sue Rich says:

    Hi Kris
    my naturopath suggested that lemons in the north are not alkalizing. The reason being that when they are grown down south and reach ripeness on the tree they have absorbed all the minerals from the tree. When we live up north the lemons are taken from the tree not ripe and ripen in the boxes, and for that reason they remain acidic. Have you ever heard of that? I am torn
    Have a most awesome day 🙂

  99. In regards to flax oil, do you recommend filtered or unfiltered?


  100. Nancy says:

    Love your emails…thank you…I have just started juicing…can I pre-make a few and leave them in the fridge…and if so, for how long? Thanks for all of your advice.


  101. Nema says:

    Hey Kris,

    Thanks so much for sharing the amazing view of your fridge with your beauty just beside.

    I’m not a juice-maker (yet?), living in Switzerland; I am spoiled with the Biotta-Juice so I need to see four different of their vegetable juice bottles. I mix them together with fresh parsley and coriander. Mmmmhhhhh, just writing about it, brings saliva to my mouth 🙂 and one or two fruit juices, at the moment apricot and apple/raspberry.

    I need a pot of double crème de Gruyère – well, I am from Switzerland, which I put everywhere, from salad dressings to cooked vegetable. I swear it’s the best for the nervous system, beside of course breathing, moving and laughing.

    All else is coming and going, with the season and what my body ask to eat.

    Juicy greetings to you,

  102. Judy says:

    I would love the answer re keeping green juice/smoothies to drink during the day. Making extra and keeping it in the fridge would be lovely. On the other hand, I’m retired so getting into the habit of juicing twice a day is doable, too. You are such an inspiration, Kris! Love your books, and you are such a sparkly personality you always leave me smiling.

  103. Cindy says:

    This salad is my absolute favorite! So delicious and I never dreamed I would like eating raw kale!!

  104. Jaye says:

    To make it easier, I took a picture of your fridge with my camera phone. That way, I have a go to shopping list for my staples, along with a visual reminder of health. Thank you!

  105. Christine Skinner says:

    What kind of juicer do you use?

  106. benedicte Henschien says:

    love your blog, great information- thanks for sharing: )
    I would take a closer look at your sausages though- they contain yeast extract, which is basically another name for MSG- a neurotoxin. Check out this link for more information:
    I found this out the hard way- after years of health problems and finally landing in the hospital, i went to a functional doctor, found all my food intolerances etc. and got much much better, though some of my symptoms still persisted- nausea, headaches, shoulder and neck pains, stomach cramps- what was going on?
    One day i was eating something that contained non of my food intolerances, was vegan, and all of a sudden the symptoms came on heavy- i looked at the label and found a name that i didn’t recognize- yeast extract- did some research and found that it is another word for MSG!!!
    The food companies will tell you that it is not, but their reasoning is like saying cocaine comes from coco leaves which are natural and thus cocaine is natural and good for you too!
    Neurotoxins are dangerous and very detrimental to your health, and unfortunately a lot of vegetarian and vegan already made foods have them. Please be careful about what you eat: ) To your health!!

  107. Jeanne says:

    I also attended the Hippocrates Health Institute and I wanted your opinion on making green juice (with sprouts) ahead of time. It certainly would be a convenience but it is my impression that it degrades fairly fast. Do you not juice with sprouts any longer? Thanks so much.

  108. Patrizia says:

    This post just inspired me to clean out my fridge and arranged everything nicely:)

  109. Ines says:

    Hi Kris

    Just bought Crazy Sexy Kitchen and can’t wait to get started! Do you guys juice EVERY morning or do you juice every other day for example?
    Prep, masticating juicer and clean up takes SO LONG before work!


    • suzanne says:

      if you fill up your sink while juicing and a light plastic bag in de container you can put the plastic bag in de trashcan and the parts that shout be washed in the sink right after you juiced, you’te done within a minute

  110. Beverly Parmet says:

    so helpful to get me started; loved the Kale salad recipe-pls do more

  111. Wow – I love how clean your fridge is. Totally loving this image. Mine looks similar (except my fridge is 22 years old and needs some love). Only additions to my fridge are the foods the rest of the family eats (slowly coming around) and my juice bags which are pre-made washed and prepared bags of goodness for my daily green juice. This step saves me ten minutes in the morning so juicing, clean-up and consuming takes 20 minutes instead of 30.

    To your wellness and happiness, Jo-Ann

  112. Jo says:

    I LOVE the inside of your fridge! Clients often ask what frdge staples they should have to hand and right here is the perfect answer.
    THANKS Kris!

  113. Rick says:

    It’s a joy to learn from you and to be able to realize that living healthy can be simple, if and only if we believe in ourselves and love ourselves…this is what I am working on personally. I will share this post with my wife, so we can decide on alternatives that you have shown. Thank you.


  114. Leah Kiefer says:

    Hi Kris,
    I love your books and the green goodness that you share with world. I introduce you to all of my health coaching clients. Thank you for all you do!

  115. Kimberly says:

    I am totally addicted to crazy, sexy kale salad! I can eat the whole bowl by myself. My daughter wanted me to thank you for the pancake recipe, too…finally a breakfast she loves!!!!

  116. bridget says:

    Hi Kris…
    Thnx so much for letting us into your fridge! Just wondering about the sausages… I thought that a lot of the “fake meat” products were not that great due to sodium and some preservatives etc… is that brand a bit better??
    p.s. heard a funny story about some campers – bear raided their food and ate every crumb and even a piece of the cooler but left the veggie dogs untouched! ha!!

  117. Miranda says:

    I notice you have no freezer?

  118. I love umeboshi vinegar from Japan. It’s made from plums and is low glycemic. Apparently the most alkaline food in the world and sooooo delicious. Unfortunately I have just moved from NZ to Paris and haven’t been able to find any here yet? Just finding so much inspiration in your work and recipes. Do yo ever talk about candida? There is so much conflicting information out there it would be great to hear your thoughts on it and whether one should accept candida rather than fight it….Love to hear your thoughts…

  119. Naomi Liddell says:

    Kris! I have recently only just found you and your wonderful lifestyle. It’s true, I’m weaning myself off a lot of my more unhealthy choices. But I’ve had a serious family crisis recently and your ‘make juice, not war’ green juice has literally kept me standing.

    Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

  120. Vibeke says:

    Thanks for sharing with us!
    Since following you (2months) I’ve already got some healthy new fridge-habits that I’m really pleased with. ALWAYS cucumber, carrots, lemons, apples, sprouts, kale or spinach, ginger, beet root and parsley!! Most of it organic. And I’m juicing like crazy every morning.
    Next stage: I’m looking into getting all the other stuff. Wart to go totally crazy in the kitchen!!

  121. Catt says:

    Cute photo Kris! Thanks for sharing. That is a LOT of green juices and smoothies..unless it’s just 4. I always want to make more so I can skip juicing for a day but it doesn’t like to last that long 😛

    I’m from Asia and we have a lot of fermented foods you can buy at grocery stores, but here I don’t see as many. I see you have sauerkraut; are there others you recommend?

    • Darlinda says:

      I recently took a 2-hr. class on making fermented foods, and it is so easy (and less expensive). If you can’t find a class, here is an excellent book: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Fermenting Foods, 2012. (Don’t let the title turn you off.)

    • rach says:

      I make up lots of veg juice and then put into clip up bags and freeze them. I take one out every night and pop into the fridge and take out in the morning to defrost, then drink. Easy as you can make up about a weeks worth in one go.

  122. Nicola Griffin says:

    Hi Kris
    Wow I wished my fridge looked like that!
    I live in Australia and I think you are spolied for choice in the US. Thank goodness the basics are easy (though expensive) to get – but those sausages – not a hope!
    Love you and love your stuff
    Nicola xxx

  123. Nicola Griffin says:

    Hi Kris
    Wow I wished my fridge looked like that!
    I live in Australia and I think you are spolied for choice in the US. Thank goodness the basics are easy (though expensive) to get – but those sausages – not a hope!
    Love you and love your stuff
    Nicola xxx

    • Kristy says:

      Hey Nicola – I’m an Australian too and we have the Quorn fake meat, or a whole bunch of other brands in major supermarkets. You can usually order things online from cruelty free or animal liberation shops. Or go to the health food shop and get some gluten flour, head to the Post Punk Kitchen blog and get the recipe for homemade vegie sausages! Easy and delicious…

  124. Katherine says:

    Hey there Kris and peeps,
    I live in Munich, Germany and they do not do fresh Kale here. 🙁 The only thing I can find is frozen Kale. What can I use for a substitute?
    Also, Kris thank you so much for this because I am truly utterly overwhelmed trying to change what’s in my fridge!!!!!!

    Thank you!!!!

    • Martina says:

      Hi Katherine! I am originally from Munich as well and know that many things are more difficult to get there indeed. But I think in some of the Basic Bio-Foodstores they sell Schwarzkohl, which is a good equivalent of kale. It is also called Palmkohl or in italian Cavolo Nero.
      Maybe you would also be able to find these types on the Viktualienmarkt? Good luck!

    • Belinda says:

      It’s very easy to grow your own! If they don’t have it fresh, plant some in a pot on your windowsill.
      All the best!

      • Clara says:

        Does the Kale thrive when grown in a pot?

      • Ella says:

        Yes! It does, I have some really healthy Kale in a small pot,

        I make a nettle comfrey green manure (soak nettle and comfrey leaves in water for a couple weeks, do it outdoors, it stinks, but the kale goes crazy for it) and feed the kale every once in a while.
        If you are confined to an indoor garden you could just use organic plant food. It grows really well like this, much to my surprise!

      • Janet says:

        Try the micro-green variety – grows fast and has even more nutrients!

    • Christina says:

      I am in Munich, too and have been wondering the same thing bout kale. Please post if you find any.
      @Martina – Thanks for your tips.

    • Hi Katherine,
      I lived in Cologne, Germany for one year. I got lots of fantastic organic green veggies at farmer’s markets and the grocery store Basics. I had some veggies in Germany that are hard to find or less common here in the US. I LOVE kohlrabi, which I ate frequently in Cologne. Other cruciferous vegetables like kale and kohlrabi have powerful health benefits, including as cancer fighting foods. Enjoy!

    • Julie says:

      Hi folks,
      I also live in Munich and I use Grünkohl, which is kale. You’ll find it at farmer’s market or at Alnatura.
      Check your local Alnatura or local farmer’s market. It’s not the dinosour kale or purple kale. Just the regular curly green kale. I had so much kale the past months with quinoa and in my smoothies.
      Julie from Munich(just moved from Frankfurt)

    • Daniela says:

      Hi Kriss. this picture is going straight onto the outside of my fridge! In fact it makes a wonderful shopping list aswell. Your last weeks trail mix has made the round at our local playground and saved so many of us through those tired evenings when cookies & chocolate secretely disappper from kitchen cabinets.
      So, baby steps you make me move forward. Thank you so much. I am forever grateful for all the knowledge you are sharing.
      Are you planning a German translation of crazy sexy diet? I would start right away.

      @Katherine: there is Gruenkohl, Wirsing, Spitzkohl & Mangold at most health food stores almost year round; Gruenkohl being the strongest. Most supplies/ingredients can be ordered on amazon or specialized vegetarian/vegan sites.

      Lots of fresh spring love from Berlin!

    • Daniela says:

      Hi Kriss. this picture is going straight onto the outside of my fridge! In fact it makes a wonderful shopping list aswell. Your last weeks trail mix has made the round at our local playground and saved so many of us through those tired evenings when cookies & chocolate secretely disappper from kitchen cabinets.
      So, baby steps you make me move forward. Thank you so much. I am forever grateful for all the knowledge you are sharing.
      Are you planning a German translation of crazy sexy diet? I would start right away.

      @Katherine: there is Gruenkohl, Wirsing, Spitzkohl & Mangold at most health food stores almost year round; Gruenkohl being the strongest. Most supplies/ingredients can be ordered on amazon or specialized vegetarian/vegan sites.

      Lots of fresh spring love from Berlin!

    • Lina says:

      Hey Katherine,

      I live in Munich too, just saw fresh kale today in market in Pasing 🙂

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