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How to Stop Attacking Yourself: 9 Steps to Treating Autoimmune Disease

Hiya Smarties!

Check out this fabulous guest article by Mark Hyman, MD, to provide clarity on inflammation and autoimmune diseases from my blog archives.

This information is always timely. Hope it helps! Take it away, Mark…

Inflammation is a “hot” topic in medicine.

It appears connected to almost every known chronic disease: from heart disease to cancer, diabetes to obesity, autism to dementia and even depression. Other inflammatory diseases, such as allergies, asthma, arthritis and autoimmune disease, are increasing at dramatic rates. As physicians, we are trained to shut off inflammation with aspirin, anti-inflammatory medication, such as Advil or Motrin, steroids and increasingly more powerful immune-suppressing medication with serious side effects. But we are not trained to find and treat the underlying causes of inflammation in chronic disease. Hidden allergens, infections, environmental toxins, an inflammatory diet and stress are the real causes of these inflammatory conditions.

Autoimmune diseases now affect 24 million people and include rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis, thyroid disease, inflammatory bowel disease and more. These are often addressed by powerful immune suppressing medication and not by addressing the cause. That’s like taking a lot of aspirin while you are standing on a tack. The treatment is not more aspirin or a strong immune suppressant but removing the tack.

If you want to cool off inflammation in the body, you must find the source. Treat the fire, not the smoke. In medicine, we are mostly taught to diagnose disease by symptoms, not by their underlying cause. Functional medicine is the emerging 21st century paradigm of systems medicine that teaches us to treat the cause, not only the symptoms, and to ask why you are sick, not only what disease you have.

Functional medicine is a different way of thinking about disease that helps us understand and treat the real causes of inflammation instead of finding clever ways to shut it down. Medicine as it is practiced today is like taking the battery out of a smoke detector while a fire burns down your house!

Autoimmune conditions are connected by one central biochemical process: a runaway immune response also known as systemic inflammation that results in your body attacking its own tissues.


Autoimmunity: What is an Autoimmune Disease and How It Occurs

We are facing an epidemic of allergies (60 million people), asthma (30 million people) and autoimmune disorders (24 million people). Autoimmune diseases include rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, celiac disease, thyroid disease and the many other hard-to-classify syndromes in the 21st century. These are all autoimmune conditions, and at their root, they are connected by one central biochemical process: a runaway immune response also known as systemic inflammation that results in your body attacking its own tissues.

Your immune system is your defense against invaders. It is your internal army and has to clearly distinguish friend from foe — to know you from other. Autoimmunity occurs when your immune system gets confused and your own tissues get caught in friendly cross-fire. Your body is fighting something — an infection, a toxin, an allergen, a food or the stress response — and somehow it redirects its hostile attack on your joints, your brain, your thyroid, your gut, your skin or sometimes your whole body.

This immune confusion results from what is referred to as molecular mimicry. Conventional approaches don’t have a method for finding the insult causing the problem. Functional medicine provides a map to find out which molecule the cells are mimicking.

Interestingly, autoimmune disorders occur almost exclusively in developed countries. People in poor nations without modern amenities like running water, flushing toilets, washing machines and sterile backyards don’t get these diseases. If you grew up on a farm with lots of animals, you are also less likely to have any of these inflammatory disorders. Playing in the dirt, being dirty and being exposed to bugs and infections trains your immune system to recognize what is foreign and what is “you”.

In this country, autoimmune diseases are a huge health burden. They are the eighth leading cause of death among women, shortening the average patient’s lifespan by eight years. The annual health care cost for autoimmune diseases is $120 billion, representing nearly twice the economic health care burden of cancer (about $70 billion a year).1

Unfortunately, many of the conventional treatments available can make you feel worse. Anti-inflammatory drugs like Advil, steroids, immune suppressants like methotrexate, and the new TNF-alpha blockers like Enbrel or Remicade can lead to intestinal bleeding, kidney failure, depression, psychosis, osteoporosis, muscle loss, diabetes, infection and cancer.2

When used selectively, these drugs can help people get their lives back, but they are not a long-term solution. They shouldn’t be the end of treatment but a bridge to cool off inflammation while we treat the root cause of the disease.

If you have an autoimmune disease, here is what you need to think about and do.

Nine Steps for Treatment of Autoimmune Disease

1. Check for hidden infections — yeast, viruses, bacteria, Lyme, etc. — with the help of a doctor and treat them.

2. Check for hidden food allergens with IgG food testing or just try The UltraSimple Diet, which is designed to eliminate most food allergens.

3. Get tested for celiac disease with a blood test that any doctor can do.

4. Get checked for heavy metal toxicity. Mercury and other metals can cause autoimmunity.

5. Fix your gut.

6. Use nutrients, such as fish oil, vitamin C, vitamin D and probiotics, to help calm your immune response naturally.

7. Exercise regularly. It’s a natural anti-inflammatory.

8. Practice deep relaxation, like yoga, deep breathing, biofeedback or massage, because stress worsens the immune response.

9. Tell your doctor about Functional medicine and encourage him or her to get trained. Go to for more information and to get a copy of the “Textbook for Functional Medicine”.

Give these steps a try and see if you don’t start feeling less inflamed. The answers are right in front of you. Treat the underlying causes of your illness and you will begin to experience vibrant health once more.

For more information on how to optimize your health, see Dr. Hyman’s website.

Now I’d like to hear from you. Have you been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease? How is your doctor treating you? Have you been frustrated by the medical advice that you’ve been given? What steps have you taken to get to the root of the problem, and what have your results been? Please leave your thoughts by adding a comment below.

Love and health,


1. Nakazawa, D. (2008). The Autoimmune Epidemic. Simon & Schuster. New York.
2. Siegel, C.A., Marden, S.M., Persing, S.M., et al. (2009). Risk of lymphoma associated with combination anti-tumor necrosis factor and immunomodulator therapy for the treatment of Crohn’s disease: a meta-analysis. Clin Gastroenterol Hepatol. 7(8): 874-81.

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  1. Thank you for this information, and you article seems like a good plan to fight against auto-immune disease.

  2. Thanks for talking and sharing the information. Nice blog post.

  3. Harsha says:

    Thanks for sharing the awesome blog. Vitiligo is also one of the autoimmune diseases I have this disease for the past 8 years. Still, going strong day by day. I have tried many treatments to cure vitiligo. My dermatologist also suggested many treatments none had worked. Now I am using camouflage makeup to cover vitiligo.

  4. MAC says:

    I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis approximately 10 years ago. I woke up one morning and was in so much pain I took half hour to get out of bed. I couldn’t sit and if I fell onto a chair I couldn’t get myself up again. I have been on all the medications available as well as having the needle jabs in my knees and shoulders. Thank God for leading me to BEST HEALTH HERBAL CENTRE,.Now am RA free,…

  5. Akhil Arya says:

    I appreciate this work amazing post for us I like it.

  6. Eryn says:

    First, I want to thank you all for your comments and give me some hope.
    I started having symptoms of autoimmune disease about a year ago. My muscles are very tight so I cannot move, I have inflammatory problems, pains in muscles, and curl fingers (so I cannot open my palm). But after running so many blood tests, urine tests, ct scan, pft test, ecg test, emg test…..etc. the only thing came out was I have high white blood cells and all tests results came out negative or in a normal range, so doctors are still unable to diagnose what is going on on my body other than gave me different drugs, including high dose ibuprofen, Prednisone, and the pills that to suppress my immune system.
    I am sick of taking these drugs and I think the medication is a dead end. I am worried I will be sick for the rest of my life. I really really want to stop taking all the medicines and just focus on the healthy healing. My husband doesn’t support my idea. He thinks I should keep taking the drugs until I feel better (which I don’t think I will from these pills). He thinks I should take it slow and discuss with my doctors. I hope some of you can give me some advise and tell me your thoughts. Thank you.

  7. Edward Sheaver says:

    I was diagnosed with COPD 5 years ago and was taking Spiriva and Advair plus nose sprays to slow down progression. My symptoms have always been shortness of breath, and dizziness. I am a 54 year old male. the Spiriva wasn’t really working and I could not tolerate them for long due to severe side effects, so this year our family doctor started me on Natural Herbal Gardens COPD Herbal mixture, We ordered their COPD herbal treatment after reading alot of positive reviews, i am happy to report with the help of Natural Herbal Garden natural herbs I have been able to reverse my symptoms using herbs, my symptoms totally declined over a 9 weeks use of the Natural Herbal Gardens COPD natural herbal formula. My COPD is totally reversed! Their official web page is naturalherbalgardens . co m After the herbal treatment I also finally was able to give up smoking after 20 years. I ‘m thankful to nature

  8. Johan Boutella says:

    After my Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis 2 years ago, i stopped all the Multiple sclerosis medicines prescribed due to severe side effects, and decided to go on natural herbal approach. My primary care provider introduced me to Rich Herbs Foundation and i immediately started on their Multiple Sclerosis herbal formula treatment, this herbal treatment has made a tremendous difference for me. My symptoms including shaking, muscle weakness, fatigue, mood swings, numbness, double vision and urinary retention all disappeared after the 4 months treatment! Its just amazing!

  9. Noor says:

    I was very down with detecting thyroid disease last month. I lost my appetite give away few pounds. This article helped me in some ways that i cannot express in words. Its like a ray of light in the dark. Those 9 steps for the treatment was very helpful. Thanks a lot!!

  10. John Rawlinson says:

    Hi I have Rheumatoid arthritis, I have had it for 4 years now, I’ve had a lot of drugs over the year, witch I do not respond to, I ask my gp for help and don’t seem to get a lot of help.

  11. Janine Denardo says:

    I have thyroid and autoimmune and stiff person syndrome I am on Levothyroxine, azathioprine. Diazepam. Baclofen. My doctor’s never told me my thyroid was going up then I got this other doc in 2011 to 2014 my thyroid was up to 23.43,my TPO -AB was 2000 I didn’t find out until Oct 23-2014 when I got another new doc

  12. Considering just how detrimental immune disorders can be to the people who have them, it is nice to have some ideas of how to deal with it. I especially like that you bring up how important exercise is. After all, not only is it a natural anti-inflammatory, but it keeps your body in good shape to fight off any problems with the disease.

  13. Gina Bynes says:

    I was 36 years old and my 2nd child was one year old when I noticed one of my fingers was inflamed, swollen. The swelling wouldn’t subside. Tests showed RA (Rheumatoid arthritis). Then progressively other joints started to get affected and I had much pain, dressing myself was very painful. I would ring my mother in tears not knowing what was happening to my body. I tried numerous medicines nothing worked. Finally, the rheumatologist suggested i try natural medicines and suggested NewLife Clinic, i immediately ordered their Rheumatoid Arthritis Herbal formula and start on the 3 months treatment plan, the treatment is totally incredible, i had a total decline of symptoms with this treatment, the pains, stiffness, swelling, body weakness and skin redness has subsided.

  14. Jasem says:

    The immune diseases in humans are the transmission of abnormal immune cells from eggs, yogurt and fish due to the formation of a fatty layer on the liver. Some foods should be eaten to break down the immune cells, such as the enzyme bromolene and papaya, clean the liver from fat and strengthen it. The vegetative system of probiotics

  15. Kay File says:

    I’ve been told I have lupus. I am on Plaquenil and have to have my eyes checked every 6 months. Anything that touches me breaks my skin like it is paper. It used to be just my arms but now it is my legs too. I look like I have been in a war.

    • Angie says:

      Sores on your arms and legs could be behcet’s. Many people who have autoimmune diseases are diagnosed with more than one, such as myself.

      • Kay File says:

        I’ve never heard of that. What can I do? It’s not sores. It’s when I run into something it tears my skin like paper.

  16. nancy says:

    I think the most important thing is increasing thyroid function. Red light from the sun or incandescence is good. Eatting more often and going to bed at 10 will help too.

  17. Zianna Lopez says:

    HI I was diagnosed with endometriosis chronic, my doctor wants to remove my uterus i have been a vegan for 5 years now and have educated myself with this disease and noticed there are certain foods that feed it, so with that being said i have to change my diet lifestyle once again, i feel lost and dont know where to begin with almost eating raw and staying away from these foods. Im hoping you can help me with some new things to add to my life 🙂

  18. Angie Parks says:

    The first time I had any symptoms, I broke out with SEVERE hives while on vacation at about 10 yrs of age. For years, I never had any energy & had recurrent pneumonia. At age 26, I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (Epaste in Barr). I wound up completely disabled & barely able to walk. I kept getting these sores on my face and on my scalp, then my hair started falling out. Many years passed with no further diagnosis, until at age 42, I was diagnosed with Crohns. The treatmental that was offered did not solve all the other autoimmune symptoms I was having. Eventually, I got the additional diagnosis of Sjogrens, Behcets, & Rheumatoid Arthritis.
    I am on many medications. The main ones that I feel have really helped me are Methotrexate & Humira injections.
    If I had these two drugs 20 years ago, I might have been better able to enjoy my life. My life has wound up being very singular. I learned a long time ago that people were often making me sicker with all the stress they brought into my life. I don’t have the energy for it anyway. Today, i am about to be 56 yrs of age. I am by no means cured, but I have more and more better days. What made the difference for me was finally finding the right Rheumatologist who prescribed the right medications. It only took 46 years to find him…

  19. Jean says:

    Its like pulling teeth to get anything done with your doctor because of medicine by the numbers. I made the mistake of signing on to an HMO (which I will change at reenrollment time). The docs are more interested in following corporate requirements than addressing my chief complaint. It is unfortunate that homeopathic medicine is not covered by insurance (although I suppose they would have to go by the numbers too then). After a consultation with a naturopath I was going to be in for thousands in testing alone, before any treatment, all out of pocket. Therefore, getting to the root of the problem is quite difficult, aside from whatever I can do for myself as you outlined above.

  20. Sue Garver says:

    I have protein in my urine! Have not solved issue with steroids (almost a year). Just started prograf (this evening) as kidney doctor says this is second step to resolving issue! Kidney function is fine at this point but dr. Says protein will eventually hurt kidneys. What more can I do!? Side effects really are scary but kidney failure is scary too! I’m very overweight and was diagnosed with hypothyroidism about the time protein became issue, also not far from menopause (277 days since last period). What more can I do? Will I be on this prograf forever?

  21. JULIET says:

    My mother rheumatoid arthritis (RA) started two years ago at the age of 49; and her life was not the same. it started with traveling joint pain. she went to many doctors, it took a year to diagnose, and the only reason my motehr was diagnosed was because she have nodules and they removed one and it came back as RA. she have been in pain every day.(RA)is a horrible disease,she have been on one pill a day of diclofenac. If she don’t take it, by the third day she can hardly move and she feel like she have the flu.

  22. Megan Flores says:

    thank you

  23. I was diagnosed in november 2016 having PMR. Sadly I get it that doctors follow protocol as per on line. Even though my doctor stated he has 50 patients and done alot of reading it wasn’t something be had the ability to discuss on another level. No brochures no helpful printouts no consolation.
    It is as though despite papers written and lab documentation describing biochemical processes GPs may not be interested. The pain is awful now tapering. Not sleeping. My day begins when i wake at 2am. Asked if could trial modified release prednisone to address hours most affected by pain between 2:30 am and 12 pm. Might this also address brain fog and low mood during morning hours at present as per prednisone taken at breakfast.

  24. Sandra Bright says:

    Being treated for antisynthetase syndrome with Lower lung fibrosis. I am on cellcept 1500..I am at Mayo and not happy with my treatment at all. Lung doctor is great but rheumatologist I get no help no information just keeps putting me on this drug. I’m getting no answers of any kind. I am not a pill taker by Nature. I would just as soon be on all natural stuff. I was told not to exercise. I just started doing physical therapy however and feel a lot better. I’ve lost a lot of muscle mass. Lost about 20 pounds so far. I am an older lady. But I’m an extremely active person. I’ve tried to keep a real positive attitude. But it has not been easy. I have absolutely no support anywhere. My husband supports me but no one with this kind of a disease. I have thought many times I wished I could almost get a second opinion on all of this. And then I read your article.

  25. Joan says:

    I was diagnosed of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) a rapidly progressive, invariably fatal neurological disease that attacks the nerve cells, I was given medications to slow down the progress of the disease, after some months my conditioned worsened and i lost ability to go about my daily activities and i had to quit my job, my legs and arms were terribly weakened, i resorted to a wheelchair (Perbombil C300). This was till my husband’s friend introduced my husband to a herbal clinic in South Africa who sell herbal medicines to cure all kind of diseases including ALS, we contacted the herbal clinic via their email and purchased the ALS herbal remedy, we received the herbal medicine via courier within 7 days and commenced usage as prescribed, its totally unexplainable how all the symptoms gradually dissapeared, my speech has greatly improved and am able to walk a distance now with no help, contact this herbal clinic via their email healthherbalclinic@gmailCOM

  26. Del Hodgson says:

    Have been diagnosed with autoimmune disease of the liver. I am on steriods, and nothing else. Have not been told anything about the disease other than it affects more women than men. They tried to do a liver function test but deemed it to dangerous to do. Had too much fluid around my liver. Oh by the way I was diagnosed when I was 62 am now 67 and wanting to get better and get on with my life.

  27. Rhonda says:

    I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis at age 50. I am now 54 and have been on just about every medication there is for UC latest one being Remicade. I have never gone into remission and still have inflammation in my colon. My doctor told me to consider having my colon removed. Not being very excited about this option I decided to take a break from all of these heavy drugs and start eating a plant based diet keeping it as clean as possible. I’m on my second week. I would like to have more information on your Anti-inflammatory diet.

  28. Gina says:

    still don’t know the right words to express my Gratitude to the Great Health Herbal Clinic After been diagnosed of hepatitis B in 2014, i was given so many health prescription and advice with no improvement, I totally lost hope, until i found testimonies of Health Herbal Clinic in an online research and on Facebook, Like anybody would be, I was very skeptical about contacting them, but i later did email them and they started the remedies for my health. Thank God, i was cured from hepatitis by the herbal medication I received from Health Clinic. I never thought that hepatitis can be cured, from the bottom of my heart I’m truly grateful

  29. Josephine Abi-Zeid says:

    I have sjogren. I tried salagen, didn’help. Now i am on evoxac same result. What should i do?

    • Angie Parks says:

      I have Sjogrens, also, as well as other autoimmune diseases, too. Sa login doesn’t do ANYTHING but help with dry mouth. That is it. The underlying autoimune disease is not being treated. Here are some of the drugs that will suppress your immunity and help you a lot:
      The main worry with Sjogrens is developing vasculitis. I developed cerebral vasculitis and it can lead to stroke. You really need a very good Rheumatologist. You might go to to find the best one near your home.

  30. jennifer says:

    i was diagnosed with an auto ammune disease about two in ahalf weeks ago. i have a rash between the eyes on my forhead about my nose it wouldnt go away after two years of putting it off i finally broke down and went to the docs.Doc took one look and told me i prob have autoammune disease or rosacea. did blood work and postive for an autoammune disease) my back constantly hurts i took the pain as a car accident the constant lifting of my residents while working and a degenerative disease that i have already been diagnosed with. So but the last five to seven years ive had knee pains tht come and go really painful sometimes simutainisly. also bad night sweats not everynight.doc checked for lupus seeing my mom has it and i have all the signs looked like tht was it.but got a negative for lupus. got a first time visit scheduled for rhumotologist in another month. might as well be a trillion years away when ur backs constantly aching and hurting and sometimes i cant walk because my buttocks gets swollen up on one side and its trully a painful experience. got a anti inflammatory pill i take twice a day. she gave me a steriod for my face rash its a week long oral pill tht hurts my stomach really bad. day two today, looks like its helping maybe… i have been trying to do stretches everyday and practice yoga. anyways all of this is new to me I fnt know if im flustered yet w my care or not. shes sending me in to get a back x ray. curious to c what tht shows. only a back x ray shes nor worried about my painful knees! which has been alot worse here lately. my shirt was still wet two hours after i changed it thus morning. called the rhumotologist a few days ago to be put on the call list to get in there sooner and they said the doc was going on vacation a two weeks and wouldnt be there a few more other days and rhry donr have much of a call list cuz noone ever really cancels. yay for me. thanks for listening to me:) God bless.

    • Angie Parks says:

      You can still have Lupus without a positive ANA test. It does happen. People with lupus who have a negative ANA test may have anti-Ro/SSA or antiphospholipid antibodies. All your symptoms sound very Lupus-like, like you said.
      Once you get in to see that Rheumatologist, he will put you on medications that will drastically help your joint and muscle pain ( and your back). Just happy you are getting in to see the correct type of doctor. Things are about to turn around for you!!!

  31. George Lavallee says:

    My wife LaWanda who is 72 yrs old, & only weigh’s 77 lbs. She had a Dermatologist diagnosis her with Lupus when she was very young. It was attacking her immune system primarily in facial area to the point that, people though she was burn victim. She has outgrown it the most part. However it still plagues her to this day.
    In addition to the Lupus she has now developed Psoriasis, that covers 60 – 70 % of her body, with a constant itching problem. She would like to scratch her skin right off her body areas at times. The present Dermatologist had placed her on a medication called Otezla. When she first received a limited supply, sample package – ( that had a beginning dosage of 10% for the first day or two. Progressing to 20% finishing off the short supply at 30-% ) from the Dr. office till the medication could be obtained from the Drug company. It helped her tremendously, a lot of the inflammation covering her hands, face, back, and other parts of her had gone into remission, it began to make a large improvement with the itching as well. So we though we had finally found something that would work for her. When the Drug company finally sent her the next supply, to continue using the product, all hell broke out. The replacement Medication starting at 30% caused all kinds of side effects. She become sick to her stomach, to the point of Dry Heaves, became suicidal at one point wanting to just end all this misery.
    She has since taken herself off the Otezla because of the side effects, but the Psoriasis has once again, taken over her body once more. On top of all this, the same Dermatologist had taken a Biopsy for a very small spot on her face, that was plaguing her as well. Their results have been diagnosed as Sweet Syndrome. It started out as a very small spot in the area, & since the Biopsy has grown to a circular area of approximately 1 & 1/4″ with a purplish color.
    She has since seen an Oncologist, who has taken a bone marrow Biopsy, & has all but ruled out cancer, but no one has any answers to solve the issues that plague her constantly.

    If anyone has any advice as to how she can deal with these symptoms or experienced any of these afflictions. Or knowledge for advice PLEASE LAT US KNOW.
    Thank You in advance George

  32. Vicky says:

    Hello, my husband has a rare autoimmine disease fsgs and (long story) basically had a year of steroids high dose etc nothing worked. He was about to start a very aggressive drug but I asked for a few months to try diet changes
    I have a science background and spent hours researching journals on the subject and came up with a similar approach and he is going into remission! His Dr wanted to him to take part in research but we declined. Just wanted to say it does indeed work

    Victoria Williams

  33. Ann Bell says:

    I have Primary Biliary Cirrhosis an autoimmune disease which attacks the bile ducts and causes poisonous Bile to come out of ducts. It also goes into bones, nerves etc . It causes immense fatigue that I get Nuvigil for which is for Narcolepsy but not approved as PBC presents itself in roughly .1% of 1 million people. I’m sure there are more. It is treated by Actigall to extend lifespan. It may and does cause Fibromyalgia, neuropathy, Sjogrens, and Hypothyroidism to name most but there are more. My diet is excellent being raw and high in Vit D3, C, Bs, , lean protein, avocado, coconut oil, and nuts etc. Do you know anything on this subject. A Psychic once said it’s all caused by Epstein-Barr Virus. And I did have Mono. Many had Lyme. My main problem is the autoimmune arthritis which is different than RA which happens in the disease too. I take Prednisone. My Rheumy doesn’t understand this disease I am a guinea pig because it’s so rare. Also the neuropathy and Fibromyalgia are intense and even with Lyrica I have to sit on ice and sleep on it. Help!

  34. Bredeson says:

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  35. Amy says:

    I was 13 when I was first told I had low thyroid. A year later they said it was corrected and took me off the synthroid. I suffered for years with pain, fatigue, weight gain, etc. By 2013 I had gained 70 lbs in 3 years and I was a mess from head to toe. An ENT discovered a lump in my throat when checking an area in my nose. Ended up having a total thyroidectomy for pa pillar cancer. Was told that pathology showed I had Hashimotos for a long time. Also ended up with permanent hypocalcemia from surgery. The next 7 months were the worst in my life. I could hardly function to get through work and would go straight home and sleep. I was a total opposite person than before when I was always working, cleaning, cooking, always busy. Started the paleo diet and had decent results but the brain fog and anxiety was unchanged. I am now 40, most days I feel like I’m 70 but I force myself to get by each day. I eat mostly paleo and certain gluten free products that my body does not seem to react to. I go to my doctors appointments but they always feel like a waste of time. They have no answers and the symptoms I have got any relief with was done with my own research. My symptoms remain from head to toe and there are alays new ones or changes. There’s no way to say which are worse or more annoying because there are so many. Most days i think i would rather be dead then feel this way and deal with it on my own. This is no way to live. I just want one doctor who actually understands what I am going through. I would travel anywhere if someone could tell me there is a doctor who could definitely help me.

  36. Lisa Muehle says:

    I am very, very discouraged. Went to pain docs for treatment of chostocondritis that became very painful over several years. Supposedly connected to Crohn’s Disease which I also have. Very depressed and in pain. Trying to go off narcotics. Really struggling. Any help welcome.

  37. kimberly woof says:

    I have been diagnoised with rheumatoid arthritis for seven years now. I just got insurance last year the Dr did give extensive blood work, but would hardly ever explain anything to me just put me on orencia. my proteins were so bad that the blood work suggested I have the myloma cancer test which came back negative my ra factor is 413; However, I was bit on my back by a tick as a matter of fact the tick had been there a while a friend noticed it when I took off my shirt several weeks later I got sicker than I can ever recall being for 2 weeks straight with flu symptoms. two months later with no warning I woke up for work in the worst pain I could barely walk, and it has been that way ever since. my right leg has been injured in the past but now it is bone on bone I am only 47 and I feel 80. I have put a lot of weight on, which is very hard for me I suffered from a eating disorder bulimia as a teenager. I have just recently lost around 35 pounds but was in a horrible car wreck and my knees and legs got the worst I had to be air lifted to another hospital, and because of that wreck I am back on predisone which I hate. I stopped orencia aftr 6 months and I stopped going to that Dr. he simply would not hear me. I tried to tell him since I had been on orencia I gained thirty pounds even when I was withdrawing from suboxene and opiate, and I ate nothing I still gained 5 pounds. I got dizzy all the time, I coughed all the time, and my breasts wee engorged, and so painful I could not touch them. a lot of people think that I have lymes disease and it makes so much more sense, but I have been tested 3 times for lymes and they were all negative. the orencia did help my inflammation and pain, I went and got more blood work my inflammation had gone down, but was still in the high range. methotrexate gave me sores all over my body, in my mouth I lost hair, always felt like I had the flu just did nothing for me. I am ata loss I do not want to take the biologics cancer is in my family on both sides bad it has killed my fathr and grandfather. I have had cat scans and they say that the do see many lymph nodes which scares me, but of course nobody will explain anything to me. please help me give me some advice I would appreciate it I am trying to find another rheumatologist now.

  38. Mary says:

    I am not sure what I have. I am in between doctors trying to figure out why I have they symptoms I do. Next they are testing for Hashimoto’s. I have a nodule on my thyroid and see a ENT next week.

  39. Carmen Willey says:

    I was diagnosed with lichen planopilaris and have been on Plaquenil for about a year but the doctor said if it is not helping to stop it, and he also said there is nothing really that will help me? I have been anxious about plaquenil because of the side effect of eye problems–how my eye doctor said that was ok so far. I understand you can also lose hearing. But I feel I need to do something! I have lost hair on top but I wanted to stop future hairloss, itching of scalp and bumps in the future? He mentioned Actos but decided against that because it now causes cancer of the bladder. There there anything else I can do, even natural. I also have some osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia. Thank you

  40. Laureen says:

    Healed completely! The great man who cures all known diseases, Dr Sebi is a healer, pathologist, herbalist, biochemist and naturalist, who immigrated from Honduras to united state and who has committed his life to the service of helping people cure their diseases. In 1988, he took on the Attorney General of New York in a Supreme Court trial where he was being sued for false advertisement and practice without a license after placing ads in a number of newspapers, including the New York Post where he had announced: “Aids has been cured by the Usha Research Institute, and we specialize in cures for Sickle Cell, Lupus, Blindness, Herpes, Cancer, Als and others. Pre-trial, the judge had asked Dr. Sebi provide one witness per disease he had claimed to cure however when 77 in person witnesses joined him in court, the judge had no choice but to proclaim the Doctor NOT GUILTY on all accounts, proving he did in fact have the cure to all the diseases mentioned in the newspapers. Several celebrities have sought out healing through the Doctor including: Michael Jackson, Magic Johnson, Eddie Murphy, John Travolta and the deceased Lisa Left Eye Lopes who proclaims in the video: “I know a man who has been curing AIDS since 1987”.. i want to inform the public how i was cured from ALS(MND) by Dr Sebi, i visited different hospital but they gave me list of drugs which is very expensive to treat the symptoms and never cured me. I was browsing through the Internet searching for remedy on ALS and i saw comment of people talking about how Dr Sebi cured them from ALS, CANCER, HERPES, DIABETES and so on… when i contacted him he gave me hope and send a Herbal medicine to me through courier service that i took and it seriously worked for me, am a free person now without problem, my ALS result came out negative. I pray for you Dr Sebi. Am fully cured. you can also get your self cured my friends if you really need my doctor help, you can reach him now: (drsebiherbalisthealinghome12@gmail. com) You are indeed a HERO!

  41. Tina says:

    My son just diagnosed with mild crohns ilietis afraid to start drugs entocort and then remicade or possibly entocort and then pentasa his symptoms diaria and fatigue started eating small meals drinking lots of fluids excersising everday started taking probiotics and 1 fish oil a day all test look good and healthy except of course crohns, it’s been 3 weeks since diagnosed don’t know what to do let him continue what he’s doing or start meds don’t want condition to get worse!!!

  42. Sharon McQueen says:

    I was diagnosed with Auto-immune Hepatitis about a month ago after my first-ever visit to a hospital for myself. I was there 8 days while they did tests and tried to understand why someone who never used drugs and lived a healthy lifestyle would develop this disease. Now have been put on the immune suppressant drugs, Prednisone and Azathioprine. For now, I accept this as a temporary patch because by the time I went to the hospital I was in pretty bad shape. Everything I was doing to strengthen my liver wasn’t working. My skin and eyes were yellow (bilirubin at 20, enzyme counts in upper 1000s), extreme fatigue, ascites, blurred vision; I obviously needed help. Thankfully, there was no scarring of my liver, just inflammation. However, I do not want to stay on immune suppressants for the rest of my life. I am still trying to determine what caused this to happen. I have my own ideas but doctors are not interested in them. I have been doing tons of research and about this disease I previously knew hardly anything about. I wish I could convince my GI doctor and others to read and be open to more holistic ideas. My doctor is a good person just too set on only using conventional drugs.

  43. Laureen says:

    Thanks to Dr Sebi.. The great man who cures all known diseases, Dr Sebi is a healer, pathologist, herbalist, biochemist and naturalist, who immigrated from Honduras and who has committed his life to the service of helping people cure their diseases. In 1988, he took on the Attorney General of New York in a Supreme Court trial where he was being sued for false advertisement and practice without a license after placing ads in a number of newspapers, including the New York Post where he had announced: “Aids has been cured by the Usha Research Institute, and we specialize in cures for Sickle Cell, Lupus, Blindness, Herpes, Cancer, Als and others. Pre-trial, the judge had asked Dr. Sebi provide one witness per disease he had claimed to cure however when 77 in person witnesses joined him in court, the judge had no choice but to proclaim the Doctor NOT GUILTY on all accounts, proving he did in fact have the cure to all the diseases mentioned in the newspapers. Several celebrities have sought out healing through the Doctor including: Michael Jackson, Magic Johnson, Eddie Murphy, John Travolta and the deceased Lisa Left Eye Lopes who proclaims in the video: “I know a man who has been curing AIDS since 1987”.. i want to inform the public how i was cured from ALS(MND) by Dr Sebi, i visited different hospital but they gave me list of drugs which is very expensive to treat the symptoms and never cured me. I was browsing through the Internet searching for remedy on ALS and i saw comment of people talking about how Dr Sebi cured them from ALS, CANCER, HERPES, DIABETES and so on… when i contacted him he gave me hope and send a Herbal medicine to me through courier service that i took and it seriously worked for me, am a free person now without problem, my ALS result came out negative. I pray for you Dr Sebi. Am fully cured. you can also get your self cured my friends if you really need my doctor help, you can reach him now: (drsebiherbalisthealinghome12@gmail. com) You are indeed a HERO!

  44. Kal says:

    Having surgery in a few weeks for strictures in my small bowel, then starting Remicade infusion’s for the first time after surgery, I don’t want to take Remicade but have to to keep my insurance money coming in or I’ll be cut off by refusing therapy. can I still try functional medicine while taking my Remicade infusion’s,i’m 50 years old I’ve lost 40 pounds at 5’7″. I’ve had One resection at the age of 19 and been treated surgically for two anal abscess and fistula in the past six months

  45. After two and a half years of steroids for pmr I’m down to 2.5mg. Life has been he’ll. So many side effects, infections and feel so ill constantly at the end of my tether. Doctors don’t seem to care. I’m exhausted, bloated, head and neck pain, no appetite, feel so fed up running to the loo then don’t go, scared to go out in case I pick something else up. Feel like it’ll never end but no one listens. Don’t sleep well and have a weird disconnected feeling lots of the time. I’m desperate, just want to wake up feeling well for once. Sorry for the rant have no on to tell

  46. Teresa says:

    Question,how to treat bewer yeast autoimmune disease.Which causes someone to get drunk from foods turning to alcohol.
    He had a bleeding ulcer about 25 years ago from taken too many goodie powders.

  47. Erin Chandler says:

    I have mctd, scleroderma, myositis, lupus. I take mycrophenelate, 1,000mg daily. I was on 3,000 and my liver didn’t like it. Now rituxan my 2nd infusion last week. I’m very tired. Thank you Erin. PS my Doctor doesn’t know about food. I’m learning about it myself. I’m 64 now. Not well since 40yrs old. Also behcets, thyroid

  48. Hi I have Multiple Sclerosis and Epstein barr along with fibromyalgia. I recently had blood work and for the first time my white blood count and red blood count and platelets are all off the normal values. My WBC is 1.7. My doctor told me to stop my MS medication Copaxone and today I noticed I broke out in cysts on my face. I really do not know what to do or where to go. I am afraid that I have caught an infection and how will my body fight the infection. I am scared. I also have hypothyroidism.

  49. Katherine says:

    Katherine 32, Michigan, diagnosed with stage 2 primary biliary Cholangitis, talking 1000 mg of URSO a day, 100 mg of rifampin,
    I’m grateful for them but I would love to find a better way. I’m told t there is nothing else to do but eat healthy and take the medicine. They give me 10-15 years before I will need a transplant. I have a two year old.

  50. Tomeka Hoffman says:

    Hi, I’ve been diagnosed with CREST, sjogren syndrome, vasculitis, and small fiber neuropathy all since August of last year! I constantly burn from a high inflammation level! I’ve seen specialist after specialist, regular doctors and even natural doctors! It doesn’t seem to be getting better, and I’m to a point where I just don’t know what to do anymore! As I type this, my body is so inflamed! I need help!

  51. zenobi powell says:

    Hi Kris. My beautiful friend told me about you. Yes i have been diagnosed with ibd (ulcerative colitis ). Ive been told by gastroenterologists that diet has no part to play in treating this condition and im currently taking sulfasalazine to help with the inflammation. Ive tried the specific carbohydrate diet but that i found so restrictive and alot of the ingredients in the recipes i couldnt find in Australia. And i got quite depressed trying to stick to that strict diet. Im looking into fmt (fecal matter transplant) but please can you give me any advice for my condition as ive spent many a night crying myself to sleep. I was diagnosed in 2014 and im now 38 years old. Much love and hugs. Xxxxx

  52. Chris Lloyd says:

    I have rheumatoid arthritis. I have worked on all rhe aspects points 1-9 but by and large I’ve had to initiate everything. I am on methotrexate but have a very high anti cpp of 130. So I stay on methotrexate abd plauenil. I have all other levels now at normal like ESR etc. i have also included remedial massage in the last 3 years (I’ve been disgnosed 4), have traibed as a yoga teacher and exercise every day, been to a hieticisn and gastroenteroligist and meditste daily.

  53. Xtina says:

    I am a 38 yr old female. Three years ago I became ill and was given zpack, then a ten day course when it didn’t clear, then took 2 more rounds of antibiotic for strep throat, as I have young children. Since that time, I have not been the same. Something has clicked in my body.
    My skin started looking red on my face and felt sunburnt all the time, also my scalp felt tender/burning, my eyes became sensitive to the sun. After seeing 3 seems, they said I had Rosacea, but even my arms felt like they were burning. hi felt like I had chills up and down my back. I went for allergy testing, wasn’t allergic to anything, I tested my house for mold, nothing. The dermatologists basically told me this is what I had and they offered me Oracea. I didn’t even look flushed, I was just more irritated from all the topicals they gave me.

    I felt it was more systemic.

    I suspected Candida/leaky gut since I had exposed myself to so much antibiotic. I eliminated dairy, wheat, sugar of all kind and processed foods for 13 months. My body felt better, but my face had still sting and was super sensitive, even tho my face wasn’t red. I slowly added foods back with her permission but wondered why she didn’t have me on certain enzymes or glutamine.

    I desparately went to NYC to see a holistic dermatologist. He was very expensive and tested me for viruses. Came up I had an off the charts Epstein Barr virus in the past. I am assuming it was when I thought I was sick and was given zpack and a 10 day course.
    This Dr had immunology background but he pointed out I had a lot of cloggrd pores. This was the beginning of me self diagnosing Sebborhaic Dermatitis. This Dr I saw two times and he diagnosed me two times with lupus. I have also had positive ANA tests along with a negative one. All other lupus testa came up negative and I had an x-ray on my hands and feet for rheumatiod arthritis. Feet showed nothing and hands showed osteo.

    My two joints in my two big toes have been hurting for over a year, as I was diagnosed with Hallux Limitus. The podiatrist I saw thought it was very unusual for a healthy person to have this on both toes with constant Inflammation. He asked me if I was tested for anything or if arthritis ran in my family. It doesn’t and neither does autoimmune diseases.
    Just over the last few months I have had eye issues, blepharitis. I know people with Sebborhaic Dermatitis get this sometimes. I just hink it’s really unusual that I have all chronic issues, with no cures, just treatments.

    I was off my diet as the eyes and feet and hands have developed, oh and my hair seems to be thinning as my scalp is always inflamed with my face….but I am back to a clean lifestyle. Looking for a functional Dr to test me for toxic metals and anything my gut has or doesn’t have. I am still battling these issues and just want to turn the inflammation faucet off. Thank you for writing this article. It encourages me to take the next step.

  54. Jennifer says:

    I have tried everything. The rashes and acne and joint pain thinning hair doesn’t end.. I used to be attractive I feel like I’ve aged a hundred years in 2 years. . I’m 51 and I have no interest in living like this. My diet consists of chicken breast and salad. No bread no grain no dairy no chocolate no processed food no refined sugar. Nothing. I am starving to death and nothing works. I give up.

  55. Diagnosed with burning tongue syndrome. Not one dr tried to get to source. Prior to that I had sibo for 5 years before it was diagnosed. With the help of holistic medecine and my own research l am now able to eat normal. I developed an inflamatory ulser which was biopsied. Since then major trouble on left side of tongue. Biopsie was normal the only treatment offered was colonazepan doesn’t work on my request I had an mri. Bloodwork. Allergy testing mouth swab a.l normal. I am a cancer survivor 20 years my tongue is constantly irritated and burning. This looks normal to dr. What functional testing can I do to get to source this is pure hell tried everything out there nothing works l feel as though the Drs could care less because they can’t fix it

    on tongue during this time. Saw many oral surgeons ,I was told it should be biopsied because it wasn’t going away

  56. Liz Harris says:

    I was diagnosed with seronegative rheumatoid arthritis 6 months ago. I had various symptoms in the past 2 or 3 years which pointed to this ultimate diagnosis. However I have also experienced a very sensitive sense of smell during this time. Anything perfumed, soapy or smoke and fumes become overwhelming and also take on a strange smell all of their own. I’ve often wondered and suspected that this is linked to my disease. I can also become nauseous and head achy with certain smells. Just a thought.

  57. Mrs Bennett says:

    Good Day, I have had fatigue, muscular pain , tummy problems for the last 5 years , I am a 43 year old female, no diagonis, last trip to hospital where a specialist said I had Vit D deficiency and put me on an anti depressants called Cymbalta to help with pain management – frustrated have good and bad days

  58. Lindy Mae A. Jose says:

    Yes, I was diagnosed that I have an autoimmune disease it is vasculitis. My Dr. has always prescribe me steroid like prednisone, methylprednisolone and many more. I thought and trust my Dr. that these medicine could help me reduce the inflammation that I suffered every day, but steroid makes my diseases severe. I followed what they’ve said, but it doesn’t work. Now, I am just praying that God would heal me, using His servants.

  59. Beth says:

    Yes, I was diagnosed in October with PLC. If I quit the steroid cream or the Doxy-cycline it gets worse. I itch constantly. I heard that an anti rejection drug could help but I am on Medicare and can not afford anything close to that. It is on my hands, top of my feet, both legs, head and parts of my back. I’m at my wits end wondering what to do.

  60. I was diagnosed with IC in 1997 and RA in 2002. For the IC my instillations started with using DMSO. After time the DMSO started to give me problems so now I am instilled with Heparin, Lidocaine and Sodium Bicarbonate. This time the flare up is not responding as well as it usually does when I have my usuall flare. My Urologist increased the lidocaine so now I have had three instillations with this increase. I have had this flare up since October but I must mention my husband has been ill with AML and I know stress is probably a big part of not getting over this. I also was prescribed by my Urologist two years ago Amitriptyline. I take 30 mg.’s nightly. I had very few flares after about being on it for three months. So actually this is only my second flare since I started that med. It was a miracle to have that terrible pain gone for that length of time. I also take Prelief..OTC to be taken before eating or drinking something that is acidic. I watch my IC diet very carefully My Rheumatologist is wonderful and is my Urologist. But right now I don’t understand why it won’t go away. I should have also mentioned I have Remicade infused every 8 weeks and take Methotrexate, 30mg’s once per wk taking a 4mg of Zofran 1/2 hr before Methotrexate. Now after reading your article I’m wondering if more is going on with my immune system. I don’t know I’m so confused and I feel bad for my Urologist because he is trying to help me but it’s taking so long to get some relief. He did finally give me a pain prescription which he doesn’t like to do but I told him I was miserable. I have to get better so I can be there for my husband and I want to to take care of him and not anyone else. He trusts me and I know I make him feel better when I’m with him. Thank God we are at our home. Thank-you for caring and I’m sure at some point this will pass.

    Thank you.

  61. Edmundo says:

    It’s going to be ending of mine day, however before finish I am reading this
    fantastic post to improve my experience.

  62. Mary Anita Eguia says:

    I need a meal plan as I have Sjögren’s syndrome plusdiabic toye 2 -and my kidneys are failing
    Please help

  63. Jagadeesh Madhavan says:

    Hi am jagadeesh Madhavan fighting with Ankylosing Spondylitis for 20 years what should I do to fix my gut.pls do let me know.

  64. Jagadeesh Madhavan says:

    Am fighting with Ankylosing Spondylitis for past 20yrs. I don’t know how to fix my gut pls let me know .

  65. Elizabeth says:

    Long story. I will try to make it short. 50 yr old female. Two kids. Married. Good general health. August of 2014 woke up one morning with what I thought was a UTI. Went to urgent care. Was given an antibiotic even though the tests didn’t show infection. Two days later still in pain. Pain gets so bad I visit ER. CAT scan and blood work show nothing. Go to gynecologist and she tests again. No bacteria. By the way symptoms are pain in bladder area. A little urgency. No burning. I go to urologist who swears I have a stone. Sends me home with Flomax to pass stone. No stone passes. Urologist gets an attitude because I can’t produce stone. I ask him if it might be interstitial cystitis. He says no way. He says he will do a cystoscope. Right before the procedure he says to me that “well I don’t expect to find anything but a stone and if I don’t find a stone in done with you”. I know. I should have gotten up and left. Anyway cystoscope was ok. Nothing found. He said I should see a gastroenterologist. Why? Who knows. But I did. She did a endoscopy and colonoscopy. Nothing found but some gastritis and GERD. After that I saw a neurologist and a urogynecologist at MCV. The MCV doc gave me a antidepressant and said she couldn’t diagnose me with IC until I had been suffering for six months. So it was obvious I was on my own. After multiple prescriptions for overactive bladder had no effect except bad side effects I decided to alter my diet. After a few months of no caffeine, no soda, no artificial sweeteners, etc etc I began to improve. I also had read that IC can be a histidine response in the bladder triggering mast cells. So I started taking Claritin just to see if it would help. I think it did help. I had a few good months and then I started with yellow stools. My GP ultrasound on abdomen and blood work. All normal. It resolved after one month. However she told me to go on protonix in case it was GERD. so I did. The longer I was on protonix the worse my reflux symptoms got until I passed out on a store and ended up in the ER. I even had acid in my nose. I got a sinus infection and bronchitis. I stopped the protonix and had a massive rebound explosion. Went back to gastroenterologist. She said “there’s no such thing as rebound. You have gastropareses “. So I had a gastric emptying study done. It was negative. She said “yeah well I still think you have gastropareses “. She wanted me to take Reglan. I said NO WAY. I never went back to her. Meanwhile I visit the gynecologist for yearly checkup. He was concerned about the reflux so he referred me to another Gastro doc who did another endoscopy and found hiatal hernia and GERD symptoms. He scheduled NO follow up and told me to take PPI’s. I decided I would try Zantac. I got worse on Zantac. My throat started hurting really bad. I stopped Zantac. Suffered with sore throat for two weeks and a friend suggested maybe it was allergies since fall had just rolled around. I told her I had never had seasonal allergies and I wasn’t stuffy but I decided to try the Claritin anyway. I noticed an improvement in the sore throat but it’s only been two doses so far and not enough time to tell. So my question to you is this. Is IC and Gastro problems related to some allergy or autoimmune issue? Or is it a coincidence that all this has started up in the last year and NO ONE seems to be able to really figure it out? I wish I knew of a doc who would look at ALL my issues. I have always been healthy and now I’m a mess. I thought maybe hormones were to blame because my periods have been a little hit or miss and I am if that age. anyway do u have Ny thoughts? Thank you. So sorry it’s so long.

  66. Loretta says:

    I’ve been diagnosed with Graves’ disease and have gone in and out of remission for 5 years while being on methimazole.
    My doctor at this point is pushing me to take the I-131 RAI Pill.
    The more I read about this pill the more I am convinced no one should ever take it to reverse their thyroid problem.
    I do not believe in going after symptoms to solve the problem but to instead address the real underlining cause of my illness which is an autoimmune disease that is attacking my thyroid gland.
    Radiating my thyroid gland with this pill will not cure my thyroid but instead it kills the gland along with causing other irreversible problems.
    Can you please recommend a doctor to me that does Functional Medicine in the Denver, CO area.
    Thank you

  67. Debbie Smithson says:

    I was diagnosed with MS last year. I am on copaxone. I feel like all of my nerve endings are acting out at one time, aching constant pain that I can’t get rid of. I am looking for a doctor in my area that practices in functional medicine. Willards, md 21874

  68. Donna Brasier says:

    I suffered for 1 year with an auto immune system disorder with Uticaria, it was absolutely awfus l. The hives totally covered my body, I went to see an Immunologist and he ran all kinds of test, I was on Prednisone for 8 months, I gained so much weight, I need to lose weight, I am stressed, it was very interesting to find out that exercise was like an anti flammatory, I need to start immediately, my doctor put me on Xolair injection for one year, after the first shot, they left, I have been off of the shots for about 6 months, now they are returning, they are on my hand and both wrist bad, I will appreciate any info you cab give me.
    Thank you

  69. Eleanor says:

    I’m sick of looking for doctors who claim to be able to help you and then they take usual test, try to tweek the thyroid meds and tell you “you’re cured! These doctors are supposedly Wellness doctor who are supposed to know how to help you with the root cause of your problems. I am discussed and frustrated with all of them !!!

  70. Stephanie liuzza says:

    Just diagnosed with ra last weak. Started Diclofenac today.woke up last night so stiff and in pain ,my husband had to help me of bed. So scary!keens shoulders and hand R affected. Appreciate any information on meds.

  71. i started going to a chiropractic intern several years ago was also getting tired of regular mds only going so far if you had ingestion problems take tums or prilosec ,had been diagnosed as benign tremor which myoclonus came shortly after,when meds would not control the jerk did some research and found that staatins which i was also taking could cause muscle and nerve damage,i stopped them the jerks stopped for some time,my intern has discovered i have gluten intolerance so i am gluten free now but jerks are back part of time found to have lymes flare ups am wondering now if that is actually what i had when diagnosed as benign tremor and the anti convulsive meds no longer handle the seizures even with increasing them i have been getting frequency specific treatments that greatly help plus different supplements had vitamin d defeciency at end of march went off them for summer had almost 3 months of no doctor visits then everything started up again back on 5000 a day and have an appt thursday with a new family doctor will have d tested again along with complete physical i am 81 but don’t think all this has to do with my age

  72. suzanne says:

    I have Addisons Disease as well as thyroid problems…Looking into the Paleo diet I am finding for autoimmune disease there is not much you can eat..Nightshade veg out, Nuts out, Dried fruit out..No grains.
    So just meat and certain vegetables is all I can eat..Worried as I am slim now and cannot afford to lose any weight as I have been eating healthy but just realised I cant eat nuts fruit and dried fruit or any type honey etc which is where I got my sweet kick from..????

  73. Nancy says:

    I was diagnosed with sjogren one year ago, even though All The blood tests done didnot show any problem with the inmunologic system (reumatolog. Ro, la ..) A salivary gland picture shows that the one under the jaw is no working 100%. In january i started to have my lips dry and the skin around my mouth itchy me. I see my finger skin getting dry too. My tonge hurts an my eyes are dry. Some days are worse than others. I wonder if i have an allergy , or a bacteria, and the doctors have not been able to find it out

  74. Charlotte Guilliam says:

    Hello there everyone

    I have diagnosed with a condition called Guillaim-Barr Syndrome which is also an auto-immune disease where my own immunity attacked my nerves, and i had to go in hospital for a week. At the time my doctor thought it was a trapped nerve as it started with numbness in my toes and it eventually made its way up through out my body – i was given anti-depressants by my consultant in hospital to calm my nerves down – this went on for 3 months and then symptoms did gradually subside to pretty much like normal but i still get weakness and tightness which won’t go away, i am now trying reflexology to get to the root cause of this disease and hopefully this will help and changed my diet to organic meats because i was told that my condition was caused by contaminated chicken – so now after 2 years nearly i am pretty much dealing with things on my own after being told there’s nothing can be done, just exercise my muscles :/

  75. Ramona Brooks says:

    This article is very interesting! I am suffering with vitiigo and hypothyroidism. Now I have a hiatal hernia and an inflammed stomach that is making me very sick, and I am always burning up ans sweating and can’t loose the weight.

    I would like to know how I can find a “functional medicine” doctor in Seattle.

  76. derya says:

    I’ve been diagnosed with connective tissue disorder after I had inflammation in the lining of my lung. I was put on 4 months of prednisolone which took away the pain. I have been steroid free for 3 weeks now and slowly I am feeling the ache trying to creep back ….I am worried

  77. Nicole LePore says:


    I have been diagnosed with Granuloma Annulare. I have the disseminated kind bumpy rash everywhere. I also have started with a functional medicine doctor. I have taken all the tests and now on several supplements. I found in my research the autoimmune paleo protocol diet. Although I find this to be difficult to follow due to a very busy work schedule. Very time consuming in the kitchen. Do you have any other suggestions? There is no pain with this disease just an unsightly rash.



  78. Loneal says:

    The doctor is giving me 1000 IV steroids and Ingram 50mg 3x a day

  79. Kellie byrdsong says:

    I have autoimmune hemolytic anemia they are treating me with prednisone. I have had at least 4 or 5 blood transfusions since September 2014,I’m going to take the steps in this article and see if these steps can help my condition

  80. J says:

    I have been diagnosed with Lichen Planus …. 3 yrs and now almost given up trying to stop the inflammation , itching and hair loss. Distressing . Any suggestions pls?

    • Nicole LePore says:

      Hello J

      My friend had Lichen Planus and they gave her Methotrexate which cleared it up and has not been back since. That was 2-3 years ago.

      Can’t hurt to try it.


  81. i was diagnosed with Ankylosing spondylities ten yrs before,no improvement as of now my recent medication is entacept and naproxine 500mg but no improvement in my stiffiness recently i came to know about functional medicine but i dont have any idea about that.plz help me out of AS.

    With Regards
    m.jagadeesh madhavan.

  82. jenn brake says:

    The first episode happened about 5 years ago. Its always the same, very upset stomach, migraines that make me feel like my brain is heated up. Im so ecxhausted, i am now sleeping up to 16 hours a day. My memory is impaired and I forget what I am even talking about during a conversation. I am having seziurzes at night. And this condition is more frequent, mine last for weeks at a time sometimes up to 2 months. Ive had 3 episodes since halloween. And I have been under extreem stress, my daughter almost died taking a leathal dose of xanax, 114 1mg er. Pretty sure that set it off a parents worst nightmare. We just had to wait till she lived or died. Shortly after that, my flareup caught up with me. What kind of autoimmune disease does this sound like to you?

  83. Sylvie says:

    What diet recommendations do you have for a Autoimmune Hashimotos patient that has liver cancer and struggle with very bad SIBO (low FODMAP) – eating VERY limited diet!!

  84. KAF says:

    I have thyroid disease, been treating for over 10 years, can not keep numbers in line, have seen 4 Specialists, been on Synthroid,, Armour, and Cytomel. Tried going on natural supplements along with the above medication but wasn’t helping very much. Also, can not go completely that way since I did the radioactive iodine to kill the thyroid and have to be on Synthroid the rest of my life. I also deal with depression, weight gain, extreme fatigue, cold hands, and all the other fun stuff that comes along with this disease.

  85. Diana Trejo says:

    my dr told me I have auto immune disease and possible lupus. he refered me to a rhumotologist I have an appt. on the 30th of march. needed some information.

  86. Lacy Harper says:

    Does organic mean non gmo? And vice versa?

  87. Helena says:

    I really love this post, it really made me smile! I was under the years coming up to 30 diagnosed with 6 different autoimmune diseases such as autoimmune hepatitis, ulcerative colithis, celiac disease and pyoderma gangrenosum. My doctors where all very pessimistic about my future, telling me it would just get worse and that I might not live that long. That’s when I turned to functional medicine (which is really not a big thing in Sweden where I live). I pretty much followed the steps above, completely changing my diet, starting a spiritual practice including MediYoga, started taking supplements, reduced stress and decided to see myself as healthy and always put my health first. It’s been three years now and I’ve been completely symptom free and never felt better! My conventional doctors are amazed, my functional practitioner new I was going to get better 🙂
    With all my love,

  88. Chris arnold says:

    I have recently been diagnosed with cns vascultis after becoming more weak an unable to walk resulting in at least two strokes.I have been put on steroids an eventually methotrexate.

  89. Linda Hawkins says:

    In 2006 I was diagnosed with GCA and PMR, plus fibermyalgia, I have been on prednisone since then. I am on a low dose. Thank you

  90. Judy H says:

    I have been diagnosed with Hoshimoto, Alopecia Areata, Sjogrens and Reumatoid arthritis. There is not alot of info. on multiple autoimmune diseases so they just have to treat the symptoms. There also are not any autoimmune support groups where I live. I go to a depression groupbut they do not know how to deal with chronic diseases. I have read almost everything on the internet about my autoimmune diseases but it isn’t much. I wish there was more positive info. for autoimmune diseases. I eat healthy but I don’t get much exercise because of chronic fatigue and being 63 yrs old. Feeling kind of hopeless at times.

  91. Keri says:

    Hi There,

    I have been diagnosed with Vitiligo, am doing a homeopathic treatment at the moment and have completely given up eating meat and eggs. trying to stick to alkalike food. This is my 3rd day with the medicine and will let you know how i go in 2 weeks time.

  92. Helen Cameron says:

    I have just been diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis and have begun the Prednisilone regime commencing with 25mg daily for 3 weeks, then 20 mgs then 15 for ever unless I have the body enzyme that digests Imuran which will be given in place of Prednisilone. I live in Australia and am keen to know more about Functional Medicine. I can’t find any clinics in Australia.
    I want to know, as I have started on the Prednisilone treatment and then will probably go onto Imuran (the drug given to treat rejection of transplants) can I go off these and take a more natural route to try and fix the problem. The specialist said I had to stop taking all natural medicines as I was taking a Milk Thistle and vitamin and mineral preparation before starting on Prednisilone. My liver enzymes were very high – in the 700 (I have copies of all my investigations) but they began to come down to about 250 by the time I was put on Prednisilone. I know when my liver is struggling now, as I can detect certain changes, like small red patches on the skin, a dermatitis between the fingers, and I feel mentally foggy. I eat a very good fresh food diet, hardly any breads or wheat products, since I have read the Wheat Belly Book by Dr Davies. What should I do? Thank you for your website.

  93. Melissa Smyth says:

    Hello. My immune system is attacking my embryos and causing me to have multiple failed ivf’s. I switch fertility doctor’s and was tested with a result of extremely elevated NK cells. I have to be on a Organic, gluten free diet along with avoiding any inflammatory food.
    My question is: If Gluten is the main cause of inflammation, and the reason is gluten free it’s so that it can prevent your immune system from flaring up, then why do some gluten free products contain inflammatory ingredients that you are supposed to avoid in the first place?
    for example, gluten free bread has corn starch which causes inflammation…
    Thank you

  94. Kelli Wood says:

    Hello and Thank You VERY MUCH!!
    I have been diagnosed w/Lupus SLE Sjogrens and Fibromyalgia back in 2007 but have seriously gone way done Hill. So bad cannot exercise. I have 3 bulging discs which keep my back inflamed w/unbelievable PAIN!! I’m not sleeping thru the night so my my schedule is all messed up :(((
    I’m 48 and I’m now living w/ an Awesome 25 yr young Sis/Friend who keeps me so yound(my Son is 23). Which is so hard for her. I feel for her.
    I think I’m gonna get my mercury levels ck’d again. I was on Vitamin Therapy for my ADD back in 1996 I was doing Great-compounding Vitamins.. Now I’m on killer pain meds; Methadone, I stopped Hydroxychlorine, Oxycodone, Topamax(Headaches), Cevemiline (Sjogrens)
    It really helps w/my severe dryness. So yes I’ve gone from 2000 serving on the Chamber Board for 4 years and serving in my Church (Everywhere) for 7 yrs) to now I live in bed :”'(( plus I was raising my Beloved Son who is now doing great! So Praise The LORD! So I’m All ears!!!
    God Bless You for your Precious and Beautiful Heart of Love ❤

  95. Sheila says:

    i have unknown autoimmune disease. first episode when i was 17. i am now 51. I break out from head to toe in hives. I swell tremendously. itch hurt. they do NOT go away. I have been allergy tested. I have been given histamines, antihistamines, i have acid reflux so i take stomach meds. benedryl does NOT work. Tested for celiac, lupus, lukemia. blood is usually the exact opposite of what doctors think it should be based on what i’m taking. I took prednisone for years non stop. gained 70 pounds. majorly depressed. now take imuran along with stomach meds high blood pressure pills effexor clonazapam. ambien and many more. also have osteopenia … major low back pain. numerous conditions. very depressing ..

  96. Kasey says:

    Since my diagnosis of Hashimotos almost three months ago I have moved from shock to grief and then to faith and then back and forth to frustration. I have implemented a meditation routine into my daily schedule. One ten to fifteen minute meditation in the morning and one at night. I get acupuncture once a week and take Chinese Herbs. I take levothyroxine 50mcg (hopefully I don’t ever need to raise it). I am reading A Course in Miracles daily. I cut out all grains temporarily as well as legumes. I will never eat gluten probably for the rest of my life. I am okay with that. I am a vegan so I don’t eat dairy.

    I am reading Izabella Wentz’s The Root Cause. I am supplementing with b12, D3, Zinc, Probiotics, Selenium (very important to neutralize attack on thyroid) and I am considering taking N Acetyl Cysteine but I haven’t read enough about it yet to make sure I want to take it. I used to run about 30 miles a week but now I do yoga not only because I love it but also because my joints hurt when I run. Deep down I KNOW the meditation routine is the single most important piece to this puzzle but sometimes it’s also my least favorite intervention.

    • Kasey says:

      I am also seeing a counselor once a week to work through past trauma of domestic violence. I am in a women’s support group for helping me work through my fear of bonding and social anxiety. I know my past trauma has affected my physical health.

  97. victoria says:

    Will try to work on some of these things. But I hurt so much, it is hard. My original question was “Why do I feel like I have the flue everytime I try to cut back on anti inflammatories such as Aleve.

    Good article, thanks, Victoria

  98. Peggy S Colburn says:

    I was diagnosed with an auto immune disease called mikculitz . It is associated with sjogrens, it causes dry eyes dry mouth, arthritis swollen glands,. I treat it with fish oil, vitamins D , B an arthritis med called diclofenic, I am on iron because my last Dr. appointment showed that my blood was low. I feel tired, most of the time, I have brain fog, I want to feel like me again !!!!!

  99. Abby says:

    Does Dr. Hayman talk about Sjgren syndrome and what kind of infection t look for if you have it?!

  100. Peggy Behnke says:

    I had hypothyroid diagnosed 6 years ago,. Synthroid has my THS # down. After a couple years, I noticed bone pain, and found out I have high parathyroid #s. I also noticed memory problems and balance, at only 52 years old. I went to two endocrinologist, who tested my urine, etc for calcium. OK Stay on the same Synthroid. That was it. I already had osteopenia at 50 even tho I didn’t have menopause until 56, a year ago. My family Dr found out I was Vitamen D deficient, and also B12, and and anemic. Take Vitamen D 5000, and B 12 and Iron. This helped my bone pain a lot, and my vitamin #’s are OK. I have had heart burn for 14 years, and just diagnosed with gastritis and mild barrets. Because I have lychen planus in my mouth, and all the deficiencies, I am wondering if I have Pernicious anemia: I think I have lychen planus in my genital area also, but because I just went through a year of menopause, maybe it is from lack of estrogen. Seems like my own body is attacking itself.

  101. Deborah says:

    I have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease (lupus). I have been to several different rheumatologist doctors, each one of them wanted to give me prednisone & hydroxychloroquine. It is very frustrating to hear I would need to take medication for the rest of my life. I decided to go to a nutrition doctor and it has helped me tremendously .
    I have changed my diet to gluten-free and I am taking supplements that help limit the inflammation.

    I would give anything to find a doctor that was interested in finding out if have an infection or some type of bacteria that is plaguing my body.

  102. hajera says:

    I have sjogrems. And recently osteo arthiritis. Taking plaquin(plasmaquin) dona (glucosamine) and vitamin D

  103. Wendy says:

    Funny how we have strayed so much from natural eating. Now we’re finding it a difficult path to get back there. Amidst so much false information this article is a pleasant change. My hb has a non aggressive leukemia (apparently) & told no treatment. Told diet wouldn’t help …which amazed me! So we’re just on our own, trying to follow a more natural green diet with less meat and no grain. Feel a little like a boat with no rudder at this stage. But onward and upward. Ps Keep as well as you can everyone.

  104. Beverly Clarke says:

    Thank you, I have some hope

  105. Kate R. says:

    Hi there,
    I am 58 years young. For some reason, the discs in my spine have been deteriorating and I now have titanium fusion in C-3/4-4/5-5/6-6/7 & L-4/5. I’ve had my right elbow and left shoulder rebuilt, have zero to 1% bone left in my sinuses, and am told I am Osteopenia (sp?) In reading your article, I started to realize that my body may have turned on itself. I had a blood test 10.31.14 to see if I have autoimmune syndrome and the test came back negative, While I am grateful for the good news, I am still puzzled.
    Even though I lived on a farm with animals, bugs, infections, and the like for 7 years as a child, and recently have also been diagnosed with a severe case of H-Pylori (stomach infection) that antibiotics have not yet been able to eradicate. Added to that, I now have a very painful thing happening called pancreatitis. I am not taking medicine for any of it, and treating all with clean eating and taking walks even when I don’t feel like it. I meditate every night since 2011 and am running out of things to do to avoid the medications you speak of.
    I followed the Ultra Simple diet last year and not only did I lose 17 pounds that refused to leave any other way and have kept it off to an ideal weight for my 5’5″ frame of 124 pounds. I also regained my vitality.
    I think it may be time to do the Ultra Simple Diet again and go from there.
    You are so refreshing Dr. Hyman.
    In gratitude,

  106. Shannon Payne says:

    I have not been diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder but have many symptoms. It all started about 9 years ago after having my first child. I began experiencing hives that lasted for 2.5 years and then got pregnant with my second child. They went away while pregnant and then came back for a brief period but were not all that bad. About 1.5 years ago I started working at an office building that had moth balls in it. I started breaking out in hives again. I begged our landlord to remove them, change the air vents, and wipe the walls and he did. My hives went away. Then I started having symptoms of IBS. Eventually I took a Probiotic that helped tremendously and the symptoms went away but then at the same time I started having trouble with my bladder. Never had that problem before. What my doctor thought was a UTI turned into something else. I have not been diagnosed with an allergic bladder or IC but they think that is what I have. Every medicine I try gives me terrible side effects and so I turned to all natural. I was told to start on a different probiotic but after 2 doses my bladder was on fire! IT was horrible! I am also itchy all over. I had a Celiac test done during my bought with IBS b/c I am highly allergic to barley and a little allergic to wheat. IF you have ANY Suggestion at all for me that would be great! My urologist thinks that I am nuts and does not want to talk with me about allergies being the cause.

  107. Charlene Stewart says:

    Please share your thoughts on SLE.

  108. theresa says:

    is menieres an autoimmune desease. i have this now going on 4 years went through the mill no medication worked at all. i got bad attacks where i had to be hospitlized. i taught i was dying. i must add in the last year it has subsided ive had no attacks of everything spinng and no vomiting,i was not taking anything at all to help my condition as i said earlier noting worked. im now left with vertigo symtons on a reg week and mt tinitus is insane. would a probiotic help me to restore my immune systems againest this desease. and if so please recommend one for me as there are so many out there.
    Theresa hayes

    • Gloria says:

      I have a friend who said she went through a lot with her vertigo but was relieved by a small dose of valium. She know of it helping others too. Although this is not a natural cure, you may want to try that if you have not already.

  109. Maryke Bezuidenhout says:

    I have 11 year old daughter diagnosed with Gave’s disease. She is at the moment on NeoMercazol (3 tablet a day) and a Beta blocker . What should I give her additionally or alternatively according to your point of view. Where should I start?

  110. Izabella says:

    Hello! It’s wonderful that the real causes of autoimmune diseases are getting more wide spread. I got Lyme disease last year and it was 2nd stage by the time I found out about it. Long story short I got SLE ( systemic lupus) as a result of the Lyme disease. I did not agree to the standard steriods and immunosuppresents because for so many reasons one of them being that lyme borelia don’t like steriods and things get worse…but no conventional dr saw this as a reason not to take steriods. I consulted many unconventional doctors and this was what we came up with ( we not they because you also have to be your own doc when you get an autoimmune disease!!)
    Supplements ( colostrum, vit. D, C Zinc, selenium, pre/probiotics, etc)
    Master cleanse diet and ongoing regular cleansing fasts
    Reduction of gluten and dairy
    Lose dose naltrexsone
    IV ozone therapy
    IV vitamin therapy
    su dzok
    Joalis homeopathic drops
    Exercise and meditation
    After 4 months of alternative medicine I feel about 90% healed. I was in really bad shape before the therapies. I had complete muscle and joint stiffness in all my limbs, almost couldn’t move on my own, I thought my knees were “broke” forever. I had extreme chronic fatigue syndrome and many other symptoms. Nowadays I rarely have slight joint pain and I’m still a little tired and week sometimes but I still have a long road of healing ahead of me. I know I’ll be back to my healthy self again, it’s just a matter of time.

    • It’s great that you’ve considered colostrum supplements as one of your alternative medicines, Izabella. Colostrum really has an autoimmune disease treatment or prevention.

      I agree. Sometimes, we have to be our own doctor and look for alternative ways to help ease our illness.

  111. Cathy Neal says:

    I was just diagnosed by a Rheumatologist with rheumatoid arthritis and will be starting Methotrexrate. My auto-immune issues have plagued me for years, I’ve seen multiple doctors and was previously diagnosed with Angio-Adema brought on by immune complex. Symptoms are many when I have a flare, including exhaustion, red itchy rash on my back, face and other areas, and joint pain, and always a yeast infection. On my own, due to research, I am taking turmeric for inflammation, a pro-biotic called Candida Support, vitamin C, D and B Complex, Magnesium, an anti-anxiety med and when needed Prednisone. I can feel the inflammation in my body when it’s there, puffiness and fluid retention. I am hopeful that this new medicine will help, but so far, nothing has rid me of this problem.

  112. Merna Holloway says:

    I have shared this with my group: Coganites on FB, people diagnosed with Cogan’s Syndrome, an auto immune disorder affecting hearing, eyes, vasculitis, and inflammatory responses. It is often associated with Ménière’s Disease.

  113. Christina Waldman says:

    I thought this article was helpful on specific things people can do to strengthen their immune systems. I could see several things I could do better. Derek Henry, “How to optimize the immune system naturally,” 10/31/14.

  114. Sharon says: have certainly hit the nail on the head I have to see a neurologist as I have MS symptoms, I took the alternative route and went and saw a naturopath after cleaning up my diet, I have no symptoms at all .

    • Kyla Walker says:

      Hello Sharon. I was curious if you could contact me and I could speak with you about what you did to be symptom free. Please and Thank You.

  115. I have been gluten free since July 2012. I was born with non Tropic Sprue, diagnosised in 1960. Today the GI doctor told me she thinks the reason I kept getting sick is most likely lymphoma. (I tested positive for it in september, 2012.) Later tests were negative. She said the wrong tests were done.
    So my question is how do you sit in PEACE so a week waiting for the results. I have heard you talk about it a little, I first did breathing, the the yoga mat, than EFT with Nick’s video. ultimately taking photos and editing helped the most. I am a professional artist so I am gratiful to have those skills.

  116. Kristy Riggs says:

    MS for 3 years. Dmd’s, antidepressants, migraine meds, etc. Recently stopped sll meds and feeling so much BETTER!:) Now using my brain to research the causes and natural treatment to my disease. Diet, exercise, chiropractic, massage, acupuncture. Articles like yours are very informative and helpful. Leads me in s positive direction. Thank you.

  117. Carol Kepner says:

    I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. I have tried all the biologics and disease modifyers. I have tried Supplements like tumerecbromalain, etc. I currently take methotrexate and prednisone but still experience a moderate to severe level of pain.

    • Cathy Neal says:

      Sounds as thought we have similar issues. I have yet to take any supplement or prescribed medicine that has eliminated my issues. I will be starting methotrexate but have reservations about it. RA is a difficult disease to live with.

  118. susan says:

    Ive been diagnosed with diabetes, fibromyalgia then told I have polymyalgia rhumatica. They cant do anything with the polymyalgia, no prednisone or cortisone because it raises my sugar way to high and my diabetes is so out of control to begin with. I was given lyrica for the fibromyalgia but my liver enzymes shot up into the 200’s so I was taken off that. I also have neropathy in my feet so the foot dr gave me 60 mg cymbalta 1x/day (seems to help) My neurologist gave me 50mg savella 2x/day for the polymyalgia, also on pain meds and 10 mg diazapam when needed for sleep. 750 mg naproxen 2x/day (alt with 100 mg diclofenac2x/day). Im on so much insulin because Im so insulin resistant…cant loose a pound if I just breathe air…help me please Im depressed, extremly exhausted, and in so much pain. Any ideas???

  119. Rose says:

    My daughter is always sick. For years now. Finally at least something was diagnosed. It was her allergy to Gluten. She has eosinophilic esosphagitis. Along with this she has constant yeast infections, uti’s, fungus. It is always something. I give her supplements but I am reaching the point where I watch her and say to myself there has to be something else that can be done. I don’t mean a prescription drug either. I am thinking of taking her to a naturopathic doctor and or a auto immune doctor. Your article was a good read. Thank you.

  120. Nance says:

    Good article but I’m still skeptical that the suggestions will help my Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder. Worth trying anyway. Well written but seems like you are trying to sell the product so you don’t address when these don’t work or what else folks can try.

  121. Since childhood, I have migrated from one autoimmune problem to another with a ridiculous Hx of prescription drug and surgical treatment – Excema 15 yrs., pilonidal cyst x 3, endometriosis, hydrodenitis suppurativa, and now (I believe) mild psoriasis of the nail bed (UGH!). I have just realized recently that they are all connected to one another, and it seems that as soon as I arrest one ailment another takes it place. In the last 2 yrs I have made my diet 99% organic and now, based on experience, I am resuming the Blood Type Diet (type A) protocol (because I believe this works for me), and a stricter supplementation schedule. I absolutely refuse to take any conventional drugs ever again. I will continue to work on healing the gut and eating organic and using chemical-free products on my body and in my home.

  122. Jodi Degenaer says:

    I have Vitiligo and recently diagnosed Alopecia. I’m not being treated for the vitiligo because I’ve had it for 26 years, but I am getting steroid injections in my head and putting steroid ointment on twice a day for the Alopecia. I don’t want to lose my hair. I am not happy with the treatment because I feel like they don’t have answers and they don’t know if it’s going to even work. I also am curious as of to what other autoimmune diseases lie within me that are going to just surface one day like the Alopecia did. Concerned and scared.

  123. Andrea says:

    I was diagnosed with Sweets Syndrome 6 years ago. It forms horrible ulcerative skin lesions. I was misdiagnosed with MRSA and put on serious antibiotics that in the end made the lesions worse. Then steroids which I hated and various other medications. The lesions started 6 months prior to my ex husband and I splitting up. After we seperated the lesions gradually subsided over the next year. I believe it was completely stress induced. Eating well, resting, and yoga seemed to reset my system far better then modern medicine.

  124. P says:

    I have Grave’s Disease (a type of hyper thyroid problem) , been taking medication for 16 years and my doctors have never told me anything about functional medicine, detox , nutritional deficiency or allergens. I’m completely angry and disappointed. Now I am starting to be aware about all these alternative methods to look at the body with a holistic approach.

  125. heather says:

    Alligators had arthritis centuries ago – there’s more to the picture than your discribing!

  126. Andrea says:

    What can functional medicine do for POTS?

  127. Kara Bates says:

    My sister and I have had conversations about this very idea of finding what is causing our inflammation. We want someone to look at both of us to see how similar we are. We both have diagnosed Celiac disease(both adhere to a very strict GF diet), Psoriatic spots in the EXACT same places, random hives, chronic Urticaria, seasonal allergies etc., Hashimoto’s disease etc. I have had Igg and Ige testing with nothing that really red flagged. There has got to be an answer. We are tired of treating the symptoms with histamine blockers, steroids etc. Will try to talk to our Internal Med Dr. about this article. Not always receptive…. Fingers crossed. We want an answer!!!

  128. Bonnie says:

    Thank you for your information, make sense to me. I have had an ANA of at least 3600 for 15 years and doctors are just stupid when it comes to finding the root problem. They just want to give you another pill. I’m done with them. I had heart failure last year and know it had something to do with my thyroid disease. The synthyroid they prescribe does nothing I feel horrible on it and my thyroid numbers are in range they tell me, but I don’t feel well and tired beyond belief. I drag myself everyday and my heart jumps around in my chest like it’s being chased. I have other autoimmune diseaes and my sisters have been diagnosed with a few as well. I will take your 9 steps and apply them to my life thank you. Bonnie

  129. Cheryl Folkedahl says:

    I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis four years ago. I spent the first year of treatment on methotrexate and quarterly shots of cortisone. The methotrexate was minimally effective and the cortisone was the most helpful and kept me able to work. Side effects from methotrexate were terrible and I went from pills to injections to stop severe nausea. Eventually, migraines became unbearable and I went of methotrexate for good. I deteriated so quickly after that, and was unable to work and pretty much stopped living a normal life for almost a year. I was given leflunimide which improved my condition to some extent but not enough that I could work so plaquenol and prednisone (7.5mg) were added. In my opinion it is only the prednisone that enables me to live my life at this point. I have moderate pain that I have learned to live with and work around. The doctor wants me off prednisone however, so we are trying sulfasalazine, with the idea that if that doesn’t help I can move on to Humira with govt. approval to help with the expense of that drug.

    With many hours of research I have learned that its probably leaky gut and food allergens that have gotten me into this mess. I’ve cut out all wheat products and dairy. I am trying to cut out all sugar but I struggle with that one. My dilemma is, how will I know if its the drugs or the new way of eating that’s making me feel better and how do I go against my doctors care plan and cut down or go completely off the drugs when I do start feeling better.

    • Kasey says:

      Hi Cheryl!

      Have you tried looking for a functional medicine doctor to help you navigate the upcoming changes?

      Also, I have (or used to have) a big sweet tooth. I found that giving up all sugar was easy once I found that eating dates is all I really need to satisfy me. I still allow myself to have as many as I want which is usually about 4 max. I can still make cookies with them, brownies, chocolate pie, milkshakes (almond milk) etc. Everyone that tries them is amazed at how yummy they are. I find that any kind of liquid sweetener or sugar in general bothers me, but fruits (including dates) are okay.

  130. barbie says:

    thank you for the info. so awesome, i find it hard to find Doc who donsent want to medicate constantly and send you back out to heal while u find what is wrong, work and hope it isent getting worse.

    • Finlay Cedar says:

      Been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2015, and I was a woman of 50. They put me on Rebif which I took until 2017 and was switched to Copaxone. I had two relapses on Rebif, none so far on Copaxone. I do notice my balance was getting worse, and my memory, as well as erectile dysfunction and spasms’ had no choice to sick for other solution and I was introduce to totalcureherbsfoundation om  which I purchase the MS herbal formula from the foundation, the herbal supplement has effectively get rid of my multiple sclerosis and reversed all symptoms. 

  131. karen says:

    I have been ill since september 1988 6 weeks after my son was born i got what i thought was flu and not been right since have times in between when i feel a bit better but then it flares up again,i now have hyperthyroidism and raised antibodies i feel inflamed from head to toe my sinuses are really bad my joints and flesh all swollen even my inner organs feel swollen and i cannot lose weight my doctor is treating me with 25mg of thyroxin that are not even doin nothing an in alot of pain and have many numerous other symptons and am never free of infections and always bacterial ive now started taking lots of different vitamins and placed myself on the paleo diet i also have alot of allergies

  132. javed chaudhry says:

    I have been diagnosed for Rheumatoid arthritis since 2006, my treatment is having a HUMIRA (40mg) every 14 days, it is ment to surpress my immune system, and I use Steroids (prednisolne , up to 40 mg /single dose every 2,3 days to reduce my severe pain in my joints and muscles, i am very unhappy , I am 57 years old now, and I take care of my diet, as well, and because of steriods, I have been diagnosed (Diabetics) since september 2012, please advise me the best possible solution to get rid of my painful health condition, thanks and regards , No I haven’t said that before, this is firat time I am writing tonyou

  133. javed chaudhry says:

    I have been diagnosed for Rheumatoid arthritis since 2006, my treatment is having a HUMIRA (40mg) every 14 days, it is ment to surpress my immune system, and I use Steroids (prednisolne , up to 40 mg /single dose every 2,3 days to reduce my severe pain in my joints and muscles, i am very unhappy , I am 57 years old now, and I take care of my diet, as well, and because of steriods, I have been diagnosed (Diabetics) since september 2012, please advise me the best possible solution to get rid of my painful health condition, thanks and regards

  134. Lynne says:

    Hello. Thank you for this site and all of the amazingly helpful information here. I have not been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, however, I want to be tested to (hopefully), rule them out. In both 2009 and 2012, both during October/November, I’ve had the sudden onset of inflammatory symptoms and muscle weekness that was crippling. In 2009 it lasted a month, then vanished (my doctor wrote it off as stress). This year, my symptoms are taking longer to fade out, and there are more of them, such as shortness of breath and air hunger, and acid reflux. My doctor is again saying it’s all stress and anxiety, but I want the peace of mind in case there is an autoimmune response at work. My list of allergies to both foods and medications has increased rapidly over the past 10 years, and this year, I suddenly developed Vertigo (what is going on?) I have been under extreme stress (during both instances), but I just want to be sure I’m okay. I’m 45, in otherwise excellent health, and keep very fit. I now have a new family doctor. Will you please tell me what tests to ask for to accurately detect an autoimmune disease or problem; particularly MS and Myasthenia Gravis. (Additionally, I have had several falls and concussions since my 20’s and have never been sent to an ENT). I am a Forensic Psychologist and in the past 5years have also sustained many back and neck injuries at work due to a form of physical self-protection training the hospital uses and that I used to train staff in. Where do I start? I have had anxiety since I was 5, but learned to control and live with it. Help please…thanks so much, Lynne

  135. fantastic points altogether, you simply gained a
    new reader. What might you suggest in regards to your publish that you just made a few days in the past?
    Any sure?

  136. lucy says:

    This is an amazing helpfull articule. I have Lupus my husband has Ankolosing Spandilitys he takes Enbrel which makes his life I want to say decent cause without his bones would lack together but the sides effects are so frighten I wish he wouldn’t have to inject this Meds. I don’t tae any of this Meds to treat my condition rather follow the principal of functional Medicine and truly I’m doing pretty good. iI will forward this interesting articule to many people I know will benefit from it
    Thank you for making this information available.

  137. Christie Markert says:

    I was diagnosed with juvenile rhuematoid arthritis at 14. I have been on many meds over the years (I’m 41 now), but most recently Remicade, methotrexate, and I can’t remember what else! After maybe a year on Remicade, I decided it wasn’t doing enough and was too toxic, and I quit. I went vegan at the same time, with the help of Elisa Rodriguez of Eat UR, and have been medication free for 9 months. I feel really pretty good, but I have loss of cartilage in several areas and limited range of motion that I’m told cannot be helped. I would LOVE to find out that I can actually be cured, rather than just be “in remission’. I would also love to find out that with some sort of therapy I could gain back range of motion, especially in my right wrist.

  138. Gracie Amen says:

    I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia about 12 years ago. I also have osteo-arthritis, and my newest diagnosis a year ago was an auto immune disease called Sjogrens Syndrome.My CRP levels are very high and my Dr is concerned about that. I had a tumor on my thyroid (have been on thyroid meds for years) ending in a right thyroidectomy. I hurt all over and I am allergic to ALL non steroidals. I get hives and cannot breathe. So there is nothing I can take for the pain except Tylenol. I can’t even take Lyrica. I’m a mess, I know. Please tell me what to do. My hands and feet and legs are the most affected and hurt and burn severely. I am only 58 years old. I have changed my diet to a more raw diet and have lost 40 pounds. I do need to lose about 75 more. A friend told me about you. Thank you so much for this post.

  139. Hello,

    I was diagnosed with MS in September 2010 with a single lesion on my brain pawns. I had a significant event that caused me to lose my eyesight and balance for almost 48 hours. I caught “Crazy Sexy Cancer” on TLC one night about a week after my first attack, and was so inspired that I spent the following weekend researching an alkaline diet. I began juicing green juice everyday (still do!) and eating a raw, organic, vegan, gluten free, sugar free, and caffeine free diet. I began practicing yoga and meditation as well. When I had my next scan 6 months later- my lesion was gone. I am due for another scan in September (the year anniversary) and my fingers are crossed that my scan is still clear.

    It took me a long time to find a doctor that would acknowledge a treatment plan that I believed in. All of the neurologists and specialists I visited wanted me on drugs-even before they were sure it wasn’t a low grade brain glioma. They were all very aggressive, wanting to begin treatment ASAP. They didn’t understand when I said “…but we’re not even sure what we’re treating yet…”

    I finally found a specialist that took notice when my scan returned clear. I am now working with him on the philosophy presented by Kris about healing with nutrition and a total body, spirit, and mind approach. I also take a variety of supplements (Blue green algae, wheatgrass, flax, B, D vitamins, etc.

    I’m so happy that I am carving out my own path of treatment that I believe in and found a doctor who respects that. I feel very fortunate!

  140. Elizabeth Fandrei says:

    My current rheumatologist diagnosed me with Sjogrens syndrome a little over a year ago after four years of symptoms. I’d asked for blood tests and went through six doctors before one actually listened to me and ordered the tests. First I was told I had lupus. Then she reneged and decided on Sjogrens with possible secondary fibromyalgia that became possible secondary syro-negative RA. She gave me Plaquinil to take twice daily which didn’t seem to do much. She never spoke to me about changing my diet, or my environment, and in fact told me that her goal was to make me “as comfortable as possible for as long as possible without changing [my] life.” Each time I went to her and complained of pain, constricted breathing, weight loss, brain fog, and even depression, she would either tell me to wait and see if the Plaquinil helped, or would suggest a stronger drug with more side effects. I refused the stronger drugs and let her believe I was choosing to wait and see. Then I went home and began to research every scrap of information I could find on my symptoms, the tests they had run on me and the diseases I was being labelled with. I ordered a copy of my medical records and poured over them, pulling every acronym I didn’t understand and plugging it into an internet search engine. I bought books, watch documentaries, read medical journals, followed patient and doctor blogs searching for anything that would help me. I found the anti-inflammatory diets on my own and tried them until I found something that worked. I cut down the chemicals in my home and in my immediate work environment. I began a regular exercise program that I now cannot imagine living without. I’m not cured by any stretch, but I feel a hundred times better than I had a year ago.

    My husband and I are now trying to start a family with the help of a fertility specialist who is directly at odds with my rheumatologist. One would like me to stop taking the Plaquinil to ensure a healthy baby and the other fears I’ll fall apart if I stop taking it, refusing to even acknowledge that my diet, environment, and exercise changes have had any effect on my condition. I have given more blood for testing in the past month than I’ve given in the past two years combined and every result points to a person who is by far healthier than when she started. I take everything my doctors say with a grain of salt and do my own research. I’ve learned I cannot trust them to give me the kind of care I deserve and fear I may have to wage war with them once we have a little one to care for.

  141. Heather says:

    I found out after my 31 years of life that I’ve been in a constant state of inflammation due to a sever dairy allergy and psoriasis. It’s crazy that what I considered normal was a life long allergy. Modern Medicine needs to step it up so we don’t live like this anymore…..without a diagnosis. Functional Medicine is so promising!

  142. thanks for your nice sharing

  143. Kim D. says:

    I was recently diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis. This came after 8 months of extreme pain, weakness and countless tests. The pain started weeks after the birth of my 2nd daughter. I thought it was just a rough recovery from my c-section but further tests (ESR and CRP) indicated extremely high inflammation levels and xrays and MRIs showed damage to my spine, pelvis and hips. I was on Prednisone (anywhere between 20-40 mg) for 3 months and then my rheumatologist put me on Enbrel once I was diagnosed. I’m on my 3rd week of shots. While it is helping with the pain, the possible side effects terrify me. And I’m not comfortable with the idea of being on anything for the rest of my life.

    I read Crazy Sexy Diet about 4 months ago and have been juicing since. I’ve also been on a vegetarian diet for the last 2 months. I need to take a more comprehensive approach to my healing. I can’t accept the fact that there is no known cause, no cure and the long term treatment entails injecting myself with a host of horrible side effects. I am looking for a doctor who understands functional medicine and is willing to take the time to look at my big picture so we can deal with what’s really going on.

    Thank you for your post. It is a game changer.

    Kim D.

  144. Jamianne says:

    I am so glad you listed getting tested for Celiac in your 9 steps! I was diagnosed with Celiac almost 3 years ago now, and since then I’ve just poured myself into research soaking up everything I could learn about the body’s response to gluten. I am very lucky to have found a doctor who practices functional medicine that could diagnose me after years of going to a doctor who just told me to take my vitamins and that I was too young to possibly feel so tired.

    However, I am so surprised how this disease seems to have more buzz in the general community than in the medical field. It doesn’t seem right that the majority of people I meet who have Celiac found out because they were self-diagnosed and then asked the doctor to be tested. When is modern medicine going to catch up with the average Celiac?

    I became so frustrated that I changed my major to Health Science. I hope to someday be a sort of “Holistic” Dietician so I can help others like myself and hopefully be a bridge between the general population and the medical community.

  145. Vicki Sanford says:

    I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 1998 and was on multiple medications for 10 years. I have now been off all RA meds for over 3 years as a result of changing my diet, being consistent with exercise (cardio and yoga), and seeing an acupuncturist occasionally. The only meat I eat is fish 1-3 times a week, the rest of the time eating whole foods including fruits, veggies, green smoothies/juices, whole grains. I still have limited mobility in my wrists and occasionally experience inflammation in those areas and I am working with a massage therapist to try to regain mobility although I am not sure if it will be possible at this point. I feel great, though, and am so thankful to be prescription free! I do take an omega 3-6-9 and also a calcium supplement daily.

  146. Rachel says:

    I’ve had mild hypothyroidism for over 20 years (I’m now 39), but this last year it started going all sorts of crazy. An ANA test came back positive for an autoimmune disorder, but they can’t pinpoint it. In the last few years I have gone through massive stress, including an abusive relationship with a man I now believe had (has) Candida and passed it to me (along with some other lovely viruses). Large, daily doses of probiotics, coconut oil, and kombucha have gotten my yeast under control (finally!), but my thyroid is still flip-flopping. I take no meds but the thyroid replacements, eat like a monk (high raw, very alkaline, savvy vegan), and avoid stress (which I can barely tolerate now), but change is slow. I sometimes wonder if I’ve screwed myself up permanently. I would be interested to know if peri-menopause might be playing a role and what, if anything, can be done about it if it does.

  147. Rachel says:

    I’ve had mild hypothyroidism for over 20 years (I’m now 39), but this last year it started going all sorts of crazy. An ANA test came back positive for an autoimmune disorder, but they can’t pinpoint it. In the last few years I have gone through massive stress, including an abusive relationship with a man I now believe had (has) Candida and passed it to me (along with some other lovely viruses). Large, daily doses of probiotics, coconut oil, and kombucha have gotten my yeast under control (finally!), but my thyroid is still flip-flopping. I take no meds but the thyroid replacements, eat like a monk (high raw, very alkaline, savvy vegan), and avoid stress (which I can barely tolerate now), but change is slow. I sometimes wonder if I’ve screwed myself up permanently. I would be interested to know if peri-menopause might be playing a role and what, if anything, can be done about it if it does.

  148. Caitlyn says:


    I have MS, I was diagnosed in Dec 2010 and started copaxone injections in Feb. I changed my diet to all organic, i take wheat grass, fish oil, B12, Vitamin D, Alpha lipoic acid, Tumeric pills and powder and also Acai pills and powder. I also try and exercise three times a week.

    Thank you for this article

  149. Kerrie says:

    Thank you so much for mentioning Lyme Disease in your article. I’ve been infected since at least 1998. Started treatment in 2003 after a friend a country away mentioned it. Certainly no doctor in Ohio would help me. Two and a half years of oral antibiotics and 2 months of an IV, my Pennsylvania doctor finally got me to remission.

    Last fall I relapsed and am again fighting for my life.

    Lyme has taken half my thyroid, given me asthma, eczema, an extensive amount of allergies and asthma, such severe Endometriosis that I lost my uterus, severe Interstitial Cystitis, a constant spasming of muscles throughout my body, stabbing pains that constantly travel, loss of strength in the large muscles, constant GI issues, loss of vocabulary, brain fog . . . sadly, the list could go on and on.

    One of my favorite doctors told me long ago, “you have to be your own doctor.” No one is ever going to be as vested as you.

    This time around I’m looking more into the items you suggest and hoping that there will never again be a next time.


    PS: Cant tell you how many times I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Doctors always wanting to treat symptoms but not finding the source.

  150. Susan Beard says:

    I was diagnosed almost four years ago now with ‘Crohns’ – “the worst case of ulcers they had ever seen” – apparantly. With my weight at 42kg, I went on Steroids and battled on and off for two and a half years. Despite the doctors saying there is no cure and giving me more meds, I knew there was another way. It didn’t make sense to me that a healthy outdoors loving vegetarian should fall so hard. Then I found the Specific Carbohydrate Diet and ‘Crohn’s Boy’ (he has a website) that put me onto using large doses of B12 in ‘microdot’ form – ie by-passing all the damage in my gut so that my bone marrow can build up B12 reserves again – and make lots of healthy healing blood. These were large doses of B12, 10,000 + folic acid + B6 – all in an easy melt in your mouth table. I took one a day for over three months before I started to see a difference.

    It has taken me 1 1/2 years and I am back to a very healthy weight (perhaps a little too healthy!), am still following a veggie version of the SCD, but I find that I can get away with cheating quite a bit without any side effects. I take B12 about once a fortnight now.There are still days when energy is suddenly low, but they are getting less and less frequent and I have no further side effects.

    BTW My doctor said that it was only a matter of time before I relapse… (I no longer see this doctor!)

    The key to my ‘cure’ was multi-faceted and mirrors alot of what is said in this article:

    – Work on the inner you as well as the outside you (there is always an inner anguish even if you don’t think so at the beginning)
    – Listen to your body – you know you better than anyone else
    – Bann the detractors from your life
    – research research research
    – Auto immune seems to be a culmination of many different factors, track them down patiently and deal with them
    – Have patience

    I hope my story helps someone look at B12 and/or combination of an anti inflammatory diet.

    Thanks Kris for all your support – your website was a light during dark days for me.


  151. Kristen says:

    I am only 17 and was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes six months ago. I don’t know if I have any other autoimmune diseases or if I will come to be diagnosed with any in the future.

    I eat a vegan diet (except for honey; I do eat that in very small amounts) and was a vegan before my diagnosis with diabetes. However, I don’t always eat whole foods as much as I should; I plan to cut out refined sugar and processed foods and see if my insulin needs fall.

    I wish there was more information available on natural health & type 1 diabetes.

  152. Cathy says:

    Last year I had a colonoscopy, upper endoscopy, lower endoscopy, some kind of ultasound where I walked for 3 hours before they checked my lower intestines(insurance insisted on this one)…swallowed a camera that took thousands of pictures…and got no answer…I have Crohn’s markers but it is not active. The dr’s nurse said don’t change your diet because that has no effect. It is auto immune. I also had c-dificil from too many antibiotics. I took about $18,000. worth of antibitotics to get rid of that. It took being dehydrated and a sharp ER nurse to find that and then it took 8 months to get it under control. My doctor did not treat me for the other problems, he just did the standard round of tests and when they came back negative….he just let me go on my own.

    So I decided to change my diet. I went 100% vegan and 95% raw. I gave up all processed sugar, processed foods, gluten and foods that an IGg test 6 years ago showed I was allergic too. (Weird things like green beans, papaya, honey…) My symptoms went away immediately…like within 24 hours. I get sick again whenever I eat out and it isn’t really what they say it is. I should weigh about 120 lbs for what I eat and my fitness level. So, I know there is something else I am missing. I won’t be going back to a doctor to find out though.

    I am working on reducing stress. I have eliminated wine, diet pills, sleeping pills, water pills, antibiotics, prednisone (I had severe sinus problems) and inflammation reducers. The only medicine I take now are bio identical hormones (had a hysterectomy when I was 35) and hydrocodone (only when I get a migraine).

    I took a blood thinner for a year because my doctor did not read the test results right…he said I had a clotting condition…and it was just the opposite, I am a bleeder.

    I had to find another doctor to take care of me when I was 35 and my ob/gyn told me he was writing my unbearable pain off to “pathological pain”. I ended up with a nice dr. who did my hysterectomy and scraped the endometriosis off my intestines for me.

    I did not return to the dr. who diagnosed me with leaky gut syndrome 6 years ago …because she wanted me to rub my hormones on my arm 16 times a day. I should have returned to her because her diagnosis seems to be the most accurate for my gi problems.

    I had my gall bladder removed by a very old dr. who had the shakes. I did not meet him until after he did my surgery. That was dumb on my part. He nicked my liver and I have an 8″ incision where he had to open me up to stop my bleeding. He did save my life.

    Writing all this was good for me. I was going to get one of those mesh slings for my bladder. This has reminded me that I should avoid hospitals and drs. unless it is ABSOLUTELY necessary. I am going to cancel the procedure….thank you.

    I don’t know how you tell who to trust. I try to read everything I can….it would be nice to have a doctor who practiced functional medicine instead of just finding out what you have and getting rid of it. I would like to find out what caused the problem and how to eliminate the problem…not the body part. Maybe there should be a functional digest and self treat. (Never mind…that is probably a bad idea: )

    Thanks for what you do.

    • barbie says:

      check your thyroid! i was told i was within “range” for years [been on meds for two and feel great] sadly all the stress and sickness had made me worse in some area but taking 6 months to heal ,vamp up working out and fix me :0) good luck xoxo

  153. Tara Bray says:

    I have Graves Disease and have had it since the end of 2008. I have a great doctor though–she lets me dose myself by how I feel, and then always checks w/ the bloodwork (I’m most always, if not always, able to be accurate w/ this as I have a heart rate monitor and rely on it, and digestion etc.) and has been a big proponent of a diet of non-processed foods. She suggested a gluten free diet in January, and my levels, have steadily improved since. Of course, every summer my levels get better and I can go off the anti-thyroid meds, and then in winter, the Graves comes back w/ a fury. We will know about a year from now if this gluten free diet has helped. I have been juicing around 5 days a week since March, and I have been a runner and a yoga practitioner for years. I do yoga 3-6 days a week, and run 3-4. I have been a vegetarian for years, but recently added a little meat back into the diet after going gluten free. I have one aunt with 4 autoimmune diseases, and the other with 2. Graves is my only autoimmune disease so far, and I’m hoping to keep it that way, and still hope for remission. If things continue going up and down, my doctor says she will push for RAI. For some reason I don’t want to do that–but who knows, maybe that would make life easier??

  154. Kay says:

    I’ve had psoriasis since I was a child and it has increasing gotten worse over the years. I have been prescribed every medication used to “treat” psoriasis-including light therapy. All work temporarily but ultimately make me feel worse overall. I’ve generally found dermatologists to be insensitive and at times insulting (one told me if I “gave it over to Jesus” I would be cured). None of them seem to listen-only throw a fistful of prescriptions at you and wish you good day after less than five minutes in the office. A few years ago, after a particularly troubling visit to the doctor, I turned to an Ayurvedic doctor who has helped IMMENSELY! The system of Ayurveda treats illness with a change in diet and sometimes herbs. Taking gluten out of my diet has seemed to help (I don’t have celiac), as well as refined sugar. I still have symptoms but they have decreased by more than 50%.

  155. Kristine says:

    I became a vegan summer of 09 Currently Anemic and taling iron prescription Not happy with progress exhausted Iron level 40 Eating liver Cooking out of iron skillets Want more options

  156. Stacey Carper says:

    I have psoriasis, severe psoriasis and psoriatic arthiris, on my hands.arms, knees, nd feet. I have tried everything from methostrexate and enbrel to light therapy and homeopathics. The enbrel quit working so rather than go on Humira I am trying to treat the cause. I recently visited a N.D. and had a delayed food allergy test done. I am eliminating the foods that I reacted to for 90 days. This has been challenging as it has caused me to change my entire life style I am truly happy to be making these changes but I have not seen any results as of yet and its been almost 21 days I know it can take time and I am committed to the changes.

    • Victoria Victorious says:

      Hi Stacey,

      Have you read Dr. Pagano’s book, Healing Psoriasis? It is excellent and tells you how to treat yourself naturally. I have symptoms of psoriasis as well and have been following his protocol as well as Jason Vale’s Skin Programme (which you can download for free on his website!!) and have been seeing results in just over 2 weeks. I do not have severe symptoms of psoriasis but the patches I do have are on my face (third eye actually ha ha!) and under my right breast. The patches are less red, no itching, and are healing. Giving thanks!!! Healing our guts is key! I will also be doing a parasite cleanse in a few weeks, as I think I have some of those unwanted guests hanging around as well (world traveler). Check your public library for the book 🙂 Good luck dear!

  157. Jen Smith says:

    15 years ago, 8 months after pregnancy, I was diagnosed with Graves’ Diease and treated with radio active iodine, twice which ablated my Thyroid. Right or Wrong, it was done. Then 8 years later I ended up with Celiac with DH. Still to this day, my immune system attacks “cross reactive” foods, like potatoes and rice. For over 3 months, my lymph nodes are swollen and rock hard, lymph blood work is off, hives at all my joints, etc. Even a hypoallergenic diet/lifestyle can’t reboot my immune system. Knowing I have a new undiagnosed autoimmune issue, I find it immpossible to correct my immune system. And what about genetics? My mother had type 1 diabetes. I know family history is a factor. I would do anything for a cure. God knows the restricted diet I’ve been on is a desperate attempt to have a normal life.

  158. Jackie says:

    You didn’t mention gum disease as a source of inflammation but for me it has been a serious problem. Just prior to my lung cancer diagnosis 3 years ago I had several gum infections. since my treatment I have had none. I brush with an electric toothbrush and floss regularly and have enjoyed extraordinary good health. Certainly I do many other things to ensure my continued good health but when I don’t take care of my mouth inflammation is invited into my body.

  159. Susan Morgan says:

    Can’t speak for its effectiveness for anyone else, but for me a “paleo” type diet (not as bloody red meat-centric as it sounds) has helped my rheumatoid arthritis symptoms for six months now. The RA was bad enough that it eroded my ulna two years ago and I now have titanium where bone used to be! I’ve also continued methotrexate. The key to the paleo diet for me is removing grains, while eating plenty of vegetables, fruit and protein (chicken, fish, eggs). I think it’s all about gut health, the flora populating our guts, what can and can’t be digested there depending on our particular bodies, and what might lead to “leaky gut” syndrome and therefore some of the autoimmune diseases you mention. Loren Cordain at Colorado State is studying this and has written some fascinating papers that are easily found on the internet, if anyone is interested.

  160. melissa says:

    I have ulcerative colitis for almost 2 yrs now. I hate doctors, hospitals & meds. i was prescribed sulfasalazine, but i only take it when i can’t control my flare ups naturally. i have found that aloe help ALOT. also eating less meat, bread,sugar & dairy. i take aloe in juice & pill form, acidophilus, turmeric & tons of filtered water. i still have flare ups, but not near as bad. i really need a destresser. i am a military spouse w/ a 3 yr old boy, no family support & we seem to ove every 2 yrs or more………..

  161. Kim Gaskill says:

    My daughter, 7, was diagnosed with vitiligo and thryoid- both autoimmune and apparently connected in about 10% of the cases. The Vitiligo has spread very quickly over her entire body. She is on synthroid for the thyroid. Not sure what to do if anything. She is very active, gymnastics, playing, running, etc. When I ask about what we may be able to do with diet, vitamins, etc. there is no answer. I fear the “spots” will be a burden emotionally moving forward.

  162. Christine says:

    It’s a wonderful idea to promote “healthy immunity”, however I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis at age 3. I lived in a near-rural environment, played outside a lot (I can still remember making mud pies as a child in the creek outside my home) … so by your logic I should have a very healthy immune system that got “lots” of practice.

    I don’t doubt your methods, but painting everyone with immune disorders as kids who didn’t get enough “exposure” is crazy. Also, 3rd world nations do have immune disorders. You know what happens to people with IBS or Chrone’s in a 3rd world nation, they usually die from malnutrition because they can’t absorb enough nutrients – or they develop a secondary disease or infection because their body is just so compromised. To say that these diseases don’t exist in the poorest nations in the world is just false. There are many people who have moved from these countries (supposedly living lives that give their immune systems lots of practice) only to be diagnosed with these “modern world” diseases once they start living in places with decent healthcare systems.

    But, for all my nay-saying above, I agree that pumping our bodies full of toxic chemicals is *NOT* the answer. Yes, it provides much-needed relief, but we all need to understand *WHY* our bodies are attacking themselves. I try to eat as much whole foods as possible, get regular exercise, attend hot yoga and drink lots and lots of water. I also think simplifying our lives can do a lot to relieve stress. Too many of us are trying too hard to be “ON” all the time, be it for work, family or otherwise. The body needs downtime to repair and recharge.

  163. Michelle says:

    Thank you so much! I’ve lived with Fibromyalgia since 1995. A couple of years ago I stopped the prescription drugs used to treat it and became extremely ill. I’ve been recovering from a severe B12 deficiency and have also had a range of inexplicable symptoms some doctors thought were MS. I’ve gotten nowhere with my doctors. The neurologist I was sent to see for MRI results (no MS thankfully) told me right out of the gate there was nothing any doctor could do to treat me – I would never find an answer for what’s been making me sick. I was angry more at his callousness and poor bedside manner than anything else. I know there is something wrong, but conventional medicine isn’t capable of finding it, and I can’t afford to opt for anything else.

    I’m not one to give up though – I do my research and present my questions and findings with my physicians. If it weren’t for my being proactive much of what I know about my health would have gone undiscovered. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge with us – it really gives people like me a lot of encouragement and hope.

    Peace. 😉

    • Madeleine says:

      I am sure it could have been caused by any hormones you took. Any form of artificial hormones give me auto-immune inflammation starting in my eyelids, then forehead/sinuses, then brain, then joints and so on. Have many MS symptoms now. My eyelids go into spasm even if I put in artificial tears! My body is trying to rid itself of the Mirena coil even though I no longer have it! No wonder there is such an auto-immune epidemic amongst women.

  164. Rachael says:

    I too had and have similar problems, beginning when I was 15. I have had multiple surgerys and many complications, and now have had reconstruction with urostomy. I am now 31 and am the best I have been in years, no more IV antibiotics and lengthy stays with sepsis….
    I swear by high dose cranberry tablets, doesn’t work for everyone, but does for me.
    Hope you continue to improve, its nasty.

  165. Shirley says:

    I have had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, environmental allergies and general malaise and migraines for the past 26 years of my life. These past 3 years have been difficult as I seem to be going into early menopause. I have been seeing an environmental doctor for years but every treatment I try I react to. I am now trying hypnotherapy and my friend has suggested the PH miracle diet. I am too young to feel this sick, I feel like I am 95, not 45.

    • Madeleine says:

      Perhaps you had an allergic reaction to hormones which causes auto-immune inflammation. I have it now from Mirena coil and I am trying to prove to drs that it was caused by hormones. Drs deny it. Specialists have never heard of it! No wonder there is an auto-immune epidemic. Stop giving women hormones! I now suffer with migraines, throbbing temples, painful right arm, aching joints, pain behind eyes, inflammed veins on eyelids, red painful eyes, numb forehead, tingling (just like MS). I am sensitive to all toxic smells, eg. paints, chlorine, exhaust fumes. I cannot drink any alcohol at all because I get pain behind my eyes. I wonder if this is similar to you? I have not been able to get any treatment yet except Lyrica for nerve pain but I haven’t tried it yet. Thinking of putting myself on asprin.

  166. Emily says:

    Thank you Dr. Hyman. Will start adding your 9 steps that I have not incorporated into my life yet. Been sick for 2 1/2 years after being healthy my whole life, felt sick one day and didn’t get over it.

    Hospitalized for the first time in my 50 years a total of 4 times in 8 weeks not counting the ER visits….. typical Doctor blah blah…..labels and prescriptions….steroids are their main answer…..interesting though that the nurses refuse to take medications….after all those visits to hospital I got to know the staff very well.

    Now the latest label is Rheumatoid Arthritis, GERD…. decided to take matters into my own hands. Am seeing a chiropractor 3 times a week, have stopped all sugar, gluten and dairy, do Qi Gong every morning, go to beach every afternoon after work for a couple of hours, taking Milk Thistle, Tumeric, Probiotics and Cod Liver Oil. Eating healthy and plan on learning to meditate. Just started doing EFT as well.

    In 2 months I have seen a great improvement physically and mentally. Doctor’s nurses are calling me now asking me ” where are you? Why aren’t you coming in?” What should I tell them?

    My fiance told me the another night “Em it’s so good to hear you laugh.” It’s funny how we start to discover the little things we used to do and how wonderful it feels when they start to come back after disappearing or fading away from our life.

    Doctor Hyman I wish Doctors were all enlightened like you. There would be true Health Care. And maybe those awful pharmaceutical commercials would all disappear!

    Keep doing what you’re doing. BRAVO!!!

  167. Kimberly P. says:

    My father has been suffering with colitis for so long. He has started Remicade infusions and continues on steroids. Each time he tries to stop the cycle of steroids he has to get right back on them. Basically, he is housebound and can NOT leave, he has no life. My father is ready to retire in 6 months and he deserves to have a quality of life. He lives in Pittsburgh PA . . .any suggestions on a physician that can provide some alternative help other than a prescription and a dismissive glance.

    Thank you so much.

    • Katie says:

      Hi Kimberly,
      I don’t know if you will see this after all this time, but I have ulcerative colitis and no longer have symptoms. Someone in a forum I visited said he was eating a lot of spinach and sunflower seeds and his symptoms went away. I tried it and for two weeks I got worse but then started noticing my symptoms decreasing and disappearing. It took a couple months. Bye should eat a half cut to a cup of cooked spinach and three or four tablespoons of Sunbutter every day. He should NOT eat raw spinach or raw sunflower seeds – too rough.

      You should know that I was on a TON of medication and nothing but this has ever worked. I had very severe pancolits (whole colon effected).

      Several people on the forum also had luck with it. I was totally housebound and now I have my life back. I hope your dad is doing okay and I hope this helps.

      Good luck!

  168. Elizabeth says:

    I’ve been struggling with an unknown condition for a little over a year now — inflammation had manifested in one of my eyes and was attacking my vision. After an unbelievable number of inconclusive tests, in addition to presenting my case at a world conference, and stumping some of the best retinal specialists, my doc sent me to a rheumatologist where I was put on steroids and an additional immunosuppresant (CellCept). In conjunction, I started on a vegan, anti-inflammatory diet. I’ve been in remission since January, but still have not detected the root cause of the problem. I’m looking forward to finding a functional medicine practioner, and am toying with the idea of going to the Block Institute for additional nutritional/supplement help. My rheumatologists encouraged my dietary change, but didn’t put much faith in it to make a difference. It’s very frustrating knowing that at any time, the inflammation can return (and usually undetectably, until I notice that I’ve lost more vision) because we’ve never determined where and why this started. I wish more doctors practiced functional medicine, and continued to seek answers for the underlying causes of inflammatory/autoimmune issues.

    • Madeleine Holmes says:

      Dear Elizabeth, I get auto-immune inflammation which starts in my eyelids (twitching/spasms), red eyes, pain up behind top eyelids, then into my forehead/sinus area, follwed by brain. I also notice more pronounced veins/arteries. This happens if I take any hormones (combined pill/mini pill and now even Mirena coil). Expect this is what is happening to thousands of women! Drs deny it. Specialists have never heard of it! How can I get any treatment? I wonder if you had been on hormones?

  169. elizabeth says:

    well said dr. hyman! and thank you. i know i feel inflamed and my problem areas, which are several, flare up when i have too much stress, and too many evenings in a row of rich food and wine. for over 25 years i have been eating mostly organic vegan food, and i understand how our health is simply as strong and clear as our diet. i feel almost perfect when i am eating vegan, including some top quality animal food a few times a week, and taking no alcohol or sweets. within a few days of eating differently, say on vacation, etc, although i may be having fun, my back becomes irritated, other areas in my body stiffen up like my jaw and shoulders and neck, my digestive system becomes inflamed, i feel tired and grouchy, even depressed, and then it becomes harder to get back on track with the food. i think of it as an addiction, and although i am fortunate that i have the resources to switch easily back to my supportive routine, i think this may be a hard thing for most people to do as they may not understand that the seemingly healthy food they think they are consuming may be making them sick. so many find this concept silly or ridiculous, but the function of the food that we put into our bodies becomes the function of our bodies, and just like a car quickly sputters and ceases normal movement if we add water to its gas tank, each individual needs to educate herself as to what fuel keeps her running smoothly. For most of us, the white stuff like sugar, bread, milk, cheese and all their seductive variations is poison in our fuel tanks.

  170. Angela says:

    I have type 1 diabetes and hashimotos thyroiditis.I have been dealing with chronic hives for 2 years because of these issues and LOTS of gut issues I’m having. Every time i see a “regular” doc,they want to put me on steroids.I’m not having it! Its just going to mask the problem,not help or heal it.I have been gluten,diary,soy and grain free for awhile .It has helped my stomach aches and losing weight but has not helped my hives or my fatigue. I finally found a great functional medicine Dr who did a DNA stool test and I got lots of useful information back. Unfortunately my insurance does not cover his practice but I just do lots of research on my own online now that I have some answers. I may need to start the GAPS diet which is a gut healing allergy free diet.Hopefully I will continue to heal 🙂

    • Pam says:

      I have chronic hives too. 1 1/2 years now. I do take Zirtec to control them but that is all. Have not been able to find the cause. Would like to keep in contact with you. Maybe we can help each other. I cannot afford doctors and extensive testing either. My e-mail is

    • Bobbi says:

      Have you ever changed the brand of insulin you’re on? I found lantis was very irritating to my system, levimir wasn’t much better, but some better. I know we don’t have many choices as type 1 diabetics. Oh, and synthroid almost caused my death by debilitating migraines, so I switched to armour thyroid and feel much better.(But I’m holding my breath because that not always better for us with Hashimoto’s.) But always remember, any prescription is man made, and therefor has the potential for problems. The cure can be worse than the disease, the treatments for Hashimoto’s and type 1 diabetes are two perfect examples of this.

    • Pamela says:

      I very much recognize your situation. Have you tried PeaPlex from

  171. Vicki Thomas says:

    I have ulcerative colitis and I’m running out of medical options – short of having my colon removed. Steroids don’t work for me and Imuran has made my white blood cell count drop to dangerous levels. So now I’m exploring a vegan diet in an effort to help reduce the inflammation in my body. I’m also an elite cyclist (represented Canada at the 2010 World Cyclo-Cross Championships) so it is very important that I’m able to fuel my body and heal my body. I’m really interested in hearing how others find a vegan diet impacts their health.

    • Chelsea says:

      I also have ulcerative colitis. I’m certain my activity level no where approaches yours but I was a university athlete so I understand the dietary needs. I personally think vegan is a little too far to go unless you have a lot of money and time to invest in finding the best protein options for you.
      I’m currently tapering off all my meds (first it was Prednisone, next will be Lialda, then Humira) thanks to promising results from following an elimination diet (AIP). I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to re-introduce many foods back (especially eggs!) but I’m starting to get a hang of meat and vegetables pairings for every meal. I make snacks like jerky and veggie chips to munch at work. I ate too much fruit at one point and noticed yeast infection type smells and had to curb consumption back. I have had so many good stools this week (3 weeks into the AIP) though.
      Best of luck to you!

  172. Lisa Zarov says:

    How do I find a properly qualified functional MD in my area? I am following a mostly raw, vegan diet and it is helping all of my inflammation-related illnesses. I am mostly concerned about my children. They have peanut/tree-nut allergies and severe seasonal allergies. I am convinced that making changes like you have described will help them too. But many products that I use have nut warnings (my chia and flax seeds, for instance). And I am finding that it is difficult to have a completely plant-based diet without nuts. So, I’m looking for guidance as to how to find products that are key to a plant-based diet that don’t have nut warnings on the ingredient list (“made in a facilitiy that handles nuts”) *and* would love help in creating a plant-based diet for my kids that will cover all of their nutritional needs .

    If there is a resource for finding a functional MD in my area, I would really appreciate guidance on this! Thank you!!

  173. Chelsea says:

    I have interstitial cystitis…inflammation of the bladder wall lining, a progressive disease that eats away the mucus gag layer that protects your bladder walls. There is an increasing number of young women being diagnosed with this and I’d like to know why. I’m only 23. I was immediately prescribed Elmiron…a drug with side effects like hair loss, mental confusion, and vomiting blood. My first thought about hearing about this drug was that, if it causes hair loss, wouldn’t that mean that it’s causing a huge amount of stress on my body? How can a drug that causes so much stress on my already stressed out body, do me any good? And to top it off, their website states it is not understood why this drug works or how it works. My next step is to test for food allergies and gluten sensitivity, but I must be patient with myself. I made healthy changes in my lifestyle and diet. Probiotics cause me to have flare ups, but I take them once in a while to keep the flora numbers up. I take a multi-vitamin daily, a chorella powder once in a while. I’ve already seen improvements, but I’m not cured. I wanted to stop seeing doctors for a while and just focus on being gentle to myself, and learning to be peaceful. I advise people not to panic, and go out and have a million tests done at once. Before having tests done that are expensive and sometimes unnecessary, just listen to your body…if you find that you feel worse when you eat a certain food, write that down. Pay attention to yourself when you feel “good” and when you don’t feel your best. don’t dwell on it, or any physical problem and let it rule your life, and your mood. Don’t eliminate everything from your diet right away. Just take it one day at a time, and focus on your emotional health first and foremost as that will carry over into all aspects of health. If you are on a lot of medications, I advise telling your doctors how you feel about that. Share with them the side effects that are bothering you and robbing you of your emotional health. Be honest with your doctors. I told my doctor flat out that I was not going to take Elmiron, and even if I endured a sideways glare, I’m better for it. Only I am in control of my body. I refuse to believe that I need to live in the boundaries of “disease” or sickness. I go about my life like anybody else, so what if I have to pee more often…I’m not going to feel sorry for myself anymore and let it rob me of my inner joy, and my love for life.

    • dawn says:

      Hi Chelsea, I got interstial cystitis in 2005..i suffered for years..i took elmiron,I took alot of courses of antibiotics,I think i went to at least 5 different 2008, I decided to watch my diet real strickly,and by 2010, i started having relief..I get episodes of pain,but nothing like the excruciating pain I had.I have Fibromyalgia,which is acting up..but don’t give up hope,with diet,and staying away from acidic foods,in time you should feel of luck..

    • Maria says:

      I also suffer from Interstitial Cystitis throughout the last 2.5 years. Its a horribly painful condition and for me its like torture. Constant burning and discomfort in my bladder 24/. I have recently been prescribed Elmiron but I am eager to try Humira injections. ANYTHING to take this pain. I dont have thefrequency that many IC patients have as well – “just” the non-stop pain. I have done all the natural stuff and also trying to cut out all the acidic stuff, high oxalates etc. Nothing is really helping a lot.

  174. Sarah Arnold says:

    I have Ulcerative colitis and still take immune suppressors and steroids to control my flare ups. I have been trying to eat a anti inflammatory diet, incorporating more alkaline foods and a more vegan lifestyle. Also adding green juices everyday as well as probiotics and other supplements. I am yet to know how this will go as I’ve just started down this path. I feel as if its the right one 🙂

  175. Thank you for this wonderful article. I was fortunate to find a functional MD when I was diagnosed with MS (unfortunately my neurologist is clueless and refuses to discuss functional medicine). While I am taking a disease modifying drug, I have also fixed my gut, cut out all allergens, tested for and cleansed of heavy metals (although that seems to be an ongoing process), regularly meditate and practice yoga, and take vit D, MV, EFA, ALA, ALC and probiotics. Oh, and I love my greens in all forms.

    I am a testament to the fact that this approach works. Not only am I symptom free, my MS lesions have shrunk or disappeared (my neuro is stumped).

    • Tatiana says:

      My dad has been living with MS for over 25, so you reversed the symptons with a better diet and meditation? Thank you

    • Caitlen says:

      Thank you for this very informative article. And thank you everyone for the inspiring comments. I have recently been diagnosed with IgA and IgG deficiency as well as Hashimoto’s. I am waiting (impatiently) to see an Allergist/Immunologist in order to see if I have any further Autoimmune Diseases. The past few years I’ve gotten fat, extremely fatigued and very ill….which resulted in me being unemployed and having my gallbladder removed. Scared, I was thinking this could be a death sentence for me. But hearing I could live with these illnesses -pain free- with the help of a holistic doctor and herbs has given me hope. I’ve tried many, many herbs thus far and many different diets. Are there any suggestions you may have for me while waiting on my final diagnosis? Thanks in advance!

    • janet says:

      I read your response and wondering which disease modifying drug you are on…I am newly diagnosed and terrified of the drugs

  176. Sara says:

    I have celiac disease (or a high level of intolerance…it was never officially diagnosed) coupled with over a decade of traditional dermatological acne treatment (antibiotics, Accutane, etc.). I just visited a Naturopathic doctor and she recommended a stool analysis to determine what, exactly, is/is not in my gut. I’m hoping she can put the puzzle together…it’s really disappointing to me that dermatology seems to unquestioningly put people on antibiotics (after topical treatments are ineffective), when it may actually make things worse. Gheesh. 🙂

    • Gloria says:

      Hi Sara,
      I had acne for around 26 years and tried all kinds of things. Finally I heard about applying plain Milk of Magnesia to my acne prone areas before bedtime. It is amazing how my face cleared up. I wish I had known sooner. Cheep and no side effects.

  177. Jennifer says:

    I have rheumatoid arthritis, celiac disease, and thyroid disease. I’m on Lyrica for nerve pain, celebrex for inflammation and synthroid for my thyroid. I feel high within an hour of taking these meds ontop of two types of antidepressants, celexa and buproprian. I really want to eventually come off these drugs because I hate the side effects. I have degenerative disc disease in my neck and stenosis in my cervical spine. I really want to try a more natural approach but don’t know where to begin.

    • Kasey says:

      Hi Jennifer,

      I was diagnosed early November 2014 with Hashimotos. I am reading Izabella Wentz’s The Root Cause. I love her book. There is practical information and interventions that have been proven to work. A lot of the time when the thyroid isn’t functioning properly it affects our mood. Depression and anxiety are common. So if we heal our thyroids our moods will be balanced as well. She goes on to explain the many things that can contribute to an autoimmune response. I highly suggest her book.

  178. I have a close person to me that has an autoimmune disease. The put her on Prednisone and harsh drugs like that. I don’t see any natural suggestions given to her. I’m e-mailing her this post and hope it will help her.
    Suzanne Williams

    • Gloria says:

      Hi Suzanne,
      I just read this article and saw your post. I hope your friend with the autoimmune disease is doing better. I was diagnosed with lupus in 1980. My doctor put me on prednisone but also put me on a very strict diet of no processed foods. I stopped taking prednisone after 3 years(under the doctor’s guidance) and have done very well. I’m not as strict about the processed foods as I once was but still believe avoiding processed foods is a good idea for everyone.
      Wishing you wellness,

  179. Lauren says:

    I have crohns disease and I’ve been on and off steroids and TNF blockers for 6 years. I had a baby 6 months ago and my crohns got bad again. I started a routine of e3live, prescription probiotics, chlorella tablets, wheatgrass powder and vegan omega 3 and I’ve been feeling a lot better. Even had a colonoscopy last month and my doc said I am healing and had improvement!

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