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Simple Travel Tips for a Smoother Journey

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Hi Sweet Friends,

Over the years, I’ve developed a go-to travel routine that keeps me feeling vibrant and strong, even when I’m on the road (or in the air!) For me, the key to staying well while traveling is really quite simple—just a little forward thinking and some easy lightweight items that fit right in my bag. Jet-setting (or schlepping about) makes us more susceptible to stress, junk food, late nights and germs. So that’s why it’s super important to kick your self-care efforts up a notch and keep your immune system protected.

One of my biggest concerns while journeying about is inflammation. Traveling can make us more susceptible to its many triggers—but here’s the good news—it doesn’t always have to!

In this video, I share a few tips and products that help me (and hopefully you!) stay healthy on the road.


Here’s what you’ll learn

  • My nutrient-packed trail mix recipe, and why I chose these goodies: brazil nuts, walnuts, cashews, goji berries, mulberries and cacao nibs.
  • My quick and easy-to-make breakfast staple that helps me rise and shine through the whole day.
  • What I reach for when I can’t find fresh green juice.
  • How I stay on track with my supplements and the one I rely on to keep the trains (a.k.a. poop) moving!
  • Why these three essential oils help me with everything from boosting energy and focus before a speech to keeping me happy and relaxed while flying.
  • The travel-sized exercise tool I use to prevent body aches, reduce stress and center my mind —all in the comfort of my hotel room.
  • How I get a great night’s sleep in a hotel room.
  • The one item that isn’t really health-related, but sure does make me feel and look fabulous …

Here’s the list of brands I love:


  • Lightning Bug – Sleep Clock
  • Music Therapy for Sound Sleep
  • Chroma Doze
  • White Noise
  • Nature Sounds to Sleep


Bonus tip:

Air travel can sometimes create congestion. Consider bringing a travel-proof neti pot and a few scoops of neti salt (or sea salt). This handy tool will help clear you up in no time and may also prevent unwanted headaches or fatigue. Hotel remedies rock!

Your turn: How do you stay healthy and vibrant while traveling? Let me know in the comments below!

Peace & passports,

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  1. Albert says:

    I love traveling and these tips are best for me thanks for sharing…

  2. Thanks for your own efforts on this site. My aunt really loves carrying out investigation and it’s really obvious why. Most people know all relating to the compelling form you create helpful techniques via the web blog and therefore boost response from some others on that point while our favorite daughter has always been being taught so much. Enjoy the remaining portion of the year. Your performing a remarkable job.

  3. Mustapha says:

    Definitely took away a few great pointers for car travel! Thanks for putting this out there!

  4. Francesca says:

    Being hydrated while you are on the go can be challenging!
    Thank you for these suggestions 🙂 !!! never thought about the yoga mat!
    can’t wait for my next trip!!
    kisses from Italy xx

  5. Sue Smiles says:

    Thanks for the How To Stay Healthy On the Road talk – I’m ready for Antigua now which was giving me sleepless nights about how to manage travelling, and even breakfast is sorted! I am hard core juices at the moment due to the Big C and I was panicking about the holiday and how to cope…. Where would we be without you!!

  6. Marie Carbell says:

    Hey thanks for these tips! I just read this other article about packing tips, as I’m always struggling with it I thought it could be useful! Have fun, safe trip, much love !!!

  7. I am a frequent traveler, and most of the time i end with inflammation due to neglected routine. I hope this information will help me too in making my journey comfortable and stress-free.

  8. Kimberly Davis says:


    I love the travel Supplement bag in your video on travel tips. I cannot seem to find this anywhere.

    Can you please let me know how I can find one ?

    In Good Health

  9. Lisa S says:

    Best video ever. Thank you.

  10. Lu says:

    That is hilarious—easy to draw! 😀

  11. Catherine Wallbank says:

    Thank you so much for giving guide for health and wellness.

  12. Beate says:

    Great tips. Instead of earplugs I use my noise control headset. Especially helpful for long distance flights. I noticed that it reduces jet-lag.

  13. Awesomly put and fully fully shared … A complete list of tips to travel safe, strong and healthy in ALL aspects!
    Thats what I call an open heart ♥ beauty . Gonna investigate about that sound machine you commented…
    Thank you so much. I shared it on my FB 🙂

  14. Sandra says:

    These were great tips Kris. In a couple weeks, my husband and I will be traveling by car (with no A/C) to the beach. We’ll be staying at a B&B. I’ve already asked if they have a blender because I drink green smoothies for breakfast. The manager couldn’t locate one, so I’ll bring ours. I will make raw granola for one of my snacks. Since we’re staying at a B&B with access to a full size fridge, I can pick up some fruit and small bagged salad. I’m looking forward to the water. The salt is refreshing and cleansing.

  15. Jeremy Michael Tobias says:

    Have you tried Markus greens yet, Jeremy Michael Tobias

  16. Maree says:

    Kris ta for tips! I’m off on a road trip later this week, what super suggestions! Also darling you are sooo funny, I giggled all the way through that one…

  17. Corrine says:

    Awesome tips! Thank you very much.

  18. Roger says:

    Definitely took away a few great pointers for car travel! Thanks for putting this out there! 🙂

  19. Thank you for supporting (and loving!) the Himalayan Institute Neti Pot. It is a great travel tool, as well as a daily tool. Enjoy your travels and be able to breath the fresh air. Namaste!

  20. Aisha says:

    Becareful with the magnesium citrate. Do not try it for the first time while on vacation. It can work a little too well for some people. No need to ruin your vacation.

  21. I’m not that much of a online reader to be honest but your blogs really nice, keep it up! I’ll go ahead and bookmark your website to come back in the future. Cheers

  22. Anne says:

    I love trail mix! Thanks for providing the apps for iPhone and Android too. Can’t wait to check them out!

  23. Findia Group says:

    Thanks for sharing!

  24. Eileen vaughan says:

    Hi Kris,
    Hello from Dublin Ireland!!
    I am so impressed by your story and attitude to life.
    Thank you for your wonderful information, & tips…..

  25. Remember when we talked about inflammation? Traveling can make you susceptible to many of its triggers, but it doesn’t have to.

  26. maribeth zamora says:

    hi kris, this is amazing….. i would like to ask few things from you.
    I had stage colon cancer last year and had major operation. i believe that i am cancer free now but still taking care of my health through radical change of diet however i would still love to hear from you and other cancer survivor on how they have completely changed their bad health to real and fantastic healthy lifestyle. one of my concern also is boosting my immune system. i hope that this will would reach your attention and would be able to get response from you. God bless

  27. Jan says:

    Loved your video, Kris. Your enthusiasm is like a breath of fresh air. I was so pleased to hear your recommendation for an instant oatmeal that can easily be taken on the road, however I checked the ingredients and discovered that Nature’s Path Flax Plus Oatmeal has 10 grams of sugar which is 2 1/2 teaspoons per serving! Yikes! I have been looking for an instant oatmeal for travel but have not been successful in finding one that doesn’t have copious amounts of sugar.

  28. Richard says:

    Wow, easy travel tips! I really happy to follow this tips. Thanks!

  29. Suki F says:

    I have been trying to be healthier during my trips for a while but never actually do it. This will be my first attempt and these tips will help me a lot. wish me luck.

  30. kathy says:

    I know this is an old post, but I wanted to thankyou for your travel ideas. I was starting to feel stressed out. I leave for a youth camp next week. I can bring my own food, but I was trying to find ways to get my greens in. I will have to try those greens packets. Then I do have problems when I travel sometimes with consitpation. I am so glad you suggested that. I will try that tip. I love the oils and plan on bringing mine. The trail mix looks good as well.Thannks so much for all that you do. I love to watch your videos. You are so much fun to watch and a big help to me.

  31. Lauren B says:

    Great travel tips! Here’s another good read for food on the go for traveling >>


  32. Benjamin says:

    This would have to be a new blog. Something that you want to read about, but havent found online. This can be religious, fashion-based, etc. Im just getting some ideas for the blog i want to start- Thanks!.

  33. Rona Shaw says:

    Dear Kris,

    A dear friend suggested I visit your website when I was recently diagnosed with invasive lobular carcinoma. No surgery on my breast as the cancer has spread. Fortunately, it is controlled at the moment. I have a wonderful oncologist as well as a wonderful alternative treatment doctor, who was recommended by the oncologist.
    You became my ‘goddess;’ I devoured Crazy Sexy Diet and have changed my diet radically. My next challenge will be on a cruise ship next week. What do you do when you’re on vacation? The ship is not catering to my need for everything organic… Does one just do one’s best in that circumstance? Any tips for eating when abroad? Thanks so much for all your work and for sharing your knowledge. Rona Shaw

  34. Jeanett says:

    Hey Kris

    Love love your tips and your humor

  35. Angela says:

    You are such a rock star!

    Thank you for the inspiration. I have been searching for healthy travel options. Now, I can relax, and know that I will have my essentials!

    xo, Angela

  36. Anderson says:

    Looking at these up close necklace shots, im senieg the diamond which is April (Kristen’s) birthstone and the dark stone could be an emerald(which can run to almost look black at that scale) which is May birthstone (Rob’s). Just a thought. I like the deep meaning of the ying yang, but it also resembles an infinity symbol. It’s nice to see it up close, i’ve been speculating for a while now.

  37. Kim says:

    hi Kris,
    Love your stuff! You’ve been my raw/juice guide-ess for the past year. Thanks for all your fun earth wisdom.

    I’m looking for a travel blender–the smaller/lighter the better–so I can juice all the time. Would you share your latest recommendation?

    many thanks and keep it coming!

  38. Debbie Chinchar says:

    Hi Chris,
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for caring so much about others! You are a blessing to many. I so hope to someday meet you! You are the perfect living example of my favorite words to live by… You RADIATE JOY!
    God bless you for all you do,
    Debbie Chinchar

  39. Leslie Lax says:

    You are so adorable Kris !!!!!! I just LOVE listening to you talk and you always give us so much great (and useful) information !! Plus….you are so funny !!! Your spirituality and positive attitude alps us all feel better about life and whatever it throws our way. God is truly using you for great things. Thank you for being you !!!!!

  40. Julia says:

    Hi Kris

    I make my own trail mix too… only mine is more seeds than nuts. I usually use almonds, sunflower seeds, pine nuts, pepitas (pumpkin/squash seeds), chia, sesame seeds, goji berries, dried blueberries and small pieces of 85% cocoa dark chocolate. Sometimes I’ll add other nuts too. It’s also nice with a little organic crystalized ginger. But overall, it’s a great way to get some sustained energy as well as being chock full of lots of excellent nutrients.

  41. Susie says:

    Hi Kris,

    I’ve given out your website and facebook url several times. You have amazing information! I wish I had this travel tips link before we traveled for 3 weeks across the country and back. And I just have to say that poop in imPortant because everybody poops! LOL

    I’ve bookmarked this page to read again before my next road trip.


    The Busy Woman

  42. I love these tips, essential oils are the best, I use peppermint oil to help with motion sickness. I also use iRelax Melodies to help me sleep on the plane!The most important thing is to definitely have a plan going into your trip.

  43. Laura Grant says:

    Thank you so much, Kris. You are such an inspiration, and have helped me many times in my journey with pancreatic cancer. I am 28 months out with stage 4, and I think that your tips in part, have helped me get there. I have just started bimonthly trips to Block Center in Skokie, Il (from No. California), so these travel tips are great! Love the Roam Wellness Pack. Also, thanks for the great tip about Anna Maria Gianni! Love her products. The herbal facial oil makes me feel fabuous.
    Love and gratitude to you,

  44. mary says:

    Hi Kris,

    I’m wondering your advice on preventing and dealing with traveler’s diarrehea? I seem to go to the Carribean and every year always get it? I take probictics with me, oil of oregano and still???

    Any hope??

  45. Glenda says:

    Great video 🙂 I was wondering what the brand of noise machine was that you have? I know you you can use an app but they do sound like they are coming fom a phone. Great for travel but I would prefer the actual ‘machine’ for my home!

  46. Jennifer says:

    Wow, what a great travel tips. I have to try sea salt for congestion 🙂

  47. Chris says:

    I’m leaving on vacation in a week, having only just started a diet. I’ve struggled with keeping to my diet on vacations in the past, so this is super helpful. Also, I never realized how congested I get after a flight until you mentioned it. I will find a good neti pot, as well as some salts, to bring with me this time!

  48. Marilyn says:

    When I’m travelling, I bring a small blender. You can get one for less that $20- at target, Walmart etc. i bring small pCkets of protein shakes ,I pick up fruit when I get to my destination, then, I can have a smoothie each morning.

  49. Kris,

    Just finished my 21 day detox diet. I love these trip tips and I love you!!! You are like a ray of sunshine. I love your newsletters. You are the best. Total admirer.

  50. Denise says:

    I love this Kris! Travel is a big joy, but my diet is definitely not fast food friendly. Loved your helpful tips and suggestions! I love magnesium too! 😉 Hilarious about the lavender!

  51. Janie B says:

    Hi Kris,

    I love all of your great ideas. In fact, I would love it if you did a chat and chew where you talked about which health/beauty products you use (which brands, etc.) I’m always discovering awesome new organic and natural skin, hair and make-up products (Acure is my favorite right now) and would really like to know which ones you personally use! Think about it 🙂

  52. Melanie says:

    I love you for this!!!!!! My family and I (hubby, three kids..whew!) are embarking on traveling adventure to Disneyland! Soo..being the health conscious mom and wife that I am, I was really worried about how to make sure that the healthy foods we consume at home have a way to “travel” with us! I know I won’t be able to bring the food on the plane (I wish..or..can you?) , but at least when we land, I know what snacks to get! You are amazing..thanks so much for this!!

  53. Christina says:

    Excellent tips, Kris!! For travel I love Humangear’s GoToobs. They are pricier than the usual but so much superior in design and easier to use. I also bring small Evian or Avene water sprays to spritz my face and lock in moisture with Jurlique cream or organic argan oil.

    Question – what’s your recommended brand for travel steamer? I got one in the past that didn’t work well at all but I love my steamer at home.

  54. BAM! YES!! I am a tour guide and always traveling – stoaked about the recommended super foods green drink packages! Thank you!!! I miss my green smoothies when I’m away! Saviour.

  55. Roberta says:

    We always bring our “Bobble” filtered water bottles so we can filter water in airports or hotels and not pay for over-priced water in plastic bottles and we feel better about being “green”.
    Question? Do you soak your nuts? I am so confused by the whole process and if it is really necessary…soggy nuts just do not do it for me 😉

  56. Christina Mak says:

    This is so awesome! Came at such a great time since I’m going to Florence for a yoga teacher training program for a month…it will def make me feel a bit more at ease 🙂

  57. Timothy says:

    This is fantastic. We are getting ready to go on a two week trip to Europe with the whole family and tips like these help so much.
    Gotta remember workout clothes!

  58. loren cordain the paleo answer says:

    Not allowed in paleo I have 1 cups a tea every morning
    and I just didn’t feel as good as I did back when I ate that for breakfast.

  59. kris, I could gobble you up! You are SO adorable!

    Brilliant tips, thank you ! x

  60. Dani Lundquist says:

    Kris, you are just magnificent! I absolutely adore you!

    I travel constantly for work for months at a time, it really does make it hard to stay healthy. Being so far from all that you know wreaks a little havoc on the body.

    Im getting better though, I bring a little single serving blender, with all my superfoods; goji berries, acai powder, maca powder….Then i just pick up some almond milk and bananas and i have myself a smoothie.

    Also something I love is my spice kit. Have a zip lock bag full of all my different spices.. lets me stick to a few ingredients and gives me the freedom to have an array of different flavors.

    Like some of the other comments mentioned, I would also LOVE for you to do a video on eco friendly skin care, as well as maybe how to keep the home clean and toxic free, as I would love to get my mama on that boat:)

    Thanks again Kris for everything you do, You are one special lady!


  61. Aw man, you were in London!!! I’m hoping that I didn’t miss any awesome speaking gigs or book signings or anything like that while you were here 🙁

    Love that you went to Mildreds and hope you enjoyed your stay. Come back soon, we’d love to have you!

    Lauren x

  62. Thank you for sharing!! Love your site!!

  63. Danielle says:

    Thanks for the great travel tips. I am going to incorporate some of them into my daily routine too!

  64. You are adorable, as usual! Thanks for these tips – really needed the green juice alternatives, as well as your essential oil resource. Thank you!

  65. Maur says:

    GIRLFRIEND! I love you more with each video! You feel like a long-time friend and you always make me giggle. I adore you.
    Thanks and Love,

  66. Bob Hobson says:

    Thanks for the tips, it seems like travel and health are mutually exclusive sometimes. Here is one more tip I would like to share that goes in a little different direction. I found this out while traveling to Canada with my son and my laptop got left behind at a cafe. Luckily for me I had a tracer tag on it. A waiter where I ate lunch found it and entered my tracker number on the Okoban website and I was sent a text message (and an email) before I ever even knew it was missing. I was able to recover it before leaving Toronto. I’m not sure what would have happened had I not discovered it until the next day when I was 400 miles away. The tags are available through They saved my trip and I now have them on almost everything that goes with me on a trip.

  67. Spray that toilet Kriss! LOL

    Love the tips & the jingle musak in the background 🙂

  68. Lisa says:

    Thank you for making me smile every time you impart your wisdom. I always get such a wonderful ideas from you. The one thing I never leave home without is my reusable water bottle. Thanks again Kris!

  69. Asha says:

    I love this. Some great tips! But I was wondering about the effect of the radiation from having the iphone turned on.

  70. LOVE love loved this! Thank you Kris, I am often struggling with this while I travel – especially not being able to find juice when I stay in a hotel in the middle of nowhere.

  71. Anuradha says:

    Hi Kris,
    As always I love your info, presentation and just crazy sexy self!!
    One other great travel support is an earthing mat. Small and easy to pop into a carry on. Especially important if flying!!
    Thanks and love, peace and joy!!

  72. Loren jones says:

    I am going on a long flight soon so this information was so helpful. Great timing!! Thanks Kris. love all that you do for man and women kind.

  73. Georgiana says:

    Thank you so much for these great travel tips, I thoroughly enjoyed them! Just wanted to add that staying at a vegan place might ease the planning and relaxation of a trip as well. There’s this web site which gathers vegetarian and vegan hotels that might be interesting

    In awe, love and gratitude for all of your work,

  74. Claudia says:

    Dear Kris,
    I LOVED this segment on travel tips!
    You are simply the best from the energy you bring to your presentations, your in depth knowledge, and your amazing sunny beautiful spirit that lifts me every time I read your articles or see you present on your website.
    Any chance you might be presenting in Vancouver any time soon?

  75. Isabel says:

    Kris! thanks so much,
    Wondering if you would consider doing a post/video dedicated to essential oils. What helps you and why etc.


  76. Katya says:

    Dear Kris,
    Since finding your books,DVD, & web site I have been devouring all your amazing thoughts & wisdom. This is my 3rd battle with Breast Cancer and I feel a strong urgency to learn & adopt new habits,,,,,,,,,like you I feel my life depends on it. You have become my teacher/Guru, and it feels like you are just what I’ve been searching for!!!
    I’m so grateful for the knowledge,insights, and boundless joy of life that you share with us. You have made a profound difference in my life, on many levels and I’m just a beginner!
    I feel empowered, even while in the mist of chemo and canser craziness I feel great hope thanks to you and your amazing crazy, sexy, save my ass revolution.
    Thank u, Mahalo nui nui, katya

  77. Donna says:

    Use a cooler. Buy premade food at health food stores and avoid restaurants. Our hotel had one for us to borrow. We had the wonderful picnics in Naples Fl. Quinoa salad, broccoli Salad, nuts, juicing and smoothies. It’s also a money saver. I also like to have the cooler at the ready with fruits and cold water and healthy snacks.

  78. Becky Bell says:


  79. Allison Timmins says:

    I’ve been searching for such information for so long – thank you Kris! You are making what seems to be impossible POSSIBLE, always xxoo

  80. Joey Clifton says:

    Kris, I absolutely loved this episode of Chat & Chew. Your humour makes me laugh every time, your tips are awesomely helpful, and I just want to thank you for your joy and insight. XX

  81. You are adorable. Thanks for the tips. Going to make some trail mix:)

    • Annie says:

      Hi Kris,
      You are awesome! Thanks for these great tips.
      I am from Australia and I am always careful when travelling interstate with food, as we have really strict border and area control laws so we don’t spread fruit flies or other pests.

      I travel with my daughter for her swimming competitions, so we NEED to stay healthy, both of us!

      Before I travel I work out the closest health food or organic store where I can pick up local dried fruit and nuts for our snacks. I also buy Organic Apple Cider vinegar to use as a tea. I recently found a cheap and small blender that fits even in my smallest travel bag and can go in the checked luggage on planes. It was so cheap only $14 AUD and actually works!

      We buy some bananas, greens and frozen berries and can still make us a lovely green smoothie in the mornings, even if there is only a small bar fridge in the room. I phone ahead to ask them to clear out the bar fridge, or when we arrive I ask them to do that too… I could go on, but it is amazing how resourceful you get when you need to!

      Thanks for your tips, we both watched them and enjoyed them! We are off this Sunday, so I am also going to look out for some of those other tips.

      Cheers Annie

  82. shortdarkandveggie says:

    off the original topic of travel wellness but…..i have a question and i am positive it doesn’t have an easy answer… Im asking anyway. Kris, you mentioned targeted supplements. With all of the info I have read over the years I still don’t have a clear understanding of how to figure out what supplements to take. I have the issues i want to address but I get myself to the supplement section at Whole Paycheck and I stand there dumbfounded. Help..anyone…beuller.


  83. arlyn says:

    great tips and awesome, uplifting video. thanks for the smiles 🙂

  84. Thanks for the great tips! I bring my NutriBullet on the road along with me. I’ll also bring or pick up spinach, fruit and my superfood blend so that I can at least have a smoothie each day since I can’t juice. It beats the continental breakfast crap any day!!

    ~ Patricia

  85. My travel secret is melatonin liquid drops. It helps with jet lag and time change. It helps me sleep on the plane and helps me adjust to a new time zone quicker.

  86. Kiera says:

    I love this, I work two jobs and I have next to no time – these little tiddlybits are super helpful so that I can stay healthy on the go.

  87. Mariah says:

    Love, love, LOVE these tips! It seems that every time I travel, I gain weight. I’ll be sure to use these tips the next time I’m out of town. Thanks, Kris!

  88. Jo says:

    I LOVE THIS! My biggest challenge when I used to travel extensively was staying healthy. I so wish I had this list then and know what I know now. I have many clients who will love this too and find it really helpful!

    As always, THANK YOU KRIS!

    Blessings, Jxo

  89. Karalee Bechtol says:

    Wondering if you’ve seen this article about the use of sauna for 9/11 rescue workers and the astounding results. Thought you might be interested if you hadn’t seen it.

  90. Hello, I’d love to watch the video, but I can’t…it stops at 0.55 and that’s it…
    Thanks for any suggestion!
    And, by the way, my tips for traveling are 2:
    – I bring soft medjool dates and one ripe banana with me and some spices like cinnamon and clove; the dates and the banana help me against the cravings and cramps and both fruits and spices are great to have handy when I order a smoothe and the barman says “I’ve only apples”…just add the ingredients from my magical backpack and the flavour is completely diferent!
    – spirulina tablets. Great for almost everything, sweet and/or salty

    Hi from Italy

  91. Excellent tips – and traveling is oh so crazy tiring – Breath
    but I found a mini massage roller you can pack
    from Omni
    awesome on the feet !!!!!!!!!!!

    Love ya Kris xoxooxox
    Happy Spring time

  92. Thanks for the easy, doable and down-to-earth tips Kris! I always look forward to your weekly blog/vlog!

  93. marie says:

    Thank you. This is very useful. I travel a lot to facilitate personal growth seminar and that will help me stay on track with my health and fitness.

  94. dena says:

    loved all of this…but am primarily posting here because i can’t access my account on crazysexylife and despite the fact it tells me it is sending me an email to reset my password, i never get that email, and am therefore totally shut down from the website. i am hoping that by posting here, i can get the attention of someone who can help me. thank you!

  95. Thank you for the healthy tips and the delightful way you share them : ) Many years ago I created an audio recording for Hawaiian Airlines called “Relaxation and Rejuvenation While You Fly.” It was a seated version of my “Energetics” program that includes deep breathing exercises, yoga, self-massage and deep relaxation. I practiced this on long flights from Hawaii to Italy and Hawaii to New Zealand and I can honestly say I got off those planes feeling relaxed and energized and didn’t experience any jet lag! It’s important to keep circulation flowing even in the air : )

  96. Jennie says:

    Hi! You mentioned really quickly that you have cleaning products with Thieves essential oil blend. My goal this month is to get rid of toxic cleaners. What do you use to clean?

  97. Viv says:

    Loved your video (puts a smile on my face)! Thanks for sharing your travel tips!

  98. Jadene says:

    Thanks for sharing your Travel Tips, Kris!! My husband and I just returned from a Business trip and both got sick right away… We are recovering – but it really had me thinking: how can we be more healthy & therefore Happy about our travelling? And then, of course, your video pops up in my email! Yay :). Thank you. These are great tips!

  99. Julie says:

    Hi Sweet Kris!!
    I am so appreciate all of the informative and useful stuff on your web site.
    The posting by Robin Obrien was particularly moving. I have been wondering for some time now,
    how do we make big agribusiness stop poisoning the food with disease causing ingredients??
    If there is some organization that lobbies for that cause, please post it . I will contact them and see what I can do to help. Thank you Kris for all of your amazing work.

  100. Violeta says:

    Dear Kris, what a great video!!! I am away as we speak, and I was actually thinking of you! I am in Orcas Island, heaven on earth and today during my 4 hr hike i thought of you and how much you would love this place! I am now in my cabin checking my emails and here you are with this video! I love it! Thank you for this, I travel a lot as a makeup artist and it’s so bad sometimes :((((( Tired, constipated (yup) and lacking energy! THANK YOU for sharing your knowledge with us! Greatly appreciated!
    Lots of love,

    • Kris Carr says:

      Thanks Violeta. I can feel your love! Sounds like a beautiful place. Hope some of these tips help you next time you travel. x

  101. Violeta says:

    Dear Kris, what a great video!!! I am away as we speak, and I was actually thinking of you! I am in Orcas Island, heaven on earth and today during my 4 hr hike i thought of you and how much you would love this place! I am now in my cabin checking my emails and here you are with this video! I love it! Thank you for this, I travel a lot as a makeup artist and it’s so bad sometimes :((((( Tired, constipated (yup) and lacking energy! THANK YOU for sharing your knowledge with us!
    Lots of love,

  102. Donna says:

    When traveling I bring Oasis eye drops to prevent dry eyes on a flight. Also bring whole foods peppermint spray hand sanitizer.

  103. Hi, Kris! I just got back from London and found it really helpful to keep a few LaraBars in my bag. I also bring plenty of raw almonds to snack on. Sleeping is always a bit of a challenge for me (especially when there is a time difference) so I love your idea to use lavender oil. As always, thanks for the good advice! Xoxo, Karen

  104. This is one of my favorite videos from you, Kris! Loved it, and I will definitely check out those white noise apps. What a great idea! Here are my tips for staying healthy while traveling:

    -Bring or purchase healthy beverages like coconut water or almond milk

    -Try to maintain your regular eating patterns even if you have to wake up really early or go to be late

    -Be flexible with your food choices – they won’t always be as good as the ones at home – but make the best choices possible

    -Have a bag or strap handy to easily carry your yoga mat wherever you go.

    -Purchase compacts and travel sizes of your favorite mineral makeup

    -Plan ahead, and pack all of the supplements you think you will need

  105. Sylvia says:

    KHE Korean Hand Energy has a FAB Jet Lag treatment that resets your meridians. Essential for travel in my book!!! Sylvia 😉

  106. jayne says:


    has anyone ever mentioned to you about mixing supplements together in a plastic container

    i have had drs tell me that mixing pills, supplements together might cause a reaction between them so i have always kept each separate……..unless its a capsule

    any more thoughts?


  107. Mary says:

    Great tips, thank you! I especially love the juice powders and oatmeal recommendations.

  108. Dear Kris, Thanks for these tips. I am always refining how I travel. I also carry a spritzer of rose water in distilled water in my kit, to freshen up at the end of a long plane ride. My kids have come to count on it. Now, I will go find some Thieves oil.
    xoox Suzi

  109. You crack me up. Great tips delivered with a laugh. Thanks, Kris!

  110. Mia says:

    Awesome tips and presentation! I also loved seeing in your comments to bring a water bottle and remember not to rush. Thanks!!!

  111. Rachel H. says:

    Love the travel tips; as I’m on the road for business so much! I always bring my dry brush as well (without the handle).

  112. Cheryl Osten says:

    Hi, thank you so much for providing us a CC (closed captioned for the deaf or hearing impaired). Now I can understand better of what you were “saying”.
    That’s made me happy. 🙂

  113. Emm says:

    My favorite sleep mask is made by Bucky. – I like to tell everyone about it, because it is molded from a neoprene-like fabric, and so when you pull it on, it doesn’t touch your eyelids! So you don’t have that feeling of pressure on your eyes. You can even open your eyes under the mask.

  114. Shirley says:

    Thanks Kris great timing since we are off to London and Italy in 16 days. I have never been on an airplane for so long. Love your tips.

  115. Rose says:

    Thanks Kris for such great information! I have a cereal that I make at home and it only requires hot water as well. The base is chia seeds, buckwheat, cacao powder, ground flaxseeds and then you can add any nuts or berries- I like walnuts and dried currants- and just add hot water! Let it sit for 10 minutes or so while the chia seeds swell and the berries reconstitute. It is very filling and a great breakfast or pick me up. Not to mention it helps to move everything along (yep, poop).

  116. Jo says:

    cool! i’ve been wanting to try amazing grass but a bit pricey for me at the moment. i don’t know if it’s good or bad but i usually take a break from all the supplements (except occasional enzyme or probiotic) when i travel…kind of like a reset, so my body doesn’t get dependent on them.
    oh i want a time machine to go back to that 40s bus….

  117. Tasha Righetti says:

    Thanks Kirs for those great tips. For road trips, I pack a cooler with cut up fruit and veggies so they are ready to eat right away. I also pack my homemade granola bars. Thanks for the tips on the green powders. I always wonder what to have since we can’t have our juice.

  118. Keely Henry says:

    Fabulous! And just in time for our trip to NYC (my son’s first time and he is almost coming out of his skin with excitement!). Seems silly but I forget to pack things like essential oils on trips.

    The sex-toy in the ears had me rolling! Kris, your authenticity is so appreciated and inspiring! Power to you sister-friend!

  119. Cynthia says:

    Love the tips and love you!!! You are so funny!

  120. Melanie says:

    Love this! Traveling can really take a toll on the whole system.

    Can I make a request: would you talk about skin care, makeup and hair care one day? There is so much out there, and so hard to make informed choices!

    • Adreanna says:

      I would also love to hear about skin care and makeup made from organic products. I have been researching a bit, but it is difficult to find the right brands.

      I have found one skin care brand, Eminence, made in Hungary, and is organic and has great masks and moisturizers. But would love to hear other suggestions about makeup and hair care.


  121. Bronwyn says:

    Hi Kris – I really enjoyed this video and all of your tips, thank you! We are in the process of planning a trip to Italy this summer, and staying healthy is a big priority of mine. I was concerned about how I was going to travel with all of my supplements (we’re only bringing carry-on bags). I noticed that you separate your supplements into ‘portions’ for the day (amazing, btw), but do you bring product information with you in case you’re questioned at the airport? I usually travel with a big container of magnesium powder, but somehow transferring that to a smaller ziploc bag doesn’t seem airplane-kosher for obvious reasons…! Any suggestions?

    Also….thank you for the info re: green powder to replace green juice while on vacay. I was convinced that I would be a bag of mush for the two weeks without my regular action-packed morning smoothie!


    • marnie perri says:

      If you carry prescriptions then ask your pharmacist to print an extra label and put it on the zip baggie… Hope that helps. 🙂

      • Bronwyn says:

        Thank you Marnie – that’s great! I’m also going to look for travel packs of my regulars (I’m thinking single-serving packs of my magnesium powder, among others). Appreciate the tip, and safe travels to all 🙂

  122. Jill Benbow says:

    Wow I will never look at earplugs the same way ever ever again. Ever. Never ever. Great tips! I like to put a little lavender oil on my third eye area when I fly. It seems to help me not have a fear induced meltdown during take off. I’m a bad flyer 🙂

  123. Mary Roncarelli says:

    Just plain THANK YOU Kris. You are inspiring. xxoo

  124. Suzi says:

    I just wanted to let you know that you make me giggle
    I tend to be serious, so it was really awesome to see your silly spirited self!!! love it..

  125. Lisa Daniels says:

    Thanks Kris! These are all great recommendations. I travel a lot also and enjoy going to local farm markets or organic food stores wherever we are to stock up on fresh fruit for our hotel room. I have become a stickler for a dark room to get a good night’s sleep, so I bring masking tape to tape up all the little lights from the tv dot to the door peep-hole. (The bedside clock get unplugged) Sounds funny/obsessive, but it makes a huge difference. My other recommendation is to have a very light day the day you get home if possible, even if you feel fine. Just a little time to re-charge. Happy travels!

  126. Deana Ward says:

    Haha! Thanks so much Kris:) That was fun and I loved the advice. Something sort of funny for you…I have gotten into the habit of sleeping with earplugs every night because I love the quiet of my brain (didn’t think it ever got quiet, but apparently it does). Anyway, I had to laugh at your earplug / sex toy comment, because I joke around and say when I put my earplugs in each night, “oooh! just had an eargasm!”

  127. Ashley says:

    Wow! This was just the thing I was looking for. My boyfriend and I are heading out to Napa Valley two weeks from now, and even though the timeshare we’ll be staying in has a kitchenette, we’ll still need to buy food, and we want to make sure we stay healthy. These tips were great, especially the oatmeal, trail mix (I love making my own!) and the green powders:)

  128. Kacie says:

    Fan-freakin-tastic, as always 🙂

  129. HeatherLeigh says:

    what great simple and easy to do tips! thanks Kris!

  130. Christi says:

    Great tips Kris! And since I’m traveling for 2 weeks right now, I wish I’d seen it before I left :(…
    Also I found a recipe for homemade Thieves Oil on ehow…

    I also started carrying a bag that looks like a purse but has a little section where I can keep things cold. That’s helped me plan better for day trips or overnights.

    Thanks again.

    • Dianne McCown says:

      Hey Christi,
      Where did you get the cold bag that looks like a purse? Thanks for that tip, it will be perfect for me.
      Thanks Dianne

  131. Katia says:

    You’re GREAT! Thank you 🙂

  132. Jeralyn says:

    Thanks for the travel video post. I am the editorial director of a travel publication called Fathom and am wondering if you would be open to sharing a few more specific stay-healthy-while-traveling ideas with our readership. Please do take a look at the site and get in touch if your interest is piqued!

    Jeralyn Gerba

  133. MB says:

    Great tips. I love Young Living oils & bring along their travel diffuser with Purification scent. The hotel room smells better & the air is cleaner.

  134. Eileen speranza says:

    Great tips! Love your sense of humor!

  135. Melanie says:

    This was excellent, Kris! Thank you! I think I keep missing the Chat & Chew. I sure do miss the Vlogs! Watching you makes me feel happy! 🙂

    I have a REQUEST: would you consider doing one of these on makeup/skin & hair care? It is so confusing trying to find things that are good to use and not poisons. (I especially love how you do your makeup!) Pretty please?

    And that pink is beautiful on you!

  136. Camille Otero says:

    You are just absolutely hilarious! I love starting out my workday with you making me laugh. Thanks for the tips!

  137. marianne says:

    I checked out Thieves. $44? Really?

    • Kris Carr says:

      The household cleaner is super concentrated. You dilute it in water and it basically lasts for close to a year — for us. The spray that I show ranges from $6-11 dollars. And the same holds true – a little goes a long way.
      Hope that helps. It is optional.

  138. Michele says:

    Great tips – however I’m surprised you suggested a cereal so high in sugar! I would suggest buying gluten-free plain oats and making overnight oats – put some water in them the night before and they’re good to go. Add half a stevia packet and yum. If you’re not concerned about food combining you could add some seeds, nuts or dried fruit. I also make my own cereal bars sweetened only with bananas, which I bring when I travel. You can even make them ‘raw’ in a dehydrator.

    • Devon says:

      I actually make my own “instant” oatmeal. I use gluten-free quick-cooking oats, plus dried fruit, nuts, cinnamon, gound flax, chia . . . you can go wild (without sugar). Just add hot water and you’re good to go!

      • Heather says:

        Eating “quick cook oats” or any other instant oats is like eating white rice. They are not whole grain and that is why the cook so easily. I agree that overnight oats is your best bet.

  139. Sierra says:

    HI Kriss, Love your books, blog and wealth of info. I love using essential oils to, but after learning some scary info about one company i wish you would stop using/promoting their oils.
    This is one of the many weird stories about Young oils, so everyone should do their research.

    thevies oil is made by several reputable companies, it was said to have been used by grave robbers during the plague(thus the odd name)

  140. Gurunam Kaur Khalsa says:

    Hi Kris-
    You’re one of the CUTEST people I know!!! I just love seeing you so vibrant, healthy, successful and adorable! You make me chuckle every time I see one of your offerings. FYI- I left Hippocrates a month ago, after 9 years. Now I’m off to the Atlantis Rejuvenation Center in Bimini! Wild Dolphin encounters, yoga, raw foods, great folks. If you want to take a break sometime, check it out! I’ll be there 4/21-6/30.
    Have you encountered Happy Oasis (that’s the woman’s name!) and Blissology University??? It’s COOL.
    Would love to stay in touch and let me know if my energies could contribute to your wonderful endeavors in some way. I’m back on my path of Freedom, Service, Love, and Light!! God Bless Everybody!!
    With Love, from Gurunam

  141. Mary-Anne says:

    LOVE these tips and your timing is perfect! I’m off to Cuba next week and will definitely be incorporating some of these. I’m keeping things very simple and I’m a minimalist by nature, but my one splurge was on Bubba water bottles, that keep the hot, hot and the cold, cold and no sweating, dripping bottles to worry about! Hydration is going to be key!

    • jayne says:

      take a couple of paper fans with you to cuba

      just returned and it was the best piece of advice i got;

      you get salad with almost every meal and some fruits are plentiful

      and all is now organic:)

  142. Katie Flores says:

    Such great travel tips. I’ve been thinking about this for awhile. I also think it would be a great idea to have a water bottle in your carry-on as well. I know they have some with the filter built-in. Or, simply go to a starbucks and have them fill it up with water for you. Either way, I’m not spending $5 for water 🙂

  143. You are so entertaining and educationa and fun to watchl. This video is packed with a wealth of healthy travel tips that I really appreciate since I am a frequent traveler.
    Thanks Kris!

  144. Susan says:

    I use Triphala to keep me regular while traveling.

    • Jo says:

      i just started using triphala, too, and it does work. tastes awful though but i don’t want to switch to capsules just yet. organic india triphala powders support organic farmers in india – bonus!

  145. Good information! We are going to Legoland this summer and need to find things for me to stay on my Vegan Diet!

    Kristina A Work at Home Directory.

  146. Davelyn Vidrine says:

    Could you share the details of the “medicine bag” binder with the plastic envelopes? I couldn’t find it and could really use it! Thanks.

  147. Hilarie says:

    Fabulous as usual! I travel a lot and will definitely be looking up some of these products. I especially love the thin yoga mat!! Thanks!

  148. Jessica says:

    Loved all the tips!! I also use the young living oils and thieves is a staple in this household!!! Thanks for sharing!

  149. Nancy Moody says:

    Kris have you looked into Juice Plus+ It is widely researched throughout the world and has 27 published research studies. I found it and as a RN I can’t help but share it.
    I also have a Tower Garden that I’m able to pick my own produce from and in this way I know what I’m putting into my mouth.
    I think that your information is right on and I appreciated all the Healthful hints. I have all your books and use them in my Wellness Presentations. Your are truly an inspiration to many as and I think it is so wonderful that you have found ways to share with so many including me.
    THANK YOU! CALL if you would like more information

    • Nancy Moody says:

      I forgot to add that taking Juice Plus+ everyday improves your immune system and when we travel we double up because as you said it is not always possible to get the greens that we need. This is just a solution everyday that fills the gap!

      Have a great day! Nancy

      • Susan Love says:


        I’d also love to hear your thoughts on Juice Plus!

        Thanks so much!

        To your health,


  150. Mary Wiseman says:

    PERFECT timing….I’m planning a short road trip this coming weekend and will head out to my local Coop to stock up on some of these items. Thanks!

  151. My TOP travel tip is to bring a 2L stainless steel bottle in the car or on the go with me. Keeps me hydrated, my cells plump and happy, and me feeling refreshed and energized!!! I always carry essential oils too – and use them as a perfume as well as arometherapy.

    Awesome tips Kris – thank you so much!

  152. Nina says:

    I am away at the moment and brought some snacks with me so I didn’t get distracted by the Snaks offered at the Hotel. I made some Fruit and Nut Bars which have been great. Bought some Kale Chips from Whole Foods and grout along some fruit. Luckily the hotel makes a Green Day Smoothie – Apple, Celery and Cucumber so I have that everyday. Makes me feel great. Thanks for all your suggestions. I am starting a Blog when I get back about my journey to a Clean and Healthy Way of life starting with Jason Vale’s 5 day Juice Diet. Will keep you posted on how I go

    • Cindy Jaudon says:

      How wonderful! What hotel and where …that serves a green drink?

      • Devon says:

        I don’t know if this is where Nina was staying, but I have found that Westins are very supportive of healthy travel. Healthy options for everything, and little inspiring sayings posted about in the elevators and such.

  153. Danielle says:

    Great tips, Kris! Thanks for sharing. Even with as much as I travel, I’m constantly reforming my go-to snacks and wellness habits. For me, plenty of rest and lots of simplicity in my diet is best. I tend to be overactive with excitement of a new place otherwise 🙂

  154. Marthe says:

    I love this! In three weeks I am going to Peru and California for a month and these tips will really help me out! Yay!

    My top tip for staying healthy while travelling is to always make sure I craft an itinerary that allows for de-stressing. This means no super-short layovers, no rushing to see all the sights and no roadtrips that only leaves one or two days at each destination. I also use melatonin or some gentle anti-histamines to beat jet lag.

    Ps. did you mean to embed your video into the post? Right now, we can only see a link to YouTube. 🙂

    • Kris Carr says:


      Ok, your tips are definitely the best. Seriously. Genius. We all need to take your advise. Thank you. 🙂

      Yup, had a little glitch with the video this AM. Should be set now. x

  155. I also love my Thieves for traveling. I pack a small travel diffuser and diffuse Peace & Calming in my hotel or condo – it helps us all sleep better and is EASY to pack. I also travel with Lemon – so I can make my Lemon water. Thanks for these great tips- I’ll be adding some of them to my travel kit!

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