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Manifesting Your Desires: A Guide to Asking & Receiving

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Hi Sweet Friends,

In fall 2013, I spent two glorious weeks working with my Hay House family in sunny California. The days were packed with recordings, meetings, dinners (including a fabulous date night with Louise Hay), the spectacular I Can Do It! conference in Pasadena, and lots of delicious manifesting.

While I was there, I decided to browse the book table for a new nighttime read. Since everyone’s been gushing about E-Squared by Pam Grout, I swiped a copy (well, I didn’t actually steal it; we Hay House authors get a few cool perks, and one of them is free soul schwag).

As you know if you’ve read it, E-Squared is hilarious, easy to understand, and very compelling. The book basically demonstrates how your thoughts create your reality, and it includes nine simple experiments that prove it.

Today, I’m sharing the results from the first experiment from E-Squared and the chain reaction of goodness that I started to notice as a result.

Allow me to set the scene.

I was kinda blue. Two weeks is a long time to be away from home, especially since our new arrival (Buddy) had just joined our family. Plus, Brian had originally planned to be with me for part of the trip (couple time), but since our sweet boy came into our lives, it’s been around-the-clock feeding and care. Loving papa Brian had to take one for the team and stay home. So there I was, alone in my room, reading about energy and missing my crew. Did I mention the dark chocolate covered strawberries and hydrating mud mask?

The Dude Abides…

The first principle is called The Dude abides (after the hilarious film The Big Lebowski). The dude in this scenario is the energy field, Universe, God—whatever you’re cozy with. And the goal of the exercise is to ask and receive—not in two months or years—now. As Pam says, “This experiment will prove to you that there is a loving, abundant, totally hip force in the universe.” Ask for a sign and give the universe 48 hours to deliver and show you it has your back.

I’ve never worked with such a quick turnaround time. It was like ordering something from Amazon Prime. I usually provide plenty of manifesting runway and stay open to the form my intention presents. It doesn’t always materialize exactly as discussed: Know what I mean? For example, you may be calling a new job into your life, praying for it, putting it on your vision board, and actively networking. Not only do you want a new job, you want the work to have meaning; you want to help others and serve. Good for you; great idea. Then poof! Your beloved aunt jets to the next dimension and leaves you gobs of cash. You take that moolah (abundance) and launch YOUR dream charity. See, ya never know how it all shakes out, but it always does. Always.

To take E-Squared’s advice for a spin, I picked something really practical.

“Hi, Universe, it’s Kris Carr from Woodstock, NY, Zip code 12498. Um, I’m reading E-Squared and the author says that you need to give me a specific and exact sign right quick. For the record, I’m not normally this demanding—she made me do it. Anyhooo, if you’re listening, I would like someone to spontaneously hand me a delicious green drink in the next 48 hours. Thanks so much.”


I guess I could have aimed higher. But hey, that’s what I needed at the time. So the next day I head to Worldwide Woo Woo headquarters (A.K.A., the Hay House main office). I have lunch with Reid Tracy, the awesome CEO (and I’m not just saying that because I want another book deal) and do some recordings with Bruce Lipton and Davidji, who brought his sweet rescue pooch, Peaches the Buddha Princess, to the sound booth. Next up, a Wayne Dyer visit. He was recording his next book and had just finished an amazing evening with Abraham. As you may imagine, I was in spiritual rock star heaven.

After a thoroughly creative and inspiring day, I grabbed my stuff and shimmied toward the door. Then it happened. Whoa. I stopped dead in my tracks. Guess who was standing there, holding a green juice in his hand and smiling? Reid!

Thank you, dearest Universe. The Dude definitely abided.


That afternoon, I took a gorgeous sunset stroll. The beautiful green elixir had rejuvenated both my body and my beliefs. As Louise always says, “Life loves you.” Cheers to that.

I often forget to ask for what I need, and I bet you do, too. But that’s not all; sometimes I don’t even notice what I’ve already created, manifested, or called forth into my life. It’s like I’m walking around with blinders on. Of course, it’s important to count our blessings. But it goes deeper. We also have to recognize all the goodness we’ve actively manifested.

And guess what? I bet you’re manifesting a lot more than you realize. Yup. If you haven’t already, it’s time for you to take flight. Let the eagle be your power animal. Observe the majestic mountains, rivers, and meadows that make up your life. Little ole you created a lot of that. So much of our pain comes from the way we drive ourselves into the ground on a daily basis. We’re zooming like maniacs with barely enough time to pause and take in our accomplishments.

The relentless pace blocks us from receiving and celebrating our victories.

We just keep moving on to the next thing before we can truly appreciate our wonderful growth. Gosh, what’s all the hard work worth if we can’t smell the peonies? Can you imagine how good it would feel to periodically give yourself an Oscar acceptance speech? “I’d like to thank the academy (and my angel agents) for this imaginary award. I acknowledge and appreciate how amazing I am. In the last six months, I drastically reduced my cholesterol—without any drugs. Yay, me!”

We make magic constantly. Pause. Breathe. Notice. Praise. Repeat. You’ve come so, so, so far. Pour a cup of tea and brag to yourself. Truly, you’re a miracle creating the miraculous.

Try this with me: Crack open your journal and at the top of the page write “Noticing” and underline it. Next, list three things you’ve actively called into your life.

Here’s an example of another sweet (and very favorite) manifestation.

I’ve written about Buddy’s rescue story in the past, but I forgot to share the most important part.

A few hours before Buddy was found, Brian and I were at our local dump. In addition to unloading garbage and recycling, people can also find unwanted animals at our local transfer station. They have a shelter/adoption center. I always bring cookies and visit the sweet beings. Well, that morning I said to Brian, “I’m ready for another fur baby. Are you?” Full disclosure: I ask this question monthly. He usually responds like a smart therapist: “Honey, this is not a no, it’s a not now.” And I don’t blame him. I travel so much; we’re still wrapping our home renovation; work has been really nutty, etc. (excuse), etc. But that day it was different. That day was the best day ever. That day Brian said, “Yes, I’m ready!” Two hours later, Buddy wandered into our lives . . . . BAM! Manifesting a-go-go!

Your Turn: Share one of your victories in the comments below. The universe and I can’t wait to celebrate you.

Peace & Manifesting,

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  1. Jaimee Zeidman says:

    Thank you Jesus for being my favorite teacher and best wishes for a happy go lucky healthy adventure with joy and happiness. I love you HAY house ❤️❤️? I am excited to be a part of the team by writing poetry soon for you all center stage! You made me shine bright.

  2. Kirst says:

    Can you manifest on someone else’s behalf?

  3. Andra says:

    Hi Kris, I saw you speak at I Can Do It Toronto years ago and have always adored you since! I haven’t read E squared but this is the second time that this book has popped up within the past 24 hours, so perhaps it’s a book that is asking me to read it!! I love the idea of asking for a sign within 48 hours so I hereby declare on your blog that….

    I would love a sign from the universe, someone completely random that I would never expect to ask me if “I do business coaching” within the next 48 hours! Not demanding, but again doing so because Kris and E squared asked me so. I also hereby let go of any attachment of this happening or not! Thank you universe!

  4. Susan says:

    I am trying to relocate to where my children and grandchildren live so I have been actively watching the posting at work for an opening. Nothing for months, so I pretty much gave up, got involved with an old boyfriend and dropped my plans.
    well things did not work out so I made my mind up I was going to get back on my path to move. I went in to work told my boss I was back on my plan to move..2 days later a posting that I was qualified for was up, I posted for it, interviewed and no I am patiently waiting to find out the outcome. It’s my time.!

  5. Ned says:

    Ιt’s reaⅼly a great and useful pіece of іnfo. I am happy
    that you simply shared this helⲣful information with us.
    Plᥱase stay ᥙs up to date like this. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Thuy says:

    I forget sometimes how fast the Universe operates, thanks for the reminder and the cosmic and comic relief. Namaste!

  7. Jamie Chan says:

    I did the experiment like you did. I said to the Universe, that if the Universe is indeed listening and have my back, let me find a $2 note on the floor somewhere. I have the picture of where I will find it, in 48 hours.

    Well, the first day I was looking everywhere on the floor but nothing! After 48hours, I sort of forgotten about it, and told myself, maybe it will come later.

    This morning, I found a $2 note on the floor of a public toilet. I was amazed!

    Thank you Universe for having my back always, telling me I may not get what I wanted the way I want it to be, but it will always be what I need and better!

    Thank you Kris for all your Crazy Sexy Love!! xoxo

  8. Naomi says:

    I read this on Thursday and I must admit I felt a bit sceptical about it but I thought I would give the 48hrs request a go…so I asked for someone to give me an unexpected gift. At the end of the day yesterday I thought, ‘well nothing’s happened yet, that’s a shame’. I really wanted to believe this could work.
    This morning while I was meditating I restated my request, (I don’t know if you’re meant to do this or not as I’m totally new to this). We’ve given away a sofa to a friend recently, she came to collect it today, at the back of my mind I was thinking, ‘maybe she’ll give me a gift to say thank you, maybe that is when it will happen’. Well she came and went and no gift! Nevermind I thought, and my partner & I went out for breakfast – I forgot all about it.
    Well, when I got home and opened the front door, there on my doormat was a little parcel from my mum! Inside was a totally unexpected collection of little gifts with a card! I was really happy with the thoughtful presents she had sent me out of the blue, but totally ecstatic that the unexpected gift had turned up!!
    Thank you universe! Thank you Kris Carr! x

  9. leigh ann says:

    Just as I was beginning to believe all of my passion was pointless, I read this. I will, today, begin to believe that there is a reason I do what I do and that it is worth the time out of my life to keep doing it. Thank you.

  10. Tearahni says:

    I manifested my soul mate/Twin Flame into my life recently! I couldn’t be happier with who that/ he turned out to be, someone I already “knew”!

  11. kdmich says:

    Thanks, Kris — this is wonderful:-)

    I’m beginning to take stock of what I’ve manifested, but the most recent one was a true biggie.

    We were in a quandry about where to send our daughter to high school. There was only one school on my mind — a creative, inclusive, academically-awesome spot close to home. But there was one huge catch: It is mind-boggling expensive. Tuition is akin to what top private colleges charge. We are at one income right now, and in some serious debt. I’ve driven by this school so many times with dreams supercharged about it, yet I had to fight thru many limiting beliefs about our chances of getting access.

    In late winter, my daughter learned she’d been put on the school’s wait list. I knew it had to do with our finances. Still, I thought there must be a chance since they didn’t deny her outright. One day I told my daughter to “get dressed, I’m driving you to school.” She thought I was crazy because her middle school had the day off. But I drove her to the dreamed-of high school, pretending as if it was her school. She pretended too. We felt supercharged energetically.

    Around this time, my husband and I were shocked to find out that we would be receiving money from a surprise source that would allow us to offer more towards tuition. Shortly after, the high school admissions co-director called to say our daughter had been accepted, and they were going to cover over half the cost of tuition!

    There are so many more stories I could share, but needless to say, the energy of the Universe is beyond bountiful. And as healers and communicators we have the obligation to share this good news. Thank you for always doing your part, Kris:-)

  12. Emily says:

    I asked the dude for my period. It’s usually right on (my) time at 32/33 days, but it was 10 days late, and we are getting ready to start trying to conceive. I was feeling really rattled at being so off, had taken a pregnancy test and am not pregnant. So, here I am, about 30 hours later after writing my little note, cramps and tampon and all. I’ll be checking out this book. Thank you Kris, Thank you Universe, Thank you myself for asking!

  13. leah kitts says:

    Being in between jobs is really hard, especially when I have recently been forced to live on unemployment. Just yesterday, I took my paddle board out at 7am & found a $10. bill floating on the ocean floor. This is a promise to me of universal abundance. I also went out this morning for a swim & a small fish kept swimming in front of my goggles. This went on for about 100meters! This is a promise that I am not alone.
    Thanks for sharing your story of inspiration too!!


  14. Janet says:

    I manifested an amazing man into my life. We have so much in common and met through a mutual friend. Feeling blessed that I had the past few years of single me time to really enjoy this new coupleness..

  15. Patricia Thompson says:

    Hi Kris,
    After writing NOTICING, in my journal I wrote down three things that I manifested in my life. I’m starting a new business up this summer that I am confident about, some money for some over dew bills, and then it struck me. I have manifested 3 beautiful and inspiring women in my life that are keeping me motivated. Thank you Kate Northrup, Gabrielle Burnstien and of course you. At the beautiful age of 64, I feel like I’m coming out of the dark. Blessings to all.

  16. john says:

    Regarding the example under the heading The Dude Abides, regarding the aunt who passed away, does this mean you are inadvertently responsible for killing your aunt by wishing for a better job?

  17. Juliette says:

    I love your story. I too read E-Squared and asked the Universe to have my husband make a fabulous fruit filled brunch. The next morning he did! The funny thing is…he never cooks! So I knew where it came from. I use this tool all the time and have been since I read The Secret. There it told me to “act as if” and have gratitude for what I have instead of dissatisfaction. I acted as if I had a Mercedes instead of my Saturn and in three weeks through a series of very, very strange events…I got a Mercedes same color and same year as the one I had placed on my vision board. xo, J

  18. Julia says:

    I just wrote down that I wanted to hear from any random friend via text, email or any message. In less than 10 mts two different friends texted me!!! I am wowzed!!! I am so happy! The Dude definitely abides!!! Thank you Pam & Kriss!! 🙂

  19. I’ve been blue lately. I started a wonderful fulfilling business last year and I couldn’t be happier about that! I make handmade crochet clothes/accessories. However it can be very hard to keep afloat when you start out! I should also mention that I am an actor! And as anyone in the business knows contracts are few and far between. For the last year I have really wanted a dress form mannequin to help me with my work and made a statement that I was going to get one. Even if I didn’t have the funds. It was my dad’s birthday ( he passed away 10 years ago) And I asked him and the universe to give me a sign to keep going. Then I let go. Within hours I see a post on facebook ” dress form to give”. It was around 8:00pm at night. I told the girl I would take it! I picked up the phone called my mom ( who was already in bed) and told her my situation. She got out of bed and we picked up the mannequin. I’ve learnt time and time again to be clear with what you want. And to trust in the universe!

  20. Katie says:

    this is GREAT advice. thank you for sharing!! i needed this. <3

  21. kathy says:

    love you Kris Carr!

  22. Frances B says:

    Many thanks for this. Going to give it a try straight away and I’ve faith that I’d receive what I’ve so ardently been seeking. My request is very specific and will let you know results.

  23. Susan Johnson Royse says:

    about a year ago, I was in some financial trouble and I was laying in bed and I threw up a prayer to the Lord, the Universe and my Mother (who had recently passed away). I said that I just needed $10,000.00 to pay off my debts and I thanked them and went to sleep…(this is the one time I didn’t question in my head how this could happen)…the next morning I had a message on facebook from my eldest son’s father. Up until now, he had blocked me on Facebook and had been hiding from me for about 13 years so that he didn’t have to pay child support. The inboxed message was from him (my son’s father) and he asked if I would call him. I did, and he said to me, “I want to offer you a settlement, (he owed me $56,000.00), I was wondering if you would take $20,000.00! He said, you can think about it if you’d like and get back to me. I did not have to think about it, I said yes and then I thanked my trio who had just provided for me within 12 hours of asking! How awesome is that?

  24. Cupcake says:

    When I was approaching 50 years of age, when I asked for the man of my dreams….and I am now married to him. I recently asked for the property we dreamed of, and we moved here last year. Everyone is amazed with our beautiful place and I am constantly asked how I found it. Thank you for a perfect article.

  25. Becky says:

    I’m working my way through that book, too! For my Dude Abides sign I chose a “gift with a bow on it.” The next day, the temp at our office had her husband bring in lunch for everyone – even making sure to have a vegan lunch for me. The company’s logo that was plastered on everything? A big, red bow. I love the universe’s sense of humor. My current experiment is to attract the funds to pay for the next big venture in my business. Can’t wait!

  26. Cynthia Snapp says:

    I manifested my sweet twin boys Rogan and Berkeley and my loving partner Shannon. I think due to manifesting yoga in my life, which is what returns me to me whenever I step onto my mat, I’ve been able to manifest.

  27. Denise O'Reilly says:

    I bought a diary today so that I could start to write down everyday what I am grateful for and so far this year things are going well and I am happier than I have been for a long time. I lost my husband, my soul mate in November 2013 very suddenly. I asked my angels at New Year to help me to start feeling happy and positive about the future and someone sent me the link to your post. Thank you for your positive energy and I am grateful to my friend that sent the link.

  28. anila says:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR, Kris. Thanks for sharing the story! Very inspirational! I will definitely check out the book. I manifested my house, my healthy, loving marriage and so many things in the course of a year. I’m so grateful for life and the love that manifests all the time.
    All the best!

  29. Stephanie says:

    Perfect reminder, thank-you!

  30. Vero says:

    SO I live in a first floor, its a cute house, but not much natural sunlight or good sights, plus it gets cold. Which is a shame because where I live, we have sunny mornings and afternoons about 80% of the year AND im sorrounded by trees and parks. So everyday I walk my dog around this gogeous park, and there houses around it. I spotted a house on a third floor, with a gorgeous balcony, coffee table out side, and sights of the park. So for the past month, I would sit on a bench with direct view to the balcony for about 5 to 10 minutes and watch it visualizing myself in it, even thinking what furniture I would add, music I would play, feel the amazingness of enjoying my coffee there. All this not wondering HOW it would happen (im pretty sure the owners would not let go of the house easily, let alone me having enough money). Well guess what, last week I discovered the apartment on the last floor of my building (4thfloor) was being rented, in an attempt to be of service to my landlord I said I would help him rent it and asked permission to see it, and guess what, I couldnt believe it, it was my dream come true. Huge windows, light pouring in, warm, sight of the abundant tall trees right in front of the building and the clear blue sky, and of course, a long balcony with access to these sights and space to fit a coffee table and plenty of furniture. Best part? a little under a hundred dollars more than my apartment, which is totally affordable for me. Of course I reserved it for me and will move in very soon. The funniest part is it took me a while to connect the dots of the LOA at work, a couple of days went by. I got exactly what i wanted – perhaps not the same balcony, but I did get the benefits or reasons why I liked that balcony – sunlight, sights of nature, warmth, and the space of a balcony – so I get what Chris says that it has funny ways of working, the LOA, its not that it gives you exactly what you focus on, it fullfills your DESIRES or motives, but the delivery is usually a surprise, lol. Its not the first time I experience this, so at leats for me its usually like this. And often the outcome, or the delivery the universe finds to satisfy my desires, is even better for me, than the initial object or symbol of my desires, I wanted to attract.

  31. Beril says:

    Okay, then I am ordering;

    Hello beautiful lovely universe! I love you so much but I know that you love me so so much more than I can ever imagine from my limited perspective. Since I really feel excited about trying out what Kris suggested in this post, I want to play it with you also. I know that you always give me what I truly need for my highest good. However, according to this game’s rule, I have to say something very specific and give you 48 blue planet hours to show me the result. Besides my exciting scientific life, I love painting spiritual topics. I especially love to make meditating, soul connection illustrations, to be used as an altar object, and to motivate people on their inner-work processes. So far, I sold some paintings, but I am very interested to get custom meditating girl/boy illustrations and to experience having very satisfied costumers. Yes, I want to see these costumers giving orders and smiling afterwards. 🙂 Your 48 hours time is started with my local time of my physical being 🙂 and I enjoyed a lot, while I was writing this post. Thanks Kris for giving opportunity! 🙂

  32. isabelle says:

    I wanted so badly to go back to the south of France where I belonged, and it finally happened! Iwanted to get a new coat , elegant, warm and trendy, and not too expensive , and it came to me!! I wanted a pretty baby daughter and I got her, so beautiful and adorable! I wanted to find a gift for a friend and i was totally lost , so i let it go, and the perfect gift came to me… etc.. etc;… and yet , now I want things so badly and i don’t trust the Universe enough!!!! so thanks a lot for this post, it gives me confidence, Kris, and i’m going to read E squared I bought one year ago and haven’t read yet!!! i wish you a beautiful, peaceful, radiant year! love from France, XO

  33. Skye Winters says:

    This summer, sitting in my front yard, dreaming about what I wanted to do with it. I really, really, wanted to start a beautiful hedge, but didn’t have the money to spend on something like that. I still set it in my mind, all my thoughts about this hedge. Ended up taking care of someone’s cat for an unexpected two weeks. The owner returned, she got a new job working in a gardening store that week and by the end of it, she had brought back 6 beautiful hedge bushes that were going to be thrown out. She gave each of them to me, meanwhile an older woman down the street came over to help plant them, bringing some hedge liner and picking up woodchips/soil for me in her truck. Now I have this beautiful hedge growing, granting me privacy and my kids safety from running out onto the street. Would have never been possible, I thought at one time, but it was exactly my thoughts that made it possible!

  34. Barbara says:

    I had been thinking for awhile that I wanted a new more comfortable desk chair for my home office where I do freelance writing. One Sunday Sunday I had a feeling to skip my Unity church service and go instead to a talk on Chinese medicine at the Methodist church in walking distance to my home. I listened to Spirit and took a shortcut down a walking path near my apartment. What did I see on the path but an abandoned black faux leather desk chair! I said to myself if the chair is there when I come back from the lecture, the Universe wants me to have it. The chair was there after I came back from lecture so I wheeled it up to my apartment. Two of the casters were missing and, of course, the casters from my old desk chair fit perfectly. Thank you, Spirit!

  35. Jamie says:

    This may seem like a lame manifestation, but I really like the song “Simple Man”. But I like the cover Shinedown does of it so on my Pandora even though an hour earlier they had played it I thought I really wished “Simple Man” would come on again, and literally two songs later there it was. I just pointed up because I knew.

  36. Hi Kris,
    I read Pam Grout’s E-squared and loved the experiments in the book. I asked for a specific sign (a thunder clap struck right above my RV) concerning my psychic biz. I said, “Holy Crap, you’re fast.”
    I recommend this book to all of my clients and students. So, thank for sharing!
    Thanks so much, Trisha.

  37. Kristen says:

    Hubby & I talked about building a small rock wall around our rural mailbox to expand our flower bed. I had envisioned about 8 ft long, 2 ft wide, our pretty barn red rural mail box in the middle. And I wanted river rocks – soft and beautiful colors that would really be a highlight to the flowers and beautiful during the colder months. Picking river rocks is a LOT of work, but we thought we’d take the kids when we had time and let them swim and help us pick rocks. In other words: project on the back burner. We didn’t tell anyone our plans and really just stopped thinking about it. Three hours later, my brother in law calls and says, “Do you know where I can dump a load of river rocks?” Half an hour later, he shows up to DELIVER a trailer load of the most beautiful, graceful river rock you’ve ever seen. I spent the rest of the afternoon in a state of amazed joy & satisfaction!

  38. Nathalie says:


    I love the green juice story.

    It’s funny how the universe responds when you ask for something very specific.

    or not..
    I once said that I wanted that i was opening the door to dating, so bring it on. The very next day, I had an email in my inbox. Sure enough I had a date lined up. I’d opened the door, but hadn’t specific about actually having a date. Funny!

    As for E-Squared, I asked for solid proof that there was a really greater power. I know. I don’t need proof, but it was one of the experiments. So why not? At the grocery store the next day, I went through the self-checkout line. I paid with my card and took out some cash. I received 60$ more than I’d asked for (I double checked). Proof — cuz really that’s never happened to me.

  39. jenny ryan says:

    OMG! I’m currently manifesting something extremely important to me that i live Sri very much, and though i am a beginer i am full of faith and excitement…so I’m going to do the Dude Abides test….ill let u know in48 hours how it goes..

  40. Brittany says:

    “Angel Agents” – I LOVE IT! I used to be an actress AND work at a talent agency, so I just love the idea of having angel agents up there working their butts off, negotiating miracles for me! haha! Most recently, I’ve actively manifested my business, my soulmate AND this really cute dress that I lost in a hotel room. I found the EXACT dress on ebay, IN MY SIZE, sold by a person with my name! Some people call that a coincidence – I call it manifestation in action. Thank you Kris for all that you do! xoxox

  41. E2 is a really great read for anyone just warming up to the idea of manifesting (and also perfect for master manifesters!). It’s funny, hip, and relevant! Definitely a must-read!

    My biggest success story this year: I recently manifested being released from my corp job to pursue my passion for helping others full time!

  42. Aqiyl Aniys says:

    I just ask to see the opportunities in everything to improve myself daily. It works.

  43. Meghan says:

    Last year, I manifested my amazing boyfriend into my life! I was very frustrated about finding love and decided to really pray and meditate on it. I used Marianne Williamson’s guided prayers to the universe. I put up pictures of happy couples. And lo and behold, I randomly met him at a restaurant. He loves meditating and has become a vegan with me. I know if I hadn’t gotten clear about my desire, we never would have met. It really works! 🙂

  44. Sue says:

    I suffered for years with acid reflux. It really affected the quality if my life. My doctor prescribed Prilosec and it worked but I hated to take it. My granddaughter who is vegan suggested I try that. 6 months later no reflux, lost 10 pounds and feel terrific. Can’t believe how delicious a plant based diet can be!

  45. DJ says:

    Good morning, I love, love, love this post (and all of your others as well). You are truly an inspiration. Thank you for being you. YOU ROCK.

    cheers to good health.
    DJ – XO

  46. Elane says:

    Spot on with this write-up, I truly feel this website needs a great
    deal more attention. I’ll probably be back again to read through
    more, thanks for the advice!

  47. I have PTSD and recently got a service dog, named Nova. The organization that I went through, Service Dogs Express, assesses and trains shelter dogs to become service dogs for wounded warriors and civilians, like me. I am already feeling more joyous and confident with Nova at my side. Plus she is a cute and social little mutt that just seems to love being out and about. I just got approval to take Nova to work with me tomorrow and am so relieved and excited.

    I love your smoothie recipes and so appreciate your positive messages. They are an inspiration as I strive for better health and happiness in life.

    Best wishes for joy in your life!


  48. Dianne says:

    Here’s my latest: My 86 year old mom & I have an agreement that the first of us to go over will send a message back in the form of the song I was named for called ‘Diane’. In Dec of 2013 I was very worried and having a rough time. I stopped into a Walgreens pharmacy that I seldom use and while I was at counter this song started playing that I recognized. It was ‘Diane’. What are the chances of a song written in 1927 playing during the 10 minute interval that I happened to visit the store when I hadn’t even been there in the past 6 weeks? I had never even heard this 1964 rendition and this was 2013. I knew that even though my mom was still alive somehow someone got the order to play that song. When I recognized the lyrics I burst into tears and knew that everything was going to be fine and turn out well and it has……

  49. siri jostad says:

    kris-i bought E-squared and am reading it but….i’ve gotten to the first experiment and i’m hesitating to read it. I’m afraid ‘what if it doesn’t work for me?”. So i want to ask you: will it work for me even if i do it some lingering doubts? will it work for me if i’m afraid of failure?

    • siri jostad says:

      i am replying to myself and laughing at the beauty of things as i do! 🙂 Big smile. After i wrote my question above, i clicked through email and went to my 7 days of gifts from Oprah and Deepak…todays meditation was called Miraculous Relationships. Right out the gate…they answered my questions and addressed the fears i’d been asking you, kris about.

      This is what they said:

      what you ask for from the world is exactly what you’re getting back!
      it is REAL and it works whether you recognize it or not.
      Our ability to attract goodness is MOST powerful when we DO recognize it and cultivate that which we hope to attract within ourselves first!
      Empowered with that crystal clarity, the universe will answer and will provide.
      Rumi says: What you seek…is seeking you.

      wow…i was uncontainably giddy through the meditation and SO excited…actually laughing at how miraculous God and universe really are. I asked–they/he answered. I just though i was asking Kris! ha ha.

      I think i’ll go read that experiment now…and DO it.

      • siri jostad says:

        I wish i could post a photo i took…after doing the experiment, i drank down my turmeric tea (turmeric powder muddled with raw honey, a dash of fresh lemon juice and a twist of black pepper) because when i drank it down last night what was left for me in the dregs was distinctly the shape of a heart ( a little cuppa love from the universe! My daughter claimed ‘tea leaf reading’). Could this be my blessing from the Dude Abides experiment? Or would it be more/something different? I felt thrilled either way. Signs of love are so warming.

  50. Kate says:

    I read this book last summer- When I did the first exercise, it was seeing a butterfly. That same day I went to the gas station and there-on the pump-sat a butterfly, It stayed until I was done pimping the gas a flew away. Fast forward to a few days ago. I went to the same Speedway where I had the experience with the butterfly on the pump. As I was getting out of my car, the thought came to me about a butterfly and that experience. As it is very cold here now, I thought ” Not to likely I will see a butterfly in this weather-I then thought well, perhaps in the store, a pic or something. Nothing at all, When I got home and was on FB, on my newsfeed was a pic of a friend whose daughter had drawn a butterfly on her face- then Christmas at a friends house there was a huge butterfly drawing on her fridge.

  51. Kari Petterson says:

    Loved the blog, it’s my first time reading you. So here’s my share…Nightly for several weeks an owl (occassionally a pair) has been sitting on the light post outside my urban home beckoning me to remember the mystical underpinnings of life. At least I think that’s what they’re saying, perhaps they’re just having a hoot! Anyway, in the last several days I’ve finally taken the time to reflect on this.

    The last two years have been ones of transformation, with a hit-list that includes divorce, loosing a house, moving, the death of my father and helping close the family business. But more potent is the spiritual rejuvination occuring, including the surrender of ego, opening to be of service to the universe, an awareness of connectedness, identifying with my true essence, knowing that I am love, loved, lovable and loving, desirable, desired, cherished, brilliant, perceptive, accepted -reversing the false beliefs that pervaded my past thinking patterns. Manifesting things weren’t on my radar then, I just wanted to feel whole, to understand who I am, to connect with the eternal and unchanging. Early on in this spiritual awakening was manifested a life partner who is an amazing barrometer for my inner thought life and a wonderful support through these recent life chapters. He is also uniquely able to help my mother with the loss of her husband of 49 years. And this manifested a YEAR BEFORE these needs arose.

    So, yes, the Dude Abides in spades and is GOOD!

  52. Cynthia Selkow says:

    I have manifested my home…..(exactly as I envisioned it); my two children, (in the correct order); I created an occupation for myself; and most recently manifested a sun room and a roof for my home. Now I find myself unemployed at 60 years old, and my previous occupation is no longer an option for me as the requirements for MA and licensure have now changed. So despite almost 30 years in the field, I am not not qualified to do the job that I love and have received high praise from state licensing and from everywhere I have ever worked or consulted. I need a new dream, but I have not idea what even to ask for…..I will try and manifest a hopeful email about my situation. When people asked me what I wanted to do next I said, “work with Oprah,” and I actually applied for a field reporter with her company. Nothing yet…:-( Anyway…I admire you so much….I was blown away by Crazy, Sexy cancer…you are a strong and amazing woman. Thanks for being such an inspiration to so many for such a long time….:Love and blessings to you Kris, Cynthia

  53. alexander says:

    The Dude showed up at 6 am in the cold dark windscreen frosted morning
    in a deserted place where i was staying.
    A van started just down from me then pulled up next to me and an arm
    extended a new can of Ice remover to me…keep it the voice said i do not need it and drove off.

    Then i went to the local amenity centre..the dump an old tv.
    4pm on a Sunday afternoon in December. A car pulled up next to me.

    It was a 1965 Ford Falcon orange sunset beige in colour and had CALIFORNIA plates on it.
    This is England we do not have California Licence plates.
    let alone a car i last saw when i hired one in Canada in 1965. aarrgghhh.

    Only wanted the proofs of the principle..which i have.
    Now i am very careful …and…how doi look for the Love in everything i think i see. ?

  54. Matt Greener says:

    Very timely and a good reminder that we need to live in gratitude, not just talk about it briefly one day per year. Thank you!

  55. Liz says:

    I manifested my husband. I didn’t really mean to, I hadn’t heard of manifesting at the time. I was trying a meditation from a book called the Joy Diet by Martha Beck. It said to spend 10 minutes a day visualizing, in as much detail as possible, that you had some thing you wanted. I pictured a man kissing my pregnant belly. I pictured us staring pensively at an abstract piece of art when he leans over and says, “I don’t get it.” And we both laugh inapropriately loud. Well about 3 weeks later I bumped into a man at a meeting-like literally bumped. And all of a sudden he was the guy kissing my pregnant belly in my visualization. This actually made me pretty angry at first, that was MY personal perfect place. Well two weeks after that bump we were inseparable. He proposed 11 months later and 6 months after that we were in Ireland for our honeymoon. I am happy to report that we are currently 6.5 months pregnant and he kisses my belly all the time.

  56. I bought this book (E-Squared) a few weeks ago and haven’t had time to read it. Putting it at the top of my list today! Thanks.

  57. Tori says:

    Last Christmas I had heard rumors that my daughter-in-law was cheating on my son. Of course I couldn’t say anything to him because of the children. Woke up one morning around 5:00am to go to the bathroom. I looked out the window and there was a lone star. I looked at it and I asked it to help my son find the truth. The next day he came over with a receipt he had found with the other guy’s name and phone number in his house. What are the chances of that?

  58. Tanya says:

    I am a cancer survivor (had lymphoma/hodgkins disease mass when I was 17 (4% curable and I was cured) and 30 years later breast cancer caused by the radiation that was part of what saved my life 30 years earlier – I am fine now. As I grew older I have wanted to find a way to share my healing with other, being via Reiki or some other modality. YESTERDAY I led my first healing circle for a dear friend fighting cancer. I am a Kundalini Yoga Teacher in training and we chanted the Kundalini Yoga Siri Giantri Mantra and surrounded our dear friend with healing white light and love! I did it!

    Thanks for asking Kris!

    Tanya Dixon

  59. Pam says:

    “We make magic constantly. Pause. Breathe. Notice. Praise. Repeat. You’ve come so, so, so far. I love that line, Kris!

    It is so true. It’s so easy to get caught up in the rat race and forget what has magically appeared in our experience. For instance, at the beginning of the year, I wanted to lose those extra five pounds that wouldn’t got away. I kept “hearing” this voice in my head, drink green juice. At the time, I had stumbled onto yoga with Tara Stiles. She introduced me to you, and you changed my life! Losing the five pounds was no longer the objective, but months later when I got on the scale, I had lost ten pounds. I’m in the best shape of my life, and I shine from the inside out! I created not only a new body, but a new lifestyle…and with that, anything is possible.

    Keep rocking!

  60. One of my victories has been calling forth a mighty group of loving, strong and noble women when I was feeling lonely and lost. We are now sisters. xxx

  61. Mariann says:

    I had heard of the book, E-Squared, a while back but your post inspired me to get it. I hadn’t even gotten to exercise one but as financial issues have been primary in my mind of late, I decided to “test the theory” and ask for a check in 48 hours. Now, I knew the universe would have to really get in gear to make this happen because it’s a holiday week (Thanksgiving was yesterday) and no mail on Sunday which would be the 48 hour mark but I decided to put it out there anyway. That same day I sent my request out to God, nearly six hours later, a check for $30 came in the mail. 🙂 Now, in the past I’ve been kind of a “Negative Nelly” when it comes to these type of things but I’ve made a lot of changes in my life this last year and have adapted the attitude of being willing to try nearly anything as long as it doesn’t conflict with my core values. I had debated asking for something less necessary, like Pam’s potato masher example or your green juice, but decided to just go for the gold, so to speak. Glad I did! I look forward to trying the other experiments. Much love and appreciation for you Kris!! …..Mariann

  62. Kris Carr says:

    Your stories are so amazing! Spent the day after Thanksgiving catching up and filling up on all the goodness here. Thank u! x

  63. Jessica says:

    Just ordered E-Squared. So looking forward to it. Thank you. What a beautiful manifestation of Buddy.

  64. Janelle says:

    Thank you for this post! I never heard of E-squared but read the “Look Inside” on Amazon. Sounds like a great book so I ordered the Kindle version to have it right away. I really could use some making things happen refocusing.

  65. Stacy says:

    Thanks for sharing! I can’t wait to read this book 🙂

  66. priti says:

    inspiration u are 🙂 nd magical too!
    i jotted a crazy super demanding ( i honest ain;t a demanding sorta person…like i cant muster courage to tell my own mother what i want for birthday meal upon her asking is a good example! haha
    i jotted crazy demands from the bug U 🙂 and guess what !!!?
    worked 🙂

    lotsa love and special gratitude your way and lousie hay’s way 🙂 ( it’s via her fb that we connected )



    bombay, india

  67. Jessica Smith says:

    I’ve been struggling with some not serious, but uncomfortable health issues this year. After making many diet changes, seeing a Naturopath, trying different supplements and spending a fortune, I plateaued. I saw a few minor improvements but still feeling “uncomfortable”. On my way to my favourite Warm Yin Yoga class I said a little prayer. I asked for me to be able to step back, stop forcing my recovery and listen to the guidance that’s being whispered to me. I basically asked for help getting out of my own way so I could hear clearly what the next step is for me on this journey. That night we focused on poses that detox the stomach and the spleen. The spleen resonated and I kept asking the same question over and over again in my head…”What are some of the symptoms of a blocked spleen”. After class I asked the instructor and she named a few things I’ve been feeling for quite some time. Then she told me she’s a student of Bio-Energy Healing and although she’s completed her term assignment she’d be happy to use me as her last case study and treat me for FREE!!! 4 40 minute sessions at no charge. Whether we unblock what’s happening or not in those 4 days, I truly believe this is the next step on my journey to healing my body. Thank you Universe!!! Prayer answered. Turns out I just needed to ask…and get out of my own way. Thank you for sharing your story about Buddy. I’m awaiting the day my partner says “Yes, I’m ready” too. That will be the best day ever and I’ll head to my fave local rescue shelter immediately! 🙂

  68. Debbie says:

    Thank you for all that you do!!! You are awesome!!! You shared with us where you purchased your facial products….thank you!! Can you please share where you purchase your makeup and shampoo etc…. of course, all natural and organic. Thank you again!!! The book sounds awesome!!! Cannot wait to read it and start manifesting wonderful things in my life!!

  69. Sarah says:

    Oh Kris! I read this post yesterday and it sounded to woo-woo Hay House-ish for me. Then I tried it. I think I feared that it wouldn’t work and then I wouldn’t be able to believe in the law of attraction any more. I have always known, on some level, that I can manifest things in my life….but this was different. My 9-month old hasn’t been sleeping well. For the past few weeks she has been up through the night for hours. Screaming at first, then just happy, and awake. Yesterday after reading your post I said to my almost 3-year old, “Let’s manifest something from the universe.” He said, “What is it mama?” To which I replied, “Hello Universe! Evelyn needs more sleep. I need more sleep. Let’s all sleep a full night tonight!” My son said “Yup, let’s sleep.” And….well I think you know where this goes…I put her down to sleep at 6:45 pm and woke up at 7:20….AM!! Breasts enormously full (she has been nursing numerous times each night while she’s awake….) and me blissfully happy and rested. Bring it on, Universe. Let’s do this!!

  70. Nicki says:

    Hi Kris,
    I’m a big fan! I ordered E Squared right away, but I didn’t wait to do the 48 hour exercise. I asked for a delicious invitation. And I got an invitation to join two friends for dinner next week! My book is arriving today. So Grateful!

  71. Melissa says:

    Love, Love, Love this post!! It is so true.. I just put mine out to the universe I will let you know how the 48 hours goes!

  72. Mia says:

    I LOVE E-Squared! I read it this past September and have been playing with it ever since. The first Dude Abides I tried was while I was driving. I said, “Universe, I would love to see a shiny red Toyota Corolla drive past.” Nothing fancy, just a test. In less than 10 minutes, that little shiny red car drove past and hung a left just in time for me to see exactly what it was! Also, I had a dream last may about an Audi car. I told myself either myself of someone I know would have an Audi before November this year. Sure enough, on October 31st, my mom drove up in an Audi Allroad!!! Definitely a great reminder to keep listening, tuning in, AND being grateful!

  73. Kat says:

    Can you manifest something without really asking? My mom died three weeks ago and I am devastated. I was telling my new therapist last night that there is no one left to spoil me. This morning, there in my inbox was an emailed gift card to a spa from a friend I don’t see often. I wept and thought, “Well, here is someone spoiling me…”

  74. Sue says:

    Finding your site was the answer to my asking.
    Wow! I have a lot to learn and enjoy.

  75. Sheyla says:

    Lovely blog post, very inspiring. Weird enough, I came across the very same book last week and have tried to manifest, but I already seem to have failed at the first exercise 🙁 Not even a “basic” wish came true. Oh well.

  76. Alexandra says:

    Kris, this post came into my life in the perfect moment. Thanks for the inspirations: I immediately took your call to action and wrote 3 things I’ve Noticed and Manifested.

    Victory: Attracting 2 open full-time positions that challenge me, are in alignment with my core passions & values and allow me to use my strengths as virtues in action.

    Thanks you, Universe!

  77. CLH says:

    Kris – thanks so much for this great reminder of how powerful we are. I enjoyed reading it along with the posts by your readers with their own examples of things they had manifested in 48. I decided to manifest a compliment — sounds easy but I wanted to hear from someone in my day that I looked nice, cute outfit, great earrings, whatever. Just to see what would happen. Walked In the door to our office this morning, started a conversation and before long in less than 5 minutes, our assistant said to me, you look really pretty today. Huh? What? It was just too cool. I love this manifesting stuff. Now, what to create for tomorrow?

  78. Karen Zummo says:

    As I read your blog I had to laugh! I just came home from a manifest X3…. I was out for some therapeutic shopping with my daughter today. As usual, I sported a ball cap on my bald head, as I am in treatment. I guess I’ve grown weary of the “looks” that say, “I’m afraid to speak to you”. Today, I asked God to just let someone say something to me instead of just look then quickly dart their eyes away when I see them. I said, “Please, let me feel supported today!” No kidding, within 5 minutes of this throw up prayer a young girl turned to me between the rows of shoes and asked, “So are you in treatment?” YES, YES I AM…..
    She was a survivor who had battled leukemia at 9 years old and was recently declared cancer free after many years. Okay, so that wasn’t good enough for my source of power. As I walked away from this girl and turned down another isle of the store a woman approached me and said, “I have to give you a hug. We are sisters.” Another survivor! Needless to say, another 10 minutes of talking and encouragement went out and the conversation ended with a phone number in my pocket. But the story isn’t complete without the X3. A young sales assistant was listening to our conversation and came up to me and gave me a big hug and told me to hang in there. She was so inspired that she wants to dye her hair pink! LOL! She was cute enough to pull that off if she does. So, all that to say, there is power is our thoughts, power in our source, and I had a dang good shopping trip!

  79. Michelle Pfeiffer says:

    I LOVE this – especially the part about Buddy!

  80. This is the third time within the last week I’ve heard about e-squared. I think the universe wants me to read it. Thanks for your insights, Kris, and for reminding me that I have a green drink tucked away in my fridge!

  81. mia says:

    OK, so I read your post yesterday while I was up at 2am, because I havent been able to sleep for 2 weeks because I have a launch date(dec 1) for my business and I have no idea how I will be able to follow through, and ppl are counting on me. I have no $$ and I cant get any loans..
    so I was desperate and I figured I would try, so I did.
    I opened the mail from yesterday, since I was too depressed yesterday to open it, and there was a check from a federal agency, apparently there has been some new law and when you lose a home, there are funds from the final sale that have to be returned..crazy right? I lost my home 3 years ago! This does work! the check wasnt much in monetary value but in the spiritual realm, it was BIG 🙂

  82. Helen Savage says:

    I love your story Kris, thanks for sharing, i also just recently purchased E-squared, the past few months i had been having some challenges with our 14yr old son, he was choosing the path travelled to destruction, anyway to cut a long story short, love and belief in his true light that shines within him and i can always see, kept me moving forward, i had been told about that 1st experiment in E-squared of Pam’s awesome book and yep fabulous funny and simple read, I’m actually getting a copy for all my 5 children, anyway, i had intended to purchase the book, though proclaimed to the universe i wanted a sign to show they were there as the book says, i gave it 48hrs, at the 47hr i went to a book store I’m not familiar with to purchase e-squared to walk right over to the self help section, although didn’t have any clue as to where it may be, so guided you may say over there, the 1st thing that caught my eye was a book facing me completely and easy to see and read the title, which said “HE’LL BE OK” in capitals and then under that it said “growing gorgeous boys into good men” i was touched KNEW BEYOND ALL DOUBT that this was the sign from the UNIVERSE for me and about my boy, which he had had been on my mind and of course i was working on guiding him in back to the right path, it gave me hope, but even more so THE KNOWING that all will be well, i was so grateful it brought me to tears, i love thinking about that, and yes i went to purchase e-squared which i found right after close by and purchased the both, i love this beautiful Universe and all the teachers that have guided me, many many from Hay House, my journey started with the beautiful Wayne Dyer and it has expanded from there, thanks for your awesome share, it was really entertaining, and yep something as simple as a green drink to showing me that all will be well, it all works, although i didn’t put it out there as to what i wanted the Universe knew what was on my mind and gave me what i needed to see.

  83. Kristina says:

    Thank you Kris for the fabulous story and rescue of Buddy. I have a small hobby farm which has allowed me to rescue many animals – horses, dogs, birds, cats, bunnies and more over the years. I have a 4000 gallon pond in my front yard that attracts a lot of wildlife too. One day while I was working in the landscape around the pond I felt something tickling my ankles and found 5 tiny baby skunks huddling around my feet. Alarmed at first that Mom might not approve I quickly realized that they must have been orphaned. I called a local wildlife sanctuary but the thought of transporting them was a little frightening so I fed and cared for them until they were ready to go out on their own. I am still amazed that they were brave enough to come to me for help and grateful for parents that instilled a love of nature and nurture that I in turn have been able to instill in my sons and granddaughter. I love all of your posts and your brave and loving heart =)

  84. Casey says:

    I asked for my higher purpose and to serve God through my work (as I have been wanting to change careers) …within several days, while doing a body scan/meditation, I hear only two words: holistic nutritionist. Now I am going back to school to become a registered dietician and eventually study holistic nutrition. 🙂

  85. Charmaine says:

    This is crazy, was laying in bed, feeling kinda down when I thought of this post. All I could think that I wanted in the next 48 hours was more love, so I sent up a prayer for that. Phone immediately buzzed, it was my man, calling just to say he loved me.

  86. Jan says:

    I just love reading your stories. Always makes me smile and just helps me to be a nicer person to myself and others. You are a gift to us all, namaste.

  87. Nimrod E. M Christ Nimrod, Ph.D. says:

    Kris, We manifested LOVELY YOU!!! :o)

  88. Lee Davy says:

    Hi Kris,

    Four years ago after I gave up drinking I read The Success Principles by Jack Canfield.

    He said I could do, or be, anything I wanted and armed with the power I had after quitting the booze I decided to quit my 20-year career on the railway to try and help other people also quit the booze and find happiness in their lives.

    During a mind mapping session I wrote a brainstorming note that said, ‘I will write a story about my success and Jack Canfield will help me spread it around the world.”

    A few months ago I received an e-mail from Jack and he asked me to be a part of one of his forthcoming books.

    I never doubted it for a second.

    Lee Davy

  89. cathy says:

    You added such a lightness to this possibility that I decided to join you. Yesterday, I asked for an acknowledgment that the Divine that I am attempting to connect to is mine for the asking. A couple of things ran through my mind that might have worked (e.g., lottery winner), but I left it alone and went about my day. This morning I noticed that I had lost one of the diamond earrings that I wear EVERYDAY. Very bummed. Finished getting ready for work, went to pick up my phone and ipad which had been charging over night and my earring was sitting alone atop my ipad. Of course, asked husband if he had found it and left it for me. He knew nothing of it. me & the divine, forever!!

  90. Marie, UK says:

    Funny thing is – I’m going through a bit of a ‘rough patch’ at the moment.
    I receive your emails all the time and hands up on this – I very rarely get to read the entire thing as I have 1000’s of emails come through everyday.
    Something about this one, however, caught my eye and I’ve as good a read every single response.
    I don’t believe in coincidences – I think the angels and God (the dude – love that by the way), and the Universe do give us what we want but we just have to ask correctly.

    I’ve been feeling down the last couple of days with love troubles but after reading your blog and going through everyone’s responses it has really perked me up and I feel like I can do anything!
    I’ve given the Universe 48 hours to get the man I’m crazy about to contact me again…
    I’ll let you know!!!!

    Kris I love you and I promise from here on in I will read EVERY blog/post you send through.
    (And I love your porridge receipt too by the way… LOL!)

    Love and light to you all!

  91. Clarisa Mompremier says:

    i LOVED THIS POST!!!!!!! I’m going to try this experiment and ask the Universe to send me the book, sounds amazeballs. One of my favorite topics in life is manifesting. It’s so much FUN!

  92. Tracey Geddes says:

    WOW – I read your blog yesterday and gave it a go… I have been looking for an NHS (UK) Dentist for weeks now but having no luck. Yesterday I asked the universe to send me a message as to where I could get one and lo and behold, today a colleague was bemoaning that he had to have two fillings. I asked him about his dentist, and in a nutshell, I am now an NHS Patient at a recommended dentist!! Thank you , thank you, thank you!!!

  93. Cheryl Steffen says:

    Thank you! I have been having a tough time getting my head to calm down on the negatives my Mother put in there 1/2 my life. As she is coming for a visit, I need to focus on the positives and be the adult and put all the negative aside.

  94. michelle b says:

    I read your blog 24hrs ago, I had heard of this book but never read it, when I read about your green smoothie, I thought, mmm, im going to test this out, what can I manifest in 24hrs. Into my mind came my reading glasses, they had been missing for months, I had no idea where they were, I was had made a decision to call this week and get a new pair, so I thought great, lets see if this really works, if this is true I will find my lost reading glasses in 24hrs, I said it in my head and then forgot about it. Got up this morning, went to work, had a big day, came home feeling tired. As I walked into the house my daughter approached me and said “Mum, look what I found today” and into my hands she placed my lost reading glasses, now found, I couldn’t believe it, it totally blew my mind, I thought hey, this stuff really works…
    Thanks for your blog Kris you are a total inspiration, lets see what I can manifest next.. Michelle x

  95. Janet Marie Petty says:

    Glad hear of your adventure. Yes, living here in CA is a bit laid back even with all the technology.
    I would like to travel and meet/greet some myself…and dance and/or yoga flex stretches, my True Joy yoga style, to some music.
    Hey, it’s my birthday this Friday, November 29th and and God know what ‘call-out’ for and I am Thank FULL that He not only hears but answers me in wonderfully timed ways, on-time in perfect synchronicity for both divine purpose and earthly good.
    Enjoy healthy, tasty moments this Thanksgiving ya’ll, with grace in an attitude of gratitude. Thank YOU Lord Jesus Christ for living in me & lovin’ me. Amen.

  96. Kelly says:

    Thank you so much for this reminder of the universe’s available affirmation as well as awareness. I wrote down goals for the first time in my life in Lululemon’s goal website and then didn’t look at them for a long time. A couple of years later I randomly got an email the day I found out that I got accepted into graduate school that was a reminder of that exact goal. I logged into read my goals and almost everything had happened exactly the way I had written it down, except for one thing, which is in the works. Pretty amazing stuff! Thank you again. I am off to write down new manifestations!

  97. Maria says:

    O.K. Well I haven’t read the book, but it just so happens that I was at a white feather gathering on the week-end and a section of the book was read out about how you can eat whatever you like as long as you are believing that it will nourish your body, then it will nourish your body. At the same time, I am trying to lose weight and feel that I have improved my health by eating much more healthily lately. I would be interested to hear your thoughts on this subject Kris.

    • Kris Carr says:

      Well, hmmm. Not every section of every book resonates. I’d stick with my books when it comes to healthy eating! 🙂

  98. andrea says:

    everybody here is so sure about everything…no doubts… anywhere…it’s a beautiful life…looks like fake to me… i am no hater, just not a part of the happy people club… if you look outside of yourself and you notice only flowers and birds and happy people smiling then i guess we do not live in the same planet. maybe i am wrong.
    no, wait, i am wrong.

  99. LouAnn Carver says:

    I loved this blog! I need to work not harder, but smarter at manifesting. Will look for “E-Squared” at the book store tomorrow. Congratulations to you, Brian and Buddy!

  100. Karyn says:


    Thank you so much for this post!! The timing is impeccable, and the practice of “Noticing” is so relevant for me right now. This is the best blog post from you….I simply loved every word!


  101. Sherrie says:

    What a beautiful post…I love hearing this message and feel I am hearing it at such a perfect time.
    I am sending out my universe request… 🙂

  102. Kris! Synchronicity is my life blood and this post rings so true for me as I had recently written something similar on my blog! I am 100% aligned with everything you wrote and have certainly been in the flow to allow myself to receive while being grateful and purposeful in the process. Beamed while reading your own synchronistic flow 🙂

    Just last week, I acknowledged and acted upon on my desires (something very foreign to me) to go to the Adirondack’s for the weekend as I desired to be in nature, hike, adventure, stop along the road trip to grab coffee, get a massage up there, etc. Ever since I canceled my original plans for the weekend and booked my massage + a stay in a beautiful lodge, I received my biggest month yet (over 6k!) – literally, a VIP client signed up and 4 new clients. Not to mention while I was in upstate NY, I manifesting an upgrade to the King suit and some other sweet experiences. It was perfectly aligned and loved to experience the flow. As I guide my clients to step into the same game, the world is being empowered — one individual at a time 🙂

    Thank you for being you and sharing your adventures. Much love x

  103. Joanna says:

    That book is awesome! I decided to manifest a button in 48 hours using the “Abracadabra Principle”. About halfway through day 2 my boss was standing in front of my desk talking to me. When she was done, she turned around to walk away, bent over, picked something up off the floor and said, ” I don’t know where this came from, but here you go” I held out my hand and she placed a button in it. I just sat there staring at it. I mean, a button is not a terribly rare thing, but seriously: How often does someone just hand you one??? I believe!

  104. Sandra says:

    What a great post! Very engaging, its funny that i just ordered this book last week 😉

  105. Sheree says:

    Hey Kris…..I was chatting with the Universe and made mention of needing some extra cash…the next day I had some work offered up to me and was paid cash that day! Yay me!!

  106. Tonette says:

    I have a copy of E-squared that I’ve read in just 2 days. That was how excited I was. Recently, I’ve re-read it and now I’m on the 3rd experiment. It is so much fun! So far I’ve manifested road trips and counted lotsa things I wanted to see in the street. He he

  107. Kelly Irving says:

    This is amazing! I recently posted on Facebook asking my friends if they would be willing to join me reading E squared, as I need something to lift me up. Usually I’m skeptical about boos like this but every review I have read has been positive.

  108. Teri says:

    You are so darn c u t e!!!

  109. Harriet says:

    Talk about serendipity. On a Kindle recommendation – of which their were many – I selected and bought E-Squared this weekend and began reading it. When I read your blog today, I almost fell off my chair!What are the odds? Of all of the books? The universe is certainly giving me a sign me that I need to keep on reading! I thank you Kris!

  110. CHARLOTTE MILLS says:

    Thank you, Kris!

    I am visualizing my new successful business – yoga students filling my new yoga studio so that I may share with them the beauty and peace and ease that yoga may bring to their lives!



  111. Susan says:

    SO TRUE…..asking and belief are quite a duo*and then when passion is in the mix LIFE happens*!*
    Thanks so much Kris for “who you are”

  112. After months of having the great expense of fixing my old used Honda Civic, it failed to start last week. My mom put her foot down and said I was to sell it back to the guy I bought it from nine months ago. During that time I had wheels and the independence that goes along with them, and now it was going to be gone. I usually would have resisted, but I was so focused on my work that I didn’t have energy to resist. I just said, “well, ok, mom”. So she called up the previous owner and arranged a time for us to meet to sell the car back at his place of work – a Used Toyota dealership. He mentioned to my mom there was a used manual Toyota Corolla in good condition in the lot. My mom passed that information along to me, and although I didn’t have the money in my pocket to make rent, let alone to think about paying for a car, I said to her “I would love to own a manual!” And left it at that.

    Meanwhile, my Honda was fraught with little problems and fixing any of them would have meant putting in more money than the car was worth. The new plan was for me to live at home again and share my mom’s car, which is the way it used to be – and TOUGH, considering I have a huge daily commute and she works away from home, too. Well. OK… we all save money this way.

    Sunday morning came, and we called roadside assistance to jumpstart the car so we could drive it to the dealership where the previous owner works (though this was a personal transaction). As I emptied the belongings from my car, I felt a surge of last-minute resistance and I thought I’d rather keep it than sell it back for a sixth of what I paid in the first place and be left without my trusty (yet unsafe) wheels. I wanted to talk it over with my boyfriend, but when he wasn’t available to talk, I suddenly could no longer find the resistance. I couldn’t feel it anymore – there was a void where it had been, and all that was left was the resignation to go with the flow and let my mom and dad help me sell the car back. We were to use the $600 cash we would get for the car to fix my mom’s car so we could both drive it lots and lots. “Well, ok then. I’m feeling flexible… This will be for the better… it’s good I no longer have an injured car to constantly be fixing…Alright then.”

    Two hours later, I walked away from Toyota having bought a manual Corolla in great condition – and for a great deal that I could afford. And for no money out of pocket. Whhaaaaaa??? All I remembered was saying to my “I would love to own a manual” and leaving it at that.

    • *****saying to my *MOM* “I would love to own a manual”. And leaving it at that. 🙂

      • OH! and it’s important to mention that earlier last week when I was driving my old car on one of my long commutes – during which it stalled a couple times – I was on a particularly beautiful stretch of freeway passing a reservoir and coastal mountains. I had some serious financial trouble, so I kept running through all the things I was grateful for and feeling the abundance of beauty, good food, family and the chance to pursue the career of my dreams in my life. I believe that episode of gratitude was the catalyst for my new car 🙂 🙂

    • Yanet says:

      Just a fast hello and also to thank you for discussing your ideas on this page. I wound up in your blog right after recrseahing physical fitness connected issues on Yahoo… guess I lost track of what I had been performing! Anyway I’ll be back once once more inside the long term to test out your blogposts down the road. Thanks!

  113. Caz says:

    Great story Kris, I’m going have to get this book as I definitely need some serious help manifesting and something is clearly wrong in my approach. Love love love buddy and seeing your Instagram updates, its a beautiful thing you have both done xxx

  114. Beth-ann Roth says:

    I woke up to your email this morning, and it truly inspired me. I downloaded E-Squared, but didn’t even get a chance to start reading it yet. I, too, am uncomfortable asking for things for myself, and if I can, I dare not hope it could happen within 48 hours. But today there was something I hoped I could manifest.

    This past July, while training for the NYC marathon, I suddenly became very stiff. Over the course of the next 4 months I lost a lot of weight and my muscles atrophied. I lost my ability to walk normally, and my joints are sore. No one had been able to pinpoint anything specific. The night before last I had a dream that the pain and disability was only a dream, and that when I woke up I would be back to myself. But that, alas, turned out to be a dream and nothing more. It was, to say the least, disheartening.

    A few days ago I was referred to a practitioner who it was thought might be able to help me find an answer. Unfortunately her first available appointment wasn’t until December 31! At that point I was losing a pound a day, and concerned that I wouldn’t be around by December 31. Fortunately, a cancellation came about and I was able to see her today, a few hours after receiving your email.

    Your email inspired me to manifest for myself the possibility that this time I’d find some answers. And, after 4 months of searching, I did! She was definitive, able to explain SO much, and for the first time I feel like I have a chance to heal within the foreseeable future. I didn’t dare to expect it, but I hoped it, manifested it, and it took only a few hours!

    In “normal” times as I walk down the street people smile at me, and I realize they’re smiling BACK at me because I almost always have a smile on my face, even though I don’t realize it. However, as you can imagine, my condition has made it difficult for me to stay positive these days. I turned to you for inspiration for that reason. And now today I have a new lease on life!!!

    Thank you for all that you do. I don’t know if you can ever imagine what a positive, healing force you are.

    Stay well,

  115. Amy Bruce says:

    Holy….I gave this a go…asked for maybe something a bit over the top at first, aka, an indicator that I have job options outside of my current station/location….and a chance to be a speaker at a retreat next year came flying at me, which has been the new goal btw!!! THEN! I went practical and tangible and asked for someone to give me an unexpected gift. This evening one of my grad students came into class with a fresh new bottle of chemicals for my classroom (I run a darkroom) “A gift for you…” she says. BOOM!!! 🙂 You rock, Kris….thanks for your accessible translation of this wisdom 🙂 xo~

  116. Tracey Thompson says:

    I loved hearing you tell this story because I too was at the Pasadena I Can Do It conference and got to meet you in person Kris! That was one of my top manifestations come to fruition right before my eyes!! AWESOME!

  117. Susan says:

    I was sitting in the waiting room at my dentist going over my emails. I found the link in an email to this blog. So as I read about the simple exercise, to ask for one thing, I asked for one thing myself. I almost didn’t even perceive myself doing it. I have a dog that we took in as a puppy 3 years ago. We have a small house, he turned out to be large. He is unhappy being kenneled, we have no yard, etc… So, I asked for an answer to his and our dilemma. I called my husband after my dentist appointment. Near the end of the call he said that By The Way, our friend, his coworker offered to give our dog a home. They had recently moved to a large property, someone is always home, and he would have the run of the place and get to sleep inside at night with his new people. As heart breaking as giving up my dog is, what an amazing answer to have him with a friend and know he would be happy running to his hearts content.

    Thanks for the great article! I think I would like to read the book now too 🙂

  118. debbie lynn poulin says:

    I loved the book and this article inspires me to pick it up again and redo the exercises (and I didn’t complete the last 2). My problem seems to be not knowing what I need and therefore can’t ask for it. I’ve read several books now in line with this principle and I don’t know what to ask for or what I need. I know where I’m at is not right but I’m not sure where to take i. How and what to ask and be specific. Part of it I’m sure is fear and because I’m also terrible at reading the signs or manifestations. I continuously doubt myself and my interpretation.

    I love the bit on “give yourself an Oscar …” and “Pour a cup of tea and brag to yourself”. Two great exercises that I will try by myself and with my best friend because I know how it will make us laugh (another great exercise).

    Kris, you continue to inspire me and I introduce you to people who need you regularly. They’ve bought your cook book, subscribed to your newsletter, check out your blog and website, watched your Operah episode … I’m blessed to have found you. Thank you for the experience and your wisdom.

    Lots of greens, sunshine and love. (oh, and fur).

  119. Di says:

    Hi Kris, i love telling this story!
    In the 80’s i worked & lived on North Qld island resorts, listening to Jimmy Buffett music & going to the beach were my favorite past times. Throughout, I began to dream about sailing around the Caribbean on an old traditional sail boat. It was ten years later my dream came true and not only, but Jimmy came aboard this old sail boat as well.
    And you beautiful Soul, your blog is the best xo

  120. Stefa Shaler says:

    It’s staggering to try and make a list of all the stuff manifesting in my life. But this past week-end, a surprising one came along. I knew about an interesting workshop due to start on Saturday, but I wasn’t going to go. At the 11th hour, I found myself signing up and attending all week-end. It turned out to be a watershed moment for me in that it unlocked a block I been wrestling with and seeking guidance around in my practice of medicine. Now I know I can proceed in the direction I need to go with the new insights and skills I’m getting from the new teacher I met and studied with on the week-end. I don’t know if this was a 48 hour thing or not because the unclarity has been rather long term, but in the day or two before the workshop, I felt myself becoming insistent upon getting some kind os sign. Et voila!

    With love,


  121. Sherrie says:

    Realizing I’m ready to teach both clawhammer & bluegrass banjo. Mystic banjo player here….who also is a Unitarian Universalist! Manifesting students.

  122. Mallory says:

    As I was reading this story, I was very invested and connected and really feeling positive. I have been dealing with horrible anxiety over the past few months and have been coping and not really taking the initiative to help myself. Anyway, as I read the part about using Amazon Prime (which I had no clue that it even existed) at that very moment a commercial came on for Amazon Prime. It really stopped me in my tracks. Coincidence maybe, a sign…most definitely. So right there and then I asked for a sign to let me know that I am healthy, to help me overcome my anxiety. Can’t wait to see what happens. Trying to stay positive. XO Mal.

  123. Sheila says:

    I need a sign that my 27-year-old son will find light and happiness in his life. He is in a dark place right now, and my most earnest desire is for him to be lifted from this bleak outlook and see the beauty that is within him. I had a long difficult talk with him last night, and I thank you for giving me an opportunity today to voice this request.

  124. Iris Benrubi says:

    It’s funny. Just this morning I sent an email to a man I am madly in love with …. mostly as a friend, and said that I love him and adore him – not the first time I’ve said that to him and then thought that he has never said “I love you” to me. I picked up cell phone a half hour ago and found an email from him that said “I love you too”. Oh My God! Instead of saying “……. never happens to me” I could just put out what I want.

    And I did! I asked for tall, dark, handsome man, who is emotionally available, can be intimate, passionate, loves to dance is in alignment with my values to show up in my life to love me and be loved by me! It is done! …. in the next 48 hours. 🙂

  125. Terry-jo Henry says:

    I love your blog and emails, they always seem appropriate and just what I need to hear at that moment. Thx:-) tj

  126. Pam Grout says:

    Dear sweet Kris,

    Thank you SO MUCH for the shout-out!! I’m doing cartwheels!!



    • Kris Carr says:

      How cool! Thanks Pam! And, I manifested your comment! Ha ha ha! Love your book, and clearly, so does the rest of the world. CONGRATS! xo

  127. Margid Saar says:

    I love, how You talking about WORK!!!
    That is my dream to – work with team and create creativity, architecture – that has a meaning.
    Let the magic begin!
    Wonderful emotions!

  128. Susie says:

    This was an unexpected miracle from a desperate prayer: about a year ago, I developed a sudden very painful toothache on a Friday night. Great, my luck…so being the agnostic I am, when truely desperate I have been known to pray. So I prayed that my tooth pain would go away at least till Monday, when I could set up an ER dentist appointment.

    I prayed for a miracle and went to bed. I awoke the next day to no pain, and it never returned!!! It’s the most profound experience to prayer I have ever had (or at least that I noticed!).

  129. Julie says:

    Aw this is so great to read!! I’ve been working on changing my poverty views, callin in love, good friends, and better health. All these things are manifesting and I have moments (like this morning) of disbelief as I looked at my growing bank account balance and my love letters/texts from friends. It’s all good. It’s ok. I got this. It’s all possible. Thank you so much Kris for your juicy inspiring self xox

  130. Pilar de la Fuente says:

    This is uncanny! I did the experiment myself: I asked for time! I’m a mother of an almost 3 yr old, and I’m studying the health coaching program at IIN. I’m always on a hurry. I asked for time. And ten minutes later I found that there’s no new module opening for studying this week. It will open in a week, next monday. Amazing! Thank you Kris. I love your blog and your style so much!!!

  131. Carly Gutierrez says:

    When I was in my late teens searching for an answer during a confusing time of questioning my Catholic faith I wen toutside and did some journaling. I said I believe in a higher power and I need it to show me that it is there. I don’t know what to call it but I believe please give me a sign. That very moment I felt this energy surge through my body and It made me put my head down adn feel this powerful, amazing, pure energy. I knew that my religious confusion was over. I no longer had to believe what my parents wanted me to believe because I knew that there was a higher power and it showed itself to me that day. To this day I am still agnostic but I believe that mother earth is all the power that I need to believe in.

  132. Daria Zvirgzde says:

    Kris, thank you for the reminder that we can have it all if we devote our love, emotion, energy and faith to it. I am starting my coaching business and I am manifesting every day it reaches out to people who need my help. And it does work. We have to believe and ask for what we want!

  133. Sandy Wilson says:

    The Dude abides – in a hummingbird feather!

  134. Mickey says:

    Absolutely love this! Such a great reminder to notice what we HAVE created. “Pause. Breathe. Notice. Praise. Repeat.” Just brilliant and it made me tear up and release! We can be so dang hard on ourselves and push, push, push… with the endless to do lists, and tasks that never get accomplished…. But we DO accomplish, every day we are miraculous lil beings creating, and being awesome. This has been a great reminder! Thank you, Kris. YOU are on my list of things to NOTICE, as you are such a beacon of inspiration, light and positivity- I’m so grateful to have discovered (manifested) you in my life. Some may never have such luck, the poor souls! Every email from you I gleefully open with anticipation like its from my BFF and I can’t wait to hear what’s new and happenin with you! 😀 Again, thank you for the inspiration, motivation and beauty that you ARE and put into the world. Grateful <3
    ps, i'm ready for a doggy, too 🙂 I can't wait to adopt my own fur baby! EEEEEP!

  135. Jenny Murphy says:

    Thank you. This was so reassuring. Like a warm hug.


  136. Rachel says:

    Several years ago I was living in New York with my boyfriend Bill. We had two cats named Ashley and Coco. I was a doting mother to both but Coco and I had a special relationship. She followed me around the house and at night slept in the crook of my arm. She was one of the loves of my life and as such I knew her well. So when one day when I noticed she was acting a little off and her belly seemed to be protruding I knew we had to go to the doctor. Not worried so much as being a diligent mom I picked up my child and brought her. Well, the doctor was a good deal more serious than I was about this visit. He told me he was going to have to shave her tummy so he could do an x-ray. I remember vividly saying, “she’s gonna be pussed!” My little joke instead of saying pissed I always said pussed… Miss Coco had her opinions you see. His response is unclear to me to this day and I will not paraphrase. The only word I remember that came out of his mouth was “Cancer” and the jolt of terror and flood of tears that came after. Coco, did indeed have cancer and all my making light of the situation was not going to change that. Furthermore my beloved was given one week to live. She died at the end of that week and though nearly 10 years have passed since her death I still cry as I write this. But this is not a story of sadness but one of joy. This is the story of La’Pu.

    My pain at the loss of my fur daughter was immense and her sister Ashley was also bereft. A few months later and Bill thought it would best for us all to adopt another cat to fill the void left by Coco’s passing. Ashley was lonely and it was clear I missed the special connection Coco and I had. Large shoes (paws?) to fill but we were determined and so started our search. We laid out guidelines: the cat was to be older than a year as Ashley was 10 and a kitten might be too much for her to handle and we thought a boy might be more easily accepted than a girl. OK, easy! Right?

    The first place we went was the ASPCA in NYC. We walked in and immediately were met by the kitten room. WHO CAN RESIST? As I cat lover clearly I could not and we went in. I sat indian style in the middle of the room and up walked Coco’s mini twin. Black with white markings and golden eyes. She climbed into my lap and my eyes filled with tears. I looked at my boyfriend and he knew this was the one.

    “But what about our guidelines? Let’s just check out the other cats here and then we’ll come back.”

    I was reluctant but agreed and as we were looking around La’Pu was adopted. I cannot explain my reaction as the sweet woman who worked at the shelter told me this but I burst into tears again. She was so kind and so generous with me as I told her the story of Coco and how heartbroken I was. As a pet lover she understood and gave me a hug I will never forget. We left empty handed.

    Two months passed and it was almost Christmas. Bill had taken me to other shelters, pet stores and homes where cats were being fostered… He patiently sat beside me as I looked on and other adoption sites but despite our exhaustive search I did not find my baby. Then one day he came bursting through the door with a flyer. A local church was having a cat adoption fair and we were going to go. I had given up but the void in my life and Ashley’s was something he saw needed to be filled. There was snow on the ground I remember and I’m not a fan of the cold but I agreed and off we went.

    The drive was in the basement of the church. There were stalls and stalls of beautiful babies all looking for a home and I was determined to make a choice and adopt that day. What was I waiting for after all? The connection I felt with that tiny kitten at the ASPCA I would feel again surely, right? Maybe it was just a matter of time.

    We started on the left wall and made our way in a circle around the room. We had been there roughly two hours and I was feeling drained and overwhelmed when I heard, “Rachel?” It was the beautiful woman from the ASPCA that had been so kind to me when I broke into tears. “Rachel, I have La’Pu for you!”

    By some miracle the people who had adopted La’Pu returned her. The woman was allergic and so back she went to the ASPCA.

    My eyes, once again filled with tears but this time tears of joy! I sat on a chair by the cage she was housed in and put her in my lap. The tiny kitten was now a little girl. Again, she curled herself into a little ball and went to sleep.

    Miracles do happen every day if you keep your eyes open and if you call from deep in your heart what you need and desire it will be delivered to you in its highest and best form. La’Pu and I were meant to be and found each other once again in New York City.

    Thank you for letting me share!


    • Marie says:

      Rachel – what a great story.
      I was actually crying with you (out of happiness). 🙂

      Lot of love and light to you, your boyfriend and your cats.


  137. Sabina Smith says:

    Hi Kris (love & am so grateful for you btw!) I am a 2x breast cancer survivor and recently asked the universe for a sign that I would live to be a healthy old lady. I asked for it to show me a dragonfly, preferably a live one, but any image would do…. much later that evening, while browsing in a second hand shop and admiring all the cool jewels behind the glass, I spotted a beautiful little, sparkly dragonfly pin 🙂 Needless to say I was super happy! XOxo, Sabina

  138. Jan Sloan says:

    The fabulous Universe has been manifesting ‘more prosperity’ in my life. Intention that money flows to me from expected and unexpected sources. Three examples within a week. One: A complimentary Laser Therapy treatment from my Chiropractor to help my injured neck to heal. Two: An unexpected invite from my girlfriend (who’s hubby was sick) to a Wild Life Rescue Gala event to raise funds to help our birdies and lovely wee creatures on this earth. ($120 gifted dinner plate and many other groovy fun things included). I had also been setting an intention to ‘ glam and sexy dress up’ , since my life involves teaching yoga and Pilates and I live in my ‘stretchy casual attire’:) Three: My acupressure holistic massage therapist provided me some incredible ‘warm ear seeds’ to some pressure points in my ear that relate to my kidneys, neck and shaman (spirit) for FREE! Another amazing gift from God! Blessings are everywhere. Ask and yee shall receive!! Now I want my soul mate in my life…come on God, I am ready for an amazing healthy relationship with my man form. Send him now.. please and thank you:)

  139. Lea says:

    Thanks for this beautiful story, loved it and will try it tonight for sure 🙂 will let you know

  140. Thanks for the gorgeous story! We are manifesting all the time and what a great practice to bring our attention to doing it with more conscious intention and attention.

    1) Ask. We ask all the time even by noticing what we don’t want brings more attention to what we do want.
    2) Believe and be in alignment with what you are asking for.
    3) Allow and be open to receiving.

    Step 3 is also happening all the time. I love how Pam’s practice of asking for it to show up in short order really brings our attention to looking out for it presently and noticing what we are receiving.

    A few months ago I asked for a thriving relationship. Within a week my wasband (he used to be my husband) showed up and we found in short order. We were at a point where we easily and joyously met each other on every level. We are living together and are happier than I could of imagined. Yippee!


  141. Roberta says:

    I LOVED reading this! I am a little teary eyed with happy emotion.

  142. Barbara Nelson says:

    For most of my adult life I have strived to be a tool of the Universe’s healing. After several attempts and finally putting aside my self doubt I was able to manifest being accepted into Nursing school. With the help of the Universe I will be but a small helper.
    Always gracious of the lessons, love and abundance. Thank you Kris, I met your through a professor at school and ever since you have had a profound impact in my thinking.

  143. Kallau says:

    Thank you Chris for caring and sharing. This blog has reminded me to be aware (among other things) and has brought me back to the present and all that I have moved towards but occasionally lose sight of.
    It’s going to be a fabulous day!

  144. Kallau says:

    Thank you Chris for caring and sharing. This blog has reminded me to be aware (among other things) and has brought me back to the present and all that I have moved towards but occasionally lose sight of.
    It’s going to be a fabulous!

  145. Jane says:

    You are the best! I really enjoy your offerings.
    Here’s to many more.

  146. Andrea says:

    I love this post, Kris! I just started reading this book also. It is quite amazing how our thoughts shape our reality! Ok, I aimed big during one of the exercises last week, cash flow was low, so of course I asked to manifest money. Within one day, I acquired almost $400 in sales for my essence sprays and Reiki sessions, then the next day a random check came in the mail for $1,600. NO Kidding!!! It was just what I needed, especially before the holidays! It was a check from the lawyers with $ they owed me back from taxes on the house I sold as Short Sale last year. I was shocked and not expecting it at all! It was a long, difficult process to have to go through a short sale on my first home. But, It’s all behind me now, Getting organized and debt free! I feel major shifts in humanity and more and more people are living more consciously. It’s going to be a great year!!

  147. Bonnie Clark says:

    Since reading E2 I have been enjoying the benefits of my energy! I pretty much “always” get a firstie or lastie or a drive out front ways parking space because that is where my intention is permanently set! I don’t really have to think much about it anymore except to say thank you to the universe for providing this convenience. I thought it interesting, however, when you spoke of not realizing all the “goodness” that has been activated as a result of a person’s actions! I had a recent experience that I can only regard as an “In your face” kind of epiphany that my playful angels occasionally stick me into, in which I actually have to puzzle out a reason why a particular situation is happening. It occurred one evening recently when my hubby and I went to our local pub for a date night during restaurant week where meals were discounted to bring in new business. The place began filling up and pretty soon there was standing room only. As customer after customer walked by I noticed that at least half stopped to greet me before finding a table because I had sold them their home and we hadn’t seen one another for years. It kept happening most of the early evening and when I looked down the bar and realized that more than half the occupants were former clients of mine I was amazed. Then I scanned the lounge tables and once again at least half of the tables were occupied by former clients. None of these people for the most part knew each other and the only common denominator was ME! Well, I immediately thought my life was flashing in front of my eyes and when we went home to bed I was afraid to fall asleep because I thought I was going to die in my sleep! Obviously I didn’t, but in the morning I meditated on this serendipitous occurrence! I spoke to my daughter about this and she started laughing and suggested that I needed to be reminded that my job as a Realtor for the last 36 years has made a big difference in many many lives. Whew! That was really heavy! It’s amazing how we go about our business never realizing the impact we may have. I felt really honored and humbled by this experience, and thanked my angels, guides and mentors for bring this to my attention!

  148. Hi Kris,

    What a fantastic post today!

    I started reading your email and then ate my breakfast while thinking of how I could get an assistant to help with my photo shoot tomorrow – someone to just take shots of the session and help me. I really wanted my son to help but he is often not available due to his schedule.

    I then read your blog and thought what do I want to manifest? My answer: An awesome photo shoot with someone fun to help me during the day. I started to write a text to my son to ask for help and then I heard him come through the door. Now I could ask him in person. And guess what, he is available and will help me. I just love working with my son as he encourages me to have more fun and be less serious which will help while I am in front of the camera.

    What I love about this story is that you pointed out that we often are asking for what we need without really knowing it – which I did while eating breakfast. And then when I was clear with my intention – bang it was an immediate response to my request.

    Of note: before I had even ate, I gave thanks to the universe for all the abundance in my life right now. Your blog post is part of the abundance I am manifesting and I am always grateful for your gift of expressing yourself.

    Peace and joy to you Kris,


  149. D says:

    I noticed ayear or so ago that I dod not like the direction that the leaders iny work department were going. They formed an elite group that did not invite me to meetings. I was also a leader in the department. I noticed that if one of the leaders disliked someone that particular leader would go after that person behind closed doors. In essence making life harder for the person that was not liked. I realized that the environment was hostile and negative. I manifested my exit and it started happening just as planned….all I had to do was let go and let go every step of the way! I am out of a job and I feel free. I am not focusing on finances . I seem to be focusing on happiness first!

  150. Danny Kahn says:

    I feel like I’m reading a message from my wife, Jill Kahn! (By the way that’s a good thing)

  151. Linda says:

    So, I’m sitting here wondering whether we can manifest something on another’s behalf (or at least add power to their manifestation). I have a friend who has been going through an awful divorce. She left an abusive relationship, spent a period of time homeless, and has worked really hard to get herself and her kids back on their feet. She is now in the final phase of divorce and has worked hard to get what is, according to the law, hers. Since she can’t afford an attorney, she’s representing herself and has done such a wonderful job reading, studying, and putting together her paperwork. She’s a good, heart-full person, and I would love to see her get the very best outcome for herself and her children. I am sending good juju and asking for a great outcome for her (she is, too). If it’s possible to help manifest for others, please send her some good juju, too!! Thank you SO much.

  152. Sharon says:

    I loved your blog and was totally into it until wham!!!! You said people can “unload unwanted animals at the dump”, unload…….unwanted………dump……. Are you kidding me???
    Please elaborate as my feel good morning just took a nose dive

    • Kris Carr says:

      Oh dear! Sharon, at my local dump there is an adoption center. It’s no frills. Cages and a small outdoor area for walks. Kind volunteers run it. It’s totally enclosed, warm and safe. Lots of people bring there trash and then cruise in to check out the animals. So it’s a good thing in the end. 🙂

  153. Maura says:

    E-Squared made my day to day life FUN. The first experiment — I asked for something BIG – like expensive big. That’s not in my nature (I’m a starving artist right?!) but the book gave me permission and I was giddy over it. The 48 hours ticked away. I kept looking, like a child on Xmas morning.

    My fiance came home from work the second day. He’s the major breadwinner right now as I focus on my writing (whatta man!). He had gotten the results from the dealership about his car. All week he’d been preparing to sell his car, as he was pretty sure that one or both turbos needed replacement. And as he’s the soul breadwinner AND we’re planning a wedding, this expense didn’t fit in our life right now. And this is what he said to me. “I heard from the dealership. BOTH turbos need to be replaced. And the dealership is paying for them.” (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Apparently, they were under warranty for about 100 more miles. His commute is 30 minutes each way ever day! 100 miles is gobbled up as fast as turkey on Thanksgiving! That was a $6,000 gift.

    In addition to that – I’ve manifested a healthy life beyond my wildest dreams. Veggies & green smoothies galore – and I adore them! I crave them! No more booze, cigs, gluten, dairy or sugar! I meditate! I take relaxing baths! I sleep plenty and regularly! Sometimes – I exercise! And when I don’t I don’t beat myself up! This took me years. But self-love can work wonders.

    I also manifested my fiance. I found “My Ideal” list a week ago – the list I wrote about 4 years ago when I finally put the breaks on no good guys (for me) and asked for my dream guy. Rory is everything on that list — AND MORE.

  154. Cate says:

    Kris, I am so in love with this.
    I’ve been feeling quite “meh” lately and can’t really bring up any real immediate cause for it. Job’s good, family’s good, health is good, Penny Lane (my rescue doggie daughter) is great… so why the lame vibes? After reading this I’ve realized that I haven’t been acknowledging any of it, nor have I been setting my sights on more goodness and blessings. Just going through the motions day in and day out has brought me down so much and I didn’t even see it happening. So, thanks for the lovely, eye-opening morning reading. Ordering my copy immediately.

  155. Yes, this year I asked for a partner to come in and take my StrutFit program to the next level. And BAM! here we are – doing 4 videos on Dec 8th and launching my brand out into the Universe Jan 2014! Can’t believe I’m actually doing it! I don’t feel like I know exactly what I’m doing but it’s here and so I’m jumping IN!
    Thank you for your messages and inspiration ~ always.

  156. Rebecca Haak says:

    I started saying a Monday morning mantra a little while back and with in the space of one week a lady called me looking for a chef to help her out in a wonderful new health club
    My mantra was this ” there is somebody out there looking for exactly what I have to offer right now ” I cannot believe myself even how fats it worked .
    P.s I love reading your blog …the way you write is so fun

    • Jessica says:

      I really love your mantra. Thanks for sharing it. I am going to start using it, and funny enough, it was just what I needed.

  157. Kathryn says:

    Several months ago just before going to sleep, I was thinking about how I would like to lead retreats. I thought about how I needed to get more experience and that the best way would be to attend a retreat led by an expert. I thought about how the retreats that I’m interested in are expensive and I didn’t have any money for one. I fell asleep and the next morning in my e-mail was a newsletter from Jen Louden an author who I follow. In the e-mail was information about an upcoming retreat and a link to enter a contest to win it. “No way!” I thought. I looked up and said, “Wow you really do act fast.” I learned what was involved to enter the contest and what the commitment would be if I won. I set out to enter the contest by blogging daily. I’m bet you are guessing that I won. Yup, I did. But, it gets better. I needed about $500 to cover my accommodations. As I entered my office two days later there was an envelope on my desk. Tucked inside was a check for $500 to pay for a poster I had designed a year ago for an organization and they had forgotten to pay me the stipend. I attended the retreat that was at the end of October and I’m still pinching myself. Each one of us has the power to create and manifest our dreams.

  158. Shannon says:

    Thank you for sharing your story and reminding us to look around to notice our universe victories. I have one that actually happened back in 2005, but it is also about manifesting a furry friend. I wanted to rescue a Bichon. I’d already named her Blossom. I wanted a female because we already had a male. Sure enough, a rescue group called me that I’d done some volunteer work for, and asked me if I’d like to foster a female Bichon. They’d never received Bichons in the past but this one came in. Not only did I foster her, I adopted her and she is sitting right here next to me. She’s my little miracle.

  159. Julieta Arango says:

    Thanks for sharing this story. Even though I love to have good thoughts and keep myself positive, I am going thru a meltdown and this is what I needed to hear.

  160. Aditi says:

    This was more to manifest signs that I am doing the right thing. I asked for 5 signs that it was the right move for me to breakup with my bf. I got 8 signs! I did end up breaking up, and although it was hard I know I am stepping into the next phase of my life.

    I also do Angel Card Readings and I did a life purpose meditation with Doreen Virtue and as soon as I finished, I logged onto my computer and someone had just bought my reading. If that wasn’t a sign that I’m on the right path, I don’t know what is!

    I also manifested a guy once. After a hay house conference I visualized, wrote about, and imagined him. I met him about 2 weeks later, exactly what I envisioned!

  161. Ilyse says:

    To my amazement, this morning your post in about manifesting
    This weekend my 21 year old daughter was telling me about what she has been actively manifesting. She has not been a “believer ” so to listen to her enthusiasm and excitement was beautiful

    Last night I was thinking I really wanted to refocus on manifesting. Something I had put energy towards years a go and got away from my own awareness about it

    I made a mental note to myself ( and the universe) to ask Jess about her practice.

    And then I awake to your post!!
    With affirmation about the very topic and a suggestion for a book to read.

    Ask and you shall receive.
    Thank you Dude and Kris!
    We rescued a Buddy too!!

  162. María says:

    Kris i just love your inspiring stories, all your blogs are just perfect and come in perfect timing in my life, last weekend I have to say I was drowned in depression and with a bulimia problem, I started the 21 meditation challenge you posted and you can’t imagine how much it has helped me, I was praying to find someone to help me with my heart problems and just got the help I needed I was offered a free study by an institution doing meditation I’m groups, and they follow on every student (it’s kind of a therapy thing) and the best thing it’s for free 🙂 , the therapist also suggested a natural juice full of vegetables and herbs, to replace all the electrolytes I have lost because of purging, it also helps me with my anemia problem. I just have to say it does really work setting your mind, asking it and as deepak chopra says have faith that it will manifest when the right time comes. Btw I’m Colombian and yesterday watched also your cooking classes and as you said you were brought up by a Colombian grandma … So was I and have to agree is the best butter ever.

    Thank you so much for all your inspiring stories and your blog I just love it … Also the green smoothies I am having one every morning en every day I attempt more and more veggies than fruits.



    • Kris Carr says:

      You’re doing great Maria! Thanks for sharing honey. Many blessings to you. xo

      • Maria says:

        Thank you :), and by the way last night I was coming home from the gym (on a snowy cold night) and all I wanted was a warm and hot soup, I said it to a friend, but I was tired and didnt not fell like cooking. As soon as I came home voila there was one of my neighbours making a typical dish from Slovakia and guess what i was?? a delicious Christmas soup they have over there.

        Just perfect timing, after I read your… Coincidence? might be but just loved it.

  163. I’ve been a noticer lately Kris, and have been seeing how those desires, wishes, and prayers called out previously, even if barely for a moment… have now started to unfold. I’m involved with a network marketing company, and I’ve asked for more business contacts and leaders in places I want to spend more time. It’s happening. It’s amazing. and it’s totally more than I can see or do all by myself.

    I love what you said:

    We make magic constantly. Pause. Breathe. Notice. Praise. Repeat. You’ve come so, so, so far. Pour a cup of tea and brag to yourself. Truly, you’re a miracle creating the miraculous.

  164. Elaine says:

    You are correct, we are always manifesting. As Mike Dooley says, Thoughts become Things. So my challenge is to remember to think positive thoughts.
    My best manifestation resulted in my husband, but it took awhile. Still the best!!!!!

  165. vicki eklund says:

    thank you for you incredible inspiration, lessons, and sheer passion for life!
    You are my hero, Kris, Rock on!

  166. A great post to start off the week with! I had a really rough time last week. A good friend died of terminal breast cancer in late September, and last week my aunt going in the hospital for surgery (she’s fine, it went well) triggered lots of emotions in me. My body basically threw me to the curb – I caught a cold and hurt my lower back on the same day. Oh yeah, I guess that means I need to slow down, right?! I’ve had to acknowledge how I’m still grieving and be reminded to not be so hard on myself.

    I bought E-squared a while back and haven’t read it yet. It’s been sitting there on my Kindle waiting. I’m going to start reading it today!

    Thanks so much, Kris.

  167. Andie Raynor says:

    Thanks, Kris! Just what I needed today. Guess the Dude abided! xo

  168. Mary-Anne says:

    This is a great little companion book to the book I put 100% faith in and has never let me down……”The Bible.” God is above all else but I do believe He works through these spirtual guides to lead us towards Him, as in the end, that is all that matters. “Pray, Belive, Receive.”

  169. Jennifer Harmon says:

    I am starting to notice all miracles and love the energy this lady has! Wonderful example if living!

  170. Hi Kris,

    Thank you for sharing your amazing stories. I truly believe in the power of positive thinking. I follow Dr Wayne Dyer as well as you and love your Light.

    On September 7, I had my first solo art exhibition of an emotional series entitled “A Renewal of Spirit: Exhibition of Queen Anne’s Lace & Other Works”. I decided to share both the personal and the universal stories behind the series, the personal leaving me exposed, but I feel it fostered a connection to my guests and fans. The series helped me evolve as an artist and mother by creating healing images through Nature, expressing emotions, experimenting with color, and exploring the ideas of life after death and of a mother’s protection.

    On the night before opening day, I asked for the weather to be dry and beautiful, like Autumn, so that the guests would be comfortable. And what a gorgeous, pleasantly cool day it was! My second wish was to be able to talk to everyone that visited. There were so many people (an amazing three hundred guests!) that the day is a blur but I do hope I was able to approach everyone. My third wish or thought was that I would be happy to be able to sell two or three paintings. Throughout the opening, each time a sale was made, the gallery owner, Sam Ruest, would announce “May I have your attention please? Painting #9 of the Queen Anne’s Lace series has sold! Congratulations, Allison.” Then Sam would proceed to shake my father’s hand. After the sixth announcement I lost it. I was overwhelmed that there was a connection so strong that people were actually buying the paintings. I sold eighteen pieces that day and four more in the weeks following. I am still flying from that day and from the outpouring of love and support from my friends and family and new connections. My wishes came true!

  171. Meredith says:

    You are wonderful! I love you! Thanks for always saying the perfect things.

  172. Elisa Lionne says:

    Wow Kris! The dude abides! I started reading E-squared on Saturday and the 48 hours of my first experiment ended today. It’s you! It’s your blog post. I didn’t ask for anything specific. Just for a clear sign from “the dude”. So here I am thinking that I didn’t receive an obvious sign within the last 48 hours and then I read your subject line and think, “Wait whaaat?” Hello synchronicity! I’m so grateful for this sign. Thank you for writing this article Kris! You are my miracle of the day. Lots of love and keep on manifesting and noticing (!) all the greatness in your life. xx

  173. Vari says:

    I have manifested so many amazing things into my life, and have always been aware of how I can get pretty much get anything I want. I’m from the UK, but wanted to live in AZ, after several years, I finally met my now husband, and we have an incredible 3 year old daughter. I wanted to work in a Montessori school, and do the training, but the only AMI training was in San Diego or Colorado, and I couldn’t do that til my daughter was older. She is at an amazing school, and one day asked if there were any available assistant positions. there wasn’t, but only a couple of days later, one opened up, and within 24 hrs, I had the job. At the interview, they informed me that they now have AMI training at the school and would I be interested in doing it. Heck yes! I’ve been wanting my husband to move out of the contracting world, and a family came into our lives, that just so happened to be able to get him a foot in the door, to a steady, stable career, with benefits. Now I’m trying to manifest being debt free, and move to a new house in the area. So that big glob of cash in on my list 🙂

  174. Aideen says:

    Loved this blog post so much Kris! You are such an inspiring lady! Thank for reminding me to take things slowly in this crazy world and to stop and smell the roses. Buddy’s rescue is so heart warming, you and Brian will make fantastic puppy parents for buddy. God bless you always.

  175. Amandananda says:

    The Universe cracks open right where you are . . . Every time! It’s up to us to notice.
    Love it!

  176. Neli says:

    Last night I looked at the stars and specifically requested for something to come to my life and take me out of the blue mood ASAP. I have an oncology check up appointment today, working on letting go of some past family hurts, had a busy weekend… I guess it all ganged up on me… Your e-mail this morning is for me the answer/manifestation. Thank you Kris!

  177. goose says:

    You can ask for things NOT to happen as well. If it doesnt feel right the universe will make it go away. Fun stuff!

  178. Arlene Wilkinson says:

    Any chance of you posting the recipe for the delicious green drink you manifested?

  179. Lynne Ervin-Lombardi says:

    I love reading your books, listening to your messages, seeing you live your truth…so inspiring, refreshing and helpful to me, while I learn to find and live my truth. So grateful!

    Thanks Kris!

  180. jodee keller says:

    Hi Kris,
    I hope you are fabulous this morning!
    I’m sure that you are. I am your neighbor in Kingston, and was living in Zena up until 4 years ago.

    I have three children who went to Zena elementary school (on Sawkill rd. At Woodstock border.) You may know about it …how our school was closed in June. It has been a very challenging year , and I have been wishing for a better school to magically present itself as another option.

    Although that has not happened yet, I made a decision to help the school where they now attend to become a better place. I even ran for PTO president and won, not like me, lol, so that I could watch what was going on in the building.

    One of my wishes is to have a Friday night once a month where we watch movies or discuss someone or something that inspired people …and your crazy sexy Cancer video I thought might be a good one. I also love the Fat Sick and Nearly Dead movie. Another cool idea was to invite guests, like a local single mom who teaches others for free, how to extreme coupon. Another idea was to have kids pick a cause and make it happen. My daughter wants to collect gently used team uniforms for kids who want to okay recreation soccer etc. but cannot afford the uniforms.

    I spent these first few months of this school year identifying problematic issues in the school and how to help fix them. Or where the road blocks lie. Baby steps.

    Huge work is ahead of us, and I believe that when I closed my eyes and focused on my wish, G-d gave me the strength to take as many action steps in the of meantime, to speed up that process of finding, or simply “being” in a better school.

    Maybe someday we will run into each other at one of my favorite places like Sunfrost, and you can meet my awesome kiddos and hubby. (They watch and read with me your blogs.)

    I guess my point here is that sometimes the end product may not always appear in 48 hours, but the strength to guide us to the end product will, and that strength is really just as important in our journey. Or at least in my opinion.
    Here’s to the journey!
    Jodee Keller

    • Christy says:

      I have a question that might seem judgmental, but is not meant to be at all. In your post, you state that you asked God for something. Why did you type G*d? I am honestly just curious because I have never seen this before.

      I admire the work you are trying to do to make your kids’ school a better place. And, your daughter’s idea to collect gently used team uniforms is brilliant. I have 4 of them, where can I donate them?

      Have a blessed day!

    • Kris Carr says:

      That’s fantastic work you’re doing. I totally agree. Hope to meet you too! Lots of love,
      your neighbor

  181. Ooh, I literally JUST finished watching a Deepak Chopra lecture (for my Institute for Integrative Nutrition studies) on manifestation, divine power, abundance and soul-based work, when your little ray of sunshine appeared in my inbox! Thank you for sharing, Kris. I’ll be manifesting some magic tonight, fingers crossed! 🙂 x

  182. Elaine Matsumoto says:

    Kris, you continue to inspire me and make me smile. Have loved your books and shared them with others. My heart and soul are most definitely on the same page with you!!I am going to try this manifesting thing for sure. Oh did I mention that Wayne Dyer is someone I love to listen to and read? Someday I would love to sit down with him and talk. I would love to do that with you, too.
    Thank you for living your amazing life and sharing it with me and others!

  183. Kim says:

    Kris – I manifested something! I asked for a sign that I would be able to make it to an amazing conference yesterday and it came true that night!

    It’s really amazing and wonderful! BTW, I just watched your documentary – it was very powerful.

  184. Brittany says:

    I love this blog today! I really need it! My husband and I are away from each other for the first time since our marriage! We starte off long distance, but once we got married- we’ve been together everyday. His work unexpectedly called for a month of separation and I’ve gone 2 days without hearing from him due to security reasons. I’m expecting an email any day now but this exercise has spurred me to ask for one now please. I need it more than I imagined. This is the first time since our first date that I have gone a day without even a text from him. He’s been my best friend and suddenly without him, it just makes me feel like something is missing. Thank goodness for family and creating laughs to enjoy myself until this email floats in!!! I already feel it coming!!! :)))

  185. Cinthia says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience, Kris! I’ve always been a fan of manifesting, visualizing and seen the results. I haven’t experimented (consciously) with a 48hr response, but now that you mention it, just a few days ago I was searching for flights to India, where I will be studying yoga for a few months. The prices were more expensive than I remember, so I was a little disappointed about that. I waited a couple of days. Tried a slightly different search and the price went down by half! Crazy right? The universe does provide you with what you need 🙂

  186. Radell says:


    I love your blogs!! They crack me up. I am sitting on a bus heading into work and this was a nice little chuckle. You have such a light spirit in your words.

    I loved hearing about your manifesting! I do it some times with people.. I share some energy that I would love the person to come sit beside me so I can just talk with them and say Hi. People I don’t know but look super cool beans. And most of the time over they come and sit down next to me. It is amazing how much life wants to give to you.. If we only take the time to peacefully ask 🙂
    Xo R

  187. jilo says:

    Thanks for this sweet (green juice included) post. Buddy seems like the perfect fit. I too am reading E Squared-asked the Universe for a sign regarding whether I would be living (in great renewed health) in a condo within 3-6 months. Waited about 44 hours and had no sign, felt ike no sign didn’t necessarily mean a “no” though was a little bummed. I asked at that moment for a clear sign; turned my head to the left and saw a house with the street number 326. As in…3 to 6 months. Very cool stuff. Also recognizing and giving thanks to what’s already arrived.

  188. Johanna says:

    Hi Kris- You’re awesome! 🙂
    I also read the book and for the first exercise just asked the Universe for a sign that I 100% could not dispute. The next morning, I went to my desk to get some work done and turned on the radio. Guess what song was playing?? “Johanna” by Cool and the Gang!! It’s been YEARS since I heard that song. Since my name is Johanna, as they crooned “Johanna, I love You” I knew the Universe was telling me I was loved! I thought it was pretty awesome. 🙂

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your wonderful family Kris. xoxoxox


  189. Stephanie Jacobs says:

    When planning my wedding a few years ago, I had my heart set on a buffalo plaid blanket to use as a shawl. The venue was a very rustic cabin in the woods, and plaid is really my favorite colour! Well I couldn’t find one anywhere. I looked and looked, online, in stores, asked friends, it was as if the universe was hiding all the black and red plaid blankets from me. I gave up and decided it wasn’t meant to be. On my wedding day, I walked into the cabin that we were using to get ready, and there was the exact blanket I had pictured, strewn across the back of a rocking chair. A small thing to ask for I know, but it was pretty amazing to see!

  190. Anissa says:

    Loved reading about your life and blessings…as always!

    A funny manifesting story happened to me just about 10 days ago: I have been torn between being an equine therapist and a cranio sacral therapist for people and animals for quite a while. I simply didn’t know, if and how I should focus on one, instead of being a “do it all” gal.
    So I came up with this dream of creating some TV format for young women who are interested in health, spirituality and a joyFULL life in general. Not knowing how and when to start I simply thought “Oh Universe, show me how to take the first step – show me SOMEHOW! I’ll try hard to recognize the signs!”
    And – whooops! – a national talk show called a few days later and invited me to talk about relationships and freedom. They found me through my blog! So next week, I’ll have my first TV appearance and no idea what else will come out of it…. But I’ll keep my eyes and ears open and give my dreams wings by asking for what I desire 🙂

    All the best from Austria! Keep spreading your light and fire, we love you!

  191. Tara says:

    Thank you for writing this, was great to read and makes me want to pick up the book and give this a try.

  192. Paige says:

    I just love your energy, compassion and quite frankly for everyone big and small. Thankfully it is very infectious. Thank you so much you make each day a better day.

    • Victor says:

      Yo! Magnificent blog post! I am a regular vositir (a lot more like addict ) to your website but also I had a a doubt. I am just not necessarily absoluterly certain if it is the right web site to ask, but you have no spam comments. I receive comments day after day. Can you help me? Thank you!

  193. Eve says:

    Thank you kris, you brightened my Monday morning 🙂 – I used the ask and received very often in my life without really noticing I was until a few years back. I believe in the universe and the laws of attractions. Sometime routine takes that away from me so I appreciate the reminder! My wish of the day: to meet you one day so we can accomplish great things for others together… Love and peace from Montreal…

  194. Stacey says:

    I have that book and got busy with something long ago and never finished it. I don’t think the first thing worked out maybe I was doing something wrong. But I could certainly use some manifesting in my life right now. I’m going to dig out that book! Thanks, I completely forgot I had it. Love your blog & books and am grateful for them!

  195. Therese says:

    Hi there
    I did the same experiment and asked the universe ‘Please can this guy get back in touch). Up to that moment I had just been exchanging text messages with him. The next day, he CALLED :-). This is what I call true magic!

  196. Jolijn Feil says:

    I’m loving the Buddy story! I had something similar with my kitty. I felt ready for an other cat and started talking about it with other people. Then POOF! I found a little abandoned kitten without a home. We’ve been together ever since. Thank you Universe for my amazing little fur baby! 🙂

  197. Kristen Frangie says:

    Ok…this is it early shattering, but I had my sights set on a cedar trunk…but the catch was that I didn’t want to drop a lot of cash. I thought about it and decided it could happen. Well, that weekend went for a stroll and noticed a beat up trunk. Well, under the scratches was solid wood…and inside, cedar! The owner said she loved it, had been around for years, but she didn’t have room for it. Sold it to me for $50. It was a dream come true! Now, several coats of lemon oil and it happy holding winter blankets and kids toys. Thank you!

  198. Oh I consciously manifest EVERYTHING I want in my life since a few years. The latest, (which hasn’t totally complete the manifestation yet) is that I manifested a dream loft. I have a vision board of how my dream home would look like, kitchen, sleeping room etc. Then a few months ago, an old friend oversea who was visiting our city decided that he would like to buy a place in our city and rent it to us as an investment and offer a once-in-a-life-time deal: that we can buy it off him when we are ready, minus all the rent we have paid already…oh that is like a lotto. Anyway, in Switzerland, it is very difficult to purpose a property as a foreigner. So we were kind of bummed out, but I still kept on meditating on that thought of acquiring my dream home which is a huge beautiful loft with lots of light as me and my husband are both photographers. Just last Thursday, I was laying in bed and an arrow of ideal shoot throught my mind, I should ask my gf who I will be seeing the next day, if there is a loft for sell in her building in Germany. I kept of mediating and imaging that she would say to me yes, there is one for sell. And you guessed it, she told me YES! There is one, right next to her, it just went on the market!!! Can you believe? Yes, I can!
    The funny thing is, I worked in that building 5 years ago, and I looked into THAT particular flat, looking at the interior and deco every time I went to work and I would think to myself, “how cool would that be if we could live in that place”. Next Saturday, we have a viewing of the flat. We still have to wait for our investor to come and see it and we need him to say yes. So that’s what I am manifesting now…living and owning that beautiful loft. I will keep you guys updated. Universe, I LOVE YOU! THANK YOU!!!!!

  199. Katie Fabel says:

    How funny!! I am half way through the book E squared right now. It is my first time manifesting with full understanding of the concept/process, its a perfect balance of science & spirituality & it gets better, i have had very surprising responses & happy resolutions or clear answers to almost everything I have brought up in the exercises. Thanks for reasserting this – it gets better, its really just a short sweet simple book but the way she talks about things puts me at the kind of ease that i can actually connect without the skepticism, in fact i think i may have inadvertantly manifested this book into my life as one of the tools to help make my life the way I would love it to be & stop holding back from stepping up & living fully & poof – here it is, a practical guide to work with alongside the many other valuable tools/books, its been like assembling a cheering squad & team of assistants but its working;) thanks for being part of that inspiration team Kris! Xx

  200. Tash says:

    This is my favourite thing you have ever written! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

  201. Sara Ambler says:

    Years ago, I thought about butterflies, of all things. I imagined one and asked for it. A HUGE bright blue butterfly flew almost in my face. I stood there and watched it as it flew away. SO wonderful…

  202. Wow! You are describing the story of my life! Ever since I’d found my life changing book that landed me in a monastery for more than a good 13 years, this has been the very process that has led me from experience to experience.

    I’m convinced that this is happening ALL THE TIME — it’s just that sometimes my blinders are on and I’m engaged in mental conversations so I can’t hear or see any of the beautiful insights that are coming at me 24/7!

    My favorite part about the exercise you shared is that it introduces the first step of the process — acknowledgement. Many times I never acknowledge what my desires are. Once they get thrust out into the universe — whoa, step back! ‘Cause that’s when the magic starts to happen!

    Thanks, Kris!

    In lovingkindness,
    ♡Joy♡ @

  203. carolin says:

    I still made that green smoothie myself this a.m. 🙂 Being handed one out of the blue, of course, is much smarter. 😉
    I just asked to win something in the next 48 hours. I’ll keep you posted. 🙂

  204. Elizabeth Vitale says:

    I love your light yet down-to-earth energy — your photos are great, as are your messages. Thank you Kris!!!

  205. Monica Smith says:

    I manifested a camera that I really wanted via the exercise in E squared. It was kind of a mind blowing experience! I wrote about it on my blog.

  206. I hear you and can relate on so many levels! Ack! I hear you about business getting in the way of noticing, and the importance of doing so and appreciating what is…. why is it so hard?

    Okay, Universe, it’s me, Lisa Prince Fishler in Poughkeepsie, NY. I’d like to offer a complimentary photo shoot for Buddy, on me! I am an animal advocate and pet photographer and founder of HeARTs Speak, an organization that supports artists working on behalf of animals in shelters and rescues across the globe. I love how you promote adoption, and would love to meet you!

    Thanks for all you do, and welcome Buddy! You’re one handsome dude!

    • Corinne Bowen says:

      Lisa, your photography is breathtaking! I just had to tell you that!

    • Jaime Hazard says:

      Lisa, Greetings from Kingston, NY! I’m practically your neighbor (and Khris’). I love the pet portraits. What a cool thing to do! Keep up the great work! Now I’m going to have to check out Heart Speak.

    • Kris Carr says:

      Buddy said yes! And thanks Lisa, that is so so so awesome of you. Your pix are truly beautiful. Email us at Lots of love, kc

    • Larissa says:

      Oh my Lisa, your photo’s capture so much love and energy and the persona of the gorgeous animals. I have seen nothing like this before… Sending you and your wonderful organisation love and energy from Australia…

      Thanks Kris for your rad blog and unreal messages. Do you know I was at uni the other day and a fellow student who’s a friend of mine, asked me if I have read the Esquared book yet. I said no, and she said I have to get it. I’ve been so flat out with uni that I have been only looking at it online and keep thinking, ‘no I will get it next week’……. I will ensure I get this book this week and stop putting it off…! Bring it on.

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