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5 Ways to Overcome Food Cravings

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Hiya Gorgeous,

You know the triggers. The pint of ice cream calling you from the freezer. The chocolate chip cookies taunting you from the kitchen counter. The nachos gnawing away at your willpower during happy hour. But, is it the food that’s pestering you? Of course not—it’s cravings.

We all have them, but do we really understand why? And more importantly, do we know how to tame them? In the past, I’ve been so deeply under the spell of my cravings that I’ve sprayed Windex on my Ben & Jerry’s (after throwing it in the garbage, because it was the only way I’d stop myself from pulling the darn pint out of the trash so I could keep eating it!).

You probably already know that food cravings can have little to do with hunger, but you may not be aware of how they work. Cravings have both biological and psychological components. The most common foods we crave are sugar, carbohydrates, chocolate, salt and, for some, cheese. Let’s walk through the main causes of these cravings and a few helpful tips for overcoming them!

5 Causes of Food Cravings

Leptin Resistance

Leptin is a hormone your body produces in your fat tissue. It’s primary job is to stimulate your appetite and tell you when you’re full. This all works fine when your stomach and your brain are in the same reality. But, the problem starts when constant surges of leptin trick your brain into feeling hungry, even when you’re not.

What causes this? One culprit is having too much body fat—more fat means more leptin is produced. Another cause is eating a diet high in sugary foods and processed carbs. The sugar triggers your fat cells to release surges of leptin. Whatever the reason, constant surges of leptin can lead to leptin resistance, which creates a feedback loop and further dulls your ability to perceive your real appetite. Eating a healthy, balanced diet is the best way to keep a normal balance of leptin in your body and, therefore, reduce your chances of being swept away by cravings (study).

Low levels of serotonin

Serotonin is a “feel-good” neurotransmitter produced mainly in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. It’s directly tied to our mood, appetite and digestion. Eating carbs and sugar increases the release of serotonin (study), making us feel fabulous (temporarily). So, when our levels are low, our brains think, “Oh! That candy bar or bagel is going to fix this!”

A low serotonin level can be due to a variety of things, including poor gut health (90% of serotonin is made in the gut), alcohol consumption (study), depression, anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder. I don’t know about you, but I’m much more vulnerable to sugar and crappy carbohydrate cravings when I’m feeling down in the dumps.

Endorphins and Food Addiction

Eating sugary foods, and even salt (hello, chips!), increases the production of endorphins in your body (study). Endorphins are basically opiates that make us feel relaxed. So when we eat these foods and experience this feeling, we want more—similar to the way drug users get addicted to narcotics. In fact, a recent study shows that sugar can actually have a more intense feeling of reward than cocaine (study). It’s that powerful.

This is why the drug Naloxone (an opiate-blocker given to stop heroin and other narcotics from affecting the brain) also blocks the appeal and overeating tendencies for sugar, fat and chocolate (study). Another recent study looking at the addictive qualities of foods found that highly processed foods that are filled with fat and sugar can cause addictive eating because of their rapid rate of absorption (study). So the more you can avoid packaged and processed foods, the more control you’ll have over your food choices.

A wonky gut

As mentioned earlier, low serotonin levels are linked to cravings, and your gut is the epicenter of serotonin production. In order to maintain feel-good levels of serotonin, your gut needs to be in tip-top shape so it can absorb nutrients from your food and pump out serotonin through your gastrointestinal tract.

This process is greatly dependent on healthy levels and the proper balance of good bacteria. But when your diet isn’t very healthy, the bad bacteria can overpower the good guys, creating more food cravings! Cultivating a healthy balance of good bacteria by eating fermented foods, taking probiotics and embracing other gut-happy habits can create the intestinal peace necessary to calm your cravings.

Emotional Triggers

This is a biggie. Sadness, boredom, stress, poor self-esteem, negative body image (and the list goes on) can prompt you to cruise the pantry. Who doesn’t want a sleeve of Oreos when they look back on a painful breakup, losing a job or just having a bad day?

I refer to this as phantom hunger. But since food cravings are often fleeting and disappear within an hour, choosing to eat a healthier food or opting for a mood-boosting activity can satisfy you till the craving passes.

Now, let’s discuss some more strategies for how to stop food cravings…


5 Tips for Tackling Food Cravings

1. Stay hydrated.

Make sure you’re drinking about half your body weight (lbs) in ounces of water daily (if you’re 140 lbs, drink 70 oz of water a day). Thirst and dehydration make you feel hungry, and may kick up your food cravings. Drink water throughout the day to help you stay hydrated and control your hunger. Add a little lemon to your water or switch things up by making a cup of tea. Finish things up with some oil pulling.

2. Avoid sugary foods and processed carbs.

To prevent leptin surges and blood sugar crashes that pump up your appetite, avoid processed carbs and sweets as much as possible. Sometimes the healthy protein in a handful of almonds or sunflower seeds is enough to help steer you away from the sugary foods. And you can still enjoy tasty treats, just whip them up with lower sugar, higher fiber and higher protein ingredients, like dark chocolate, almond flour, cassava flour and bean flours. These ingredients won’t trigger cravings and feed an appetite that just won’t quit.

3. Exercise and stay rested.

Rather than relying on French fries and cookies to help you feel relaxed and happy, go for a brisk walk during the day and get into bed a little earlier in the evening. These habits produce endorphins just like the best tasting truffles on the planet. Plus, the exercise may boost your serotonin levels—something that should help you skip sugar and extra carbs more easily, too. And have you ever noticed that your food cravings seem to increase during PMS? As your hormone levels fluctuate, cravings can start to increase — so getting in a workout and some quality sleep are totally key during that time of the month too.

4. Make meditation and sunshine a priority.

Taking a few minutes every day to meditate and getting 10-15 minutes a day of sunshine or light therapy may boost serotonin levels so you’re not reaching for Snickerdoodles to turn your mood around. Want to give it a try? Grab my free Pep Talk meditation—you’ll love it! If I’m still looking for a little more relaxation, I’ll practice some EFT, get it all out in my journal, or I’ll watch something that makes me feel all happy inside.

5. Avoid trigger foods for 21 days.

Your taste buds have a fantastic memory! If you really want to break food cravings, one of the best ways is to avoid eating those foods for a set period of time. Find healthier options to grab when you’re craving candy, cheese or chips—stuff like low-glycemic smoothies and desserts, fresh berries, guacamole or hummus with veggies or rice crackers, raw cashews and nut “cheese”. You can also incorporate more fermented foods which are good for your gut, like homemade kefir and kombucha. Keep these healthy foods on hand, and try to think about it like you’re adding in, rather than taking out. And here’s the best news — your taste buds will actually change over time. Your body will start to crave the healthy, whole foods once you begin to make them your new habit. The junk just won’t taste the same!

Most importantly, you gotta go easy on yourself. Trust that your cravings will fade, ride the wave, and you will build new, healthier habits.

Does all this mean you should say buh-bye to birthday cake, French fries and bagels—no, sir! But if you feel like your food cravings are running your life, I hope understanding them and trying these tips will put you back in the driver’s seat again.

Your turn: What’s your go-to craving curber? Let me know in the comments below—it’s a space where we can all learn from each other and share our tricks. Oh! Here’s one more tip: brush your teeth, floss and gargle. Basically, close up shop. I don’t know about you but I’m less likely to scarf stuff down after I’ve taken care of some chomper hygiene.

Peace & progress,

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  1. zoritoler imol says:

    I’m not sure where you are getting your info, but good topic. I needs to spend some time learning much more or understanding more. Thanks for wonderful information I was looking for this information for my mission.

  2. Yuley Burrow says:

    The chocolate goes up with PMS, but I’ve always been addicted to caffeine. I was born addicted to caffeine because my mother doesn’t drink water, only coffee, tea, and soda, or wine. I also noticed my cravings go up really bad when pregnant. Is indulgence as bad for pregnancy as it is for non-pregnancy? I’m working on breaking the caffeine addiction little by little. I’ve noticed that when I try the weaning method, I relapse in just a couple of weeks. I’m going to try the methods listed above, and see if it helps.

  3. Syl says:

    I’ve been dieting for 10 months and have lost 32kg (70pounds). Still have a bit to go. I was doing accupuncter regularly and it seemed to help. Didn’t have too many cravings and when i gave in, 1 day was enough. Lately, the last month or so, i’ve had so many cravings and I can’t resist them. Once i binge eat, i don’t even fill fulfilled. That’s why i think it’s emotional but i really don’t know how to control them. I’m gaining some weight back and then fighting to lose it again when i should be losing the rest! It also shows that my eating habits haven’t changed. I still restrict myself and then binge. I know there’s a healthier way if i eat less and more often but i’m not stabilising yet. And my diet is healthy and not too restrictive so it’s not it either. Has anyone else gone through this and gave any tips? I’m getting anxiety just thinking about gaining weight back (but not enough to not give in the cravings apparently)

  4. Jen says:

    Reading this, I’m almost angry no healthcare provider ever shared this information with me–not even therapists who specialize in eating disorders. I had no idea exactly how sugar was harming me, just that it was bad and I had to stop. Severe cravings are so often treated as a mental health issue I thought I was going crazy that I was sure it was a physical problem and not boredom or sadness compelling me to eat things I wish I would not. I recognized myself since childhood in this article! Now I know there is hope for me to finally recover from the last addiction that’s just kicking my butt–I gave up smoking, alcohol, and drugs one year ago and I thought it was just “addiction transfer” that has me obsessing over sweets. Paradoxically, I now feel well and in my body enough that I can tell it’s a digestive issue. I can do this! Thank you, Kris. You are brilliant.

  5. sam berg says:

    Thanks kris great stuff

  6. Food cravings are one of the biggest nightmares for dieters who are curious to lose a few pounds out of excessive stored fat. Even healthy eaters also get attracted to tasty sweets and flavor-rich snacks. These small mistakes can easily break your weight loss schedule, and you may lose your track to success.

  7. Mary Ann Dragoo says:

    Very helpful information. I have a rare form of cancer, Polycythemia Vera, diagnosed July, 2015. On chemo drug twice a day. Platelets too high, require removal of a pint of blood occasionally. I am delving into how mold foods affect my platelets. I recall hearing platelets are mold. Must determine if this is accurate information. If so, avoiding mold foods would seem imperative. Your thoughts would be welcomed.

  8. Max says:

    Hi, I had this problem for some time and all of this stopped because of a miracle tea

  9. Shiela Mae says:

    I’ve been doing this for a long time now and it really helped me a lot. If you love tea, you can try this one as well.
    It’s a West African Red Tea.

  10. Pessy says:

    Sounds good. Will try your 5 step to getting rid of cravings for junk. I’m on skinnier side too and would like to maintain it.

  11. Christina MCCAUSLAND says:

    I was dominated by a sweet craving that went on for weeks. I made the major decision to swap my habitual toast and dark delicious marmalade on my morning toast for Marmite which is full of B Vits. The taste of Marmite is very strong and it somehow dispensed with my sweet craving within a day !… I over enthused and smeared too much on my toast and developed heartburn… so it’s better to go easy. (i know that some people hate it) but Marmite is now part of my armour ! What do you think ?

  12. Lindiwe says:

    I’m jogging when I come back even after my work out I have strong craving. I need to stop that sweet I stop them long ago I’m eating more fruits and provita bread only

  13. AW says:

    Wow, reading this tonight, Sunday, and I am feeling awful, just like after most weekends. I’ve cut out alcohol, junk food and mostly all dairy. But because of socialising at weekends, and because basically all people around me (mostly my family) are junkaholics, it’s always somethings with cheese, or somethings with sugar that makes it down the hatch at weekends. I make things, brings snacks, try so hard, but it feels like I live in the kitchen at the weekend, if I am to follow my diet. Weeks are great! What does everyone else do? Sunday around 6, sitting here with a super bloated tum, and tomorrow morning’s run feels, shall I say, very very distant!

  14. Jane says:

    What works for just getting surgery foods off your mind. If all u want to think of is wanting those types of food?

  15. Robert Marr says:

    Cupcakes or donuts. Sweet and breadie
    Also I go for sweet drinks.

  16. Sue harriss says:

    Doing Avatar consciousness exercises, it’s the fastest way I’ve found to come to a higher state of consciousness. The Avatar work puts me directly in touch with the feelings I’m resisting that are creating the cravings. Also doing some yoga or other excersize helps

  17. David says:

    Thank you very much for this wonderful tips. This shows why you are so beautiful.

  18. Gayle Mulvey says:


    I thought to share this with you. Another explanation for sugar cravings… 🙂
    It is my experience that the craving for sugar is the experience of the physiological withdrawal of sugar from the body. If you have a piece of candy at 4:00 p.m. in the afternoon, you will experience a craving for candy the next day at approximately 4:00 p.m. when the sugar starts to leave the body. I learned this years ago when I stopped eating sugar.
    The first day after not eating sugar has the strongest craving sensation, the second day, a little less, the the third day a little less until the craving finally disappears around the second week. This experience has allowed me to have an objective approach to how sugar reacts in my body. The objective awareness of the physiological sensations allowed me to determine if I wanted to give in to the physiological withdrawal or just say to myself, “I know what is going on with my body and I do not have to give in to it.” This also applies to other types of sweeteners. Now, if I eat sweets, it has to be worth it. It has to be decadent with the finest of ingredients and something I cannot resist. I also noticed my taste buds have changed so that some sweets I enjoyed eating just do not taste as good as they used to because they do not have the quality of ingredients that make it worth eating. It is like refining your taste for fine wine. I have not owned a scale in 40 years and I am in complete control of what I eat and my weight. I do love Hagen Daz ice cream rocky road with dulce de leche and I could not resist a freshly made bread pudding, still warm from the bakery of one our local hotels. But again, it has to be “worth it”.

  19. Shasha says:

    Blood sugar going up/crashing down may make person want to eat more. When adrenals are burned out a person may need to eat more. Gluten is like Heroin and sugar like cocaine to the brain. Gluten stimulates opioid receptors which cause a craving. Organic brown rice used to get me over sugar issues, but now I can’t eat it due to a small amount of gluten in it which hurts my gut lining.

  20. Thank you Kris,
    I have applied the same principles with cigarette cravings, paying atention to myself.
    I decided to fully take care of my body, and i am having good results.
    Sometimes i feel i lack the necesarry confidence but i am working on it.
    I believe i would have more confidence if i would have more business conections.

    • jane says:

      I eat about 80-90% healthy but when it comes to cravings and eating sugar and carbs and bad on peanut butter I just can’t stop. When I start I just can”t stop until I am feel like crap. I am so desperate. Any help I would appreciate. Just want to cry writing this. Makes me not like myself. Help..

  21. Cat says:

    Cheese is my weakness. When I’m depressed, lonely, sad – it’s my go to, when I’m happy it’s my go too, when I’m not sleeping cause I’m hungry it’s my go to.

  22. andy johnson says:

    Hi Kris, these tips are very helpful to me because I am a food lover. I can’t control my junk food eating Crave. So I hope so these tips solve my this food crave.

  23. Danielle says:

    Dear Kris,

    About your wellness program, because I don’t use facebook, i” ll leave my comment here.

    I love your video’s and insightfull thoughts on health. There is this problem that limits me every time: eating disorder. I have had 24 years of therapy of all kinds and believe me some of this has only made me worse, not better. Also I have had a burn out about 7 years ago and I am still coping with exhaustion, low self esteem and I do not trust my body anymore on being capable to recover ever. This stresses me out and I feel like I am drowning in cortisol.
    So when you say that stress, fatigue and beliefs are your biggest enemy, this makes me want to cry because I do not know anymore how to overcome this crap!
    I will definatly try your program and hope you do not take those video’s down because they are the kind of pep talk I need when intrinsink motivation fails me again.
    I do hope you will tell me how to keep motivated (the blog about it was helpfull) and give me more tips because I need them honey!
    Thanks for what you are doing for others, I think it’s incredible! And sorry for the bad grammer, I am from Holland.
    Lots of love

  24. Jen says:

    Thank you bunches for this super helpful information and tips! When I feel like a craving is threatening to control my mood and focus, I lay down on the floor (if I’m able). I lay down with my legs up at a 90 degree angle, which also is something I do to help my lower back/back/neck tension. Laying down, closing my eyes, and listening to relaxing music or a nice meditation really helps to curb the craving and empower me to overcome it. 🙂

  25. jamie says:

    Love this article! Once I have overcame the food cravings, it’s a great feeling! I am 23 years old and I’ve been having so much trouble for the pass year with losing weight. I mediate, do yoga, see an acupuncturist, and go to the gym. I am constantly active. I also see a therapist as well since my dad passed away over 2 years ago as well as attended a grief group for a year. I drink around 90 oz of water a day and take multivitamins and probiotics as well. My diet for the most part, is very good! I eat mostly plant based items with some grains in the morning and at night. I have cut out a lot of processed sugar and switched to more organic food items. I have no idea what to do and I know I should not stress about it because stress does not help but it’s really bugging me. I just have no idea why I am 23 and cannot lose weight and I live a pretty healthy lifestyle. I’ll take any advice, thanks!

  26. Catherine says:

    Hi Kris, got a link today to your video workshop which I loved. Here is my issue, I’m very overweight, very tired, very moody, all around feel like crap most days if not all and I know I need to change my eating but what do I do when I do not like much in the fruits and vegetable isle? Where does one begin to change bad habits? I constantly crave sugar …… I recently took a blood test for my cell nutrition to see why I feel so crappy because most dr’s say I’m depressed and put me on meds which I just took myself off (with physician’s approval) for the last four months. Help a fluffy girl!

    • Jen Reilly says:

      Hi Catherine,

      I’m sorry to hear that you’re feeling stuck! I’m a dietitian and the Nutrition Director here at, so I’ll jump in. You may want to start by checking with your doc on your Vitamin D levels. Lots of people are turning up low which can affect mood, energy, and even cravings. As for where to start with fruits and veggies, include the ones that you *do* enjoy, and experiment with adding fresh spinach to a smoothie — Even a smoothie with frozen banana, mango, pineapple and coconut (very tropical and refreshing!) can get a boost from a small handful of spinach (and you can’t taste it!). Then, you can start adding frozen chopped spinach into pasta sauces and soups. Spinach has lots of nutrition and an very mild taste. From there, the world of fruits and veggies just may open up! Keep experimenting — sometimes it takes a while to adjust your taste buds. xo – Jen

  27. Estelle says:

    I recently heard that smelling peppermint essential oil will curb cravings quickly. Worth a try
    Thanks Kris for this important post.

  28. Denise Norwood says:

    Wonderful synopsis! I too floss, rubber tip, brush and gargle after eating — but add in applying lip stick too. This grand finale amps up the ‘closure’ even more! Xo

  29. Mickie says:

    Cheese is my demon! I’d be super thin if cheese didn’t exist !!

  30. Great article. I found this article really helpful and shareable too. A big thanks for sharing the article with us 🙂

  31. Dark chocolate reduces cravings for all kinds of junk food. The feeling of satisfaction is due to the phytochemicals present in it.
    You feel content and extremely satisfied. This feeling helps you to make healthy food choices, reduce calories and lose weight.

  32. Raed says:

    Thank u very much. This really helped a lot

  33. Heather says:

    I’ve noticed that if I keep a small wedge of lemon in my water all day that the sour background taste seems to “reset” my sweet tooth. After a week or so of being diligent with adding a light amount of lemon to my water daily I will see a drastic change in my sugar cravings. (Not too much lemon or you will burn out on the taste within a day).

  34. Nice tips. Eating lots of healthy fulfilling foods will surely help.

  35. Cindy says:

    Very thorough and informative. Great job!

  36. Christine says:

    I super appreciate your emails & videos! Just bought your meditation cd & cannot wait to get it. I just love your attitude and sassiness. So many websites of this kind are so serious and matter of fact which is fine but I love it when you throw in your personality, you’re the best! Bless you & thank you :+D
    Chris in Tucson

  37. Ali says:

    Wow, that was really helpful. The funny thing is… the snacks that are available in my place right now are all of the cravings mentioned: Salty chips, Milk Chocolate, Carbohydrates, Processed Snacks, and Cheese. . Good thing I got to read this. Thanks for writing this entry!

  38. kathy says:

    Can I use my magic bullet as my juicer?

  39. Craig says:

    Love the information. I agree with everything. Well put!! I find that I my cravings go from a one to a ten once I let down my guard and eat just one of something I shouldn’t.

  40. Amy Wolffe says:

    This was amazing , so informative and applicable to my life. thank you for this!! I have kicked M craving but Elliott mating them, now the thought of Swedish fish ( my craving) makes my stomach sick. If I ate that now I’d feel sick and would need a nap. No more sugar for me!! ?

  41. ninfa says:

    Hi Kris, I am 47 and live in Mexico. I am very interested in a good nutrition, since my son of 18, now he is 26 and is great, had leukemia, I been trying of change the way we eat, sometime it is hard, that is why I would like to know you and if you have some teaching lessons I will love to go and meet you, I am your fan!!
    best regards!

  42. Cherie says:

    Deep bow to you Kris!!!!
    Your reminders always bring me back on track!!!!!
    Sending you lots of Love, Peace and Veggies!

  43. Erin says:

    I wholeheartedly agree!!! Unfortunately I’m one of the few people who literally can’t eat any processed sugar. Several years ago I went off all sugar for 4 to 5 months. It was the most balanced I’ve felt in my entire life and I didn’t crave anything. Unfortunately it was all detailed with my husband’s birthday party. One spoonful of regular frosting was all it took to put me on the roller coaster of cravings. I know I’m in the minority that have this reaction, but it keeps me from having the willpower to go through the three weeks of misery in getting off sugar again. I know I will feel so much better and one of these days I’m just going to have to resign myself to a sugar free life. But I keep pushing it off. Your posts always inspire me though Kris and I know I will tend to that area of my life soon!

  44. Robert says:

    Thank you for the info
    Tell us about that cool old truck
    what year is it

  45. Emma says:

    I’ve been recovering from an eating disorder for quite some time and have recently tried going raw/vegan, but lately I’ve been having mini “binges” on brown rice.. It sounds ridiculous to normal people but I’m feeling quite guilty about this and I am not sure why these binges are happening… I’m sorry if this is many the place to be mentioning this but it’s difficult for me to have an objective opinion on all of it really :/ xx

  46. Susan says:

    Go to bed earlier. It keeps those late night cravings at bay! A good book or a meditation tape always work for me. Lately I don’t even need that – my head hits the pillow and in minutes I’m asleep…unless my husband beats me to bed and is snoring…:-)

  47. Mairi says:

    Great article, so good to know what we are actually dealing with and for folks to know it’s not just a “will power” issues. I will be sharing this. Thanks.

  48. faith says:

    hey am faith it has being two weeks having too much craving for something sweet or salt please help what to do ,and why am having those craving

  49. mel says:

    I’ve been getting these intense cravings for random foods. Example, I just raced downstairs for pineapple juice. Last night I had to have ketchup chips or I wasn’t going to make it..I’ve been getting these so bad latly I’m actually worried that there is a more serious problem. I am very worried about my weight as i have gained a noticeable amount.
    Im so glad I came across this article. I will definitely try my very best to take control and do these things.

  50. jessie says:

    peppers, celery any crunchy foods seem to avoid cravings. teas are great and could be iced teas in the green and white varieties.

  51. Lorrie Pratley says:

    Thank you, this article is spot on! I enjoy all of your articles.

  52. Patricia Donnellan says:

    Thank you for this. I became a vegetarian several years ago after seeing your Crazy Sexy Cancer documentary. I also have a few of your books and enjoy making some of the recipes – especially the fake tuna!

    I exercise 6 days a week (two of those days are Yoga). Lately I have had these terrible cravings for sugar -cookies especially. I will try some of your suggestions and see what works for me.

    My question to you is this – I have read that L-Glutimane is a good supplement to crush those sugar cravings. What do you think about this?

    Hope to hear from you! My email is

    Have an awesome Friday!

  53. Deb says:

    I feel like I’ve tried everything and nothing works. I lead an extremely stressed life with a lot of health problems including fibromyalgia and migraines. I’m always so exhausted it’s hard to find the will to exercise. I so desperately want to lose weight but i feel hopeless. Do you have any advice about the more emotional side of this? Thanks Kris for your continuing help and advise and adding humor to make it so interesting

  54. Sue Arnott says:

    Great article Kris, as always. Thank you. I make a point of juicing, eating mostly raw and organic and to hit that sweet tooth, always having raw, frozen treats handy or having fresh fruit with me when I’m out. Raw chocolate is pretty good too. Having 2-3 litres of filtered water each day is essential and my lovely dog, Baxter is my ‘exercise machine and fellow sun worshipper’ every day and if my body is telling me something I need to know, healing visualization CD’s from New Mind Records are beautiful and work wonders. Every day isn’t always successful in all categories but we can only do our best, right? But, even on a ‘lesser successful’ day, there are never any cravings so it is important to make that time to be well. I’m a ‘work in progress’ but feel pretty darned good for 65!! Stay well Kris and thank you for so much… my ‘love notes’ too. It’s funny how when I choose one, it seems to be just what I need at that time. Everyone should have them. Well done…..they are gorgeous!!

  55. Amy Shah says:

    Ok Here are my 2 secret weapons that I share with all my friends and patients dealing with this– especially the afternoon cravings:

    1- A hot frothy Latte–

    It feels so indulgent, you can control the sugar by titrating it down over time. I use non dairy milk like almond or organic soy, and of course make it decaf if you are sensitive to caffeine like me.

    2-2 squares of Super dark chocolate (70% or greater)-
    Most of the people I know that use this trick, keep a stash at their desk. It works in two ways one because it helps me avoid all the other temptations in the office and two –this is great for the low serotonin too since dark chocolate is known to boost it.

    Hope that helps! I find that the 3:30/4 pm cravings are the worst! It’s a combo of low serotonin, low cortisol and boredom/stress.

    Thanks Kris for this!

  56. Check out my wonderful, skin-nourishing products for a healthier, happier You!!

  57. Alyssa Rizzo says:

    Hi Kris,

    Thank you for this post. I noticed recently that I have a lot of sugar cravings. I always wondered what was behind them. I notice that I overeat at parties when I’m nervous and at home when I’m bored. It’s good to know that there are biological reasons for cravings too. I was looking for something to “replace” the sugar cravings, so I like your ideas here! I also have a question: when you go off of food for a particular amount of time, like the 21 day plan, is it ok to reintroduce that food again? Or is it better to stay off of it completely? I’m specifically thinking of doing this with sugar and I’m interested in your thoughts. Thank you so much for your tips, recipes, and all around fun!

  58. Carmen says:

    Kombucha !!! An amazing probiotic drink that is tasty and very effective at curbing sugar cravings. I have lost 10 pounds in three weeks by having a banana and a piece of Udi gluten free toast for breakfast with a cup of green tea sweetened with Stevia. Then I drink a bottle of the organic, raw hibiscus or multi green GT’s Kombucha sweetened a bit by Stevia between breakfast and lunch. My appetite is curbed and cravings gone. (Except for the handful of almonds I have in the afternoon with a few squares of dark chocolate.) Now I am just eating (and craving) veggies, fruit, and fish and trust me that is not the norm for me.

  59. Mariel says:

    The only thing that doesn’t work for me is eating something else. Never works. Instead, I have learned to “live with” my cravings. Wanting is good, and natural, but if I satisfy them instantly every time, then I feel imbalanced. Waiting until the time is right, knowing the craving will still be there, hits the spot every time. I used to have intense cravings, and felt like I couldn’t help myself but stop at the store to get a chocolate bar right then. Through using lots of strategies, cravings have weakened, and now I recognize I am craving something, and just say to myself, “Oh, I will have to get that soon.” Usually a bbq pulled pork sandwich these days, haha!

  60. Michele says:

    I’ve tried a lot of different diets and in my experience, cravings are all related to sugar (including simple carbs). It was only when I removed all grains, all sugar and sweeteners except for whole fruit (no fruit juice or dried fruit) that I stopped having cravings. The key was no stevia, no xylitol, etc – even though they’re sugar-free they still mess with your brain.

  61. Jill says:

    Hi I had long been following a vegan diet that was high in vegetables but also high in oils and highly processed fake meats. I wanted candy alllll the time. Since I started emphasizing whole, unprocessed starches and no oil, along with all those veggies my cravings for “empty” foods have gotten SO much better. I believe it is almost completely due to serotonin levels because I have a history of depression and anxiety–whole unprocessed starches are the best way for our gut and brain to use serotonin.

  62. Miau says:

    Hi Kriss, I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and have always enjoyed your posts but … do not you think that instead of “satisfy” a craving with a healthy alternative should eat without restrictions? Have you heard of the HCLF (High Carbs Low fat) or Raw til 4 diet? I would like to know your opinion on this issue, since your RECOMMEND juices which contain fiber and the people who support this other lifestyle says they are not good because it does not contain fiber hinder digestion.I’m a mess! Thanks in advance for your answer. A kiss from Spain.

  63. Katie says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this! I love learning more about why our bodies crave the things it does even when it is not good for us. It’s interesting too that after awhile of eating these sugary and salty processed foods the body starts to crave natural whole foods to fuel and feed our cells.

    Great read!!

  64. Geri says:

    Love your tips Kris! I always recommend eating a couple of brazil nuts (not the chocolate covered kind of course!) whenever a sugar craving comes along. The fat content satisfies and somehow sugar is never so appealing after eating something wholesome either:)

  65. Elizabeth Overstreet says:

    This was helpful today, as I had reached for the Snickers and consumed more than I should have! In spite of my mile swim this morning, I wanted CHOCOLATE!

  66. jenna says:

    Yogert overcomes that powerfull crave plain yogert kills the crave all togather you can look it up and see why. Has to do with the probiotics within the yogert and the cultures involved. Also if your not in a sugar diet italian ice is better than most unhealthy snacks. Butveggis and dip do it for me. Craving something saltyvhave sunflower seeds ir almonds all better and just like having chips

  67. FranneVanicelli says:

    Taste buds take about 8 weeks to ‘change their minds’ about whether or not you like a food or drink. If you want to learn to like something, a bite every day will usually do the trick. Very helpful knowledge when attempting to change your food preferences.

  68. Charlene says:

    Than you for this article, I eat whole/real foods but find myself wanting salty treats. I eat out of boredom not hunger. Going to put these tips to good use!

  69. lisa byrne says:

    Hi Kris,

    Thank you for being such a wonderful inspiration for anyone and everyone who cared to juice and live healthy.
    I have my own juice detox delivery company in Ireland which I set up 6 years ago. At the moment I am designing a brand new website from scratch as my current one was made by a friend of friend with no input by myself.
    I love your website and would love to set mine up in a similar fresh, fun, funky way as the other juice companies in Ireland are very GREEN and serious.
    How does it work with articles like “5 ways to overcome food cravings” Can I quote you? Can I direct my clients to your website via mine? because I love and believe everything you have discovered on your juicing journey and would love to share it with my clients.
    The last thing I want to do is upset you or your brand with any copyright laws that I don’t know about.
    I look forward to hearing form you and keep well.

  70. amber says:

    I eat avocados with lime juice…kicks my cravings every time!!

  71. Linda Freiberg says:

    Thank you so much. Finally someone explained this in an easy to understand way. Love this. Will be sharing with all
    Thanks again,

  72. Sandy says:

    At night when I feel weakest I have a small glass of green jice that I save from earlier in the day. I know it oxidizes, but it helps.

  73. Amanda says:

    You could also apply Byron Katie’s work “The Work” to ending any cravings!

  74. Natasha Kellers says:

    Thank you very much for the good information you give. It is quite nice to always get a little helper (reminder) on the way to new nutrition and a little life change. I was wondering where the cravings for “bad” food like chips and ketchup and chocolate as desert came from. They were so strong that I coeld not resist. And I did not understand why. But going an new way with less stress, Meditation and complete change of nutrition needs training and repetition: “Sleep enough, drink enough, meditate, don´t forget fresh air and be nice to yourself and your body…”

  75. Jenee says:

    I tend to crave foods most when I am stressed, upset, or burnt out. This past week our little one was in the hospital and there was high stress and almost no sleep. (Not to mention no gym and lots of sitting.) I comforted myself with all kinds of junk, including diet soda and meat. After only 1 week I am struggling to get back on track, I guess because the junk food makes me feel better, even if it’s temporary. What do I do, now I have slid all the way down the slope?

  76. Niki says:


    I see postings where some have talked about ways they were able to get rid of eczema and other issues they may have had. I have a teenage son who has acne and i would like to know if some of this problem stems from his diet or what’s in his “gut?” I’m about to order him some products to help with the outer portion of the acne that he’s dealing with, but if there’s something I can give to him that will help the internal of it, what do you suggest?

    • Karen says:

      My son has acne caused by Candida also. The dermatologist put him on antibiotics and a pill specifically for Candida, also a topical cream. These antibiotics did not help much, so I stopped them. I now give him Probiotics (Jarrow 50 billion avail on Amazon) and cut the sugar out of his diet. He drinks only water and milk. I would like to get him off the milk, but he’s stubborn. His acne has cleared up quite a bit. Swimming in a chlorine pool or Jacuzzi helps quite bit. Best of luck.

  77. Matt Jager says:

    Great informative article Kris, thank you! Always nice to be given some science-based background followed by actionable tips. Keep em coming!

  78. Ashley says:

    Hello everyone,

    This piece was great- I enjoyed reading it. However, I am on a journey to recover from an eating disorder- binge eating is my current problem- and I feel like I can’t even make these healthy steps in the right direction. I have such an emotional connection to food that I want to break. Does anyone have any advice or words of positivity for me? I am so used to staying silent about my ED that Ive no support system…

  79. Carla says:

    I do oil pulling as it not only has huge health benefits but it seems to temporarily reduce cravings (maybe because your body senses fat and thinks it’s being fed?).

  80. Lakshmi says:

    Loved the article, always do. Along with great tips the fun manner of writing makes me smile and laugh as I read it. Thank you!!!

  81. Frances says:

    Hello I just recently registered to receive your emails and just wanted to say I love it…love all the tips, advice, recipes and the animal info….my new favourite website!!!
    Kris I wish I could meet you in person, because I think you have a great sense of humour…you would be fun to hang out with.

    take care

  82. Nidia Sanchez says:

    I find that a glass of water with 1/2 lemon helps cravings. I have a glass first thing in the morning, and it has made a huge difference. Plus it is very refreshing. Water should be at room temperature.

  83. Phoebe says:

    Thank you for these great tips and studies!! I have done some journalling when I find myself craving. It often subsides just from the writing. But if I still want something, then I am able to narrow down what it is I am craving–chocolate, sweet, salty/crunchy? Then I find something that will fill that need–chocolate can be satisfied with dates as they both have magnesium, I believe. Sweet can be satisfied by some fruit. And for salty crunchy I usually turn to celery.

    Like others here, I have had the candida situation. The cravings are definitely out of control when the candida is running rampant!

  84. Linda Caines says:

    Thank you so much for this Kris ♡
    Lots of useful information and I will be following your suggestions to help with my sugar cravings which seem to be getting the better of me at the moment x

  85. Deb Gresham says:

    Hi Kris. I have had sugar cravings all my life which has resulted in some ghastly problems with my body. I have been following you for close to a year now and in this time I have done 4 (21) day detoxes. My last one was by far the best, I started on Boxing Day and into the New Year. I have also changed the way I eat. Mostly fruit & veges, tofu and rice now with the odd piece of meat or fish thrown in. I have to say I no longer have sugar cravings and my body has repaired itself from a life time of problems. Recently I had complete blood tests done and my doctor is so amazed he keeps asking what I am doing. Everything has come back 100% normal except my potassium level is sitting at 5.5 where it should range between 3.5-5.4. I know how to fix this-cut back on my bananas. I want to thank you for coming into my life and making a huge difference. I recommend you to people all the time but they have to want to change first.

  86. Lesia Kohut says:


    I’m such a fan of yours since the holiday huddle with Marie Forleo and Danielle LaPorte!

    And today’s post is one of my faves so far!

    It’s super timely too, as I’m doing my first workshop as a Certified Holistic Health Coach next Wednesday in Edmonton, Alberta (Canada, eh-h?) and cravings are one of the things I’ll be talking about in my “What’s Your Gut Telling You?” presentation! Your post is one of many amazing, entertaining, and inspirational resources I’m uber thankful for to help me along my path to better health (mine, and that of my clients)!

    Big hugs, and many, many thanks! 🙂


  87. Laura says:

    Fantastic post 🙂 My cravings have really lessened since cleaning up my diet. I quit sugar, no problem but bread and crisps were really hard!! I was constantly hungry before but even that has settled down now as well. Personally I believe my cravings were a sign of ‘addiction’ to some foods, maybe physiological, maybe psychological. I also wonder if the constant hunger was because of an inflamed gut not absorbing nutrients correctly. In any case my mind and body are much healthier and happier x

  88. Amanda says:

    Hi Kris,

    Great tips so glad to have read this, I was unaware that it was mostly because of my gut that I crave so much. I loooovvvee chocolate and have found that with adding a bit of cocoa to my smoothie or dark chocolate chips to my almond/coconut mix really helps to satisfy that craving without over indulging.

    Hope this can help!

    Amanda Xo

  89. laurali says:

    1. since i joined the YMCA i get an incredible appetite after a workout ,an appetite i havn’t had had for years.the kind i felt as a kid when my dad would whistle for us to come for supper by that time my body is screaming ,”food!” and because its so serious my body is in agreement with getting in healthy stuff fast. so getting good and hungry is my key because at that point when im so aware of the hunger my body is ready for some serious nutrition.{i learned to listen } selection and prep is also key to have it on hand.if i have cilantra on hand im looking forward to the sunshiney taste it gives my appitite
    3.i always try to have some green juice stashed in the freezer in pint jars,if i get a sweet craving i add fruit a nut butter and bee pollan and blend it up in my nutri bullet.ummm.
    4. and when i mess up{and not feel well because of it}i dont beat mysef up,i pick up momentum and carry on .

    • laurali says:

      P.S i am one of your B-Schoolers kris !
      as i was praying and contemplating taking the class when a funny thing happened …you showed up in my dream ! we hung out and visited the whole were so nice,cool and layed back i took that as my confirmation from the Lord ! i believe this is changing my life from the inside out,but honestly i don’t think i could’ve even begun this journey without reading and rereading Crazy Sexy Diet and green juicing they both changed my life and focus and i believe my calling . so thank-you and God bless you ,laura

  90. Alyson says:

    I love and use the good cup of tea distraction because what I find I am most often craving (especially at work) is a break and tea gives me that.

    For my night time after dinner sweet tooth craving I’ve been making my new new go to which is a cup of almond milk, one frozen banana and 2 Table spoons of raw cacao powder. So yummy and I don’t feel guilty about it afterwards, win win 🙂

  91. Julieta says:

    Monday morning I posted a video (spanish) about things that you may feel when you lose sight of your purpose, one of them is the need to eat carbs & sugar.

    What I do is point 5, I say to my cravings “Not today, tomorrow”. When tomorrow comes I repeat the sentence and so on until I forget about it.

    Nice post!

  92. Holly J says:

    Sometimes I chew gum or brush my teeth after a snack or meal! 🙂 When my mouth is clean and minty, it (sometimes) helps me not to want to eat more!

  93. Elisa says:

    These are all fabulous tips and I thank you for sharing. Something I would like to add to the conversation is the concept of “adding in” rather than “taking out.” For me, when I approach the day knowing my goal is to “add in” a full glass of delicious fresh juice, a yummy berry/veggie smoothie, and a salad full of fun stuff like pumpkin seeds, flaxseed and flavored balsamic, for example.. I am much more apt to do it. I find it to be a much more positive approach as compared to telling myself what I “cannot have” or “should stay away from”… If I really want something I’m craving, I first make sure I’ve had my 3 good for me “add-ins” before filling myself on something less nutritious. Hope this slight shift will make a big impact in how someone looks at their food… xo

  94. Trish Kaponga says:

    Thank you so much for this amazing information. This was a great timely reminder. This article really speaks to me. I struggle with food cravings. I’ve been told by my naturopath that it’s because I’m estrogen dominant. Combine estogen dominance with the information here, and it’s a recipe for disaster. Seriously, food for thought. Thank you, love your work.

  95. Sarah says:

    Changing my mindset and not punishing myself for the cravings or fearing food as bad and good helped tremendously. It lost it’s power over me when I was less in battle against the cravings and more willing to understand the emotional or physical reasons for those cravings in a more objective and accepting way.

  96. Steph says:

    Hi there! Great article… can I ask what “fermented foods” are and why they improve healthy gut balance?

    Thanks!! 🙂

  97. Patricia Aulisio says:

    When I get a craving depending on the time I have…I read articles like yours or I listen to a book on tape about eating healthy or I go to FMTV and watch something related to health…anything to motivate me and stay in the health moment and remind me of why I chose healthy.

  98. Denise Norwood says:

    As Kris said, floss and brush your teeth after eating. I would add, use a strong mouthwash and apply a beautiful shade of lipstick or balm. A wonderful finale!
    Also, a tablespoon full of coconut oil or Udo’s blend will stop a sugar craving in its tracks. And sugar cravings amp up if sleep is compromised. Xo

  99. DennyMann says:

    pick a go to food: Capers!
    No silly, not this one: an activity or escapade, typically one that is illicit or ridiculous.
    synonyms: stunt, monkey business, escapade, prank, trick, mischief, foolery, tomfoolery, antics, hijinks, skylarking, lark, shenanigans
    “I’m too old for this kind of caper” !

    Pick this one: Capers are pickled flower buds. Tiny capers are picked from a shrub-like bush (Capparis spinosa), long before the buds ever flower. The capers are then dried in the sun and later brined or packed in salt.

    Today, I’m going to try one of your recipes from C.S.Kitchen: Mediterranean Wrap with Cashew Cream Cheese.

    Always Love, xo

  100. Cindy says:

    I just finished the book “ditching diets” by Gillian Riley This book talks about changing our mindset towards food and being honest with yourself about you choices. It gives you the mental side of why we overeat or give into unhealthy food cravings ( when we really don’t want to) . Highly recommend.

  101. Jemma foster says:

    So true. Boredom is a big one for me. I think not keeping “bad” food in the house is very helpful too!! Thanks we LOVE you! Just ordered your book and can’t wait to start cooking! We love your dirty penne! It’s amazing! My husband loves meat but is becoming addicted to your food!

  102. Dawna Matthews says:

    This was such a fantastic read. I’ve been reading a lot about this in Alex Jamieson’s Women, Food, and Desire. I like to stop and check in with myself before I start to dive into my craving -ask myself am I hungry or just bored, am I avoiding something at work, etc…. Usually if I am honest with myself I can curb the craving. Thank you, Kris! XO

  103. Linda says:

    Next time I am about to dive into the fridge for some cheese, I will remind myself to drink some water , sit down and meditate (i.e. focus on my breathing) for a few minutes and let my body tell me what is really upsetting me. Thanks for the advice: this makes great sense and will hopefully help me to put an end to my cheese addiction.

    • Kris Carr says:

      So happy it helps! xo, kc

    • Heidi Lasser says:

      I thought I was the only one with cheese cravings! This is stronger than my chocolate urges. It makes sense that it is a gut problem because I have had those issues all my life. My spouse keeps cheese in the house so temptation is always around but knowing why I go out of control will help

  104. Mary says:

    When I get sugar cravings I eat some protein (my go to protein is chicken) and the cravings go away. I found that if I don’t get enough protein I get the cravings.

  105. theresa says:

    Although it is very important to support gut health, the serotonin from your gut does not cross the blood-brain barrier. The 90% gut serotonin is important for hemostasis, i.e. blood clotting, but the central nervous system (CNS) serotonin is formed in the brain and utilized uniquely in the receptors of the basal ganglia.

    • Kris Carr says:

      Hi Theresa, Thank you for your comment! I double checked with our Crazy Sexy RD, Jen Reilly about your comment and here’s what she had to say in response: “The majority of serotonin (90-95%) is produced in the enteric nervous system (ENS), which is embedded in the lining of the GI tract stretching from the espophagus all the way down to the anus. The amount of serotonin produced by the neurons in the ENS is greatly dependent on nutrient absorption and digestion in the gut. Any damage to your gut lining will impede the ENS release of serotonin. Damage could simply result from too much bad bacteria. Keeping your gut healthy is key to producing a healthy level of serotonin for controlling cravings, mood, and even GI disorders.” Hope that helps! xo, kc

  106. Maria Bantschow says:

    Thank you Kris for your today-blog. Perfect timing. Today I feel so sh…. because of my cravings. I was on such a good way with my juices, smoothies, sports aso. But the last 7/8 days I`ve become a big, big hug of emotional eating and a long period of PMS. It makes me feel soooo sad! I know, that I`ve the chance to change everything right now – so I take your tips and – let`s go for!!!

    By the way – I am from Good old Germany and I`ve heard about you two years ago – since then I talked with so many people about you, your mission, your way. YOU changed my life in many ways – the RIGHT ways. For this I send you my LOVE and when I am back on my way – the right way – I send you a lot of energy! Take care – Maria

    PS: If you need somebody to promote your ideas here in GoG – so please do not hesitate……

  107. Cassie says:

    After realizing I have a dairy allergy, giving up cheese (good bye pizza) was the hardest craving to kick. Vegan alternatives did NOT do the trick. It took 4 years for me to stop having cravings. I still want pizza every now and then, but I’m no longer terrified of going into a pizza place and dying. 🙂

  108. Ginny says:

    What timing! I read this right after making a batch of chocolate chip cookies “for my husband” and then eating 4 of them…less than an hour after breakfast. I didn’t know why till I read your post. It makes perfect sense. I’ll work on raising my seratonin levels in a healthier way. Bless you.

  109. Nancy says:

    Hi Kris!

    Excellent information and so well written. Over the past couple of years I have personally done all of the things suggested in your post. I feel the best that I have ever felt and know that it works. I highly recommend this to everyone that wants to feel better ☺

  110. Sri says:

    Keep healthy foods readily available eg, backpack, purse, fridge!

  111. Maria says:

    Yay, Yay and Yay again! I am an integrative health coach and your articles and books are an absolute necessity for me. A good friend of mine is on the cancer healing journey and this blog post along with others is a major help.
    Thank you lovely and inspiring lady!

  112. Your body will also start to crave whole foods once you begin to make them your new habit. For example, if I have not jad a green juice for a few days, my body craves that quick shot of whole food goodness. I know it sounds strange. I never thought my chips, donuts, and soda loving body would ever want anything else. But with time, the body can relearn what it craves. Until then, you just have to make the right decisions on its behalf

    • kelly says:

      This is very true for me as well! Once I adapted to a plant based lifestyle my energy and focus increased and I no longer craved French fries and fried foods. However after a recent emotional/stress induced episode in my life I turned back to comfort foods. It has been much more difficult than I thought transitioning back to the PBL even after such a short period of time of indulging. ( were talking a week..max 2 weeks.. and not even every meal.) The best thing is to continue through the cravings and the body will adjust accordingly.

  113. Hi there! Such good tips. I also wanted to let you know that I reposted Kris’ facebook post that was “what if your purpose is to take impeccable care of yourself so that you have the energy and joy to serve others?”. It turns out a good friend of mine wrote back: that is just what I needed at this moment. thanks Julie.

    So I thought Kris would feel good to know her posts do help others just when they needed that special word to uplift them.

  114. Carolyn says:

    Thanks for sharing this info, Kris! I attribute my overcoming food cravings to your “wonky gut” info. Once I incorporated fermented foods, homemade kefir and kombucha into my diet my sugar and carb cravings are pretty much non-existent 🙂

  115. Brooke says:

    Thank you for this, sweet Kris!
    As always, this was refreshing and arrived in perfect timing.
    Just yesterday a friend and I were discussing our seemingly insatiable food cravings! Ahh…
    For about a month, I’ve basically eaten whatever I wanted (minus meat bc I’m a vegetarian). And of course I feel terrible, I absolutely know better (!!!), and my skin is starting to show signs of a toxic diet. But still, once you hop on the junk food train, it’s tough to jump off.
    I’ve discovered that the best solution to this is to just empty the house of temptation and cut out the junk for 2-3 days (the hardest) cold turkey, plus some sweaty workouts, and then my cravings for green smoothies can sing louder than my hankering for salty foods. I think it’s time to commit to another Adventure Cleanse via Crazy Sexy Diet. It always works for me and helps get my skin, my intentions, and my waistline back on track. Thanks Kris for your brilliance, understanding, and light!!

  116. Linda says:

    Magnesium. My life-long sugar cravings disappeared when I started a regime to increase my magnesium intake. If I stop, the cravings and other symptoms return (headaches, foot and leg cramps, etc). I have never had a day without sugar cravings until I started increasing my magnesium intake.

  117. Chantal says:

    Thank you for the information. A light bulb just lit in my head. I think getting over the cravings will be easier to handle.

  118. Kay Horn says:

    Hi Kris

    So gently and sensibly written.
    Very encouraging as well as being well researched.

    Thank you, I’m forwarding this to a host of friends.

    God bless.


  119. Kandy says:

    These are all great tips. Staying away from a food for 21 days can totally change how a food tastes to you, especially if you want to get off the fast food bandwagon. I use the flossing brushing your teeth activity because I do not want to eat anything and have to do it again! A cup of chai tea tastes soooo good! I have been on chemo for 4 years and it can totally change your taste buds and staying away from cookies, bread, high sugar fruits has made a huge difference in how I look at food. Moving toward more vegetarian/veggies makes a difference also. Fresh fruits and veggies taste really good when you stay away from the “junk”. Thank you Kris for all you do to educate us and make it FUN!

  120. Alaina says:

    Often people think that a craving will just keep getting worse and worse unless you give in to it. We need to practice “urge surfing” and riding the craving wave! A wave peaks and then subsides, just like a craving will. Practise mindfulness or distraction techniques to push through. It will get easier and you will feel heaps better for not giving in!!

    • Shonquinta says:

      This is what I did, and I also watched some documentaries on food to get me educated.

    • Jane says:

      Alaina 🙂 urge surfing sounds great, but right now my cravings are so intense , the peak is a plateau of at least an hour, excruciating ! My evenings are reduced to doing nothing , and i have stopped eating overt sugars 12 days ago..

      • Jo Mancine says:

        Jane, you are right. Urge surfing does sound great but the research on will power has shown that it is a finite resource and if you have used up your will power throughout the day on other things, it is extremely difficult to urge surf. Urge surfing requires the thinking part of the brain to overpower the non-thinking part of the brain and that can sometimes be impossible. Cutting out sugar is the best thing you can do because it will eventually reduce the cravings from the non-thinking part of the brain, especially if you have made it automatic to just not eat sugar. Automaticity is the solution to the lack of willpower. In my opinion anyway ? I highly recommend researching bright line eating if cravings have brought you to your knees on a regular basis… it has helped me so much. In addition to the info from Kris of course!

  121. Barbara says:

    Brush your teeth! It can stave off the need to eat until your craving has a chance to die down. And as you mentioned above, tea (peppermint is a favorite — maybe for the same reason as toothpaste?) calms cravings. Also, someone once gave me the advice: if you find yourself craving something, and you are not hungry or more likely thirsty (just wanting), then you probably need to sleep! Go to bed! 🙂 All those work for me. Unless they don’t… :-/

    • Kim says:

      I agree with you Barbara. Brushing & flossing my teeth signals by body & brain that I am finished eating, plus I don’t want to eat then have to go brush & floss again if I think about cheating or giving in to a craving.

    • julia says:

      I love your attitide!!

  122. Tamar says:

    Hey Kris,

    Thanks for the tips :-).

    I’ve noticed that my cravings have completely decreased after doing a 4-month Candida cleanse and colonics/hydrotherapy.

    From what I understand, you can never really ‘clear’ out Candida from the gut (and you don’t want to, because in it’s healthy form it’s good for the body, only when it’s in its fungus form can it create problems).

    It sits in the gut and just wants sugar and carbohydrates and all that junk. Ever-since I finished the cleanse, as well as around 10 colonics/hydrotherapy cleanses, I just hardly have any cravings.

    Other than that, the Candida cleanse also cleared up a major eczema I had on my whole right hand (I had it for almost a year and a half and tried tons of natural and conventional treatments). It is known that the intestinal tract and our skin are in close connection. After 2-months through the Candida cleanse my eczema disappeared, it was just amazing!!

    Thanks again,
    Wishing you a lovely and healthy week,


    • Kris Carr says:

      So happy to hear about your progress! Right on, Tamar. xo, kc

    • Emily says:

      Hey Tamar,

      I’m also on a candida cleanse for the moment. I didn’t have any carbs in the first 2 weeks but I was losing too much weight so I started adding the gluten-free ones again. And now my carb cravings are back, just binged on some rice crackers. I know, not as bad as chocolate/sugary things or cheese (those I don’t miss at all) but I have the feeling they’re upsetting my gut just as well…

      Since there are so many methods I will ask: which type of candida diet did you do? I suppose you took antifungals etc as well (I just started mine now in week 4), are there any foods you are going to give up on “forever”? I was thinking I can probably never eat anything with yeast or (refined) sugar again. Not sure yet about fruit, dairy and gluten.

      I definitely feel better already energy and craving wise but I’m hoping my intestinal issues will clear out soon, too, since those are not under control yet 🙁


      And thanks Kris for writing the perfect article at the perfect time, as always lately, the universe is giving me what I asked for 🙂

      • jayna says:

        Hi, just wondering WHY on earth you would think about giving up fruit? Fruit is abundant in vitamins! Our bodies need certain things to function on a healthy level: A balance of Protein, fat, carbs. Protein can come from a variety of sources other than meat (if you eat meat then only eat grass fed organic, organic poultry, wild caught fish – otherwise the meat is doing you harm from the chemicals, drugs, hormones, GMO’s) such as Kale, quinoa, edamame, Kale, spinach, nuts & nut butter, and many others. Healthy fat sources (you need fat in your diet every day to absorb the fat soluble vitamins) are nuts, avocado, olive oil. Healthy carb sources are fruit and veggies. Please forget everything the media has ever said about “diets” and “losing weight”, as it has confused people SO much over the years, they don’t know WHAT to eat! If you stay away from fake food (fast food, processed food) & go back to the basics: Fruits & Veggies! Meat in small amounts is fine (organic), wild caught fish, nuts & seeds, your body will gravitate naturally to a healthy weight. I’m not one of the people who are naturally skinny – I HAVE to exercise at least 3 times a week (I usually at least walk 5 times a week – around my neighborhood while returning phone calls, at the beach, go for a hike, etc.) and eat healthy foods. But because I do, I never count calories or fat, because I’m eating clean, healthy, organic food. So – if I keep the organic red wine in check 😉 I’m always at a healthy weight! Check out some amazing raw food recipe’s on a few of my fav Youtube channels: fullyrawkristina & Markus Rothkranz. I also have a bunch of yummy recipe’s on my blog: (I’m not selling anything, just trying to help people live healthier lives!). Some of the recipe’s are SO quick, EZ and delicious, you won’t believe it! Also, to keep motivated, read what this website often, watch food documentaries (Fat, sick and nearly dead, Food Matters & Supersize me are good ones to start) and just keep educating yourself. You will slowly lose the taste for crappy food – your tastebuds will re-set very quickly! Hope this helps! -J. Carter Certified Holistic Nutritionist

        • Geri Teeter says:

          The reason to give up fruit (just temporarily) to clear Candida is because it contains fructose, i.e. sugar, since Candida feeds on any kind of sugar, and also anything fermented, like vinegar, and funghi, or mushrooms. Once the Candida is gone or greatly decreased, these foods can be added back slowly.

    • Carolyn Janikula says:

      Same with me Tamar! I did the Phase 1 “Know the Cause” diet. Went off all yeast & gluten & my “Granuloma Annulare” disappeared within 2 months:)

    • Liz says:

      That’s so interesting to hear that you had eczema on your right hand too! I’ve had it for years and nobody can give me any help for it except to say “use good lotion.” I’ve recently started a “clean eating” diet, eliminating a bunch of foods to see what my triggers are, but I’ve never considered a Candida cleanse. I’m going to have to look that up ASAP!

  123. Rebecca Stacy says:

    As I was reading this it made more sense to me why food cravings go way up during PMS. This suggests good cravings are definitely linked to hormones as are mood swings.

    • Niki Thompson says:

      My cravings definitely go UP when I’m PMS’g. My body craves chocolate and now I understand why. This is GREAT information Kris. Thank you so much for sharing!!

  124. Ludia says:

    I found that EFT is great for reducing cravings. And now there is a study out apparently (don’t know the link, but can be searched, no doubt) that says that on top of everything else EFT does, it also increases those lovely endorphins.

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