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How to Improve Your Gut Health

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Hiya Sweet Friend,

We’ve all heard the saying, “listen to your gut.” And while that advice often refers to our intuition, it should also speak to our digestion.

Your gut guides your overall well-being.

Quite literally, your gut is the epicenter of your mental and physical health. Yet it’s all too common to experience lots of digestive issues that make a huge impact on our strength and vitality.

If you want better immunity, efficient digestion, improved clarity and balance, focus on rebuilding your gut health.

I know it may seem like there’s always something we could be doing better. And frankly, our quest for getting well can be downright exhausting! Sometimes our health issues can feel so big and daunting. This is especially true when it comes to serious chronic diseases. I remember getting frustrated many times. I thought to myself, for gosh sake, I’m doing everything I can to heal this disease and though I’m grateful it’s still stable, why won’t the sucker just go away? I give up!

Then I decided to take it down a notch and focus on healing areas of my life and my body that I actually could control. My digestion had always been really weak. I got colds every year and had a list of health problems stemming from my gut. That’s when the light bulb went off. I decided to forget about cancer and focus my energy on my digestive health instead. Finally, improvements I could see, feel and measure!

By supporting this mighty system, you’ll see chronic health issues (like fatigue, fogginess, colds, aches and pains) diminish, and you’ll feel abundant energy return. I know it sounds too good to be true, but it really isn’t. I’ve experienced these results, and I’ve seen thousands of participants of my 21-day total wellness program, Crazy Sexy You, do the same.

Today, we’re going to cover the basics of digestive health. You’ll learn what your gut does and why it’s so important to keep it healthy. Then, we’ll discuss how to care for your wonderful gut so that it continues to take care of glorious you. Let’s dive in!

What happens inside your gut?

Your gut holds trillions of bacteria that help process your food, produce nutrients and fight disease. In fact, there are ten times more bacteria in your gut than cells in your entire body! These little guys are super important and they need your help. Since what you eat, drink and think affects the environment in your gut, your daily choices play a critical role in whether those trillion plus bacteria help or hinder your well-being.

It’s all about balance when it comes to gut health. When your gut is in tip-top shape, about 80-85 percent of bacteria are good guys and 15-20 percent are bad guys. You feel great, your body is strong and nimble, you rarely get sick, your energy is consistent, you poop like a champ, life is good. The healthy bacteria are free to do their job with ease. They assist with digestion, produce disease-fighting antibodies, crowd out bad bacteria and produce certain hormones, vitamins and nutrients.

But when the harmful bacteria stage a revolt, all hell breaks loose. They totally gum up the works and cause painful problems like inflammation and infection, which can then lead to health issues such as constipation, candida, allergies, arthritis, headaches, depression, autoimmune diseases and more.

Medications (especially antibiotics and antacids), environmental toxins and chemicals, stress and illness greatly affect the ratio of good to bad bacteria. When bacteria is wiped out indiscriminately, the good guys get mowed down, giving the bad guys a chance to increase their ranks. Hello, chronic health issues.

The food you eat also affects the ratio of good to bad bacteria. Everything you consume is processed and either absorbed into your body or eliminated via your gut. Your gut completes the amazing task of digesting your food and pulling the nutrients, vitamins and minerals out of the food so that they can be absorbed into your bloodstream.

And your gut’s mind-blowing capabilities don’t stop there. Your gut also identifies invaders — toxins, microbes, viruses and allergens that could harm your health — and moves them through your digestive system so that they can be excreted. Buh-bye!

The key to this system working in your favor is two-fold:

1) Lend your gut a hand by feeding your body whole, plant-based, nutrient-dense foods.

2) Consistently practice a healthy lifestyle (less stress, exercise, less exposure to environmental toxins, proper rest) that supports the good gut bacteria and keeps the harmful bacteria under control.

Your mental health affects your gut health (and vice versa).

Did you know you have two brains? Yup, you’re THAT smart. The central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) controls almost all voluntary and involuntary activities within your body. For example, a voluntary action would be slicing your veggies, while an involuntary action would be blinking, breathing or falling in love. The involuntary actions carried out by your central nervous system are constantly at work taking care of you. Nice, right? Thank you, central nervous system; you’re a peach!

Now guess where your second brain lives. Your gut! Yup, it has a mind of it’s very own. Your gut’s “brain” is known as the enteric nervous system. This system is home to 100 million neurons within your intestinal wall. These cute little neurons transmit important information throughout your body. They also control digestion and send status updates to the brain, letting it know how things are going in your belly.

Your two nervous systems have an intricate relationship that’s just now being explored by scientists through the field of neurogastroenterology (that’s a mouthful!). While the enteric nervous system initiates and sustains digestion on its own, signals from the brain, such as stress and anxiety, can have dramatic effects on how well it works. In addition, the brain receives chemical messages from the gut, which can affect your mood and emotions. In fact, the vast majority of serotonin (a neurotransmitter that regulates mood, sleep, anxiety, depression and more) is actually made in your gut, not your brain! It’s all connected and sadly, few doctors ask you about your digestive health when you tell them you’re feeling too blue to cope.

Your gut is a major component of your immune system.

Did you know that about 60-70 percent of your immune system lives in your gut? Meet your GALT, also know as gut-associated lymphoid tissue. Your GALT lies just below the mucosal lining of the gut wall. It’s very thin (only one cell thick!), and most importantly — it’s integral to your immune system. The GALT contains specialized immune structures called Peyer’s patches that are filled with immune cells, such as B cells and T cells, which are responsible for recognizing and neutralizing harmful bacteria. When pathogenic bacteria visits your gut via food or your environment, the Peyer’s patches trigger your immune response to prevent them from passing through the gut wall.

Another way your gut protects you from infection and disease is through an abundance of healthy bacteria. To keep harmful bacteria from overthrowing your gut, healthy bacteria need to thrive and cover your gut wall — the only thing standing between everything inside your gut and your bloodstream. It helps to imagine that your gut wall is a parking lot. There are a limited number of “parking spots” along your gut wall. You want good bacteria parked in those spaces, so bad bacteria is crowded out. Keep those spaces filled by adopting the following gut health tips.


Now that you know how important your gut health is to your overall well-being, how can you take care of your spectacular gut?

1. Take a probiotic supplement.

A daily probiotic supplement will help boost the good bacteria in your gut, keeping the bad guys under control, boosting your immune system and easing digestive issues. This is especially helpful when you’re taking a medication, such as an antibiotic that has wiped out a large amount of gut bacteria. Some recommended brands: Dr. Ohirra’s, Primal Defense, Healthforce Nutritionals (Friendly Force), and MegaFood’s Megaflora.

If you’ve been focusing on your gut health for a while and your symptoms persist, you may want to try additional supplements to restore balance in your belly. In his book Revive, my friend Frank Lipman, MD recommends taking an herbal antibiotic, which can help kill an overgrowth of bad bacteria (I’ve taken GI Microb-x in the past). He also suggests taking a glutamine-based formula to repair your gut lining and digestive enzymes with meals to assist with breaking down and digesting your food. To find out which of these measures might be necessary have your stool analyzed by Metametrix or Genova Diagnostics. This analysis will identify parasites, abnormal bacteria, yeasts and other gastrointestinal issues, which will help you create a supplement plan, ideally with the help of an Integrative MD or Naturopath.

2. Eat probiotic whole foods.

You can also eat whole foods that are fermented and contain large amounts of good bacteria. Sauerkraut, kimchi, miso, microalgae and coconut kefir are fantastic plant-based probiotic-rich foods. When looking for probiotic-rich foods, avoid vinegar-based and/or pasteurized varieties, since these elements kill good bacteria. You want to pick up (or make!) lacto-fermented probiotic foods (FYI–this is a plant-friendly approach, no whey is necessary). If you’re interested in making your own probiotic foods, Wild Fermentation by Sandor Katz is a popular book on the subject. Word to the wise: Get educated on fermenting at home before diving in–it can be risky if you don’t know what you’re doing!

3. Eat prebiotic whole foods.

Certain foods feed and support the growth of good bacteria. By eating more whole, plant-based, fiber-filled foods, you’re fueling the bacteria that support your health. Raw onions, garlic, dandelion greens, artichokes and bananas are some of the best prebiotic foods to add to your diet.

4. Eat regularly, but not constantly (and don’t eat late at night).

To give your gut a chance to clean up and clear out bacteria and waste, it needs a rest from digestion. Every 90 minutes to two hours, the smooth muscle in your intestines move and groove to keep bacteria and waste truckin’ through your digestive tract. But this process is put on hold every time you eat. Can you see why snacking constantly slows down digestion and contributes to bacterial overgrowth? I’m not saying that you need to fast for long periods — eating regularly helps prevent constipation and bloating — but it’s best to take breaks between meals.

5. Stay hydrated.

A good rule of thumb for staying hydrated is drinking half your bodyweight in ounces of water each day. For example, if you weigh 130 pounds, you should drink about 65 ounces of water. That’s about eight 8-ounce glasses of water. Your gut needs water to keep bacteria and waste moving through your digestive system, which will help prevent constipation and bloating. When you’re dehydrated, these issues can throw off the balance of bacteria in your gut and lead to inflammation. Give your gut a hand and drink more H2O!

6. Lessen refined sugar and processed foods.

When you consume processed, sugar-laden, refined foods, you’re giving bad bacteria an all-you-can-eat buffet, which increases the likelihood of all the aforementioned bull crap that weighs you down and dims your shine.

7. Lessen stress.

Remember when we talked about the connection between your brain and your gut? When you experience chronic stress, your brain goes into fight or flight mode, causing your digestion and blood flow in the gut to slow down, the muscles that push along waste and bacteria to freeze up and the secretions for digestion to decrease. All of these stress responses equal a poorly functioning gut! Take care of your gut health by coping with stress through breathwork, yoga, meditation, therapy, time in the outdoors and the countless other stress reduction techniques available to you.

I hope this information inspires you to love your gut back to health.

Your turn: How will you help your gut today? And if you’ve been down this road, what has helped you recover? I’d love to know! I’m still on the path, as are many of my readers.

Love you!

Peace and digestion,

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  1. Mildred Idalia Ponce de Leon says:

    Thank you Kris, you’re a life-saver! Much love to you!

  2. zoritoler imol says:

    Great post. I am facing a couple of these problems.

  3. Al says:

    How do you get/use chickory root?

  4. Akshay says:

    Thank you Kris….

  5. JÆHKŒB says:

    I think that your section about mental health connected to your gut health brings up a very valid point! I have been working with a friend of mine to help clear/treat a condition that is supposedly incurable and related to mental health… we took a step back though and started to look at the condition as possibly being a lifestyle disease, as opposed to a mental health issue… and with systematic/periodic changes in lifestyle we have made leaps and bounds of progress, with our current step being parasite cleanse/detox… we are finding that already being vegan and sober, and now removing the build up of the body’s parasite infestation: life just seems to be getting better and better 🙂 Couple this with transitioning to an organic as possible lifestyle, and we believe we have a winning formula. I trust that when completely healed we will work on creating some kind of parasite cleanse challenge to help encourage others to do the same, who knows… maybe even open a cafe themed to the anti-parasitic lifestyle, where every meal incorporates some kind of food or herb that contributes to either cleansing one of parasites, or simply maintaining a fresh and clean gut free from any such interference… I trust that those that study neurogastroenterology will take a much closer look at the relationship between gut health and mental health, and see that the cure was right there all along: looking after yourself #lifesisbeautiful #eatwellbewell

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  8. Have you heard of the product Florajen? I realized that people don’t understand your gut is super important to the overall health of your body and how important it is to take certain probiotics/supplements. Florajen has worked great for me and I doesn’t leave me with a funny feeling after. I literally feel light. I typically try to do the all natural way of cleanses and maintaining the overall health of my insides.

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  10. Emily says:

    Really good article with a bit of explanation and some steps that people can take to improve their health.

  11. adriana says:

    Hello All,
    I was wondering if anyone has the name of a good absorption test they recommend?
    Many many thanks!!

  12. Superb post, I really like your blog and the concept. Working as a gi specialist Raleigh clinic I always prefer to take care of the gut health, healthy gut health is the primary cure of all gastroenterology issues. The points you’d share on your blog is very impressive am extremely appreciate your points it’s very relevant for all.

  13. David Seaman says:

    Great Share! Digestive symptoms are extremely common in women and men. Women tend to suffer with irritable bowel symptoms, such as constipation and diarrhea, while men tend to suffer with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).
    For the digestive organs and tissues to be healthy, they require the same anti-inflammatory nutrients as the rest of the body.

  14. Saneesh VS says:

    Thank for such an amazing article. Probiotics are important for digestive health. But rather than taking supplements containing probiotics, I think, taking probiotics containing foods will be a better choice.

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    Hi Kris!
    Thank you for your inspiring, educational & motivating plethora of info.
    I have been diagnosed with GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) & my physician has prescribed a proton pump inhibitor or a H2 blocker. I prefer homeopathic treatments instead. I’ve read that apple cider vinegar helps. Any other suggestions?
    With light & love,

  17. Thanks Kris – great, user-friendly advise x

  18. Agneta says:

    Thank you for your interesting article. I wonder if you have problem with your gutbacterias, some peopöe say you need to detox before you can take full advantage of probiotica in the form of supplement. What is your experience or advise?
    Best Regards,

  19. Kathleen says:

    Hi Kris I’ve been wondering why you don’t recommend Kombucha for promoting gut health? I have a continuous brewing system but I’m curious why you haven’t mentioned it?

  20. Sherilyn Cortez says:

    You are such an inspiration, Kris! I really enjoy watching your videos. I’ve been trying to improve my gut health by drinking green smoothies as much as I can. I’ve been taking turmeric supplements for a long time now too. My diet is still not the best one. I still eat beef and chicken but with moderation. I do have a genetic condition that makes my body grow polyps in my digestive track. I undergo endoscopy and colonoscopy every couple of years to get rid of growing polyps. It is tiring and so expensive to undergo such tests. What can I do to slow down the growth of my genetic polyps? I hope to hear from you.

    Please take care! – Sherilyn

  21. kate says:

    Awesome blog and I learned a lot about guts in my body. Well, good thing I choose bentilia pasta it helped me maintain the good bacteria in my body. It is 100% made of beans and is good for healthy digestion. Good choice for me then.

  22. Yvette says:

    I have started the whole gut health diet that you suggest. I have seen a major difference in my joints, lost weight, clearer skin. I will have to be honest and say at first I thought I can’t be that simple but YES it def works. I am on my 27 day of living the plant based lifestyle and it’s awesome. My body thanks me as each day passes.

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    Kris, Im really enjoying my starter kit info. I’m half way through the 9 episodes of The Truth About Cancer, and a lot of what I’m reading here is the same as i’m hearing in the episodes. If I drink 12 cups of organic loose green tea a day, do I still need to have 8 glasses of water?

  26. Jill says:

    You mention Dr Ohirras as a top probiotic. I’ve looked into it in the past & it contains carrageenan & caramel color. Both ingredients are potentially inflammatory. Although carrageen is derived from a natural source our body is unable to digest it. Caramel color is a straight up chemical. Not good.
    I personally use therbiotic complete powder. It’s a great option along w/your other 2 mentioned probiotics.
    Other than that I enjoy your posts/blog.

  27. robin says:

    I would love more information on the stomach ive been sick for 16 years my stormach is inflammation but I don’t have it of money for what they say to do and eat

  28. Eileen Keller says:

    Hi Kris 🙂
    Thank you , Thank you and Thank you …!!! Big hugs and Blessings your way for all you do. I soo need so many of your posts, and they have amazing topics too. You really are part of my “tribe” I’m thinking of friending some of the wonderful women here to create a support system 🙂 So , if anybody has the inclination the door is open 🙂

  29. Anna says:

    Today I really took the time to read this article. As for me I also suffer from chronic inflammation and I try so hard. Then my depression sets in and that knocks me down. I’m gonna try this for myself and I hope I will be able to get back on track. Thank you for your story

  30. Barbara says:

    I’ve learned a lot from this post. My gut problems have really improved since I semi retired from a stressful job. But my bloodwork indicates I’m still fighting some kind of infection. If it’s not better in June, Which is my next testing time, I’ll ask about getting my stool tested. I thank you for giving me an idea of why these numbers could be out of whack. I am ready to feel great!

  31. Nayna says:

    Another wonderful article…much love!

  32. Agustina Lopez Novillo says:

    Kris, my question is about these superfood/probiotic powders. I recently bough this Amazing Grass Raw Reserve powder and I would like to know if you think it is worth the investment or if these are a waste of money.
    Thank you,

  33. Linda says:

    I am so very glad I found you today. I have been teaching classes here my community for the past couple of years. And the most amazing things have been taking place. As I research and learn and then share what I’m learning with these most incredible people—my whole world is changing into one of peace and joy and the most profound happiness ever!
    Reading about you just now, just expanded my excitement about what is happening in the world. And I LOVE it!
    Thank you for following your path….you know we each have a choice at every turn to choose differently. You could have chosen to sit down and literally die! But you didn’t. You are showing the world by example that we can dig deep and find the positive, and good, and righteous Truth. Thanks again. You have touched my life today in the wonderful and delicious way. Blessings to you and yours.

  34. Cheryl Knacke says:

    Hi Kris, I am drinking quite a lot of Apple Cider Vinegar at the moment – for a kidney infection. It seems to clear it up better than antibiotics which I do NOT want to take! Is this bad for your gut health? I am using Braggs at the moment, but as the price in South Africa is exorbitant I am planning to change to Natures Wealth. I would really appreciate your help in this regard.
    Thanks! Cheryl

  35. Medley says:

    OMG!! I can’t believe I accidentally came across this article-perfect timing! My dear friend has been very sick the last few months and no western medicine doctor has pinpointed the problem. She was placed on some hard-core antibiotics and actually felt worse. I daringly told her to stop the PPI, it just felt like the wrong thing for her. She is doing better, seeking the assistance of a more holistic resources.
    After reading a few of your comments , I see u also partake in Juice+Plus!! I have been taking it for more than 12 years and noticed a change for the better overall.
    Keep up the good work 🙂
    Medley-still enjoying a good steak now and then :/

  36. Anna Risse says:

    I used to have granuloma annulare (GA), a skin disease that was literally grew all over my body for over 9 years. The doctors told me that there was no cure. I spent thousands of dollars trying to find one. It wasn’t until my friend introduced me to Plexus that my entire life changed. Plexus has a probiotic that kills candida overgrowth. After a couple of months of taking the triplex combo which included Plexus probio5 the GA started disappearing. I shared your article on my Facebook business page.

  37. Jonathan Samaroo says:

    Thanks bro I used to drink apple cider vinegar and coconut oil everyday and I didn’t know that it was killing the good bacteria in my stomach. Thanks for the info.

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  39. Marsielles says:

    Hello;i have been through two sugeries back to backto remove scar tissue.One in 2011 and one in 2012.I had went from eating foul and fish to becomming a actual vegan,but still have problems with digestion.I have problems with rice and bread. My stomach do not digest those grains very well,even when its wheat,or brown rice.I just be looking for different tips from various sources.Can you help me in any way.

  40. Auna Mundi says:

    I found this information VERY helpful. I have been struggling with immune issues for a while now. I eat really healthy and I want to do a cleanse soon. What I’m curious about is the effect of coffee on the gut. It is my one “vise” and I’ve had a hard time putting it down for good. Is it crucial to stay away from coffee for a happy gut?

  41. Linda says:

    Thank you for this info! I have started probiotics but didn’t know about prebiotics.
    I am a cancer survivor and try to do what I can to stay healthy via food , exercise, etc.
    I will forward info to friends and family!

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    If you want better immunity, efficient digestion, improved clarity and balance, focus on rebuilding your gut health.

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    What would be a place to find about the damage that antibiotics does when used in long term to your gut? I was on pretty high doses of antibiotics from age 2 to age 15 due some health issues back then and I think majority of my current health issues have roots in that time period. I have tried to ask about it from regular doctor but they brushed it off as something that was so much in past that can’t have any effect on today but I do wonder that since that means that I never were able to even start to build healthy flora on my gut. I also became allergic on quite many antibiotics during that time and with one antibiotic the symptom was that I started collect fluids in my body. I have been told that after that I started gain more weight.

    With the information I don’t wonder anymore why I have felt through my life that I have been little depressed and why I got deathly sick with depression bit over ten years ago. Actually I got my first depression related diagnose around age two also. It makes me really sad that the doctors are pushing those super toxic depression medications to you with those issues instead of looking deeper and helping the body fix these real issues that will take the problem away permanently. How much less suffering there would be in that way!

  51. Sherri Brown says:

    Thank you for sharing this.
    I am going to try some of these tips today and get out of this funk!

  52. Sandra says:

    Hello Kris. I feel like quite the outsider. Please don’t be offended, as I’ve never heard mention of your name before. I have a 13 year old who has been repeatedly getting colds since December 2014…….he heals from one and starts another. He always feels so tired and run down. He’s seen a doctor, had blood work done and they can’t seem to find anything wrong. His bowls are regular……sometimes even 3 times a day…. he’s never been constipated but will often have diarrhea. He has had issues on several occasions with his digestion and intestinal tract. We try to eat organic as much as possible. I have always had an instinct about his gut but I could be wrong. Should kids take probiotics on a regular basis? Are there any on the market specifically for kids. I also have a 9 year old whose been constipated since birth. Thanks for your time and it’s nice to know that you exist……..

  53. Tracy says:

    This article is very interesting. I quit smoking 14 years ago, 6 months after I quit I started having allergic reactions to mainly raw fruits and vegetables (some cooked). It took me years to figure out what was going on. On several occasions I landed in emergency with vomiting and anaphylactic shock. Yet when I had allergy testing they said I was not allergic to anything. I know when I quit smoking I was craving warm milk, which apparently either has serotonin in it, or causes the gut to produce it. I understand cigarettes also contain this which is why they are calming to the nervous system. Anyway its been 14 years since I’ve been able to eat a lot of raw things, apples, oranges, banana, berries, green beans, zuchinni, corn, bean sprouts, squash, almonds, peanuts, avocado,

  54. Kathleen says:

    Hi, when you are recommending brands, primal defense isn’t the brand Garden Of Life is the actual brand name. It’s Garden of Life Primal Defense, sorry where I work sells that probiotic along with their other probiotics which are awesome too.

  55. Leanna kagak says:

    Grest site. Been dealing with digestive issues fir awhike and recentky had my gall bladder removed. 🙁
    Have lupus also. Trying to figure out better changes for my healt

  56. Dianne Webster says:

    I have had terrible digestive issues for many, many years. I had every test known to western doctors done with negative results for everything. I finally went to a doctor who practices functional medicine. I was diagnosed with Candida/leaky gut in October of 2014. I took all sugar, gluten, yeast, and alcohol out of my diet. I took an anti fungal and L-glutamine to repair my gut. After 5-6 weeks, I started to feel better. Now, 5 months later, I’m feeling really good. I have kept free of gluten, and yeast, and will continue to do so. I have added some foods back in, but stay as low in sugar as possible. I also keep up with the l-glutamine, probiotic and anti-fungal. It feels great to feel great!

  57. Jim Eyerman says:


  58. Lucy Blonn says:

    I am a little confused by the statement to avoid vinegar-based foods. I am under the impression that drinking unprocessed, apple cider vinegar is one of the best things we can do for ourselves. I know it makes me feel better as far as joint pain, etc. Thoughts, please…

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    I have continuing abdominal issues. I love this information. I will change a few things to help. But knowing why things go a little off sometimes helps. i am the kind of person who responds better when I have information to think something through. Thank you.

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    Thanks soooo much for this article. I’ve finally realized my life long issues with exhaustion, etc. are all linked to my gut. I’ve been on a healing journey for many years. I aso like the Goodbelly fermented coconut water. It’s the only one I’ve found. Thanks Kris and keep on keeping on!
    Love you and your work to peaces…

  63. Andree says:

    Hi please could I ask a question re GI Microb-X. I have various health issues but at the moment trying to deal with a bacteria pathogen first,my treatment includes taking Tannalbit ( less than half recommended dose poss)and I have now been asked to introduce GI Microb-X. I have only taken one this morning and developed really bad nausea ,headache and upset tummy within a few hours. Have you heard of bad side effects or could it be that quick in die off symptoms. Many thanks

  64. Natosha says:

    Which particular stool analysis test do you recommend? There is a menu of them and wanted to know which one I’d select.

  65. Jennifer Carthy says:

    Hi how can I ensure my 3 year old has a healthy gut do you recommend a probiotic also ?

  66. Sara Galinski says:

    I’d like to add to this my personal experience with gut health. I’m a registered nurse so stress is a part of my life. I was having severe anxiety and panic attacks. I have a poor family history of bowel related issues and personally have always suffered with constipation. I started eating a fiber full bread with one meal a day and hydrating more. Just this simple change brought regular bowel movements to my life which in the begining was quite strange because I was at least an every three day before. I began to feel physically lighter and my anxiety and panic attacks are both gone. I believe it was the build up of toxins in my colon causing so many of my problems. Thanks for sharing information on this sometime over looked ,due to embarrassment, issue!

    • Sabrina Khan says:

      @sara thanks for sharing, yes I believe stress has a big part to play in any health related problems especially digestive related as I experienced it myself not so long ago, that is why it is imperative to include stress busting activities into your overall life daily, even taking time out for a bubble bath or listening to a great piece of music will help 🙂

      Great to hear you are feeling better

  67. Hi Kris,
    I am pretty health conscious i think when it comes to the food i eat. What do you recommend for products that aid in digestion ( colon) cleanse and detox. and what pro-biotics do you like to use?


  68. Renee Johnson says:

    This is fabulous. We are treating my sons behavior issues through his gut. The onset of bad behavior was post type 1 diabetes and celiac disease diagnosis. His doctors said these could not be causing his behavior problems. I am glad I’ve listened to my gut! With new vitamins and pro/prebiotics we have seen an amazing turn around. Someone needs to illustrate/video this a la “story of stuff style” and make it accessible to kids. I would love to share that with my son! Just a suggestion 🙂 great tips here. Thank you!

  69. Tomas says:

    Kris… Your articles are state of the art and I really enjoy how passionate you are about happy and healthy lifestyle and helping other people! You truly bring the sunshine in the lifes of your readers, thumbs up!

    I have a question about miso – I always used it only for making soups but I think it will loose its probiotic potential this way!? Do you know other ways to use miso?

    All the best,


  70. Shirlene says:

    I appreciate this information, because i’m looking for more ways to improve my overall health. Thank you for being generous with the info, and if you have anything further relating to health please feel free to send me an email.



  71. jill says:

    Excellent. I posted on my facebook page. Thanks Kriss.
    Yours in Good Health.

  72. Diana Weber says:

    Hi Kris, Thanks for the information. I saw your story when it first came out, your approach spoke to me on a level I didn’t understand yet. Since I didn’t remember your name, I lost track of you and recently “found you” again. I want to look into the gut/stool tests you mentioned above, but looking at their website, there are lots of tests and I will have to study up on them to figure out which one correlates with my symptoms. I’ll be approaching my OD about them and see if she is receptive to helping me.

    We’re making hugh changes in our life and your speaking to us and an achievable level.
    Thank you so much for all you’ve done and best of luck to you on your health journey.
    PS: Is there any “calendar” that shows where you speak/lecture this year? (Loved your video from Wanderlust.

  73. anupam says:


  74. Liliana says:

    Hi, I just started to read you, and I love it!
    I am from Colombia and actually I am bulimia recovering, feeling in peace because I am forward to balance in me (soul, spirit and body)


  75. Ginger says:

    Thanks Kris! So helpful. I also love kombucha for probiotics 🙂

  76. Paula says:

    Hi Kris!!! Can you explain the difference between a probiotic and prebiotic? And/or how they work together?

    BTW, I am learning so much and loving every bit of it. I’m awake now!!! I truly appreciate people like you who whole heatedly share their knowledge and especially for your insightful, inspirational and not to mention, funny approach to health and mindfulness. You’re generosity is beyond words, and I genuinely look forward to hearing from you every day! Thank you for all that you do! Keep on, keepin’ on!! hugs and hearts to you.

  77. Sue says:

    We dont’ eat sugar, bread or anything starchy, nor from take away shops. We Eat plenty of fruits and vegies, and my hubby and I along with our family are growing our own sprouts (organic). We drink Kabucha tea, now I heard there is another drink that actually cleans the body, but cannot remember the name. Do you know this product please?

  78. Rae Mackey says:

    It’s nice to see you are still here. I met and did some manual lymphatic drainage on you at An Oasis of Healing. I now do colonics and see what a difference having a healthy ” gut” means.

    Continue to be well.

  79. Janice says:

    Thank you for putting this into simple lingo I can share with people. I tend to get too technical when speaking lately. Peace, Love, and more Prebiotic Veggies. 🙂

  80. Kathy says:

    Thank you so much for this information. I have struggled with this problem so long and need a new and positive direction.

  81. June says:

    Great article!

  82. Helene D says:

    Thanks for bringing me back to it – the holidays have been busy and I’ve put aside many of my good habits and rituals – I’ve had a rough night and not feeling the greatest today and you have reminded me why. Time to get back to it.

    I can always trust your articles to shed light and get me back on track, tx for that!

  83. Judy Oleksik says:

    Tell me it isn’t too late! I am 66 yrs. old and nothing I am taking supplement wise is making me feel any better. I suffer with a broken down immune system and over the past year, have gotten worse. I almost gave up, but I am a fighter. Conventional doctors cannot help me and my body doesn’t like RX drugs. Due to what was done to my stomach back in 1999, I have had issues with assimilation of fats, proteins and carbs. It is very hard for me to take pills. My kitchen cabinets have a lot of them in there and I am not sure what I should be taking at this time. The probiotic I feel is something we should all be taking, but one size doesn’t fit all. My body has been altered digestion wise. I am not able to get good quality food that hasn’t been altered with poisons. Tried to fast with veggie juices and my heart suffered. I may be looking at a serious surgery coming up and I want to get my body in better shape in case this has to happen. I am looking into talking with an ND in my area soon. Don’t know what she will say. She deals in Nature’s Sunshine products. Do you know anything about this company? I need help. Thank you.

  84. Tanya says:

    Thanks Kris, it’s very helpfull! But there is some issue that I really got confussed about – many intagrative doctors say that fermented food is good for the gut, but there is at list one integrative doctor that I know that claims that the bacteria found in fermented foods it’s not the same good bacteria that grows naturally in our gut and according to him it only interfers natural good bacteria growth… Did you here this version and what do you think about it?

  85. Nikki Gentry says:

    Great article! I just found a new doctor, who practices western and eastern. She is all about this! Thanks Kris…you are amazing!

  86. Trina Turk says:

    Kris, what an insightful post! I had no idea all this goes on in my gut. I’ve had issues with my gut for years, nit to mention chronic inflammation. I’m going to take your information and put it in to practice. Thank you so much!

  87. Jill says:

    I loved this knowledge! I love your comparisons also. I can see bad bacteria eating on all the sugar at the buffet, lol.
    Thank you, I will work hard to improve my gut! I wonder if that’s what I can’t tolerate gluten anymore.

  88. Hi Kris, you are such a blessing for sharing your story so the world can be educated on how to take care of our gut health! This is such a Divine Connection as my gut is telling me to focus on feeding it with nothing but whole, plant-based foods. I kinda fell of the wagon but getting back up and kicking those bad boys out of my system. We are all connected and I love your passion and love in helping others to become healthy in all aspects of our lives! Thank you so much and positive thoughts and blessings!

    Hugs from Canada
    Hazel @positivechickhq xoxo

  89. Aurora says:

    Dear Kris, I’ve been reading your blog for two years now and I looove it!!! It has been very useful because thanks to you I started to eat more plant-based foods. In the part 4 months I’ve been suffering from severe cystic acne,fatigue,headaches and digestive issues, so I’ve talked to a naturopath and she said that all my problems are caused by my digestive system.She gave me some very good probiotics and some algae,but didn’t change my diet. Should I try to do the GAPS diet to have better results and to give my gut a chance to heal?

  90. Nanthini says:

    very good article

  91. Sarah says:

    What about parasites?

  92. lucy says:

    great article.
    this is my new favourite subject, and its great to read all the information in one place.
    only thing is – i think point 7 should be number one. stress is THE most important, destroys the good work of all the others.
    but hey thats just my experience.
    (ive had breast cancer – healed with no surgery chemo or radiotherapy)
    thank you for writing this.

  93. Tyler Tolman says:

    This has to be “THE BEST” Article I have ever read on Gut health, So cool to see that you have done your homework, it’s always Passion that finds the truth and thank you for sharing in such an easy and fun way to read. YOUR AMAZING!!

  94. You are an inspiration to me! you are feeling is

  95. Autumn says:

    Hello Kris,

    Thank you Kris. It is interesting as I was just reading about the GAPS diet, but I discovered that is was animal product based. Any recommendations for good reads that would be similar or any physicians who have information? My son has ulcerative colitis and we are committed to help him heal if we can, however we are pretty darn close to being 100% vegan. Made the switch a few months ago. Thank you for this article!

  96. Sharon says:

    Hi Kris! I just wanted to thank you for all the wonderful information and being an inspiration to us out here!! God bless!

  97. Heather says:

    Thanks! I need to avoid vinegar apparently! This was helpful!

  98. Lynne H-Crick says:

    All of the information in this article I have found true for me and as I do most of these recommended tips I find they are working so well. It is amazing to gradually feel this change come over me over a period of 6 plus months since I started this kind of program of detoxing and rebuilding the gut.

  99. Rachel says:

    Hi Kris: thanks so much for all of the wonderful information… I have a son who had a VSG(Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy) about one year ago and he has deteriorated health wise….he is only 27 yrs old and is unable to function,..he is Prof. at a Univ. he has severe and intractable pain and numbness in his feet, legs, thighs,abdomen ….meds given were for diabetes…he does not have it…has anyone experienced this ? The surgery removed 85% of his stomach as a weight loss procedure….he did lose 155 pounds but, he has lost his healthy life…..I am so upset……any ideas as to whom to take him to ? I live in the NYC area…..thanks so very much….. R

  100. Polly says:

    I’ve done al of the above! Especially everything in Tip number 1! I had an overgrowth of bad bacteria and developed Candida and it took a few years to get my stomach back in balance….with discipline and the help of an Integrative Doctor. I found that taking Aloe (the best is Lily of the Desert Aloe Herbal Stomach Formula) was really the cherry on top of the cake. It felt soothing and healing and the aloe along with the herbs (peppermint, slippery elm, chamomile, ginger, etc.) really sealed the deal. I have to constantly pay attention to my body to keep it in balance… fun night could mean a week of suffering with stomach issues! Thanks for all the good advice and you could not have explained the importance of our digestive system any better. I’m sending this to all my peeps 🙂

    • Lynne H-Crick says:

      After reading your response to Kris’ site, I resonated so much with what you had to say because I have been facing the same dilemma with bad bacteria and candida overgrowth. I have seen long parasites that are very mucusy-looking over the past 6 plus months and it has been encouraging to hear how you have been working at getting your whole stomach area back into balance for several years. I have often been asking why is this taking so long to get rid of these things if what I am taking is supposed to be a 3 month detox program called “parasite-free”? I can answer that now and feel better knowing I am not the only one having to go through this. Thank you for sharing.

  101. pia palm says:

    A year ago now I was sitting in front of my computer – crying so hard I was shaking. Myeloma – why healthy me? Just tumbled upon your site Kris, it saved me and got me strong and believing it is for sure a way to “stay” healthy. My myeloma is still “sleeping”, so I do not want to wake it up. Trying following all your ideas and news, eating – juicing well and avoiding things bad for me. Sugar is the worst, addicting and gives such a kick – but so bad for my self-esteem. Realizing that in Sweden/France, we are so much after USA in all the veggies and farmers markets, pretty boring compared. I just want to stay strong and happy. Love advise and new ideas. Thank You Kris and one day I really want to go to your seminar – come to Sweden!!

  102. Rose says:

    My aunt has just been diagnosed with colon cancer and needs a colostomy bag, silly question but is gut health still applicable with one of these? Your gut is the whole digestive system isn’t it? Any advice much appreciated thank you xx

    • Hi Rose – Absolutely still applicable. The “gut” really means the whole gastrointestinal track and the small intestine (which comes before the Large) is where much of digestion and absorbtion of food occur. The better the whole system works the better nourished we are!

      Best wishes!

  103. Aly Hill says:

    Thanks again for another spectacular tid-bit Kris. So many people do not realize the direct connection between the Gut& the Brain!

  104. Anne Kim says:

    You’ve put together an excellent informative article on gut health…I know because I’ve read over a dozen of them. Your personal story is perfect as an introduction. I learned a few things that I didn’t know after reading for hours–such as why you shouldn’t be snacking a lot; and the details behind our immune system being 70-80% in the gut. Thank you. I wish this was on page 1 on my google search. Anne

  105. Julie says:

    After having been diagnosised with so many auto immune disorders and still not obtaining a healthier gut by following what the body needs to keep good bacteria at 80% or better I was diagnosised with diease called gastropheresis, lots people have but goes undetected. Drs had said I am going to need a gut pacemaker, so Like the heart the gut also gets helped out by placing this device in ur stomach to help digestion of the foods u take in. I will report to let you know after 6months how well. Im doing and if this is the best way to go when nothing else doesnt work.

  106. Adrianna Vanquish says:

    Hi every body from Kris Carr,

    I’m an almost retired school teacher of 61 years old and I was having a lot of pain in the afternoon. Mandarin Skin Plus also called MS+ changed my way of living. By now, I feel very more comfortable between my meals. Thank you very much scientists, you’ve change my way of living!!! 🙂

    Adriana V. , Vancouver B.C.

  107. Vanessa Belvedere says:

    Hi Kris,
    I will eat more bananas!
    Try not to snack as much to give my digestive tract a break.
    Continue to get regular sleep, meditate and eat kimchi.
    To happy guts 🙂

  108. Mishra says:

    A great way of good health

  109. Thanks , great to know .

  110. juliet says:

    Thank you for your insight. There has been something wrong with me for 4 months, and I have a suspicion it is parasites, ( naturally i Wev MD’d myself and all of my symtpms point to parasites. Although, I’m now sure how I may have gotten them. My obgyn and my regular doctor have both said nothing is wrong and I am frustrated. Thanks to you, I now know about metametrics and Genova diagnostics, perhaps I will get to the root of the problem..

    Thank you for caring enough to educated others!


  111. Sharon says:

    Great article! I suffer with diverticulitis and have learned along the way, but this info would’ve been so helpful in my younger years! Perhaps this article will reach a younger generation via the help of Facebook! Thanks for sharing!

  112. lori seymour says:

    What should you do or not do if you no longer have a gall bladder?

  113. Martha Lenders says:


    I suffer from IBS. Cannot eat broccoli, cabbage, onions, cucumbers, beans, only fibre.
    do u have an eating plan i could use.

    Many thanks
    Martha Lenders

  114. c ellis says:

    Such a great article and so true! When my health was at a low after a car accident, I was introduced to some amazing high nutrition products. One of the products has probiotics and one I took at the end of the day to help keep the gut cleaned out! I was so happy that after a month I had released 15 pounds and my energy was returning, brain fog lifted, along with handling stress better and a much better night’s sleep! It’s so true, as I saw others post, you are what you eat (or what your body can absorb)!

  115. Tray6819 says:

    I have throughly enjoyed reading ur article. You put the article in a way that everybody can understand and I so appreciated that. You told it flat out…good for u. Most editors, writers or anybody along those lines don’t write plainly like this article is. Your article is easy to read and understand while other articles you practically need double college degrees to understand what they are saying or talking about and don’t get the message to the average reader. People need to learn from ur example here. I have regrettably a hereitary mental illiness that lacks the important chemicals in the brain u talk about here. I suffer from depression, anxiety, an especially MOOD and sleep. I suffer from chronic insominia with out a sleeping pill. I am on several several precriptions meds for my disorder and have remained systom free for about a year or two now. I have always heard u can control a disorder like this with the correct or right food but I am scared to come off my meds because I’m doing so well on them. It has taken me years to find the right combination of meds for my disorder but I have found the right combo now and it works for me. I don’t like myself off meds because of my systoms come back and I dont’ like the systoms..they are a freakin nightmare of a roller coaster…one I got off of years ago thank the Good Lord Almighty. I have heard even youtubers saying they treated there same disorder as mine with a change in there diet and it worked for them…or so they say. I have had irritable bowel syndrome since early teens and food still to this day I lay down my fork and run to the bathroom so my body can take the trash to speak. I wonder if I’m getting all my important nutrients…and yes I know to try to start taking fiber. Anyhoo loved ur article and the tips for healthy living. I will try these tips. Thanks.

  116. Stephanie says:

    Your article was so interesting to me as a nurse ive heard all those things am grateful that some doctors implement probiotic to their pts but just like I said only SOME. Many still feel that they are not necessary. Feeling depressed? Here’s a antidepressants. Feeling constipated? Laxatives it is. Rarely do you hear a Dr question dietary habits. The only thing in your read I was thrown off by was the section about not eating frequently. I get not eating constantly but it has been my understanding (and what had helped me shed 40+pounds) frequent smaller meals is better. Love to learn more in regards to the meal breaks.

    I also love how you mentioned a better way for people to gauge their water needs. Its frequently said eight 8oz glasses per day but not everyone has one size fits all needs. Many of us should be drinking even more than that! Its my belief that most people go through life in a constant state of dehydration. To me water is one, if not, the most important thing we put in our body.

    Thank you for the read. I will be passing this on.

  117. Cassandra says:

    This is the most informative article relating to all aspects of the digestive system. It hits home for me when you describe how the gut is a parking lot with limited spaces for good bacteria. Now recovering from a serious bout with a bowel obstruction, I am really looking forward to staying on-top of my Gut health. Also thank you for the additional link to preparing juices and smoothies. I have been practicing for more than 20 years and need variety and continuing education regarding the benefits of a plant based diet. THIS IS AN EXCELLENT SOURCE!!!

  118. linda says:

    enjoyed the 7 to the point, ways to improve one’s gut health!
    would have preferred the 7 ways to have been stated first….i’ve read all the reasons, etc, before & just wanted the precise 7 reminders!


  119. Mandy Dugas says:

    Kris! I love your book Crazy Sexy Diet! All the information is exactly what readers need to know about health to change their life around. My first health book was called Conscious Health by Ron Garner. Your book has all the same info but your book is more girly and fun. Im so happy I’ve found your blog! Your story is so inspirational. I totally beleive in preventive medicine and I visualize my healthy future with friends and family. My dreams are to help people, to be a health advisor. I still have a long way to go in becoming confident speaker but it’s people like you who motive me to keep going. Thanks!

    Mandy from

  120. Jill Orenstein says:

    Perfect timing. have been very sick for a week after a sudden allergic reaction to shellfish. They still don’t whether there is something in my system from that or I just have normal intestinal flu. They have not done any testing on me, ans since I have not had the flu since I was 19 years old(now 64) I am looking for answers.

  121. Frankie says:

    Hey Kris,

    My ex-boyfriend, now a wonderful and caring friend and subscriber to the notion that nutritional and physical wellbeing is paramount to emotional and mental health has been pushing me for ages to consider that my deteriorating mental and emotional state is largely due to neglect in the area of gut health and other related issues. He sent me the link to this article and while I was willing to admit that he might have had a point to begin with, you’ve really got me thinking that the struggles I’ve faced for a while with depression and anxiety might be more closely related to this than I’d thought. Is there somewhere I can find out more about the impact of gut health on mental health? I eat really quite well and am fairly active – my weight has never really been an issue other than occasionally dipping lower than completely healthy during times of extreme distress, but generally I prefer healthy food anyway and can’t stomach processed foods or anything with lots of sugar in it, and I drink around a litre of water or more most days, which is why I didn’t put much stock in my friend’s suggestion, but having read your comments about the fight or flight response, digestive problems etc in relation to mental distress, things that I experience regularly and that are very unpleasant, I have to ask.

    Thanks for a wonderful article anyway, loving all the wisdom, witty writing and authentic care!

  122. Katy says:

    I’ve just come across this wonderful article as I was flicking through FB tonight. I’m in bed unable to sleep, and my gut is screaming at me. I’ve been incredibly stressed due to a death in the family, I’m in the process of moving in with my partner and moving out of the home I have loved and cherished for many years, I’ve had a recent stomach bug followed by a dose of IBS ….. and I’m wondering what my body is saying to me … help I think!
    Tme to get back the friendly stuff, I’ve pushed my poor old bod to its limits and now it’s shouting pretty loudly!
    So thank you for the timing of your wonderful words .. I’m now listening. X

  123. Sandra Kelly says:

    This is THE best and easiest to understand information on
    gut health! Thank you so much! This will help me in my journey for better health.

  124. Dasha says:

    great article, but how come you did not mention enemas? how can you clean the colon without enemas? they are also an integral part of the Gerson therapy, plus liver detox, regulation of the pH balance, mucoid plaque – those are important things to mention.

  125. Shelly says:

    I remember years ago my psychiatrist said the medicine i would take to help the Serotonin in my head would also help with my stomach because i have Crohns. Now i know why.

  126. Lynda Soltis says:

    Thank you for this article. It has been very helpful & informative.

  127. Armida says:

    thanks for this valuable info! right now I’m feeling miserable with digestion problems!

  128. Beth says:

    Kris, Do you also suggest colonics? I think I did read that in one of your books. I am scheduled for my first one Tuesday.

  129. D Roberts says:

    Kris – thank you for reposting this article. My wife has been battling breast cancer naturally for the last two years, and so we’re big fans. We’ve known all along that gut health is super important since two-thirds of our immune system is in our gut. If you have two minutes, watch this video ( on the gut supplement, RESTORE, that was rated one of the top 5 supplements to “Watch Next” at the Natural Health Products Expo East in Baltimore ( in Sept 2014. I’d love to talk to you more about it sometime to share more about it.


  130. Im hoping this will Help with my acid reflux,funny I would see this at this time.

  131. Rose says:

    Quick question Kris; would you recommend switching up our probiotics once in a while (or regularly) or is it better to stick to the one that works well for us?
    With gratitude,

  132. Tammy says:

    I absolutely love your blogs that talk about poop. #realfriendstalkaboutpoop
    Thanks for another great article!

  133. Lesa says:

    Kris……as I was reading what you wrote, I was inspired by how you turned your life around.
    I did a silly thing and had an overload of pinio grigios wine at my daughter’s baby sprinkle and now I was diagnosed with Pancreatitis. Yesterday I went out and had a pumpernickel rolls with walnuts and raisin in it and my condition got worse. During the day I’ll have lactaid milk fat free with cereal and 25 minutes later, have to move my bowels and it was like water. It seems everything I eat, afterwards I move my bowels and can’t hold anything in and feel weak, lithergic, confusion in my brain, headache, spine spasming, pains all over my body, losing weight, depressed and crying with how I feel. My stool is fly away and floats and when I drink the lactaid milk, it comes out like water from a faucet. I can’t seem to keep vitamins in me of any kind.

    I just don’t know how to get rid of my inflammation on the inside. The only thing I can eat right now is chicken and white rice, white potato, yam, broccoli and cooked apple and banana and only water to drink.

    I had neck surgery on Dec 3 and the next day came home and injured my neck worse where I felt a bone shift to the right and I got glove-like effect in both my writs and a herniation in c6-c7 of 2mm,degenerative changes in c8, c7 and before the surgery central herniations in c3-4 with osteophytes, c5-6, c6-7. Also both my ears locked and got a noise in both ears and my brain literally shook and got distorted vision. The doctor told me no restrictions and told me I could sleep in a bed and you have twist to get out of bed and I had a nerve at the base of lumbar moving around like a snake (like a live wire that is severed) for 1 day and I don’t know where it attached itself. And nerve impingements in both my legs and degeneration in my lower thoracic. When I got hurt, I was constantly moving my bowels and losing weight and my body was not getting the nutrition it needed. This went on for 6 months and I truly thought I would not make it and be here to tell you my story. I have pernicious anemia as well and I believe I got that after falling off a bicycle 18 years ago because I fell on my stomach. Also, a doctor’s assistant recommended I take a screw out of my colar bone that was broken because it hurt me and my collarbone caved in leaning on my flesh and my shoulder is lower than my left side. I feel it is pulling on my neck but doctors said my shoulder would be worse if I had my collarbone fixed.

    I want to get better and will try your recommended therapies for healing. I want to reduce the inflammation and don’t know how?

    Thanks for this post

  134. Nice article. I just took part in a 3 hour physician symposium on parasitic infections here in the United States. The information provided really shows that more people need to be tested appropriately for parasites even if there are not serious digestive issues. The two parasites discussed where Giardia and Cryptosporidium which are much more common than people realize. Both of these can be resistant to chlorine (especially Crypto) and therefore taking care with respects to public swimming pools is important. Therefore, if digestive issues continue despite supplementation for yeast and bacterial imbalances, as well as dietary modification than parasitic stool testing is in order.

  135. I am loving this post, there’s so little understood about the gut / health connection and it’s so important! Since reading Crazy Sexy Diet I’ve been busy juicing, walking, not eating late at night and these small steps make all the difference. Go Kris! Mary 🙂

  136. Your style is really unique in comparison to other people I’ve read stuff from.
    Thanks for posting when you have the opportunity, Guess I’ll just
    bookmark this page.

  137. Poop says:


  138. Dani says:

    Thank you for sharing and for your recommendations on probiotic brands. Very helpful indeed. 🙂

  139. Steve carve says:

    Hello kris. I am really impressed with your blog. You have guided us for getting better health. I appreciate your views. You are an inspiration for all of us. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

  140. Anne says:

    I have only just read this post but it is very relevant for me at the moment. I have just started green juicing but am experiencing diarrhoea and bloating in response, but only at certain times, so I’m having to break myself in gently. It is always worse when I am under stress rushing to get to work or during work. It all seems to calm down when I am relaxing.
    Also, I have been sneaking kale and avocado into blueberry and banana smoothies for my 14 year old son who is always ill with viruses, and he hasn’t had a virus for around 3 months now. This is a miracle for the winter months. He loves using my juicer (its so satisfying watching the celery and cucumber crunching though!), but sadly won’t drink the green juice! I have only recently discovered you Kris whilst in a desperate search to calm my autoimmune problems and I think you are inspirational and so helpful to many people. Thank you. x


  142. Shugie says:

    This article is yet another piece of a puzzle Im trying to put together by myself, Im just a secretary, but I believe there has to be a better way to inactivate inflammation in the eye caused by graves eye disease, in other words, if its an autoimmune disease, and the eye disease is left untreated until a person’s thyroid levels are stable for some length of time, it seems to me there has to be a way to stop the eye disease from being active by something a person can do to stop the inflammation of the muscles & tissues behind the eye, something that would remove the inflammation from the blood stream. Im in search of a therapy that would prevent any possiblity of needing invasive surgery to correct the damage which is being done continually . I will look for what you call an integrative doctor, but the reality is, I have 3 differnt drs. treating 3 diff. symptoms of the autoimmune disease, but only 1 of them, the endocrinologist seems to have a goal of stabilizing my hyperthyroid but this does not stop or help what’s going on behind my eyes. I’ve heard about chelation therapy but it sounds really scarey. Also a new way to treat certain leukemias which has to do with t-cells (??) but if there’s a way to flush the bacteria or inflmmation out of the system, seems to me like the autoimmune disease can be cured. Thanks for a differnt perspective altho I dont know how the gut could be a factor in the graves eye disease, it just seems to me like everything has to tie in together somehow and I wish one doctor would be able to treat the entire diseaseprocess as a whole and combine therapies to tackle all the components at the same time or at least not make a person wait for months or years until some chemical pharmaceutical invasive action might be suggested when common sense or my gut tells me there has to be a way to stop the disease from progressing more naturally and without steroids. Some kind of fat buster for swollen eye tissues something to flush out the system. thank you for letting me vent. Shugie

  143. Shirlee says:

    This really is an up-beat and honest approach to health – Thanks for your contribution.


  144. Weldon Price says:

    hello. I greatly appreciated this article. I have been diagnosed with diverticulitis, but I suspect its closer to chrons or celiacs disease. And im starting to believe there really isnt that much difference. I am 56 yrs old, i smoke ( ugh ), I dont drink, and i have had radiation treatments for prostate cancer 3 yrs ago, none of which seems to do my gut any good. It dawned on me today that what i should be focusing on was imflamation. seems as tho all out ailments start with that. i googled that and your article popped up. I think it is very informative and i will be reading more about it.
    Thank you.

  145. anna says:

    So, after looking through your Top 11 tips, I was confused where to start making changes. The article just gave me a focus. I will not be overwhelmed by trying to cure leukemia but work on one thing at a time. The gut is where I will focus!

  146. Sheena says:

    Thanks for this wonderful article. I absolutely love it.

  147. Kelly B says:

    You’re an awesome chick! Thank you so much for all you do. I’ve learned so much from you. I too am a cancer survivor and aspire to be more healthy JUST LIKE YOU and keep cancer away for good.

  148. Julie says:

    Okay so how do psych meds weave into all this. I have a client who is taking benzos describes it as finally getting the chain back on the bike she had been trying to ride for years with a broken chain and that the thousands of pounds animal that has been pushing her around has now stopped. I think she also is taking an anti-depressant. How do these two drugs impact the gut brain?

  149. A Chappelle Brogdon III says:

    Very enlightening, thank you

  150. Shirleen says:

    LOVE U!!!!

  151. Rebecca says:

    Thanks for the awesome post, Kris!

    Question for you: Could digestive issues be the cause of (sometimes pretty stinky) flatulence? (I’m trying to be all proper about it by using the official term 🙂 Sorry if it’s TMI!)

    Since I adopted a vegan diet just over a year ago, I’ve gone through periods where I’ve been particularly smelly. I’ve tried to pinpoint certain foods that could be causing the issue, but I can never find a common thread. I’m wondering if probiotics might help… If so, do you happen to know what I should look for in a supplement (I’m in the UK and have no idea which brands are best)? I’m also going to do some research into fermented foods.

    Thanks again!

    • Ginger says:

      I honestly almost never had gas until I went vegan about a year ago as well! Now I have it all the time. I’m wondering about this as well..

  152. Cassie says:

    Hey Kris!

    You’re such a wonderful source of daily inspiration 🙂

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on colon hydrotherapy. My mother suffers from autoimmune urticaria and I’m trying to help her get on track with her health (especially her gut health!)

    Also, bad breath. Gut health? Too much dairy? I’d also love to hear your thoughts on this one!

    Love and light,

    Cassie Ray
    NYC/Oklahoma 🙂

  153. lisa bivona says:

    you’re the best. thanks for this info.

  154. Debby says:

    Kris – thanks for all of your blog posts! I adopted a plant-based, non-dairy lifestyle 6 months ago and your blogs and cookbook have made it pretty easy. I was really hoping to alleviate my digestive issues – chronic morning diarrhea and occasional bloating and constipation – something I have been battling for 50 years but unfortunately the change in my diet has not helped my gut at all. I had a blood test for gluten allergies, which came up negative. And I just don’t want to live my life on Imodium! Maybe I need to add a probiotic to the picture…just not sure which one and where to start, so many options.. Thanks!

  155. Gwen says:

    Timely post and thank you for writing it as I’m sitting here, doubled over in pain. I’ve been on a 3 year journey to heal my gut, and I thought I was there after a year of really great stuff happening and very mild and rare problems. Then, I ate some wheat two weeks ago, and I can’t seem to get back on track. I’ve never been diagnosed with celiac, but siblings have it and I probably do, too. I will get a test to determine, as long as I don’t have to eat anymore wheat to activate something. I really can’t cope with this level of pain again.

    I will read your post again carefully and take good notes. Thank you! Expecting the best.

    • Cathy says:

      Hi Gwen

      I really feel for you and anyone else dealing with gut issues, but I just wanted to share something about the coeliac testing.
      My two daughters have coeliac disease, and all the family were initially tested about 4 years ago and the results came back negative. But as my daughters got sicker, I learnt that you have to have the equivalent of 4 pieces of bread every day for 6 weeks to get a ‘positive’ result. Although from the Coeliac Expo they say that if you get severe symptoms, you may only need to consume this amount for 1-4 weeks. Our test results from 4 years ago, were ‘false’ negatives. I apparently don’t have coeliac disease but I would say that I have an intolerance to it. We all eat gluten-free at home. My youngest daughter also has fructose malabsorption. There are lots of challenges with that alone. We are so much better because of the diagnosis for my girls and the difference in them is remarkable.

  156. Carly Capra says:

    Hi Kris. I am very glad that I stumbled upon this blog of yours! This is a very informative article, and I’ll be sure to keep in mind the tips that you mentioned to take care of my gut!

  157. Madiha Moin says:

    This is brilliant and inspiring. I came to this article from the link in Tony’s one minute blog and wowww.. Thank you for this dose of inspiration and care.
    I would definitely want to read more from you.
    Much much appreciation

  158. Crocetta Sikorski says:

    Thanks for sharing your experiences and wisdom with your fans! I feel like I just attended a university lecture packed with so many helpful hints to leading a healthier life. I’ve saved it onto my desktop because there’s no way I’m going to remember all your wonderful tips after just one reading and I know I’m going to want to go back over it and share it with my friends and family who are interested in taking control of their health.
    My ND recommended drinking green tea kombucha as a probiotic drink which I love. It has a mild minty taste. The Yogi brand of teas carries it. Another good reason for drinking kombucha as a probiotic is because it’s SO affordable in comparison to some other probiotics out there.

  159. url says:

    A big thank you for your post.Thanks Again. Want more.

  160. Bett says:

    Be well … up
    Thank you for your example and your info
    You are precious … Take care

  161. Kris says:

    Thank you for all of the Positive, helpful information…. Please do rest….take care of yourself…. Thank you…

  162. Steph says:

    Generally good advice — BUT — if you have digestive issues already, you should make sure you don’t have issues like SIBO or fructose intolerance (and/or trouble breaking down “FODMAPs”). Many prebiotic foods (and fiber additives in food) can make your digestive problems worse if you have SIBO, or trouble with FODMAPs like I do. You may need to focus on healing your gut through other means before throwing lots of pre- and probiotics at it!!!! There is no one-size-fits-all approach unfortunately!

    • Marie says:

      Hi Steph,

      A belated response. I agree completely and my family doctor agrees. She did her PhD in neuroscience and has a strong knowledge base of nutritional sciences and alternative therapies. I’ve had a lifetime of serious GI and sensitivity/ allergy issues which grew severe and landed me in an ambulance twice while searching for doctors who could help. These issues were and have been put on hold while I deal with longstanding back issues which have finally been diagnosed and being treated properly (including surgery) but the addition of many years of narcotics didn’t help the ‘gut’ issues. Anyway, a few months ago I tought I would try a very low dose of probiotic (one hypoallergenic pill) and I suffered through days of severe gas pain and discomfort. I waited and tried again, same thing. My doctor said to stop that I needed to heal other underlying issues before a probiotic supplement would help or even be tolerated by me. She suggested for now I stick with small diet changes as tolerated and very weak, mild teas that don’t exacerbate reflux or digestion issues. I also read many credible articles and studies on the web which talk about your points.

      I guess like everything else educate yourself as Kris suggests from many sources and learn what works for you and your situation. If you already have severe digestive issues…proceed with caution but never give up.

      Thanks Steph and Kris!

  163. This article is wonderful and thank you for recommending some probiotic brands. I find that supplements can be a bit overwhelming and I trust your recommendations. Glad you will be slowing down to take care of yourself. Be well!

  164. Katie says:

    This blog is perfectly timed for me! Due to excessive antibiotic use as a child, I am working with someone who has put me on a probiotic of fermented herbs and I have cut out dairy, processed sugar (well, a bit of dark chocolate still!) and they also want me to stop all grains. The reasoning being that grains are hard to digest and turn into sugar in the gut – thereby feeding the bad bacteria.
    I am worried about cutting out all grains and all the nutrients that they have in them. Anyone tried this?

    Very confused about what to do.

    • Steph says:

      @Katie – If you haven’t already, check out some of the bloggers out there who focus on traditional diets and/or “paleo” diets. Lots of theories about how grains, especially *today’s* grains, are extremely difficult to digest (especially if your gut is already under-performing) and thus the nutrients in them are moot because you cannot absorb them well. I’ve read a lot of success stories where people have cut out grains and focused on easy-to-digest, nutrient dense animal foods to heal their gut and then return to eating small amounts of grains after a while. (This flies in the face of most of what Kris Carr’s stuff says). I find Chris Kresser’s blog very informative, especially because he recognizes that everyone has different issues and tolerances for different foods and needs a different plan for healing.

      • Katie says:

        Thanks so much Stephanie. Having read CSD and then being told the complete opposite, it is good to have some reassurance that the advice I was given is not complete lunacy, and may still produce healing effects.

    • Dara says:

      Katie, I followed a diet similar to what Steph referred to and had huge improvements in my autoimmune condition and digestion. It was part “paleo” (grain free, dairy free, grass-fed meat, nothing processed, etc), part GAPS (lots of probiotics and gut healing bone broth), and part CSD (lots of veggies, green juice and smoothies for detoxing and micronutrients). It took a while to figure out this perfect combo of dietary protocols but the wait was worth it. Whenever I follow it, I feel amazing. The other thing that has really helped is getting tested for food sensitivities and eliminating them since eating foods our system reacts to is also hard on the gut. Experiment and learn what works for your body. We’re all different. Best of luck!

  165. Jennifer Giuffre-Donohue says:

    Take care of yourself first & foremost! We’ll all still be here when you’re feeling more energized 🙂

  166. Natalia Sanchidrian says:

    Dear Kris,

    Always lovely to hear from you! Keep us on the loop and take good care of yourself!
    Thank you very much,
    Love you,

  167. SibbyTee! says:

    What great info! I had planned a trip to the local health food store today, I’ll add a probiotic supplement to the shopping list.
    Back in November, we moved from Toronto to the Okanagan Valley, in BC. We drove cross country, through the US to get here. Eating on the road caused some serious havoc for me, and I started to realize that I can’t just eat “everything, anytime!” Since that experience, I’ve been looking for more info about how to stay happy and balanced in the gastro sense, and your article fits right in!

  168. Audun Jemtland says:

    Stress/negative thoughts acidizes the body. Just like acid foods acidizes the body. What came first? The bad foods or the bad thoughts? I can only answer for myself. The food! And the the poor gut health then “pulled” down my mentality and then stress and negative thoughts occured. And then the bad brain & gut cycle began. One interesting thing I’ve discovered for myself is that anxiety “comes” from the gut. If your gut works, “everything” works. Confidence, nutritional absorbtion…

  169. Karen Jeyes says:

    Good timing, my friend. I just went through a nasty bout of diverticulitis and have learned a lot about my digestion & eating habits (I thought I was doing so well) NOT! Listen to Kris my dears, she speaks the truth. Stress is a biggie for me (mama with Alzheimers) & I am learning some self love with a sidesof veges. All love.

  170. Melissa says:

    I love this article and love that you stress the importance of Gut Health. No-one likes to talk about it but it is sooo important 🙂 I have just launched a new e-book all about how to get the balance back using natural methods – of course. I thought it was apt to name it….. Get the Perfect Sausage 🙂
    It is light and fun and yet gets to the important parts like you have mentioned in this article.

    Love our thinking on this one 🙂

  171. Sandra says:

    Hi Kris,
    I have just found you on the internet and I am very impressed with all the amazing work you done, you seem to have a great good influence in everyone you reach and I wish you all the best on your journey.

    In regards to this post I have to say drink plenty of tea, the tea that I recommend is Fennel tea, it’s really helps after meals and is a sweet taste.
    I was diagnosed with IBS for about 2 years just to found out that a stressful job was ruining my stomach… that’s when I also find out the connection between my brain and gut.

    Hope it helps!
    lots of love

  172. Keely Henry says:

    It turns out my ‘weak zone’ occurs during ovulation. Usually on the first day of ovulation, I am hungry ALL DAY! When I worked in a 730-5 office environment, this would kickstart at least a week of mega-snacking. And the snacks equaled mainly processed, sugar packed junk. Finally, my gut said “ENOUGH”. After mega pain, super bloated tummy, and frustrating weight gain of 7lbs, I was able to buckle down and get serious about living better. Long story short, I now am aware of this pattern and address it with awareness, self-loving care, and wholesomeness. Using tea as a craving curb and to ease my sweet tooth is super helpful. Also doing A LOT more baking & cooking at home.
    #4 is my home base. Loving all you share, especially the GALT info! Many thanks Crazy Sexy Kris!

  173. Audun Jemtland says:

    Hey Kris and everyone. I’ve had Chronic Fatigue 4 years now. I’ve tried all this with no succsess. And have come to the conclusion that it’s a PSYSICAL barrier in me, gallstones. Both present in the gallbladder and the liver… So I’m doing a Liver/gallbladder cleanse now. Because the food doesn’t mix with bile since it’s a barrier there. This is my GUESS. But it can’t be anything else. I’ve tried to “eaten” myself well but it simply doesn’t get anywhere. For Kris and everyone else, have you gotten well, and specifircally what have you done?
    Thanks people, love you all.

  174. Caro says:

    Kris, thank you for your support during the past 4 years of treatment. Your books have continued to be a constant source of support, wisdom & enthusiasm. When the dark clouds would enter my mind, I could read a chapter in “Crazy Sexy Cancer Survivor” & the clouds would go away. Such a gift, I can never repay.

    Thank you for deciding to tend to yourself & really it might be time to let us repay, in even just a small way, your devotion to us. Think about it. I would be happy to help you in any way, to lighten your load. I can send you a skills list & I know many others would too. It truly would be an honor to pay it back. Truly.


  175. Chris says:

    Hey Kris,
    Thanks for the awesome education on the gut – with you on the whole adrenal gut look after myself journey!
    Recently I have been doing yoga nidra (as well as the nutrition & meditation) to enhance the healing & wow, the cumulative benefits are very grounding…might be something you and your readers could enjoy…afterwards I can feel that my gut in particular has had a real rest!
    Here’s to your R&R – we’ll fly the flag for a bit.

  176. Mia says:

    There is no place like home! What a fabulous reminder to see you are taking care of yourself, as a busy, working mom, I needed that today!

    And then, there is the gut…. I am a green drink guzzler, and fermented food eater myself and feel better than ever since putting food first, but this really resonated for me because of one of my children who has constipation/gut issues and behavioral issues! I am pinning this post on the fridge to remember that I can help her, and bringing it with me next time I take her to the doc! I have such a strong feeling the two things are connected for her, but there is so little info, I always get tongue tied when at the doctor!

    Thanks again!

  177. Hello Kris,
    I feel like everywhere I turn these days, there is someone explaining the importance of healthy bacteria in the gut (and it isn’t me)! Thank you for your well-researched, accurate and easy-to-read article. I’ve been eating fermented veggies and drinking my home made kefir for over a year now and it really is a wonderful experience. I have played with kefir with raw cow, goat and sheep milk. And I now I plan to play with nut milks! I haven’t been sick in ages (except for a sniffle) and my energy and physical stamina have been higher than ever!

    Peace and Pickles!

  178. Lisa Smith says:

    to clarify.
    Oh, I couldn’t quite drink 2 liters of water first thing in the morning so I halved it and found that 1 liter before you eat anything worked magically for me.

  179. Lisa Smith says:

    Hi Kris, my hero and inspiration!
    Since my pregnancy in 1982, I’ve had chronic constipation and have been on one form of laxative until switching to metamusal, and just recently the natural version. I NOW use natural psyllium from Whole Foods. There are days that I just can’t get enough fiber but am getting the the place where my intake of healthy food will even eliminate that. What do you think?

    • Lisa Smith says:

      It’s also super important to my overall wellness to have at least one BM a day and preferably in the AM before I go anywhere. The psyllium almost guarantees this. One other TRICK I heard from one of the wonderful health gurus out there is to drink 2 liters of water first thing in the morning. Since doing that I don’t have to even have my hot cup of tea to help things get moving. thanks for all of your help – I couldn’t have gotten through my 4 year breakdown without you.

  180. Laura says:

    Kris, THANK YOU so much for this post! I am a big believe in the Body-mind/gut-brain connection. I tell my clients all the time about the importance of a healthy gut to your overall health. My husband and I use Yor Health products- all natural, plant based probiotics and digestive enzymes to keep ‘things’ moving with healthy bacteria, we juice and (do our best) to eat a whole foods diet with minimal processed foods. You are glorious, Kris Carr! Thank you for all you do!
    Laura Wieck
    The Body-Mind Coach

  181. I have thought about you a lot since reading this post. I hope all is well with you and your health. Wishing you the best! xo

  182. Hello Kris!
    Thank you for all you are doing to make women get their bodies back in line, mentally and physically!
    Timing for this post is perfect for me today. I’ve been under a load of stress and my body has reacted like a time bomb. Pounds of bloat, irregular heartbeat, intestinal issues…. the list goes on. Out of fear I ran to my incredible oncologist(I’m 2 years out of Stage 1C Ovarian Cancer) and she helped me down the mountain, talking and laughing with me. To make a long story short, all the tests she ran came back great. She’s positive that all my symptoms are stress related and diet related. Time for a time out for me. Will definitely look into all the probiotics! I have to listen more closely to my body. Enjoy the rest!

  183. Romke says:

    Take good care of yourself Kris! Love, Romke

  184. Sarah says:

    Rest up Kris & take care of yourself. Your fans & followers can spread your message while you take time to nurture. SarahX

  185. Dee Z says:

    I have had chronic bowel issues as long as I can remember. Something that has helped me is to drink ground flax seed in warm/hot water every night in addition to addequate water. It is amazing for promoting regularity of the bowels. A happy bowel is a happy women!

  186. heather says:

    Great article. I love that there are small, concrete, incremental steps to take. I always fail if I try to do too much at once! (I’m focusing on water this week!)

    • Therese says:

      Hi there Kris. Have a fabulous time off, get plenty of rest and have fun spending time in nature. Thank you so much for all the work you do! Lots of love, Therese 🙂

  187. Jen says:

    Most people still run to M.D.s and get antibiotics for anything and everything because they don’t know what else to do. I use garlic regularly, and Oil of Oregano is a fantastic addition when something more is needed — often knocks the bad bacteria back down with a single capsule and no nasty side effects!

  188. Kris,

    Great blog post on the gut. It is so important to get digestion working so you can feed your body what it needs to feel great. Your recommendations are exactly what I am doing to bring my body to a better state of wellness.

    I am pleased that you are taking some R&R now. It will be wonderful to hear the birds return and see the greening of fields as you renew your energy to continue to spread the wellness message. I am sending positive vibes that you will have energy for “I Can Do It” in Toronto in June.

    To your wellness Kris, Jo-Ann

  189. Rena leduc says:

    Love all your great wisdom you share!!! Thank you!!!

  190. My gut doesn’t like baguettes & brie anymore. That’s unfortunate because I sure do! Especially with a glass of Super Tuscan 🙂

    When I do indulge my best friends are Dr. Ohira (pro-biotics), lot’s of water and green juice.

  191. Sherri says:

    Great article! ! Very, very informative, especially for someone like me who carries a diagnosis of an autoimmune disorder (MS) and a pre-cancerous condition. This article is a friendly, straight forward reminder for me to pay attention to stress and my gut (my second brain-who knew?!). I am working hard these days to change my lifestyle, beginning with stress reduction, meditation and a change to a plant-based diet. It IS hard work, but totally worth it. Thanks Kris, for providing information, support and validation for those of us that work to live in our sweet spot!

  192. sheryl says:

    Kombucha!!! It is a fabulous way to support your gut.

  193. Wendy Irene says:

    Sending lots of love and positive self-care vibes your way! Thank you for teaching me about my gut. I learned a lot. I love walking away from your posts feeling empowered.

  194. Dunja Domic says:

    I can’t explain how much you’ve helped me this past year. I’ve been reading up on how important our diet is and what I should/shouldn’t eat – and, along with your books (CSD and CSK) as well as your blogs and those of other people, I’ve completely turned around my diet and consequently, my health. Since the diagnosis of my tumor last summer, I haven’t had an inkling of a cold, the flu, any allergies, fatigue AND – here’s the biggie – my tumor has disappeared! I’ve had surgery but they weren’t able to remove the whole thing – the doc couldn’t believe how this was possible! He doesn’t believe that food has anything to do with anything … but it must’ve helped. Either way, I feel great! And I’ve got you – and my gut – to thank for that!

  195. Ann Marie says:

    Haha, loved the bit about Matthew Crawley. Big grins over here. 🙂
    My digestion was really good when I ate whole grain bread.. stopped eating gluten though so haven’t exactly got the answer at the moment. May try more quinoa and raw soups.

  196. Amy says:

    I have suffered with digestive issues all my life,
    I always felt there was a mind gut connection. Thank you for the great advice and valadation.
    You are a source of great inspiration on my journey to wellness.

  197. Melissa says:

    Thanks so much for the info and inspiration! I currently follow about half of these and can’t wait to implement more into my life. My boyfriend constantly has gut issues and I can’t wait to share this info with him. You’re truly amazing!

  198. Margo says:

    Dear Kris, thank you this was a great blog. can you please tell me if it is better to have natural probiotics like the coconut kefit or sauerkraut rather than a supplement. I dont like to take the supplement because I feel the body gets used to it. Isnt it better to have everything from natural sources.

  199. Jessica says:

    Enjoy some well deserved R&R! Impressed that you are practicing what you preach! Question: my husband and I have had the “stomach flu bug” 5 times each in the last 6 months (my husband hardly ever gets sick normally). We are suspecting that something is wrong with our water, so we are getting it tested this week. We have begun eating a more plant based diet and taking more vitamins. In addition to that, what else can we do in order to build to the good bacteria in out guts up? I know you mentioned taking a probiotic in this post. Any other tips?

  200. Reine says:

    Thank you Kris,

    I have been battling parasites in my stomache for some time now and I think some of your tips will help alot. It’s so good to see that the things my doc. have told me are simliar to what you have said and that I am not alone in needing to improve my digestive system. I have severe aches and pains and joint problems. I am hoping that getting my gut in order will help eliviate all that. Thank you.


    Thank you for your very practical and dynamic info. I virtually live according to your prescription . My acid reflux or bloating continues .This is my only cause for concern at 57 years .Need to take my Nexium almost daily . please advise

  202. Mrs. Jen B says:

    Thank you so much, Kris, for everything you do. I’m on Remicade (an immunosuppressant) for Ulcerative Colitis – and yet I’ve managed to avoid getting sick this past winter. I’m certain that it’s because I have to take excellent care of my gut or else face the consequences (because Remicade is, sadly, not a get-out-of-jail-free card).

    Take care of yourself. There’s only one YOU on the planet and we need you!

  203. Kathie EnstadKathiepetee says:

    I am working on my gut. I am learning some recipes from Sally Fallon’s book, Nourishing Traditions. I have made sauerkraut, beet kvass, and ginger ale. I am trying to learn about making kefir and will make yogurt soon. We are trying to have something like this with every meal. The Body Ecology Diet is teaching me about this too. In fact the author has begun a website called bedrok to help kids heal from autism. The gut is so neglected and so unhealthy in most people. I am convinced that this the most important first step to heal me of depression and my husband of arthritis and bad digestion.

  204. Susan says:

    If you’re interested in learning more, is the place to go for all things “good gut” related. Donna Gates’ principles (especially food combining and eating fermented foods), changed my life forever. I buy their culture and kefir starters to make fermented veggies and coconut water kefir. It is SO easy to make coconut kefir – I buy a 1 liter box of ZICO from the supermarket, pour it into a glass bottle, add honey, warm it to a little above room temperature, add a kefir culture packet and put it in the pantry for 2.5 days. When it comes out it is a sparkling, delicious, LIVE probiotic beverage – as good, if not better, than any of the most expensive probiotic supplements you can buy. Keep it in the fridge and just a couple of ounces a day will do your body wonders! Before you drink the last few oz, be sure to pour some into your next batch to keep those good guys alive and multiplying. One culture packet can last me about 6-8+ batches. I have found that the key to fermenting ZICO (as opposed to cracking open your own fresh coconuts) is to add honey because believe it or not, due to the processing, it is actually not sweet enough with natural sugars for the culture to thrive. Enjoy!

  205. Jacqueline says:

    This is amazing advice that many people are not aware of, thank you for spreading the word! Many people tell me they eat dairy yogurt to get their probiotics, not realizing that dairy causing harm. It would be great if you could share more information on the correlation of the two to help debunk the ‘I get my probiotics from cow’s milk’ theory.

    This is one of those things that when you make changes you won’t see a dramatic difference in your overall health overnight. Like you mentioned, I was getting sick, constantly feeling tired and run down. It took a few years to find what worked for me with supplements and diet. Working with a naturopath, adding a daily probiotic and tailoring my supplements to what my blood work was asking for has been so important to feeling my best! xo

  206. Melissa McK says:

    My son could only point out one animal in a book at age 3. After one week on a probiotic, he was able to point out EVERY animal in the book! A week later we tested his body parts knowledge. He went from sometimes pointing out 2-3, to every body part with a confidence and speed that were not present prior. Go team probiotics! After seeing what a probiotic could do, we then took him off gluten and casein and our son who had expressive and receptive language delays started talking!

  207. Roxanne Ahmadpour says:

    Thank you thank you thank you. I am well aware of the integral role my digestive health plays in my wellbeing, and I feel like managing it has been the bane of my existence! I have been steadily learning more about how to achieve good gut health, but it seems like no matter what I do, my stomach is upset, I am bloated and full, can’t have a proper bowel movement, all those lovely things. It really really really affects me and my mood. I am not sure if genetics are playing a role here and I have less of this good bacteria, or I am more prone to stress, but despite a whole foods plant based diet, cutting out coffee, lessening sugar intake, regular exercise and yoga, I still have a very sensitive gut and experience problems regularly.
    Thank you for this information, it was very helpful and insightful. For now, I will continue to focus on stress reduction, I think that is a big culprit.

  208. Krissy says:

    Fascinating!! Loved the scientific background in this post. I always knew having a healthy gut was important but didn’t realize the extent of why it is so important. Enteric nervous system, GALT – I had no idea!! Keep’um coming and as usual “Thank you” for everything you do and share!

  209. Darrell says:

    Love your compassion and thanks for sharing and spreading your vision!!

  210. Katherine says:

    Thanks Kris! And good for you for practicing what you preach! 😉 I saw you for the first time at the I can do it conference in NY! Awesome, and since then I discovered my blender can manage greens! I had overcomplicated it in my mind with the excuse of not having a juicer, which is no longer an option 😉 So far, I feel more energized and it feels like I’m taking better care of myself. As you mentioned, doing it not for this or that, but as an act of love for myself. Thanks again for shifting perspectives in a fun loving way! 🙂

  211. Denise says:

    Thank you for the information, it is always new and very helpful. My main problems stem in my gut and digestive areas. This will help immensely with my everyday habits. As always peace and veggies to you, Denise Peralez.

  212. Cheryl Osten says:

    I love the way u explained how the body (gut) work. I will advise my deaf friends about the gut. This does improve my health.

  213. Lara Lamson says:

    It’s important to note that pasturerized vinegar-based sauerkraut is not a probiotic. Fermented vegetables are probiotic when prepared with lacto-fermentation, not vinegar. You can get these in the health food store (Bubbies, Oly-Kraut, etc, are some brands) or make them yourself.

    • Nicolette says:

      How does lacto-fermentation work? A friend started a salt-fermentation on cabbage to make sauerkraut, would that be probiotic?

  214. Chara says:

    Kris, thanks for modeling slowing down! It is hard for me to slow down and cancel commitments, even when my health deserves it. I really appreciate that you are publicly modeling the wise decision to trim your commitments when your body suggests that you should.

    • Emily says:

      I’ve learned over the last few years how rejuvenating it can be to cancel a commitment for personal time. I am an introvert and regain energy when I can unwind and decompress at home. I can feel worse by not listening to my body (mental and physical) and continuing on with a commitment, and the closer it gets I can can start to feel anxiety as well if I don’t cancel or reschedule. Some commitments are no-brainers, some you should probably think long and hard about canceling, but a friend/family member/close acquaintance should understand.

  215. Sarah says:

    Kris, great article. I am learning about my digestion every day. What I have learned is that I am sensitive to many of the foods I ate regularly while growing up. I now have part of an explanation as to why I was so emotionally sensitive. And if I happen to eat one of these foods again-bam! Within 48 hours I feel terrible and stressed out. A cascade of events are potentially triggered then. Some I am aware of, some I am not as they are occuring below the threshold of my awareness inside my body where my cells are doing their darndest to bring things into balance. From my own experience, I can confidently state that much of our stress may be caused by what we eat. If people could release such emotional attachment to food, and eat food which only nourishes them, they could figure a lot out.

  216. Peggy says:

    I am receiving treatment for hyperthyroid at the moment. This chronic disease has been in my life for the last 14 years. it’s really frustrating. I feel good that you share about your frustrating journey and how u are overcoming it. I’m practising yoga now and eating more consciously. Gonna be trying more natural alternative therapies too. Wish me luck!

  217. Jane Guyette says:

    Kris, Fantastic article! I have worked as a colon therapist for over 8 years and devoted the majority of my time to the inner-workings of the gut. I, too, developed disease years ago and by trial and error had to figure out my road map to health. One of the greatest discoveries to move my health forward in warp speed, besides the whole food/raw foods diet, was the liver and gallbladder flush. The liver is our blood cleanser and clearing house and daily dumps large amounts of waste into the digestive tract. So no matter how hard I tried to keep the gut clean it would just keep getting dirty again, even if I was eating clean. The liver/gallbladder flush was the answer to flush an enormous amount of toxins out of the body very fast, so they don’t hang around and potentially get re-absorbed. Besides myself, I can’t tell you how many times this has turned my clients health around in 1/2 the time. I have been teaching this cleanse for over 3 years now and would love to chat and share stories some day.

  218. Kristine Del Rosario says:

    Hi Miss Carr!

    Thank you for sharing with us. These information are really valuable especially to people like me who doesn’t know where to look and what to look for in a short period of time. I appreciate your work and intention of spreading the good word. I cannot wai until I’m done with chemo and I can practice what I’ve been reading from your books.
    I hope that you’ll get the rest and love that you need. Thank you.

  219. Pam says:

    Hi Kris, thanks for this awesome reminder/information. I am wondering if you are still doing the coffee/wheatgrass enemas to help your healing journey? If so, how often do you do them? Thanks! And enjoy your well-deserved break! Pam

  220. Mary Roncarelli says:

    Hey Kris. I am disappointed that you won’t be at the conferance. That is the only reason why I signed up. Take that as a big compliment. You are so inspirational and I value what you do and what you bring to my life and the life of the clients I work with. I am so glad to hear that you are taking a big break. I am not surprised that you need a rest. I was wondering how you were going to keep it going before it caught up. Rest, rest, rest and when you are ready, I can’t wait to hear all the great things you have to say about the importance of balance and rest and recovery. Thank you again and again. Take care. Mary

  221. Cindy Buteyn says:

    How do you feel about Kombucha? How does is it for gut health?

    • Sabrina Khan says:

      Hey Cindy,

      I’ve read about so many health benefits for Kombucha I started drinking it myself recently, I have to say I can already feel the health benefit in terms of increased energy, what about you? how long have you been taking it for and how have you found it?

      Before ordering it I read a lot of reviews for it and many many big name health and wellness experts rate it (obviously like everything else though, there has been some negative reactions, though rare)

      Anyhow my experience of it so far has been great 🙂

  222. Rita Pape says:

    Kris, I am very happy to hear that you are practicing what you preach. As a cancer survivor, I know what a balancing act it is to be good to yourself AND passionate about your work. It is the best teaching to demonstrate what you know to be true. Namaste, Rita

  223. Green Juice, Green Juice, Green Juice! That was a huge life changer kris has given me! Thank You:)

  224. Paulette Maillet says:

    Meals that heal inflammation by Julie Daniluk is a good book to check out. Also, on top of probiotics and a healthy diet, glutamine powder has been quite helpful for me. Enjoy your break Kris.

    • Paulette Maillet says:

      By the way, love Crazy, sexy kitchen! I’m cooking my way through it and already have recipes that are repeat performers.

  225. michele says:

    One thing a lot of people don’t think about is that if you’re eating factory-farmed animal products, you’re essentially taking a low dose of antibiotics all the time because the animals are fed antibiotics regularly. Not exactly great for gut health. To this list I would have added regular colonics and enemas. Maybe not the most ladylike topics, but I’ve been amazed, stunned at the power of colon-cleansing for healing. I consider it a key component to health.
    Thanks Kris-

  226. Sue says:

    Thanks so much for this very clear information. I am a nurse and I teach health classes at a psychiatric day treatment center and I am always looking for simple ways to explain complicated health issues. I used your information today to teach a group of six women about gut health and they got it!

  227. Suzie says:

    Kris.. love, love, love your blog. Have fun at the Farmette ..breath deep..savor the amazing joy you have brought so many folks like me!

  228. CASTOR OIL tummy packs xoxoxoox heat & oil before / in bed at sleepy time with a sleepy tea xo

  229. on target with your inspiring info xoxoox I have been hit with some problems from life in that area
    and wanted to share with you that castor oil and light heat on the tummy area – after a long day when you
    dive into the sheets – use a heating pad or a hot water bottle on the area of tummy -after you apply a
    small amount of pure castor oil ( can use a t shirt ) and it is super relaxing !!!! let the self love warm you
    and your tummy xoxoox

    YOUR AN ANGEL KRIS – keep up the good work and rest now at the change of seasons –
    LOVE & LAUGHTER always xoxooxoxo

  230. Kris, I am sooo happy to hear you are taking care of yourself. You have given so much to the world, and now it’s totally ok to do some MAJOR self-care. Although we love and appreciate all the wisdom you have to share, we appreciate your good health and happiness even more. We want you around for a long time. Sending you healing energy, well wishes and positive thoughts 🙂

  231. Paula says:

    Thanks Kris,
    I cannot have bananas. I have non-hodgkins lymphoma (follicular type) and cannot have anything with tryptopan.. And bananas, chicken, and turkey all have it. I will start having those probiotic foods, minus the banana, and take a supplement daily.

    • Wendy says:

      Hi Paula,
      How or where did you get the information about tryptophan and lymphoma?? I’d like to know more about that. I was diagnosed last year (it was incidental), but have NO symptoms so I am in the ‘watch and wait’ mode. I hear a lot from doctors and other people that it can take quite some time for the lymphoma to start causing symptoms, but I guess it all depends. I have been educating myself and changing my diet as I want to delay as much as possible the occurrence of the cancer being active. But i often find different advise as what to eat or not to eat for cancer patients. Take care.
      Thank you,

  232. Kathryn says:

    Dear Kris, I love your blog! It’s always spot on. When I stumbled upon your site a few months ago I have was so inspired I made the switch to a much healthier way of life – whole vegan foods in – processed sugary foods out! I feel great and have not missed any of the old way. The juicing is such an energizer and getting rid of the sugar and caffeine has done wonders for my overall health especially my joints are much, much better. I don’t wake up in pain any more and have more energy than I have in a decade which is allowing me to meet the challenges of my life as a much stronger and happier person.

    I am still a stress eater though, so this reminder to not snack constantly (even if it is goji berries) is much needed. In my early 20s I met these really healthy 80 year olds and they said the key to their success was not eating at night. They gave their bodies a long rest from food each night to let the organs do their maintenance. Your post reminded me of them. Thanks for all the GREAT information you share here and for your awesome books. You have changed my life for the better. In short, YOU ROCK! 😉

  233. Victoria says:

    In addition to what you have said above, what are your thoughts about acupuncture? I have been doing acupuncture for 8 months since my breast cancer has returned to the bones. It helps enormously with the side effects of Zeloda. In addition I have been following your book to the tea, feeling amazing with the juicing and occasional blending. Thanks so much! I think all of this is truly boosting my immune system so that I can defend myself against the toxins of the new therapy. I know that the cancer will not go away but at least I can live in peace with my body.

  234. Natalie Bailey says:

    Thanks Kris,

    I have fallen off the wagon when it comes to my gut, so thanks for the inspiration to get my gut in check, the probiotics in the fridge are coming out right now.

    All the best,
    Natalie x x x

    • shawn says:

      I think we are all guilty of falling off the wagon once in a while, the key is recognizing it and getting back on!

  235. Lisa Longfellow says:

    This has been a huge issue for me! This season has been rough on my immune system. After 5 courses (rounds) of antibiotics in 7 months, I will now help my good gut guys! Thanks for the information!

  236. Jeanne Clark says:

    Please, rest up and feel better. I hear you, about digestive health. My nervous system hurt my esophagus, diagnosed with Barrettes Esophagus in my forties from stress and nerves, diet was pretty good, and weight is good. Been following you ever since almost all the way vegan and juicing feeling much better, working on the rest. So Thank You for your inspiration your information is a real gift, and I love the new cook book, Thanks.

  237. C says:

    Lots of love and thanks to you darling Kris.
    Glad to hear you’re taking some time out


  238. Rocco says:

    My goodness what an amazing post! So few people discuss just how important it is to Love our tummies! I have worked with many friends and clients who have experienced coaching and medtitation sessions with me that have learned to love every area of their bodies including their bellies. Together we will work to connect your physical body to your Spirtitual body and help you to Love all that you are! It takes work but the results are amazing!

    Kris thank you for this reminder of Self Love!
    Oxoxo Rocco

  239. Maria Foti says:

    I love that your newsletter is always exactly in sync to what I am seeking out in my life,it consistantly blows my mind!!! I was just placing a order last night for some DigestZen line of digestive health products by doTTERA.
    Its all here so I do not have to search the world over for a system but I always share your your info packed,all inspiring newsletter!!! Enjoy your peace at the farmette 🙂

  240. Gail Lichtenfels says:

    I have Multiple Myeloma, was diagnosed in 2007 and had a stem cell transplant and subsequent chemo treatments beginning in 2011 when the myeloma again raised its head. Now, having been through all the current standard of care drugs with a continual increase in myeloma activity, I am going on a new drug that is paliative in the hopes that this will keep the myeloma at bay to some extent until I die in about a year. Well, this is the scenario as my doctor and the med. prof. see it and it may play out like this but I continue to try to effect my health through yoga, visualization, jungian dream work, lots of silence, and diet.
    My gut is in bad shape. I have a lot of diarhea. Any suggestions.


    • Paula says:

      Gail, I have an aunt with multiple myeloma. The doctors at MD Anderson hospital in Houston had her on tumeric pills daily. She’s in her 70’s and doing well. I have follicular non-hodgkins, and one doctor told me that without a stem cell transplant, that I would have only 1 1/2 – 2 years to live. I’m now going on 3 years without the transplant, as my body would not yield enough cells. I stay away from sugar as much as possible, and red meat, chicken, turkey and bananas. All which have triptophan in them, which the lymphoma love. For my coffee and tea, I use stevia. The best sugar substitute I have found with no sugars in it. I use the liquid. The others alll have maltodextrin in them which is sugar. I read lots of labels. Most everything out there has high fructose corn syrup in it. I steer clear of that stuff too. It is bad for anyone. Good luck, and God be with you. We are what we eat…

    • Roslyn says:


      I don’t know about Multiple Myeloma, but I do know about having a gut that’s in bad shape.

      The two best diet-driven resources for gut healing I’ve found are “Breaking the Vicious Cycle” by Dr. Elaine Gottschall (The Specific Carbohydrate Diet) and “Gut and Psychology Syndrome: Natural Treatment for Autism, Dyspraxia, A.D.D., Dyslexia, A.D.H.D., Depression, Schizophrenia” by Natasha Campbell-McBride, MD (The GAPS Diet).

      They follow a similar protocol and diet that helps control diarrhea, starve out bad bacteria, and give your gut a chance to heal. The diets are strict and cheating won’t get you anywhere, but if you are dedicated they work like a charm. In my experience, things worked best when I spent a week on the GAPS bone broths, then a week on the SCD intro diet, with very slow introduction of things from there.

      In addition to those diets, it’s always a good idea to work with an open-minded GI or gut-focused Naturopath who will work with you to get stool tests done, etc. They may be able to identify pathogens that are contributing to the problem.

      Good luck.

      • Amy says:

        Thank you so much for this post! Do you have experience with healing crohns? My IBD dr wants me to start Humira – I’m concerned it may wreak havoc on my system…

  241. Brenton says:

    Take a wonderful well earned rest Kris. Your work will continue through your books and blogs. Namaste

  242. Melissa says:

    You continue to be such an amazing source of inspiration for me. My friends led me to your website recently, as my story of my chronic illness challenging me in every essence sparked parallels to your story and reminded them of you. As a “recovering overachiever” I have a deep admiration for your Event Update. While some will miss hearing you speak at the Hay House event, you living your values and taking the time to rest and rejuvenate speaks far more loudly than that single appearance could. Rest up, and keep spreading your powerful message of self-care and commitment. <3

  243. Jo says:

    Kris, this really brought home to me about practice what I preach! I have been picking up every bug going around (which is really unusual for me). So I’m going to go back to basics and follow your advice to get some good gut health going on. Stress is a BIG one for me. As soon as I feel myself getting overwhelmed, I feel the tightness in my stomach. Right, off to down my probiotic supplement and get started with getting better gut health. Jx

  244. Oh Kris….. I can’t tell you how much I love and appreciate your insights, the lessons, learnings and blessing you share!! You really area an inspiration and help me to focus, refocus and learn and grow with each and every day. I soooo love that!! 🙂 That in and of itself is a blessing and I can’t thank you enough. This article is perfect timing as my gut has been telling me I need to focus more on my gut…ironic 🙂 and a reminder of how true it is that everything happens for a reason… life truly is grander with your presence and inspirations!!

    big hugs
    Catherine @AlmostRawVegan xox

    • Nancy Moody says:

      Kris this information is so important and will help so many as it is not information that most MD’s give their patients. I do Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics now but the big difference in my over all health came when I started taking Juice Plus+ eight years ago. It is a wonderful nutritional concept that I now distribute because as a RN it is my moral and ethical duty to help families improve their diet through education and Juice Plus+ to fill the gap of what we don’t get from our food today. It is a widely researched product throughout the world. The research is what make me look at it. Thank you for all that you do to educate others so that they can overcome or avoid becoming ill. Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food!

  245. Mark Buban says:

    Hi Kris,

    Great article! I’ve been taking a probiotic for many years now and believe it’s one thing that really helps to keep me feeling great. I did get sick for the first time in 3 years after being around someone that really had a nasty case of the flu. I kicked it fairly quickly though and was back to normal. The probiotic I use is called Optiflora by Shaklee.

    I’ve used their products for nearly 20 years and their cleaning products were featured as one of Oprah’s favorite things. If not for Oprah, I don’t know if I would have ever seen “CrazySexyCancer” after you appeared on her show drinking green juice. All the best to you!


    • Lisa says:

      I know it has been a few years after your post and maybe by now you have realized the additives in Shaklee products are something to reconsider. Soy Lecithin, Glycerin, Maldextran, Fructose etc. Ther are much better organic probiotics out there to take! Do the research and make good choices. Be well!

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