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Happy anniversary! Celebrating a decade of thriving with cancer.

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Hi Darling,

Ten years ago, this week, I was given exactly ten years to live. Stage IV cancer, no cure, no treatment, no options. Thankfully my expiration date was inaccurate. Like many people diagnosed with cancer, my life drastically changed that day.

A decade later I can honestly say that cancer changed my life for the brighter and better.

In this blog I’ve reflected on ten tips that helped me and can help you too (whether you’ve been diagnosed with a chronic poop pickle or not). You’ve heard me say many of these things before, but they bear repeating.

As I meditate on the impact that illness has had on my life, I realize I’m a better, more grateful woman today because of cancer. I was asleep at the wheel before cancer shook me awake. And though there’s still no cure (yup, rare diseases don’t get much attention), I continue to live harmoniously with cancer. Once every year and a half I get scanned (hmmm, I think I have one coming up this summer, I forget), otherwise I just live my life. It’s not always easy, but it is my life, and I love it. For me, cancer isn’t a death sentence, at least not today. My disease is the slow-moving-could-get-aggressive-one-day variety. It’s weird and unknown.

Above all, cancer is a spiritual practice that teaches me about faith and resilience. You can learn these skills too.

You don’t need cancer to wake you up like I did.

I hope some of these tips resonate with you. And remember, when the going gets tough, take a really deep breath and trust that you will know exactly what to do. You’re smart and your intuition is rock solid. You’ve got what it takes to live an incredible (pinch yourself) life. Don’t wait. OK?

1. Find the best MDs.

Kris Carr

If I had listened to the first doctor, I wouldn’t be here today. Thankfully I was willing to travel and hunt for the best oncologist for my sarcoma. If you’re newly diagnosed (with any medical life lemon), I highly suggest you do the same. Your life is in their hands. Do they have impeccable skill, experience and access to the latest research? Are they tapped into a network of colleagues who can talk about your case? Your local hospital may not cut it.

It took second, third and fourth opinions, but today I have a great oncologist and a strong integrative team. They’re kind, compassionate and treat me like I matter. They’re also very different. My oncologist at Dana Farber Cancer Institute (a sarcoma specialist) understands all the current traditional treatment options for my disease. I still haven’t had any conventional treatment, but should my disease become aggressive, he’d be my first stop. My integrative MDs treat my whole body, not just the symptom. How do they do that? With dietary recommendations, targeted supplements, IV’s, stress management tips and regular tough love (they often bark at me for working too hard!).

How to find an Oncologist

Start by Googling the top 10 cancer hospitals in the U.S. Also, use the resources below to explore the best oncologist for your specific cancer.

How to find an Integrative MD

Check out the directories below and interview your doctors to make sure they’re the right fit for your healing team.

2. Just juice it!

Kris Carr Crazy Sexy Kitchen

If you really want to turn your health around, start juicing today. As many of you know, daily green juice has been a consistent part of my life for about six years now. Though my disease continues to be stable, I’ve had other health challenges. Without a shadow of a doubt, my green juice practice has been the glue that’s not only held me together, it’s allowed me to thrive in spite of my obstacles.

Juices are hydrating, energizing, nourishing and medicinal (but they don’t have to taste like medicine!). And as for the old “I don’t have enough time” excuse, yes you do, and you’re worth it. So stop that nonsense! When you get good at juicing, it only takes about 20 minutes (especially if you prep your veggies ahead of time and rinse off your juicer right away). If you only have a blender, that’s fine, make smoothies. Blend, baby, blend. Cheers!

3. Eat more plants.

Kris Carr Crazy Sexy Kitchen

I’ll give cancer props for another minute (just one). The little “c” was the catalyst I needed to find a compassionate way of eating and living. In a nutshell, my food philosophy is as follows: Embrace gorgeous greens, beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, grains, sea veggies, fruits and vegetables galore. Crowd out inflammatory, hormone-filled animal products (even when organic) by filling your plate with plant-strong whole foods. And while you’re at it, pull back on the processed white stuff, especially sugar (it feeds cancer).

If you’re not interested in going full tilt vegan, no worries! Make plants the main dish and animal products the side dish. Reduce your consumption, and do your best to avoid factory farm products. For heavenly plant-inspired recipes, check out my cookbook, Crazy Sexy Kitchen.

4. Beauty 911.

Kris Carr

We all have our favorite go-to beauty products. Some are luxurious; others are tried and true drugstore scores. Did you know that the average person uses 9 personal care products per day containing about 126 chemical ingredients? Many of these chemicals have been linked to increased risk of cancer, infertility, birth defects, hormone disruption and the list of dangers goes on. Babies, children, teens, adults — we’re all exposed to these chemicals on a daily basis and there is still much we do not know about their long-term health effects.

Shame on the FDA for not reviewing or approving the majority of personal care products before they go to market. In addition, companies aren’t required to test their products on their own and are allowed to leave hazardous chemicals off their labels. It’s 2013. Why is this ok? Join me in making educated choices about the products we use. Your lashes and longevity will thank you. Use the Environmental Working Group’s tools and resources to get educated and lessen your exposure to toxins.

5. Take ten minutes to move.

Kris Carr

I’m a writer, which means that a lot of my day consists of sitting in a chair and staring at a screen while (praying for inspiration) and clacking at the keyboard. Guess what’s happening in my body as I sit and type? Absolutely nothing. My posture slumps and my energy wanes. But studies have shown that even short bursts of exercise can have impressive results for your health — decreasing long-term health risks, boosting your immune system and improving your mood.

You don’t have to have a lot of time or fancy equipment to make a difference. But you do need to get out of that chair and shake booty for ten minutes (preferably a few times a day). Yoga, dance, martial arts, sex, whatever rings your bell! In our ever-busy lifestyle, everyone can find ten minutes — without fail.

6. Take care of your mind.

Kris Carr

Before my diagnosis I didn’t give my mind a second thought. It was wild and scattered, full of anxiety and doubt. Post-diagnosis, I knew that the chaos in my mind would only harm my body. So I packed my bags and checked into a zen monastery in New Mexico. It was there that I learned about meditation and breathwork and since then, these basic practices have become my lifeline when I need them.

If you don’t think your anxiety, depression, sadness and stress impact your physical health, think again. All of these emotions trigger chemical reactions in your body, which can lead to inflammation and a weakened immune system. Learn how to cope sweet friend. There will always be dark days. Give yourself and your loved ones (because your mental health affects them too) an everlasting gift by learning how to calm your mind. In addition, you may need some professional support. It might be talk therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), animal-assisted therapy, group counseling, AA, art therapy, or a combination of approaches. Figure out what works for you, and don’t forget a good ole massage from time to time. We hold so many issues in our precious tissues.

7. Adopt a furry friend.

Kris Carr Lola

The biggest healers in my life have been my animal companions. As a child I visited the dairy farm across the street from my home on a daily basis and befriended the cows. From that point on, I’ve developed a visceral connection to all creatures, whether I’m at an animal sanctuary, watching a deer disappear into the woods, or hanging out at home with my rescue dog Lola. My cherished fur children have given me more joy and unconditional love than any human (and I have a really close family — no offense, Mom!).

Studies show that pets actually boost our immune system, help us live longer and aid with depression. According to the Centers for Disease Control, pets decrease blood pressure, cholesterol levels, triglyceride levels and feelings of loneliness. They are wise, kind teachers if you’re willing to open your heart and tend to their needs. If you have space in your home, please consider adopting an animal in need. Every week we include animal adoptions in our newsletter. If you’re not on our mailing list, whatcha waiting for, zesty hot stuff!

8. Create a new tribe.

Kris Carr

Releasing toxic people and embracing supportive, loving people is deeply healing. Are you walking on eggshells with a certain someone? Pretending to be someone you’re not for fear of rejection? It’s time to find out. The quickest way to identify who should stay in your life and who should get the boot is to just be yourself. Who cheers you on? Who boos and brings you down? The answers are clear and so are your choices.

As you rise and acknowledge your light, you’ll find that new, exciting, supportive people start moving your way. When I began walking my talk, I quickly connected with soulful biz-savvy women, innovators, change-makers, thought leaders, activists and other compassionate, holy beings. My entire life shifted toward that warm energy. Today my community is an infinite galaxy of inspiration. Not because I shrunk to meet the expectations of others, but because I grew to become the person I wanted to be. You can too. Actually, you must.

9. Unconditional acceptance.

Kris Carr

Accepting where we are right now is the path of the mature spiritual warrior. It takes courage to embrace your current situation, to be present and loving towards yourself exactly as you are. Truthfully, why wouldn’t you accept yourself? You are your reality. You are your truth. Can you change? Absolutely! But even talking about change puts us in the future. And while there’s definitely a time for that, building a strong foundation on the now will allow you to consistently love and care for yourself. Stop for a minute. Give yourself props for the hard work it took to get where you are today. Bow to your resilience. Take in your good. If you’re hell bent on strategizing about all that could be better, then you must promise to give equal time to what’s amazing right now.

When I was first diagnosed, my burning goal was remission. Anything else seemed like colossal failure. And even worse — my fault. Ten years later, I’m a master at my own advice. I. Accept. Me. Cancer and all. Does that mean that I’ve given up on my health? Of course not! Acceptance is different from quitting. It means that no matter what happens, you won’t abandon yourself in your time of need. And here’s the the part that contributes to your overall well being: Acceptance allows you to rest, renew and replenish — rather than stress over what isn’t going your way. You are your own angel, treat yourself as such. Stand by your own side as you try new things and spread your wings. Life doesn’t start when “this, that or the other thing” is resolved. Life is now. Don’t wait it away.

10. Go for it.

Kris Carr

Everyone has something special stirring inside. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to open a natural pet foods store. Maybe you’ve dreamed of volunteering for a political campaign or simply going to the Grand Canyon with your kids. I wanted to make a film and write some books. The odds were not in my favor — financially, physically or emotionally, but I did it anyway. And I’m pretty happy that I did.

Kris Carr Brian Fassett

Some leaps will seem small and others sweeping, but they all call us to have faith in ourselves.

I found the love of my life after my diagnosis and though remission was my prerequisite, it wasn’t his. I left a career that was draining my life force and took a gamble on starting my own business. I moved out of the city and worked with my husband to rebuild a broken down farmette because we had a calling to create a sanctuary — a place to rescue animals, grow vegetables, write, live and give. With each of these steps, I just had to go for it. There are no safety nets. No guarantees. Sometimes we will all fall down, but now that I’ve taken the past decade to embrace these ten tips, I know that I’ll be okay. The risks are worth it because life is worth living. Living like we really mean it. If you haven’t already, I invite you to join me. Because you deserve love, health and true happiness. And it’s here for the taking.

Thank you for all your love these past ten years!

My readers are my virtual family. I cherish you! Keep taking care of yourselves. Your health is a gift.

I love you.

Peace & celebration!

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  1. Leila Mendez says:

    I first heard about the Richway biomat from you. Are you still using the biomat? I have been using the biomat ever since I read about your recommendation. I remember you saying something about the mat working to destroy cancer cells.

  2. Gary Buegler says:

    Hi, I also have a very slow growing cancer stage 4 metastatic lung cancer that originated from parotid gland cancer 2 years ago. The estimated doubling time is 2 years for me.
    I’m in a program with two drugs opdivo and yervoy. I started 8 weeks ago. I think it’s working, My energy level has never been better for decades. My WBC of 5000 and ANC count of 4500 are incredibly up over the baseline of 2200 & 600 respectively 8 weeks ago. This was never expected as a result of the clinical trial.
    It’s in my back now also. It’s been there.
    I had a compressed vertebrae L1 repaired last week with kyphoplasty and some scaffolding bars in implanted. I was doing extreme yard work pruning and topping off pine trees and caused the injury. But the root cause is cancer.
    I feel good and my family says my attitude is great. But it’s the way I feel. I have very little fear of the future & accept the challenges as they come.
    I’m aware that my cancer is an anomaly because of its slow double time and feel empathetic for those whose VDT is weeks or months. My mother had NSCLC for only 7 months before it took her life 16 years ago.
    I don’t know what the effects of the immunotherapy treatment are at this stage but I know how very good I feel emotionally and physically and I see the effects on my WBC counts which are key metrics for the treatment to work. I was also told that the anomaly of slow doublong time gives the treatment an advantage to work more effectively. I am lucky. I truly believe that.
    I share your fantastic attitude and it adds to my hope Thank you.

  3. N. McGee says:

    Thank you for your encouragement, diet advice, and the management tips you shared, and the fresh, straightforward way you write about cancer. I’m much older (I got my breast cancer diagnosis at 61), but enjoy the positive approach my younger cancer sisters so often share. I was devastated my cancer became metastatic in 2017, and your witing has helped me refocus my energies, along with prayer, meditation, and support of friends and family. Wishing you continued success.

  4. Rhonda N. says:

    Congratulations! You have inspired me so. I just celebrated 6 yrs post breast cancer and just had a A+ doctor appointment. I discovered you at the breast surgeons office after my diagnosis and thought…Crazy? Sexy? Cancer?…what??? So I asked if I could borrow the book and I loved it. I now have all your books except the juicing one-which I will need to get. I love your encouragement and your purpose and thank you for helping me on my journey to wellness as you have helped others. I am vegan and healthy and now teach others vegan cooking classes once a month. (I use your info alot.) I am a nurse who went against traditional treatment and am thriving so I love to teach and help others too. love my post cancer life.! After the freak out post cancer dx and treatment , I too moved to a little farmette with a 600 SF cabin, cut back on work and got rid of all debt. YOU have encouraged a lot of this. THANK YOU Kris, I am so happy and fulfilled and healthy. Keep it up girl. You are amazing. My next step is to add a furry friend….or two! God Bless you and your mission for your health and all that you share with the rest of us.

  5. My brother sent me a link to your life, and, as a person living with cancer, I have found reading this post (the first of many of your posts I plan to read now) quite inspirational. I am a half marathon runner, mountain bike rider and like you, I too am a writer. I aspire to one day find my niche and bring in some residual income with my writing, but for now I am trapped within the gray fabric walls of my 7-4 State job.

    Thank you for sharing your life and experiences with me and the world.


  6. Tessa says:

    You are such an inspiration and so brave and you just shine. You inspire and save people! Sending so much love and light your way!

  7. You have shed so much light and hope for me in my own cancer journey. Decisions are difficult when you are faced with a disease that ensues fear. Thank you for being so true to yourself and therefore supportive of all of survivors’ journeys. xo

  8. Rebecca says:

    Happy Anniversary, Kris! Thanks for being an inspiration and a friend for those of us walking the walk of CanSir. I so appreciate that you share your joi de vivre AND the fact that it ain’t always easy. Love and blessings, sister.

  9. Liz says:

    Thank you! I was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer a year ago. Next week, I will have my 6 month PET scan and this is when I feel the most anxious. Reading your story has helped me feel more positive. Here’s to many more cancer free decades for us…and all the the people out there who share our diagnosis.

  10. Elena says:

    Hello Kris! Happy Anniversary and many happy returns to you! My loving sister Nancy, bought me your book in two thousand eight, when I was first diagnosed with stage 3c Ovarian cancer. Wow! Your book saved my life! By the way I did use the cancer card! It works. I was in joyful remission for six years. I found out quite by accident that my cancer has returned and is now lodging in my pancreas. By the way, I am a fifty six years old woman. I used my time wisely, when I was in remission. I faced my alcoholism, went through a heavy recovery program as well as mental health hospitalization to deal with my life long depression and anxiety. Rebuilt my relationship with my hubby who is my love and friend for the past forty years. Started a recovery page for addictions and wrote a book about taking care of my dying mom last year. Life has been so good to me Kris! Cancer, in a way is a gift. It allows us to release with love people, places or situations that are not for our highest good. And be o.k. with it. But I suppose I have more to learn because I am once again facing myself through living with cancer. I am going to make it. No, I am making it. There is no end. So, wanted to check on you. Thank you and see what you have been up to. You are a mentor for me. I am once again reading your marvelous book. Love and joy to you my sister warrior. Elena.

  11. Renu says:

    The ongoing chemo therapies are leaving me quite fatiguedand a little depressed at times. This has inspired me not to give up and to look forward to a life on my own terms . Thanks.

  12. I have never forgotten your joyous spirit, even though I have not experienced cancer, you have been an inspiration to me. So glad you outlived Your expiration date and really lived, loved you.

  13. Nancy Jo Rinehart says:

    You rock! I thought I had strained my back. Finally got an xray, The man who read it said, mild scoliosis and suggested massage. I knew there was more so I headed to a chiropractor. After 3 weeks I was in horrible pain and went to an ortho. He took an xray, Then a MRI. Tennis ball size mass around my L5 which had me on the brink of paralysis. Thanks to that wonderful man I was in surgery to relieve the pressure on my spinal cord and then was sent to radiation to take care of what he couldn’t do. I just finished radiation on Friday the 10th. The kicker for me was this tumor spread from my lung. I’m not a smoker. I don’t fit the profile for lung cancer and now I’m told I have stage 4. We are waiting results now of a biopsy the took last week. I already had started a healthy diet but my friend just gave me your name last night so now I will be reading all about you! I am 56 with two incredible boys, 20 and 16. I love my life and have no intention of going anywhere other than vacations and their weddings! . No telling where this thing came from and if we all ate like you to start with, it most likely wouldn’t be an issue!. Thank you for all the leg work you’ve done to help people like me. There’s so much out there and it really gets overwhelming. I am very grateful Kris (my friend, maybe it’s the name? :-)) gave me your info. You may have just helped save another life. XO

  14. Gina Gill says:

    Happy late anniversary to you and your decade mark! Thank you for helping me survive my diagnosis. I watched your movie and read your books, learned to meditate, and love myself unconditionally. Your attitude and spunk lifted my spirits at the darkest time of my life. This year is my third year of finishing treatment and being Cancer free and I know I am healed. Thanks for mentioning the lack of regulation in the cosmetics industry. I now sell a personal care line that is on a mission to change this. I am working daily to get our government to help make changes to this and need the help of everyone affected by Cancer to make a difference!

  15. Kristen Angus says:

    You’re a rockstar. I started to re-read “crazy, sexy, diet” again (3 or 4 or 5 or maybe 6th time, not sure). I love this book. I want to say thank you for writing it, and just being awesome in general. Every once in a while I re-read certain books that I find inspiring like re-reading a quote that’s inspiring and your book is one of them. I’m a fan of your journey, and I want you to know you have impacted mine.
    Keep shining!
    this may be a little late but congrats on the 10 years shining so far…. or 12 now. yay!

  16. Vicki Gostanian says:

    I saw your film last night in a class at the adult school which I work for. The class title is total body
    reboot. I am taking the class with my daughter Haley who is going to school to become a registered
    dietitian. She has been a crusader of your kind of lifestyle and we have taken baby steps to get here.
    My eyes have been completely opened up, (Haley said we just couldn’t believe her, we had to hear from someone else). Back to your film, I loved it, I laughed, I cried, and I cringed.. I am totally blown away by you, your family and those you surround yourself with, you are truly inspirational.

  17. Amanda Reay Young says:

    Loved reading your blog . I had uterine cancer in December and have had a total hysterectomy and now have gone into the menapause . I want to change my diet and I am a big animal lover . I am 51 years old and need advise on how to get healthy . I was advised to contact you through a lady who does Acupuncture . All the best

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    work out. Wii dumbbells may make the difference in your workout.
    There are some organizations and platforms out there that can provide you with instant industry ranking based
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  19. Christina says:

    You are an amazing person; your positivity and love inspire me. May you continue to thrive for many years!

  20. Leonora says:

    Kris: you are such an inspiration! I am only sorry I didn’t know about you sooner!

    Many many congratulations on your wonderful anniversary, and many many happy returns!

  21. Lorrie says:

    Thank you very much for sharing! You are an amazing person and I admire you so much

  22. Candi Jackson says:

    I lost my sister 2 years ago to cancer. I’m a student studying nursing and have a paper i have to write on cancer. I chose to write my paper on Alternative therapy for cancer patients. I am amazed at how hard it is to find peer reviewed articles supporting alternative treatment. My friend turned me on to your blog page and i want to say congratulation on your ten years. You have a lovely web page and i enjoyed reading about the things that have contributed to helping you win your battle. I hope you don’t mind if i reference the link in my research paper. I wish you all the love and happiness in the world, you are a very inspiring individual.

  23. ronnie says:

    I read it just now (May, 2014) hence the late respond…
    I wish you more healthy decades to come. You are most inspiring spirit and I thank you for sharing.
    I raise my kids (and myself, I must say) in the mantra of start now, don’t wait for the next minute. And for me I say It’s better late then ever, as I’m not young and doubts crawling every time I’m in the pursue my passion and discover my meaning mood.. So, thank you for what you do and keep on changing the world, one woman at a time..

  24. SK Del says:

    Kris you are an wonderful inspiration and a gift to us all. I am 10 months into battling metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma and so often on what I call my weepy weak days I have found something to smile about in your blogs or on your facebook page. I am just up I87 in Saratoga Springs and I hope that some day I get the honor of seeing you in person. You have such a gentle personna and a great out look on life. Thank you for all the time and energy you put into guiding people to a better life.

    Regards ~ Sarah Warrior Princess

  25. Patricia Mackay says:

    Hi kris,
    What an amazing positive and giving person you are. Your my kinda gal , no doctor was going to give you a death sentence and you take it without a fight, go girl! Thank you for sharing your journey and your delicious recipes with us all
    All the best to you and your family and furry ones as well.

  26. Rochell says:

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    with us so I came to take a look. I’m definitely enjoying the information.
    I’m book-marking and will be tweeting this to my followers!
    Exceptional blog and great style and design.

  27. Nicki says:

    Hi there, You’ve done a great job. I will certainly digg it and personally recommend to my friends.
    I am confident they will be benefited from this site.

  28. Tabitha says:

    wow what a beautiful and totally inspiring story. your work your life touches so many people and will waken so many more. thank you for being a light and sharing your journey.

  29. Ashley says:

    Thank you for sharing! You are truly an inspiration!

  30. Antony says:

    Heya i am for the first time here. I came across this board and I find It truly useful &
    it helped me out a lot. I hope to give something back and aid
    others like you helped me.

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    And i’m satisfied reading your article. However wanna commentary on some basic things, The site style is perfect,
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  32. Soon says:

    I am really grateful to the holder of this web site who has
    shared this great article at here.

  33. Thank you so much for sharing all that you have learnt on your amazing journey.

  34. Kacie May says:

    Kris I love your story, the value you give, your inspiration, leadership, quirkiness, empathy…the list goes on. Thank you for being you. I live this quote and see it in action all around me, and girl, a-freaking-men for you, your journey and your vision. “As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.” Happy (now 11th) Anniversary and thanks for sharing with a fellow cancer conqueror and us all.

  35. Suzanne says:

    One of my best friends was just diagnosed with cancer and under went 4 hours surgery yesterday to have the tumors removed! I was at a loss as to what to do, where to go and how to help! My daughter has a co-worked with Stage IV breast cancer so I texted her for advice as to where to go to get good information. She texted back two words – Kris Carr! Your story is so inspiring – just what I needed right now- THANK YOU!

  36. Carolyn says:

    Thank you for this website. I’ve learned so much. My 18 yr old daughter was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma cancer in May 2013. She’s completed 8 massive rounds of chemo. I’m juicing for her daily and always looking for natural methods to help assist in saving my daughters life. Also, congratulations on your 10 year milestone.

    • Kacie May says:

      Hi Carolyn!

      That’s so funny your name is Carolyn. That’s my Mom’s name too, and she goes by Carrie. I’m 27 and was diagnosed with Stage 2 High Risk Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in Sept ’11 and done many Eastern and Western treatments. For Eastern, Curcumin is a great natural pain reliever and anti inflammatory, and Liver and Spleen Glandular pills I got from my Dad who’s a natural doc, have played a big role in my recovery, as well as some Lymph homeopathics. And sea salted lemon water is great for hydration, electrolytes, and alkalizing the body. Emotional therapy is key in healing, too. Sending you & your daughter love.


  37. Lisa David says:

    So many beautiful words of inspiration and motivation. Thank you. I was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000. I was 28 years old. In 2009 I was diagnosed with stage IV (no cure). So I’m still battling on but it is hard going. I think I need to embrace more of your diet recommendations. I’ve been veggie for most of my life, don’t drink much alcohol but oh how I love an Americano and slice of cake…….. I’ve been green juicing for the last couple of months, about 4 times a week. I think I need to be doing this every day. I’m a teacher so I’m wondering if juice alone in the mornings will keep me going……… Is porridge (obviously without sugar/honey) ok?
    Love and light lovely lady
    Lisa x

  38. Mary Obst says:

    How amazingly inspiring and uplifting could one person be! You are just pure sunshine and daisies! I am so thankful for all that you do and share with world. Congratulations on surpassing your 10yr anniversary, Keep on shining.
    xox Mary 😀

  39. After finding Kris Carr my life changed for the better. She is a dynamic human being with so much to offer, love, knowledge, hope, inspiration, guidance and laughter to name a few. I appreciate her light because she shines on all who enter her world. She just celebrated her 10 years of living with cancer. I just celebrated 7 years of living without cancer. Some days I wake and think that there is nothing for me to do today. Nothing for me to share. But I always find something to learn, to share, and to do. I have a light of my own that I shine onto others without even knowing it. I share my love, knowledge, hope inspiration, guidance and laughter to many across the www in hopes that I can make a difference in someones life so they too can shine their light onto others.
    Strive to do one good thing for another each day and see what a difference it makes in your life.
    Happy Spring 🙂

  40. Brooke says:

    Or, you could kill the Cancer.

  41. Annika says:

    I’m 30, and have had difficult to keep in check epilepsy since i was 5, and last week went through surgery to remove a tip-of-your-thumb-size piece of my brain to greatly reduce/eliminate nightly seizures. A few months before that, I found Kris and have been juicing ever since. Getting ready for the surgery I consciously surrounded myself more than usual with friends and did stuff I really enjoy doing in order to have nice things to think about while trying to heal more quickly. And indeed i have! I have a looong sick leave a head of me, but otherwise i feel happy, have very little pain in my head, and generally got to come home super soon after the operation. I KNOW it was positive thinking, good friends, my loving and ever-supportive husband and looking forward to a great summer of harvesting my own food that got me back on my feet so quickly (not to mention reading The Oatmeal’s web comics and laughing so hard it hurt. Thank you Kris for reminding me of how important it is to take care and have a positive attitude!!!

  42. Flaminia Gaia says:

    Kris. You are a fairy.

    I am so happy every time I get your weekly newsletter, for I know that some new wise piece of inspiration will tickle me (and the people I love!) in a happy, fun, colourful and bright
    I’m so grateful for having found you!
    And all your young, beautiful happy and succesful biz-friends, like the amazing Marie Forleo, that I found through you.
    You all are the living example of Really Living Your Life and Your Dream succesfully, and joyfully, in the most generous, giving, fair and inspiring way.
    YAAAY! It is possible!

    You are deeply changing the “rules” of the world for the better!
    That is sooo relieving. And exciting!

    Keep bringing the sunshine in your life, and all around you through your example, you amazing woman!

    You ROCK!!!!!!

    Lots of love, and thoughts of health and happyiness to you.

    Flaminia xx
    (a 29-year-old recent addition to your community
    from Italy, but based in London.)

  43. Ruth Wilterding says:

    One of my favorite quotes is”In acceptance lieth hope”
    And you talked about acceptance and it reminded me of my quote.
    A month ago my daughter (38yrs) with two young boys 4 and 8 was
    diagnosed with brain stem giloma. I was devastated and kept asking why?
    and why couldn’t it be me and why the brainstem why couldn’t it be a breast
    or something else but the brainstem???? I’ve stopped the Why’s and have accepted
    the diagnosis . A friend gave my daughter a couple of your
    books and she is reading them and feels positive that she will beat this. So I have
    ordered some books for me but I’ve also been reading your blog.
    Thank you for giving our family sound advise and inspiration. Look forward to watching
    your DVD.
    Are there support groups for parents?

  44. Stephanie says:

    Congratulations beautiful .X

  45. Mary McCleary says:

    May your heart always be joyful, May your song always be sung, and May you stay forever young! Thanks for your inspiring blog!

  46. Wow, Kris, you have created such a great learning experience with your story. Thank you so much. Your point on Creating a New Tribe is so true. On April 19 I will celebrate one year of green juice and during my journey, I have definitely made a choice to hang with people who fill me with love and positive energy. I feel more fulfilled and grateful for everything and have little room for people who mock my choices to lead a healthy life. When I surround myself with my new tribe we move mountains. Thank you for being my wellness Sherpa.

    To your continued wellness, Jo-Ann

  47. You inspire me SO much. It’s kind of insulting to try to put into words… that’s how much you inspire me. Thank you so much for sharing your journey!

  48. Barbara Hardesty says:

    I was checking out of Whole Foods and a young woman said, “You must check out Kris Carr!” I was explaining that I was just starting to juice for my body since cancer (2011) in my uterus returned to a large tumor in my brain! So now you are the 10th person telling me about juicing! (Plus I love your fun, whimsical style in your blog.)
    Before going to the bookstore to purchase your book – any green cancer-fighting recipe?

    Thank you so much and congratulations on the 10 years!

    Barbara Hardesty

  49. Karina Munoz says:

    Gracias por todo este tiempo que haz compartido con nosotros!!!! Me haz ayudado mucho a ver la vida de diferente manera con todos tus blogs y libros en mi viaje para tener un bebe, yo no tengo cancer, pero leo todo lo que dices y me ha ayudado muchisimo, por fin logre tener un bebe!!!!!
    Deseo que todo siga bien en tu vida y que seas muy feliz.
    Felicidades por estos 10 años y te deseo muchisimos mas!!!!

    Disculpa que te escribi en español, espero que alguien lo pueda traducir para ti!!!!!

    Un gran abrazo desde Chihuahua, Mexico. !!!!!

    Karina M.

  50. Nyrie Contor says:

    Thank you Kris, you are an awesome soul and truly inspirational, just the person I’ve been looking for to put a positive spin on things. I was diagnosed with advanced, very aggressive and rare gestational breast cancer in August 2012 whilst 28 weeks pregnant with twins. We also have a five year old son. I am still undergoing treatment to “prolong my life,” as my doctors have told me. I have done so much research into this dis-ease and it’s a hard slog sometimes but rewarding because I’m already taking control of this situation which has taken so much control away from me and finding you will help me even more, as I now feel like I’m not doing it alone. By the way, my twins were delivered at 32 weeks so I could start treatment. A healthy little boy, Brynn and an equally as healthy, albeit smaller little girl, Asher. Congratulations on your thriving milestone, I look forward to thriving towards and meeting future ones with you. Cheers, Nyrie xx

  51. Kelly Wiltzius says:

    Kris, You are an inspiration, you inspire me. Happy Anniversary and here’s to many more! Thank you for all your advise and knowledge. Don’t know you personally but absolutely love you!

  52. Deb says:

    Dear Kris,
    You are such an inspiration. Thank you for being you and sharing your journey –
    I have a wall hanging that says, “sometimes, she said softly, you must jump and grow your wings on the way down”.
    Here is to that amazing sensation of free fall!

  53. jerry says:

    Kris, I am so Happy for you!!! I have bought 3 of your books and shared them with friends, My last friend I shared your book with has breast cancer. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, God Bless, and may Life keep getting Better one day at a time for you and yours !!! Looking forward to the cookbook with you and the chief. Love, Jeanine

  54. Sadhana Cook says:

    What a beautiful gift to the World you are. So glad your c woke you up so you could stick around and share all that you are and have to give,
    Love and Blessings to you

  55. Heather McKenzie says:

    Thanks for sharing your story. I am a five year breast cancer survivor and I loved reading how cancer changed your life for the better because I say the same thing. Thanks for your inspiration, courage and may you have continued good health.

  56. MAIA says:


  57. Laura says:

    Congrats Kris! I am a fourteen year survivor. Love your inspiration. I have juiced on and off for years. You have inspired me to take charge again and juice daily. Thank you for urging me on.

  58. Anne says:

    You are a beautiful person outside and inside. I am so glad I found you. Can’t wait to read your ‘Happy anniversary! Celebrating TWO decades of thriving with cancer’ In the meantime I better get off my butt and start to live !


  59. Leslie says:

    Thank you so much for this posting. And a huge congratulations to you for making life work no matter what. I respect you and love you and am routing for you all the way! I will take these steps and start to implement them into my life. Finding a tribe is the big one for me , I know I will one day.

  60. AEL says:

    Congratulations on 10 years of thriving. I had a run-in with cancer in 2011 and I am just beginning my journey with juicing and natural whole plant-based nutrition. You’re an inspiration. Thank you for sharing all that you do.

  61. Danielle Hochapfeld says:

    Aw, I love you (not in a creepy way!) xxxxx

  62. Montse says:

    Thank you Kris for helping me see cancer in a whole new way. Im reading your CSD book right now…it has inspired me to heal my life. I am pretty sure the best years for your are yet to come!!!

    All my love from Mexico,


  63. Yetty Sudarman says:

    Congratulations Kris on your 10th anniversary. Many, many more. Please continue with your writing and blogging. Thank you for sharing your experiences. God bless.

  64. Nancie says:

    Kris – you SPARKLE and INSPIRE me!! I am on Day 8 of CSD trying to heal my psorasis. It’s been a lifelong battle for me and this is the first time that everything is clicking. I am finally getting it! LOL! Thank you thank you! xoxoxo

  65. Mitch says:

    Your so awesome….my wife Debbie was diagnosed with Lynphoma almost two years ago,and we have been mostly vegan,raw & cooked things,green drinks etc.We found you,and your truly amazing.

  66. Jenny says:

    truly a beautiful article!! ever heard of rick simpsons hemp oil?

  67. AshleyC says:

    Congratulations Kris and thank you for being such a light and inspiration to all of us “CanSer” peeps. I can’t thank you enough for you sense of humor and just being you.

  68. Sandra says:

    What a wonderful story. I just love the way you embrace life the way it is! Here’s to the next ten healthy and happy years and your wonderful positive attitude!
    Sandra xo

  69. Sabrina says:

    Congratulations Kris! Thank you for being such a fine example of vibrant health all the way around!

  70. Carol Johnson says:

    Thank you for this article. Your attitude is wonderful and very helpful. The part about accepting where you are in life really resonated with me!

  71. Kris,
    Congratulations to you! You have been a huge inspiration to me over the last couple of years. I was diagnosed with breast cancer a year and a half ago and your video was sent my way. Followed by your books. I just bought sexy crazy kitchen and love it.
    I changed the way I eat, I live and I feel that it was the biggest gift I have ever been given.
    Wishing you all the best in your beautiful life. Blessings, Jodeen

  72. Eloise Christopher Sandvig says:

    Happy Anniversary Kris!
    So grateful for you and your journey! A great resource, support and guide along my personal health balancing journey. I send you magnificent love, grace and gratitude:)
    Eloise Christopher Sandvig

  73. Kathleen Henry says:

    I read. Your story with great interest. I too am a survivor. Twenty years nov 2012. I decided to make CA my best friend and learned every aspect of it. Just like anything their are side effects if you live long enough. Keep yourself well . All the best. Kathleen Henry

  74. Anahi Borde says:

    Happy anniversary!! I my self past 5 years of a different cancer, but this is what people need to hear.
    “Above all, cancer is a spiritual practice that teaches me about faith and resilience” SO TRUE.

    Thanks for inspiring people to think differently.

    Best of health , love and prosperity

    • claire bulaong says:

      Happy anniversary! Your life story is very inspiring! I myself have been diagnose with a different kind of cancer. I’ve been juicing my greens and it is helping me a lot. 🙂

  75. Beth says:

    I was wondering what your thoughts on sunscreen are due to all the chemicals in it. I live in Florida and have never used sunscreen and wonder if I should because of all the chemicals.

  76. Congrats on an inspiring life, Kris!

    I’m six years out from Melanoma, and have recreated my life’s too – and completely agree, cancer is a gift.

    Thanks for all you add to the world – brava!

  77. Laurie says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this Kris. You never fail to inspire me. I wish you continued health and happiness!

  78. Shannon says:

    My entire life has changed bc of you. You are my inspiration!! Congrats to you! Thank you for being HERE.

  79. Kira says:

    Thank you for sharing your amazing journey and courage with the world. You make a difference.

  80. lizzie says:

    BEAUTIFUL! The sun is in your heart and you shine so bright that others are warmed by your glow. thanks for warming me! xoxo

  81. Donna Tait says:

    Thank-you for all of your wise word’s Kris! I appreciate everything you said in this blog. It is all so simple and yet so full of truth’s. Thank’s!!!

    • Donna Tait says:

      I have yet to get the Crazy, Sexy Manifesto Cookbook, but do intend to do so as soon as I am able. I can’t
      wait to dig into the blender drink’s, esp. the green drink’s you rave about. Bless you for your lively spirit.

  82. I like the treasured data you provide you with in your own reports.I will bookmark your blog page and take a look at once again here continually.I am very confident I will realize quite a lot of recent stuff appropriate here! High-quality luck for that future!

  83. So much love for you this Valentines Chris Karr. I have been diving into your story these past few weeks and after a much needed change in how my husband and I eat and live. I feel better than I ever have in my 37 years and want you to know how much you have taught me. Truly you are someone I think of everyday and add a prayer of thanksgiving for having come to know of you and your story. Tonight, our special date night was to watch your movie. Thank you for sharing your story and continuing to be an advocate on living, truly living. Here is to the next ten years and many more to come! Hugs!

  84. Shawn says:

    You ARE Ms. “Down Nine. Up Ten”. That’s you, Kris!

    Thank you for your example in bold living and making your life count. You are leaving footprints to be followed now…and a whole bunch of tomorrows to come.

    Continued harmony and happiness,

    Shawn Anderson,
    Founder of Extra Mile America and “Extra Mile Day” (November 1) which was celebrated in 362 U.S. cities in 2012. (A day recognizing the capacity we each have to create positive change in ourselves, our families, our organizations, and our communities…when we “go the extra mile.”)

  85. Melissa says:

    Thank you so much for your book, your blog, your website. Your inspiration and fortitude are nothing short of amazing. I have a long way to go on my road to health, but I am so glad I have found your resources. Thank you so much for sharing your story, your struggles and your success. Wishing you much love and light.

  86. Vona Corbet says:

    Thank you for reminding me to be grateful and to live in the moment..Disease can become exactly that..Dis ease..

  87. Christina Thomas says:

    I read this in its entirity and was moved. Thank you. I am in End Stage Renal Failure and need to lose weight to get on the kidney transplant list. I have been wantng to try juicing and fell in love with your video. I will be ordering the ebook when finances allow.

  88. Howard Vanderbilt says:

    Thank you for the inspiration. I have yet to get a conclusive final (semi final!) diagnosis and am perplexed about the second opinion thing. You’ve helped me there. And all the tips are certainly applicable. I’ll be a follower, cheering each year (each day too) as you enrich, educate and enjoy. Many Blessings.

    Howard V

  89. I was diagnosed with breast cancer a little over a year ago, one week after finding out I was pregnant with my third child. Once I got over the initial fears and craziness of being pregnant with cancer, I knew there was a huge lesson to be learned with the diagnosis and I could turn it into a positive change in my life. I went to Hippocrates to sign up for the 3 week program and was told to get your book on my first day there. Your book helped me find my power showed me that it was okay to laugh, smile and find the humor in cancer. You shed a bright light on my outlook and I cannot thank you enough. You have been a HUGE inspiration and now that I have my baby girl added to my beautiful family and I am about to kick my healing mission into high gear!

  90. Mary Beth says:

    Congratulations, Kris! You are my biggest inspiration and your message is an important one. So happy for you. See you at Hay House I Can Do it in Washington, DC later this year! xoxo Mary Beth

  91. Was thinking about you, as I have read your work before – I had a breast cancer surprise last year and you really cheered me up, and inspired me then.
    Congrats on brilliant work.
    So pleased you’re still thriving, and writing about it for the rest of us!!!
    Happy anniversary honey,
    Ange Caulfield xxxx

  92. Snjezana Lelas says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Stage IV sister. Happy anniversary and looking forward to many more to come.
    Be well,

  93. mary naylor says:


    You are a remarkable lady! A true inspiration to all.

    Thank-you for sharing your kind words, humour & delicious recipes.

    Happy Valentine’s Day xo!

  94. Laura says:


    Kudos on celebrating 10 years of making this Earth a brighter, lighter, more loving home for all of us, especially our furry/finned/feathered family.

    You are awesome!

  95. Nicole says:

    God bless and your inspiring!!!

  96. Maria says:

    Kris, I shared your link on my FB page and it’s incredible….how quickly you are inspiring my friends…THANK YOU!

  97. Scott Di Piazza says:

    Kris, thank you for your insight. A year ago I was diagnosed with an incurable form of cancer. With 2 teen age daughters still in school, this was devastating news to me. A friend told me about the Crazy Sexy Cancer movie. I have to admit at first I didn’t want to watch it because I couldn’t think of anything good that was crazy or sexy about cancer. But after watching it, I felt better because I knew I wasn’t the only one who was feeling like I was.

    Since then, I’ve been eating more veggies and less meat (not easy as I was a big meat eater before) and I’m gradually becoming more accepting of my situation. Learning to be thankful and more appreciative for what I have everyday. Thanks for sharing your journey and making the world a better place. 🙂

  98. Summer says:

    Kris – this is exactly what I needed to read today. You are an angel.
    may peace, joy and love, love, love be yours. xx

  99. Ellie says:

    Awesome and so inspirational! Passing it on to a couple of friends who need to read this.

  100. Irene says:

    Hi Kris, Congrats, i am so happy for you. I too have Stage IV Cancer with a 6% survival over 5 years. I have all your books and video which has inspired me to take back my life and try to do everything to fight. I have been on a Vegan diet for 5 months and following all of your advice! I too am hopeful, with God, a positive attitude, and healthy life style I can also live a long time. It has been 1 year since diagnosis, I have been off chemo for 6 months and cancer is stable. I keep praying that I continue on a positive path. I do believe you are what you eat.

    With so much lov and appreciation,


  101. kat says:

    Hi Kris, Congratulations on the 10 year anniversary! Just listened to the replay of your Hay House show yesterday and loved, loved, loved it. You’re such an inspiration to all of us. Thank you for all that you have done, are doing, and will do in the future. We’re blessed to have you out there!

    xo, kat

  102. Elyza says:

    This is amazing, Kris! Such a wonderful read knowing it comes from the heart! I just saw your interview with Jonathan Fields last week, and I felt a connection to the “living with an issue” and accepting it part. Though its not cancer, I have been fighting my OCD everyday of my life and in turn, haven’t really been living much. When you talked about how you finally stopped fighting the reality and just turned to accepting it, I realized I hadn’t yet done that. I am now working to accept my OCD as taking this journey with me. I am nervous and afraid to accept it, but living out loud is calling me! Thank you , thank you, thank you for speaking up.

  103. Janneke says:

    Very inspiring!! Beautiful!
    Happy anniversary!

  104. Jeanine says:

    I am soooo Happy for you, You have the right answer, I am so thankful for your book and knowledge. I have bought a 2nd copy, just so no one takes my book. Happy,Happy life to YOUandYOURS!!! Thank you Jeanine

  105. Barb Truman says:

    Happy Anniversary, Kris! Thank you for all your genuine compassion and knowledge that you share with all of us. I can’t really say I’m a cancer survivor…I was diagnosed with CLL (form of leukemia) a few years ago and so far I’m just being “watched” with blood counts several times a year. My counts are worsening but I’m trying to hold my own and avoid chemo treatment by getting rid of processed foods and eating more plants and supplementing my immune system with antioxidant health. I hear what you’re saying about stress and worry and that is what I need to get control of. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me hope and a plan! Love you ♥ Happy Valentine’s Day too!

  106. Barbara Recko-Kasliwal says:

    Your beautiful words and advice resonated with me profoundly. I am also stage IV cancer patient living a very full, grateful life. Last year I was able to visit 5 countries and loved every minute of it. Cancer gives us a very good perspective to live fully in the moment.

  107. Leo says:

    Just discovered this. What an inspiration. Keep doing what you do Kris – thank you!

  108. Erika Flores says:

    Wow, first of all congratulations to you and to the ability to learn how to live a happy and fulfilling life. I am glad that I found you page because every time I need a positive force (and a quick uplifting session) I can just come to your page and feel great afterwords.

    You are awesome and I love reading your work.

  109. Bettie Bird Girl says:

    On Feb. 14, 2003, I, too, said hello to sarcoma – well differentiated liposarcoma – aka the small watermelon in my belly. Because of sarcoma, I’ve had 6 operations to prune it, and I’ve started talking to the invasive weeds in my garden as I do to this weed in my belly: If you stay asleep, you can stay. Don’t expect me to feed you sugar – fertilize you. If you grow too aggressively (think kudzu) those guys and gals at MD Anderson Cancer Center will come with their axes and whack you out and douse you with chemicals. So, wouldn’t you rather stay asleep in the soil / in my belly? Before saying hello to sarcoma I didn’t garden, feed the birds, or hike (before, I walked – ran very soldierly for exercise – no joy there) . Got to go now. My two little brown dogs want to go for a hike in the fog and drizzle – There are some great puddles to play in out there!

  110. Jill Meendering-Smith says:

    Congratulations, uv inspired so many. Thank u for ur love and humour. I keep ur books beside my chair and slowly make changes. Sending u continued blessings

  111. Happy Anniversary Kris!

    Your story is beyond inspiring and the work you do is incredible! May you keep “c” forever at bay and thrive for many many many years to come. Thank you for being such a special, shining and thriving unicorn.


  112. Bili says:

    Happy Anniversary!!! Many blessings and wishing you 100 more years!!!

  113. Laura Yang says:

    You helped save my life and I too feel line Cancer was the greatest gift the universe gave me because it shook my roots and made me face myself! It made me the healthy spirit and body I am now because I too was asleep at the wheel of life…two fans and friends of mine bought me your books when I was deep in the cancer and your crazy sexy diet saved me from chemo…I love you and I just wanted you to know I have spread your love and that you have helped to save me and two others I know and probably oceans of souls out there… Now I just need courage to leave my stressful job and truly live… Have you seen Yoga Is yet? You will like it:) Tgabja for being an angel

  114. Kacie Perrizo says:

    You are one of my favorite people. Seriously. You make me feel like anything is possible. I respect you and look up to you. Thank you.

  115. Michele says:

    You are an inspiration and a gift to this world! Your words and presence have been “rocks” for me, my sis and countless others, embracing life and life’s challenges with grace, courage and humor… Happy Anniversary to you. You are amazing!

  116. Lacy says:

    You are such an inspiration, Kris. Thank you for sharing your experiences with the world. You are simply amazing!

  117. Susan V. Briggs says:

    Hi Kris,
    I work in a health food store and I brought in your wonderful books to help my customers who were dealing with cancer (the newly diagnosed). I was so inspired by your documentary and I encourage my customers to rent it from netflix. Little did I know the impact your books would have on my own life.
    5 months ago I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of multiple myeloma. Incurable!!! My prognosis was poor, 3 to 4 years even with aggressive treatment. Little did they know that I already had a battle plan in place. I have been following your diet suggestions and carefully adding in those supplements that don’t interfere with my chemo along with reducing as much stress as possible (most of it created by me). To my oncologist’s amazement, I have responded to treatment (beyond their expectations)-it’s the greens baby!!!!
    I am now preparing for a stem cell transplant. Your books are going with me to the transplant center as inspiration, as well as my computer-so I can keep up with your email newsletters.
    You have touch my life in ways I cannot express. And you most certainly have given me hope and the tools to get healthy. I truly believe that because of you, Kris, that I am alive and healthy (despite having cancer).
    Love and hugs,

  118. Susan V. Briggs says:

    Hi Kris,
    I work in a health food store and I brought in your wonderful books to help my customers who were dealing with cancer (the newly diagnosed). I was so inspired by your documentary and I encourage my customers to rent it from netflix. Little did I know the impact your books would have on my own life.
    5 months ago I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of multiple myeloma. Incurable!!! My prognosis was poor, 3 to 4 years even with aggressive treatment. Little did they know that I already had a battle plan in place. I have been following your diet suggestions and carefully adding in those supplements that don’t interfere with my chemo along with reducing as much stress as possible (most of it created by me). To my oncologist’s amazement, I have responded to treatment (beyond their expectations)-it’s the greens baby!!!!
    I am now preparing for a stem cell transplant. Your books are going with me to the transplant center as inspiration, as well as my computer-so I can keep up with your email newsletters.
    You have touch my life in ways I cannot express. And you most certainly have given me hope and the tools to get healthy. I truly believe that because of you, Kris, that I am alive and healthy (despite having cancer).
    Love and hugs,

  119. Susan says:

    It is with a grateful heart I say Thank you
    For sharing your story & life with those of us living & striving through cancer.
    I have your books & appreciate your wisdom, humor & down to earth attitude.
    Big hug & happy 10 years on your new life!
    Many many more to follow
    A fellow cancer thriver

  120. Liz says:

    Thank you for your strength Kris. Your strength inspires me.


  121. wendy says:

    Hi Kris – I just “met” you, and yet I am inspired how you live your life. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and compassion to who(m?)ever is open to it. You are my newest teacher and I have the upmost respect for your journey. I send you light and love. Here’s to decades and decades, and decades, and MORE decades of health and happiness to you.

  122. adrian says:

    Truly incredible! I just got your cookbook for my birthday (which completes my collection of your books :)) So excited to dive into the deliciousness! Thank you for sharing your beautiful story.

  123. Happy healthy Life anniversary Kris!!! I absolutely adore you and am so grateful for your light, it helped me get through my own cancer journey. Thank you for being yourself fearlessly and sharing your beautiful life with us, you’ve paved the way for so many. Love you

  124. Laura Hebert says:

    You rock your universe and we have all felt the vibrations. LOL Keep jumping up and down in the snow and through- out your life and feel the vibration of all of us jumping with you! What you have accomplished is both powerful and profound:……… you’ve successfully staked your claim to life. Rock on my friend & happy anniversaries to come!1111

  125. Pamie Forte says:

    Congratulations and beautifully said. You’re an inspiration. May your life continue to be filled with peace, positive and a beautiful life. Thank you.

  126. Chris Drouin says:

    Great post. Amazing and incredibly true tidbits – no, gems of information. Congrats on thriving.

  127. Paola Mendoza says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your story, your power and love!
    You are a motivation and inspiration. An epitome of life ;)! I want to cry of love and appreciation for your enlightened spirit and hands that make you write and bring life.

    For your long-loving-blessed-prosperous-joyous life.
    Much love deep from inside!


  128. Kirra Bennett says:


  129. Patty Cason says:

    I often wonder what would be the steps to facing a medical life lemon, and you outlined it! Thank you for sharing. Congrats on your 10 and many more.

  130. Logan says:

    Congratulations on your anniversary! Here’s to another amazing ten years!

  131. Elizabeth Byrnes Crony says:

    I happened upon your Anniversary letter… thank you for sharing your wonderful news! Your words were uplifting to read and made me smile. The joy in your letter is almost tangible.

  132. Carol Emig says:

    AWSOME, I glad I came upon your story:)

  133. Natalia Konyushenko says:

    Hi Kris! You are a truly beautiful person and an incredible inspiration! Thank you thank you thank you..

  134. Melissa says:

    You’re such an inspiration on so many levels! You’re just amazing and I love following your blogs. Thanks so much for sharing your stories and advice!

  135. Jackie says:

    I’m going to drink a glass of green juice to this! There is so much compassion in all of your writing (and recipes!), which is such a gift to us all. Through your journey you’ve inspired me to go so much greener in my kitchen and to do so much more outside of it: write, play, embrace every moment, and live my most passionate and compassionate life right now.

  136. charli says:

    Thank you for sharing what you are passionate about and what you have learned.
    In this latest article, you mentioned the Zen Monastery in NM, there is more than one, would you share which one you went to? I live in NM and have felt a strong pull to spend time in an ashram, monastery, etc.

    When my mother was diagnosed with cancer 36 yrs ago, I went into overdrive to convince her to eliminate the toxins and the importance of juicing, alternative choices, etc. I was not able to lead her on to the road I knew would help. Of course this was long before the alternative roads were mapped out or known.

    Again, thank you for what and who you are that always bring smiles to the heart

  137. Gayle says:

    Congratulations, Kris! You are an inspiration to so many and I am thankful you are on this earth to inspire more people. I pray you will always be blessed. To many more years of being healthy, happy and thriving!

  138. Char says:

    Your story is truly inspiring and happy tenth anniversary and refusing to give up!

    I ran across this on YouTube the other day. It’s a very interesting angle on how the root of all cancer is from a fungal attack (candida) and that baking soda can kill it. It’s worth a watch.

    Also your diet still contains inflammation causing foods. Grains and Legumes turn straight to sugar in your body. And you have it right…sugar feeds cancer. Aside from sugar, preservatives, and artificial ingredients…grains are just about the worse thing you can put in your body. I’m not knocking your diet, just trying to help.

    Rock on beautiful lady!

  139. Becki says:

    I love this post. Whether I have ten minutes, ten years, or fifty years left, I want to make the most of them. My newly-adopted furry companion is making sure I get outside and get exercise, and I’ve been thinking about juicing (not the steroid kind!). What great encouragement this is!

    And happy anniversary to you! God grant you many years!

  140. Molly says:

    You INSPIRE me!! Finding your link today was a blessing.. Happy, Happy, Super Happy Anniversary!!

  141. Laura says:

    Truly inspirational! Thank you for not only having the courage to coutinue to grow but also for sharing your story with us.
    Cheers to many many more!
    Xx Laura
    “You are your reality. You are your truth.” – Kris Carr

  142. Alyssa Gold says:

    Thank you for all that you do. You are a true inspiration. I look forward to reading your many articles and books for the next 10+ years. Xxoo

  143. Kate says:

    Kris this is an amazing article AND top 10 list. I am sharing this with everyone I know – and honestly, even though I don’t have the little c….I can relate to this article in some many ways, it really resonates with me. So Congratulations, Happy Anniversary and Thank You for being such a huge inspiration to the world! xoxo

  144. Amy says:

    Kris, You are an AMAZING being! (10 years of success certainly tells you so. Your inspiration and strong will has helped many.( my apologies for a long comment but I feel it’s important) MY connection to you: I learned of you in November when listening to the 2012 Healing Cancer Summit Webinar. I was listening not because of a cancer diagnosis (not at that moment) and not because of any family or friend diagnosis, but rather because of a preoccupied and nearly obseessive interest/fear (also a nurse) about having C and what I would do about it. Well 2 weeks after the summit I had a routine GYN exam and found an enlarged ovary. Immediate tests and action revealed Ovarian Cancer stage III. That date was my ‘9-11’. I had extensive surgery in December and am currently recovering. I am still in shock and disbelief that this has happened to me.

    I am a nurse, a health advocate, organice and non-GMO eater for years, vegan/raw foodies since 2007, recreational nut, loving husband and family, run my own successful business and been a health motivator to many for years. How could this happen? In evaluating my physical and mental energies, I must admit I have had many negative energies toward the planet, humanity, politics, environment. Taking it all personally and wanting to fix all the wrongs. Though a fun personality and very spontaneous, I was still constantly passing daily judgement on others in their wrong thinking, eating, actions. I wish to stress this to ALL your readers that they MUST evaluate their mental energy. I have been doing a lot of reading on energy medicine and trying to correct my thoughts so I can heal. Though practitioners may give you the tools, healing has to come from within. You cannot be passive in this process. This may likely explain why some succeed and some do not despite the same odds.
    Thank you for allowing me to write and consume such a large post. (I have never posted on a blog before).
    I truly hope that I can celebrate as you are doing 10 years from now! LIVESTRONG KRIS.
    Note: I am not choosing to seek traditional treatment (chemo) at this time. There are many other options that I am currently pursuing. My first step is a 13 week monitored detoxification and restoration program through a great healer, Dr. Robert Morse ND (Port Charlotte Florida).

  145. Do you know about Dr. Max Gerson and his cure for Cancer therapy ? watch The Gerson Miracle and The Beautiful Truth – both on Youtube and Netflix.
    Dr. Gerson testified before the US Senate citing cured cancer patients; he was on a national radio show talking about the cure for Cancer; the 30=year respected veteran of the Radio was fired after he had Dr. Gerson on.
    The cure for Cancer has been suppressed by our Government and the Medical “Business”. Spread the word ! best to you and yours, Ann

  146. Tracy says:

    This is so beautiful. Your inspiration knows no bounds Kris! I first bought your book when my Dad got diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. It educated me on how to support my Dad, while also teaching me what I can do for prevention. Today, I gift your book to friends who are either going through cancer themselves, or have a loved one who has been diagnosed – what a legacy you have created through your vulnerable sharing!

  147. Ss says:

    Love to you Kris!! Thank you!

  148. Ninka says:

    I have followed you from the beginning, and I cried with you, felt your joy and you inspired me to heal my child from autism and write a bestselling book about my helathy, holistic approach. YOU ROCK, sweet soul.

  149. i can not express what learning about you has meant to me and my viewpoint on hard times, diet, relationships, passion, compassion and authenticity has done for me. ive become a vegan along with my boyfriend and try daily to count my blessings.
    i walked out of a 21 year dysfunctional controlling marriage to regain some sense of sanity in my life. i am still rebuilding my relationship with my three children, 20, 18 and 15… but if i hadnt found that inner voice, i may not be here today

  150. Janet Malone says:

    Praising God for all He’s done for you and through you!! May He continue to bless you and those who you touch. Sincere gratitude to you, sweetie;)

  151. deb says:

    You are amazing!!! Thank you for sharing your experiences!! As a physician you are a wonderful, encouraging inspiration and resource for my patients. May you enjoy many more years of wellness, love and joy!!

  152. Maja says:

    Kris, this is such a beautiful and inspiring message. Thank you!
    I wish all the best and to keep thriving 🙂

    Love & Light

  153. Dawn says:

    Congrats to an amazing, kind, inspirational woman. On 3/19/13 I will celebrate 9 years Ovarian Cancer Free! Yay!. I remember what a joy it was to make 5 years, and I look forward to 10 years. Kris, you have provided so much love, support, information, and peace to everyone navigating the maze of suvivorship. You Rock! Have a blessed day 🙂

  154. Sylvia says:

    I love you. And thank you… How you live, who you are, and your writing is very inspirational to me. Congrats on such a big milestone. And thanks for having the courage to share who you are.

  155. Emilia says:

    Happy Anniversary, dear Kris!

    You are so inspiring! Thank you for everthing you share with us! May all our dreams come true and may the strenght and positivism be always with you! <3
    You possess the specific look in your eyes which is typical for winners – don't ever lose it, together with your faboulous smile and beauty!

    Warm hugs from me and from Bulgaria!

  156. Leah says:

    Thank you for another wonderful blog, you are an inspiration to us all! Wishing you health, happiness and love x

  157. Julie says:

    Wow! What an Inspiration you are! Congratulations on your 10 years anniversary, and thank you for all your wonderful advice. God Bless xxxx

  158. Christie V says:

    Happy 10th Anniversary, Kris. I don’t know you, but I do in this virtual strange way. I wish I could give back to you what you have given me through your wonderful books and your website and these lovely newsletters. Your words ring true. Peace and love…

  159. Shahrin says:

    Congratulations Kris! Truly – congratulations. It takes guts & courage to do what you have done. I am sure there have been some tough times but you are showing us all that one step at a time and sheer determination can manifest some pretty amazing results! Enjoy the journey 🙂 Love & light, Shahrin xx

  160. Shannon says:

    I love this. What a generous gift of knowledge and wisdom. I can’t wait to share. Happy anniversary!

  161. Carol Nordeen says:

    I was in a Borders Book Store in the fall of 2008, shortly after being diagnosed with breast cancer and on my way to a full mastectomy. I was terrified and had been trying to plow through all the latest information on just what this meant and as though a bright beacon lit up a book rack and called me over to it I saw Crazy Sexy Cancer, the DVD, and the book, I picked it up and haven’t put it down since. You have changed my life and I am forever grateful. My diet has changed,my doctors have changed but mostly how I live my life has changed. I am truly not the same person. Thank you Kris Carr. You are a blessing and an inspiration and you make me laugh!

  162. Shannon says:

    You consistently amaze me and remind to take a step back, appreciate what I have, who my children are, and who I’ve turned into. I’m grateful because I like who I am. Thank you and please don’t stop writing!!!

  163. Elie says:

    You are such a bright light for me. Thank you for your bravery, your guidance and your amazingness. You are simple awesome.

  164. Carroll says:

    Happy Anniversary!
    Thanks for the inspiration! Thank you for sharing His light, love, healing touch, and mystery with so many.
    At 55, in 12th year of recovery from alcohol/addictive behaviors, I hope to write, direct, cast my incredible children and other loved ones in movies–and maybe even myself sometime. Yep, win an Academy award…! 🙂 ha! Guess I better get started! 🙂
    Have taken your advice, enjoying juicing and one small step at a time being kinder and gentler to myself and others.
    I hope and pray for your complete healing – in, with, and through the mystery of His love. Love and prayers, Carroll

  165. Thank you for sharing this; I’ve followed your story for quite some time and use you as an inspirational motivator for my clients all the time. Juicing is one thing I particularly encourage in my clients to help with detoxing, weight loss and general all-round feeling great, and your website is one I am constantly sending them to for ideas! Keep rockin’ on, I can’t wait to read this post version 2 in 10 more years, and version 3 in 20 years, and on and on and on!

  166. Carla says:

    Kris, your 10 tips are wonderful! In the past 2 months I bought Crazy Sexy Kitchen and your juicing/blending book, both of which have inspired me to go vegetarian and start juicing and blending healthy, green drinks. I’m looking forward to a healthier life, with your journey as my inspiration! Congratulations!

  167. Heidi McRae says:

    Dear Kris . ..Are your ears burning several times a day? My amazing Granma used to use that expression when someone was talking great stuff about someone . ..I reference you so many times day as a source of positive power . . .. thank you for al you do, love, heidi

  168. Vickie says:

    Congratulations on every moment of those 10 years. Thank you so much for sharing what you’ve learned. 🙂

  169. Tony Handler says:

    Congratulations on your anniversary!!
    I love your positive and optimistic attitude. I believe those traits are extremely important in the battle against Cancer.
    When I got my first diagnosis of a rare form of pancreatic cancer, I was told I had 2 years to live. That was 30 years ago. During those 30 years , I have had 8 more episodes with 5 other types of cancer, so I wholeheartedly agree with your statement that cancer is not always a death sentence.
    Back then I decided that my survival strategy would be through exercise, so in the last 27 years I have completed 263 Triathlons and am still competeing at 73 years old.
    Your 10 tips are right on the mark and I hope that they help keep you HEALTHY and happy !!!!!
    DONT EVER GIVE UP !!!!!!!!!!

  170. Elaine says:

    These are beautiful words and a beautiful message. You are so right; we will all fall down at some time or another. But it will be ok. I agree with every tip you’ve listed and it has all served me well! Happy anniversary and thank you for this great post!

  171. Holly Norman says:

    When I was diagnosed my daughter gave me your book which I read and read and read. It really gave me something to sink my teeth into. I thank you for that and congratulate you on your beautiful 10 years of living and helping us to live too!!

  172. Elizabeth Poole says:

    How uplifting and inspiring! What a lovely story you have to tell and share. It gives me goosebumps! Bless you! Me ke Akua ke aloha, from Maui..

  173. TL says:

    Serendipidous it was that I stumbled upon your site while I was recovering from ‘canser’. Also Serendipidous was that I received your top ten wellness tips this morning, especially #1 on your list!
    I’m a north of the border neighbor that hasn’t yet found her recipe for wellness. My heart and soul needs the answers to feeling well and my intuition has been craving some functional medicine from a strong practitioner. Today, your celebration of thriving gave me a big dose of trusting my intuition wherever in the world my travels to health take me.
    Happy anniversary! I continue to be inspired by you and your team.

  174. Felecia says:

    Thank you! My brother -in-law was diagnosed with sarcoma recently. Our family has adopted your diet. You r inspirational!!!

  175. Congratulations for all that you are, all you’ve accomplished and the person you continue to be Kris. Thank you for this article and all the giving of yourself to help the rest of us as it does you.

    Since my diagnosis of breast cancer this past May, the words from the doctors/oncologist saying they can never say I’m “cancer free” haunt me every day. I do not know if there is cancer in my body but I want to make it an inhabitable place. And your view of living “with” cancer struck a chord. I will be shifting my mindset from that insight. (Won’t be easy as I want “proof” but hey, I’m a work in progress.)

    Hugs and many blessings to you Kris,

  176. Maureen says:


    I look forward to your emails every Monday. This news letter brought tears of joy to my eyes. Couldn’t be happier for you and this community you created. Please know you have tones of hidden angels sending their love. You are amazing! Celebrate your gift of health in a BIG way this week!

  177. Dawn Shepard says:

    Kris- you are such a bright light. Thank you for all of your inspiration.

  178. Rebecca says:

    Thank you, Kris, for your inspiration. My family and I have gone through hell the last few years; me having to move back to my parents house, tail tucked b/c I couldn’t make it financially, Mom battling anal cancer last year and we’re hopeful it’s gone now. Me losing my voice completely in 2006 with no help from the doctors, and it’s still ever slowly coming back after an abusive marriage that I left. And my longing to have more time to paint the natural world I love so dearly. But I’m making it. Good days, not-so-good days, but I’m making it.

    Thank you again, so much for you. You are indeed a blessing. And you give me the courage to make my dreams come alive. Namaste…

  179. Arynetta says:

    Yay, Kris! You rock. You have a beautiful spirit and amazing energy. Continue on as your fabulous self!

  180. Nancy says:

    This made me weep.I am so happy your life has grown better and better. I’ve prayed for you many times since I first discovered my diagnosis. I feel in some way if you flourish I might too.
    I’m going to find a naturopathic doctor. I go to an ayurvedic doctor. I drink green juice everyday, became a vegetarian. I’m in a very unhappy celibate marriage. I work four part-time jobs that help pay for my health care that gets me every four months to Roswell to check if my follicular dendritic sarcoma has come back. I write freelance and get paid so little. I wrote a novel 20+ years ago–had a NYC agent–but it was never sold. Probably the biggest stress I have is that IF this is my last four years I should be doing so much more. This is just a bad night I guess.
    Be well

    • Joanne says:

      Dear Nancy,

      Thank you for sharing your pain. Many of us who’ve been challenged by serious health issues have felt that same darkness and doubt. It’s part of being human and the healing process. I once read in an Ekhart Tolle book (they have been a life line) that you make it through one moment at a time. I’ve made it through over 16 yrs of serious health issues, surgeries and emotional loss and there are times I just wanted to not wake up because it was all too much. But the other quiet warriors like you would keep me going. Inspiration can come from anywhere. Write down anything and everything that inspires you – it can be something you read on a random paper or overheard by a stranger – and read/look and listen to them every morning. But also NEVER apologize for how you feel. In addition to the books Kris likes can I suggest Deepak Chopra (esp. Ageless Body, Timeless Mind) and Ekhart Tolle? I read them every day. Learn to trust your OWN instincts….they will always keep you safe. And don’t use others lives to compare what yours should be…no life is perfect.

      Please stay strong and don’t give up. A fresh wind could be right around the corner. Mine took many years but the winds did change. It’s not easy but you’ve made it this far right?

      Love and strength,
      Xx. Jo

  181. edith says:

    this is so inspiring!! i am dealing with a chronic health issue and i am so happy i found you to help me keep going and keep trying new ways of coping and healing!!! thank you so so much ms. kris!!!!!

  182. Sherri McIver says:

    Kris, sent an email and called you Kim?!! What was that about mindfulness? 🙂 Sx

  183. Annie Bishop says:

    This only the beginning; you are an inspiration to so many.
    Thank you for sharing EVERYTHING.
    You are beautiful, inside and out 🙂
    ABin NYC

  184. Naj says:

    You are a strong woman and I admire how you had the will to keep on going. God bless you.

  185. Sherri McIver says:

    Kim, you are a gift to the world. I’ve only stumbled on your wonderful work recently, from my home here in central Victoria, Australia and like everyone who visits you, I adore you. You’ve provided a mighty wake up call in my life and I hope yours continues to be long, sweet and fulfilling . Sxx

  186. Penny says:

    Way to go Kris.

  187. Aspiring Dana says:

    Happy Healthaversary Kris! Wishing you infinitely many happy and healthy more! xo

  188. Samantha says:

    You are a breath of fresh air 🙂

  189. Christine says:

    You are an amazing, inspiration woman. Since reading your book, I have been much more conscious about the choices I make. I love this article. Thank you!!! And, Happy Anniversary!!!!

  190. Cindy says:

    Thank you for an amazing article with some very ‘hit home’ some of which I have started, others of which I will be adopting into my life.

    Well done on your amazing journey. You are an inspiration to many of us who are just starting our own journeys. Keep up the great work. xx

  191. Jennifer says:

    Kris you are an inspiration. Thank You for the 10 tips. Thank You for being You! I can’t wait to read your blog for the next 10 years!

  192. Rita Maloney says:

    You inspire me. Thank you for your sharing your journey.
    Sending many blessings your way. You Rock!
    Congratulations, Cancer Free 10 years I believe you healed

  193. Rita Maloney says:

    You inspire me. Thank you for your sharing your journey.
    Sending many blessings your way. You Rock!
    Congratulations, Cancer Free 10 years I believe you healed

  194. Amazing blog update, thanks for being so open and sharing everything you do. It’s great to hear from others who have been affected by cancer. A great reminder for me to be grateful of everything I have.

  195. Kristie says:

    Kris, I have been honored to have heard you speak and meet you. You are a TRUE INSPIRATION. You give all of us hope, strength, courage, information, and so much more. You are a blessing – thank you for sharing your journey with all of us. Congrats on your anniversary and keep spreading your light. Blessings!

  196. vicki says:

    Congratulations Kris! You are an amazing inspiration to so many people. You CHANGED my life through your books, thank you! Wishing you all the best. =-)

  197. Ingrid says:

    Your 10 tips brought tears to my eyes, Your courage and willingness to love and cherish yourself even with the cancer is such an inspiration to me. You continue to shine your light on yourself and all of us. Thank you

  198. Beckie says:

    Kris, what a beautiful post you’ve written for us! I have tears in my eyes and love in my heart. One day I hope to be able to share with you how you’ve changed my life. Happy anniversary to you.

  199. Dr Kim Jobst says:

    Magnificent thoughts, advice and reflections – I share this with my clients and tell them that this is pure nectar, to be read, digested, assimilated and acted upon for the maximum quality of life to be lived no matter what the diagnosis. Thank you
    Dr. Kim

  200. mj granola says:

    Love you and jumping on this Love Train, destination: Kris Carr! The theme (maestro, music please): You are the wind beneath our wings!
    Gushing with love, appreciation, gratitude, and giddiness!
    Love you!
    Peace and Veggies!
    your granola gal, mj

  201. Dawn says:

    Happy Thriving Anniversary, Kris!!!
    I hold very dear the memory of meeting you at Book Expo in NYC many years ago. I feel like I can say, “I knew her when…..!”

    I have watched you become such an amazing creature; so damn comfortable in your own skin and making the world better for all of us.

    I wish I was the snappy, creative writer that you are, so I could convey how much you’ve meant to my life…….

    Thank you, Kris. I hope this week is full of fabulous celebration for you!!


  202. Llana says:

    Love you too, Kris! HUGE CONGRATS! Let’s raise a glass (of green juice) to another 10 years! 🙂

    Thank you so much for being the learning, thriving, sharing person that you are. You are so very inspiring… one of my favorite shining warriors of life. Keep being you and true! <3 I know you will.

    All my deepest best wishes!



  203. Marc Durand says:

    Another delightful writing from your heart….very genuine. Thank you and may you continue to be blessed.

  204. you’re awesome. 🙂

  205. larissa reed says:

    Dearest Kris,

    Thank you for being a shining light that you are. Congrats on 10 years of Thriving…and I wish you 50 more.

    Much Love,


  206. Berkeleybaby says:

    What a wonderful way to celebrate– by honoring the way you have learned to thrive. Along with everyone else I am celebrating you, and with you. Yaaaaaaaaay!!!! Sending so much love to you and for you, and raising a glass or liquid sunshine!

  207. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in October, 2011. The next day went directly to the bookstore and bought Crazy, Sexy Cancer. It was my bible and inspiration through out my treatment. I am doing great today, after surgery, chemo, and radiation… no signs of cancer, woohoo! Thank you Chris for your amazing guidance along the way! I had many angels along my journey and you are one of them! Happy Anniversary!!!, keep rockin Chris Carr, and all you amazing warriors out there!

  208. Riveena Batohi says:

    Can you please tell me what Zen monastery (NEW MEXICO) you went to. I am planning
    a trip there. Might be good to learn how to still the mind.

    Thank you for all you share

  209. Paola says:

    Dear Kris:
    Congratulations on your 10 year anniversary! I hope you have much more!
    You have been an inspiration in my life, I was diagnosed with Polycistic Liver Disease a year ago, I was scared and didn’t know how to deal with it, then I found you on the Internet, I read your book and started to do the things that you recommended. My life has changed so much, my health is getting better, I thank my liver for all the good stuff that has been brought to my life. Now I see life quite different and I love it. God bless you now and forever!

  210. Bobbi says:

    Kris, you are an amazing, inspiring woman. I feel blessed to be able to share this momentous occasion with you. You have already touched so many lives with your openness, and no doubt you will continue to do so for decades to come. Sending lots of warm aloha and cool breezes from Maui.

  211. LisaGrows says:

    Thank you Kris for your constant love and reminders to be gentle to oneself. You are a true inspiration and I tenderly look up to you and all the good you’ve created in and for your life. Thank you so much for sharing pieces of your life, the lessons learned, and tips to living a truly loving & healthy life with the rest of us.

    Sending all my love, warm embraces, and good juju your way!
    ~LisaGrows, CHHC

  212. Josephine says:

    Congratulations on your milestone and thank you for all your funky, sage wisdom. Can’t imagine how hard it must have been for you at times but hats off to you for all your work. xx

  213. Olga says:

    This is a wonderful story and experience, thank you so much. Wish you all the best and good luck. Can I translate it into Russian and place it in live journal to share,
    Kind regards, Olga

  214. Tracey Ast says:

    Yeah! 10 years of kickin’ ass! (Yours, mine and everyone else’s!) I love you, Kris… you are such an inspiration. And a gift. To this planet. Thank you, thank you, thank you… hugs to you, T.

  215. Thanks for the insperation. I have friends that would really like what you have to say. ( my wife for one )

  216. Kris, happy anniversary! I can’t tell you how many times I have told your inspiring store, and sent people to buy your books, and log onto your website. You are a true inspiration in all ways (and in how REAL you are about the inspiring way you live). Thank you for all you do, and Mazel Tov to you on an amazing anniversary. Love from San Diego, Megan

  217. Dr. Hann says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience and reminding us to appreciate everyday. Life is a journey with many paths for all of us….thank you for helping me find a good path.

    Wishing you great health, happiness, and strength.

  218. ann says:

    Happy anniversary Kris! You inspire us all!!

  219. Shearin says:

    This is truly inspirtational and I am so happy that you never forgot the loving spiritual warrior inside of you!! We all have it, we just have to trust ourselves, love ourselves and let go of what we think should be like and instead just BE what is at our core!! Heres to many more healthy, happy and soulful years for you and everyone else in the world 🙂

  220. Nicky says:

    Congratulations Kris! You are more than a wellness warrior! There are no words to define your superior Goddess status! Thanks for all you do to inspire me and others. Next week, I start my second annual 21 Day Crazy Sexy Cleanse! Thank you for living! Keep up the good work!

  221. Karen Titus says:

    Thank you & congrats. Because of you I have started juicing and love it.

  222. Benita says:

    Kris, You keep on inspiring me. I really needed these words today as I face yet another health challenge.Your strength reminds me to keep fighting the good fight-thank you, and may you have (at least) 50 more healthy years!

  223. Margie says:

    Dear Kris,

    You are inspirational and amazing. Thank you for sharing your love and energy.
    Sending mine right back to you. Wishing you continued good health and happiness.
    God Bless.

    With love,

    Margie (from New Zealand)

  224. Alex says:

    I think you just found your next book……Thank you for sharing those wonderful words! Inspiration at its finest 🙂

  225. cindy says:

    You also are so special, I have heard from so many that cancer changes their life in so many ways. I don’t want to learn it that way but if I don’t smarten up and find some continuity I will be messing my longevity. Thanks Kris for all the ideas, motivation, and tips along with the love that you share so openly.
    Congrats on a decade of not only surviving cancer but doing magnificent!

  226. Jennifer says:

    Happy 10th Anniversary, Kris!! You are such an inspiration to so many people and just a wonderful, generous, beautiful person. What you are doing is, in my opinion, vital to the emerging alternative methods of dealing with cancer or other ‘terminal’ illnesses. I work in surgery and I will tell you that putting in the ports for chemo is my least favorite procedure. I wish more people knew, and truly believed, that chemo or surgery isn’t always necessary. If I had tons of money, I would buy thousands of copies of your books and pass them out at medical facilities throughout Texas!! Keep doing what you’re doing. It really is making difference! 🙂

  227. Megan says:

    Congratulations to you ♥ and Thank you for being such an inspiration!!!!

  228. Jannon says:

    Congrats & Happy Anniversary, Kris! You are a true inspiration for me! Thank you for sharing your story & for your knowledge on healthy living. Thank you for shining your light so brightly!
    -much love, blessings & gratitude, Jannon

  229. Melly P says:

    Happy Live-iversary,
    You are a remarkable and generous woman. Thank you for sharing your journey with me and lighting an inspirational light on my path.
    I have struggled with emotional eating all my life. Your segment in Hungry for Change really touched me. I have since read your books and changed my world.
    Blessings to you,

  230. Kerry says:

    Congratulations Kris on your 10th anniversary you’re an inspirational woman, thank you for your story 🙂

  231. Chris says:

    Thank you for sharing your journey

  232. Kris – thank you for sharing your journey with us all. Your books helped me during a scary time when I was diagnosed with breast cancer last year at the young age of 28. All of your research and recommendations have helped steer me into a healthier space. I am so grateful for your willingness to share. You are truly amazing.

    Congrats on 10 years. Here’s to another 10! xo

  233. Maree says:

    A brilliant post in so many regards.

    Good on you, Kris. Thank you.

  234. Maria says:

    You are BEAUTIFUL! You are appreciated. Your journey has inspired me to believe in my own healing journey. Thank you – from the bottom of my heart for sharing the authentic you!

    Continued blessings Kris!

  235. Susan says:

    Happy Anniversary amazing woman!

  236. Marney says:


    You are a rockstar! Not only have you changed your life by changing what you eat, what you drink and what you think, but you are changing the life of thousands of people. You are an inspiration to many.

  237. Andrea says:

    You have inspired me more than you could ever know over the past few years! Crazy Sexy Diet changed my life and has helped my heal from fibromyalgia! You have also helped me support my parents (both have cancer). I have started my own website and became certified Reiki Master/Teacher to help others on the path to healing! You are awesome! Thanks for all you do.
    All the best!

  238. Kris, I will forever be grateful for your influence in my life when I didn’t have much hope.

    In the 5 years since I found your documentary, my life has completely transformed. I must have watched it dozens of times in that first year.

    Thank you.

    Happy 10th anniversary chief unicorn ♥

  239. Lindsay says:

    Thank you Kris! You are truly an inspiration and a rock star. Congratulations on such a big milestone. Cheers to many, many healthy years for you and your readers! xoxo.

  240. Chris Spears says:

    I loved this article. Thank you so much for sharing your inspiring and positive outlook….I hope many others will read your words and be uplifted by your message.

    Can’t wait for you to see you speak in Austin for the Hay House event March 23.

    PS – I love you include rescue animals in need of homes in your newsletter! Awesomeness!!!

  241. Rachel T. says:

    This is so amazing it brought me to tears. Here’s to many more great years, Kris. Thanks for the inspiration!

  242. Rachel says:

    You have a beautiful generous heart, amazing spirit, pure luminous energy………….. shine on you crazy sexy diamond!!! Thank you for all that you share. May God bless you with continuous joy and strength…. and constant celebrations………… loads of love xxxxx

  243. Vera says:

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your openness and compassion for others and for the Earth. The Goddess gave you the gift of Cancer so that the world could have the gift of you, your whole, true self! We love you, Kris! <3 Happy Anniversary! Keep on thriving!

  244. Angela says:

    I will never forget the first time I saw your series on TV (I think it was on TLC) many years ago. You brought me to tears, you made me laugh, and you inspired me to no end. I’ve been following your journey ever since and so proud to see all that you’ve accomplished. Congrats to you!!!

  245. Don Halcombe says:

    Thank you for lighting the way, Kris, and congratulations on this milestone! Here’s to another 10 years of letting your light shine!

    • kris carr says:

      Don!!!! OMG Don!!!! Love you and am grateful for you everyday. Look at all the ppl you helped me reach. God bless pal. xo kc

  246. Wildkat says:

    You have been my daily inspiration and motivation ever since I first read CrazySexy Cancer after receiving an early stage breast cancer diagnosis in 2007. This world needs more earth angels like you! Congratulations on this momentous milestone and wishing you many more to come! You rock!

  247. Shelley Anne says:

    Almost 5 years ago, your book (Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips) jumped off the book shelf at me and I devoured each page… I had just been diagnosed with “the little c” myself and was looking for guidance. Thank you Kris for inspiring me to think healthy thoughts about my life and my future. I will always count you among the people that I am grateful for.

  248. Susan says:

    Outstanding article, especially point #9 … great words to live by for everyone..

  249. Emily says:

    Thank you for your vibrant wisdom, Kris. This week is both my birthday and my survival anniversary, too. Amazing the changes that can take place in ten years. Especially when you eat your veggies and treat the world as a kind and gentle place. Here’s to health and being whole.

  250. Sora says:

    Kris you have been such an inspiration. I’ve looked forward to your newsletter every week for the past two years. Happy anniversary!

  251. Thanks from Copenhagen, Denmark! Thanks from my heart!
    You inspire SO deeply – thanks Kris!

  252. Happiest of Happy Anniversaries to you dear lady! You are such an inspiration to all of us out here living with cancer. My heart feels warm and smushy every time I read your words….and thank you the time you take to share them with us! xoxoxoxo

  253. LyndaV says:

    I too have a rare, slow-growing cancer. It is different than yours, its called NeuroEndocrine Cancer. I am just at the beginning of my journey and reading about yours fills my heart with joy. Already I have the sense that this awful diagnosis really has been a gift to me, as I have turned away from many of the stresses and unhappiness that was making life unbearable. I now have a peace that I’ve never had before and the relationships I have with those dear to me has greatly changed for the better. Thank you for being such an inspiration as well as the provider of some realistic, practical advice. I wish you peace & happiness in your journey.

  254. joanna says:

    Kris! I just wanted you to know that I found and explored you and all your wise tips living not in US, but far, far away in Poland! My husband was diagnosed with a nasty thyroid cancer a year and a half ago and I started to look for someone who could give us some hope. I found you, I ordered your book Crazy Sexy Diet from Great Britain, just because it’s not available in Poland, and I’m changing our life thanks to your tips. Thank you for all you do and for today’s article. It’s awesome! I love you!

  255. Megan says:

    A-mazing! Truly. You’re such an inspiration. I look forward to the next 10.

  256. Erin Mangus says:

    I’m very happy for you, ten years, wow that’s great. I ‘m one year Feb. 3rd, still thriving with the juicing and diet change but I’m taking a targeted drug XALKORI, its to stop the growth and shrink the lung cancer I have from ALK mutated gene. It is doing the job, Praise God! I feel great I’m sure it is due to Juicing the greens you recommended the salads, water with lemon, the skin brushing, the baths in the alkalizing mixture, just all you explained… I can not thank you enough for the books you have written…..They have given me hope….They make sense….All the supportive stories from all the others, THANK YOU ! Many Blessing to you………Erin Mangus

  257. Cherie Ebert says:

    I know that I am my own Guru but next up is you Kris!!!!
    Thank you for the constant reminders to love and take care of myself, thrive not just survive.

  258. You are an inspiration for my mind, body, soul and music. Thank you for helping me find my wellness path again. Warrior Woman!

  259. congrats! thanks for being my inspiration.

  260. Jane N. says:

    Kris – first off, Happy Anniversary!

    I was diagnosed Stage IV (rectal cancer) (re just over 5 years ago – I shouldn’t be alive. In fact, I’ve “beat death” twice, having had a catastropheic event during a treatment 2 1/2 years ago that put me in cardiac arrest and ‘dead’ for 15 minutes.

    Here is my issue – I am in constant physical distress, both as a result of damage from the disease and damage from the treatments (lots of chemo, radiation, and 10 surgeries). I am not working, as my physical state is limiting.

    SO, here is my question: how do I do all you recommend (which I love) and live a happy fulfilled life while feeling like poopycrap all the time?

    I realize you probably do not read all these comments, nor can you respond individually, but if you do see this, perhaps you can address this in a future blog?

    Peace and Light,

  261. Caroline says:

    You are such a gift to the world, and I was so happy to meet you at RHH live last October! Wish you a very long, health and happy life. Please keep inspiring us. I share your wisdom with my network. Juice is my daily breakfast thanks to you, and I really like it. Wish you a very happy anniversary, love, Xx

  262. Congratulations Kris! Anniversaries are important and I am so happy for you today. Thank you for
    all your inspiration, guidance and love.

  263. jean says:

    Dear Chris: Your energy so clearly comes through in your wonderful writing, your take on life. It’s wise, energizing and entertaining. I just want to give you a big hug!

    P.S. I’m 73, healthy and am now green juicing, yum on all counts.

  264. Kristin says:

    Congratulations Kris!!!

    You truly are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your story and opening my world to a whole lot of “yes I can”.

  265. Sandra says:

    What an inspirational journey . Thank you so much for sharing xx

  266. Kim says:

    I love you, Kris Carr. You are a treasure with wings. Thank you.

  267. Nancy says:

    Congrat, Kris! Like you, my life changed with a cancer dx. Mine is a stage 4 breast cancer. I met you in Cleveland at a breast cancer foundation’s symposium on survival. While there, I was at a talk where the onc kept repeating how women must do everything possible to not become metastatic. I walked out angry and disillusioned. You embraced me, told me the onc was wrong, and told me to stick with you. Well, I have, and am enjoying every crazy, sexy day! Love your website with its healing forums and love your books! You’ve inspired me to blog and I find great therapy in that. THANK YOU !!!

  268. Robien says:

    I love this post…
    1 to 6: check
    7 – 10 working on it; especially number 10;
    Thank you!

  269. Loralie Hoffort says:

    Thank you… From the deepest part of me…thank you
    Wishing you all that is good for many years to come,

  270. Patti Sauro says:

    Congrats on a ginormous milestone! I read your first book after I had a double mastectomy. It was amazing and encouraging, and I was so grateful. Today, I’m just past 3.5 years now, WITHOUT any chemo or radiation! Loving life and appreciating all that is truly important. Thanks for being so cool. Keep inspiring us, Kris!

  271. Mary says:

    You are such a positive ball of energy radiating all across our planet. Thank you for just being you!
    With love,

  272. Bee Somers says:

    Happy Anniversity! Your blog is so inspiring and compelling.
    Your book, Crazy Sexy Kitchen, is fabulous! I am grazing on Tofu Scramble right now. Thank you for sharing your journey!

  273. Karen Kettler says:

    Happy Anniversary O mentor of mine!! I am almost 7 years on the other side (st. patties day to be exact). You are my go to chick for inspiration and to reallign my BAD ways. I am now an oncology RN moving into my new position as patient navigator for new diagnosed patients. I inspire my fellow cancer patients with your wisdom and books/DVD. I have lost a few along the way though… I don’t blame them for wanting to keep you!!!!

  274. Kelly says:

    Congratulations Kris. I’m new to this ‘my condition needs to go away’ jazz. Your experiences are helping so much, so thank you. I look forward to sharing many more positive decades with you. Kelly xox

  275. Donna Winzenried says:

    Thank you so much. I ordered 3 of your books the very same day I was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Your words of wisdom are incredible. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

  276. Lesley Fukumura says:

    Awesome article, Kris!
    Thanks for the inspiring words & congratulations on 10 years of thriving!

  277. Virginia Hilligoss says:

    I have been following your blog for over a year now since I went on my first cleanse promoted by my fabulous yoga instructor, Jayne. Although I don’t have any major health problems I finally see the light to be more proactive so I am healthy as I expect to live a good long life. Have done a second cleanse, again, using your book and am working on understanding being a vegatarian. Todays tips are just fabulous and thanks for sharing and I will finally go buy a Juicer. Am sending this on to others. God Bless you.

  278. This was AWESOME!!!!!!!
    I was just diagnosed with breast cancer and I am checking out all my options as well. I am lucky as this is also slow growing.. Reading this is so inspirational. I am doing what I can to clean up my body and mind with the love and suport of others. Blessed yoga and mediation are already a part of my life. Thank you for sharing this. You are a rockstar of love!

  279. ana asenjo says:

    kris thanks for these moments of inspiration every week and for and for the help you give us with them

  280. Dawn D says:

    Kris, what a wonderful article. Rock on sister! You are such an inspiration, and a giggle giver every lovin’ time!

  281. Lori B. says:

    Thank you for sharing Kris. Your story and these 10 tips are a wonderful reminder of how close happiness if I love myself and take the time. You are a Super Awesome Rock Star!

  282. Laura Woodard says:

    God bless you sweet Kris and may the many blessings from above pour down and through your life! Little do you know what your “ministry” has meant to me. Much love and grace to you and your family!
    “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Thank you for reminding us of our future, Kris!! mmmmmmmmmmmah!

  283. Jennifer says:

    So very happy for you Kris! My wish for you is a healthy and happy journey for the rest of your life without anymore cancer. You have inspired me so much to begin taking care of “me” better and more wisely. Can’t wait to get your books and get my own “journey” started. Thank you and big hug to you!:)

  284. Kate O'Shea says:

    Go Chris! Almost two years out myself, and feeling great! YOur books, enthusiasm, and love & light shine on through! You rock, woman! All the best for decades and decades more of good health and happiness!

  285. Lanie says:

    Love you too, Kris. Thank you so much for your generosity of spirit and your addition of “shit pickle” to my verbal repertoire. No matter how bad things are, those 2 words never fail to crack me up. May we celebrate many more anniversaries together.

  286. Edna says:

    Thank you for sharing. You are an inspiration.

    12 yrs ago an older friend of mine was in hospice, was told this is it. She heard about a book writen by Dr
    Hulda Clark ‘The Cure For All Cancers’. She is alive an doing good today! She to has to stay on top of things, but really we all should! Anyway she told of of a man she knew with brain cancer, in hospice, that
    she shared the book with and he too is no longer in hospice!

    Keep up the good work!
    Love Edna

  287. Beth Smith says:

    My DEAREST friend Kris Carr –

    Like they say about Muhammad Ali—- Always IRREVERENT and always a class act….. You are a winner!

    THANK YOU for not snoozing any longer –
    THANK YOU for waking up so you could help others awaken too
    THANK YOU for choosing to embrace life- joy- gifts while not being a dumbass…

    Thank you for stepping up when others were afraid to – thank you for helping me do the same!
    Keep Rocking only the way you do!!! Cheers!!

    • kris carr says:

      OMG Beth. I am howling. Thanks for your awesome humor. Huge smile. Glad I’m not a dumbass for shizzle. 🙂 xoxoxo

  288. Romi Hancock says:

    You are truly an inspiration! I have been a fitness trainer and nutritionist for 8 years, its been a struggle, not many people want to take charge of their bodies and what they feed them. I had started selling homes in the past year and although its great money, its not rewarding to me. I went to the Heal Your Life conference in Las Vegas Jan 12 to see Wayne Dyer and I came in right as you took stage, I realized after listening to you, I have to keep on sending the message out there about what you put in your body and exercising, it is my passion and so many people just don’t get it. I thank you for sending the message to millions!

  289. Beth Elkin says:

    Congratulations Kris! You have long been an inspiration to me, ever since first diagnosed with breast cancer almost 6 yrs ago. Now metastatic x 1 year, I hope to be a very long survivor like you. I have two boys to raise. So, in honor of you outliving your expiration date, I’m off to pat my rescue dog, jump on the trampoline for 10 minutes, and celebrate with a green smoothie! Thanks for always staying so positive and helping all of us to do so too!

  290. Cheryl Osten says:

    You are an amazing person that I learned from Hay House book list started last Fall of 2012. So I ordered two books, Crazy Sexy Kitchen and Crazy Sexy Diet even while I have severely allergic to gluten, carrots, eggs and almonds. I learned to accept myself and bought more gluten-free cookbooks and several gluten-free and vegan cookbooks to try and learn how to substitute flours, eggs etc. Now i eat more plants food than before and feeling better. i do eat free range chicken and lamb, wild fish.
    , I had been diagnosed to have Usher Syndrome ( I have been deaf since age 6 mos. after having a scarlet fever while not knowing this affected my visions till years later) 5 yrs ago just few months after having gluten allergy cause by anaphylaxis shock. I learned to accept myself for I had read books of Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan years ago. I said to myself when Helen Keller can do things then I can do it myself to learn even while my visions are poor. I can order e-books from my I-pad to make it in large prints for me to read. I love your stories from the hotmail. Happy Anniversary and keep up the good work.
    Cheri Osten
    Deaf and blind person

  291. Rhona says:

    Happy anniversary! The world is a better place because of you and your journey! Your story has definitely influenced my life in a profound way. I am thankful you have been willing to share it with the world. I am coming to NYC next month just to hear you speak at the IIN graduate conference! Can’t wait!

  292. Beyond inspired… you are the epitome of a crazy/sexy/beautiful life in every sense of the words. Here’s to all the decades to come! Cheers!

  293. Dani Weir says:

    My entire life has shifted, dramatically and beautifully, because of a health scare several years ago. It brought me to my yoga practice. It brought me to ME. I found inner and outer guidance, as long as I was open for serious unraveling, to changing the life I had created in fear into one founded in love. I am grateful every day for that letter that showed me how scared I was where I sat… and for the strength I was able to recognize in myself that brought me to this ever-expanding state of truth and self romance. Thank you so much for sharing your story and your heart so truthfully. I love you! 🙂

  294. Danielle West says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this! We just celebrated my fiance’s 10th anniversary from being diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. He was diagnosed when he was 15 and was only given s 25% chance. We were good friends before he as diagnosed, but have been together for 8 years. We live our lives much the same as you. We strive to live a mindful, healthy, happy life as long as we possibly can! Wish you many, many more happy years! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful story, and providing the lasting inspiration everyone needs!

  295. Wendy Irene says:

    Happy Anniversary! Sending so much love and light your way. Thank you for inspiring me weekly! Love, Health & Blessings

  296. laura robinson says:

    K is for your kick-ass
    R is for right on
    I is for inspiring
    S is for seriously smashing

    C is for compassion
    A is for absolutely amazing
    R is for riotously robust
    R is for reaffirming of life and love

    This all adds up to KRIS CARR… thank you and woo hoo!
    You are miraculous and a “soul model” for us all!

  297. Rosemarie says:

    Happy Anniversary and many, many more… You are soo beautiful – inside and out, and an amazing inspiration for us all to lead a better, more positive and loving awareness life. God Bless..

  298. Katie says:

    Kris, you are amazing! You’ve inspired me, and my life has gotten happier and healthier as a result! Thank you so much!

  299. Sequoia says:

    Bon Anniversaire!!! Truly inspired this morning. I’m going to print this out and post it to be inspired everyday.

  300. P.J. BLUE says:

    Kris, I have followed you since watching your CD years ago about your cancer journey. I have purchased your books and celebrated your wedding. I wrote this prose to honor all of us who have survived the years. It is a true story… Enjoy…

    • kris carr says:

      I am speechless. Beautiful. Thank you. And I’m off to water my vine too. Both of us. x

      • P.J. BLUE says:

        If you are ever in the Phoenix area, let me know. I would love to meet you. I had breast and lymph cancer 6 years ago and refused chemo., much to the dismay of my doctor. I watched your CD and got inspired to do this on my own. I drink alkaline water and wheat grass, along with various supplements. In the meantime, I got my clinical nutrition degree and am going to start having raw food classes. It sucked getting cancer, but like you said, it can also be very empowering. PJ

    • Vera says:

      Wow. Thank you PJ. I will be inspired by this image forever. <3

  301. September says:

    You are awesome kris … We love you!!

  302. Joy Kincaid says:

    Good for you! You have done exactly what I would have done with a similar diagnosis. Hopefully, I will never get that diagnosis, as I am living this way now. I wish you many, many more happy, healthy, fulfilling years! Happy Anniversary!

  303. Leah Patterson says:

    Thank you for sharing this Kris!!! You are a true inspiration. I am so moved by your joy and loving actions. I’m improving my life every day too.

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! You go girl!!!! This is AWESOME news from an awesome person. Hats off to you for blazing your trail. So happy for you!!!

  304. Cathy says:

    Beautiful. What a lovely life you have manifested and weaved out of a terrible (or so you thought) diagnosis. May it continue to have unbounded blessings well into your 100’s 😉

  305. Munira says:

    I am a fan of yours! thank you for sharing your insights, and congratulations on celebrating 10 years of being cancer-free! I’v found refuge in your books and am inspired by your journey. I was diagnosed with 2 blood cancers a year ago and have shared my story in a blog. Now I want to follow your example, and write a book! thanks kris for making a difference in my life…..

  306. You are what you eat and the plant kingdom has so many varieties to choose from which our cell love 🙂

  307. Amy Shapiro says:

    Gosh, Kris, what an inspiration you are. Thank you for sharing your story with the world.
    Love and light,
    Amy Shapiro

  308. It is such a blessing to have you in our lives, Kris, if only through this blog and your books… I admire your love for life and I wish you all the best always. Congratulations on 10 years of thriving !!! May God give you many, many more..

  309. Lindsey says:

    You are a beautiful person. Thank you for sharing and inspiring me to take better care of my mind body and soul.

  310. Claudia H. says:

    I love you Kris! Here is to another 10 and another and another…X10~ 🙂 Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge with all of us. I have learned so much and for the past eight months, I have been making changes to my diet and life to better take care of myself and the people I love.

    Thank you and cheers from San Francisco!

  311. Chris says:

    Great news well done, great post well written – you’re a great inspiration to many. Keep up the good work!

  312. Liliana Kleid says:

    Congratulations, Kris! Thank you for sharing your life with us. You are amazing!
    Wishing you the many more years of health, love & happiness! xxoo

  313. Jenny Calechman says:

    Beautiful and inspiring. Thank you Kris!!!!

  314. Wonderful,
    I’ve had 2 cases of spontaneous remissions in my family. My Granddad lived 7 years more that the Drs said and my mum also.
    It inspired me to record a hypnosis recording planting suggestions of miracles happening and to give it away for free.
    It doesn’t make any claims as I believe dietary changes and other lifestyle choices are needed for lasting healing to occur yet,
    Ive had people report miracles such as thyroids functioning normally, diabetes going away, emotional stress lifted and a chap coming out of a coma after 55 days when Drs wanted to switch of the life support on day 3.
    You can see their videos and get the healing hypnosis from my website all for free
    keep doing what you are doing
    it works

  315. Linda Ruocco says:

    Dear Kris,
    Ever since I met you at Menla Mountain House in October, you have inspired me and lifted me up to new levels of eating, love, and spirit. I thank God for you and your amazing journey! The way I see it, cancer gave you a platform and you have used it to the utmost in serving the world! I rarely read someone’s blog every week, but I find myself drawn to your sassy and swaggering take on the world — I read all your stuff. Keep going, keep inspiring, keep lifting us all up! May you continue to inspire for ten times ten!! With love, Linda xoxo

  316. Suzanne says:

    Wonderfully inspiring. Thank you for sharing your journey. In this exchange, we are all elevated.

    Dr. Suzanne Gelb

  317. Kris Carr! we celebrate 10 years together! different cancer diagnosis, but similar philosophy embraced over time and so much learned from you. life is better now than it’s ever been. a wake-up call yes, but I am happier and healthier for it. thank you so much for the guidance and light. I cherish your spirit!!! with love, your sis-ta in a similar life lesson journey.
    -Crystal Heart, photographer, South Carolina.

  318. Stacey says:

    Happy 10 year’s to you! You’re story is inspiring and I wish you many more decades of great health, laughter and sunshiny days of love. You are so right when you say “life is now”. Focusing too much on what’s not “right” now is draining. So much good is happening now!


  319. Michelle says:

    I love hearing from you! I found your book, Crazy Sexy Diet, in the midst of my own crazy annoying health challenges and it really helped me turn things around, learning to use the knowledge I have and follow my intuition. Congrats on your present health and happiness! You look great and you are a GEM of a person. I hope to meet you one day. Thanks for everything.

  320. Lucy says:

    Absolutely fantastic list. “We hold so many issues in our precious tissues.” <–so true!

  321. Hayley Dubin says:

    Kris- Your kind spirit and passion to help others jumps off the page! You are such an inspiration to so many . Happy, healthy anniversary! I will be a 15-year cancer survivor in April and like you, I feel that my diagnosis was a blessing. I decided to become a health coach last year because I know more than ever that my purpose is to empower others to live their best, healthiest lives. If I can touch a fraction of the people that you have, with your message of hope, resilience and determination, I know that my cancer journey, along with everyone who has been touched by cancer, will not be in vain. Thanks again for all that you do and I wish you the best always!

  322. Steve says:

    Thank you for picking me up, when the little c started to encourage me to give up. I am on my third bout and no traditional treatment option is available at this point. Today, I start living my new reality!

  323. Nancy Gustin says:

    Thank you Kris for this beautiful and inspiring blog. Your courage and compassion are a huge gift to us all. Congrats on ten years of better health than most people ever achieve, and God bless you on the next fifty.

  324. Andrea says:

    Kris, this so so beautiful. Brought me to tears. Thank you for all that you are, and all that you do. Spreading your message of health, happiness, peace of mind, and most of all, encouragement, is helping so many people, myself included. Thank you for having the courage to share your journey with us all 🙂

  325. Janey says:

    Happy Anniversary Kris! I have only recently found you and the amazing work that you do and I have to say you have inspired me to take steps that have started to transform my life already whilst dealing with a chronic medical condition. You are a wonderful soul and I wish you many many more years of good health and happiness. Congratulations to you and all that you have achieved. Thank you! xx

  326. Stacy Waters says:

    Congratulations, Kris, on this momentous milestone. You are such an inspiration! The world wouldn’t be the same place without you.

    Here’s to the next ten years, baby (and the next, and the next)!

    Blessings to you!

  327. Gail says:

    New reader, new commenter. Love your post and will share. Congratulations on an amazing 10 year journey. Your clarity and calls to action are an inspiration!

  328. bonny carroll says:

    So, so beautiful, Kris!! Happy Anniversary! you continue to inspire me daily.

  329. Clarissa Cervantes says:


  330. Cappy says:

    Kris, thank you. I have lived with myleo dysplasia for the past 26 years, was told at diagnosis that I might live a year. During the first 16 years I had over 100 gallons of blood in transfusions. This, of course, was only one of the health challanges. When I became vegetarian, my health improved and my need for blood lessened. When I met the love of my life, incorporated some of his lifestyle choices, my health improved further. It has now been nearly nine years since the last transfusion. I live in a country near the equator now and have for the last two years. Incorporating many of your tenets into my life has given me a beautiful life. Again, thank you for sharing!

  331. You are an inspiration to me and a beacon of hope my girl! Rare “orphan cancers” like ours have individualized treatments. My docs are making it up as we go along and it has worked well for me! I also believe in wellness and physical fitness so I am strong enough to fight the beast!

  332. Kristi says:

    Congratulations on all your hard work! And thank you for all your hard work. My family and I feel healthy and happy because of this little book called- Crazy, Sexy, Cancer- that I just happened to see in a store window. I am typing this drinking my green smoothy. And my six year old little girl just drank her green juice before school today. Cheers to your hard working, healthy decade, and many more! xo

  333. Jada Rae says:

    Thank you Kris Carr! Much love to you!! xox

  334. Monica says:

    I love you Kris!!!

    Rock on baby,


  335. Jennifer Hammond says:

    You are such an inspiration and you have helped me so much!!! Thank you for sharing with others and I wish you much happiness and health!!!

  336. Zuri says:

    A very, very happy anniversary to you Kris! Having spent the last two months in and out of scans, appointments and surgery due to a breast cancer recurrence, your journey is the precise inspiration that I need. Here’s to another 10, and another and another and… repeat!

  337. Love you right back Kris!!!!

  338. Julie Stewart says:

    My husband was given 8 years to live 10 years ago. He was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer when he was 23 years old – DEVASTATING! The first 4 or 5 years were spent sick: three surgeries and a ton of depression. In 2007 or so (maybe 2008?) I happened to see an ad for ‘Crazy Sexy Cancer’ on TLC, and somehow managed to convince Dave (my husband) to watch it. He was in a very dark place (had just had surgery and was unemployed) at the time and was pretty resistant to anything ‘Cancer’. That day changed everything for us. We laughed, we cried… we cried again, and then we bought a juicer on a credit card we knew we wouldn’t be able to pay off. We used that credit card for all sorts of life-giving cancer stuff: an infrared sauna, a subscription to an organic veggie delivery service, a trip to Peru where we got married. Two weeks ago, on Dave’s 10-year cancer anniversary, we paid off that credit card – what a feeling!
    He’s had clean scans since the day we started following your lead. We now have a successful business (one that will allow us to have an on-going income if Dave ever gets sick again), we adopted a puppy named Pickles, and we’re both happier and healthier than ever – happier and healthier than most of the ‘healthy’ people we know!
    So a HUGE congratulations on 10 years – we know what it feels like because of you.

    Julie & Dave

  339. Lisa Lathrop says:

    Hi Kris! You are a great inspiration to me! When I was in traditional treatment for AML Leukemia 4 years ago, my sister gave me your Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips. OK – at the time it was a great read but I just didn’t want to go all natural/organic/vegan at the time. After some years and learning more about all the chemicals that are out there in my daily products, and the resulting (and upcoming) total knee replacement I about about to have. I found out it was caused by all the medications through cancer and bone marrow transplant I had to have to be cured and avoid rejection of my new stem cells. EWW!! I now am a vegetarian working organics into my household and use all natural skin, hair care products and such. And am also using natural cleaners in my home.

    I regularly share your blog and books on my website and Cancer Kaleidoscope FB page, too. As I said, you are a great inspiration to me. I am happy to learn from you and share your experience with my followers as well.

    Blessings to you and I hope you continue to THRIVE!

  340. Camille Nelson says:

    Way to Go Kris!! I am so happy for you! Keep on a THRIVING! It’s always so refreshing and uplifting to read your blog a hear about you and your life, your awesome!!!! Here’s to good health!

  341. Galit says:

    Thanks for being such an inspiration and congrats for this amazing 10 year anniversary!!
    Wishing you many more healthy and joyous years!!

  342. Renata says:

    I love the way you write, Kris. Your writing is inspiring and always makes me reflect on not only the big picture of things, but the little picture too. Thank you for reminding me to not always worry about the unknown of the “someday” but rather to focus on the beauty of the “right now”. Congratulations on thriving to this milestone.

  343. Maria Parisi says:

    Congratulations!!! You are plain fantastic and you inspire us every single day!
    You are a beautiful lady inside and out and you give hope and light to many folks out there!
    You are AWESOME and we love you!!!!!

  344. Marinda says:

    Loved this article, Kris, especially the part where you say that “accepting yourself means that no matter what happens, you won’t abandon yourself in your time of need.” So true! Congratulations on ten years!

  345. Happy Anniversary!!! Thank you for walking your walk, talking your talk and being such an inspiration for us all!

  346. Y says:

    Brilliant. This is really inspirational. I love your attitude and believe that our bodies are amazing and that our attitude (especially one of love of life) can lead us to experiences beyond the expected. May you continue to live a full life. Thank you.

  347. Jean Buschke says:

    Happy Dance! Congratulations…..

    My best takeaway from your list…”You cannot abandon yourself in your time of need.” LOVE IT!

    What a gift you are! Thank you 🙂

  348. Donna Bader says:

    Congratulations Kris! You always inspire me thank you for sharing your life and inspiration!

  349. Carrie Dill says:

    Thanks for sharing! You are an incredible inspiration. You truly shine. Best wishes for continued health, joy and love in your life. Thank you for making a difference in this world.

  350. Lynne says:

    Congratulations Chris! I still remember what a milestone my 10-year anniversary was and now having just passed my 24th, I work every day to not take any of it for granted. Thank you for sharing all you do. Here’s to many many more for you!

  351. Carolyn says:

    You are awesome. I love your message and I love the picture on your homepage with that great big smile. I smile everytime I see it.

  352. Sarai G says:

    Happy 10 years! I have a cousin who is also celebrating 10 years of being cancer free! You are beautiful, wondrous, and one heck of a Crazy Sexy Inspirational SOUL! Thanks for all you do for the world. 🙂

  353. ana says:

    I red all the artcle! It’s a big challenge for me but you are such an inspiration! no cancer but others health issues are now at my 40’s making me rethink and redesign my life.. you are right, you are so true… thank you for being the risky and joyfull woman that allow all the woman to jump into life again!
    thank you for your words, your acts, your smile, your light….

    with live and admiration,


  354. Sandra says:

    Your book, Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips, was the BEST book I could have come across when I started my crazy ride. It, like you, made me laugh, cry, think, feel and accept. When I hear of someone getting crappy “c” news I provide them with a copy of your book letting them know that I’m sure they will get at least one thing out it that will connect with them. Happy Anniversary and we will be celebrating your 25th I’m sure.

  355. Leigh-Ann Fillmore says:

    Kris, Congratulations!
    You continue to be an inspiration with your amazing voice and the love you pour into the universe. I first heard about and saw Crazy Sexy Cancer when I was diagnosed in 2009 with a rare cancer and given 12-24 months to live myself. Well, 48 months later, I too am still thriving.
    Thank you for sharing your path, your life story brings so much to so many.

  356. Cheryl Miklaszewski says:

    I’m so very happy you are still with us…healthy, happy, loving, and giving. You are such an inspiration to me personally as I strive to live with your conviction on a daily basis. Thank you for sharing yourself with the world and I hope to be wishing you “Happy Anniversary” for the rest of my life!

  357. Kate says:

    It’s wonderful to see you thriving! Do continue on like this. I can’t wait for the next anniversary : )
    And THANK YOU for being such an awesome and inspiring human being. When I feel down, I think about you and your smile, which seems to encompass all your positive energy.
    Lots of love for a wonderful week and life

  358. Jo Ann Israel says:

    I had a chance to hear you live at a Hay House event in San Jose last year, and the minute I heard your story, I knew that my questions on how to change our plate was soon to be answered. Crazy Sexy Diet revolutionized me and my family! Thanking the universe for you, for what you do, and for the lives you have changed! Live on, Kris! You are the shiniest star in my book!!

  359. Alexandra DeVellis says:

    10 years!!! Wooohoooo!! Congratulations!!
    My twins just turned 10 (January 28th). They are little miracles too… born 11 weeks early… two tiny peanuts weighing 2 lbs 11 oz and 3 lbs 5 1/2 oz. They faced many challenges in their early years but they are flying now… so thankful for them and the amazing care they received.
    And so thankful for you… you are helping me nourish myself and my family… body and soul.
    thank you, thank you, thank you.
    And, from now on, when they celebrate their birthdays I will think of you too and how you’ve all had another awesome year.
    love ya!!

  360. Suzanna Price says:

    Dear wonderful Kris,
    I am so grateful for all that you do….. all that you are. 🙂
    I am in the middle of an unexpected divorce and custody case. I am torn. The man I am married to brings me down in many ways and is toxic to me. Buuuuut , my daughter loves her Daddy and her Daddy loves her. I don’t want to take her from her Dad but at the same time I don’t want to live in this vat of toxicity. I feel trapped ad suppressed with him.

    Any thoughts?


  361. Sheila Garner says:

    Happy Anniversary and Happy Valentine’s Day!!! I have just started following you and am currently ready CSD – AWESOME book by the way :):) Next book….CSK!!!! for sure! I am changing my eating and life outlook right now, thanks to your books, website, and your down right sincere caring for helping others. Thanks for all you do!!! you rock!!! 🙂 Looking forward to sending many years to come of anniversary greetings too!!! Big hugs to you

  362. Diana says:

    Congrats beautiful! You should be very proud of all you’ve learned, accomplished, and shared. I tell everyone about your book whenever I can. I found your web site after my mom was diagnosed with colon cancer. Mom lived through it; coming up on 1 year cancer free! She turns 80 in March. I’m so lucky to have her. Thanks for all your inspiration to live healthy and live well. Here’s to the next 10 years and more – Cheers!

  363. Mindy says:

    Kris I am glad you are still here ten years later, and pray you aren’t going anywhere anytime soon as I just discovered you. Happy Anniversary! I just celebrated 3 years of survival from breast cancer. Scary enough, but thankful even more. Like you said, it takes you down a journey none of us want, but I am so glad I’m here. It’s life changing. I’m still learning how to take care of this body God gave me and am glad I found you to help me learn more. God bless

  364. Jackie Steiner says:

    Congratulations Kris. You are amazing. Thank you for being here and sharing. So glad to have found you also:))))

    Great Love

  365. sonja says:

    Kris, no matter when your time on earth ends, you get to know that you lived everyday to the fullest and you touched so many lives in a positive way. Most of us will never know what that is – even if we live to be a 100! You are an inspiration!

  366. cathy aiken says:

    Congrats, on 10 beautiful years. God blessed you so you could help others, may you always stay strong in Life and Love. Here is a green toast to the rest of your story, keep smiling. In Life and Love
    . Cathy

  367. Miriam says:

    Dear Kris,
    Having never met you, I still feel that you are ‘my sister from another mister’ lol.

  368. Jamie says:

    You are simply just AMAZING! I read your blog and get more inspired everytime. Keep doing what your doing..YOU make a difference. If only all people could be like you. Thank you for making my days brighter.
    Happy 10 year! 🙂

  369. Congratulations Kris on ten years of surviving and thriving and sharing your journey with the world! You’ve changed so many lives and I’ll never forget shyly waiting in the back of one of the rooms at the Omega conference in NYC last spring to meet you. I still have the note you wrote for me in my journal and the picture we took…they always make me smile! I loved the point you made about creating a new tribe, because that’s exactly what’s going on for me right now, and instead of being devastated by it, I’m actually really happy! There’s something really refreshing about weeding out the people who don’t want to/can’t support me and it’s even more amazing to find those people who want a relationship or friendship that’s full of love, support, and kindness. Change is beautiful! Just one look at the Aspen trees in the fall reminds me of that. Life is entirely what we make of it so I plan on making mine enchanting!

  370. Amy Kite says:

    Happy Anniversary! It is so great that you take all of your wonderful energy and your great spirit and share it with all of us, reminding us to be strong and beautiful. Thank you!

  371. Happy Anniversary!
    Thank you for your insight, it helped us during a difficult time.
    13 months ago my 19 year old daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumor/very rare form of cancer. Today, after a very aggressive treatment protocol, and a stem cell transplant, I am happy to report that she is cancer free and back at college. I gave her your books, and am hoping she will “see the light” and change her diet. We will be eternally grateful to the amazing team of doctors and nurses that saved my daughter’s life. She has to have an MRI every 3 months, but she takes it in stride. Like you, cancer has made her a stronger person.
    Wishing you many years of health and happiness.

  372. Lynne Brenner says:

    WOW – Happy Anniversary and here’s to another 10 plus years of peace and celebration!
    Rock on Kris Carr, a true wrangler!
    3 years for me, cancer free, no boobs or nipples left, just battle scars to live in peace and always celebrate!
    Happy, Healthy, Peaceful, Giving Life 🙂

  373. Christine says:

    Congrats Kris…you have been an inspiration to me in my cancer journey…I thank you and send love and joy to you!!
    Thank you!

  374. Abigail says:

    Thank you!!! Thank you for being a gift from god to so many people! You are an inspiration and a blessing to so many! God Bless You!

  375. Natalie says:

    What a beautiful article. You are in inspiration. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. I wish you many more years of vibrant health, happiness, and success! P.S – I love your cookbook! Every recipe I make out of it is incredible.

  376. Congratulations, Kris! Thanks for being an amazing inspiration. One day soon I’ll share my story of transformation, and how you helped inspire it! Be well and Peace!

  377. CSK Project says:

    Congrats to 10 amazing years. Your ability to look at the glass half-full is always inspiring. Your words have brought me some serious comfort to me over the years, and this week as you celebrate 10 years I cheer for you! I wish you continued health and happiness. Thank you for spreading your wealth of knowledge with the rest of us! You are the friend we all need who encourages us to be the best we can be:)

    As I celebrate your victories, yet another one of my friends was diagnosed with breast cancer this past week. I will again give her a large care package with all your yummy books of wisdom. I have no doubt that this blog post will make her feel comforted and inspired. Thank you!

  378. flo says:

    We love you too! THANK YOU for everything!

  379. Gillian says:

    Chris – you are my inspiration. For your great tips, your love of life. Demonstrating how to be sexy and gorgeous even with a poopie pickle. Thank you!!!

    Congratulations and sip some of your green juice in a champagne glass toasting another 10 plus and more.


  380. wow. just wow. you’re an inspiration.

  381. Miri says:

    Ten years and gazillions more to go!!!!
    Thank you for being YOU and for bringing more light to the world…..
    Wishing you great health and happiness always and forever…. xoxo

  382. Amanda Lawson says:

    Congratulations Kris !!! You are a blessing!!
    You have turned your challenges into lessons for all of us, we read your blog and it changes the way we see life and the world around us. Know that you have changed me, you have made a difference in my life, I see life in a different way now, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Happy Anniversary!! Happy Life!!
    lots of love,,

  383. jill hill says:

    Beautiful inspiration to start my day. Thank you!

  384. Towanda says:

    CONGRATULATIONS, KRIS!!! You are such an inspiration.

  385. Martha says:

    Hi Kris! I recently found you online. You are such an inspiration! Congratulations on your 10 yr’s of being Cancer Free. You are an amazing women!! I am a student at The Integrative Institute for Nutrition in NY.
    I love this industry and feel this is my new purpose. Being a leader on disease proofing our lives.

    Thank you for being so inspirational! Have a GREAT week.


  386. Dunja Domic says:

    Beautiful, inspiring, thoughtful. You are my virtual Guru. I have my second follow-up MRI today (6 months since my surgery) ! This couldn’t have come at a better time. Thank you.

  387. Tisha Morris says:

    You are a true inspiration! Thank you and Happy Anniversary.
    Much Love!

  388. Brie says:

    You are an amazing inspiration! And your suggestions are not out of this world, but easy small things that everyone should be doing. I am so glad I saw the link to this blog 🙂
    Here’s to a lifetime of being healthy!

  389. Kim says:

    Kris, Thank you for sharing your wisdom. You are an inspiration and a teacher. Happy Anniversary!
    I will be listening and following your lead for the next 10 years. I am grateful you are out there and I look to
    you for strength in my own life. xoxo

  390. Tkeys4HIM says:

    Happy Anniversary! How inspiring you are! You have an amazing testimony that truly worth sharing. I feel blessed and favored to have found your blog just recently as you truly possess the positive spirit, wisdom, and fire I need to refuel my life right now. I’m battling many chronic health issues and I believe through prayers for direction, and a desire to start healthy juicing is what brought me to your site. Looking forward to growing stronger and healthier with you! Be Blessed!

  391. Jen says:

    Happy Anniversary!

    A health crisis in our family was the kick in the butt to apply healthier habits into our daily lives. Looking for inspiration I watched hungry for change and have been hooked to your every word since!
    Your words inspire whether they are spoken or written! Thank you for all you do, it’s inspired me to make some big life changes!

    Wishing you the many more years of health, love & happiness!

  392. Sue Williamson says:

    I love your blogs! Every one of them inspires me 🙂 I’ve been juicing with you for about 6 months now and reduced my animal consumption. I have been concerned/conscious of what my kids and I eat for over 12 years now. My friends think I am a bit crazy but I will go out of my way to get organic food – not to mention my rants about what is called “food” lol. I find time to exercise every single day . I made a major move about 2 years ago out of the city to Woodstock (Ontario) and I am so glad I did. I am also a big believer in leaps of faith. Life is too short to not LIVE it xo

  393. george says:

    life is a free gift. how we use it is our choice. you have done wonderful. Im very happy for you and those close to you. may you continue to exercise your free will in this giving manner, it will sustain you.

  394. THANK YOU Kris!! Your email made me shed humble tears of happiness. As a B-school alumni, I have been re-evaluating where I want to be what I want to do, failing to just “be”. I appreciate the reality check- great timing girl! I know you will celebrate this anniversary with lots of sparkles and joy. And I’m celebrating with you! Shine on Kris!!! xoxo

  395. Dee says:

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY kris. You’re amazing and such an inspiration!!!! I suffer from a chronic illness and if u only knew at times when I feel so down or hopeless how much you’ve lifted me up and inspire me! God bless you always. Dee xx ( Ireland)

  396. Deneitra Hutchinson says:

    That was amazing, and so are you. Thank you for sharing and reminding each of us – what LIVING really looks like. Can’t wait to see what you do with the next decade of your life. God bless you, Kris.

  397. Lara says:

    Congratulations on the ten years…….you’re a beautiful woman inside and out and an inspiration to us all. Thanks so much. xxx

  398. Robin Hillyer Miles says:

    Love it. Congrats and thank you for sharing your advice. I plan on taking it to heart. 😀

  399. Jack Bryan says:

    Thank you, Kris. You are beautiful.

  400. kim o says:


    i count myself lucky to have found your blog many years ago and I have loved tagging along on your journey :). You and your Posse have continued to inspire me and have impacted my life in many positive ways. I appreciate the blood sweat and tears that it has taken to share your crazy sexy life and journey!

    Most importantly, congratulations on your Anniversary. While it is a significant milestone, it is not surprising at all and I look forward to your 20 year Anniversary Mrs. Carr 🙂

    Thank you for all you do!


  401. Bette says:

    You have been an inspiration to me since I bought your book the week of my diagnosis. I have been living with stage IV cancer for over a year now and your blog has been both informative and entertaining. I have realized, for a while now, the importance of juicing; but I still don’t have a juicer! Which juicer do you recommend? I believe you when you say that one of the most important keys to survival is juicing. I really want to get on that as soon as possible.
    Congratulations on your 10 year Anniversary! You give hope to a situation that often seems hopeless. You have taken a bad situation and not only turned it around for yourself, but you have helped so many along the way. Cancer is a hard thing to navigate your way through and you have done an excellent job of informing other survivors!

  402. Aubree says:

    I want to thank you Kris SO much for sharing your story. You are inspiring and have helped me personally so much! I feel like if I met you in person that we would be BFF’s 🙂
    You are the model of natural healing and I know that you have helped so many people in my own healing circle. Much love and blessings to you!

  403. Franna says:

    CONGRATS TO THE MAGNIFICENT YOU .. Thank you for share your light and love with all of us.
    Right back at ya sister !!

  404. Julia West says:

    My deepest, most heart-felt congratulations to you Kris. You are truly amazing and are doing such meaningful things with your life. You inspire me daily, and so many others. I regularly share your posts to inspire those around me as well. If world leaders had your attitude, the earth and it’s inhabitants would begin to heal and find peace. Thank you 🙂

  405. alane says:

    love this. thank you. and love you

  406. Marye says:

    Dear Kris,

    What a joy to read your post this morning! I’m so happy you’re there!

    Congratulations for everything, for all of the efforts it needs to decide to take care of ourselves and remember everyday that we’re worth it. THANK YOU for what you’re doing for others, to us: helping us get more alive, better, healthier, happier and more ourselves.

    You can be sure I’ll drink my green juice to you, today!

    Cheers! You’re a happiness warrior and I love you!

  407. Thank you for this bright article this morning. Congrats on ten years of personal health and improving people’s lives. This is a wonderful reminder of how simple and joyful life can be for all of us. Enjoy your triumph to the fullest. Eagerly awaiting your future work over the next ten, twenty and thirty years.

  408. bev says:

    I appreciate all your sharing. I am a cancer survivor and share many of your thoughts and experiences. It is such a blessing to know you are out there and I am reassured and inspired to have you in my life! I am following my dream of helping people with the emotional addiction to tobacco products and am thrilled when someone is able to get free of that addiction because of something I was able to help with. Thank you, Kris. I wish you continued peace and joy. Thanks again for the tremendous contribution you make to my life and so many others. Life is SUCH a precious gift! Although I do got through some overwhelming fear at times, I keep being given what I need to calm down, survive, thrive, & be grateful. It is definitely a journey and it is so wonderful to be alive. I absolutely have a new appreciation for life and the beautify of each day. There is always something good if we look for it. Thank you.

  409. Laurel says:

    Congratulations Kris! You are so inspirational. Your book has been so helpful for my diet. Thank you so much!

  410. Andrea says:

    Thank you for sharing your life, your ups and downs so openly. You are an inspiration! I have to say the acceptance part has been the most difficult for me, there are so many ways in which I feel I don’t measure up. Thank you for reminding me that I am my own most severe critic and that I never be this harsh to my friends. Love you! And happy many more anniversaries!

  411. Tammi says:

    Happy Life Anniversary xoxo My 12 yr anniversary was Feb 1. I can relate to everything you wrote in your blog. Thank you for being you and creating your life and writing about it. I’m sharing this with a group of newly diagnosed peeps. Big hug!

  412. Hello, Kris!
    Heartfelt congratulations and celebration as you break all the molds and continue to blow through many, many more decades, leaving paths of light and inspiration. CHEERS!

  413. Deborah says:

    Dear, Kris,

    Here is to wishing you many more years of good health and keeping the “little c” beauty marks at bay. You continue to be an inspriation to many and I am grateful for you.

    Namaste. Deborah

  414. Sandy says:

    Congratulations on this wonderful milestone.
    I first saw you on Oprah, the episode happened to be on when I went home to see my Mum because she had just been diagnosed with breast cancer. I watched that episode maybe twenty times that week and since then I’ve learnt to green juice (Mum too), and view eating well and exercising as serving myself rather than a sacrifice. You’ve also introduced me to Gabrielle Bernstein which has transformed my spiritual practice. What I love is that you encourage us to do what little we can and build from there. I’ve learnt to reduce what I haven’t quit and I now meditate daily, drink green juice every other day, and increased chemical free cosmetics/bath products.
    Thank you so much for giving me hope during a difficult time and for all the inspiration over the years.

  415. Joe Chizek says:

    Happy Anniversary and Congratulations!!! Most of all I’m amazed and thankful that you’ve not only survived but thrived after such a finite diagnosis. You’re not a survivor, you’re a THRIVER!

  416. Elena says:

    Beautiful and delicate, courageous and wise hero of our time – Kris! health and love!

  417. Sophia Wadowska says:

    You are truly amazing and inspiring! and awesome 🙂
    I wish you all the best, and many many more years of health, happiness, love and peace.

  418. Keep Rockin’ Girl! Thank you for being an inspiration to me and so many others. We are all changing the world one by one! <3

  419. Jeffron says:

    When I was diagnosed with cancer over six years ago, you became my hero, virtual mentor and inspiration.

    You are an inspiration to everyone and anyone!!!!

    I just LOVE your spirit!


  420. Christie Arnold says:

    I needed this today!! I have your book, and it is one of the things that helped me to have hope and move in the right direction. My children and I have Ehlers-Danlos and live with pain, fatigue. Loose joints, painful muscles that catch, and easily injured ligaments barely scratch the surface. But your book, and a few other favs like Forks over Knives, have really given me hope. I don’t feel like we’re powerless. I still struggle with making the dietary changes we need to, but I’m taking small steps, and I know that’s ok.
    Congratulations on your 10 years!!!!!! You truly are a light in the world. Thank you so much.

  421. Luci says:

    Congratulations, Kris! I wish you all the best! I usually feel better and wiser after I read your texts. Love, Luci

  422. Jen says:

    A milestone to be honored in a well-lived life – congrats! Thank you for the inspiration and blessings that you share with the world and with me. Amazing!!

  423. Wow! Celebrating life with you today! Love your story and bless you for continuing to share and inspire! Fabulous ten tips to celebrate ten years… I am definitely sharing! Keep going for it!

  424. Catherine says:

    You are awesome! Thank you for sharing and making me realize I’m human. It’s ok to make mistakes. I can’t change everything at once. You truly are inspiring!

    Thanks again!

  425. Sarah says:

    I am so happy for you, Kris! And happy for me, for finding you!

  426. Jewelz says:

    I celebrate with you Kris….We love you!!!! Blessings!!!

  427. Robyn Mizell says:

    Kris, You are amazing!! From the time I found your Crazy Sexy Cancer video to now with your wonderful blog and books, I am inspired by you everyday. Everyone needs to find themselves and wake up. I hope you feel good everyday. And know that you are so appreciated. Happy Anniversary!!! Love, Robyn from Atlanta, GA

  428. Amber says:

    What an amazing story & journey! Thank you so much for sharing it. I wish you many many many more years of health & joy!!!

  429. Breanna says:

    Thank you for this beautiful post! This was very touching and I am definitely going to share it. Point on.

  430. erin says:

    Cheers Warrior!!! Thank you for sharing your victories and your defeats! You are so very inspirational to so many! Please know that you are saving lives and souls every day!

  431. TIFFANY HALL says:

    Thank you for the weekly reminders of the need to live my life on my terms. I feel positive over all, but I find my self being distracted by the noise of life. I love your weekly reminders of balance, acceptance, healthy living and loving. I know if I take one day at a time and try not to let fear dictate my life I am happier. Thank you!

  432. Congrats Kris! You are an inspiration! Thanks for putting a smile on my face everyday, I appreciate your fresh personality, positive thinking and yummmmmy tasty recipes! Sending lots of love your way! Nadia x

  433. Ashley Anne says:


    I’m very glad you’re here. Thank you, for ALL you have chosen to share.

  434. Agnieszka says:

    Dear Kris,
    Thank you for your generosity. You have opened my soul and therefore my own journey does not seem so scary any more. I am looking forward to my discoveries. I am a better person already.
    Continue your work in health and with Love!
    Many happy thoughts from windy Copenhagen.


  435. Natalia Cheliapina says:

    Great article, thank you for sharing. Wishing you a lot of health and happiness. What retreat did you go to in New Mexico?

  436. Thank you for this inspiring post. I’m so grateful for it, it was just what I needed today. Congratulations on all your success so far and may you have even more in the future!

  437. Marilyn Weingard says:

    WOW Kris… How exquisite your every word is above. Hi. I am a reader from NY and have been following you since 2008, when I had a double mastectomy, following a breast cancer diagnosis. I am also a therapist and it was one of my long time clients that recommended your Crazy Sexy Cancer blog.

    Tomorrow is my father’s 80thbirthday and it has been 10 years since he died. He did not die of cancer. But it is an anniversary week. On Jan.29 it was 5 years for me since my beautiful ‘girls’ came to me. I always say I am 49, but my ‘girls’ are a mere 5 years old.

    As a result of my experience, I have a passion to educate surgeons and medical professional on how to be empathic and more human when they are presenting all the medical information. I want people to feel respected but more than that, understood, and not rushed to make life changing decisions, at the speed doctors were penciling me in for surgeries that were going to take a year of my life.

    Reading your article today, I got chills and smiled through it for you. You are such an inspiration and you have a light that surrounds you that is so contagious. (e or o?)
    I do EFT, attend OA for the past 20 years, meditate and am a part of so many spiritual groups, some of them self created.

    What you wrote about not being smaller but just being yourself to weed out the ones that will not be able to accept the grandest version of YOU, and to go out there and LIVE LIVE LIVE…Thank you so much for speaking the words I hold in my heart, but do not always have the courage to live.

    Sending you light, lots of healing always and wishing you 10 times what you have given all of us…lucky enough to have found you. You embody passion for living, especially when you are scared, and sharing with us all of your humanness. Happy Anniversary!!
    To a thousand more…

    Gratitude from a NY reader and fellow traveler,

  438. margaret says:

    Wow — what a gift you have shared here!! Thank you!! I will definitely share this inspiring and invaluable information!!
    Peace and Congratulations!!

  439. Love this post! Hooray for 10 years of thriving. 3 1/2 years ago, you gave me hope when my husband was diagnosed with colon cancer. We are both thriving now. Thank you for all you do, Kris!

    • bev says:

      Hello. Just want to share how happy I am to be having my 3rd anniversary of being healthy and free of rectal cancer as of April 2013. Everything that could go “right”, did, and I am here to share my success and eternal gratitude!

  440. Christina Clough says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your work and inspiration. I’m working to pull myself out of a dark mental and physical place that has been affecting me and my loved ones for nearly 12 years. Your newsletter and blog has become part of my life affirming arsenal that’s helping me reclaim myself. Congratulations on your 10 years of triumphs big and small, and here’s to decades more!

  441. Maddy B says:

    Kris, you are an inspiration to everyone whose life you enter, whether it is in person on via the web. Happy anniversary. Thank you for all that you do and all that you have taught your fans! Keep thriving and keep juicing! xoxo

  442. Thanks, Kris. Keep on rocking your and my world. Acceptance, eh? And going for my dream…I am working on it! Love and Light to you and to 150 more years! Steffi

  443. Jo says:

    What an amazing story, congratulations! Your journey provides a lot of positive inspiration. I remember reading a post on facebook saying ‘your life is your message to the world’. It’s so true, the best way to bring about positive change and to help people around you, is to be the best you can be and the change you want to see. By shaping yourself to be anything other than ‘you’ in order to ‘fit in’, stops your gift/message to the world being seen/heard. There’s no point shaping yourself to another, because everyone is here to bring their own message. x

  444. Deirdre says:

    Thank you for being you Kris- you are my super hero, that sounds like big shoes to fill…but the magic is you are my superhero because you are you, authentic, open, honest and brimming with compassion. Happy Anniversary <3

  445. cheryl says:

    Stage IV uterine cancer Dec 10, 2007. Doc said 6 months to 2 years at best. Celebrating 5 healed years of abundant living! Started My Hope And Healing from my journey and so many exciting, humbling opportunities have come to me. Blessed beyond measure.

    Here’s to both of us celebrating many more decades of abundance.

    Blessings to you

    • kris carr says:

      Cheers Cheryl!

    • celia says:

      Hi Cheryl: Thank you so much for your response to Kris. I was particularly touched by your response since I, also, was diagnosed with Stage 4 uterine cancer this past November, ironically the same day my only child learned she was pregnant with her first child. I am still in a state of shock and try to maintain a positive attitude but sometimes find it difficult. I am so inspired by you to have out-lived your doctors’ “opinion”. I was also wondering if you would mind telling me what part of the country you live and who you are being treated by? I live in New Jersey and am being treated at U of Penn. So far I have had chemo with Carbo and Taxol. I am now undergoing 2 months of daily external radiation, to be followed by more chemo and internal radiation. I am sorry if I am being intrusive but I was inspired by your success. Thank you, Celia
      P.S. Congrats! Congrats! Congrats to you Kris!!!

  446. Juanita Rodriguez says:

    Such an amazing inspiration and role-model for fellow cancer champions and thrivers! I would love to meet you one day. God Bless you!

  447. Caitlin says:

    You are such an honest and caring soul! Thank you. Happy 10th Year of Thriving!

  448. victoria says:

    I needed to hear that…I just finished convential treatment. This has been a very loud wakeup call…i had been hitting the snooze button way too much!! Each and every day, even the snowy, rainy ones is a blessing. Your recent post resonated deeply with me and I thank you for that.

  449. Lindy says:

    Bless you, Kris!

    You are such a bright light!

  450. Janice Barry says:

    WOW Kris – YOU ROCK. THANKS for all the inspiration. I will be making big celebration posters for my milestones from now on. I have 9 cats, 5 dogs all rescues, and 2 horses so lots of Tribe giving me unconditional love. What an amazing husband you have. Love

  451. Marie-Ange says:

    Thanks for sharing a bit of yourself and your learnings Kris! You are an inspiration. Wishing you and your tribe much deserved health and happinness for many more anniversaries for come!

  452. Judi Savage says:

    My daughter sent me your book 2 years ago, and i have been working hard at changing my life because of you! Your book became my bible,(still is) . I was diagnosed almost 5 years ago with CLL , a chronic luekemia, and my disease has been stable for about a year and a half , all thanks to you! Happy Anniversary! You are my inspiration every day!!

  453. emma wykes says:

    Love this, you’re so inspiring! x

  454. Sue says:

    Happy Anniversary Baby! You rock your illness well. I want to thank you for everything you have done for me. I have been following you (not stalking) since 2005. I found you when I started my health journey after a cancer wake up call. Now I am a Clinical Nutritionist and happy to say I am well and living my dream. I lead a Green Goddess Cleanse 2 times a year with awesome women learning a new lifestyle. The road was not easy and filled with past issues, but it is well worth the leap. Enough about me, You are awesome in every way! Can not thank you enough. One day I hope to meet you and give you a big hug. Until then a Virtually Hug will have to do.

    Love Love Love S

  455. Lisa Longfellow says:

    Hooray!! Wonderful for you & thank you from all my heart for everything that you do, research & share for us!!! I am on my way 🙂

  456. Trisha says:

    Congratulations Kris and Happy Anniversary! I thank you each and every day for sharing your beautiful mind and courageous spirit with the masses. You are changing people’s lives everyday, including me and my family’s. May you continue to have good health, boundless energy, and a spirit that never feels limits. Much love and cheers to lifetime of happiness and health!

  457. Michelle Pettigrew says:

    Congratulations on your 10 years! I woke up this morning feeling angst that my remission may not be, well, “remissed”…but after being reminded of just how wonderful this life (yours, mine, all of ours) is, my negative thoughts are gone. Thank you for all that you do. You truly make a difference in many lives!

  458. marijana says:

    Thank you Kris, this was very inspiring and emotional for me! Thank you for making me turn to myself. Very, very often I feel like Im the only one going through physical, emotional pain and uncertainties and it is hard to reach out when everyone is afraid to tell their stories. Thank you for your honesty, energy and kindness.
    Much love and congratulations you thriver you! 🙂

  459. Eileen says:

    Thanks, Kris for putting into words what has been in my heart for a long time. Congratulations on your 10-year anniversary! My cancer diagnosis came 15 years ago, and like you, if I’d listened to the first oncologist I saw, I’d have headed down a very depressing and unhealthy road with chemo. Instead, I chose to do a major review of EVERY part of my life, from emotions and relationships to diet and environment – pretty much everything you posted in your blog. It’s a journey, as you well know, and I’m grateful to still be learning great new stuff all the time (thanks to people like YOU!) that makes my life even richer and healthier. Here’s hoping we continue along this exciting road to great health together for many more years to come! Go, sister!!

  460. Happy Anniversary! Your journey has been inspiring, informative and influential! Great post! Btw, I just won Crazy Sexy Kitchen in a contest and it is my favorite cookbook!

  461. Linda Forem says:

    Roll on Kris. You are an angel who continues to inspire.

  462. Rose Hegele says:

    Do you have a suggestion for a good meditation practice at home?
    You have been a real inspiration to me and always look forward to your blogs. I am loving juicing, smoothies and cooking from your book.

  463. Aline says:

    Happy anniversary! It’s just the beginning. Lots of love.

  464. Krystal says:

    You’re part of MY team, Kris! You’ve helped me to make the plunge to a compassionate lifestyle in so many ways and I’m forever grateful for your courage and grace. Congratulations on this incredible anniversary. I know this is just the beginning for you. <3

  465. ralph says:

    I can only imagine how differently you feel now, looking back over the last 10 years rather than staring at those 10 years ahead of you. I’ve said it before but happy to say it again, your ability to take charge of your life and your health and turn it into such a vibrant, generous, and giving force – it’s truly inspiring. Wishing you decades of health and happiness ahead, Kris – all lived one beautiful day at a time. Thank you for all you do. xo

  466. Margaret Scalley says:

    Congratulations!!!! Thank you for sharing all of your amazing wisdom!!!!!! May you have MANY, MANY more anniversaries!!!! You make me feel like NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

  467. sam says:

    You are a wonderful inspiration. My 2 years is up on the 23rd Feb and like you I am well and happy. Initially I wanted to be totally Cancer free but am happy with my state of no evidence of disease! I have accepted myself and am now on a path of helping others to find their inner power when they are told that nothing they do or no-one can help them……bull! Thanks Kris!!!!!

  468. Hapy anniversary Kris – you post made me feel really good and happy for you. Have a wonderful 50 years celebrating life – we are all truly blessed to be living. xxx

  469. katrina says:

    It’s been 5 years since I found out about you through my cousin who was diagnosed with brain cancer, and she AND I have been inspired by your journey! She was given only 4 months to live, and is also still ‘thriving against the odds’.
    Thank you for taking your passion and sharing it, Kris!!!

  470. Liz Baxter says:

    You are an amazing, inspirational and beautiful woman.
    Many congratulations on 10 years – may there be many many more years of health and happiness.
    With love and thanks
    London UK

  471. Keely Henry says:

    These words are so full and inspiring…like you. Many thanks to you and your being today and everyday!

  472. Mae zaragoza says:

    Congratulations on a life well-lived!!! I remember watching you on Oprah! I was completely engaged. But it wasn’t your story that glued me but your spirit. Your energy was palpable even through a pre recorded blue screen. I was glued to this enigmatic young woman with this zeal for life. I was drawn. And thank God for years later I would find myself married and enduring my new husband’s TWO bouts if cancer…. Back to back. First resource I looked for was your segment DVR’d on my TV , at this point for years. I needed guidance but mostly hope that there are survivors out there. I made my husband watch your segment. I wanted him to decide to fight to be alive. We had a 6 month old and and soon-to-be 2 year old at his first diagnosis. Not living. Not an option. So he controlled his controllables and started juicing ala your segment. Now almost a year after the surgery to remove his second cancer, he is still juicing….not every day but 4-5 every week. Now it’s my turn to focus on my health. Your definition of acceptance is what I’ve been feeling this year. In my quest to keep my husband alive and raise two toddlers, I lost focus of my health, of my well-being all together. I have been in survivor mode not living mode. Your posting today cleared it up for me. This past October I was told that I might have leukemia. The irony was I was so busy making everyone else healthy that I lost sight of making me healthy. Thankfully, it was not leukemia but a sign that I need to redirect my life… And I am-slowly. So thank you, Ms. Karr, for waking me up to a new day and guiding me along without even knowing it! Your zeal and passion for living, not just being, is contagious! Thanks for sharing today! I’m getting up and moving!! Here’s to another 10!! Cheers (clink clink) with a green smoothie!

  473. Thank you for the timeliness of this post Kris. With two acquaintances being diagnosed with forms of cancer in the last month, this was very apt for me to be reading and also have hope after you have thrived for 10 years with the big C.

    Have also shared this post on my Facebook page. Thank you for everything you do xxx

  474. Mike Finding says:

    GREAT post Kris and really something to celebrate!
    Congratulations, you’re a great example to a lot of folks!

    Bye for now


  475. Janine says:

    Happy Happy Anniversary!!
    Wow, how happy this day must be and how far you have come and look at how many people you inspire and have given hope + practical tools!
    You really took the dark side of life and turned it into a bright sparkle.
    I bow for that and hope you have yet many years to come with lots of “appetite for life”!
    Well done you & thank you for stepping into your light!
    Many people need to see this process.
    Light & love,
    Janine from Groningen, the Netherlands

  476. Renee says:

    Thank you Kris. Happy anniversary. You are an inspiration. From one cancer survivor to another. Go green. Thanks for all that you do. Celebrate life!!!


  477. Angela says:

    Hi Kris, I wish you continued health and happiness. I shall drink my juice in celebration of your anniversary, today 🙂 You were one of the people to inspire me to start juicing just over a month ago and although I have been vegetarian for many years and vegan for almost a year, I am now eating more healthily.

    I love that you are an advocate for adopting rescue animals. I’m a rescue volunteer/photographer and all of our dogs are/have been rescues and they are a very much adored part of our family.

    With the very best of wishes to you and your family, four-pawed ones included,


  478. Kristin says:

    Happy anniversary! Thank you for just pouring out love, for showing that there can never be too much love, laughter and happiness. You Are A True Inspiration!

  479. Congratulations Kris!!! I love that your journey has positively touched so many other people’s lives. You are a true inspiration. May you continue to thrive, enjoy and love to the max!

    To Fabulous You,

  480. Woo hoo! Congratulations, you beautiful Earth angel. Thank you for being such a bright, shining beacon of an example. You’re amazing. xx

  481. Kris, congratulations on turning lemons into lemonade. You are a strong woman for taking your health in your hands, making life affirming changes, enjoying every moment and making a difference in the lives of thousands.

    I also have a story of illness changing my life for the better. 13 years ago I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, a very common diagnosis, unlike yours but doctors are equally as clueless about it, can do nothing to help and call the condition incurable.

    I was told I would be sick forever but I took my health into my hands and found a cure for the incurable. Now I am helping others heal their digestive issues.

    Here’s to creating a world of wellness warriors (I am holding up a glass of green juice to toast with)

  482. You are a blessing!! … here’s to many more decades of healthy & happiness for you!! ♡♡ Happy Anniversary!!

  483. You are freaking awesome and i am happy that you are strong, healthy and vibrant. Your work has changed and will continue to change the lives of many. You are a blessing and your life experience is highly appreciated. Many all your needs be met. May you be rewarded in abundance and in ways you can’t even fathom..

  484. Laura Hallisey says:

    Thank you so much for sharing all that you have learnt on your amazing journey! Wishing you health & happiness for the next 10 & many many more x

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