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What Is Tapping: Emotional Freedom Technique

Hi Sweet Readers,

My dear friend Nick Ortner visited me a few weeks ago to film a Chat & Chew episode about one of my favorite stress reduction and physical healing techniques — Tapping. Nick and his team have brought the power of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT, aka Tapping) to millions of people, and now they’re bringing it to us.

Get ready for an amazing experience!

Why is it called “Tapping”?

Because with EFT you literally tap on acupressure points (your body’s meridian points) while saying simple affirmations and focusing on a particular negative emotion, trauma, addiction or event (the list of possibilities goes on and on). This powerful combination of ancient Chinese medicine, modern psychology and positive reprogramming is changing lives every day by helping people resolve and finally move past their greatest mental and physical blocks. I invited Nick to my home to share this life-changing practice with you.


In this video, Nick and I introduce you to Tapping basics and teach you how to tap step-by-step.

It’s so easy, anyone can do it anywhere. You can start right now — just watch the video to learn how.

Backstory: A few years ago, I discovered EFT for the first time.

It seemed like I couldn’t speak with a colleague or open a newsletter without hearing about Tapping and its incredible healing power. Tapping was on my mind. I was curious. So, I listened to my gut and packed my bags for an EFT retreat near my home. The experience that followed was nothing short of miraculous.

I’ll never forget the swift transformations that occurred in just a few days as hundreds of people learned to tap and began dealing with emotional, mental and physical issues that had been deeply impacting their well-being for weeks, years, even decades.

Over the course of the weekend, I got to know Nick and his phenomenal team, and we’ve been as close as siblings ever since. Nick is my personal Tapping coach, and he’s even joined me on some of my Crazy Sexy retreats and worked with cancer patients to address the fear, depression and other challenges that come along with diagnosis.

emotional freedom technique tapping

If you’ve never heard of Tapping before, please approach this practice with an open heart and mind. It looks silly. It feels silly. But only at first.

When you begin experiencing the benefits of EFT, I think you’ll come to embrace it as a gift.

Tapping is my touchstone. It’s there to calm my nerves, mend my heart and center my mind. I tap before walking on stage and speaking to a crowd of thousands, I tap when I can’t sleep at night, I tap before a cancer scan, and I tap when I’m just plain old sad, mad and scared. We’re human and we need tools to deal with all the stress that comes along with being human. I hope you’ll add Tapping to your fabulous, sparkly tool belt. I know it’ll help.

Nick was also one of my amazing guests for the first-ever Healing Cancer World Summit. Using information I compiled from this event, I created a modern-day guide to help you in your cancer journey that you can find here.

Lastly, I hope you’ll voice your questions and share your experiences with Tapping in the comments below. See you there!

Peace & meridians,

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  1. Sabrina says:

    I started tapping about a month ago and it’s totally true about the shift for me, I now use it constantly for anything that causes me stress and anxiety. I feel happier and in control which for me is a great feeling! I shared it with my husband and my family. But what was great is that my daughter saw my doing it one morning and started copying me! She’s only 4 but I’m glad she’s learning that she can deal with any emotion she might have when she gets older and that she’s not alone.

  2. I love your bluntness, Kris! “They’re just accessories… like I glued them onto a pile of sh*t!” Love, love, love it! And I’m really pumped about tapping – it may look silly, but it makes total sense. Of course we hold stresses in our bodies. Plus, Nick is incredibly earnest and it’s easy to see why you trust him.

    I’m open to tapping and ready to try it for myself. Thanks for inviting us to learn some things from Hippieville 🙂

    • Sara says:

      Rose, that was my favorite line too! Mantras can seem so trite — they don’t get to the heart of the matter to change my beliefs, they just cover up the real feelings.

      Kris, it was fascinating to watch you with Nick. Though I’ve watched lots of other Chat & Chews, this is absolutely the most relaxed and comfortable I’ver ever seen you during an interview. Your comfort with Nick and confidence in him and the technique was so palpable that it in turn made ME comfortable with him and EFT right away.

      I read about EFT for the first time two and a half years ago when I was researching tools for my dad who had just been diagnosed with a rare sarcoma. I was totally overwhelmed and wasn’t able to put it into practice then. Since my dad passed away, I read about it in grief books as well but didn’t use it then either; now the universe brought it back to me at just the right time. I know it could have helped my dad immensely and like that I can share it with my family – my mom especially – for dealing with stress. It’s such a relief to have something to “do” when you feel like everything is out of your control. Thanks for bringing Nick and EFT to us. Love your genuine sunshine mixed with reality. That’s what makes you one of my favorite people to watch and my FAV person to see live (even if you’re scared like woah). You rock.

      So psyched for the Tapping Summit!

      Much love,

  3. Benn says:

    I have been tapping for 1 week and my life feels so much better. I’m excited about the tapping summit 🙂

  4. Saba says:

    Love this technique! Feeling really nervous about starting my own business and really need something to give me the courage to do it. When I started tapping my hand all I could think about was how it would fail terribly but by the time i got to the side of my head I realized that my idea was addressing a serious need in the marketplace. Thank you so much for empowering me with this technique. I’m sure ill be using it forever.

    I am a big fan of both you and Nick and follow you both. It’s nice to know that you are friends.

  5. Alison says:

    THANK YOU . I can’t wait to instil *Tapping* into my daily schedule

  6. I tapped years ago, and than one day stopped, I have no idea why. You are a true gift to me, The stress and issues of my life right now are overwhelming, but, I can and will tap my way back to peace and calm. Thank you. For you.

  7. Aimee says:

    It is so amazing to me how the universe works. I heard about this technique a week ago and suddenly I see it everywhere. I guess I better take the nudge/shove and give it a try! Thanks Kris x

  8. Mary Ames says:

    Interested in learning more.

  9. Thank you Kris and Nick! It’s a perfect timing for me to learn this technique. I know about EFT but have never tried it for my stress. Thank you so much!

  10. Catherine says:

    Since last Friday I have been anxious about a work project issue I need to sort out. Watched the video and tried tapping just to get the feel of it. Wow! After procrastinating and fretting all morning my head suddenly cleared to work out a way to deal with the most immediate task. Thanks Nick and Kris

  11. Darlinda says:

    My biggest issue with tapping is having the patience to keep doing it for more than 5 minutes. Maybe I need to tap around patience first!

  12. Justin says:

    It’s always a pleasure to see and hear anything Kris introduces. What a fascinating technique.

  13. Jennifer Giuffre-Donohue says:

    I love tapping..I don’t do it nearly as much as I need to, but this interview was my reminder to include it more in my life, thank you!

  14. I love it: will do the summit and share with my peeps!

  15. kay says:

    I tapped along with you and Nick and was so suprised that I had tears in my eyes….it struck something in me….thank you (I think) 🙂

    • Leigh says:

      Me too! I think maybe because, at least for me, there are some issues that I need to tap about…issues that are way more than surface deep.

  16. michelle says:

    im so anxious and stressed bc im unemployed since sept. im going to try this and see if it helps. ive got nothing to lose and if i lose my house I will really need this!

  17. love love love it. Im a young EFT practitioner and I hate how weird EFT seems at first. Flossing is wierd, but we do it. Thank you for using your charm to push EFT into the everyday routine too!

  18. Jackie says:

    I love love love it. Im a young EFT practitioner and I hate how weird EFT seems at first. Flossing is wierd, but we do it. Thank you for using your charm to push EFT into the everyday routine too!

  19. Safena says:

    Thank you for showing us the technique. I tapped along with you both and I immediately felt lighter. I have fear of embarassment which you can imagine cripples me in quite a few areas of my life. Actually its always there! Thank you for sharing your anxieties with the world it does help us accept that this is normal and we can still thrive and be amazing (like you)!! blessings always!

  20. Cheryl Osten says:

    As for video, would it be nice to include CC (closed captions for the deaf or hearing impaired) for I am deaf and partly blind so I could read and understand what you two were saying.

    • Jennifer says:

      I agree kris- if you add subtitles it benifits everyone. People can watch it in a quiet office at work with out the volume. Plus there is a whole bunch of people out there you could reach with your message. Thanks for your feedback Cheryl

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