Kris Carr

Kris Carr

This 5 day email series is a lifeline. It’s a supportive roadmap that bridges conventional and integrative medicine to set patients up for the best chance of thriving, surviving and living a joyous and meaningful life.

You or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer. Now what?

5 Days of Free Support for Patients & Caregivers


Plus, it includes two of my best tools for cancer patients:


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Face your cancer diagnosis with courage, clarity, and confidence using this 7-step program. It distills my best insight from 20 years of living with cancer combined with the expertise of leading experts and researchers to give you a holistic path toward healing.

Reclaim Your Life... Even with Cancer

2. Go Deeper

What’s it like? Here’s what our users said… 

- Cindi L.

"I want to let you know you are a true inspiration and the FIRST person who takes all the information, studies, etc. and pulls it together so it's readable… I LOVE your attitude, your books, and your sense of purpose. You provide a renewed hope that I can beat my cancer. "

Now let's go deeper

 - Carl G.

"Kris appeared in my life via the web after all the “gold-standard” cancer treatments were tried and worked only temporarily, the cancer came back in a few months in each case. But now, 7 years later, my cancer is no longer detectable and I’m feeling as healthy as ever." 

- Sharonn M.

As I continue my battle to beat breast cancer, I know this new way of living will help me achieve a healthy, long life."

  • Reclaim your power after a life-changing cancer diagnosis.
  • Steady your mind to handle the uncertainty ahead.
  • Make lifestyle changes to turn your body into an ecosystem that naturally resists disease.
  • Choose healing foods and supplements to support your system, without the guesswork.
  • Find the right team of doctors and specialists who’ll listen and will build the best healing path for you.
  • Escape fear and uncertainty and enter into calm, intentional action.
  • Discover your inner resilience and move beyond fear into hope.
  • And SO much more!

- Emma

"When my husband asks why this postpartum period has been so different from the others… it’s thanks to The Results Journal, my postpartum secret. Even 10 minutes a day to center before the chaos, prioritize my self-care—body, mind, and soul—is making all the difference to the 3 little humans in my life.

- Beth

"It’s a great model for helping me refocus and get back on a track that is productive and yet gentle and loving."

- Karen

"The Results Journal set me on a path with my Big Sky Goal and I’m excited to say that I followed through and met my goal!"

- Dee

"The Results Journal is a treasure chest that you create for your daily life. I feel more connected to my true heart and grateful mind."

- Courtney

"This journal helps me pick myself back up after something brings me down. It's truly remarkable."