Celebrating 20 Years of Living with Cancer (and Thriving!)


Today marks a monumental milestone for me––my 20 year cancerversary. 

20 years of living and thriving with incurable, stage IV cancer. To be honest, I didn’t always believe I’d make it this far. Especially in the early days, when I was initially given 10 years to live. But I did survive, and I’ve been blessed to be able to share so much of my journey, and lessons learned with you, my incredible community. 

So today I am here to celebrate, to connect, and to share a few tools that have helped me weather difficult storms. 

To do that, I’m sharing a lecture I created for my private Inner Circle Wellness community: How to Thrive in Hardship. It’s about living courageously in difficult times, something many of us are familiar with. And it includes some real gems that have helped me stay buoyant when I thought I would drown. 

Brought to you from the Inner Circle Wellness coaching collection.

Have you ever had a moment of seeing your worst fears realized? Life crumbling into a million pieces. A situation so intense you’re positive it can’t be fixed? And if by some miracle you can make it better, you will surely never be the same. You’re not alone. 

This is what I call “The Rupture.” Ruptures come in all shapes and sizes. 

  • Getting fired from a job. 
  • A sudden (or long-time coming) divorce. 
  • Losing a close friendship for no discernable reason. 
  • Financial instability that leads to dramatic lifestyle changes. 
  • A loved one’s health diagnosis.
  • Your own health challenges.
  • And so on…

Having had multiple ruptures in my own life, I know the shock, uncertainty and big messy emotions that come with them. And yet, even the worst ruptures can reveal a guide map to our next chapter, one that holds space for our hearts to grieve and keep living fully. 

In this talk you’ll learn: 

  • #1 The most important question to ask yourself 
  • #2 Why you need to give yourself permission to feel your feelings
  • #3 How getting out of your head and into your body can be a life preserver 

No matter what type of rupture you’ve experienced in the past, or find yourself in today, I hope these words remind you of your innate ability to heal. But mostly, I hope they help you remember to be really good and compassionate with your wonderful self.

Let me know your top takeaway in the comments below. 🙂 

With all my love always, 

Kris Carr

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