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Body Positivity: The Easy Way to Improve Your Self Image (Video Post)

Hiya Gorgeous,

In our culture, it’s easy to lose sight of how miraculous our bodies are.

Your body is the most brilliant thing on this planet. It performs countless, highly evolved functions at every moment to keep you alive, without you even knowing it!

Yet we’re conditioned to focus on the weight gain, cellulite, stretch marks, sags, wrinkles, tumors and so on. By doing so, we lose sight of how miraculous we are.

I had a fabulous (and funny!) conversation with a friend that snapped me right out of the self image issues I was carrying and back to a place of radical body positivity. I’d like to share it with you in today’s video.


How to Heal Your Self Image with Self Love

A few big takeaways:

•  The top 4 reasons we struggle with our self image.

From societal pressure to sneaky comparisons, it’s easy to slip into criticizing our bodies. But we can realign our self image by becoming aware of those negative inner monologues and affirming ourselves, instead.

•  How a practice of body positivity can uplift not just you, but also the women you love.

It’s uplifting and healing to hear a woman you care about affirm her worth and have a healthy self image. You can be that voice of reassurance for yourself and others.

•  Plus the 10/30 challenge that I use to get back on track with self care.

Consistency trumps intensity when it comes to self care. When I’ve struggled with regular movement, I focus on a consistent 10-minute daily practice. You can use this principle with other forms of self care, too. For example, try a 2-minute daily practice of body affirmation if you’ve been struggling with your self image. Stand in front of a mirror and say out loud what you love and are thankful for about your body. It won’t take long until your words start to sink in.

Remember: Our purpose isn’t to have a perfect body—whatever that is. Our purpose is to remember that we are miraculous, spiritual beings who are here to give and receive love—including the love we give to and receive from ourselves.

Now it’s your turn. What is one thing you LOVE about your body? (Bonus points if it’s your great butt!) Let’s affirm ourselves together in the comments.


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  1. Jana says:

    This was lovely. THANK YOU, Kris.

  2. Sherold Barr says:

    Kris, this is hilarious and so true!
    My body saved my life from a near-fatal car wreck. I love my body. I’m a six-time abdominal surgery winner – I won my life because of my body’s amazing capacity to follow my mind. These are my warrior scars and they’re beautiful. They show how strong and courageous I am.

    Thank you for this cute story.

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