A Love Note… to Your Younger Self

Hi Sweet Friends,

A while ago, I posted the picture above on Facebook with this caption:

“Fill in the rest of this sentence: If I could give my younger self some nurturing advice, I would tell her (or him)…”

The response from my Facebook family was so beautiful that I wanted to share it with you. Heartfelt notes of self-love, self-encouragement and self-compassion poured into the comments section. I think we raised the energy on the worldwide web that day! Here are a few of your lovely notes:

Kim wrote: Your red hair makes you special in the best way. Wear that with super goddess strength. The teasing and the name calling is just teaching you how to be STRONG!! Also LOVE your body its the only one you have got and its freaking AMAZING!!! Your legs your skin your eyes all of it. Treasure it and treat it like a goddess.

Eileen wrote: To keep dreaming big, hold your head high and don’t get caught up with the expectations and limitations of those around you. It’s OK to look in the mirror and like yourself, it’s OK to smile a lot, it’s OK to be happy and let the little things make you smile.

Beril wrote: Do not be scared so much and do not waste your time by thinking about what others have said, done to you, do not try to comfort them, do not try to please them, do not be scared of the changes life brings, everything works and life goes on somehow, be faithful, let go, do not try to save the world, do the best for yourself, listen to yourself and take care of yourself, love yourself, forgive yourself, enjoy every moment, if something difficult is going on then hug yourself first and be your genuine presence to yourself first, when it comes to others give, love, forgive and show compassion without any expectation, free yourself from good or bad opinion of others …

Lucy wrote: Life will get better, little one. Your mom and sister really do love you. You are precious, worthy of love and deserve to feel safe. The bullies are suffering from their own problems and it’s not about you. Your soulmate will be in freshman English with you so stay in school or you won’t get another chance until 13 years later. Take solace in your school work and you will have opportunities for a better life.

Here’s what I would say: Dark nights are inevitable, don’t fight them, surrender sweet darling. You’ll figure it out. You’ll grow from this. You’ll grow and shine brighter than you can possibly imagine.

I invite you to take 5 minutes to do this simple exercise.

All you need is a pen and paper, or your computer. I want you to think about the mini-you. The kid that still lives in you but might not get the same care and attention anymore.

Write a note to that awesome kid. What would you tell him or her? Does she need some kind words to help her get through a tough time? Maybe he’s hanging onto self-doubt or shame and could use your unconditional love to finally release what’s holding him back. Or perhaps she’s got a big dream and needs your encouragement to take a leap of faith. Whatever it is, show your support for your inner whippersnapper.

No one has to see this note, so don’t edit your words. And in case you need a little help finding the words, I created this collage of even more comments from the Facebook post I mentioned earlier. Read it out loud. Print it and post it on your fridge, above your desk, or next to your bathroom mirror. Pass it along to someone who needs it.

This practice is a love note from your true self. The more you do it (and listen to your own advice) the easier it will be to embrace who you are right now.


Your turn: If you feel drawn to share your advice to your younger self, post it in the comments below. I can’t wait to read your love notes!

Peace & self-compassion,

Kris Carr

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