7 Questions to Help You Create Your Best Year Yet

Hiya Gorgeous!

I can’t believe 2019 is around the corner! To be honest, I’m really excited about it. Right about now I start itching to play with my colorful BIC Gel-ocity pens (the best tools for my imagination).

I’ve been a consistent and prolific journaler since I was a teenager. Mostly because it helps me get my ideas (and chaos) out, but also because journaling helps me understand myself more.

Kris Carr journaling - new year's resolutions

Well, end-of-year journaling is a national holiday to me. I’m like a kid in art class, super excited to crack out a special new year journal and draw my dreams for the coming year!

What about you? Are you starting to noodle on your new year vision? Are you ready to step into a bigger vision and brighter version of yourself? I hope so! You’re limitless, after all.

So with that beautiful truth in mind, let’s talk about some powerful ways to do that. I like to approach this exercise in two phases. Allow me to explain.

Phase One: Honor your year.

Do an end-of-year recap. Life goes by fast and more often than not, we don’t take time to celebrate our growth. Slow down speed racer! The adult kid in you needs a pat on that back, so please give yourself that experience!

Plus, if you’re always focused on the next thing, you’ll miss the absolutely vital lessons along the way. So take an honest inventory of what worked and what you’d like to improve. The questions below will help you. Think of this phase of journaling like a closing ceremony—a way to look back so that you can spring forward!

Phase Two: Less but better.

Choose a realistic number of goals or intentions for 2019. For me, that’s three. Then write a list of all the action items needed to accomplish your goal. And finally, add these tasks to your calendar. If you don’t work them into your schedule or daily practice, they won’t happen. Goals without actionable steps are just wishes. Make it happen, captain!

Also, I highly recommend doing your end-of-year journaling and goal setting in one special notebook. Each year you can look back and track what worked and what didn’t. My husband and I have been doing this for about 5 years now and it’s amazing to see the patterns that start to emerge.

The big one? Our eyes are always bigger than our goal-setting tummies!

It’s shocking to see how much energy we pour into planning what we can accomplish in one short year. Instead, I’m challenging myself (and you!) to focus on what we can do in a lifetime. Think about how much more we could do if we designed our futures with intention and then took consistent, regular action steps to get where we want to go.

Wanna play? Let’s do phase one of your review together!

Grab your special journal and answer the questions below. To help jog your memory, go through your calendar or journal and tease out all the milestones. And if you’re feeling brave, share one of your answers in the comments below.

1. What’s something amazing you discovered about yourself?

2. What’s the most important thing you learned this year?

3. What accomplishment or experience are you the most proud of?

4. What’s one perspective shift you could make that would lead to more love in your life and in the lives of others?

5. What are you ready to release in 2018?

6. What are you ready to experience in 2019?

7. How will you challenge yourself (push yourself out of your comfort zone) to achieve what you desire in the new year?

Answering these questions will help clear the field for phase two where you will plant new seeds for another prosperous trip around the glorious sun.

To be honest, I start rough drafting these phases long before I even get my holiday shopping done. In fact, when Brian saw our special new year journal come out at Halloween this year, he jumped! “Jeez! You’re like a Hallmark holiday, each year you roll out earlier and earlier!” LOL.

I can’t help it, I love this experience because I love growing and looking at both my victories and my steaming piles of shit (too graphic?). Our willingness to do both those things sets us up for ultimate health, happiness, and success in life and business.

So give it a shot. And before we wrap, please take this in: However your year shakes out, I want you to know that your best isn’t behind you, it’s in front of you.

Your turn:  Choose one of the questions above to answer in the comments below. Mwah!

Peace and gel pens,

Kris Carr

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