How to Stay Motivated & Achieve Anything

Hiya Gorgeous,

Do you get fired up to start a new exercise routine, meditation practice or eating plan only to sputter out within a day or two? Pretty common (and deflating). If only motivation was something you could bottle! Well, today I want to share how I sidestep this pattern and stay on my game, year after year.

We all want lasting change. We want to start something and victoriously push through the finish line. But motivation rarely comes from force. More often than not, it’s a mindset—a way of thinking that creates a way of being. Below are a few simple practices that have helped me tap into this mindset. Let’s break it down so you can continually meet your goals in a fulfilling way.

#1 Get Clear on Your “Why” (The Reason Behind Your Goal)

When I’ve stayed motivated for the long haul, it’s because I was clear on “why” I was doing what I was doing. The underlying reason is my fuel. A great example is veganism. I’m deeply committed to my “why” because it’s better for my health, the animals and the planet. My “why” is my north star. And thankfully, there are so many amazing vegan options out there and ways to deliciously veganize recipes so that there’s zero deprivation. Win win!

My “why” has to be 100% mine—not someone else’s or it doesn’t work. Which means, I can’t compare my life, dreams or goals to others. It’s about how I want to feel, not how I think I should feel or what someone else thinks I should do. Those “why’s” always exhaust me.

My “why” has to serve my highest good. Because if I’m falsely motivated by my ego, fears or wounds, the results are a disaster. I wake up wondering why the hell I did what I did. The answer: I wasn’t connected to myself.

Now when my actions are in alignment with my “why”—my values, feelings and what I want to create in the world—my motivation never sputters out. I can lean on it whenever I need more fuel—and so can you.

Your why is your power center. And the more you spend time contemplating what drives you, the easier it is to cut through the noise and create the life you want to live. Plus, when you reinforce your goals and why you’re doing them, you strengthen your chance of making them happen. It’s how I’ve created better health (in the face of crappy cancer), built my amazing business and created a life that I adore (most days!).

#2 Get Traction

Whenever we start something new, it takes a bit of time to create momentum. We’ve been stuck in an old way of behaving and need to develop new muscles.

For example, when I fall off the workout wagon there’s a good chance I won’t want to lift a finger. I’d rather complain about how tired and gross I feel then do something about it. But when I challenge my resistance and strap on my sneakers, I feel better. String that behavior together and now we’re talking. I begin to love how strong I feel and how much energy I have. Before ya know it, I’m in a better mood to boot. Nothing can make that experience happen but me.

Movement in our bodies creates movement in our lives. Just a little traction helps us change our emotional state and thus our physical fate. So instead of cursing the past or begrudging the future, get the ball rolling and be willing to show up a few more times. Before you know it, you’ll be in your groove and motivation will be second nature.

#3 Don’t Be Rigid

Nothing kills mojo like perfection. You know, the “if I can’t do it exactly so, then I don’t want to do it at all” attitude. The truth is our bodies are more forgiving than we think. Our minds on the other hand can be nasty bastards. One donut can’t take your body down, but one donut can put your mind into such a funk that you say, “F” it––give me the damn box!

Here’s a trick. The next time you want to throw in the towel because you think you messed up, remember this mantra: progress not perfection. I reinforce this message with all my Crazy Sexy You participants throughout our 21-day wellness journey together. The people who really absorb it are the ones who get the most out of the program (and their own lives). Progress is beautiful. It’s the key to creativity and innovation. There’s nothing rigid or righteous about progress. Perfection on the other hand is the death of progress. It’s rigid and dry.

Progress knows that it’s natural to take 2 steps forward and 1 step back. Perfection forbids it. Honestly, perfection is totally blind. So dump it. Embrace movement in your life, movement from all directions. If you do, there’s no finish line you won’t cross.

And what about those donuts? If you do eat the damn box progress teaches you to forgive yourself completely. Truly successful people don’t hold on to their oopsies or sweat the small stuff. Instead, they keep their eye on the overall prize. So lick your fingers and keep on trucking!

#4 Give Yourself Props

I love the experience of progress but I don’t always remember to praise myself along the way. Instead, I’m more likely to focus on what I didn’t do so that I can do it better next time. But too much of that behavior is a total downer. The little kid in me feels like she can never please me. Next stop, vodka!

Then a few years ago my husband and I started a practice called 3 wins. At the end of the day or week we share the 3 things that went well for us (no matter how small). This attitude of gratitude changed everything. Now I see progress each and every day and I’m so much kinder to myself. If you want to stay motivated it’s essential to acknowledge your improvements and not just trash your shortcomings.

I could go on and on because there are so many ways to stay motivated. But for now, I hope you connected with this taste!

Your turn: If this resonated with you, say hell yeah! And if you have any of your own motivation suggestions please share.

Peace & motivation,

Kris Carr

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