The Power of Presence

Dearest Readers,

Not long ago, I walked into a transformative stadium with over 18,000 beautiful souls at Oprah’s The Life You Want weekend. We entered that immense space with so many different desires, hopes, fears and beliefs. But when Lady O and her fellow teachers (Mark Nepo—who I love, Elizabeth Gilbert, Iyanla Vanzant and Rob Bell) addressed us as one unified force—we all became stars in the same sacred sky.

I left that weekend with an abundance of take-aways—thoughts and feelings that are still percolating in my heart. But one of the biggest “a-ha moments” (as Oprah would say) was the reinforcement that today, now, this moment, is what really matters, and because of that I am more inspired to be happy with what I already have. To grow deeper roots rather than further conquests. To be truly satisfied with the life I’ve created and to actually celebrate that more.

I know that’s not revolutionary, but I needed the reminder. It’s easy to get caught up in what could be, what I need more of, what’s gotta give and change, and what I should be working on (physically, spiritually, in my business and relationships).

Like all of us, I want to make an impact. I want to be happy, to do good and feel good. And somehow that’s been just a little out of reach for me. Today I choose to let that belief go.

I brought this renewed energy and inspiration to my Crazy Sexy team on Monday. I shared how I’d been feeling lately and why this philosophy was changing the way I viewed our business. Instead of looking five years ahead, I wanted to look at today with them. I wanted us to be striving to make now better, rather than anticipating how we could get ahead to meet goals we don’t even know we’ll want years down the road.

Feeling the satisfaction of how far we’ve come makes where we’re going so much sweeter and richer. Because here’s the thing: Where you are today isn’t where you’re going to be tomorrow. But if you appreciate where you are every day, savor the present, then you’re gonna love the entire process and notice each victory along the way. If you’re like me, you’ve probably experienced wanting a want, getting that want, and then just moving onto the next thing—without one pom pom shake or champagne toast.

Your Inner Voice Oprah

So when I returned from my Oprah weekend, I asked my team (and myself):

How can we help more people feel better today and love the process even more? We’re doing so many awesome things already, but how can we do them better. Forget the next thing and the more, more, more. Let’s do what we’re doing right now to our very best ability and allow that to be enough. From that space, I’m pretty darn sure that we’ll be helping to change more lives and create more meaning.

I didn’t know what to expect from them, but after only one week, this shift has transformed us all. My energy created a ripple effect. And so can yours. When I came to the table pumped up about the present (rather than anxious about the future), everyone’s creativity, joy and commitment opened up.

Do you think the same applies at your workplace, in your home, when you’re sharing the present moment with friends and family? I do.

Why miss the rich, ever-expanding life that’s unfolding right before our eyes—in this moment. So, I just want to acknowledge where we all are today. Even if you want more, be grateful for what you have and know that you are enough, right here, right now.

As Oprah shared with us, her first waking thought is always “Thank you”.

Thank you for reading, listening and participating in this Crazy Sexy world we’ve created together. I hope you’ll notice the greatness in your life today too. Give yourself some extra love, spread some extra gratitude. Whatever it takes to just be here.

Your turn: What are you most satisfied with and thankful for today?

Peace & presence,

Kris Carr

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