My New Ocean Journal + The Power of Unconditional Love

Hiya Gorgeous!

Friends, I have exciting news to share with you today. My new limited edition Results Journal is here. Update: The limited edition cover is now sold out, but the powerful system I created to help you boost your self-care and focus on your top priorities is still available in our Classic edition right here.

This cover is special to me and I want to let you in on why. It’s inspired by both a person and a place I love deeply.

First, the person…

As you may know, my hubby and I spent the winter in Florida to be close to my parents (10 mins away to be exact!).

But what you didn’t know is that my dad has been struggling and we were worried. He’s been so courageous on his journey with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. His strength and ability to weather the storm has shown me what true grit, grace and resilience actually look like.

He’s also taught me about a kind of healing that goes beyond the body. That’s not something you can learn in a book. Many of you know exactly what I mean because you’ve been there. The only way I’ve found to experience this healing is to be willing to open your heart so wide that it feels like it might break, but in reality it’s doubling in size, strength and capacity.

Another soul-expander I had the privilege of experiencing was the rare opportunity to get to know and love my parents more, put any unresolved stuff behind us and appreciate the gift of time together.

Those 4 months reminded me that all the achievements, accolades and fancy things we accumulate as we drive through life have limited value compared to the memories and meaning we get to make. May we each make more of those things in the precious years to come.

And now that we’re back in our own corners of the world, us in the Catskills and my folks in Connecticut, we miss them. We miss our new friends (wow, I never thought I’d say that about my parents!). But it’s true and it reminds me of what’s possible when our intention is rooted in love.

Today, my pop is still filling my ears with wonderful advice (it’s only a phone call away), we’re still reminiscing about beautiful (and embarrassing!) memories and we keep showing up to share our laughter and tears with each other. For that, and so much more, I’m overflowing with gratitude.

And now you know the inspiration behind our new limited edition Results Journal cover… Ocean.

Kris with parents

It’s about healing. Unconditional love. Being with what is, even when it’s tough. And embracing both the uncertainty and beauty that life has to offer.

Now, the place…

We were lucky to get some quality beach time in before Covid struck. Walks in the surf, tennis ball fetch with our pooches, picking up litter in the sand with my mom (beachcomber broads!), and lots of shell collecting––especially the busted ones because they have the most character.

Kris and the beach

We tried to capture all that warm possibility and the awe of the unknown in this new cover… to wrap that wild beauty around your hopes and dreams, too.

It’s been a big season of growth for us all my friends, and that’s what this journal edition is all about. The world has changed so much since we initially launched this tool, and I can’t think of a better time to use this simple system that’s designed to help you get results in 3 key areas that matter so much right now: your health, happiness and future.

Results Journal Ocean Cover mockup

One more detail I want to point out. Check out the little turtles on the back of the journal. Aren’t they adorable? Turtle power! If you follow me on Instagram, you may remember all the turtles I shared in stories. These sea friends remind me to honor my own pace. So as you use this journal to reconnect with your self-care and reset some goals this season, let the turtles remind you to respect your unique rhythm, too.

Here’s to waves of growth in your next season—and to an Ocean of results.

Your turn: What’s one of your favorite memories of connecting with someone you care deeply about? Share it with us in the comments. (And let me know what you think of the new cover, too.)

Peace & unconditional love,

Kris Carr

P.S. Get your Results Journal today!

The limited edition cover is now sold out, but the powerful system I created to help you boost your self-care and focus on your top priorities is still available in our Classic edition right here.