Announcing my new meditation album!

Hiya Wonderful,

A few months ago I shared that I was creating a meditation album and I wanted your feedback. What did you need? What were you struggling with? Where were you stuck? Well, your heartfelt comments inspired the creation of my Self-Care for Busy People Meditation Album that I’m excited to release today! Read on to learn how to sample a free track, my gift to you…

This album was designed to help you experience more peace and ease in your life. To be honest, working on it was a blessing for both me and my husband, Brian. I wrote, we recorded, he edited, we polished. I would find him in the editing room with candles lit and a sweet, peaceful smile on his face. The more time we spent on the album, the happier we felt. In fact, we kept giggling and saying “this shizzle really works, even in the production process!”

Now some of you may be thinking, Kris made a meditation album? Isn’t she the Queen of Kale? What does meditation have to do with nourishing yourself? EVERYTHING. In fact, it may even be more important from time to time. I don’t know about you, but when I’m feeling stressed, anxious and overwhelmed, a green smoothie doesn’t always solve the problem.

The more we dial down our stress and connect with ourselves, the happier and more resilient we become. We are not our thoughts, we are not our disease, we are not our problems. It may feel that way sometimes, but it’s just not true. We can choose overwhelm or we can choose calm. Of course it’s not always that easy but it is that simple and meditation can be your guide.

By the way, if the word “meditation” makes you antsy, just call it a mindfulness practice. Meditation isn’t always religious and it doesn’t have to happen on a pillow—sometimes I find walking the dogs or even doing the dishes can bring me to a place of introspection. I encourage you to find a way to practice that works in your daily life. And I hope this album brings you one step closer to that practice and to joy.

Buy the meditation album here

As a digital album, you’ll be able to listen easily on your phone, tablet or laptop and access it whenever you’re ready to clear your mind and open your heart! Here’s what you’ll find inside the album…

Self-Care for Busy People Meditation Album

  1. 1. Morning Meditation
    2. Pep Talk Meditation
    3. Affirmations for Healing
    4. Guided Relaxation
    5. Basic Meditation One
    6. Basic Meditation Two
    7. Self-Love Reboot
    8. Sleep Hygiene Tips & Checklist
    9. Evening Meditation
    10. Ocean Dreams (music only)

Plus, with every meditation under 15 minutes (and some as short as 4!), you’ll find it easy to fit these meditations into your wildly busy, beautiful life!

Here’s a sneak peek track from the album for a personal boost.

Sample my Pep Talk meditation below. It will lift you up and remind you that you are loved. Sometimes our days don’t go as planned, but you have the power to choose calm instead of overwhelm, allow this meditation to guide you back to your center.

Your turn: Listen now—then, let us know how you feel after the meditation in the comments below.

Want the rest of the album?

Buy your copy here

Peace & calm,

Kris Carr

P.S. Here are a few of my favorite reviews.

I hope these words inspire you to make this practice part of your life.

“I absolutely adore your meditation album—it immediately became non-negotiable parts of my day. I’ve tried to meditate daily over the years, but hadn’t found anything that inspired me enough to stick with it, until now! I love that they are short enough that they are easy to fit into my day, but they are so beautiful, calming and inspiring that I feel blissfully happy afterwards. I don’t think I could pick a favourite, I love them all!” —Kali

“With the help of the meditation album I have started to meditate almost everyday. It does make such a huge difference for me! In the morning I “tune in first” and connect with myself. My morning meditation is usually followed by a green smoothie—it helps me to make healthier choices throughout the day and also to stay in the present moment. When my thoughts begin to wander, I take a deep breath and return back to the present.” —Antje Waschke

“I have been in need of some new meditations to keep me energised and motivated during the winter months. As a school teacher and well-being coach I spend my days helping others feel chilled, positive and energised, but when I’m super busy, I don’t always remember to take my own advice. These meditations are beautiful and I’ve already put them on my phone so that I can access them whenever I need to.” —Tasha Mann

“My favourite [meditation] is the self-love reboot. I listen to it several times a day, at home, on transit, at work. Whenever I feel anxious or vulnerable or panicked and it brings me back to the moment. The words from the meditations come back to me during the day and help me to remember to be grateful and to breathe.” —Elyse Jenkins