Manifesting Your Desires: A Guide to Asking & Receiving

Hi Sweet Friends,

In fall 2013, I spent two glorious weeks working with my Hay House family in sunny California. The days were packed with recordings, meetings, dinners (including a fabulous date night with Louise Hay), the spectacular I Can Do It! conference in Pasadena, and lots of delicious manifesting.

While I was there, I decided to browse the book table for a new nighttime read. Since everyone’s been gushing about E-Squared by Pam Grout, I swiped a copy (well, I didn’t actually steal it; we Hay House authors get a few cool perks, and one of them is free soul schwag).

As you know if you’ve read it, E-Squared is hilarious, easy to understand, and very compelling. The book basically demonstrates how your thoughts create your reality, and it includes nine simple experiments that prove it.

Today, I’m sharing the results from the first experiment from E-Squared and the chain reaction of goodness that I started to notice as a result.

Allow me to set the scene. I was kinda blue. Two weeks is a long time to be away from home, especially since our new arrival (Buddy) had just joined our family. Plus, Brian had originally planned to be with me for part of the trip (couple time), but since our sweet boy came into our lives, it’s been around-the-clock feeding and care. Loving papa Brian had to take one for the team and stay home. So there I was, alone in my room, reading about energy and missing my crew. Did I mention the dark chocolate covered strawberries and hydrating mud mask?

The Dude Abides…

The first principle is called The Dude abides (after the hilarious film The Big Lebowski). The dude in this scenario is the energy field, Universe, God—whatever you’re cozy with. And the goal of the exercise is to ask and receive—not in two months or years—now. As Pam says, “This experiment will prove to you that there is a loving, abundant, totally hip force in the universe.” Ask for a sign and give the universe 48 hours to deliver and show you it has your back.

I’ve never worked with such a quick turnaround time. It was like ordering something from Amazon Prime. I usually provide plenty of manifesting runway and stay open to the form my intention presents. It doesn’t always materialize exactly as discussed: Know what I mean? For example, you may be calling a new job into your life, praying for it, putting it on your vision board, and actively networking. Not only do you want a new job, you want the work to have meaning; you want to help others and serve. Good for you; great idea. Then poof! Your beloved aunt jets to the next dimension and leaves you gobs of cash. You take that moolah (abundance) and launch YOUR dream charity. See, ya never know how it all shakes out, but it always does. Always.

To take E-Squared’s advice for a spin, I picked something really practical.

“Hi, Universe, it’s Kris Carr from Woodstock, NY, Zip code 12498. Um, I’m reading E-Squared and the author says that you need to give me a specific and exact sign right quick. For the record, I’m not normally this demanding—she made me do it. Anyhooo, if you’re listening, I would like someone to spontaneously hand me a delicious green drink in the next 48 hours. Thanks so much.”


I guess I could have aimed higher. But hey, that’s what I needed at the time. So the next day I head to Worldwide Woo Woo headquarters (A.K.A., the Hay House main office). I have lunch with Reid Tracy, the awesome CEO (and I’m not just saying that because I want another book deal) and do some recordings with Bruce Lipton and Davidji, who brought his sweet rescue pooch, Peaches the Buddha Princess, to the sound booth. Next up, a Wayne Dyer visit. He was recording his next book and had just finished an amazing evening with Abraham. As you may imagine, I was in spiritual rock star heaven.

After a thoroughly creative and inspiring day, I grabbed my stuff and shimmied toward the door. Then it happened. Whoa. I stopped dead in my tracks. Guess who was standing there, holding a green juice in his hand and smiling? Reid!

Thank you, dearest Universe. The Dude definitely abided.


That afternoon, I took a gorgeous sunset stroll. The beautiful green elixir had rejuvenated both my body and my beliefs. As Louise always says, “Life loves you.” Cheers to that.

I often forget to ask for what I need, and I bet you do, too. But that’s not all; sometimes I don’t even notice what I’ve already created, manifested, or called forth into my life. It’s like I’m walking around with blinders on. Of course, it’s important to count our blessings. But it goes deeper. We also have to recognize all the goodness we’ve actively manifested.

And guess what? I bet you’re manifesting a lot more than you realize. Yup. If you haven’t already, it’s time for you to take flight. Let the eagle be your power animal. Observe the majestic mountains, rivers, and meadows that make up your life. Little ole you created a lot of that. So much of our pain comes from the way we drive ourselves into the ground on a daily basis. We’re zooming like maniacs with barely enough time to pause and take in our accomplishments.

The relentless pace blocks us from receiving and celebrating our victories. We just keep moving on to the next thing before we can truly appreciate our wonderful growth. Gosh, what’s all the hard work worth if we can’t smell the peonies? Can you imagine how good it would feel to periodically give yourself an Oscar acceptance speech? “I’d like to thank the academy (and my angel agents) for this imaginary award. I acknowledge and appreciate how amazing I am. In the last six months, I drastically reduced my cholesterol—without any drugs. Yay, me!”

We make magic constantly. Pause. Breathe. Notice. Praise. Repeat. You’ve come so, so, so far. Pour a cup of tea and brag to yourself. Truly, you’re a miracle creating the miraculous.

Try this with me: Crack open your journal and at the top of the page write “Noticing” and underline it. Next, list three things you’ve actively called into your life.

Here’s an example of another sweet (and very favorite) manifestation.

I’ve written about Buddy’s rescue story in the past, but I forgot to share the most important part.

A few hours before Buddy was found, Brian and I were at our local dump. In addition to unloading garbage and recycling, people can also find unwanted animals at our local transfer station. They have a shelter/adoption center. I always bring cookies and visit the sweet beings. Well, that morning I said to Brian, “I’m ready for another fur baby. Are you?” Full disclosure: I ask this question monthly. He usually responds like a smart therapist: “Honey, this is not a no, it’s a not now.” And I don’t blame him. I travel so much; we’re still wrapping our home renovation; work has been really nutty, etc. (excuse), etc. But that day it was different. That day was the best day ever. That day Brian said, “Yes, I’m ready!” Two hours later, Buddy wandered into our lives . . . . BAM! Manifesting a-go-go!

Your Turn: Share one of your victories in the comments below. The universe and I can’t wait to celebrate you.

Peace & Manifesting,

Kris Carr

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