What Other People Think About You is None of Your Business (video)

Hiya Gorgeous!

Today I want to share some life-changing advice I was given. We all experience fear of taking a risk and self-doubt. You know, that naggy inner voice that whispers negative nonsense that makes us feel insecure about standing out or doing things differently?

Well, sometimes we can trace that voice back to what other people have said to us (or about us). And this is what I want to work on with you today—because nobody puts baby in a corner!

Ready for one of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever received? Here goes…

What other people think about you is none of your business.

Ha! Yup, it’s their business, not yours. The thing that matters most is what YOU think about you. What you think about your dreams, about who you love, how you live, how you contribute to the world and so on. That’s what matters—your healthy opinion of you.

The more we rely on outside permission and validation, the less empowered we’ll feel to go our own way, share our unique gifts, or rise up to challenge injustice.

Sure, feedback can be a good and useful thing. I’m not suggesting we live in a self-indulgent bubble. I’m absolutely grateful for the times my best friend (and even my mother) have pulled me aside and encouraged me to look at things a different way. But not everyone has our best interests in mind–even when they think they do.

Therefore, discernment is really important. We’ve gotta sift through the feedback in order to decide what’s valuable and what’s the other person’s baggage or boo boo.

Folks who like to flex their nasty or frightened muscles are often acting from a place of their own wounds. Have compassion for them but don’t let their drama dull your sparkle, dampen your dreams or plant seeds of doubt!

Again, if it’s the opinion of someone you truly trust and value, carefully look for the nugget of wisdom that could help you. But remember—their feelings aren’t your facts.

And no matter what, just keep doing your best and spreading your magic.

I’ve got a lot more to share on this topic, so press play to get my take on how to stay in your power, so you don’t let other people’s opinions tear you down.

In this video you’ll learn:

  • How self-doubt plagues us all
  • More nuggets from the best advice I’ve ever gotten
  • Tips for staying focused—not afraid
  • How to deal with haters and rise above negativity

Feelin’ inspired? I sure hope so! You are meant for great things, sweetheart. Believe in yourself. This is your one great life and you get to decide how you want to live it.

Your turn: How would your life improve if you weren’t so worried about what other people thought? Or if you have advice for how to handle criticism, please let us know! Leave a comment below.

Peace and kindness,

Kris Carr

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