3 Ways to Manifest What You Want

Hiya Visionary,

Recently, we talked about dreams (aka passions, visions, desires). I walked you through how to manifest what matters most to you. Lots of folks flipped for this blog, if you didn’t read it you can check it out here.

Today I’m sharing a real-life example of how dream planning works. And while I have many personal experiences with bringing my dreams to reality, I’m excited to share someone else’s story. She means the world to me, is a huge part of my life and I think anyone can relate to her journey—at least the beginning of it—the action part is up to you, dear one.

It’s better if she tells it herself… take it away Corinne!

“Thanks, KC! Eight years ago, I realized I’d been living someone else’s life. My first step to figuring out my own path was to quit my job and head to an ashram for a month. I spent the following year freelance writing and teaching yoga, but something still didn’t feel right about my career path. Something was missing.

I want to pause here and say that making these changes wasn’t easy. I left behind a dependable job with benefits. I took on a large chunk of financial debt to take a hiatus from working and pay for yoga training. I had student loans and a mortgage to pay. And almost everyone in my life thought I was insane (I was the responsible one, not someone who would go on an Eat-Pray-Love journey). But the alternative for me was a life of boredom and regret. So, I chose to take a chance and have faith instead.

Now that doesn’t mean you need to walk away from your full-time job like I did. You can certainly work on your dreams in your spare time. Sara Blakely is a perfect example of that. She built her dream business, Spanx, while selling fax machines by day and working on her idea by night! The point is that when what you do doesn’t align with who you want to be, there are other options out there for you.

OK, let’s get back to what happened next. One night, I returned home from teaching yoga and caught the end of Kris’ documentary film, Crazy Sexy Cancer on TLC. Instantly, a light turned on inside me. I resonated with her message so much that I turned to my husband and said, “I’m going to work for that woman someday.” Kris and her mission were my missing piece.

What follows are the main keys to my manifesting success: my vision board, affirmations and taking action.

Creating my vision board

Over the next few weeks, I scoured the internet for everything Kris had written, bought a juicer, gave my diet a plant-based makeover, and started thinking more about prevention, animal welfare and self-care. I also became an avid follower of Kris’ blog and started posting comments and interacting with her community. Lots of people were talking about vision boards at the time, so I decided to give one a try.

I tore through magazines with scissors in one hand and a glue stick in the other. I pulled out every image that would help me piece together my hopes for the future and pasted them on a piece of poster board—a garden, Oprah, a yoga mat, the home of my dreams. And you know who was in the center of that vision board? Kris, of course. I posted the vision board where I’d see it everyday so that the imagery would stay fresh in my mind.

Saying affirmations

I also began reciting daily affirmations. Each day I would say “I am happy and grateful to invest in my personal health on a daily basis and that I have a career in wellness working for Kris Carr.” I said this in the car, on my meditation cushion, in the shower, before I went to bed and any other time I had the chance to focus for a few seconds on my dream.

Taking action

I had also started a blog and would often write about the many ways Kris had inspired me. One day I checked on a post only to find that Kris had commented! I jumped around the room, yelled downstairs to my husband, printed out the comment and stuck it on my vision board. “Maybe this really works,” I thought.

As soon as Kris’ online community launched, I started thinking about ways that Kris’ mission could grow. Finally, I decided to send her a message and tell her about my ideas. I pressed send and waited. Minutes later, she messaged me back telling me to call her. I couldn’t believe it! Before I could get nervous, I dialed her number. We hit it off over the phone and a few days later she asked me to meet her in NYC to brainstorm in person.


The whole time I had no idea where this adventure would take me. I was flying by the seat of my pants with zero insurance that things would work out, but I knew that it felt right in my heart. Over the next few months, I got to know Kris and her husband Brian. We turned out to be a pretty rockin’ team. I started as a volunteer and over the past eight years I’ve grown in ways I never imagined possible. Today, rather than sitting in a cubicle wondering if things could be different, I’m the Vice President of Crazy Sexy Wellness (Kris’ business) and still pinching myself.

Small steps can lead to very big things.

And lastly, thanks, Kris and Brian. For taking me along on this crazy, wonderful, fulfilling, business-building ride. Back to you, KC!”

Is she incredible or what? Corinne is like a sister, mother, daughter, family to me and I’m blessed that she manifested her way into my life. The truth is, I was manifesting her too.

Your turn: Share your manifesting story—they are SO inspiring. And if you don’t have one, start manifesting your dreams today by daring to declare one thing you want in the comments below. Let the manifesting begin!

Peace & vision boards,

Kris Carr

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