How to Let Go and Live in the Moment

Hi Gorgeous,

Learning how to let go isn’t always easy. Many of us have trouble saying goodbye to painful memories, people we’ve lost or anger we’re holding onto. We may even find some comfort in the familiarity of rehashing those stories or feelings, even though they weigh us down.

And letting go isn’t always about the past—we often struggle to release the future, too. Sometimes I catch myself worrying about what’s going to happen tomorrow or wondering what I can do to control the outcome of a certain situation. I think most of us can relate to that on some level, whether it happens here and there… or perhaps much more frequently.

Here’s something I want you to remember: You are not alone and there’s nothing wrong with reflecting on the past or thinking about the future. In fact, reminiscing and daydreaming can be a lot of fun! But when those thoughts lower your vibration and nag at you—when they block your happiness or steep you in fear—that’s when it’s time to figure out how to let go.

And keep this in mind, too: You deserve to delight in the magic and joy of the present moment, and I know you can get there. Every step you take towards shifting out of fear and re-aligning your energy with love and positivity is a step in the direction of creating the life you want to live.

OK, let’s chat about how to let go of those worries that might be standing in your way. These affirmations are here to guide and encourage you—they’re not meant to define a strict path. This process is different for everyone, so I encourage you to focus on the affirmations that resonate with you. Anything that makes you feel better (even just a tiny bit!) is a sign that you’re headed in the right direction.

How to Let Go

Breathe deeply - how to let go

It all starts with one breath. You might even try closing your eyes and tuning into the rise and fall of your chest. Imagine that with every exhale, you’re releasing negativity and the toxic thoughts that weigh you down. And with every inhale, you’re pulling bright, beautiful positivity in to fill you up. Anytime you feel anxious, worried or sad, remember to come back to your breath.

Be present - how to let go

Many of us are so busy ruminating over the past or worrying about the future that we don’t have the space to enjoy the beauty right in front of us. Take some time to recognize your surroundings. Honor where you are right now and allow yourself to just be. And while you’re at it, why not treat yourself to a gorgeous sunset? How cool is it that mother nature put on an art show just for you? Remember that everything else can wait, even if for only a few quiet minutes.

Believe - how to let go

Keep checking in with your energy. What are you putting out there? High vibe thoughts or low vibe complaints? As I mention in this card, to successfully manifest our dreams, our feelings (aka thoughts) need to be in alignment with our plans. So, put your intentions out there, feel the joy you’d feel to experience those goals, then bask in that joy while also doing the work. Then trust that the universe is working on your behalf at the same time. As Rumi says, “What you seek is seeking you.” Love that!

A new day - how to let go

Know this: Everything will be ok. Whatever happened yesterday is in the past. What happens today will be gone tomorrow. That doesn’t mean you’re not justified in being sad, scared or angry—you have every right to those feelings. But today is a new day and you have yet another chance to feel good and re-align with joy, health, prosperity and love.

Something bigger is on the way - how to let go

Leave room for possibilities you never even dreamed of! The more you stay connected to your spiritual practice, to taking care of yourself and to choosing positive thoughts and actions over fear-based thoughts and actions, the more abundance you’ll experience in your life. Your future is so bright… I can feel it in my bones.

Your turn: Do you feel better after reading these messages? If so, let me know! And remember, that good feeling is always available to you.

Peace & letting go,

Kris Carr

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