How to Get Motivated and Make Progress on Your Goals

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When I started making a significant commitment to my health in the wake of my cancer diagnosis, I had tons of motivation (obviously!). I was literally trying to save my own life.

You’d think that having such a huge incentive would instantly make me 100 percent on board with my new wellness goals…

But what I didn’t anticipate was the strength of my resistance!

I soon discovered that just knowing I was “supposed” to meditate/eat better/drink more water wasn’t always enough. I still found it hard to stick with my new goals.

I still wanted the french fries. I still wanted to skip the workout. I still wanted the large soda or the very processed candy bar. And I was so tough on myself when I gave in, which is like double cursing the experience. First you eat the crappy thing or blow off the healthy activity, and then you beat yourself up on top of it! Talk about a lose-lose situation.

I regularly hear similar stories from my community: “Hey, Kris, I was just diagnosed with high blood pressure and know I need to start exercising, but I can’t seem to find time or figure out how to get motivated…” or “I want to lose weight, but as soon as I head to Happy Hour with my work colleagues, my intentions go out the window.”

Sound familiar? If so, you’re not alone.

What makes healthy habits so hard to create (and keep)?

Research from the American Medical Association shows that in the wake of a heart attack, stroke or other major cardiac event, a full 25 percent of patients make NO lifestyle changes whatsoever, even when their doctors advised them to quit smoking, get more exercise and eat more healthfully (source). And as it turns out, less than 5 percent of participants improved their habits in all three of the recommended areas!

We’ve all seen the stats. Healthy habits like exercising and eating veggies can do wonders for our overall well-being, help prevent chronic diseases, increase lifespan and more. With benefits that impactful, why do we still have trouble getting motivated?

It’s clear that mere knowledge and desire aren’t always enough to make us change our habits. If they were, we’d all be Instagram fitness models, turning away from the Krispy Kremes in favor of carrots!

The more I read and thought about why we often fail at our wellness goals, the more I figured that there must be something else at play here. Something that sabotages our willpower, that undercuts our best intentions, and derails us from our plans–no matter how determined we are when we set out.

We’re treating our challenges like they’re all the same, but they’re not.

And here’s what I’ve determined: There are very specific roadblocks that can trip us up. But not everyone is susceptible to the same roadblocks!

For instance, you do great with group challenges. Once you commit, you’ll see the program through, whether it’s training for a 5K or tackling a 7-day juice cleanse. But try to continue on your own, and your motivation disappears.

Your best friend, on the other hand, eagerly signs up for the latest challenge with you, but drops out after the first day. Meanwhile, you can’t get your sister to even think about trying another nutrition plan because she “already tried them all and nothing works.”

Finally, I asked myself an obvious question: What if we all have different health and wellness personalities? And what if, because we’re all different, what works for one person (especially when it comes to how to get motivated) may be the wrong approach for someone else?


Once the lightbulb went on, I went into research mode. I started looking at my own experience, as well as the feedback from my thousands of readers, students and community members. And I discovered something so powerful that I’m literally giddy to share with you!

Identify your Health and Wellness Archetype (and get your personal action plan)!

By answering seven simple questions, you can determine what I call your Health and Wellness Archetype. (If you’re not familiar with the term, an “archetype” is somewhat like a personality. It’s defined as a “pattern of behavior,” according to our friend Wikipedia.)

Once you know your Health and Wellness Archetype, you can look at your habits and challenges in a whole new way. You can start to make decisions to work with your Archetype, instead of against it.

The result? Reaching your wellness goals becomes a whole lot easier and more fun!

While anyone can benefit from knowing their Archetype, I especially want to encourage you if you’ve been stuck or feeling like you’re not making progress in your pursuit of a healthier life. Once you get your Archetype results, it’s gonna be a huge “aha!” moment for you. You’ll finally see why you kept getting distracted or pulled off track.

I know how much you want this valuable (even life-changing) info, so go ahead… take the quiz for free below!

Get simple motivation tips tailored to your Archetype.

And while knowledge is power, it’s just not enough. That’s why after you take the quiz, you’ll also receive a personalized report including simple actions you can take TODAY to get unstuck, move forward, and get results fast. You’ll be able to set goals and plan how to get there in a way that makes sense for unique, amazing, wonderful Y-O-U!

I really hope this insight helps you as much as creating it helped me. We’re in this together, my friend. 🙂

Your turn: Take the quiz and share your Health and Wellness Archetype in the comments below! I can’t WAIT to hear from you.

Peace & clarity,

Kris Carr

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