How to Calm Down & Enjoy Your Time Off

Hiya Gorgeous!

Do you know how to relax? Take a chill pill? Quiet those racing thoughts for more than a moment or two? As a busy business owner, this can be a challenge for me. I bet that’s the case for you, too.

It’s no surprise. Life can be busy and a lot of us struggle to get real, rejuvenating rest. We might think we’re taking the time to refuel—but really we’re still on the go.

We’ve forgotten how to calm down & enjoy

Picture this: A couple years back (when we could all still travel!), my hubby and I had just arrived in the Bahamas, ready to unwind after a busy season. I set up on the beach, book in one hand, green juice with a pineapple twist in the other. Then, it started.

The busy brain and racing thoughts. I couldn’t sit still. I tried to close my eyes and relax, but the whole thing just felt so… foreign. It was like I’d completely forgotten how to calm down and enjoy myself.

As I sat there squirming, I thought about my at-home relaxation practices. And then it occurred to me—I couldn’t remember the last time I’d actually been still. I’m always moving! Always fixing, folding or cooking something, thinking about tomorrow or checking the news.

Sound familiar?

That’s when my big a-ha moment came:

There’s real rest… and then there’s putter rest.

Real rest vs. putter rest

Real rest is still and restorative. We lay down our to-do lists to really energize and enjoy ourselves.

Putter rest, on the other hand, is busy and even a bit frantic. When we’re putter resting, we fill the time with chores and errands, tasks and to-dos.

The truth is many of us have forgotten how to calm down and enjoy ourselves—even when we’ve set aside time to do exactly that. Just “being” can be really uncomfortable when we’re not used to it. Feelings bubble up that we’ve been trying to ignore, or we start to notice the dull aches and pains that we typically power through. So we panic, then we putter.

Tell me I’m not alone here…

No wonder we often end our vacations (or, more recently, stay-cations) feeling less energized than when we started. Especially in this demanding year, I don’t want that to be the case for you, gorgeous.

I want you to enjoy real, renewing and restorative rest.

(If you could use some tips to better rest your mind and body, I include a bunch in my free 5 Day Self-Care Kickstart.)

Remembering how to unwind

Today I want you to dig deep and get real about rest. Is your stay-cation filled with a long list of household projects? Do you struggle to stop all your racing thoughts when you finally settle in for some R&R? If so, you might be on the fast track to burnout, sweet friend. But we can turn things around.

Check out this video (that I recorded right after that wonderful Bahamas trip) to find out:

  • What putter rest is and how to identify it
  • Why we gravitate toward putter rest
  • How to really relax and rejuvenate instead

Remember—you’re going to spend plenty of your days working, arranging and doing! Your body and mind deserve a real reboot every once in a while. Give yourself the rest you need to show up as your best self in this beautiful life of yours.

Your turn: Do you sometimes default to putter rest? And what could you do to really rest instead?

Peace & sweet relaxation,

Kris Carr

P.S. Need some more tips for real rest?

Don’t wait until your next stay-cation to rejuvenate your mind and body. Begin prioritizing real rest today. If you could use some tips to get you started, I include a bunch in my free 5 Day Self-Care Kickstart. You’ll get a fun, daily self-care challenge that can be done in 5 minutes flat. Plus coaching, support and lots of restful reminders along the way.