My Natural Foundation Review + Step-By-Step Application Tips

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Have you ever applied foundation only to find yourself feeling like you’re wearing a Kabuki mask or your face just jetted off to the Bahamas for some sun bathing without the rest of your body? Needless to say, it’s a tricky item to get just right for your skin tone and type. And while foundation isn’t a must-have (no makeup item is!), I like having some on hand for covering up blemishes and dark spots. If you’re an au natural kind of gal—right on!—but if you’re interested in finding a foundation that meets your needs, read on to get more info and the results of my Foundation Review.

To make all of my beauty reviews as accurate and useful as possible, I always bring in one of my favorite organizations, the Environmental Working Group (EWG). EWG is a leader in up-to-the-minute research on toxins and chemicals present in the environment and our personal and home products. Together, we’ve teamed up and created a Healthy Home Checklist and done several beauty reviews like this one, including deodorant, lipstick, concealer, mascara and nail polish (stay tuned for more reviews to come!).

EWG did us a huge favor by analyzing the ingredients in these foundations and adding the product ratings to their Skin Deep Cosmetics Database, which contains information and online safety assessments for over 60,000 products. Thanks, EWG! 

For those of you who are wellness detectives like I am and want to know more about how we vet the products I recommend, read this

So, let’s get started, gorgeous!

My Crazy Sexy Foundation Review

Natural Foundation Roundup


Bonus: How to apply your foundation

OK, now that you know more about which brand suits your needs and style, how about the next question on everyone’s minds? How do I put it on?! For this, I called in makeup artist/green beauty expert Rebecca Casciano. Here’s what she had to say:

1. You’ll need a foundation brush or makeup sponge and clean hands (really it’s about using the tools that work best for you—some prefer just using their digits!). For liquid or cream foundation, I recommend using a large, flat paddle brush or a sponge. For powder, a soft, fluffy brush will do the trick. Check out these great vegan brushes by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, Cozzette or Eco Tools.

2. Place a pea-sized amount of foundation in the palm of your hand or in a small ceramic bowl.

3. Load your brush or sponge by gently dipping it into the foundation. Less is more—you will add product as you go. If you prefer, you may also use clean fingers to apply. If you’re using a powder foundation, lightly tap your brush off to remove excess product.

4. Beginning at your jawline, apply the foundation in light, sweeping strokes. Work clockwise around the face, blending as you go and adding more product as needed.

5. The type of foundation (tinted moisturizer, medium or full coverage) and how much of it you apply will determine the coverage and finish you will get. Many foundations are buildable, meaning you can layer more product for more coverage.

6. For an overall evening out of the skin, apply a small amount of foundation to the whole face. Then, if you choose to target redness or discoloration, just apply a bit more directly to that area. Be sure to blend out any brush strokes or lines of demarcation between the product and your skin.

7. If you are using a liquid or cream, you might want to set the foundation with a light application of powder. This helps to control excess shine and increase the foundations wearability throughout the day.

Your turn: What’s your ultimate foundation or tip?

Gentle request: If you work for a beauty company please be cool, we’re trying to keep these comments as unbiased and useful as possible. Sharing your product is welcomed and awesome. Hundreds of comments about your product and/or why you’re cranky that it wasn’t included is NOT awesome. Thank you!

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