My Natural Lipstick Review + 6 Lip-Smacking Tips

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Elizabeth Taylor once said, “Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together.” There’s something empowering and totally sexy about a really great lipstick. Although I don’t wear it everyday, I love to dress up my smoocher when I’m out on the town or on stage. And I know many of my readers are curious about which lipsticks are safest and perform the best, which is why it’s Crazy Sexy Review time!

Every product we put on our bodies matters, but lipstick is something I pay extra attention to. After a day of noshing, green juice drinking, and gabbing, I’ve probably eaten a lot of it! There are lots of statistics on how much lipstick someone eats during their lifetime. Estimates range from 3.5 – 7 pounds. Regardless, we all know that some of the ingredients end up in our bodies and that they can build up over time. When the Environmental Working Group (EWG) studied body burden (the amount of chemicals stored in our bodies) they found the average person has nearly 300 different chemicals in their system, including PCBs and DDT, which were banned over 30 YEARS AGO in the US. We just don’t know what the long term effects of the buildup of these chemicals are, and the things we do know are pretty alarming.

That’s why I did a ton of research with my team of beauty sleuths (aka my wonderful staff!) over the course of several months on the most popular natural lipstick brands out there. The lipsticks chosen are based on your votes! And once again, I teamed up with the EWG to analyze the ingredients for each product so that you have the most up-to-date safety ratings. I picked my favorite colors, checked out whether they’ve been certified by PETA or Leaping Bunny and added the price for each—just to save you some extra time. I’ve also added some notes on my experience with each product to help you pick the best one for your needs. Here are the results!

My Crazy Sexy Lipstick and Lip Sheer Review

Natural Lipstick Review

Please note: Although rms and Beauty Counter are not certified by PETA or Leaping Bunny, you can read about their practices here (both companies state that they do not test on animals): rms, Beautycounter

For those of you who are wellness detectives like I am and want to know more about how we vet the products I recommend, read this.

Bonus: Lipstick Application Tips

So now that you’re a savvier lipstick shopper, what about making the most of those gorgeous smackers? I talked to one of my go-to makeup artists/green beauty experts Rebecca Casciano for her ultimate lipstick tips.

Prepping Your Lips:

  • Lipstick goes on and wears more evenly when lips are moisturized and smooth. Apply lip balm as part of your morning and evening skincare routine and lips will always be ready for your favorite non-toxic lipstick or gloss.
  • To exfoliate dry lips, dip a washcloth or soft toothbrush in warm water and lightly buff your lips. You can also make a quick DIY scrub by mixing 1 teaspoon of olive oil or coconut oil with 1 teaspoon of raw sugar. Apply a small amount to lips and rub gently. Leave on for a couple of minutes, then rinse off.

Lipstick Application:

  • To create a well-defined look without using liner, apply lipstick with a lip brush. Use the edge of the brush to trace the shape of your lips, then fill them in with lip color.
  • For longer wearing lip color, apply a lip liner in the same shade as the lipstick to your entire lip area. Then apply your lipstick and blend to lip line. When it starts to wear away, there will be a layer of color underneath.
  • To get more of a “lip stain” look, skip the brush and use the tip of your ring finger to apply lipstick. Start with the center of your lips and blend softly to the edges.
  • Give lips a fuller look by applying a lighter lipstick or gloss to the center of the bottom lip. It should be in the same color family as the lipstick, or have a sheer, shimmery finish.

Your Turn: What’s your favorite lipstick and why?

Gentle request: If you work for a beauty company please be cool, we’re trying to keep these comments as unbiased and useful as possible. Sharing your product is awesome. Hundreds of comments about your product is not awesome. Thank you!

Peace & bisous,

Kris Carr

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