Turn Your Lights On! (and Change the World)

Hiya Gorgeous!

Yesterday morning I began our weekly staff meeting with a prayer for the people affected by the mass shooting in Las Vegas. I prayed for the victims and families and for the first responders and caregivers. I asked for their grief, trauma and devastation to be healed swiftly and that they be made stronger along the fault lines of their heartbreak.

I also prayed for more compassionate, brave leaders to have the courage to run for office in order to shape policies and protect people, animals and our holy planet. And I prayed for us to recognize and support these leaders anyway we can.

Finally, I prayed for each and every one of us to double down on our own commitment to elevating our consciousness. Now more than ever (and ever before that) we’re being challenged to step up and get our spiritual shit together. We’re called to turn our inner lights on and unapologetically shine them all over the world so we can root out violence, oppression, inequality, racism and fear.

Our daily devotion to our light, to elevating our own consciousness, isn’t self-care fluffy or new age lite. It’s essential for our survival. It’s also essential to our legacy as a species. We don’t want to be the ones who f’d it all up throughout space and time. We want to be the ones we’ve been waiting for, the ones who blazed a spiritual trail and left a compassionate roadmap for future generations and incarnations to follow.

So as these natural and man-made disasters continue to strike, feel your feelings, breathe in the suffering and breathe out healing energy for our planet. Allow your heart to break and rebuild stronger. Forget your productivity for a minute and let yourself shuffle around confused and numb in dirty pajamas.

Then, dear lightworker, clean yourself up and step back into the arena, because this world needs each and every one of us to rise up, unite and take action.

Don’t give up. Don’t let your anger or helplessness soak into your tissues and make you sick. And never, ever think that you are powerless. You are a fire hose of power, and the more you own it and take action from that place, the more goodness will be unleashed into the world.

We are currently being led by people who ignore reason, facts, and civility. Some of this is unconscious, but some of it is crass opportunism. Whatever the reason, this mindset impacts every issue they touch, be it climate change, gun violence, racism, sexism, you name it. As you can see, there are so many issues to choose from! Lucky us. (Not)

So again, turn your lights on. Because keeping them off amputates our entire purpose for being here. When we see sentient beings as separate, something to own, manipulate, dominate or destroy, we deny love, embrace fear and slam our inner lights off.

But when we, dear lightworker, commit to elevating our consciousness and making choices from that place, no matter how awkward or scared or lonely it makes us feel sometimes, we magnify the loving energy that drives out all forms of injustice. We literally step into our Godly nature. We do the kind, right, just thing and create a domino effect of positive change that lifts us all.

And here’s the deal, doing the kind, right, just thing is like preventative medicine. It holistically addresses the cause of our illness so we don’t get sick in the first place.

Healthy people create a healthy society. That means ALL of us need to do our spiritual, civic-minded work. Commit to healing your wounds and fiercely loving and protecting others, animals and the planet. And know, in your bones, that you matter. Because the moment you stop believing that is the moment you open the door to all forms of destruction.

Light lovers from all walks of life are desperately needed, folks who believe in themselves and in the innate worth of others. Peacemakers who practice these principles in politics, business, spirituality, education, parenting and all positions of power. Risk-takers who are willing to put their asses on the line for harmony.

Psst… By the way, YOU are one of those leaders I’m talking about here. Just sayin’!

My soul suffers every time I turn on the news, and I bet yours does too. So let’s do something about it. Stay positive and make a move. What rips your heart into action? Start there. And keep your eye on the long game. We’re not going to fix our problems overnight—stamina is required. You’re smart, resourceful and resilient. You’ve got dollars (which means you get to decide where you shop and which corporations get your hard-earned cash), you’ve got a voice and you’ve got votes—use them.

Peace & power,

Kris Carr