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A Peek at My Plate (Morning, Noon and Night!)

Hi Gang!

This week, I finally made the video that everyone’s been asking me to make.

It’s the answer to the number one question I get asked: “What do YOU eat, Kris?

So here’s a little show and tell, an up close and personal peek at MY eats!

In this video, you’ll see everything I made (and ate) for the day, which of course includes a boatload of green juice. Some of the delicious recipes can be found in Crazy Sexy Kitchen, while others are my go-to, everyday staples. All of the dishes are 100 percent plant-empowered, easy and quick. Hey, I filmed this on a spectacular fall day. You better believe I chose simple meals that would allow me to play in the autumn light and soak in the crimson.

I hope my little food tour inspires you to get creative in the kitchen. Remember, variety is the spice of life and the heart of a healthy diet. Every day brings new opportunities for fun and folly in the kitchen. Tomorrow, I’ll probably start my day with a green smoothie, then if I’m still hungry, I’ll make the hot Coconut and Mango Millet porridge from my cookbook. At lunch, I just might get a hankering for some hearty Crazy Sexy Bean Chili. Thankfully, I made and froze a big batch a few weeks ago. Defrost and a-go-go! And if I find myself in the middle of a snack attack, there are lots of recipes to choose from at and in Crazy Sexy Kitchen.


By the way, lately I’ve been obsessed with Brazil nuts (a great source of selenium, which helps boost metabolism and reduce inflammation). I toss a small handful in my smoothies and store them like dog treats (but for people) in my pockets.

Your Turn: If you have a question, leave a comment below. I’ll do my best to answer as many as possible. Or if you’ve got a plant-passionate dish, tip or trick to share, let us know in the comments section! We’d all love to know.

OK, press play.

Peace & cookin’,

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  1. zaabet says:

    I couldn’t resist commenting. Very well written!

  2. CC says:

    Regarding Brazil nuts I love them too but have you checked Google lately? one a day is all you can eat to prevent selenium overdose symptoms, check it out I know you do but check it out again.

  3. Madelein says:

    Dear Kris, I have a new craving in my life and that is green juice! It really is wonderful! I am halfway through my 30 radiotherapy sessions for my bresat cancer and the moment I get home, I prepare my green juice. It lifts my spirit and makes me feel that I am helping all the good cells in my breast to recover from those deadly beams. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your positive inspiration and support. Sending you lots of positive energy from South Africa.

  4. Laura says:

    In the video you split the juices into three servings. Is that better for absorption? I’ve been drinking about 24 oz in the morning. Wondering if I should break it up. Thank you for all you do!

    • Jen Reilly, RD says:

      Hey Laura! I’m the nutrition director here at, so I’ll chime in. Splitting juices gives you multiple opportunities to get plant-powered nutrients, but it’s not necessary. You can get tons of plant power in one big morning juice too. Cheers! xo – Jen

  5. Sandra says:

    Help please**
    Dear Kris, i have been a follower of you for a while now, because i love cooking, healthy cooking and entertaining or just making good nutritional choices for my Family.This summer, though, my life has changed. A tumor was found in my gut and since the operation, nothing is the same. Doctors here, even good ones, can’t help much with Nutrition. It is all based around, no grains, nothing raw, no nuts, no fibre..which doesn’t help the guts nor fuels immune stability?!? I now receive chemo therapy- to be on the statistical ” safe side”- i took it! Dread, fear, gut decision; you name it. Now no one gives advice around how to cope wirh eating. Mainstream here; eat what you want and can. But during chemo( which is a three day procedure of receiving the meds) is difficult ( mainly dry toast?!?)!
    I have all your books and am trying to incorporate more juice in between chemos. Also no dairy , eggs or glutin/atleast wheat. White rice still works better than quinoa or brown rice. Sugar I ditched long ago but do use dates, syrup ect. I know cancer loves sugar , This sweet thing freaks me out, because i believe i/ we need some sweetness in life.I also believe that foods ( honey included) are actually gifted to us for a reason and if i am in need if a cup of wild blueberries and a dab of raw honey- isn’t my body telling me sonething?
    I would love your piece around, intuition food choices and facts from your wisdom box! Because I am a controle freak and i always felt I had this nutrition down ( had it in school/ loved it, but this has thrown me into being uncertain about my choices/ my part/ my fault …
    I am in the beginning of this journey and your book ” crazy sexy cancer survivor is my purse size Bible! I love it, Amen it all the time! Thank you!!!
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for ALL you do!
    Lots of love from a cowgirl (Texas raised) in Germany!

  6. Mary says:

    What’s the ingredients in your green juice?

  7. Nicki says:

    HI – for the video “What do YOU eat, Kris?” what would the calories/macro breakdown (Fats, Proteins, Carbs) be for that example?

  8. Kerry says:

    Hi Kris.
    I’m kicking myself because had I of known you were launching crazy sexy you I would of signed up in a heart beat .
    However just 3 weeks ago after watching you on the power hour with John and Ocean Robbins I signed up for plant pier and thriving
    Don’t get me wrong because I’m learning so much but I feel your program would be a great fit as it includes the whole mindset .
    Will I have to wait until next year to see this program again ?

  9. Ellen Shinko says:

    I have been omitting all flour and dairy products, gluten but your lunch included a wrap. Do you encourage grain products when trying to eat healthy and maintain ones weight? Also, do you have a suggested replacement for Greek Yogurt in recipes.

  10. Lara says:

    I read your book a couple of years ago but I wasn’t ready to go plant based. In the meantime I ate a strict paleo diet and came to some interesting findings. When I eat grains and dairy I retain water. Lots of water. The dairy doesn’t matter going plant based but the grains do. Something has changed and I do not want to eat meat anymore. I recently tried going vegetarian and within a month I was up 5 lbs (water I’m sure). But I am afraid of gaining weight. I already have a few pounds to lose, I do not want to add to it. I’m at a loss as to what to do. Any ideas?

  11. Christian says:

    Hello Kris! This is a wonderful video of you showing what your typical day looks like. Your style on camera is humorous, funny and FULL Of LOVE and LIFE!!! Your seeds of greatness is amazing, beautiful and powerful! Keep up all your efforts of passions!!! Love. Christian

  12. Lainey says:

    My husband and I are seniors, he is in his early 70’s and has now got a really nasty flu. I don’t know what foods to give him to help his body recover, he is coughing a lot, sleeping a lot and has very low energy. It reminds me of last year when he had lymes and it took him 6 months to recover. I am looking at your recipes online and trying to decide what is best for him.
    Thanks for your amazing work!

  13. stevalia says:

    Thank you Kris, for sharing your Crazy Sexy Kitchen tips with us it’s a beautiful book so glad I bought it. You are a wonderful presenter.

  14. Linda says:

    Thank you Kris it was a great video! I have tried the 21 day cleans and was unable to finish all of it. It has definitely given me some good ideas to start slowly. I’m going to look at the cooking classes and really appreciate all the help you have given. I know this is a process and I am changing over time. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  15. Cat says:

    Hya Girl Wonder Kris ,
    I actually bought your book loooong ago, guess when it came out (see Christiane Northrup review), is there a revised version coming out? What about the cooking lessons..? I sure could use all of those.. so how can circle them’ vagons?
    Waiting for your usual embracing and sparkling reply!

  16. Patty says:

    Kris, You’re awesome! Thanks so much for your willingness to share. You always inspire me.

  17. Penny Linson says:

    Hi Kris. I am so encouraged by your videos, your documentary and all your books (I have every single one of them!!!)
    My question or puzzlement is: Some people say to stay away from grains and some say to include them. I know Charlotte Gerson has all the cancer patients eating oatmeal every morning…. so it can’t be wrong, right? But why do some people say to stay off them? Just wondering. I love to make wild and brown rice stir fry with onions which is another possibly questionable activity – ha.

  18. Robert says:

    What year is that cool truck

  19. Marshall says:

    This is great. I’ve been adding fresh ginger to a lot of fresh recipes. It helps with nausea, digestion and even cases of sea sickness. It’s on my plate morning noon and night 🙂

  20. Tami says:

    Hi Kriss , if one is in stage four cancer can they start out eating the way your video shows( a days worth of menu )or is there a specific way they should eat first before eating any cooked food.

  21. Cait says:

    Kris, I enjoy everything you have to offer the more I watch you! Thanks for letting your great personality shine! I’m still trying to find a balance though with raw foods. Sometimes I feel like: how can I spend less money while still being healthy? (I’m a college student)

  22. peggy garcia says:

    Oh my goodness…………….love, love, love your kitchen!!!! It looks almost identical to mine!!!! You have good taste !!!! lol

  23. Marcela says:

    Hi, can a diabetic type 2 go on your diet? I see lots of fruir and carbs, please advise, btw love your book!

  24. Fran says:

    Kris- thank you so much for this! I don tknow how I missed it, being a fan of yours for years. But today I was searching for something to inspire and kick me in the you know what!! (I have so fallen off the healthy trail).
    Your bright, positive and beautiful energy coupled with the fabulous recipes you prepared on the video was exactly what I needed! THANK YOU! YOU REALLY ROCK!

  25. Deirdre says:

    I love this video, Kris! Thank you so much for giving us a peek at all the delicious meals that you eat. I’m a very visual person, so this video is very helpful. 🙂

  26. Sharon says:

    Hi Kris,

    Thanks so much for all things healthy that you share with us. I really love your enthusiasm towards life and a healthy lifestyle. Having said that I have just been made aware through Youtube about the possible dangers of using a Vitamix Blender (I have one too). I won’t go into detail but it has to do with the plastic if it gets scratched and BPA. I think it’s worth checking out and possibly replacing the plastic container with stainless steel container from Waring (apparently this can be done). Sorry to sound negative but I know you use your blender every day too so I am concerned. Thanks for your beautiful vibe!

  27. Diana says:

    Hi, Kris,
    Gosh you are so amazing. Have watched, listened and hopefully learned from you for so long now, thank you..
    I have been watching the amazing free FTVM movies as well…. and there seems to be a “divide”, although still a healthy choice, about whether to eat meat/fish (grass fed, wild caught) as part of an anti-inflammatory program. I am really about 98% plant based….rarely (every six months?) eat any other than plant based… but some seem to say that is “healthy”. Why would I “need” to eat animal products at all….you are a shining example of NOT doing that.
    Just looking for clarification, please.
    Big hugs of gratitude!!

  28. Michelle says:

    I’ve been doing the green’s and my PH level is high is that bad or should that be happening? Is that a good sign. If you are eating more green/alkaline and less acid then I’m think your PH level would be high. I was going to stop and try and get PH levels back down but this might be working to my advantage.. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

  29. Michelle says:

    Hi Kris

    I am wondering what you personally think of the Budwig protocal – I have recently been told I have chronic leukaemia and am quite confused with which direction to go regarding my diet. I have been vegetarian for over 30 yrs and no dairy, and to be honest don’t feel that great when trying to consume the cottage cheese/flax. Would really appreciate your reply.

    Enjoyed your video thanks so much.

  30. linda beasley says:


  31. marika says:

    Hi Kriss! I recently read you’re book and im going to embark on the 21 day cleanse, so excited! I eat a pretty healthy diet already but I have a bad digestive system and not losing any weight. I wanted ask how much and how often should I be eating fermented foods and probiotics?

  32. i like this i love these type of blog .

  33. Vivian says:

    Hi Kris, you wild and wonderful woman! Thank you so much for taking the time to make this video about your daily eats. BTW, very well done and so entertaining. You mentioned the free cooking classes. Well, it’s the middle of Dec; are you still doing the free classes? If so, I would so enjoy being able to watch them? Thanks so much for all your encouragement.

  34. Jennifer says:

    Hey Kris!

    We watched this just before our shopping trip to Whole Foods and decided to expand our tastes, so bought Tempeh. Brought it home to make it with Soba noodles, like you showed in the video, but cannot find a recipe! We searched your book, your cookbook and your website. I bought the GF sauce (cannot remember the name currently) you said to boil it in too. We want our first experience to be an awesome once, so can you provide me a little more instruction?

    How much water and sauce do you boil it in? You mentioned that you can boil it for up to an hour before cooking it. Is there a point when you know it is done? Or will the boiling just add moisture/flavor? Once it’s finished boiling, what do you mean by “cooking it”? Do you pan fry it? Bake it?

    This is a brand new item to be working with for us, and we want to be sure that we do it well.

  35. Nikki says:

    Hello!!! I love our book, your recipes, and of course your very inspiring spirit!!! It was so helpful to see what you eat on a daily basis! I was just wondering what kind of tofu to use? Im getting confused about if tofu is good to eat or not good to eat?? Thanks you!

  36. Sooooo good. Thank you for this Kris! Love to get a good idea of what to eat!

    You are fabulous.

  37. cande uzarek says:

    I also love greens but had a sarcoma. Surgery resulted in replacement of a vein and now I must be on a blood thinner so that my blood can circulate. My current allowance of vitamin K (dark green veggies) consists of 1/2 cup per day. Any suggestions as to how I can get similar results with other veggies?

  38. Hi Chris,

    thank you so much for the inspiration! I just downloaded your new ebook! Amazing! Truly love it!

    Tomorrow I will try a Green Juice first thing in the morning! Well… actually second as I am going for the warm water with lemon first! 😉

    Looking forward to detoxing on a daily basis!


  39. LeAnn says:

    Does your smoothie and juicer recipe book also have recipes for soups?

  40. Christine says:

    Great video! My husband and I are just starting to transition to plant-based eating and I admit it’s been overwhelming trying to break old habits. I appreciate how you have conveyed the simplicity of it in this video. Love your bit of humor too with that Maggie Smith impression. Can’t wait to get your book! 😀

  41. Tzivia Tyler says:

    Dear Chris-
    You’re great!!Thanks for all you do and ARE.
    I’ve been food plan seeking since my total hysterectomy(gratefully just PRE-cancer)and am now so afraid of developing breast or other cancers-I’m 70 and about 70lbs overweight.Re to Esselstyne and McDougall oils nuts etc are a NO-NO.According to many,phytonutrients are ditto(you use soy and flax seeds).
    Any thoughts on how to de-confuse me?Hoping for a response from you.

  42. JOAN says:

    I have been a vegan for 2 years. After reading your books I really was not eating alot of greens. I ate more beans,rice and fruit and less veggies. I also was drinking 2 glasses of wine a day with gluten free pretzels (a lot) to relax. So for the past week I gave up the wine and also pretzels and I am eating more greens. I have been so tired this week. My energy level is not there. Is this normal? How long does it take to get the energy that you talk about.

  43. CourtneyC says:

    Kris, I am so inspired by you on a regular basis. Thanks so much–every time I watch your videos I feel refreshed and renewed! You really are a wellness angel to me.

  44. Tracy Govier says:

    Thank you yet again for wonderful inspiration. I love your CSK cookbook, everything I have tried has turned out amazing. You are truley inspiring 🙂 thanks.

  45. Lisa Longfellow says:

    This was an excellent blog and the video was exactly what I needed to see at the moment. I have your cook book and use it all the time. I still struggle with a huge sugar addiction that is fighting against all the good work you’ve taught me! At least I’m still juicing and eating good organic foods.

  46. Miranda says:

    It would be great to get a weeks shopping list from you.

    • Lisa Longfellow says:

      Kris has done a shopping list, rummage through her web site; I’m sure you’ll find it 🙂 I think it’s the What’s In My Fridge segment.

  47. Debbie Phillips says:

    Awesome video! Thank you for sharing. I’ve recently gone Vegan again and hope to stick with it this time. Websites like yours help a lot! :))

  48. Lisa Childers says:

    Love, love your cookbook! Quinoa tip-before cooking heat up small amount of oil and toss in Quionoa. Stir constantly. It will sound like popcorn popping, but toasting the grains first makes a great flavor and improves consistency!

  49. DJ says:

    Hi! You mentioned that you used to be macrobiotic. Is there a reason you’re not anymore? So sorry I’m sure you’ve answered this before, I have your book but it’s not on me because I’m traveling right now. Thanks so much, great video!!

  50. Lisa says:

    Thanks so much for posting this. For people like me who are recent “converts” to the CSK lifestyle and are very visual, this was VERY helpful!

  51. Lisa says:

    Thanks for being such an inspiration! I was diagnosed with CLL 7 months ago and can’t tell you how much hope and courage you have given me! I’ve been learning so much from your blogs and books and am feeling great! Even enrolled in IIN and will soon be a certified holistic health coach. I’m loving the journey! Now I just want to come hang out with you and watch Downton Abbey, lol. Great Maggie Smith impression! Can’t wait for season 4! Thanks for everything you do Kris. You rock!

  52. Suzie says:

    I love you ! <3

  53. Danielle says:

    You are hilarious! Keep up the great work! And thank you!!

  54. Nancy says:

    Found out about this a while back…because my husband loves Brazil nuts AND was supplementing with Selenium as well. He started having nail probs. “The tolerable upper limit of selenium is 400 micrograms a day for adults and less for children. An ounce of Brazil nuts, about half a dozen, may contain as much as 800 micrograms of selenium, so it makes sense not to gorge on too many too often.”

    FYI 🙂

  55. Tammy says:

    Boy oh boy….do I love you! Thanks for everything. In my head, we have this fabulous friendship. If you come to San Francisco, stop by Que seRaw seRaw in Burlingame (preferably on a Thursday when I’m an angel volunteer).
    Lots of love,

  56. Amanda says:

    Hi Kris,

    I love your book, “Crazy Sexy Diet” but I am so confused by differing information. I’ve been following lots of health sites and have stumbled upon 30 Bananas a Day. How do you feel about the all raw diet, especially the low fat approach?. Is all raw the best? I live in Buffalo, N.Y. so looking at your tasty cooked food looks like a nice departure from the cold banana smoothies I’ve been devouring. I guess I am looking for some direction as I feel lost in a sea of information/mis-information. Thanks!!

  57. Hope says:

    I so needed to watch this today, after the meeting with a Dr of Naturopath here in Phoenix, who totally didn’t go over the extensive records I had sent him for review before our consultation. Really, dude you aren’t getting a dime from this gal so quit trying to hurry me up to do something before even asking if I want to hire you. No in fact I am going to fire you and go on to the next one. Kris, you inspire me on so many levels I have Stage IV adencarcinoma lung cancer w/ mets to the brain and lymph nodes. Need to get my head fixed before the lung can be dealt with and have been through surgeries and infections and I feel right in the head, love your cookbook. Drinking smoothies and green juices and I just love your attitude. We all fight this journey I just need to find the right team for me. Oh, this guy told me that measuring my Ph was a waste of time. Onwards and upwards, peace, love and greens. Love you girlfriend. Wanted to send you birthday wishes but I was put into a drug induced coma on that day due to a seizure, when I came to I was mad plus I missed the blue moon, 🙁 Love you, happy belated birthday.

  58. Hannah says:

    Love this video! Just curious…when you first started healing your body, did you follow a more intense plan (juicing more times a day, all raw, etc.) or is this how your daily meals/juices have looked from the beginning?

  59. Karalee Bechtol says:

    Love your site and your books! Curious if you worry about the BPA in the mason jars when you store your juice? I’ve read most mason jars you buy at the hardware store (Ball/Kerr brands) contain BPA in the lid.

  60. I love this post! Great video too explaining everything you made for the day:) you must have been one busy bee in the kitchen that morning haha I love green juices as well. Since I’m travelling I opt for the greens plus powder that you mix with water. It’s my green juice on the go but works great and gives me tons of energy since I no longer drink coffee.

  61. Kornelia says:

    Awsome! Thank you Kris for your tips – I love your spark and mojo! I’ve recently upgraded my anti-inflammatory diet from a mostly vegetarian to a highly raw vegan as a measure to keep my asthma at bay (went off my medication cold turkey under medical supervision), so you are my great inspiration.
    Sending you best regards from France. Keep going, you sparkling blond with pink beam juicing warior!

    • Suzanne says:

      Great video, Kris, thanks so much. 2 Questions:

      1. Wondering if you soak your Brazil nuts that you toss smoothies store in your pockets? I’ve read that this is important to do?

      2. Freezing is so convenient, but does it compromise the nutrient value of the food?

      Thanks again for all that you share.

  62. Michael Phelan says:

    Hi Kris,
    Just bought your book yesterday at my local Barnes & Noble. I really can’t afford to buy another copy online right now but could really use your online cooking classes. Is there any other way I can access these?

  63. jaclyn says:


    Maybe someday soon if you could do the same kind of video of your beauty routine. That’s my new “project” now that my kitchen is CRAZY SEXY…I want to ensure my beauty routine is as well. I’ve cut out the crap from much of it but am torn when it comes to a lot of products and don’t want to waste money.

    I’d LOVE to know how you achieve all of your crazy, sexy prettiness ! Be well, Sister !xox

  64. Heather says:

    Kris – you are amazing! Thanks for the great video. You’re an inspiration for taking extra great care of our bodies. Lots of love to you. xoxo

  65. Becky says:

    Thanks for making me smile! Crazy Sexy Kitchen is beautiful! You should design your own glass mason jars! They would sell like crazy sexy juice jars!

  66. karyn says:

    Hi Kris,
    Thanks for this video…amazing!! You had me at Downton Abbey reference. I cant’t wait until my book arrives next week, and only until January for the new episodes of Downton Abbey. Now, onto these cooking classes. That tempeh trick is going to jazz up my recipe for the weekend!


  67. Buffy says:

    Hey kris!

    Loved this vid and love your stuff, especially your positive beautiful vibe! Makes me smile every time.

    Two quick questions if I may:

    1. What are your top two recommended masticating/slow juicers at the mo? I’ve been reading up about the omega 8003, Huron vertical slow juicer and Oscar. Would you recommend vertical over horizontal or vice versa? Am about to take the investment plunge so want to make sure I buy something 110% awesome!

    2. Can you do another ‘day on the kris Carr plate’ again soon? Would love to see more options of things you actually eat on a normal, regular, fun filled busy day. Your book recipes are amazing, but unfortunately as you no doubt know for us busy working ladies theres only time to do a special recipe a couple of times a week max! Rest of week has to be easy, simple staples. Green juice and green smoothie I’ve got down. But other things you do for day to day brekky, lunch, din & snacks would be super helpful!

    Ps I got diagnosed with hyperthyroid graves disease, PCO and amenorea in jan this year – at age 28 eek! No babies for me 🙁 So trying to heal myself from within 🙂 thx for your guidance!


  68. Mary says:

    The video wont load past a certain point. Anyone else have this problem?

  69. Barbara says:

    I “discovered” you at the Pasadena I Can Do It Conference this weekend, and LOVED your presentation. Thank you so much for sharing your life and learnings. I do many of the things you suggest, including Green Drink, but got some new ideas too.

    I’ve done a lot of research on gluten since being diagnosed as gluten intolerant 3 years ago. I hope you will do your research and consider going gluten free to improve your health even more. Soy is also an issue since most soy in the US is genetically modified. Just a suggestion. Here’s to continued good health for you Kris. Again, thanks for all you do.

  70. Chris p says:

    This is so awesome but I am so broke right now. What should I start doing first until I’m not so broke?

  71. Judy says:

    Hi! Kris,
    I love your peek at my plate video and all your videos!! Everything you make looks so totally appetizing. I’ve been eating healthily for yonks and LOVE the look of your new cookbook! I eat for my blood type and am used to making little, but important substitutions. Can’t wait to try the Dijon mustard dressing recipe and so much more! I’d like to put your site and new cookbook on my blog,

  72. malaika says:

    Hi Kris,
    I was just wondering how do you feel about cooking with coconut oil?

  73. chris jackson says:

    Hi Kris
    Just diagnosed with lung cancer – never a smoker, so seems slightly unfair….
    However, with your help, I aim to live with it for a long time to come. One question, before I start on this – Chris Wark talks about not juicing leafy greens, but blending them. You seem to do both??? Is one better than the other do you think? Regardless, keep it up – your practical help is invaluable – a literal life-saver (or so I’m planning …).

  74. Christine says:

    Hi Kris! Thank you so much for the cooking videos and I can’t wait to receive the cookbook. It will be so nice to have the inspiration (and not have to adjust recipes to remove eggs, milk, etc.!) I took the Cornell PBN Program earlier this year and since then I am sold on the whole foods, plant based life. When will the rest of the world catch on to the decades of science-based research that proves why this really is the healthiest way to eat!? 🙂 Cheers to you!

  75. jenny says:

    Hi Kris,
    I would love to hear your opinion of green juices for those who have hypothyroid.

  76. Natalie says:

    This is awesome Kris! Can’t wait to experiment! x

    p.s. are your Monday blogs not coming via email anymore?

    • Kris Carr says:

      Hi Natalie!
      They will be coming. We’re having problems with icontact our email provider. Check your spam and we’re certainly working on it. 🙂 kc

  77. Angie King says:

    Where did you get your awesome apron? I have been looking everywhere for unusual aprons. I love spending time in the kitchen and cutesy aprons are hard to find. Love your new website, can’t wait to get your new book.

  78. Jax says:

    Hi I love your Sexy Juice book but have a question. I would like to know if it is ok to add raw beetroot and carrots to my green juice or is it only green juice that is good? Also I did read somewhere that fruit and veges should not be mixed in the same drink, what is you advice? I usually. Have green apple, carrot, beet root, spinach, ginger, celery, cucumber, & lemon and sometimes parsley if I can. Do you think this is a good combo?
    Thank so much for you inspirational messages and great book.

    • Kris Carr says:

      Love that combo. Yes you can include and since there is no fiber it’s fine to juice fruits and veg. Food combining helps for folks who have poor digestion. Most ppl are fine not food combining. xxx

  79. Kelli says:

    I just love you! You are beyond inspiring. 😀 Thank you!!! Can’t wait for your book.

  80. Madelaine says:

    What a great video Kris. Thanks a lot for sharing.
    I know that you prefer not to eat gluten, so what do you think about seitan?
    Me myself do not like soyproducts so I avoid them and then (sometimes) seitan is a good option for me.
    I also want to ask you about alcohol. I have an cronic autoimmune liverinflammation since I was 16 I never drink alcohol, but it seem like you are able to drink a glas of wine sometimes. Is that correct? My question is that do you think that coffee is worst than wine? ( I know that you don´t drink coffee 😉 )

    • Kris Carr says:

      I dont have a gluten allergy so I do eat seitan from time to time. As far as wine and coffee go, since both are acidic and not so great for ya it’s best to keep to a minimum. I do have both from time to time but not a regular part of my diet. When I drink wine or coffee I need to drink more water (both dehydrate) and make sure to drink my green juice. Hope that helps. I try to flow as much as possible and not get too rigid. xo kc

  81. Goreti Tada says:

    What do you do with all the leftovers from your daily juicing?

  82. Elle says:

    Thanks you!!! I am so glad you finally did this! You should take a snapshot of your breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday! 🙂

  83. Tara says:

    Is there a specific brand of rye that you purchase that’s low in gluten and vegan? I had a difficult time finding gluten free bread that did not contain eggs in it . . . the only brand I’ve managed to come by is Food For Life which has a variety of gluten free and vegan rice breads.

    Love Crazy Sexy Diet! Me and my family just completed the cleanse a couple months ago, it was the push we needed to go vegan and mostly gluten free. We love it! Can’t wait for Crazy Sexy Kitcheo Arrive!


  84. Lisa Van Ahn says:

    Kris, Brilliant. And also completely adorable. I love how excited you get about your food. Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm with me.


  85. Kumquat says:

    Thanks for the great video!

  86. Joan says:

    Looking forward to your new book, Kris. I was wondering if you know of any gluten free breads that are low or reduced carb and also gluten and soy-free? I am really sensitive to any gluten and allergic to soy. Thanks!

  87. Lorraine says:

    HI Kris,
    Loved this video it was so refreshing to see your vibrant honest approach. I am so looking forward to getting your book (not long Now) and starting a fresh green future. i have just started this way of eating so it will take some time to wean myself off meat ect. Thank you once again you have given me the life line to a healthier life.

  88. Jennie says:

    Hi! You make me smile! I love my green juice and also keep it in glass mason jars with BPA free plastic lids. The lids are sold alongside the replacement lids for mason jars at most stores that I’ve been to. I don’t know why, but the thought of fresh juice up against the metal just seems wrong… probably just a weird personal hang-up, but there you have it!

  89. Such a cute video – I love to see what people eat. I’m a vegan foodie for sure.

    We’ve been making enough juice for a few days but I have an ultra slow juicer and a press that I use for the pulp so I feel pretty good about it.

    I’m teaching my first cooking class in afew weeks. I’m excited to watch yours too. (rembmer, I’m a huge foodie!)

    Can’t wait for my book to come in the mail!

  90. Caitlin says:

    Love love love it lady! You rock! 🙂

    A couple questions… About what temperature is your water with lemon? How long do you wait to eat breakfast after drinking it? And, what type of oats and how do you cook them? (I know you said no no to microwaves).

    Thank you!

    xo Caitlin

    • Kris Carr says:

      My water is usually luke warm. Since I’m never hungry right away I have my water, tea, juice and then usually around 9:30- 10 am ish I eat. I buy regular oats or steel cut oats in bulk. 🙂

  91. Julie says:

    Thank you Kris! The video was fabulous and the food looks so yummy! Can’t wait to try the untuna!
    Your work inspires me to continue on this healthy path and share your wisdom with others in my circle that need it.
    Keep up the good plant based fight!

  92. Bette says:

    I loved the video. I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in September 2011 and your book has helped me more than you could know!
    I was wondering if you add chlorophyll to your water and if so, what kind do you get?
    Also, what juicer do you recommend?
    Thanks so much!!

  93. Lisa says:


    You are the number one inspiration for health, wellness, and my plant based crazy sexy life. I absolutely adore you and love this video. I can’t wait for your cookbook and more of your wonderful goodies ahead. Your Crazy Sexy Diet book is my bible and I joyfully spread the Kris Carr message of plant love to all my friends and family.

    Keep it up! You are so adored and loved, girl!



  94. Tonie says:

    Hi! Will there be any meal plans with grocery lists in the book? I home school and care for children alone all week as hubby travels, and what may seem simple to some is monumental to me when it comes to getting all the ingredients I need into my home for the week/month. Hey, here’s an idea! It would be great if your recipes were on All or some type meal planning of website. Where you can click the meal, add it to your menu for the week/month, and click the Make Grocery List button! I’ll bet you would love to have all your recipes in something like this, eh? How about a meal planning website?!! It could even include juice recipes! C’mon, think of how much MORE lovely Fall weather you could enjoy if you could plan your meals and drinks at the click of a button! And people would pay a monthly fee . . . 😀

    • Kris Carr says:

      Great idea Tonie! We’ll add it to the listy. xo 🙂
      We do have menu ideas in the back of the book.

      • Angela Sands says:

        I heard a great idea yesterday – a cookbook with QR codes. You scan the QR code of the recipe you want and the shopping list gets emailed to your phone. Seems super easy and convenient!

  95. Hurray! for Kris and this great medium of Digital, Online, cooking!
    Whatever it takes to get this great video presentation of your work to become a full fledged Prime Time show is my hope for you, Kris Carr. I’m not totally green yet, but with your help I’m getting there. Three Cheers for Brian and his great lighting and camera work. Best of Luck, Will

  96. Kelly says:

    Can you tell me what you do with your leftover pulp from juicing? I just bought a Breville and I hate to waste all that good fiber. Thanks so much!

  97. Heidi says:

    Beloved wellness warrior,
    Awesome video! I was amazed at how normal your diet is! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    This was a relief for an overachiever like me, wondering, if 100% raw is the only path to radiant health and energy. Your path is actually quite simple. Many can follow. What I admire now is how you stay away from sweets! That’s a hard one for me. I don’t eat sugar often (replace it with Stevia or Xylitol), but I love honey, dates, figs, apricots, raisins and fruits, all full of sweetness. What steps did you take?
    Love your mission and recommend you to everyone who needs to hear your message! 😀
    –Heidi from Finland

  98. Susan McLean says:

    Hi Kris!
    This video is wonderful, as are all the Cooking Classes! I made the Chickpea Crepes
    for my parents for dinner Sunday, and they ‘did not miss the meat’ 🙂
    It is So Much Fun to learn with you this way!
    Perhaps a Dr Oz type TV format for you may be more of a time and life commitment
    than you want, but how wonderful it would be, and how much quicker your information
    may travel around the world….
    I had the opportunity in Michigan to have you sign my CS Diet book, and, if you are
    doing a book tour and traveling to MI again, I’d love to have the opportunity again.
    Creative Blessings to You!

  99. Johanna says:

    Hiya Kris

    Love the inside peek at your daily meals. This was so awesome to see (and LOVE your kitchen.) I eat very similarly to you and help my clients do the same. I feel so great and alive when eating such deelish, yummy, real food!

    So pleased for you and all your successes. Keep on truckin’. The world needs you.
    xo Johanna

  100. Taryn says:

    Thank you for continuing to inspire me with your green juice and positive outlook on life!
    xo Taryn

  101. Lindsay says:

    Thank you so much for doing this video 🙂 I have been following you for a few months and I have learned SOOOOO much about what we need to be eating and I am getting both crazy sexy diet and crazy sexy kitchen and I can’t wait to make more plant powered recipes 🙂 YAAAY PLANTS! And keep doing videos on here because I learn more each time I watch your videos! Thank you! Keep up the wonderful work!

  102. Chadma says:

    I’m wondering what the benefit of gluten-free tamari is if you also have toast and wrap which presumably have gluten?

  103. Lindsay says:

    Thank you so much for doing this video 🙂 I have been following you for a few months and I have learned SOOOOO much about what we need to be eating and I am getting both crazy sexy diet and crazy sexy kitchen and I can’t wait to make more plant powered recipes 🙂 YAAAY PLANTS! And keep doing videos on here because I learn more each time I watch your videos! Thank you! Keep it up!

  104. Stacey says:

    HI Kris and THANK YOU for the inspiration I needed today. Love it how your emails happen at the right time:) I am back in the daily juicing habit and I am wondering what’s the best kale to use? I seem to have the best yield with Lucinato, but I’d love to know what you think? Can’t wait for the book:)

    • Kris Carr says:

      I actually love all types of kale and haven’t seen any info regarding whether or not a certain type is better or not. 🙂

  105. I got my pre-ordered copy Kris and am excited about the recipes. I don’t like cooking but I do like nutritious food. As I am in the middle of chemo after a mastectomy and wanting to make sure my body isn’t a breeding ground for cancer again. Love the cooking videos and looking forward to getting my copy of the book!

    Kris, thanks for finding Chad & sharing both yourself and him with us.


  106. Karen says:

    I Love that you love Maggie Smith from Downton Abbey! So thanks for the laugh and the inspiring words of wisdom on plant based, anti-cancer diet. You Rock!

  107. Love this video, got so many good ideas! And you’re too cute, Kris. :} <3

  108. Love the vid Kriss. I got the book and am overdue for a cleanse but am totally resisting it right now.
    I’ll blame my boyfriend (wink) for not wanting to do it with me 🙂

  109. Wow, loving this more and more and more.

    I’ think I’m slowly being converted.

    ox Mads

    P.S.I will be buying your recipe book. Unfortunately not this month. It’s a bit tight… but buying it as soon as I can splurge! BAM

  110. I loved the video and your kitchen, looks wonderful, you make it look so simple and it is really just a case of being organised. I forward to your new book coming out very soon. I have followed your journey (alongside mine) and I love to refer my clients to your website and newsletter and your books, of which I have them all.
    Thank you for being such an inspiration to everyone. I also love Downton Abbey too.

  111. Pam says:

    I’m SO excited about several things. First, that you took us into your kitchen to show how simple your daily meals are. Kind of shocked actually:) Second, that you’ll be having a CSWellness show on HayHouse Radio and lastly that you’ll be speaking at the 5 day Cancer World Summit. So much to look forward to!! Thanks Kris for being such an inspiration and living what you teach.

  112. Samantha says:

    Loved this video and have already shared with multiple friends to help brighten their day. After too many trips to my local juice bar, I just ordered my first juicer and cannot wait to get my hands on my mason jars and Crazy Sexy Kitchen cookbook!

    Love what you’re doing and love Maggie Smith. I would love to have afternoon juice with her and Betty White, I think it’d be a great time for all. You should probably come too.

    Happy Monday! x

  113. Lacey Mattison says:

    You are such a lovely being, Kris! Thank you for being my Queen Hero Goddess and shining your light OH SO BRIGHT! Much love!

  114. Sarah says:

    I think the jars you use have BPA in the lids. Might wanna check.

  115. Amy says:

    Hi Kris,

    Thank you for this video. I am preordering your book in the next couple of days. (a great companion to the Crazy Sexy Diet book that is forever on my nightstand for reading before bed!)

    I do not have a juicer, but I do have a Vitamix. As far as the green juice goes, if i make a smoothie as opposed to juicing, does it have the same nutritional or close to it compared to the juice?

    Buying a juicer isn’t in the budget right now and I do want to take advantage of the best nutrition during the day.

    Thank you!!


    • Kris Carr says:

      Amy — stick with your wonderful vitamix. That’s fine. 🙂

    • Daisy says:

      Amy– I also have a vitamix. Sometimes I drink my greens as a smoothie, other times I juice it through a nut milk bag! I find that it’s also way more efficient than a cetrifugal juicer. I used to strain the juice out of the pulp with a nutmilk bag when I had one! Plus the bag only costs like $7. It does get kinda green looking though!

  116. Bette says:

    Love you! Love your book Crazy Sexy Diet, literally could not put it down. Will preorder Crazy Sexy Kitchen B/4 the 30th. Thank you for the new, fun and very informative video, plus the Maggie impression was a kick! I’m looking forward to the cooking classes, too. XOXO’s!

  117. Lori says:

    Thank you Kris for inviting us into your beautiful kitchen! I started my vegan journey less than six months ago after my sister was diagnosed with MS. I embrace the compassionate lifestyle and am hoping to lose weight (50+ lbs). While I did lose some weight initially, I’ve reached another plateau. After seeing what YOU eat in a day, I’m pretty sure I haven’t been eating enough. Excited to try some of your recipes. Thanks for sharing!

  118. Theresa says:

    This is so helpful and inspiring, Kris! I’m really looking forward to your new cookbook. AND I just love your Maggie Smith! I’m sure she’d love the honeydew. 🙂

  119. Magdalene says:

    I am so looking forward to your cook book and really loved the video but I would like to know just what was in the green juice? Is it just one or several types of greens and do you vary them and is it only greens with nothing added ?
    Your enthusiasm is catching , much love and thanks !

  120. Marj Weir says:

    Loved the video, especially to see how much you actually eat a day. I am not vegan, but have really increased my veggie consumption this summer and lost a lot of weight, and yes, drinking green juice too. But I had no idea you had that much each day, so this was a big help. You are great on video, and I LOVE your photo in the truck! Thanks much Kris, will try a couple of these ideas.

  121. Love this and you! Thanks!

  122. Jenn says:

    The Maggie impression was the icing on the cake!

  123. rachel says:

    Hi Kris:

    I am very curious to know how often you shop for food. Is it daily?


    • Kris Carr says:

      Twice per week for produce. Most of my staples are bulk and I have a big pantry. I do a big bulk shopping like once per month.

      • aimee says:

        where do you bulk shop. Just read the vegetarian news on bulk but I need like a ton of nuts since we eat so much of them and boy are they expensive at whole foods and our local Mrs. Greens.
        Thank you!

  124. Lucy says:

    I’m inspired by your mason jars of juice. Yum yum. Soba noodles + tempeh + sesame oil = so hearty, I forget it’s vegan.

  125. Andrea Hale says:

    Love you girl! Great video, as always. Finally I got to see what a day looks like for you. Must admit, I am very happy to see you are also eating some veggies cooked a bit. I tried the 100% raw food diet and lasted about 90 days, it wasn’t for me. I mean the all in. My typical days are about 75% raw and that’s awesome for me 🙂
    Can’t wait to receive your book and yes, the Cooking classes are great! Chad gave me many great ideas!
    Thanks for all you do, Kris. Much love!

  126. Isabelle Baker says:

    Hi Kris,

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this video…and everything you do. LOVE your kichen too 🙂 Congrats on all things good!

  127. Hi Kris, Love the new video. I am curious about the size of the jars you store your green juice in. How much do you actually make for each serving. And secondly, do you make one giant batch or do you do it in two batches. When I use my Breville Icon jug it typically makes about 6 cups or three 500ml jars. With you and your hubby sharing I imagine you make about 12 cups. My hubby wants to get join my on the juice journey and I am trying to figure out how to make enough for two for the day.

    I can’t wait for your new book to arrive.


  128. Susan says:

    I’ve ordered your book and can’t wait for it to arrive and try out the recipes. Thanx for showing us what you eat and drink in a day – it’s very inspiring – as you are. Thank you so much x

  129. Cheryl says:

    There are not enough words to describe how much I adore you. Can’t wait to get your latest book because that is exactly how you’ve taught me to live, so I’m looking forward to some new recipes. Great job, and thank you for being the shining light on this world that you are.

  130. Aimee says:

    Thank you so much for this! Totally inspired. Lunch is always the hardest meal for me to figure out for what to make, so I am excited to see something for that meal! 🙂 Can’t wait for the book to arrive.

  131. Cindy says:

    Thanks for making me smile this lovely Monday morning! Are you really on board with soy? Many people say NOT to eat soy as Asians are the only ones who are adapted for it. A Naturopathic Doctor had me read Eat Right For Your Type. My daughter (2 at the time) had asthma for 2 years and was literally cured within about a month on a GF diet, and a few other food modifications based on that book. Would love your thoughts on it! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and experience!

    • Deborah says:

      Hi Kris,
      I’m trying to solve the “soak or not soak” question. Do you soak all your seeds, nuts, legumes and grains before consuming them? Or…. do you eat your seeds and nuts right from the package without soaking them? Nuts and seeds taste so much better not soaked.

      The Benefits of Soaking Nuts and Seeds:

      Enzyme inhibitors get neutralized.

      The amount of vitamins your body can absorb increases.

      Phytic acid, which inhibits the absorption of vital minerals, is reduced.


  132. Kirsten Voss says:

    Kris, thank you so much for all the amazing work you do. You are truly inspiring! Thanks!

  133. Meghan says:

    You are such a blessing to us all! Thank you!

  134. Mandy says:

    Hi Kris :). I was wondering how you reheat leftovers (like the chili above)? How do you feel about the microwave? I’m trying not to use ours (my husband won’t let me get rid of it because he thinks the hole in the wall will look funny. Haha!). I’ve found that leftovers never turn out great when I try to reheat them on the stove. Any tips? Thanks! I absolutely adore you by the way! Thank you for everything you’ve taught me!

    • Kris Carr says:

      Nope on the microwave. Have you tried to reheat slowly, gently? And perhaps IN the stove? For the chili I reheat slowly. When I rush, stuff burns and gets dry.

    • Claire says:

      Hole in the wall would make a good cook book shelf : D My hubby is clinging on to our microwave too. He is the only person in the house to use it and he only uses it for one thing – reheating tea! Think it might accidentally blow up soon ; )

      • Barbara Graves says:

        I am hoping for a dehydrator that is shaped like a microwave for slower, but more healthful reheating. Barbara

    • Cristi says:

      Hi Mandy!

      As for reheating savory meals, a little vegetable stock goes a long way! Especially when it comes to the chili, this will help keep the beans nice and hydrated instead of pasty and crusty (ew.).

      Happy reheating 🙂

    • I accidentally left my microwave behind when I moved across the country several years ago. I never bought a new since technically I still owned one. Over the years I got totally used to not having one and will never go back. I ended up purchasing a good size toaster oven with bake and toast settings and specific temperature control. It takes longer to reheat things, but the food is so, so, so much better than in a microwave. Even beyond all the health issues with a microwave, the toaster oven just makes the food taste better. And it’s much better energy use than using your huge oven just to reheat a small dish. Happy eating!

    • Kim says:

      I use a steamer or double-boiler….it’s fast and my leftovers are moist.

    • Nancy says:

      For the soups I put it in a small crock pot / slow cooker. Put it on warm in the morning and it’s ready by lunch.

  135. Patricia says:

    Thanks for the cooking tip of Tempheh

  136. Christine says:

    You are an amazing and inspiring woman! And super-funny too!

    I’m almost finished reading CRAZY SEXY DIET and have been BUYING (ugh) pressed juice in NYC for the past month but am going into “the po’ house” as a result. Seeing this, I’m even more inspired to get myself a masticating juicer and start doing my own cooking and juicing. Looking forward to buying and using CRAZY SEXY KITCHEN.

    Thanks for the video, and showing us how easy it can be!
    x, -Christine

    • Anita says:

      What exactly is a masticating juicer?

      • Elyse F says:

        There are 4 kind of juicers:
        high-speed kitchen blender,
        citrus juicer (or citrus press),
        centrifugal juicer (spins a grating plate which separates the juice from the pulp),
        and a masticating juicer, which slowly “chews” the produce with a large screw. A masticating juicer gets a much higher yield from leafy veggies but takes much longer.

  137. Sally-Anne says:

    Love the video and the food. I have been plant happy for some time but it’s Kris’s book Crazy Sexy Diet that was a huge turning point for me healthwise, I highly recommend it. She also has amazing powers because she has me doing things nobody else would, including sticking something that resembles a man’s do da up my nose and running water through it (see CSD book). I encourage anybody who wants to up their wellness and happiness levels to get into Kris’s books/website….hmmm I wonder if Dame Maggie has ever tried the neti-pot.

    Love from the UK x

  138. Vibeke says:

    Love this! I’ve just decided to stop using protein powders, stop taking all the crazy supplements, and instead try to heal myself with food, in particular green food.

    Thank you so much.

  139. Kathleen says:

    Great inspiration as always Kris. Counting the days for my book to arrive. In the mean time I’m reveling in the classes and download! Thanks so much for taking the time to post this! Hi Brian!
    Warm regards,

  140. Kristen says:

    I think you are amazing!

    I am slowly make lifestyle changes. While many of your recipes are great, I work in a nut free and sesame free zone several times a week and find it challenging to meet all my nutritional needs. Hopefully you will have some ideas in your new book!

  141. Lynne says:

    Brilliant video Kris, inspiring and so clear. The only downside has been the long wait for the publication date but we are almost there now.

    On a side note – it was lovely to hear that Downton Abbey has crossed the Atlantic successfully!

    Thank you for all you do and I await my copy of your book with increasing impatience.

  142. Lyn says:

    You are so fabulous it’s crazy! Thank you so much for sharing not only your diet and recipes but your infectious personality. You are such a blessing and I can’t wait to get my hands on your new cookbook.
    Much love to you

  143. Alyce says:

    Hi Kris,
    I am currently doing your 21 day cleanse and loving it 🙂 I have been drinking chlorophyll in my water recently and my body just seems to lap it up, if I am having this in addition to green juices is this a problem??
    love your work

  144. Catherine says:

    What a wonderful video Kris!! It’s so great to see what a day of plant based easting look like for you. Great inspiration and this video is sure to help so many more to hop on board with plant based eating!! I’ve personally tried your Save the Tuna, Chickpea Crepe & French Toast and they are all DEEEE-LISH!! I can’t wait to try all the other recipes in your book :-). Next up is the Dijon dressing you used!! Yum!! xoxox

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