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7 audio tracks to soothe stress and restore your peace.

Replace fear and anxiety with peace—even if you’ve never meditated before!

Are you carrying extra worry these days? If so, you’re not alone. The overwhelm and uncertainty of this season are causing extra stress for so many of us. Lay that weight down today with seven of my most popular stress relief tracks—yours for just $9. Even if you’ve never meditated before, you’ll find comfort in these soothing tracks. Simply hit play, close your eyes and give yourself a much-needed moment to rest.

This collection includes these 7 meditations + a bonus gift:

Guided Relaxation

Favorite from Self-Care for Busy People
Has tension crept into your body? If your shoulders are tight or there’s pressure in your chest or a knot in your stomach, it’s time to bring peace to your body. Release tension from every inch with this guided relaxation.

Releasing Fear Visualization

Favorite from Extraordinary: Meditations for a Magnificent Life 
Are fearful thoughts weighing on your mind or speeding up your pulse? Those anxious worries leave no room for peace. Put all that fear into proper perspective and then let it go with this freeing track.

Gratitude Practice

Favorite from Extraordinary: Meditations for a Magnificent Life 
How much do you have to be thankful for today? Reconnect to joy and peace as you feel the stress-reducing power of appreciation. Return to your heart as you relish what’s still so good in your life.

Mindful Cooking

Favorite from Crazy Sexy You
Are you spending more time in the kitchen these days? Dial down the kitchen stress and turn cooking into a joyful practice instead—one that helps you relax and unwind—as you nourish yourself in body, mind and spirit.

Quieting Your Racing Mind

Favorite from Inner Circle Wellness membership
When a flurry of thoughts is making your mind and body restless, you can interrupt the unease with this peace-boosting track. As you focus on your breath, you’ll return to a state of peace as your thoughts slow, your stress fades and your body unwinds.

All Is Well Stress Reduction

Favorite from Inner Circle Wellness membership
Are your burdens real in this moment—or are you grieving troubles that haven’t happened yet? As you listen to this track, you’ll release all that isn’t serving you and breathe in the peace of all that is well.

Evening Meditation

Favorite from Self-Care for Busy People
Have anxious thoughts kept you up recently? Prepare for a restful night’s sleep with this track designed to help you quiet those questions. You’ll release any worry, conflict or sense of short-coming from the day and prepare for a stress-free slumber.

bonus affirmation pack

You’ll also receive my self-care digital affirmations pack with 9 beautiful and uplifting reminders to take care of yourself. You can save these quotes to your device as wallpaper or print them out for inspiration in your home!


Release the worry that’s weighed you down.

yours for just $9

How would it feel to lie down tonight with a sense of peace
and wake up in the morning feeling hopeful about your new day?

Find out now with my favorite peace-producers—yours for just $9!

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