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Kris Carr

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When it comes to eating better, I believe in adding before you subtract. Deprivation doesn’t work. Abundance does! Grab this free guide to discover how to add tons of nutritional punch to your meals.

Use these tasty superstars to add tons of nutrients—the easy way! 

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Whether you need to get your diet back on track after a busy period or you want to explore plant-based eating, this 3-day Reset is for you! It’s a weekend of healthy meals with all the planning done for you—including recipes, a shopping list, a prep plan and a handy nutrition guide to help you get back on track quickly! 

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What’s it like? Hear it from our users… 

- Shannon A.

“Day 6 for me! I know it’s a 3 day reset, but why stop when everything tastes so good? Having the lentil soup for lunch… delicious! Thank you for the guide, it’s awesome.”

Feel better in 3 days!

- Lori F.

“My husband and I are on Day 3—that burst of energy and our positive outlook on life have already returned. I’ve lost 2 lbs of bloat! We knew what we needed to do, so thank you for the kick in the behind that I needed!”

- Tracy S.

“Over the past few years, life has been so busy and I have gotten way off track. I purchased the Crazy Sexy Reset and I loooooove it . . . I want to eat like this all the time! It was so easy to follow and I am doing the 3 days over and over!”

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  • People lost anywhere from 5–20 pounds. 
  • Type 2 diabetics brought their blood glucose levels back into a healthy range. 
  • Folks reduced or eliminated their medication for cholesterol and blood pressure. 
  • People with chronic fatigue and autoimmune issues drastically improved their energy and vitality. 
  • Food cravings and digestive troubles became a distant memory
  • Skin conditions cleared up. 
  • And best of all, people felt totally empowered again! 

Start your health turnaround today with Crazy Sexy You!

What our participants have experienced:

Whether you’re dealing with chronic health issues, struggling with fatigue, or you’re just tired of not feeling your best, my 21-day total wellness program is for you! It’s a step-by-step system designed to reduce inflammation, conquer cravings and radically support your overall health.

Totally Transform Your Wellbeing!

- Amy G-B

“I feel amazing after completing CSY. I lost 10 pounds and I can’t imagine eating any other way. Thank you so much for creating this plan, Kris! It has truly changed my life.”

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Zhanar Z.

“Totally life-changing! My body is singing with gratitude. I feel good, and I feel alive. I had health issues before I started and the miracle happened… I got my health back!”

- Carol W.

“I gained confidence in my ability to stay on course, my depression and brain fog vastly improved, my energy level soared and my achy joints feel so much better.”

- Keshelle D.

“It felt effortless because I didn’t feel deprived of food and the recipes were a great replacement for the bad food I ate! Thank you Kris for this program. I am happy I made the investment!”

What’s it like? Hear it from our CSY alumni…