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My Crazy Sexy Starter Kit is the biggest freebie I’ve ever created with 16 ahh-mazing recipes inside plus healthy living tips and resources.

In this kit you’ll get specific tips for how to create a Crazy Sexy healthy life. It’s filled with some of the best nuggets of wisdom I have to offer you. Plus, it’s delivered in bite-sized amounts so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Your Starter Kit includes:

  • My top recommendations for boosting your energy, immunity and overall vitality.
  • The best foods to balance your blood sugar and nourish your body.
  • Simple self-care practices to help you reduce stress and feel better.
  • Basic supplement recommendations to help you thrive.
  • How to stock your fridge and pantry (including an easy checklist).
  • A plant-based nutritional guide with all of your key nutrients.
  • Wellness resources including my favorite reads, informative films and helpful products.
Vegan Starter Kit

Best of all: You’ll get sixteen ridiculously delicious, satisfying and energizing recipes!

Let this guide be your compass to vitality. I love ya!

Kris Carr