5 Reasons You Need to Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor

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Have you ever noticed the stigma that surrounds women’s health?

Whether you’ve felt embarrassed putting pantyliners or lubricant on the belt at the supermarket, skipped confiding in your friends when you’re facing a challenge or avoided asking your doctor because it felt uncomfortable—you’re not alone.

So many women go without the answers and support they need because of this strange stigma.

That’s especially true when it comes to pelvic floor issues. In fact, many women have never even heard of their pelvic floor, let alone the pelvic floor exercises they can use to get stronger.

To be honest, I used to be one of them. Even as I began to own my health everywhere else, I paid little attention to what was going on “downstairs”. After all, I had my hands full with my cancer journey and didn’t want to deal with anything below the belt.

Sadly, women’s health wasn’t something many of us talked about growing up and, like many women, I inherited some shame around my body and how it actually works. So to avoid that shame, I also avoided understanding or talking about it.

If you’ve had a similar experience, I’m here to encourage us to start embracing this conversation.

That’s especially true when it comes to pelvic floor health, because a weak pelvic floor is the culprit behind some of the biggest health challenges women face, especially as we get older. Everything from leaking a little when you laugh or sneeze, to pelvic pain, or diminished sexual pleasure can stem from pelvic floor problems.

That’s why I’ve invited my brilliant friend, Isa Herrera, to join us on the blog today. Isa is a pelvic healer—and my go-to source anytime I need expert info on this facet of my well-being.

The first time I mentioned her on the blog, I received a flood of comments from women suffering from pelvic floor symptoms who had just dismissed them as unavoidable—the natural result of age or childbirth. They were so excited to hear that some simple, at-home pelvic floor therapy could help!

So today, I want you to hear directly from Isa. She’ll share 5 Reasons You Need to Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor, plus a *free* tool to help you get started with pelvic floor exercises today.

Are you ready? I’ll let Isa guide us from here.

Can Pelvic Floor Exercises Help You?

Isa Herrera

Ever peed your pants just a tiny bit when you sneezed?

Found yourself with a sudden, uncontrollable urge to urinate when you’re walking through the grocery store?

Has your ability to enjoy sex decreased because you’re in pain? Or are you having lackluster orgasms?

Then, my friend, you’re experiencing problems with your pelvic floor muscles.

Childbirth, age, cancer treatment, and time spent sitting can all lead to atrophy of the pelvic floor muscles.

Fortunately, you can reverse these effects with pelvic floor therapy (AKA giving your pelvic floor an easy, at-home workout).

In just a few minutes a day, you can perform simple exercises that will put your pelvic problems in your rearview mirror.

In all my years working with thousands of women from around the world, I can say with certainty that every single woman can benefit from strengthening their pelvic floor. Just as you’d work out your arm or leg muscles, these precious muscles that sit at the core of your being need love too.

The pelvic floor muscles act as a foundation for your entire abdomen, and they also control your urethra, anus and vagina. Which means they are the key to proper elimination and sexual function.

Keep reading for my top 5 reasons every woman should consider making these pelvic-saving exercises a part of her life.

5 Reasons You Should Consider Pelvic Floor Therapy

Reason #1 – You’re sitting way too much

Chances are, you’ve been sitting a lot lately. Almost 26% of adults report sitting for more than 8 hours a day.

Not only do we sit to work, but we sit while we commute, we sit while we eat, and we sit while we binge-watch Netflix. And we’ve all been sitting even more than normal the past few months.

All of this sitting wreaks havoc on your muscles, and your pelvic floor suffers the most.

While your pelvic muscles experience atrophy with age—sitting amplifies this problem. And sitting with poor posture, or at a workstation that isn’t optimized ergonomically can make things even worse.

Reason #2 – You wet yourself just a little every time you cough (or you have to look for the bathroom every 5 minutes)

Before I was a pelvic healer, my friends and I would roll our eyes knowingly when we would “pee our pants laughing”.

We’d been told that it was normal after aging or having children to wet yourself a little when you laugh, sneeze, exercise, or cough.

But after 20 years working with over 15,000 women, I can tell you for sure—it’s not necessary to deal with this horrible inconvenience.

The same goes for those of you with the overwhelming urge to hit the bathroom that comes on out of nowhere like a freight train. I know it’s so frustrating to have to plan every walk and shopping trip around bathroom breaks.

But when you learn to strengthen your pelvic floor the right way, you can forget about this bad information you’ve received from your mother and her mother. You can master the muscles required to control all of your problems related to urination and forget about those horrid pantyliners.

Reason #3 – You’re tired of having pelvic pain you can’t shake

Chronic pelvic pain is an $800 million dollar a year business for the United States healthcare system.

So many women experience pelvic pain and their doctors can’t explain why.

A lot of women bounce from doctor to doctor without getting any explanation or relief from their symptoms.

Fortunately, most of these women can find the relief they’re seeking with proper pelvic floor balancing techniques.

They may not, in fact, need to strengthen their pelvic floor per se, but instead find a proper balance and learn how to relax these muscles. I call these types of exercises the “unkegel”.

Unfortunately, most doctors want to prescribe painkillers rather than actually heal the problem.

Reason #4 – You don’t want to have surgery (or an injection) down there!

There are a lot of circumstances that could lead you to (reluctantly) consider these options.

  • Maybe you’ve been prescribed painkillers for your pelvic problems.
  • Or perhaps you’ve been through chemotherapy that’s left your entire body weak, your estrogen levels in the dirt, your pelvic floor muscles tired and your vaginal tissues dry and thin.
  • Or maybe your doctor has suggested injections or surgery as a means of “fixing” your pelvic floor or reversing your prolapse.

But before you consider these dangerous and likely unnecessary procedures, I’d beg you to try something less invasive, like pelvic floor exercises.

I’d also urge you to consider the fact that the FDA has decided that transvaginal mesh surgical implants are no longer a safe treatment for prolapse.

I’ve been saying this for years, since I’ve seen so many women struggle after this surgery and seen many that had to have additional surgery to have it removed.

Is there any woman on the face of the earth who actually *wants* to submit to vaginal injections or surgery down there? Especially when simple, at-home pelvic floor therapy can strengthen these muscles and heal prolapse?

Trust me, I understand why you’d consider these options—I’ve been there myself and I’m so grateful I discovered an alternative.

Reason #5 – Your pelvic problems are ruining your sex life

If you’re feeling like you have to make excuses to avoid being intimate with your partner because of your pelvic issues, you’re not alone.

I mean, who can blame any woman for avoiding sex when their lady parts aren’t functioning at their best? Who in their right mind would look forward to intimacy when they know it’s going to cause pain?

But the good news is this: Having a strong pelvic floor has actually been shown in clinical studies to be associated with higher rates of sexual activity.

And I can say for sure in all my years working with women across the globe that those who get back in touch with their feminine energy and heal their pelvic floor without a doubt rekindle their sexual desire as well (especially since stronger muscles = stronger orgasms).

You can make huge strides in a few minutes a day!

If you’re reading this far and nodding your head along the way, you’re probably asking “How can I strengthen my pelvic floor?”

I’ve got great news for you—it’s really not that hard, once you know what to do.

In fact, you can strengthen your pelvic floor in just a few minutes a day with super simple pelvic floor exercises that you can do while you’re doing the dishes or even sitting at work!

These techniques are something that every woman should learn. The fact of the matter is that half of the women over the age of 80 and about 40% of the women aged 40-69 experience symptoms of weakened pelvic floor muscles. That’s one-fourth of the women in the United States!

And you need to maintain and strengthen your pelvic floor even if you’re not experiencing problems yet. It’s the simplest way to prevent the inevitable atrophy of these precious, life-giving muscles.

Ready for more?

If you’re interested in learning more, come explore my V-Core Lift Essential Program. It’s an easy, affordable and incredibly effective program I designed to help women like you reclaim their pelvic health. It’s available for just $47 for a limited time only. Click here to learn more!

You’re the CEO of Every Part of Your Health!

I love this guidance from Isa. I’m grateful for her candor and for her practical approach to pelvic floor therapy. I hope her insight has been as empowering for you as it has for me!

Remember that you’re the CEO of your health, sweetheart! You have agency to improve your wellbeing—and that’s true for every part of you, including your pelvic floor.

I hope Isa’s guidance has given you clarity about the cause of any symptoms you’re experiencing. I also hope you’ll explore her training to get the support you need to resolve those problems.

Let’s shake the stigma and get the support we need to have healthier pelvic floors—and happier lives.

Your turn: Are you excited to learn more about strengthening your pelvic floor?

Peace & powerful pelvises,

Kris Carr

P.S. Want some pelvic floor exercises?

If any of the symptoms Isa described sound familiar to you, some simple pelvic floor exercises will make all the difference. Isa shares the definitive guide in her V-Core Life Essential Program. It’s only $47 for a limited time and it’s the perfect place for you to start your pelvic transformation. I hope you’ll check it out and get the support you need. Click here to learn more! xoxo