How To Do a Self Breast Exam (Interview)

Hiya Prevention Pioneers,

In honor of breast cancer prevention month, it’s time to #checkyourselfie! Keep A Breast Founder, Shaney jo Darden, joined me for this interview to share how to do a breast check infused with fun and self-love. We also discuss important tips on breast health and prevention.

In this video, Shaney and I check our own breasts and we hope you’ll join us! If you’ve got some privacy, follow along—or try this at home later. Her approach makes regular self-checks fun, non-taboo and as normal as brushing your teeth.

Shaney also reminded me of a few self breast exam tips we should all keep in mind:

1. Your breast area extends all the way under your armpit—so you might need to expand the amount of terrain you’re exploring. (The majority of lumps are found in this area.)

2. Your partner may be the one to feel a lump in your breast, so it’s important to raise his or her awareness, as well.

3. Men can also get breast cancer, so you should #checkyourselfie, too!

We also talked about the importance of avoiding endocrine disruptors (especially BPA), and Shaney filled me in on her free app that reminds us when it’s time to do another self-love boobie check (hint: for the ladies, right after your period is best!).

Here’s a Recap of Shaney’s 5 Self Breast Exam Steps (aka: How to do a Breast Cancer Prevention Self-Check):

1. Mirror Mirror: Look in the mirror and see what you’ve got going on. Put your hands over your head, and then on your hips. Front boob and side boob are created equal, so be sure to include both.

2. Mini Massage: Next, keep looking in the mirror and put one hand behind your head. Now, place three fingers to your breast and check for anything that strikes you as weird or not your “normal”.

3. Up & Down: Move your three fingers in small circles with different levels of pressure. Choose easy, medium and then hard while walking your fingers to the next area, instead of lifting them off your boobies.

4. Your Pits: Cover your entire breast up and down and into the armpit area, finishing inside your armpit. Leave no breast area unchecked! Side boobs are boobies, too. Spend extra time in your pits where your lymphatic system lives and where many breast cancers develop—they may need extra circle massage love.

5. Squeeze: Lastly, squeeze each nipple. If there is any discharge or pain, see a doctor right away.

You can find out more about Shaney’s #checkyourselfie campaign, plus grab loads of helpful resources at her website.

Please help me keep this vital conversation going by sharing this interview with everyone you know. Remember, breast cancer affects women of all ages—young women included (and dudes). Don’t be shy—protect your boobs. Embrace Prevention. And tell your friends!

Your turn: Pledge to #checkyourselfie by leaving a comment below.

Peace & nipple pinching,

Kris Carr

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