7 reasons to be fed up & ready to change our food system

Hi Sweet Friends,

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Laurie David, producer of the Academy Award-winning documentary An Inconvenient Truth and the new must-see, much-talked about film, Fed Up. This movie puts you in the shoes of obese children in America. It’s the closest we’ll get to understanding their daily struggles and why the government and the food industry have put their bottom line before our health. But most importantly, Fed Up shows us what we can do to take back our power to eat well. Watch the trailer below.

My conversation with Laurie really got me riled up and I know it will inspire and motivate you too. There’s still time to see it in the theaters. Find out if it’s playing near you and watch it with your whole family.

Listen to the interview

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    Laurie is incredibly passionate about changing the way we think about food—in the store, at our dinner tables and in the voting booth. She’s also deeply dedicated to encouraging something near and dear to my heart—cooking, which happens to be the subject of her latest book, The Family Cooks.

    This cookbook teaches families the value of home-cooked, whole foods meals shared around a table with the people you love. And I was thrilled to see that plant-based recipes are the rule, rather than the exception. It was valuable to read Laurie’s section on decoding labels. She addresses the many misnomers plastered on food packaging today, including grass-fed, cage-free, sustainable, natural, trans-fat free, and the list goes on. The more we know what these words mean, the more we can support what aligns with our principles and skip the rest.

    She’s a real firecracker (my kind of gal). I absolutely love Laurie’s motto—talk about a slogan for prevention!

    Listen to the audio above or read the transcript to get the full scoop on:

    1. Why you need to see Fed Up before you take another bite. If you think you know what we’re eating as a country and why it’s making everyone sick, trust me, there’s more to the story. Let’s get Fed Up together and change how we shop, how we eat and how we feed our families.

    2. The shocking truths Laurie learned during the making of Fed Up. Find out what the government and food industry knew about the American diet 30 years ago and why they turned the other way (and still haven’t looked back).

    3. How much sugar we should be eating and how much sugar an average American is actually consuming. Get the answers and find out how this sweet substance is shaping our health as a country today.

    4. What you can do to become an empowered, educated consumer at the grocery store. Get Laurie’s three tips for becoming a smart shopper: complain more, become a label sleuth and start making this one common condiment from scratch pronto.

    5. Why me and Laurie want you to get pissed! Laurie and I talk about the ways you can harness your power, your community and social media to create serious change. Find out how to take what you’ve learned as consumers and use it to pressure the food industry and government to meet our demands.

    6. The power of the kitchen. Get our insights into the importance of embracing home cooked meals, eating as a family and becoming a confident cook. Laurie has tons of tips to share from her new cookbook, The Family Cooks.

    7. School Lunch low-down. Get the inside scoop on what kids are being served in schools today and how the government is standing in the way of progress.

    The more we talk about these issues, the closer we’ll get to a solution. Speak up, vote with your dollars, take back your kitchen, and help the next generation embrace prevention by teaching them about the delicious power of real food.

    Your turn: What struck a chord with you while listening to this interview or seeing the film/trailer? I want to know what’s on your mind.

    Peace & food advocacy,

    Kris Carr