How to Make a Green Juice: Video, Recipe & Juicing FAQs

Hi Sweet Friends,

I haven’t been able to stop talking or writing about green juice since my first sip. What can I say? That green nectar feels like pure, invigorating oxygen shooting to every corner of my being. Today, juicing is as much a part of my life as brushing my teeth, but it wasn’t always second nature. I’m reminded of my early juicing adventures each time I receive a question from a reader who wants to juice, but just can’t seem to get the hang of it or is too intimidated to even try. People think they have to do it perfectly, but the bottom line is you can’t mess it up!

I don’t want anything to stand in the way of you and your green juice. That’s why I made this video and released my book, Crazy Sexy Juice. There’s no better time than today to begin, spice up or revive your love affair with juicing.

So what is green juice and why is it so spectacular?

When you run your produce through a juicer, the pulp is separated from the juice. You may be wondering why anyone would go through all that trouble. Absorption, baby. Since your body doesn’t have to work to digest the fiber, it can easily pull the vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients straight into your bloodstream. Plus, giving your digestive system a break means your body can focus on resting and repairing your hard-working cells. Don’t get me wrong, fiber is awesome! But it’s OK to skip it in my glass of emerald sunshine, since radical roughage is a big part of my Crazy Sexy plant-filled diet. Plus, you can fit a lot more vegetable goodness in a green juice (a pound or more!) than you can eat with your fork in one sitting. What else can you drink that’ll do such phenomenal things for your health and put a large dent in your five recommended servings of fruits and veggies per day? (Hint: Nothing beats green juice!)

Now that we know more about the how and why of juicing, let’s break down the Crazy Sexy Green Juice Formula.

My handy-dandy infographic walks you through my daily recipe and gives you lots of room to play. See it as a jumping off point and a tool for you to create your own green juice masterpieces! Bring it with you to the grocery store and post it next to your juicer for inspiration.


So far, you’ve picked up some newbie smarts, watched my how-to vid and have a trusty recipe in your holster, but I know that your brain is still probably brimming with questions. Read on to find out the answers to some fabulous juicing FAQs.

Frequently Asked Juicing Questions:

It takes me sooo long to make a juice! How can I make the process go more quickly?

Let me first say that the benefits of juicing are well worth the time and effort it takes, but there are ways to cut down on the day-to-day juice prep and juicer cleaning. It doesn’t have to be a drag! Here are three big time savers.

  • Cut your daily produce prep in half by washing your fruits and veggies as soon as you get home from the store. Then divide and store them in single serving bags or storage containers.
  • If you can’t wash your juicer stat, prevent future scrubbing nightmares by giving your machine a quickie rinse and then soaking the juicer parts in hot soapy water. When you return, it’ll be a breeze to clean!
  • Drinking two servings of juice per day doesn’t have to mean more work. Make a double batch in the morning and store one serving in the fridge for later. Which brings us to our next question …

Will my juice go bad if I don’t drink it right away? 

In my opinion, no. Will it lose a little nutritional bang over the course of a few hours? Maybe, but that afternoon juice is still much, much more nourishing and hydrating than soda or coffee. I store my second helping in a mason jar filled to the very top of the glass and seal it with a lid to keep out as much air as possible (oxygen eats away at the nutrients and enzymes in your green drink). The pep in my step after my 1PM green juice is all the proof I need!

What juicer should I buy?

I’ve tried countless juicers over the past decade, but I’ve really enjoyed using these models:

I’ve found these machines to be easiest to clean and use, which means I’ll juice more often. Plus, they have wider feed chutes, which makes prep a snap (you don’t have to cut veggies and fruits into super small pieces). I go into great detail about a variety of juicer options and models in my juicer review. Shop around and find a juicer that matches your lifestyle and will be with you for years to come. It’s worth the investment!

I just started juicing and it makes me feel sick. What’s going on?

You may be experiencing some detox symptoms. Green juice kicks your body’s internal broom into high gear, so toxins could be exiting your cells and tissues more quickly than your body can eliminate them. This causes a variety of symptoms including: mucus, skin eruptions, headaches, stinky gas, a white coating on the tongue, tummy trouble, fatigue as well as irregular bowel movements. Woo-hoo! Don’t worry, these symptoms will go away as your toxin surplus reduces. In the meantime, dial down your discomfort by using milder greens like romaine and spinach and only juicing once per day.

I’m worried about pesticides. Should I only juice organic fruits and vegetables?

Organic is best, but I know it can also be pricey especially when you up your produce haul for green juices. I strike a balance by following the Environmental Working Group’s Dirty Dozen/Clean Fifteen recommendations. I always buy organic for the Dirty Dozen. If I buy conventional for the Clean Fifteen, I remove the fruit or vegetable skin before juicing to reduce my exposure to pesticides. This system works best for me and my pocketbook, but you need to make a decision that feels right in your gut and will make you feel great while guzzling your greens.

Your turn: Do you have a juicing tip or recipe? Share it in the comments below!

Peace & juicier days,

Kris Carr

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