This is all you need to know: You are awesome

Hiya Gorgeous,

I had a feeling you may need a reminder of your greatness today, just in case you forgot or crave an extra dose of praise. So here goes oh, magical one, enjoy and soak in the self-care tips as well.

You are awesome. End of story. Period. Print it, post it, feel it. You were born awesome and you will leave awesome. There may be lessons, bumps and arrests along the way, but that doesn’t change the fact that you are a totally delicious hug magnet. If folks aren’t hugging you right now, they just don’t know what they’re missing. I feel sad for them. Because you are as wonderful as I describe; there’s no need to worry about your worth or feel undeserving.

Whenever I experience those dark feelings, I know something is off in my life. I quickly hop in my invisible plane (the same model Wonder Woman used to fly) and soar up to about 30,000 feet. The view up there is perfect. I peek out the window and evaluate my emotional landscape. Are my crops dry and undernourished? Are they being rushed? Imagine a farmer pulling on her kale buds while shouting, “Grow, you damn plant!” Does my kale feel cramped? Space is needed. Light is needed. Water is needed. Love is always, endlessly needed. You get the point. Negative self-talk is like a weed that must be pulled before it chokes out the garden of your mind. Grab it at the root when possible.

I didn’t always have this perspective. When I was first diagnosed with cancer over a decade ago, I couldn’t see beyond the rim of my martini glass. But I didn’t stay in that place for long. Instead of falling deep into despair, or letting fear destroy me, I decided to say yes to me—yes to life. I turned to whole foods, functional medicine and a heaping dose of awesome thoughts. I also made space for quiet time. Shhh. Quiet. Meditation, prayer, love. Quiet. When the anger came (and it still does), I let myself truly feel it. Spit, foam at the mouth…cry. Process it and get it the eff out! I also quit my job and moved outta the big city. Hello, fresh air and country life! Cancer helped me create my own personal heaven. And for that, I am grateful. But you don’t have to wait or get rattled to your core to shift the way you care for yourself. Create a sacred plan today. You are worth it.

Sure there are still stumbles and setbacks. And yes I have crap-tastic days—I don’t want to paint a picture-perfect, peachy world. But when the darkness comes, I rely on my self-care practice to guide me back to the light. The more I practice, the easier and more effortless it gets. Remember this: The greatest relationship you will ever have in this life is the relationship you have with yourself. Build it. Strengthen it. Tend and maintain your belief in your awesomeness because when you feel consistently terrible, the world suffers. Cheer yourself up, doll!

And just in case you need a little help gettin’ that grin back, press play below!

Believe me, the world needs wonderful you. Rest a little more, recharge those batteries as my grandma would say, have a snack (preferably a healthy one!), gently pet your own head and say a sweet word (or ten). You’re ready for everything you always dreamed of. Personally, I plan on marinating in my absolute magnificence! Wanna join me?

Now I’d love to hear from you: What’s one awesome thing about yourself you can share with me? I’d sure love to learn. xo!

Peace & awesomeness,

Kris Carr

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