My 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Hiya Gorgeous!

I just finished decorating my Christmas tree, digging out the holiday decor from the basement and making my shopping list. Gotta say, I’m ahead with my to-do’s this year and it feels really great because I’m often behind and wondering how I’m going to get it all done. This can lead to stressy last minute gift purchases that no one wants or needs. Can you relate?

With that in mind, we’re kicking off my annual Holiday Gift Guide. I hope it helps you (and me!) get some shopping done in an easy, meaningful way. During the season of giving, consider using this opportunity to share self-care, positivity, wellness and global impact. Your dollars will make a bigger difference if you do.

In the list below, you’ll find a variety of ideas and price ranges, from sweet stocking stuffers, to guidance for finding the calm in the chaos and tapping into spirit, to cozy clothes with a powerful message, to fun & fancy kitchen items and sparkly jewels, and of course (my favorite)—a few phenomenal charities doing incredible things in the world.

I love these products and I bet they’d make the perfect gift for your loved ones—whether you want to send them some good vibes, help boost their well-being, or donate in their honor—the best gift of all.

So get your gift list out, browse the goodies below, and get some shopping done! Psst…I’ve even found a few sale items for you too…keep your eye out for discount codes below.



Natural Life Makeup Bags ($15)

I love this makeup bag! With 14 positive options, there’s something for everyone. When we do our makeup in the morning, it’s a great reminder to focus on the bright side of life. And it’s cute and affordable! Check it out.

Love Bomb Mason Jars ($13)

Who wouldn’t want to drink a big glass of green juice out of this? With 8 different design options, these love bomb jars are the perfect blast of sunshine. Check it out.

letters book holiday gift

Letters to my Future Self ($14.95)

I saw this in a store in Venice and had to buy one for me and my BF Marie. This book contains 12 letters—each with a prompt to inspire reflection. The letters can be sealed with stickers and postdated, arriving in the future. A thoughtful present for anyone embarking on a new adventure or stage of life. Check it out.

beyonce journal holiday gift

Beyonce Wake Pray Slay Journal ($25)

I love me some Queen B! This beautiful black and gold journal is the perfect place to write down all your dreams, affirmations and actions for your bright future. Bonus—it comes with three pencils too.
Check it out.

love jar holiday gift

Little Love Jar ($85)

How amazing is this? A jar stuffed with notes from all your loved ones and friends—delivered to your doorstep. This is the perfect gift for healing, weddings, birthdays, teachers, military, holidays, graduations—you name it! A wonderful way to show someone how loved and special they are. Check it out.


Shes the first holiday gift

She’s the First ($25+)

Nothing feels better than to pay it forward for someone else. She’s the First fights gender inequality through education. 100% of donations go to scholarship funds to support girls in low-income countries. With different giving levels, you can be matched with a She’s the First scholar whose progress you can follow. Donations can be one-time or monthly. Check it out.

Elephant wildlife trust holiday gift

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Fostering Program (minimum $50/year)

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust fosters orphan elephants. When a baby elephant is orphaned, it’s because its mother and family have been killed to serve the brutal ivory trade. For an elephant, family is all important. Sponsor an elephant as a gift for the elephant lover in your life. They’ll receive a certificate with their adoption info and updates on how their elephant is doing. Great gift for an elephant lover! Check it out.

Adopt-a-farm-animal holiday gift

Adopt a Farm Animal with Farm Sanctuary

The reason I love Farm Sanctuary is because they aren’t just a sanctuary—they also advocate for laws and policies, reach out to legislators and businesses and help to bring about institutional reforms. How awesome is that?! Farm Sanctuary’s shelter animals are in need of loving parents to sponsor their monthly costs—feed, shelter, and vet care. This is a wonderful gift for any animal lover—you can adopt a cow, pig, donkey, sheep, goat, chicken, and more, providing support for a rescued farm animal and helping to defend all farm animals against cruelty. Check it out.

Sato project holiday gift

The Sato Project

This year, in the wake of Hurricane Maria, I hosted a flash fundraiser to support The Sato Project, which works to save abandoned and abused dogs from Dead Dog Beach in Puerto Rico. Together, we raised almost $100K!! This wonderful organization, run by the amazing Chrissy Beckles, took a direct hit from the Hurricane and is still in great need of support. Donate to their Hurricane Maria relief fund in honor of someone you love—and help sato pups get the love and care they deserve. Check it out.

NRDC holiday gift

Make a Contribution to the NRDC

Donate to the Natural Resources Defense Council in honor of your favorite nature lover. NRDC is a really important organization that helps protect the wild and wildlife. Make a tax-deductible donation in someone’s honor or memory. Your heartfelt gift helps NRDC to safeguard the environment. And they’ll mail your recipient a card letting them know your generous donation was made in their name! Check it out.


annmarie holiday gift

Annmarie Gift Bundles ($145.95 and up)

I love these all-natural beauty gift sets from my pal Annmarie. Her love-filled essential oils are a wonderful way to share self-care. Choose from her six gift set options—and each one comes with a cute bag to store all the goodies! Check it out.

w3ll people holiday gift

W3LL PEOPLE Expressionist Pro Mascara ($21.99)

I get this mascara for my mom each year, she lives for it! Best gift ever! I also keep one in my makeup bag too. Give this to your favorite beauty maven—I promise they’ll love it! Check it out.

herbivore holiday gift

Herbivore x Urban Outfitters Hair Perfume Mist ($12)

Mmmm…this spray is so delicious. Using all-natural ingredients, it’s the perfect spritzer to make your locks smell and feel fresh. With different scents to try out, this is a wonderful treat for any lady (or man!) who wants their hair to smell fantastic. Check it out.

candle holiday gift

Paddywax Balsam + Fir Candle ($20)

There’s nothing more peaceful than lighting up a beautiful candle. This Balsam + Fir candle by Paddywax is the perfect scent for the holiday and winter season, composed of clean-burning soy wax, a mix of fragrant oils and a 100% cotton wick. Check it out.

ecotools brush set holiday gift

EcoTools Four-Piece Complexion Brush Set ($19.99)

This four-brush set is so incredibly fluffy and 100% vegan! The brushes are great at picking up the exact amount of powder needed and the domed tip on the Correcting Concealer Brush is perfect for reaching the nooks and crannies of your face. Check it out.

ecotools brush set holiday gift

Light Therapy Lamp ($69.95)

For dark winter climates, this light therapy lamp is a game-changer! Set yourself up for a little light soaking session and you’re sure to feel perkier—and healthier than before! Check it out.


luggage tag holiday gift

Best Friends Luggage Tag ($8)

Best Friends Animal Society is working hard to create a world where there’s no more homeless pets—they believe we can save them all (and so do I)! Add some four-legged fun to your luggage with a Best Friends luggage tag. With 3 options, these tags were designed exclusively for Best Friends by New York designer R. Nichols. Cute, right? Check it out.

palomino pencils tag holiday gift

Palomino Blackwing Pencils ($22.95)

These pencils have history! First created in the 1930’s, Blackwing built a following (including John Steinbeck and Chuck Jones, who used them to create Bugs Bunny & other Looney Tunes). Discontinued in the 90’s, people were paying as much as $40 for a pencil. In 2010, the brand was revived for a new generation of creatives. A portion of the sales benefits the Blackwing Foundation—which funds and develops arts and music education for kids. Check it out.

stickers holiday gift

In the Soulshine Sticker Pack ($10.95)

Perfect for your day planner or computer! This vegan pack of goodies is a great way to spread your message of compassion and get a daily reminder of why you chose the plant-based life. A wonderful gift for your favorite vegan! Check it out.


herb kit holiday gift

Garden Jar Window Herb Kit ($54)

This Herb Essentials Garden Jar Set features three self-watering herb kits:Basil, Parsley and Mint. Each mason jar has a passive hydroponic system known as “wicking,” which brings water up to the plant’s roots. Grow indoors on a sunny windowsill, then add to your favorite sauces, soups, salads and more. All seeds are certified organic and/or non-GMO. Check it out.

vitamix holiday gift

Vitamix Reconditioned 5300 – SALE! ($259.95)

As you probably already know, I’m a HUGE fan of Vitamix. It helps with all my smoothie and blending needs. And this baby’s currently on mega sale—scoop it up for the smoothie lover in your life (even if it’s you!). Check it out.

le creuset holiday gift

Le Creuset Tea Kettle ($84.95)

Oh, how I love a nice warm cup of tea! This fancy kettle is a tried and true classic for any tea lover. Some of the perks: it’s heat-resistant, ergonomic and the loop handle ensures a secure grip. Plus, it’s looks absolutely gorgeous on the stove. Just sayin’. Check it out.

Psst…If it’s out of your price range, check this one out.

sparkling beverage maker holiday gift

KitchenAid Sparkling Beverage Maker ($263.77)

Want to make your own bubbly drinks? This sparkling beverage maker is my fave! You can add a hint of lime or whatever your taste buds are craving! The best part is you know what’s going in it and you’re not buying plastic bottles that contribute to environmental waste.
Check it out.

tote holiday gift

Mercy for Animals Love Notions Tote ($24.99)

Show your love and kindness for farmed animals with Mercy for Animal’s endearingly sweet, all-over-printed shoulder tote. The perfect bag to bring to the Farmer’s Market! Check it out.

water bottle holiday gift

Mercy for Animals Cow Kindness Bottle ($24.99)

Mercy for Animal’s super cute water bottle will quench your thirst while gently reminding the world that we all have boundless compassion to share—including with our animal friends. Check it out.

crystal water bottle holiday gift

VitaJewel Bottles with Crystals ($78.00)

A wonderful and pretty way to pass along the gift of hydration. This lead-free, glass water bottle comes with one interchangeable gem pod (with amethyst, rose quartz, and clear quartz). Check it out.


sierra club calendar holiday gift

Sierra Club Calendars ($15.95)

This calendar will inspire you to explore and protect our beautiful planet. The Sierra Club is an environmental organization founded by John Muir, that’s helping to preserve our world and is an outlet for activists who want to protect our Earth. Check it out.

mutts calendar holiday gift

MUTTS 2018 Wall Calendar ($18)

Show how much you love MUTTS with this joy-filled cute calendar. Inside, there’s tributes to many beloved MUTTS characters, along with a few of the classic strips! Check it out.

best friends calendar holiday gift

Best Friends 2018 Desk Calendar ($24)

Made by designer R. Nichols, this animal-themed desk calendar lets you know what day it is, along with very charming, unique artwork that’s great for the home and office. Check it out.


crazy sexy juice holiday gift

Crazy Sexy Juice (Hardcover: $25.50; Paperback: $14.96)

New Year, new you is coming! No better time to kick-start good habits, and no better way to do it than with fresh, yummy juices or smoothies! In fact, if changing your diet seems like too much to handle, start here. Grab yourself or your secret Santa a copy of Crazy Sexy Juice. It’s filled with 100+ juice, smoothie and nut milk recipes as well as an easy and energizing three-day cleanse. Cheers!
Check it out.

chloes kitchen cookbook holiday gift

Chloe’s Kitchen: 125 Easy, Delicious Recipes for Making the Food You Love the Vegan Way by Chloe Coscarelli ($12.34)

I’ll be honest, I use this one so much that it’s broken—held together with a big paper clip! Chloe’s Kitchen is filled with a big array of recipes that I totally adore, along with tried and true tips for even the most seasoned chef.
Check it out.

oh she glows cookbook holiday gift

Oh She Glows Every Day: Quick and Simply Satisfying Plant-based Recipes by Angela Liddon ($15.48)

Coming from the popular Oh She Glows blog, this is Angela’s second cookbook and it’s focus is convenience. If you’re feeling busy and your schedule is packed, this is a treasure chest of nutritious recipes for the busy lifestyle. I love all the tips for adjusting recipes to you and your fam’s dietary needs.
Check it out.

happy healthy vegan cookbook holiday gift

Happy Healthy Vegan Kitchen by Kathy Patalsky ($13.99)

Kathy’s cookbook is a staple for the seasoned vegan or newbie, with loads of flavor-packed recipes and invaluable kitchen tips. And her vibe is infectious—who doesn’t wanna make cooking fun?!
Check it out.


meditation album holiday gift

New! Extraordinary: Meditations for a Magnificent Life

I’ve created a special new meditation album—just in time for the holidays! If you want to feel kinder, happier, more grounded, confident and self-assured, meditation will help you do it, while also radically transforming your life for the better. This is the perfect holiday gift! Check it out.

crazy sexy love notes holiday gift

Crazy Sexy Love Notes ($12.39)

Pass on the gift of daily self-love. The fact is, we all deserve it. My 52-card deck features gorgeous illustrations by artist Lori Portka. Inside you’ll find gentle yet powerful reminders to care and appreciate one’s self at the deepest level—each and every day. Check it out.

crazy sexy miracles lecture collection holiday gift

Crazy Sexy Miracles

After years of teaching together, Gabrielle Bernstein, and I have created the Crazy Sexy Miracles Lecture Collection—the full set of videos from our lecture series. The soulful lessons, actionable tools and incredible humor in this 9 hour video collection teach us how to deepen our spiritual practice, amp up our wellness routine and start showing up for our brilliant life today! Check it out.


pencils of promise holiday gift

Pencils of Promise Crewneck ($50)

Pencils of Promise believes everyone deserves access to a quality education. And they make cute swag too! 100% of proceeds will go towards educating children in Ghana, Guatemala and Laos.
Check it out.

herbivore holiday gift

Herbivore Clothing Compassion is Invincible ($40)

Love the message on this slouchy shirt from Herbivore Clothing: Compassion Is Invincible. It can save lives and change the world. Let it start with you! Check it out.

travel threads holiday gift

Travel Threads T-Shirt ($34.99)

I love the message on these adorable t-shirts! Perfect for the women and little ladies in your life. A reminder that courage and being strong IS beautiful! Bonus: a portion of the proceeds goes to the Kiva organization, which offers loans to entrepreneurs living in poverty so they can realize their full potential (by starting a business, going to school, etc.). Check it out.

pawj vegan boots holiday gift

Pawj Vegan Boots ($149.97)

Wanna keep your tootsies warm this winter? Pawj Vegan Boots are made with high quality suede and faux fur which makes them 100% vegan. The boots are offered in five different colors and many fur patterns and are stain and water resistant. Check it out.

love your melon holiday gift

Love Your Melon ($40)

Winter accessories that help kids with cancer—my heart is melting! Love Your Melon began with the simple idea of putting a hat on every child battling cancer in America. To date, they’ve given over 2.8 million dollars to nonprofit partners and shared over 120,000 hats to kids with cancer. They ROCK. Check it out.


tiny devotions mala holiday gift

Tiny Devotions Limitless Collection Mala Beads ($98 – $127)

Mala beads are a meditation tool that help harness the healing and restorative power of gemstones. I love the message behind these beads: “You were born Limitless. There are no rules you need to abide by. The only thing stopping yourself, is you.” Pass this on as a loving gift to anyone in need of some quiet, meditative time and beautiful gemstone jewelry. SALE! Get 10% off with the discount code crazysexy10 at checkout. Check it out.

rock and raw holiday gift

Rose Quartz Guardian from Rock and Raw Jewelry (20% off! – Click for Prices)

Here’s a super fancy gift for those who can afford to splurge this holiday season. This necklace is one of deep heart connection and opening. It comes in regular size and mini, in solid gold and silver, and you can even add a diamond suspension. The rose quartz that Rock & Raw uses is special, completely inclusion free, and the highest grade of rose quartz on the planet—most people won’t have experienced rose quartz just quite like it! Discount Alert! Use the code ‘GIFT’ it will give them 20% off and free shipping worldwide. All orders placed before 8th December will arrive in time for Christmas. Check it out.

Bonus! Holiday Self-Care Planner

I’ve created a free printable self-care planner for you to use this holiday season. Use it to stay accountable and allow it to be a reminder that your well-being matters.

Your turn: What are your favorite gifts to give? Share with me in the comments below. I’d love to add to my list!

Peace and happy shoppin’,

Kris Carr

P.S. My New Meditation album is here!!

Using a combination of guided meditations, contemplations with mini-spiritual talks, breathing exercises, mindfulness training and affirmation work, this album was designed to help you shift from ordinary thinking to extraordinary living. It’s the perfect holiday gift for your loved ones—and yourself! Check it out here.