I’m making a meditation album for you!

Hey Om Amigo,

I’m super excited to share that I’m about to start recording my first meditation album! Folks have been asking me to do this for quite some time, so I thought it would be useful to record meditations that really help me personally. Plus, I want to be able to be there for you anytime, anywhere. This album is my way to connect with you one-on-one and support you even further. It’s a dream come true and I really hope this project serves you as much as possible.

Update: The Self-Care for Busy People Meditation album is now available! Opt-in to listen to a sample track below or get the full album here.

Anyway, the focus of the album is “Self-Care for Busy People” and I’d love to know what you need most. Meditations for more energy? Sleeplessness? Increased confidence? Reducing anxiety and melting stress? Meditations to free yourself from fear or cravings? I’m open to all your suggestions—even if they don’t perfectly fit the topic. My goal is to keep these recordings under 10 minutes each, um, because we’re all busy!

Meditation has been a grounding force in my wellness practice for over a decade. I was first introduced to it by my mom and then embraced it fully when I was diagnosed. During the summer of 2003, months after my life and health had seemingly changed forever, I found my way to a Zen Monastery in Santa Fe, New Mexico called Upaya. It was there that I discovered the deep peace and healing power of a calm mind and open heart. While I’m not as dedicated as some meditators, and I don’t always stick to a daily practice or follow one particular method, I do have a sacred practice that works for me and it continues to empower my life and shape my future.

Self-care practices like meditation, or just taking time to check in with yourself, go hand in hand with nourishing our bodies. In fact, while consciousness can begin on our plate (it certainly did for me), to fully embrace it, we’re called to go beyond food. How we connect with ourselves has a direct effect on our level of consciousness. Naturally, the more we balance the thoughts and habits that don’t serve us, the easier it is to create a healthy, passionate, satisfying life. If the word meditation scares you, just call it a mindful or contemplative practice. And remember, it’s called a practice for a reason: It can never be perfected (thankfully!).

Lastly, it’s my hope that this album will inspire you to create or enhance a practice that works for you. On your own terms. No rules. More flow, less rigidity. After all, your life is your meditation. May it be peaceful and joyful.

Now I want to hear from you: What meditations do you need, oh precious one?

Peace & inner wisdom,

Kris Carr