Dry Brushing!


Hellllooooo fabulous!

Now that we’ve manifested our asses off, let’s dry brush them too! If ya really want the “glow” ya gotta dry brush baby. We dump tons of toxins out of our skin so it’s important to keep the pathway clear. Dry brushing loosens dead cells, stimulates acupressure points, tickles your chi, massages your meridians, moves the lymph, helps reduce CELLULITE, stimulates your immune system, wakes up circulation and makes your skin soooo soft and velvety! You can get a natural bristle brush at WF’s or any health food store. I don’t use a brush. Personally, I use those cheap little loofah gloves that you can get at any drug store. They are easy to use and both hands can go wild! If you find natural ones great, I have them too but they kinda hurt. The mits you can throw in the wash and toss when they’re too broken in.

How to brush: Technically they say that it’s best to start with your feet and work your way up your body using both circular and long strokes – moving towards your heart or your navel (depending who you read). Gotta say, I do whatever I’m inspired to do and it seems to work just fine. It’s dry brushing, not rocket science! Whatever, throw some circular motions and upward sweeps in there, add your own shazzizle and call it a day. The best to time brush is before a shower or bath in the morning, once a day. Be gentle. Note: there is a whole section about dry brushing in the bonus features of CSC.

When I brush on a regular basis I do see a big difference in my skin. I tend to get ingrown hairs and bumps in the winter (more information than you probably wanted to know). If I don’t dry brush it gets like a highway of nasty! I’m also a lizard. Always have been. Dry brushing removes the scale like grids from my chins which Brian really appreciates. 🙂

If ya really wanna take it to the next level use some organic coconut oil after your shower or bath. OH YEAH!

So there ya have it, Pretty simple stuff. Now go have some fun stroking yourself! 🙂

PS. Avoid your face and other bits and pieces.

Peace and loofahs,

Kris Carr