Best oils for skin and hair (my top 7 picks!)

Hello Beautiful,

When I was in highschool, my best friend had the most beautiful skin. Her secret? Oil. As in coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil… She moisturized her face with these simple goodies, and got truly gorgeous results—yet I was always way too afraid to try it. Fast forward to many years later, when I noticed my skin losing a bit of its luster and lookin’ a little parched. I remembered my former BFF and her outrageously good complexion, and decided it was time I dabble in oils—now I’m a total convert.

I know, I know. Using oils on your skin and hair feels counterintuitive. No one wants a greasy face or mane, which is exactly what you’d think would happen. But that’s not the case, cutie. They can restore your skin’s suppleness, and be wonderful cleansers, too! The right oil used properly will help swipe off dirt and makeup without drying out your face like soaps can.

Plus, the “oil cleansing method” leaves your skin soft and smooth thanks to its long-lasting moisturizing properties. And believe it or not, it also prevents breakouts! How? Oil binds to oil (remember “like dissolves like” from chemistry class?), so extra-oily gals can have no fear about applying more oil to the skin—it can actually help!

For many of us, winter is here and with it comes some dry flakey scales. With that in mind, here’s a list of my current favorite face, body and hair oils. I know they’ll give your cleansing and moisturizing practices a luscious boost. Give ‘em a try and let me know how it goes!

My Fave Face, Body & Hair Oils

derma e Skin, Hair and Nail Oil: I consider this an “all-over” oil—a true multi-tasker. With an anti-aging blend of organic argan, jojoba and kukui oils, it’s great for moisturizing skin, wrangling fly-away hair and softening ragged cuticles. Bonus: It absorbs quickly and easily.

Beautycounter Lustro Face Oil 2 in Jasmine: This oil is a staple for me because it contains a unique combination of lovely “nourishing botanicals,” and it’s from a brand I know, trust and adore. I’ve been a fan of Beautycounter’s products—especially their makeup—for quite some time. (The Petal lip shine is a must!) And with their super cool and classy packaging, I love giving these beauty goodies as gifts.

Josie Maran Argan Oil Hair Serum: You only need a tiny bit of this hair helper to get a hold of your frizz and pull your look together in seconds. Rub a drop or two of this serum through your strands for a silky, glossy ‘do.

Josie Maran Argan Cleansing Oil: Another winner from Josie Maran, this oil deep-cleans while replenishing thirsty skin. Say buh-bye to drying, abrasive soaps and scrubs, and give this gentle, hydrating oil cleanser a whirl.

S.W. Basics Lemongrass Body Oil: This is the perfect oil to slather on post-bath or shower. The lemongrass scent is divine, and the sesame, macadamia and avocado oils (all organic) lock in moisture that lasts. Nothing could be better after a warm epsom salt soak!

S.W. Basics Makeup Remover: Yup, oils can replace your regular makeup remover, too—and this blend is top notch. There are only three simple ingredients in this all-organic product—sweet almond oil, extra virgin olive oil and jojoba oil—and it’s perfect for sweeping off the glamour while also hydrating your skin. (Fun fact: Jojoba is pronounced ho-ho-buh. Sing it!)

Tata Harper Revitalizing Body Oil: I received this ultra-luxurious oil as a gift, and while it’s pricier than anything I’d buy for myself, it’s a wonderful, hydrating treat. The fancy-pants ingredients include alfalfa and arnica extracts, apricot kernel oil, geranium and grapefruit, and this blend goes beyond moisturizing—it “helps promote healthy microcirculation, improve oxygenation, and reduce inflammation.” Whoa. If you’re looking to splurge, I highly recommend this deluxe body oil. Plus, it smells like angels.

Annmarie Gianni Anti-Aging Facial Oil: I saved the best for last! As you may know, I’m a huge fan of this entire line. This particular oil is my favorite. It, too, smells like angels. I like to think of it as love in a bottle. Smooth this one on for refreshed, glowy skin.

If you’re an oils devotee, I hope you found some new goodies to check out! And if you’re scared of oils like I was, I hope this has inspired you to experiment. Jump on in, honey—the oil’s fine. 🙂

Now I’d love to hear from you: Do you use oils for your face, body or hair? Or, which oil is your fave?

Peace & supple smoothness,

Kris Carr