5 Stress-Reducing Affirmation Videos

Hi Sweet Soul,

It’s officially crazy-pants season. Are you already frazzled by the holiday frenzy? If so (or if you see stress on the horizon), I’m here to help you turn things around. We all want to be fully present and relaxed with our loved ones—especially this time of year—but we’ve gotta support our own health and wellness in order to do that.

I think the festive season presents a unique opportunity to pay extra attention to self-care—are you with me? Well then climb back into my tree fort room for another edition of Crazy Sexy Love Notes card deck readings!

When I know that I need to press pause and take care of myself, but I’m not sure exactly how to do it, I always pull a card from this deck. Sometimes you can shake off stress just by shifting your perspective. So pour some almond nog, sit back and press play on the video that’s ringing your jingle bells. Rinse and repeat. Breathe and feel and absorb. Holiday stress begone. Love you.

Card 1: Elevate Your Energy.

Card 2: Reconsider Your Commitments.

Card 3: Breathe Deeply.

Card 4: You Can’t Please Everyone.

Card 5: You Are Awesome.

How ya feeling now, sweetheart? Calm, centered, connected? Fab. Go forth sharing and soaking in as much holiday spirit and love as possible!

Oh, heads up: The price for this card deck on Amazon is the lowest I’ve seen it yet, so if you’re looking for soulful stocking stuffers or thoughtful holiday gifts, you might wanna grab a few decks now!

And last, but not least—I’d love to hear from you: Which video resonated most with you? It’s such a joy to hear how these messages touched your life and just how you’re doing!

Peace & encouragement,

Kris Carr

P.S. Need a little more self-love in your life?

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