The Shocking Truth about Toxic Chemicals & Body Burden


Hiya Sweet Friend,

I fell in love with the Environmental Working Group (EWG) when I realized who they’re fighting for you and me. This organization is doing all the work for us when it comes to understanding how to protect ourselves from the toxins in our world today. And I’m not just talking about our soil, streams and air. These pollutants have made their way into our food, water and personal products.

EWG’s tireless research, reporting and consumer guides take the guesswork out of healthy choices. So when Heather White, EWG’s Executive Director and Jocelyn Lyle, their Director of Development, signed on to co-host the first Dinner with Kris, I literally dropped to my knees. Hallelujah! These women are wonk-tastic celebrities to me, but in a totally down to earth, generous and accessible way.

Today I’m keeping the EWG love going by Chattin’ & Chewin’ with Heather. I sat down with her a few hours before our fun-filled, live-streaming fiesta and kicked things off by digging into body burden, a topic that every consumer needs to know about starting NOW. Why? For starters, EWG’s research has uncovered the fact that babies are being born with hundreds of toxic chemicals in their bloodstream.

Want to know how those chemicals are making their way into our bodies? Want to know how to lessen your exposure, up your prevention, and become an educated consumer? Watch. Your choices matter and they really do add up over time. This information is here to empower you, not to scare you. Heather and I both take a balanced approach to improving our well-being. Slow and steady wins the race.

Let’s vote for a healthier future every time we go to the store to pick up a bottle of shampoo or sunscreen or toothpaste. We deserve to know the truth about everything we eat, drink and slather on our skin. Luckily, EWG is here to help us do that, but we also need to get active. As Heather says, “We can’t always shop our way out of our problems.” Start a domino effect of activism by watching this episode and accessing EWG’s phenomenal resources. Sign up for their newsletter to stay current and get notified when new legislation is pending. Our elected officials do listen (believe it or not), but how can they possibly know what’s on our minds if we stay silent. Phone calls and emails go a long way.

Lastly, check out EWG’s updated Skin Deep database. The next time you have a question about your personal care product, look it up! EWG rates hundreds, if not thousands of popular products. You’ll learn just how safe or toxic that favorite tube of lipstick can be.

Peace & activism,

Kris Carr