Manifesting Your Desires: A Guide to Asking & Receiving

November 25, 2013|208Comments|

Hi Sweet Friends! I just got back from working with my Hay House family for two glorious weeks in sunny California. The days were packed with recordings, meetings, dinners (including a fabulous date night with Louise Hay), the spectacular I Can Do It! conference in Pasadena, and lots of delicious manifesting. While I was there, I decided to browse the book table for a new nighttime read. Since everyone’s been gushing about E-Squared by Pam… Read More >

The First Step to Self-Acceptance: You Are Not Broken

November 17, 2013|84Comments|

Hi Sweet Friends, You are not broken. Isn’t that a relief? Yup, your soul doesn’t need to be fixed, nipped, tucked or squished into an acceptable template. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with you. If you feel like a square peg in a round hole, if you feel unworthy, neglected, banged up or lost in any way—this blog is for you. Welcome to unconditional self-acceptance. Through my work I get to travel the globe giving lectures and… Read More >

I’m writing a new book!

November 14, 2013|77Comments|

Hi Sweet Friends, I started writing again. A new book, from me to you. Ready for the title? Crazy Sexy Woman. Tingles… Truthfully, I think this will be my most personal book. New stories. Fresh teachings. And a whole lotta humor. It’s already pushing me to deepen my spiritual practice and hopefully become a better writer. But for all you creatives out there, it’s not always thrills n’ chills. I’m human and beautifully flawed. I… Read More >

How to Find The Messages in Your Fears

October 7, 2013|104Comments|

Hi Sweet Friends, Oh, it’s you again. Hello fear. It’s October, which means crimson leaves, beer fests, costume parties and breast cancer awareness. In the US, you can’t get through a store without being bombarded with pink ribbons and candy corns. Naturally, this month kicks up a lot of emotion for people, and rightly so. But it’s possible to work with our fears and use them to our benefit. Fear contains powerful messages. When we’re… Read More >